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Updated: new pic (fullview for best detail viewing)

Keep in mind, it can be used with the windows taskbar unlike what Microsoft did. I removed the taskbar from the preview because I'm too lazy to make it match the theme :P

Yesterday Microsoft unveiled their Windows 8 Tablet UI: [link]

And incidentally, their concept was quite similar to Omnimo [link] (which was based on WP7 anyway :P)

So without further ado, I decided to make some small modifications to Omnimo 4 and make it look almost exactly as the Windows 8 interface, which is scheduled to be released within a week or two.

So tell us what you think! :)

PS I'm really looking forward to using that UI when Windows 8 rolls, meanwhile you can use Omnimo for at least a initial effect :D
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My current desktop with some of the new things you can expect in omnimo 2.

Aside from enhancements like perfect snapping, drastically improved configuration and other changes/fixes, we made a bunch more panels! We hope to release at least 20 brand new panels along with omnimo 2, it's likely that some won't be bundled with it, but released as bonus packs. Also the second release will have 10 pre-included languages. Good news for haters of the cut text, we had to drop it in order to deliver perfect snapping, it looks good even now though.

Anyway, I think you'll like Omnimo 2 a LOT more than Omnimo 1. Expect it soon.

(We're nearly done, but every day I keep coming up with new crazy ideas for panels)
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Nearly 30 interactive fully functional panels
24+ Different color skins including glass
Super easy setting changing
Perfect for notebooks and netbooks
Create any layout, the shown ones are just examples

developed by Xyrfo, fediafedia, taichou-henk, varelse42

Older preview: [link]
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Screw the… (Courier concept), THIS is much more awesome IMHO

I made a concept in word, and later in photoshop and this is the result. I think it looks quite interesting and with a bit of work could turn into a awesome fullscreen rainmeter theme.

I'll need help with this, those who are familiar with rainmeter and are interested in this, plz contact me!!!

Technical info:

Just like the phone, the blue boxes will have hover effects and serve as either a shortcut or a info panel. I plan that there would be 12 switchable panels which show various innformation. The background will be tinted with a gradient getting more black to the left and more transparent to the right. Still not sure what to do with the items under "Friday", but Im thinking those will be usual readers and notes and stuff.

Of course there will be different color variations.

comments, opinions, suggestions are most welcome!

PS I know its in the wrong category, but I don't think i'd find many volunteers to help me if it were in desktop screenshots...
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Seeing how some people use just the text items from omnimo on their desktop, I decided to release them separately and standalone.

It's pretty much the same thing that's in Omnimo, but doesnt require for it to be installed. Customizability and functionality should stay the same. This version uses config which I released yesterday.

The websites panel, as you probably noticed isnt completely done, I'll try to find a optimum solution for it later.

What's Included:

Day variations + Day universal

Comments are welcome!
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It's been forever since I submitted a screenshot :O

Just messing around with my desktop. Using the nostalgic Vista VS FINAL: [link] which I released yesterday. I still like the vista look way more than in 7. I think microsoft ditched the good looking icons and UI elements in 7 just for the sake of change, so people wouldnt think its vista with a new taskbar (which it is kinda)...

On the second desktop you can see the default layout for the 1366x768 resolution theme from Omnimo 3, with a different skin, of course.

We're proud to announce that Omnimo 3 will be released on:

12.12 at 12:12:12 GTM+2.0 time

Stay tuned :)

Comments are welcome
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Slowly getting ready for the Omnimo 3 release...
6 versions in total, but you can easily make your own color by messing with HUE in the images with or something.
Since the media players in rainmeter suck, here's a Omnimo skin for CD Art Display, works flawlessly and shows art from most media players including WMP. It's my first skin, so if you find any bugs, do tell. Based on the default CAD skin.

Also suggestions are welcome!

You need to have CDArtDisplay Installed!
: Copy Omnimo folder to C:\Program Files\CD Art Display\Skins

Onmimo for rainmeter:
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Download the image for native view

Welp, couldn't contain my excitement after Poiru implemented this feature into a rainmeter test build!

A feature that I have sought for 2 years has finally landed! Real Aero Blur DWM for Rainmeter. As you can see in the preview I took the liberty of implementing it in Omnimo 3.2, which along with other updates might be released in the near future!

So yeah, aero fans, a whole new level of rainmeter skinning has arrived! Stay tuned for a official beta with this feature! :)
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So I was browsing reddit today and found this little gem: [link]

offsite [link]

Pretty cool huh :D

Update: they changed it :iconsadtrollfaceplz:
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This will be an update to Omnimo 4:

So... seeing how the Windows 8 interface is gaining momentum, I decided to improve Omnimo 4 a little by fine tuning some of the details. Most of you probably know that Omnimo was based off of Windows Phone 7, so naturally, right after the Win8 demo, I simply didn't have time to work out all the small visual details, aside from the colors. Well, now I did.

In the last week or so, I've been working on what you see in the screenshot. Most notably the improvements in the area of making Omnimo look almost exactly pixel perfect to Windows 8 (oh the curse of being a perfectionist). But here is the list of things I'm planning for the next revision:

> User reported bug fixes
> Windows 8 Skin for Panels (fullview this screenshot to see the difference)
> A bunch of new Win8 like panels + some interesting new ones (hoping to make at least 10)
> A few new languages
> Reincarnated Twitter support
> And whatever other crazy ideas come to my mind

You're probably asking - when will this revision be available. Unfortunately even I don't know, like everyone else, I'm waiting for Rainmeter 2.1 release along with the much anticipated oAuth Twitter plugin made by =Poiru (author of some of the most incredible recent plugins). When it's ready, I'll be sure to bring life back to all of the Twitter items, as well as the new Win8 one you can see in the screenshot.

PS Check out a early comparison of Omnimo 4 vs Windows 8 here: [link]

If you have any ideas, feel free to comment! Otherwise just tell me what you think :)

Oh and don't forget to check out a few new screenshots added to the gallery: [link] If you have or found any interesting Omnimo screenshots, let me know and I might ad it there for everyone to see.
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