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"I submit! I submit!"

Sasha looked a moment to the referee, who confirmed the victory, nodding his head and smiling

Then, Sasha go to hit the showers: it was a very short combat, even for training... realy, some girls aren't cuted for being Cagefighters
hsg2: Thanks for the watch!

-Part of my proyect "Draw something nice for every people who watch you in Deviantart!", and as a practice to draw new things!:

So far, I had 30/46 done! -

:iconhsg2:, "deviantwatcher", answered my silly requests for something to draw for my proyect, that I draw one of her characters -Sasha-, either fighting other girl, or beaten but brave.

I decided fighting was more fun, so I can add a sublminal Quiebrahuesos as well!


Sasha is a boyish girl in her early to midd teens, a cagefighter/mma start up.

A tomboy and rather insecure and sillent outside the cage, with pale skin, green eyes , blonde hair -Short even shaved above neck and temples but with wild bangs.- Stuby nose and a sickening scar across her left eye, not fitting with her childish face.

Again hsg2, thanks for the watch!
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was google image searching pictures of tough ladies. couldn't find any, so i looked for MMA ladies fighting. this was to help come up with ideas for my short animation, but i ended up drawing some Mixed Martial Arts fighting.
I may do more, as i did the photoshopping a lot quicker this time :)
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Fun!! xD
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Inspired by some of Dan's earlier MMA sketches. [link] Although I didn't really adhere to the "As few lines as possible" part.
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painted and textured in photoshop
textures from

Prints are available here: [link]
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More to come!

Requested by: :icongexon:
Drawn and Colored by: :icondarkangelyuna:
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Three options of a knee hit while dodging a punch.

If I ever finish this I think I'll choose the larger one, adding the use of the opponent's leg to go springboard. :)
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Snowman Jeff Monson - MMA UFC
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Tamao has said her piece, and has gone to her ringside seat where her friends were watching.  She'd be returning to the locker room after this match to prepare for her own very big match. The crowd was lively and energetically cheering.  It was as if they were giving the raven-haired Misaki a warm welcome to the professional boxing ranks. It was a lot for Misaki to take in.

"Ehehehehe, arigatou." She whispered joyfully.

This was the first time she was at "the center of attention". Just being shy in front of everyone made her heart race. But not as much as the sight of her opponent who had entered the ring.

Yukinoshita Jura had just entered the ring, herself.  She was joined by her best friend from high school, Kagami who would act as the ring attendant and trainer for her bout.  Jura's smooth, black hair flowed over her forehead and her very long hair was tied in a braided tail that reached down to her butt behind her back. Her outfit for this match; a sports bra top that bore a resemblance to the top of a kimono.  Her top and trunks were navy blue in colour with white trim, and the belt surrounding her toned and firm waist resembled a very thin obi, also from a Kimono.  Her gloves were a matching navy blue, and her large, puppy dog eyes shimmered as she gazed on the approaching Misaki.

Misaki-chan, you're finally here.  I can't wait to get started.  We'll...have so much fun! she thought silently to herself.

Her opponent was looking lovely as she does lives up to her nationality. Sugoi! Jura-chan's ... mae ni kore made yori ni kawaiii desu!

As they meet up in the middle, Misaki's was shading up to a lighter shade of red with Jura-chan tapping her left glove over her chin with her head tilted slightly to the right.

Jura's shimmering, brown eyes meet Misaki's gaze warmly.  Her smile is a reassuring one to her, "Misaki-chan, we're finally here. Together.  Atashi ha...atashi ha sugoku ureshii desu.  You're right here in front of me."

"Watashi mo," Misaki eyes displayed a peaceful, friendly gaze towards Jura "I've always wanted to face you in the ring... to understand you more through our gloves. It's like a dream come true."

Before the point where they tapped gloves with each other came, the newcomer in front of Jura wanted to feel the warm bond they've been building up ever since their first time meeting each other at a Halloween party. It would only be for a few seconds, and Misaki want it to be special.

"Ne, Jura-chan. W-would it be alright if... if we h-h-hu-hugged each other before tapping gloves?" She asked blushing a little.

Jura without saying anything leans forward to wrap her arms around her dear friend, "Un.  Absoluely, Misaki-chan.  I want you to feel as special as the moment we're about to share," she presses her body against that of Misaki, allowing her to feel the warmth and firmness of her tone and fight ready body.

"Jura-chan." Misaki paused remembering her observation of the girl she likes. "I thought I should let you know... before I met you on Halloween... I've been watching you for 3 years training alone, seeing you train harder whenever those girls taunted. You... were the one person in the gym I ever wanted to talk to. But, I was too shy to come to you. All that time when you needed someone there to support you..." She stared into Jura's eyes with regrets "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you."

Jura presses her forehead against Misaki's, gazing into her eyes, "Uhhn, you don't have to apologize to me, Misaki-chan. You're here with me now.  That's what matters the most to me.  Maybe...all that time you were looking at me, you were giving me a little bit of yourself that helped me overcome all the taunts and bullying I suffered.  You really were there for me even though you may not have known it."

"If you really think so, jaa.." A content smile was seen on Misaki's face as she hoped for this night to be one that will always be in their hearts.

"Maybe....maybe we'll be even closer by the end of this match, Misaki-chan.  I hope so," Jura said to Misaki, her face only an inch away from hers. "Whatever happens, you're my dearest friend, Mi-chan,"

Mi-chan? If that's the case, then...
Now the raven-haired girl wanted to give her close friend a cute nickname. "So are you, Ju-chan."

Jura giggles lightly, breaking the embrace, "Deha, we're here for a boxing match, Mi-chan. As much as we like each other...we have to get serious," She raises her gloves for a touch.  She closes her eyes for a brief moment.  When she opens them, they look different.  They're focused and filled with concentration as she gazes at Misaki.  She's ready to fight now, "Mi-chan.  Will it be okay for me to say what I always say in my pro matches?"

"Hai!" She answered excitingly.

Jura looks at Misaki with intensity in her eyes, "I've trained hard.  I've trained with these are my hands.  They're quick as cats.  They'll make you fall and kiss the mat," she says in a cool, monotone voice, "Let's have a wonderful match, Mi-chan,"

Now it was Misaki's turn to say her line. "I'll always enjoy a good match. Even if I've been downed, I'll take that experience, and get off the ground, for you Ju-chan!" The excitement in her heart was set, and a wink to Jura signaled them for to tap gloves.

Jura taps Misaki's gloves spiritedly, *TAP.*  "Good fight, Mi-chan!"

"Un!" Misaki agreed.

So there they begin touching gloves, anticipating the fun it will be.


Before they knew it, round 1 starts off with both of them circling each other, waiting for one of them to strike. Nothing except for silence and focus in these boxing beauties, and yet... they still grinned at each other for this exciting match.

Suddenly, Jura's glove made its way to Misaki's face, giving her a 4-combo jab. *LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT* They kept Misaki at bay as she kept dodging Jura's attack formation. She was being pushed back onto the ropes.

Whoa! Ju-chan, she's.... hayai!

Once a match begins, Jura's expression is one of total concentration on her opponent.  It's still early in the first round, but she begins sending left-right straights toward Misaki's abs, with alternating left jabs-right crosses looking to break her defenses.  Misaki needs to do something to get Jura off of her and get away from the ropes!

However, it was not a problem for Misaki; after all, she trained with her opponent for this upcoming match. If she couldn't find a way out, then she can dig her way out. As soon as Jura shifted her left arm backward, she launched it aiming towards Misaki's head... but it never landed on its target mark! Now it was her turn to take a few hits herself after the ribbon girl descended underneath that vicious left hook.

"Here I come Ju-chan!"

Jura whips a few left jabs toward the advancing Misaki's face and head, dancing on her toes beside the ropes, "Come and get me, Mi-chan!"

Just then a right uppercut came into contact with Jura's abs. She had to felt that one when she gasped for air momentarily.  Followed by a right jab, and so on forcing Jura to retreat. Soon, they find themselves in the middle once more, except only this time, they were trading punches. Even so, the smiles hadn't disappeared.


Jura gazes at Misaki, approaching her so she could hold onto her by the side of her shoulders.  She taps them lovingly with her gloves, "Good first round, Mi-chan.  Welcome to pro boxing," She gives her a peck on the cheek with her lips and back-pedals to her corner to be attended to.

Misaki felt astonished to have Jura kiss her like that. She touched the spot where the kiss was delivered with one of her blue gloves and closed her eyes briefly before going back to her corner.

It's good to be with you together this night, Ju-chan.

Suddenly, a vision appeared in her head. There was a kind, fragile voice that spoke in her mind.

"Never hesitate, Mi-chan," the voice said shocking Misaki.

Jura sat in her corner, giving her "stare" that she locks in on her opponents between rounds.  Only this time, there's a noticeable smile as she looks on at Misaki, "Good first round, Mi-chan.  Let's continue in the second, but remember...we're both here to win.  Never hesitate when we fight,"

"I remember," she whispered to herself, "I was upset that time, and I didn't hear her words clearly." That encouragement of not hesitating Jura gave her, it sounded so familiar to Misaki.


Golden yellow eyes dashing out of one corner, as brown puppy eyes raced out of the other corner. This time they timed their jabs accurately, throwing and dodging; nothing being thrust into a solid surface. Misaki was starting to catch up with Jura's speed, able to counter the kimono dressed girl with a strong hook.

Misaki thought it would be appropriate to have a friendly trash talk with Jura. "Think you can catch my blue yarns, Ju-chan?"

Before she could finish her sentence, Jura's bounced close to Misaki, sending a 1-2 jab toward her nose and chin, throwing another left hook toward her ribs and a right hook looking for her face, "HM! HM EH!!

That still didn't stop Misaki as her exhilaration to meet Jura as a boxer was enormous. She gave a quick 3-combo to Jura's head, two jabs that reeled her forward for Misaki to land a swift uppercut to the chin. Sweat was sprayed in the air from a dazed face. She landed onto Misaki to prevent herself from kissing the mat. As they were trapped in a clinch, a little conversation between them sparked.

Jura leaned on Misaki, shaking her head from the surprising offense she received from her dear friend.  She adjusts the clinch by wrapping her arms around Misaki's so neither girl can get any shot off.  It's the "Vise Clinch" that she learned from Tamao, and it's very effective in neutralizing an opponent, "N-Nice one, Misaki-chan.  You're really good,"

Misaki felt exhausted, but at the same time, she felt happy to hold onto Jura. "Yo-you're the one... who's the best out of us... J-Jura-chan. I-I'm honored to fight you."

"Hmm," Jura smiles and turns on her heel, letting go of the clinch. She throws her left jab toward Misaki's chin and a hard right hook wants to slam into her cheek! "HM! EH!"

Just as Misaki was losing her balance, Jura found this chance to push her into one corner, proceeding to fire away at her abss for that right uppercut she delivered earlier. After a solid barrage of belly punches, Misaki slowly sinked to the canvas landing on her soft butt while Jura-chan backed up a little.


Jura stays in her stance for a moment.  Before the referee could direct her to her corner, she went to help up the downed Misaki.  The referee barks out, "Down counted! Saved by the bell."  Jura presses Misaki against the corner, "You're safe this time, Mi-chan.  Come on....I know you can still fight lots.  Don't do it for me, do it for you."

The reason why Misaki had trouble responding was because she is still facing a crisis in her mind; however, it was not a torture, it was... her mother's support! As her upper torso stood up while resting on the hospital bed she wanted her daughter to enjoy life without hesitating. 

"My little Mi-chan," Her mother called faintly as she touched the head of a sobbing Misaki face down on the blanket, "If you happen to meet a friend whom you wish to be close to, then go for it without worrying about me... I don't know much about boxing, but I do believe... that you'll find someone to trust. No matter what happens to me... I want you to enjoy your life as much as you can. So please, my darling Mi-chan..." The sad girl looked up to her mother with tears still raining down on her cheeks "... let go of your restraints, and be happy in the moments you share with your dearest friend."

"Mi-chan...Mi-chan!" Jura shakes Misaki as she leans against the corner at the very moment her thoughts are running through her head.

As the memory faded away and the voice echoed until her mind was clear of that time. She calmed down, and opened her yellow glamorous eyes in front of Jura-chan. "Daijoubu, Ju-chan. I would never go down that easily."

Jura was relieved, "Yokatta.  Let's get to our corners.  The next round won't wait forever, Mi-chan," Jura patted Misaki's shoulders lovingly and backed up to her corner, staring at her while pumping her right glove in approval.

Mother, there's someone in front of me whom I really like more than just a friend. She has a kind heart, and was just like me. The only difference between us is she never knew what it was like to have mother, so I'll take her to see you once this is all over.


Round 3 had Misaki rushing out of her corner meeting up with Jura before she could meet up with Misaki. The acceleration of her footwork was now at its peak surprising Jura-chan with a fast set of combos leaving Jura dazed, but then she was happy to see Misaki's true strength.

As Misaki has her opponent on the defense, she felt as if a burden was lifted from her shoulders. Arigatou... okaasan!


Collaboration with :iconkirayamato74: on this heartwarming Christmas story. Hope you all enjoy this wondrous tale.

Jura Yukinoshita & Tamao Silver(C) :iconkirayamato74:

Misaki Aoki (C) me
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When I first drawed for my proyect "Draw something nice for every people who watch you in Deviantart!" the female cage fighter, Sasha Brenshov, character of :iconheadshotgunny: something that buggered me, it was how I wasn't able to get her right -specially her hair- as I didn't understand due my horrible level of english the description of her...


So, I decided to draw once again this character of Headshotgunny / Hsg2 (she have two accounts :3... so with this my account to my DSNFEPWWYID proyect go up to 35/62: hurra!)

I like better how I get her hair... but I still need to work more


Shasha Brenshov-Macallister is of course (c) of Headshotgunny / Hsg2

So sorry for using again your character


PD: I used a reference of this pic, but I can't remember where it was or from who: other dA artist as well: help? :S?

EDIT: AH! I founded it! The reference! After several months!

I used this pic from =sergevirusx

as you can see, there is no merit in this pic in pose or anything, rather than to the original artist :3
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