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Pin up maker 2 DELUXE is finally here!!
This time a differnt pose with more outfits, hair styles, eyes, colours, tattoos, backgrounds and everything. Plus an option to save the image to your own computer.
ENJOY!!! Hope you guys like. :heart:

for more games like this visit [link]

PERSONAL USE ONLY (for fun character creation and inspiration!)
This is not STOCK art!
No selling or using the creations made from this game for adoptables or any other type of tube or tag.
Art kei phillips, all rights reserved.
Do NOT use my artwork without my permission!
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Create elegant dolls inspired by the art of Alphons Mucha. Beautiful dresses edged in lace can be teamed up with delicate scarves for a classic style or with boots for a modern twist.

This game was commissioned by the lovely and incredibly talented OLa from Dolldivine. Check out her fabulous dress-up games here.

Click on the icons in the menu to change her appearance and to add clothes. To remove items, click on the relevant x or click the item on the doll. Drag flowers and other accessories to the stage and place them anywhere you like. Drag them back to the menu to remove them. You can also click on the ? icon to create a doll using random features.

If the game pauses at the preloader, right-click and choose the Forward option. Repeat, if necessary, and the game should start.

♥ Press the Print Screen (Prt Scr, Print Scrn, Prt Scn, Prt Sc, Prt Scrn, or Prnt Scrn) button on your keyboard. This will take a screenshot of your desktop. There will be no indication that anything has happened, no noise or message, but trust me that it works. ;D
♥ Open up ANY image editing software - Photoshop, Gimp, Sai, etc.
♥ Click Paste from Clipboard, Create New from Clipboard, Paste as New Image, etc. This will vary depending on your software. Usually these options can be found in the >File or >Edit menu.
♥ Crop the image and save as a JPEG or PNG.

Share your creations and designs at #G-Revo-Games

Art and programming by =Gasara
Additional programming by *dolldivine
Comments disabled by owner.
:new: NEW !!!!! ----->>> PRINCE &
                        ------>>>> PRINCESS PET (CAT AND DOG)
                        ------>>>>>>NEW BACKGROUNDS
                        ------>>>>>>>> LOTS OF NEW CLOTHES AND DRAG & DROP ITEMS!!!!!

ENJOY!!!!!! :love: :dance: :love: :dance:


Commission work art created for :icondolldivine: and her website

So now u can play it here too!!! :) Enjoy!!!!!!!!! :popcorn: :love: :popcorn: :love:

PS: I just did the artwork, don't ask me about animation, that's dolldivine's area
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My last dress up game! I've got more at
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At some point I'd like to make a better princess, but that's what I have for now! This game is actually part 3 of a larger game with mermaid and princess options, which you can play here
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omg!! it's here!!!!!!!!

Programmed by the ever amazing :icondolldivine: and go play it on her wonderous website packed full of games!!!
*full permission for the music was given by the fabulous Megan Heise: [link] I suggest you go and hear the song with the lyrics!

:star:Any Rock Chick or Fairy Tale Maker Girl linked back to me here will get an instant fav!!:star:

If you liked this game, play this one too!



OMG!!! A D-DD!! I can't thank ~KAR10SA and ^brgtt enough for their suggestion and support! And I can't thank all of you playing the game enough. Please stop by *dolldivine's page and tell her how wonderful she was for programming the game!!! She commissioned me to make it and we never thought that it would go this far in terms of all the stuff in it. :rofl: I just enjoyed it too much. :love: thank you Ola for giving me too much freedom on this game.
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Stuck loading? Click the lower left if it's stuck on 100%, otherwise, use Mozilla Firefox.
Navigate through the menu, and click on the icons to change her appearance and to add clothes&accessories. To remove things: click (again) on the item in the menu, or just on the item on the doll itself. If you make too much of a mess; there's a RESET button on the last menu page.
Likewise, on the last page, drag the ribbons or monsters onto Charlene, or drag them back to the menu to remove them.

edit: please don't trying to sell your creations off as adoptable. I dunno who started the stupid trend of taking dressup games, shipping your creations off and getting people to pay you for them, but it's seriously lame.
Link people to the game and let them make their own stuff;; it's what it's there for lol...
not only that, but this one is my OC. Having people claim these characters as their own because they bought it off some third party for 50 dA points is really aggravating..

Charlene is an Original Character for the story Reset-It, which has nothing to do with Digimon anymore;
This doubles up as a reference for all the clothes she owns, or doesn't own but just imagines that she does♥.

This's something I've been working on for a while; a long while. I planned and drew all of this up in June last year, but it fell to pieces when it came to coding it, and so it's been an on/off project until now.

I went through the painful process of coding it myself, so it's pretty terrible, and I would ask anyone who actually knows how to code these, to please not screw your nose up at me too much (:. I've gone through it pretty intensively trying to clear out all the bugs, but I'm not all the flash-savvy so there's probably still more. Please do let me know if you find glitches/bugs/errors and I'll do what I can to fix them‼

I encourage anyone to screen-cap or printscreen what they create here, as I'd love to see what combinations people put together!
You're free to post images from the game anywhere you like. While it'd be nice if you could link back to the game, so that other people can play too, that's not mandatory. Anyways; Have Fun!!

Charlene © xSheepi
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With this game you can dress-up all the main Disney princesses and create your own Disney-like characters. At this point though, it's still incomplete and on hold; when I started the game I was hoping I'd be able to finish before the end of my pregnancy, but that's the thing, dress-ups always take longer to make than I anticipate!
So when I'll be ready to get back to work I'll finish the princess section, the hair, and whatever else. I know some people are getting a glitch when they play (rectangles due to some kind of overload in the layering, apparently - the Fantasia game had this bug too). Sorry but I ain't sure how to fix it or why it happens for some people and not others.
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Dress up Giselle, the heroine from the Disney movie Enchanted! Play more of my games at

Instructions: click on the mannequin to change Giselle's clothes; click directly on Giselle to access color duplicates; click on the hairbrush, drag n drop flowers, etc.
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I don't usually submit collaboration games to dA, but considering Drachea Rannak's sad departure, it only made sense.

Of course, the beautiful artwork was by Drachea Rannak, and I made the game.

Complete doll collection on the Doll Divine Website :dance:

INSTRUCTIONS: Click on items on the right to add them to your Sailor Senshi. Use the simple menu to create a standard outfit, then move on to the complex menu to fully customize your doll.
HOW TO SAVE: [link]

NOT WORKING? Try these things:
- Play here instead: [link]
or - Right click, select "Forward"
or - Try a different browser
or - Click "Download"

RULES: Do whatever you like with the dolls as long as you link back. You may post them on deviantART, but if you don't modify them at all you have to put them in your Scrapbook.
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