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Commander K8e is a character I came up with. I can draw her when I don't know what else to draw.
She is a generic action girl from space or possibly the future; no, both!
Her interests include large weapons, leaping heroically, blowing stuff up, playing by her own rules, wearing impractical outfits and making silly faces.
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I'm using one of my favorite pictures for my ID
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nerd emo girl
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Yep, found this meme, and really wanted to use it :D 'Tis my 10 most favorite females in Pokemon :la:

1) Lorelei - She's the coolest (no pun intended) and the one I love the most, for her calm/stern attitude, beauty and glasses
2) Cheryl - A kind, loyal, and adventurous soul with a heart of gold
3) May - My most favorite of Ash's companions (Advanceshipper!!!)
4) Cynthia - A beautiful elite who loves ice cream
5) Fennel - Yet another glasses wearer who is a whole lot of fun
6) Kelly - May's best friend in Hoenn who makes superb Poke' block
7) Bianca - Peppy, adorable fun this way comes!
8) Lucy - Awesome tsundere Pokemon frontier brain
9) Juniper - Whoever thought of making the lead professor in B&W a female like her should be given a big fat raise!!
10) Jenny - The long arm of the law never been so cool and so pretty

Meme (C) :iconice-jj:
Pokemon & all pics (C) Nintendo, Satoshi Tajiri
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Bridgette is a character that is owned and commissioned by :icondragon8writer: and appears in

This was actually a lot of fun to draw because I tried to do somehting a little bit different than my normal style which is generally very American comic book influenced. I drew this with pencil and then touched it up in photoshop. I feel a bit rusty so it took longer than planned but I like the way that it came out . I will try to do this in color when I get the chance since I just got my tablet going and am feeling much more confident with it.
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new id yay

title is gimme more cus that is the song that came on as i was submitting this C: britney ftw <3

dont steal my shit yo

I really liked this so i made it look like how i look like now 
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Another day for adventure in the land of Skyrim. For Lydia she has it made by traveling with the dragonborn. They stumble upon a small camp filled with bandits. After slaying them all, they hear a blood-curdling roar. Dragons, thought Lydia as she went to investigate. She looked around but found nothing, then out of nowhere a dragon swooped down and snatched her. She thought is was by her shoulders or something, yet instead it was by the back of her heart printed panties! She was petrified although she felt a good sensation from the massive wedgie. Then she just realized she loved wedgies. After a while the panties torn and she fell into a lake. After reuniting with the hero of Skyrim, they set a journey back to Whiterun. To stock up on supplies, and to get Lydia a new pair of panties.
I will do requests if they are from videogames only and not furries. So humans only
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Memes Can Be Found Here: [link]


10. Circe-Generator Rex
I think Circe's pretty bad-ass; she makes her sonic scream power work to her advantage at times. Plus, she's really pretty; I like her hair both with the red and purple accents in it. She's no. 10 because even though I like her as a character, she's never really been my top favorite on Gen. Rex as a whole. Also, it was kind of frustrating waiting for her to finally leave the Pack.

9. Voltura-El Tigre
Bad girls rock! Voltura looks great in green and she has a rocking set of calves. She's at no. 9 because there really wasn't much shown about her personality on the show, unfortunately...

8. Maria Rivera-El Tigre
I absolutely love the fact that Maria's an independent, caring, and compassionate woman; also that she's a librarian. Out of the mother figures I've seen on cartoons, Maria is exactly the type of character that fits as an anti-hero's mom. On top of that, she's also Plata Peligrosa; she's a totally kick-ass superhero. Overall, she's a beautiful, tough, and intelligent woman. (No wonder Rodolfo's having trouble getting over her. Can you really blame him?)

I probably should've ranked Maria higher...

7. Heather-Total Drama
I actually started out disliking this character, but she's grown on me. She's pretty, mean, sly, and ferocious-a combination not to be messed with! Plus, she's got a hidden soft side, just making her character that much more believable and likable to me. Ranked at no. 7 because I seem to like complex evil characters just a bit more than defined good guy characters.

6. Korra-The Legend of Korra
She's a female Avatar that looks like she shouldn't be messed with. Need I say more? She'll probably end up ranking higher as soon as I know more about this character.
Ranked at no. 6 just because I'm excited about the show and love the concept of a kickass female Avatar. (Sorry Aang, but I think I'm gonna like Korra better).

5. Hinata Hyuuga-Naruto
Shy and with a sweet disposition, Hinata is absolutely adorable. But looks aren't everything. She's extremely tough and a real fighter, too. Her dedication and determination in both her fight with her cousin Neji and how she tried to protect Naruto from Pain really show her strength. That's what I love most about this character. She ranks at no. 5 because being both beautiful and inspiring makes her a great character in my eyes.

4. Sakura Haruno-Naruto
Sakura's tough, strong, and assertive, the epitome of a strong female, but she has a soft side, too. And just because she has small boobs doesn't mean she isn't beautiful in different ways. It might seem weird that I'm ranking her higher than Hinata...but in all honesty, these two are more at a tie than me liking one better than the other. I think I put Sakura at this rank because I can relate to her a bit better than Hinata in some aspects.

3. Boa Hancock-One Piece
I just recently found out about this character, but she's just amazing in my opinion. She's a complete milf, from being ranked as the second most beautiful woman in the world, to her incredible strength and power, and she's even the empress of an Amazonian type tribe! Also, she seems like a very complex character in her own way; (plus the Luffy fantasies are pretty damn funny). She easily nabbed spot no. 3 just because I think she's awesome.

2. Dr. Holiday-Generator Rex
I like the character Dr. Holiday because she's beautiful, intelligent, caring, and tough. One of my top favorite episodes of Gen. Rex is "Family Holiday" just because of how dedicated and compassionate Holiday is towards her sister Beverly despite Beverly being stuck an evo.

1. LeShawna-Total Drama
This is probably pretty surprising...Well, for one thing I'm a huge Total Drama fan. And in the end, LeShawna's one of my top favorite cartoon characters because she's tough, loud, and cares about her friends and teammates. Though what puts her at this spot is that even though she's a bit chubby, it doesn't stop her from knowing that she's attractive and flaunting it. I honestly think there should be more cartoon character girls like LeShawna in that particular respect.


(This part was kind of awkward for me...I'm a pretty weird fan girl. I've had a huge menagerie of cartoon crushes on cartoon guys over the years.)

10. Rodolfo Rivera-El Tigre
Rodolfo's a responsible, goody-two-shoes superhero. He's vigilant, persistent, and it's great that he tries so hard to teach his son Manny the right thing. I like this character, but he's at no. 10 because there's other characters I like better.

9. Double D-Ed, Edd, n Eddy
Yes, I was an Edd fan girl at one time. What I liked about Double D was how freaking smart he was; I loved how he'd go off into a random techno babble tangent or how obsessed with math and science he was. He was always the sweet, sensitive voice of logic on the show. He's at rank no. 9 simply because of how much time has passed and that there's other characters I like better.

8. Naruto-Naruto
For awhile, I had a tiny crush on Naruto. He's kind of cute, despite being a giant idiot and absolutely obsessed with ramen. What I really like about him, though, is his boundless determination. Every time you push him down he gets right back up. And his absolute dedication to his friends and his ambition really got me, too. It was pretty much just the combination of his looks and personality. He's at no. 8 though because he has yet to give Hinata a 'yes' or 'no', he needs to realize that Sasuke's just a complete ass...and...For the record, I just don't like Naruto, the series or the character, as much as I used to...

No. 7 Luffy-One Piece
I actually had a crush on Luffy in seventh grade...for a lot of the same reasons listed for Naruto above. Though why he's ranked higher is because in the end I think I like One Piece better than Naruto. Pirates are cooler than ninjas. :D

No. 6-Jack Spicer
Yeah...I was a Jack Spicer fan girl, too. I really could care less that he's a bad guy; what I liked about him were his incompetence and clumsiness. There was just a certain charm about his character; I actually felt sorry for him at times and wished he'd join the Xiaolin monks instead of sticking with the bad guys. Beyond that, I loved how talented an inventor he was, his outfit, and the red hair. There's times when he really can pull off being a villain even if it is a pretty silly one. He ranks higher than Luffy and Naruto because in all honesty...I like him better than those two just because his goofiness is more comedic to me.

No. 5-Danny-Danny Phantom
Yup, Danny Phantom fan girl...

I'll probably finish the descriptions later...
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It's nothing special, but I thought I'd change my ID here on DA since things change :iconlahdplz:
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