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FINALLY! ITS COMPLETE! i started this pic a while ago hopefully i didnt forget any ocs well you might no some of mah ocs but some ive never posted or are changed lemme intro duce them to u

Zar- the tall dark blue eyed dead irken
Zav- the tall ruby eyed dead irken
Tech- the zarken (its a race i made ,shes the tallest one)
Toxyc- the white skinned irken (adopted)
Zak- the irken cyborg (the only other dude thats there)
Maz- the purple eyed irken
Raz- the black eyed irken
Zin- the red eyed zombie (the one with alot of stiches)
Kil- the light blue eyed irken (adopted)
Pet- the green eyed irken
Rilo- the little irken girl (the one with dark purple blank eyes)
Nikki- the grey eyed irken
Dusk- the dark purple eyed irken (shes behind nikki)
Zee- the white eyed irken (behind raz)

i think thats all of em
yea i have alot so i might put some up for adoption MIGHT!
well i hop u enjoy this pic cuz i poured my blood sweat and tears into every inch ENJOY!

(yea i no i didnt put in the 2 sir unit i has)
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Worth a try...
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Lets see if it works this time...

Everyone: :noes:

Dear Lord, I posted a picture of myself on the internet. It's a bloody miracle!

Yesterday I posted this ID, but apparently no-one got a message of it lol. I guess deviantART thinks I shouldn't freak you out with my head. :laughing:

So yeah, this is who I really am. It's not a drawing, just a photograph which was taken a couple of days ago. I'm not going to draw myself once again. :P

Hope you have a beautiful day everyone. Take care! :heart:
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Cause I'm never satisfied with these things. Hated my current one. Crome isn't my sona I just use him as a ID since I draw him a lot, and once in a while I use Xon as a ID.
I bet I'll start hating this one too, as soon as I stick it onto my page.
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full view ._.

My new DA ID :aww: Angel Lacey :flirty: She's sooooooo cute :giggle: I love it ^^ hope you too;)

aww poor Izka-chan T-T ;P

Art & Lacey (c) to me
sprakle brush not mine~

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My sister and I always did everything together, granted we're twins, but this one time, even for a job, was a little too eccentric even for me. We share many qualities, for example we both have pink hair and eyes, that was mostly because of our mother was a sort of anime fan. We were both 16 and still had no job. That's where this story comes into play. We were a little downtown when it happened...

"Come on Quinn, I got us a job." Gwen was holding my hand as we ran to our new job.

"Gwen, wait I can't keep up!" She let go of my hand, and I started to regain my breath. "Look why don't we just walk and you can tell me what job you us."

"Fine, so the job is at a night club, according to the manager you will be a waiter and I'll be a playboy bunny." She explained.

"That sounds fine. But what about you do you really want all those guys staring at you?" I asked her.

"Well, Quinn, this is a paying job, I don't care what they do as long as they only look at me." She finished.

"Okay. Just looking out for you sis." I replied.

I looked over to her and she started hugging me. "Thanks, Quinn" It was just a quick little hug.

So we got to the place and Gwen led me to where she thought the manager would be. While she led me in I looked around and it seemed really dark. And then I thought 'oh wait it's a night club.' I also noticed that there was a stage near the back of the building. Anyway she brought me to the manager, he was backstage.

"Good afternoon sir." She said.

"Hello to you too Gwen, I take it this is your brother you told me about?"

"Yeah, he's ready for his job I told him what he's doing."

"Good. Nice to meet you, Quinn." He held out his hand so I could shake it. "Now you two can go to the dressing rooms to get changed."

We were taken by another playboy bunny to two rooms. My sister went in one I went in the other. I went in and found a bunny suit on the clothes hanger. "Excuse me miss, I think there's a mistake I need a waiters uniform not a bunny suit." I told the girl who brought me in here.

"Oh no, it's not a mistake. Here take this, and put it on your butt." She handed me a cotton ball, which I guessed was a bunny tail. I attached it to my butt and asked her, "Now what?"

"Just wait." I waited about half a minute and walked to the mirror. After moving my body became numb. I leaned up against the chair and fell to the floor. I felt so many sensations going on with my body. I tried to move onto the chair I was successful when I got up there my body had been changed I looked into the mirror and saw a girl in guys clothes. It was me.

"What happened?" My voice had changed too.

"You are now right for the job! See our boss has a lot of waiters already so he couldn't have you be a waiter. Your sister doesn't know this yet." She answered. "Now, let me put these on you." She clapped and I was blinded. I had felt many sensations on my body again and when I could see again I was in the bunny outfit, I then fell to the floor. "You can bring her in now." She said.

My sister came in as the other girl left. "Quinn I had no idea I'm sorry. Look I talked to the manager about it and he said if you don't want to do it you don't have to but he'll have to fire you. So I ask you, please stay he said he'll pay us double for being twins." She grabbed me and helped me up, "Please." I nodded and stood up.

"This ought to be a fun job." I said to her. We then left the room and walked on stage.
Short little one again.

Picture link: [link]

Comments are always appreciated...

Hope you enjoy it. :3
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Some references of 'Laura Vanderbooben' (Roger) from American Dad (Episode: Stanny Slickers 2: The Legend of Ollie's Gold).
It's so fucking funny :XD:
And the song 'Me, so horny' when she appeared was a big help.

The thing is, Roger goes under disguise as Laura Vanderbooben, in a successful attempt to get sexual harassment money after hearing about a woman who got a million dollars saying she was sexually harassed at work.
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Bathtub Abbey


Deviation by:=rjonesdesign

Submitted by:=rjonesdesign
Comments disabled by owner.
Part of :iconjavidluffy:'s Fairy GodMILF Contest: [link]

Seems I have adopted a newer art style this time. I was starting to feel a little better today (I found out that the strong heat from outside and lack of a fan was burning up my brain and keeping me from doing anything) when I made this pic.

I think I'll try making newer pics with this type of art style. I think.

Here's her new name: Blue Moon

Hope you like it!

Entry 1: [link]
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Yeah nothing much to say, me in the winter time ^^
With my big coat and bun bun ear warmers <3
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