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Here's a familiar scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Banging coconuts together is a lot cheaper than a horse!
Thank you all so much for the comments and favs!

For looking at my deviation, I'd like to invite you
to a game :) [link]
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Essay: To me the words "Speak Visual" Means that when you want to show something that words cannot help to describe you are really ebbing on the inner core of expression. Having the art that you hold be the way to talk. Almost as if it is showing you that the beauty is beyond words. That even when something is horrifying or fun. That seeing a certain visual of something. Will trigger the art work to talk. More or less not in words. Seemingly the way it makes the human mind take that picture and helps you wonder. Seeing if the artist has something he wants to express he will make a art piece to represent that. That is what I think it means to me. The form of expression with art. No longer relying on such things as words to make you feel but more of the way a single art picture can be worth so much more then words can describe or make one feel.

(Edit) Uploaded a higher resolution one and hid the sign in one of the flowing arcs. That is at the top. You can see it only in full view and it is turned at a slant.
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Just seconds after I finished my 1st entry for the contest, I immediately thought to myself, how can I create a character that's solely based on the nvidia claw?

I thought of making a male character but I thought it would be to cliche. Picture a wolverine look alike...

So instead I decided to make a mythical fantasy based female with well, stuff! Whether you think thats a huge hair pin, a huge hair braid or a small set of wings, its up to you to distinguish because I honestly don't know what it is myself. I just wanted to speak visually on how mythical this character is.

She has no name and she dwells in the snow....

I thought of making a small city from where she dwells from in the background but i decided not to because it would extract her from being the main focus on this particular piece. I enjoy creating characters based on shapes and objects though and I encourage everyone to try it for yourselves and see what you come up with. Create whatever you desire visually. Use your imagination and create something stunning so we can be in awe of it and then create something from our inspirations and pass it on to others...

Thanks to Deviant Art though anythings possible. I enjoyed creating this piece and I hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by. peace out everybody.

By the way, for those of you who couldn't find the other claw, it's on the tip of the big ornament piece facing upright.

This piece was created in Photoshop CS with a WACOM tablet.
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SpeakVisual is the ability to speak what you think and draw what you imagine or vice versa. It is the ability to express yourself and declare who, what, when where, why— all in a picture or work of art. It is something innate— like what the United States Bill of rights’ first amendment proudly states: freedom of expression, which is something I believe to be in the core beliefs of every human being in the world. SpeakVisual combines the elements of self expression: communication with images. These are the major components in the media that runs our world today. It is because of these images we know what is going on around us. It is because of these images that we are influenced by new ideas and theories. It is because of these images that the new generation has the power to make an impact and change the world. And as the media gradually becomes prevalent to human society and culture in the future as a major source of communication, these images created by artists will have a greater and greater role. For the digital age of the now, SpeakVisual is what we artists are achieving: communicating with our art. We speak of what we imagine in our art and that is the essence of Speak Visual.

done in apophysis and PS CS3
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feel free to use :aww:
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Speak Visual: Nvidia Contest Entry

I am typically reluctant to share thoughts about my own artwork, usually because there are either whole stories I've concocted about the image as it has evolved, causing me to see things in it that most casual observers wouldn't see (ever). Or, the image has just kind of sprung to life entirely of its own accord with seemingly little effort on my part -- I just helped it on its way.

I decided at the last minute to participate in the Speak Visual contest and wasn't entirely sure that I would be finished in time. With a stroke of inspiration, the idea of "sending out a transmission" came to me, and with that came the primary shape the image would take. Once work on the piece began, it became clear (at least to me) that this image was to be about sending out an idea of creation, hope, and participation -- a call to become involved, to interact, and to communicate.

For anyone who is at all familiar with my art, it is a celebration of color and texture and beauty that invites the viewer to get lost in it and at the same time, explore. I am passionate about color. For me, color evokes mood, inspires imagination, and tells a tale in an of itself. I strive to have the colors change and meld from one to the next, to shift colors so that you aren't quite sure where one color stops and the next color starts. For me, the color in my images sings a song -- it blends, merges, and flows like a melody -- can you hear it?

What I hope for my artwork to convey, if it succeeds at all, is to show a new world and a new way of being that awakens imagination and calls the viewer to not only consider what is, but what could be.
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Since there is no right or wrong answer here, to be honest, I believe that people and how they communicate their freedom of expression is 'visual' and stimulating. The visualization of individuality is all around us and most is meant to be expressed. It can either motivate or inspire us to create something great. If we did not have the ability to hear then we would just see the two girls without the other effects displayed here but for clarity sakes, we can see visually what they're feeling, thinking or dealing with at the time. The image is self-explanatory and it can be interpreted anyway you see fit.

I feel this piece highlights a phase of my life that I almost felt like the red haired girl on this pic. Of course, if it were I on this piece, I would have had a lot more other things oozing out of my mouth. I hope you guys like the piece though. Gracious everyone for taking the time to see this. I was going to use the Raster approach to this piece but I decided to use the Airbrush approach instead because I love the control of using different color composites.

Imagination is a powerful thing. Whether you're a gifted musician or artist, you can speak visually anyway you like. Through art, music or whatever medium you choose, you're the master of your own world, so create and express yourself and stop reading this philosophical pep write and create. Speak your mind visually.

This piece was made digitally using a Wacom Tablet and Photoshop CS.
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My entry for the Think Pink V Contest.

Baby Rose.

Princess Belle and Prince Adam's oldest daughter Rose.

Prince Adam got the royal toymaker to make a teapot that looks like Mrs Potts when she was a teapot.

My inspiration for this piece was a image of Belle as a baby.


Colouring in Photoshop 7.0© Me
Rose © Me
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getting down to the wire. I'm not the best at witting but heres my two cents on 'speaking visually'


When thinking of the idea "speaking visually," many interpretations come to mind. But what best represents this idea in my opinion is an idea of universal understanding. There is a silent "visual" language that we, as a human race, all understand instinctively. Regardless of nationality... through the generations; art and symbolism express this shadow language beyond the scope of emotional understanding. One paints a battle in flame, blood, smoke and feels passion and loss all at once. A sculptor carves the form of a woman and we sense sensuality and lust from cold lifeless stone. And we all feel as we take photo images of the heavenly night skys; how small we are in the great vastness of this universe, living together on this blue planet. Like a shadow this quiet visual language uniquely expresses a multitude of emotions, meanings, and thoughts in a single image and proves the addage, "a picture is worth a thousand words." Words that are not verbal but are in fact truly visual with universal understanding.
It is a unique gift we as artists have. That we can communicate this overlooked language. We are a visual people with unique insight; that has allowed us to communicate both verbally and even more so visually. Our art transcends language to speak our thoughts and feelings. We are the keepers of this silent language and continue to speak it visually through the present and future.
"Speaking visually" in this universal language is one of the small ways we as a human race are in a quite way truly united.
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Ramona's eighth evil ex-boyfriend.

Name: Terry Slayer
Age: 26
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Powers: Ghostly Possession, Ectoplasm Blast, Intangibility, Human Meat Shield


Having been a socially awkward boy ever since his youth, Terry, maliciously called, "Mary," for his shy, withdrawn behavior by bullies, was picked on relentlessly. His even temperament only received brutal mistreatment. He began to hate everyone around him, unable to open up to anyone, or care whether they lived or died.

It wasn't until he entered High School, and had met Ramona, that his heart was able to warm up again. He became infatuated with her, unable to control his love for her, idealized her, to the status of an angel. He felt he couldn't, "be," without her. And one could only imagine the emotional and mental fallout that occurred when the inevitable happened... when Ramona dumped him. The happy world he had built around his love for Ramona came crashing down, and he feel into the deepest pits of insanity, until he could no longer bear to live without her that he took his own life to ease the pain.

Now, he wanders about the plain of the living, seeking a means of respite for his one and only loved, then lost, and the only form of rest he can muster, seems to be the destruction of Scott Pilgrim, feeling that if he couldn't have Ramona, than neither could Scott.


As stated before, he's lost every bit of sanity he had left, making him incredibly unpredictable and psychopathic. He enjoys killing people for sport, either by using his ghostly powers to plainly kill, or get creative by possessing them and dropping them of a building or placing them in front of bus, for example, just to release them at the last moment so he can watch the horror twist their expression in a heavenly satisfying way. He still has a massive obsession for Ramona that he is unable to kick, it's also the reason his soul couldn't rest.

Description of Power:

Ghostly Possession: Like how it is in movies, his soul momentarily takes vacancy in another person's body, over shining their soul, allowing him to put the victim in a unfortunate situation. (see above) Any damage done to the victim doesn't affect Terry.

Ectoplasm Blast: Standard issue energy blast attack, he uses the ectoplasm energy he gained through death to launch this move, he can launch it an infinite number of times because he never loses energy reserves. Though this attack can can go invisible, like Terry, and reappear at his will, making it a hard move to dodge, defend or clash with another attack.

Intangibility: Simply, go invisible and avoid attacks.

Human Meat Shield: Similar to Ghostly Possession, he grabs a nearby civilian and places them in the direct path of an attack. This can work with objects as well, seeing as ghosts can possess those too.

Other Skills:

He's actually very intelligent, despite what his personality suggests.


When he was alive he used to play many survival horror games, like Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

Random Quote:

"Rest in peace..."


None at the moment.

Artist Comments:

Crappy base colors for now until I can shade it properly. The lineart took forever especially on the Scott Pilgrim version of the character, I was testing out a new inking style, which has a heavy outline of the character and all the inside detail lines are thin, it looked pretty nifty, so I might use this inking style more often. ^^ The kanji on his beanie reads as, "Ten" and it means, "Heaven" while the other kanji, I don't know the Romanized version of it, but it's supposed to be, "Hell."

Also, tribal tattoo for the win. XD

As always, tell me what you think! ^^

Scott Pilgrim (C) Brian Lee O'Malley

Lineart and Flat Colors by :iconcornelious-raidon:
Sketch and Design by :iconzexous:
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