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Concept : Princess Moon Sorcerer

Finally Done !!
Hope It' not too late

เหนื่อยสุดๆเลยค่า OTL
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This is my OC Rin, all dressed up as a little space-walking gothic/lollita/punk chick. Her fringe is usualy wavier and longer, but, she's hit a depressed point receantly so now she has that style fringe, and may cut her hair later on.

Her full name is Rinai Tsukihana, my first ever OC, so I love her.

Name: Rinai Tsukihana (Rin for short, on occasions, Ai-chan (though she may attempt to kill you if you call her that girlified name))
Age: 16 most of the time.
Species: Witchling cross Elemental Neko-oni (Water, Air and Ice)
Height: 5"2
Weight: 44kg
Abilities: Healing, control over her elements, spell-casting (only a few spells though), looking beyond adorable and naive and innocent, wearing funky outfits, and her personal favourit, being annoying but still being able to make you fall in love with her.
Personality: Rin is generaly a very playful, naive girl who has a tendancy to trust too easily and to care too much about people. She is very mothering, nurturing, kind and caring, and will throw herself infront of danger to save a complete stranger, or in one case, she risked getting shot by an enemy who attempted suicide.
Rin is also very artistic and bubbly and loves nature and animals and has a deep bond to nature, so when ever she gets upset she has a tendancy to go on very long walks through forests. The thing is, half the time she doesn't know her way around, so she has a tendancy to get lost and wind up having to get saved. Which brings up another point. She loves to annoy people, but she also seems to always wind up finding trouble and danger, no matter how hard she tries to advoid it.
Past: A few months after Rin was concieved, her father Taleon had to leave in order to keep his wife and his child safe. When she was seven, however, her mother was found and killed, leaving Rin to raise herself. This worked fine for a couple of months, before the police decided that she should have someone to watch over her, so she was placed in a foster family in a different town. Once in her new foster family, she thought she was finaly going to have some love, and some friends, and be happy, but her foster father loved her a little too much, and her foster moth and sisters abused her and made her cook and clean and do all the chores, working as their personal slave. The only time Rin found happiness in her childhood was at school when she was able to hide in the library, though sometimes even that wasn't safe, as thanks to her odd background, the human children could sense the unnatural power within her and took to bullying her.
When she was nine it became too much when one of the older boys, who worked at the butchers, began leaving entrails and pigs heads and slabs of meat in her bag and locker, and even a few times at her house. After that, things grew steadily worse as she spent less and less time at her 'home' and more time in the near by forest with the wild animals. Once this was found out, a few of the older boys took a turn for the worse and began killing the animals she had befriended and leaving them in places in the forest for her to find. The final straw was when Nathan, the boy who worked at the butchers, captured a mother fox and her cubs.
Nathan wasn't just going to leave the bodies to be found this time, oh no, this time he found Rin in the forest and pinned her to a tree before he tied her wrists above her head to a tree branch. Then he brought the family of foxes out and slaughtered them one, by one, starting with the mother and moving down the line from largest to smallest until he was at the runt of the litter, all the while forcing Rin to watch as her little pets were killed in cold blood. Wehn he got to the runt, Rin pleaded with him over and over again for him to stop, not to do this, and as he slashed the pup from throat to tail along its belly, something inside Rin snapped. All she remembered after seeing him slice the pup was pain, and crimson blood, and feeling as if something else were in control of her body. She remembered hearing Nathan's voice, pleaing for her to stop, and then everything went black. When she awoke she was covered in blood with Nathan's bodie laying off near the river. Or, what was left of his body.
After that day, she applied for a scholarship to a university in the mountains far, far away from the town she lived in. She wanted to go and study, to become a scientist and invent things to help people, to make up for what she had done and to prove to herself that she was a kind, gentle person. Once she got in, she left the village and never looked back, but those memories haunt her still, and to this day, she is terrified of the beast that dwells within her, and is terrified of who may get hurt if it gets out.
Other: Thanks to her 'loving' childhood, Rin has no issues with wearing revealing clothing, and if anything, prefers it. This is because she hates feeling tied up or restricted and has a deep need to be free. What she doesn't understand, though, is that men have a tendancy to stare at her body, but once someone else points out to her that men are staring at her curves, she will go bright red and attempt to deny it.
She also has a strong connection to butterflies as they are as free and gentle and kind as she desires to be, but no matter how hard she tries, she just can't. She is always being bound down by something.

Also. This was my first attempt at this style of lineart and colouring, and my first use of textures. Soooo.... Yea. The lips and eyes suck, I know >3< But.... The tummy looks all perdy! 8D
But zeh arms and legs suck as well....
But the boots look aweshem! *w*
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Name: Ameko Geshiten (Candy Child, Summer Solstice)
Gender: Female
Age: 963 (Appears 25)
D.O.B: July 7th
Blood Type: AB+

Brilliance is like lightning—it cuts through the gloomy skies to glimmer for but a moment, before quietly dispersing amongst the clouds. If it should happen to strike you, count your blessings and bask in the sheen. Ameko is characterized by an array of highly feminine features; a circular face, small nose, full lips and temperate, angled brow lending an entirely disingenuous sense of innocence to her appearance. Resonant sky-blue eyes, which are perhaps a little larger and rounder than most, compliment her visage regardless of their penetrating hue, their luster imbued with what would appear to be tiny, glittering flecks of indigo. Consequently, it is no surprise that those who look into these scintillating optics often find themselves overwhelmed by their intensity, much like the awe one would experience during a viewing of the northern lights. In the interest of amplifying this effect, Ameko will often wear heavy eyeliner and thick mascara, claiming that her appearance helps actualize her charm. Pale blonde locks frame her face, and taper of somewhere around her mid-back, her fringe covering the majority of her forehead. Although her hair is fairly 'lived-in', it is commonly fashioned in a seductively waved, volume heavy style that comes off looking refined despite irregular maintenance. In the interest of maintaining a 'youthful' appearance, this style is commonly accentuated with girlish hairpins of varying designs.

Her physique, while certainly enough to entice the opposite sex, is not notably impressive when one actually considers her profession. Standing roughly 5'6", (5'9" in heels,) and weighing somewhere in the neighborhood of 126 lbs, Meko isn't exactly daunting in terms of stature or build. Her slender waistline is balanced with what could be considered a balanced hourglass figure, with hips and bust proving curvaceous, but not overly so. Not a large woman by any respect, Ameko hardly looks the part of a fighter, her petite frame playing host to what would appear to be fairly minimalistic muscular toning. Short and arguably sweet, she does, however, represent the perfect mix of flexibility and speed, her lean figure and athletic muscular structure providing her the tools with which to operate in her chosen field. In terms of complexion, Ameko is fair-skinned, the actual tone reflecting an odd mixture of peach and vanilla soymilk. Unsurprisingly, (given her profession and general disregard for safety,) her skin is undeniably scathed, though not so much that her injuries detract from her otherwise licit gait. Her nails, (including her toenails,) while trimmed to a fashionable length, are often decorated with translucent polish and covered with a coat of finite glitter. She tends to wear a lot of chunky Jewellery in silvers, blues and violets.

-Her Shinigami uniform is, for the most part, only a little modified. She wears backless/sleeveless robes beneath her haori, which in itself is fairly unchanged. Despite having no sleeves and being several inches too long, her haori is also standard, save for the sky coloured belt that is haphazardly knotted around her waist and left to dangle past her knees. Ameko’s shoes aren’t exactly standard, as she usually wears a set of platformed zori with blue jewels centralized across the straps.

-Her gigai outfits are usually very girlish, and consist of a lot of skirts, camisoles and sweaters. In terms of colour, she usually wears blues, violets and whites, though she also wears a bit of blacks and greens as well.

Despite a fairly lucrative position within the Gotei 13, Ameko seems to employ a light-hearted approach to life, and can often be found daydreaming as opposed to actually working. She tends to exude an almost intoxicating benevolence, making the fact that she has very few notable enemies no surprise. Unfortunately, her kind nature tends to work against her at times, as she often finds flaws in the morality of the Shinigami justice system, making her one of the most likely candidates to go against the wishes of Seiretei to fulfill her own moral obligations. Of course, there are times when even Ameko dare not overstep the line between morality and duty.

While Ameko tends to be an upbeat and easy-going girl, she is fairly distrusting, worrisome and distractible. She has always made friends with relative ease, and has earned the respect and trust of most Shinigami, not only with her above-average combat prowess, but mainly with her kind and honest nature. Though she may not trust most people, Ameko is willing to give absolutely anything for those she does place belief in, including her subordinates and friends. It should be noted that her favourite food is dorayaki, though she seems to like most anything involving sweet anko paste.

Tropical flowers; sweets; fancy cocktails; balmy weather; sleeping past noon; being needed; cute animals; girly clothing.

Cold weather; bitter and bland foods; straight liquor; early mornings; people more obnoxious than her; sleeping on the ground; having to put her trust in other people; small talk.

Ameko grew up in the 2nd district of Northern Rukongai, the only child of a pair of middle class shop owners residing near the northern gates of Seiretei. While she wasn’t blessed with the extravagance of a privileged life, she did live fairly well, and developed strong moral values, despite a less than perfect work ethic.

She spent most of her spare time working in her parent’s shop, which often allowed her to meet many different, and often interesting, people. On one such occasion, a Shinigami had entered the store looking to purchase a more fashionable pair of zori, and had stumbled upon an absolutely perfect pair…three sizes too small. As the death god tried to slide her clearly oversized foot into the strap-laden shoe, Ameko approached her, and kindly stated that the shoe was much too small for foot, suggesting a similar pair that came in larger sizes. The Shinigami was all but pleased by the statement, and before long, their minuscule disagreement blossomed into an all out war.

With both women screaming at the absolute top of their lungs, it seemed as though there would be no end to the battle, until the Shinigami got an idea. After forming a rather smallish ball of spiritual energy against the palm of her hand, she threw it at the girl in hopes that it would knock her out. Unfortunately, the woman did not take action quickly enough; Ameko had evaded the blast, and instead, the spiritual energy had crashed through a display of frighteningly expensive shoes. Upon witnessing the destruction of such pricey stock, Ameko seemed to snap somewhere deep inside.

As she moved to place her hands against one of the metal shoe racks to steady her body’s enraged shaking, a current of electricity shot across the length of the metal. After realizing what she was doing, she removed her hands from the rack, and the lightning grounded…to the carpet. As a small fire began to blaze around her feat, Ameko’s shock quickly turned to fatigue. Before she could gather her thoughts and regain control over her body, she had passed out—ironically to be saved by the very same Shinigami that had caused her such trouble in the first place.

When Ameko awoke, she had been outside, and the fire had been neutralized. Bathed in a rather disconcerting confusion, she rose to her feet, and was eventually confronted, not with angry parents or displeased death gods, but with a kind of praise befitting a hero. After a lengthy, and admittedly boring, conversation, she was coerced into joining the Shinigami Academy.

Due to her open and friendly nature, Ameko made a lot of friends during her time in the academy, though most she would privately call acquaintances. Her best friend, however, was Yakyoku Shigotoshi, the man whom which she would one day serve as lieutenant of the twelfth division. Eventually, however, she was offered a captain’s position in the tenth division, and chose to take it. Shortly after leaving twelfth, Shigo mysteriously disappeared from Seiretei to join the ranks of the Vizard. While disheartened by her friend’s departure, Ameko seemed to hide such feelings in hopes that they would arose any unwarranted suspicions.

To this day, Ameko remains captain of the tenth division, though she still retains ties with former subordinates in twelfth, and occasionally receives leaked information in regards to the current operations of the Research Division.

Strengths: Speed, dexterity (also ambidextrous), kidou and spiritual resistance.
Weaknesses: Brute strength and defensive stamina.
Division: 10th Division
Seat: Captain

Kidou: All known kidou.

Shikai: Jouhinarashi(Graceful Storm)
Bankai: Tenmou Hagashiiarashi (Heavenly Vengeance of the Violent Storm)

The deluge consumes, the zephyr ravages, the lightning strikes… Drift through the never, Jouhinarashi…

Shinsui ga kuikorosareru; soyokaze ga sangaiwareru; raikou ga dagekiwareru. Munashii ga kisuu o surareru, Jouhinarashi.

Sealed Form: [link]
Ameko’s zanpaktou takes somewhat of an uncommon form, the entirety of the blade reaching only ten inches, which is roughly the length of an average Japanese tanto. The blade does not possess a tsuba, employing a lone gold habaki instead. The hilt itself is not wrapped, and is composed of solid metal, and plated with a layer of white lacquered hardwood to match the form and colour of the sheath. While the majority of the weapon is coloured white, save for the silver blade, small black flowers form a waved trail from the base of the hilt, tapering off halfway up the sheath when closed.

Shikai: [link]
In its shikai form, Jouhinarashi takes on the appearance of a long whip, the fully unraveled length cutting in somewhere close to ten feet. The whip’s ‘hilt’ is comprised of a heavy, non-conductive rubberized material, rims of gold appearing at both the top and bottom of the handle for aesthetic effects. Although average in appearance, save for its sharpened metal tip, the whip is created from highly conductive woven metals, and is enveloped in a constant stream of blue electricity. The electricity itself can expand well beyond the regular length of the whip, making it that much harder to avoid being ensnared or attacked.

:bulletblue: Mabushiikasui (Radiant Stream):
Through different variations of whip cracking, the Mabushiikasui fires blasts that take the form of light blue streaks of electricity, each carrying variant ranges. If swung towards an airborne target, the attack takes a more identifiable form, shaping into a crescent wave of electric energy. However, when used on the ground, it instead rages forward, crushing the earth as it advances. The blast itself can also be used during holds, though it explodes in place, as opposed to actually firing an attack.

:bulletblue: Arashi Toku (Storm Shield):
When invoked, Arashi Toku creates a sphere of sparkling blue electricity around Ameko, which deflects all incoming (kidou or otherwise) attacks based on the amount of reiatsu poured into the ability. The skill is utilized by spinning Jouhinarashi’s shikai form around the body thrice, which creates the electrical structure of the dome so it can stand freely.


Wrapping the whip around herself rather than an opponent releases Jouhinarashi in to its Bankai state, the area around her form momentarily becoming enveloped in a blinding blueish white. When the light fades away, there appears to be nothing there. In truth, in Bankai form, Ameko’s zanpaktou allows her to retain invisibility as long as it does not come into contact with a body (apart from her own) or a conveniently placed attack. Her speed, agility and dexterity are greatly increased in this form, and she gains the ability to fly thanks to an enormous set of electrical wings. While she no longer has access to her whip, she is still able to manipulate electricity from her reformed tanto. The electricity itself is incredibly potent, but there remains the issue of attacking without detection, since enemy contact negates her Bankai’s invisibility effects. Nevertheless, close range attacks are incredibly powerful, and often fatal in repetition, whereas more long-ranged blasts tend to do less damage whilst inflicting temporary paralysis.

:bulletblue: Mabushiikasui (Radiant Stream):
Like its original version, Mabushiikasui fires blasts that take the form of light blue streaks of electricity. The biggest difference is the fact that, while more powerful, they are smaller and rely on precise aim to hit their mark. While their strength is not lowered by range (and avoids the problem of close-range detection), they give away her location when fired.

:bulletblue: Ikazuchi Kakuremino (Thunder Cloak):
Invisibility isn't the only factor protecting Ameko once Bankai is entered. Ikazuchi Kakuremino is an effect more so than an attack, and adds extra stealth to Ameko's already topped arsenal. The effect not only masks her reiatsu completely whilst invisible, but it also creates a stormy atmosphere, allowing the roar of thunder to mask her steps and the smell of rain to mask any aroma she may be emitting.

:bulletblue: Kira Shinsei (Sparkling Nova):
Defined as Ameko's strongest attack, the Kira Shinsei is utilized by raising Jouhinarashi to the skies, similar to the way a lightning rod would be positioned in the sky. Electricity is charged into the blade, which due to its small stature, becomes heavily condensed. Once critical mass is realized, Ameko will lower her body to the ground, dragging the tip of the blade against the earth as she creates a full circle around her body. The carved area quickly begins to emit a heavy, crackling blue glow as it envelops the entirety of the circle in electrical power. With the utterance of ‘Kira Shinsei’, the ring rapidly expands, creating a wave of electrical energy that radiates from its original point of creation. While the wave itself is incredibly powerful on its own, it is only the first stage of the attack, as the ground absorbs the electrical charge if it does not meet a target quickly enough. When this occurs, the earth glows a bright blue colour, and a pillar of blinding electricity shoots up from the ground, connecting with the very sky it originated from. If this too fails to catch the enemy, the lightning will disperse all at once, creating an explosion of electrical energy capable of decimating a large-scale city instantaneously. Due to its extreme, and highly volatile, nature, Ameko is very rarely able to utilize this technique, though it could also have something to do with its tendency to utilize an incredibly large amount of reiatsu. To this day, no one, other than Ameko herself, has seen this attack.

:bulletred:Offense: 95
:bulletblue:Intelligence: 100
:bulletpurple:Kidou: 100
:bulletyellow:Defense: 65
:bulletgreen:Mobility: 100
:bulletorange:Stamina: 65

Total: 525/600
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This is a re-make of an old drawing of an alternate costume for Supergirl. I found the old drawing sometime ago and wanted to re-draw it since I still like the idea behind it.

My idea back then was a teenage Supergirl, of course, and also to give her a very dynamic look, like a very active girl, so the skirt is very short, and the cape is short also, she wears 'costume bottoms' and thye are much more modest, like the way George Perez drew WW's bottom during his run.
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Another DA competition. Nothing like a good fantasy game to get you inspired. I was very interested in reading up the back story of the kingdom of Netzavare and the tale of King Huenkel.

I liked the whole idea of the curse and the search of redemption. I imagined a female warrior with strength and a bit of savagery just like the king who is half human half lion.
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Drawn for Tali'Zorah vas Normandy on the Facebook MERP. I told her I'd draw Tali in a pretty wedding-style suit for her gettin' hitched to Kal'Reegar... SO I DID.

I :heart: this Tali. She's wonderful.

Tali belongs to Bioware.

((And just to clear up matters? I SUPPORT KAL'REEGARxTALI'ZORAH. And I love the Tali I drew this for as she's a fun person and a really good roleplayer. If you don't like the pairing or the concept, please be considerate and respect those of us that do.))
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This is my entry for Fantasy Earth Zero contest.Hope you like it.^^
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My second entry for the FEZ contest!
The power of lightning path! Thunderbolt!
Runes from runic and Aztec alphabet =D
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this is probably my best work ever so far. i am very content with how this turned out, so content in fact, that i think i can finally sleep.

my linework is still messy even when i clean it up, but that just takes practice. i completed this more as a test rather than an exercise, to see whether i could really apply myself to a drawing and, i can happily say, it's a good start.


comments/critiques welcome.
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Here's my entry for FeZ contest.

Sorceress with nature elemental power, say like druidic power? lol. using barbaros set item as reference, with some (or a lot? lol) editing on some parts. i really love the tribal style, really fit with nature's theme :).

Best luck on me lol. Enjoy :D!
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