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Rules and other lines free to use: [link]
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So I was trying to draw a little piccy of one of my stable horses, but unfortunately the back legs simply refused to cooperate xD; Hence, I ended up with a pretty little water horsie instead :XD:

I may use this for myself later, but I see no issue putting this up to be used by others, so long as credit is given, of course :aww:

Usual rules are in place:
:bulletblue: Please give credit to me, either on the drawing or in the artist comments.
:bulletblue: You're welcome to make alterations as necessary, but don't edit it slightly then claim it as your own.
:bulletblue: You can use this for adoptables, but i'd really prefer they not be used for point adopts.

Other than that, enjoy!
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I feel weird for uploading a lot of cat lineart, but I promise I'll upload some other stuff when I get the inspiration.

-This is not paint-friendly.
-My line-arts are free to use, but you cannot use these for profit.
-Give credit if you use these.
-You do not need to link to the original here when you post, but it would be nice :)

Made in Paint Tool SAI~
To use, download the image and open it in image-editing software of your choice.
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Courtney's P.R.O.V
After the Duncan and Gwen's kiss on TDWT, I get into the airplane. I couldn't make more than crying. Then the airplane's door opened.
Duncan: Courtney..
Me: (Stops crying trying to show thoughtness) Duncan, Please go.
Duncan: Come on, I need to explain you.
Courtney:You don't need to explain nothing, cause I understand perfectly.
Duncan:I just wanted to say that..
Courtney: Whatever you say, don't try to make me go back with you, that would not happen.
Duncan: I love you.
Courtney: Really?? I don't think so. Look, I understand that I'm kind of insane, a little bit madly, sometimes I hit people, but as a person, it would be strangely me to dont have faults..
Duncan:I didn't mean that.
Courtney: Okay, what did you mean!!??
Duncan:I like Gwen, but not as much as you!!
Courtney: Fine!! Cause I dont wanna be more with you, you have another option now..
Duncan:If you dont want, I'll acept it. I just wanna say that I'm sorry.
Courtney: OK. I'm sorry too..
Duncan: Peace??
Courtney: Peace.
Then I saw Duncan, wondering why he kissed Gwen. Right now, I had lost a friend, and the love of my life..
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Line art by :iconbasebeast:
all are 20 :points:
1 2 3
4 5 6
3 ~Hell-Raiser13
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Don't ask me to use it or tell me that you're going to. I don't care. Just use it.
Link back. I like to see stuff. Unless you did a really shitty job. Then don't.
Credit me upon usage of the base.
Make sure that you download for full size. If you don't the pixels may not be the right size, there for, they will come out blurry.
Frankendolling is okay, mostly because I don't really care.
You can edit this as much as you'd like for your picture.
And a suggestion... do it right.
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Here's the lineart from the Ghoulia drawing :)
Feel free to use (Just link to the original deviantion and show me the results , I would love to feature them )
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Remember back near Christmas when I said I'd give out something free? At the time I was leaning toward paper textures, but I didn't get a response either way on that offer (which may not mean anything, to be fair) and it turns out I didn't have as many as I thought I did anyway. But it seems that people get a lot of enjoyment out of free linearts. So here's a coyote~ And there will probably be other free things here and there upon occasion.

Still not perfect (paws are rather inconsistent) but it is neater than my other free linearts, haha.

RULES -which you must abide by or terrible things will happen-
* You MAY NOT remove or otherwise render illegible my signature/name thing there.
*Credit me in the description when you post it.
* You MAY NOT use this for anything that's for actual or virtual money (That includes point adoptables.) You can however use it for free adoptables.
* Feel free to customize it to fit the needs of your character

This and the only other free use things in my gallery can be found in this folder: [link]

It's a PSD if you download and comes with premade color layers (one for base, one for eyes and one for nose/eye rims/claws/paw pads). If you don't want to work with the PSD, there is a somewhat MS Paint friendly one~ [link]

If you use this, let me know! I'd love to see what you do with it.
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twenty ways to do the same basic hairstyle :3

Just thought it might help people wanting to try different ways of drawing hair? ^^;

If you need a bunch of hairstyle references go to my hairstyles charts:

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Free lineart rules:
* You may color and/or edit this
* You may make adoptables with this
* You may attempt to sell what you color for "points" or "gold" on any site

* You may not sell or redistribute this lineart
* You may not sell adoptables made with this lineart for real money

* Credit(a simple link is preferred) is nice, but not necessary.

If a piece of my lineart is not linked here, it is NOT for you to use.

This is Gimp --> [link]
It's a free art program that is better than MS Paint.

One way to avoid nasty white dots is to make a new layer on top of the lineart and change its' layer mode from Normal to Multiply. Then color that layer as normal.
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