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:star::star:Update: Thank you all for the feedback, was very helpful, so here's an update of my previous deviation about 'Groups - Declined Images'.
Added a drop down menu with reasons written on buttons.

Group Founders and Moderators please let me know in a comment/message/note, if this suggestion will work for you too, where you would like this drop down menu be placed, which are for your Group the main reasons to decline a member's submission and/or any other suggestion you may have. Thank you :heart:


Many times I read in Groups' comments their members complaining for not given any reason, why their work was declined.
Happened to me and I had to send 2 messages to get the reply that was submitted in a wrong folder. I must addmit that I felt a bit uncomfortable to bother the moderators there because of the amount of images they have to check and all the other stuff they do...
So, I thought that it would be a nice way for this problem to be solved, if dA could add on those buttons few more words that will explain the reason why a member's submission was declined. :eager:
Fella by :iconfella:
:heart: Would love to read your opinion about this, so please let me know what you think, and if this is something you'd like to see!
:star: Forum Thread: [link]

:heart: Featured here: [link] by *paperdragon1967
:star::star:Update 2:
~ Suggestions for additional reasons ~

:bulletgreen:=gppr suggested "Incomplete credits"
:bulletgreen:~xXVampireDreamerXx suggested "Previously declined", "WIP"(incompleted work)
She also suggests that something like this can be used for contests or theme of the month activities as well.
:bulletgreen:=astralstonekeeper suggested "Not enough credit"
:bulletgreen:=gppr suggested "Incomplete credits"
:bulletgreen:~medreaming suggested "Does not meet quality standards", "Does not follow rules"
:bulletgreen:=MarcoMaxwell suggested "Add it to X folder", "Please, read the rules again"
:bulletgreen:*KassidiKeys suggested "Use of copyrighted materials without permission/copyright infringement"
:bulletgreen:=TheBourgyman wrote "The only thing I'd add to this is an option to write custom reasons, so groups with specifics rules should be able to give specific reasons for declining something, and not just select the generic ones".
:star: Edit: I'm truly excited and thankful for this DD!

Huge 'Thanks' to =Flame-of-the-Phoenix, *SilverBrumbyThowra, *CACecil, =ikai-zixie and ~lavalampkap for suggesting it and ^ginkgografix for make it happen! :hug:

Thank you ALL for your kind comments and favs! :heart:
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Okay so every now and then people will make forum posts: [link] suggesting dA make a version of this private notebook feature that some sites have been implementing lately and everyone's always like "THAT'S A LAME IDEA BITCH" so I thought maybe this would help, because I don't think it's a lame idea at all.

(And yeah, it's just a rough example and I'm not saying it has to look like this, and I don't know how it would work if you didn't have it on your top bar, but you get the idea. And there's some space on the right side for.. I don't even know what. Maybe something, but maybe nothing, because it's a super simple feature. Maybe bold and italic buttons could go there.)

Reasons it would be cool:

*It's better than using MSword because you can get to it from anywhere.

*It's better than using Google Docs or something similar because you won't have to remember to check your notes and then go sift through a bunch of documents to find one tiny but important thing you wrote to yourself 2 weeks ago.

*It's better than writing a list on your hand because a shower won't be able to screw up your plans.

*It's better than sticky notes because those things just don't stick when you need them to. D:

*If you're on dA all the time, maybe even a great deal more than any other site, like I KNOW a lot of people are, you'll see it every day.

*It's right there. All the time.

*It would (ideally) automatically save (or have a simple save button) and automatically be editable, all the time, like a piece of paper is. :B
No messing with anything.

*You don't have to have it on your top bar if you don't want to use the feature. You can just forget it exists if you want to, because it's not intrusive.

*As ~dire-musaera mentioned, it would come in very handy for an account used by multiple people!

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Search Deviant Countries!

Suggestion and a new idea for Search Deviant Countries on deviantart.

=sa-cool | 2007-2011

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well ima do this

1. Put Your itunes, windows media player etc on Shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name

1How would you describe yourself?:

Turn Me Up by Carly Rae Jepsen


2What do you like in a guy/girl?:

Better than revenge by Taylor Swift

(( ; u; well then... ))

3How do you feel today?:

Wide Awake by Katy Perry

((Omg this is so true.))

4What is life's purpose?:

Glas you came By The wanted
((Actually its bootiful.))

5What is your motto?:

Your Heart is a Muscle


6What do your friends think of you?:

Pretend its okay by little mix

((*sobs* i thought they loved me))

7What do you think of your parents?:

Fearless by Taylor Swift

((Just like askcloudmist XD))

8What do you think about very often?:

Lights by Ellie Golding

((Naww im like IS THE LIGHT ON :ooo))

9what is 2 + 2?:

Feel this moment by Pitbull ft. Christina Aguleara

((Well id feel the moment to tget the correct answer :D))

10What do you think of your best friend?:

More than this by 1D

((mai buddy the 1D girly))

11What do you think of the person you like?:

Same Mistakes by 1D

(( I make same mistakes with trying to get them...))

12What is your life story?:

I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons

(( :I ... yeah, pretty much ill be waiting for more life of me XD))

13What do you want to be when you grow up?:

Moves Like Jagger

((Good glob xD I wunna be jagger HE DANCE XD naw im maiself and i a happy))

14What do you think of when you see the person you like?:

State of Grace by Taylor Swift

((it good XD GOOD GLOB! xD))

15What will you dance to at your wedding?:

I wont give up by Jason Mraz


16What will they play at your funeral?:

Still The One by 1D

(( <u< im still the one XD))

17What is your hobby/interest?:

Young Girls by Bruno Mars

((Pfft im a young girl but i do a lot of things))

18What is your biggest fear?:

Sexy Love by Ne-Yo

((.... Accurate xD I dont wnat it getting too real too fast))

19What is your biggest secret?:

Say Goodbye by Chris Brown <3

((well saying goodbye to stuff XD))

20What do you think of your friends?:

Lighters by Bad meets Evil

((Aww they all light up my life))

What will you post this as?:

Down by  Jay Sean <333

(wow XD)
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It must be stopped
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Nice to know you promote and allow douchebaggery to happen I guess.

For those wondering I commented using this:

tumblr inline n0ngcpHnKi1rh3n9d by Turkish-Phantom

On this:…

how horrifying of me to do so
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Edit: skjlghdgkhgjk Thank you so much for the DD! ;u; Thanks to Bart, the people who suggested it, and to everyone who comments and faves! I appreciate it! *u*

This is a suggestion that I thought of while I was trying to fall asleep. So today I used my limited internet time to use Google Chrome's HTML editor and Photoshop to whip up this quick visual suggestion. I watch a lot of deviants who keep Livestream journals (myself included), and I know a lot of people also make quick announcements using journals. Unfortunately, if you watch a ton of deviants, some of those messages may get lost rather quickly. With deviousFeed, which I'm suggesting, you'd be able to make quick announcements akin to tweets, but only for use on deviantART. Whereas tweets can come from all over and be shared, this deviousFeed would only be viewed by your watchers or people who happen to see them on your profile.

The idea is that it will separate quick things from journals or news. There would have to be a character limit, obviously. A lot of what you need to know about how it works is in the deviation above. What do you think?

I was also considering making a Google Chrome extension for this. The problem is that I don't know how. :shifty:

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this! :dummy:

`SanguineEpitaph :happybounce:

Frequently Asked Questions

:bulletblue: Would this be a premium-only feature?
I know that I did include that in my suggestion, but I think free is better. ;) It would ultimately be up to the staff if they ever implemented something like this.

:bulletblue: Could you comment on feeds?

:bulletblue: People will just spam it.
Well of course, people spam journals and polls too. But really, a character limit for "feeds" would need to be in place. Additionally, a posting flood limit would need to be in place, like with commenting if you post more than x comments in y time. It would need to be a lot stricter than that restriction, but you get the point. :nod:

:bulletblue: Yo bro, it's too much like Twitter or Facebook.
Yes it isn't. :iconcookiemonplz:
For one thing, you shouldn't hold back change -- dA is completely different from them. :noes: I don't have a Facebook or Twitter, so forgive me if I'm wrong: Statuses on Facebook are your main method of spreading things there. People share, like (:roll:), and comment on them, and so it becomes the most common method of communication on Facebook. Tweets are literally the only thing you can use on Twitter, and they can come from many places (like if you tweet an article or something). Tweets can be shared and stuff. My suggestion is just a supplement to communication here: it is one-way, from you TO your watchers. They can't comment or share your feeds because this system is literally only for making short announcements. This would not replace journals, polls, art, or community here.

Good Suggestions for my Suggestion
~AsjJohnson: [link] Make the "new feed" an option in the edit menu, and make it easier to post a new feed.

Many: Have the ability to unwatch Feeds.

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Update december 15 22:23 hours Some improvements :meow: thank you very much ~Dremagon!

Update december 13 15:28 hours $chix0r is considering the second suggestion apparently, click here.


If you know #ButthurtBrigade you are probably aware of the issues of hacking. If you don't, click here and here.

TL;DR deviantART seccurity is not flawed it's just... Careless, if that's the correct word. Many things could be done to prevent the drama if in first place $taffies were aware they could happen.

Keep in mind that this won't stop hackers. Nothing can do it but we can slow them, giving victims more time to notice what's happening to their accounts and to the admins to help those victims.

The PIN idea is from Aika and the 7 days idea is from Ether Saga. Lol MMOs.

Sorry for the horrible MS Paint design (and typing mistakes if it have one) but hey! Visual suggestions are only meant to be understood by those who make the website, not supposed to remake it.


:bulletred:Side Notes:bulletred:

"Complicated" Passwords are mostly useless, exactly as you read. The purpose of these passwords is only to avoid people from guessing your password easier so many websites encourage users to use numbers and letters.

Having a complicated passwords won't do anything against wiretapping, phishing, keystroke logging, social engineering, dumpster diving, side-channel attacks, and software vulnerabilities.

(Thanks Wikipedia for writing that crap so I can simply copy-paste :'D)



In Aika PIN is input after selecting character to avoid strangers logging in or doing something to them. In Ether Saga 7 days is the time a character is finally successfully deleted after you confirm you want to do it, this game also have other security features like locking your inventory the first five minutes you log in.

Another game, Rising Force, have a similar system Aika has, but instead of PIN is secret answer similar to e-mails.

In both RF and Aika, the only way to recover that info is providing "real life" proof, like an ID scan.
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that you really wish would shut the fuck up. I hate this new feature of dA v7.
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Yeah... I know this is recycled art I already submitted, but it works...

If SOPA passes, then most of my gallery will have to be deleted. All those fanfictions I did? Gone. The fanart? Gone.

Not just me, but anyone who has ever made fan art or fan stories. The Sonic Shorts Collections? Buh-bye. The NetRaptor fanfictions? Gone. All those other fandoms as well? Stripped of the web.

Don't let that happen. Part of the fun of the web is that we are free to express ourselves.
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