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In this week's Site Update, we don't have any publicly visible changes, as our Devious Technology (dT), Product, and Product Marketing teams are all still at a staff retreat!

At the beginning of the week, the dT team worked on improving our internal development tools to increase efficiency.  Then, on Wednesday, we let any staff members at the retreat pitch fun and exciting ideas for deviantART features that could be built in two days. After each feature idea was pitched, everyone from dT chose which projects they'd like to work on. Throughout the year, engineers primarily work on projects that are assigned to them, so sometimes it's important to turn the tables and let them choose projects in which they're most passionate and excited about.

The purpose of these two-day "hackathons" is to build and demonstrate a proofs of concept — they're not meant to be fully finished features that are ready to be launched. These are meant to be an exploration and a starting point for possible future features. The work we do in exploring and building proofs of concepts can be used in the future.

The projects that were selected by dT include exploration in topics about:

DT Discussions by micahgoulart
Discussion during last week's technology presentations. Pictured: kemayo, xraystyle randomduck, banks, chris, KnightAR, helloandre, DEVlANT kouiskasshadowhand, Nodren. Photo by micahgoulart

After losing Internet connection, the dT team went outside to divide up into groups to work on projects that improved our internal tools. Photo by danlev.

Hackathon Presentations by micahgoulart
$kouiskas and $aMoniker presenting their work on PhantomJS and QUnit tests. Photo by micahgoulart.

Da Breadlands 2012 By Knightar-web by micahgoulart
Photo by KnightAR, editing by micahgoulart.

Offsite location France by DoubleXposure Planet Breadlands by ArtBIT Breadlands 2012 by micahgoulart 

Untitled by loopstart Untitled by loopstart Offsite Brainstorming by DoubleXposure Untitled by KnightAR

What's New

Paris deviantMEET Recap, London Coming Soon!

This past weekend, deviantART teamed up with DeviantMEET-Paris to host a deviantMEET that ultimately yielded over 250 deviant attendees!

Paris Official devMEET 2012 by Nile-Paparazzi

London deviantMEET: June 30
On June 30, 2012, we'll be having another deviantMEET in London, England! We're headed to Hyde Park to meet and mingle with local deviants, and we want to see you!

DeviantART is applying to manage a new Top Level Domain called .art

Top Level Domain (TLD) is the technical name for ".com," ".net," ".org," or ".fr" and the worldwide organization that controls the issuance of TLDs is called ICANN, short for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.  Some time ago, ICANN announced that it would accept applications for new TLDs and deviantART quickly realized that someone would try to nab .art.

DeviantART is committed to have the .art TLD in the hands of representatives of the arts; people who know something about the Internet and the way art is presented and enabled by the Internet.  Nobody has more experience with this than the deviantART community that we are all building, participating in, and sharing with each other every day.

Your Feedback

Thanks for the feedback you left for us last week! It was nice to hear about how you discover art. Here's what many of you had to say:

  • Group galleries were the most popularly mentioned means of discovering new art, though browsing friends' favorites and search were also highly mentioned among those who commented.
  • Some users would like an updated/more detailed stats system. From TarynNefdt
:lightbulb: Discuss!

We'd love to hear your thoughts about the .art Top Level Domain that we mentioned above. Please join in the discussion on the article!

 Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment on this article!
:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk(Be as detailed as possible!)

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    This is an rp I did a long time ago and I was planning on turning it into a fanfiction but I was too lazy to do it. So while reading you will notice how the first part is well written and edited. The rest of the story is unedited and straight from the roleplay itself.

    A steady breeze flowed throughout the quiet town of Haddonfield, Illinois. It was a cool fall night, just like any other fall night in Haddonfield. Though this night there was something different... something evil..

    Her heart was beating so fast it might burst out of her chest, her feet flew through the air as she raced to her house in a mad dash. Everything was going by in a blur around Veronica Strode as she raced on, her feet propelling her forwards like a torpedo.
    The night was dark and eerie. The silence was even more unnerving.
    Her shoes thudded loudly on the steps as she zoomed up to the front door.Jerking it open frantically she rushed inside and slammed it shut.Panting, she slumped against the wooden frame of the door and locked it with a click. She closed her hazel eyes as relief washed over her. She was safe, she was home.
    áSuddenly one of the glass panels next to her exploded. Her eyes flew open as she screamed out in fear. To her terror a hand shot out of the panel and snatched her hair as she tried to escape. Causing her to jerk backwards violently and smash her head into the door with a loud bang.She cried out in pain as she struggled wildly to break free of the hand's strong grip, tears welled up in her eyes as the hand yanked her back again. Repeatedly smashing her head into the door until finally, with a horrific crunching sound her head splattered onto the door like a water balloon of blood.
    The hand finally let go of what was left of her head and pulled out of broken glass panel, blood dripping everywhere.
    "Uhh.. What's all the ruckus about?" Taylor Lovett muttered tiredly as she crept down the stairs barefoot.Her eyes scanned the front room looking for any sign of her dear friend Veronica who she had been staying with lately since her landlord had kicked her out of her apartment.
    áShe froze as her eyes settled upon what was left of her friend's body. She blinked, hoping she was just dreaming but the image didn't change. That's when shock hit her like a freight train. "Nooo.." She whined softly, tears starting to flow out of her aqua blue eyes."NOOO!!" She screamed as the door burst open with a boom that shook the entire house.
    She stumbled over, almost falling down the stairs before looking up and seeing a dark figure looming over her friend's dead body in the doorway. She gasped, her eyes widened with fear as she scrambled up the stairs.
    She ran clumsily, bumping into and tripping over objects in the dark hallway that led to her room.
    Finally she'd reach her destination and fling the door open.Zooming in as if she was the world's fastest runner she'd glance around frantically, looking for a place to hide. She could hear footsteps slowly creeping up the stairs behind her which sent a shiver down her spine.
    Her eyes rested upon her old oak dresser which blended in perfectly with the darkness. Quietly and quickly she crawled behind it as the figure entered the room.
    The figure stopped and stood in the doorway. Carefully observing it's surroundings. It held a shiny metallic object in it's left hand that seemed to appear to be a kitchen knife.
    Taylor slinked back into the darkness behind the dresser and closed her eyes, praying the figure wouldn't kill her. No, not her.
    She listened quietly to it's footsteps as the figure approached the dresser. She held her breath as she could hear the figure breathing hard as if it were on a ventilator. It was directly in front of her dresser now. Oh God please, oh please don't let me die! She prayed silently. Then, the breathing stopped. She waited, seconds seemed like minutes and minutes seemed like hours before her head popped out from behind the dresser. Her eyes glanced around wildly.
    Nothing there.
    Slowly she crept out from behind the heavy wooden dresser and tiptoed across the room, stopping at the doorway. Suddenly, she could hear the heavy breathing of the figure coming from somewhere around her. She couldn't pinpoint the exact location of the breathing but she could hear it getting closer...and closer. She could hear her heart start to beat faster as the breathing got louder.
    Backing away from the doorway she bumped into something, with a yelp of terror she jumped forwards. She whipped around to see a masked figure holding a knife. She gasped in shock as she realized who it was. It was none other than the legendary Michael Myers who had last visited Haddonfield on halloween five years ago, leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake.
    áShe started to step backwards slowly, fear speedily rising within her. Michael reached out with deadly speed and grabbed her by her shirt, with a flick of his wrist he sent her sailing across the cold,dark room. She cried out as she landed with a thud on the floor. Her hair now covered her face in small murky black vines of strands. Her eyes were wild with fear, but as she stared at him something about him struck her.He walked towards her as her fear started to fade. And instead, was replaced by a surprising calmness.
    áShe walked up to him unafraid."Michael.." She whispered to him softly.
    Michael stopped abruptly and tilted his head to one side as she called his name.
    "Michael..." She said again softly, walking towards him until she was face to face with the monster, or rather face to mask. "Put down the knife."
    He just stood there, knife in hand. He wasn't about to put it down, but her words...There was something about her that made him want to actually put it down. But the urge to hold it overpowered the urge to put it down.
    "Michael..Please." She said softly. Concern flashed in her eyes and she started to feel pity for such an evil killer. For some reason, she felt as if she knew him,understood him. Maybe it was some misplaced sense of deja'vu.She couldn't help it, she knew it was wrong of her to be acting like this, but she was drawn to him like a mosquito to a bug zapper.
    For the first time, other than his old Dr.Loomis, someone had spoken to him in such a voice.Now the urge to see what would happen if he listened to her was dominating him. He immediately dropped the knife.It's thudding on the floor cut through the once familiar silence that he had surrounded himself in.Now he seemed to be exploring a new world. A world in which there were odd feelings and strange faces. His dark deep pits of evilness stared into her bright blue eyes as she stared back.
    She smiled and touched his hand. "Good" She said softly to him.
    He flinched away and stiffened. What was he doing? Why had all of a sudden had he become so soft to this "object?" Object. That's what he referred to others as. They were objects of his terror and nothing more to them.
    She took a step back and looked at his mask. "Michael, it's okay. I'm not going to hurt you." She tilted her head to one side a little, mirroring him.
    Michael didn't really want to understand her words but they somehow registered in his brain anyways.
    Unexpectedly anger rose up sharply inside him. He disliked what she had said to him.In fact, he hated it. He stepped away from her angrily. His jet black shoes stomping on the old wooden floorboards, making them moan and groan under his weight which was mostly made up of muscle.
    She sighed at his anger and gazed deeply into the black abyss of the eyes of his mask. Trying to look for another way to understand his intriguing mind.
    He glared back at her, flames of rage burning through the blackness of his eyes. He stepped back silently and confidently. He usually had a good sense of his surroundings but that sense had been blurred by this object's interaction with him. What he didn't realize was that this whole time there was a part of a old wooden floorboard erected up from the sea of oak panels just behind Michael's feet. As soon as he had taken a step backwards the back of his shoe abruptly slammed into the board. Surprise lit up in his expressionless eyes as he flailed and collapsed onto the floor in a clumsy flurry, making a loud crashing noise.
    Taylor's eyes widened as she ran to him, "M-Michael?" She said as she sat next to him. She put her hands over his before a tear slipped out of one of her eyes and drip dropped onto his hand.
    Michael scrambled upwards recklessly, almost tripping himself again and reached out for his knife.
    Taylor stayed where she was and looked at him, her eyes clouded with sadness. She let out a sigh and turned to him, her arms spread out. She was ready at any moment for him to stab her as she nodded at him and closed her eyes.
    Michael grabbed the silver blade. Not really knowing what to do. Everything was racing by him in a blur. He saw two of the object standing before him with it's arms spread out.
    Knife in hand, he stumbled right past Taylor in dizzy flurry of confusion.
    Taylor suddenly took a step towards him and grabbed his hand, "Michaelů" her voice was filled with sadness and she let out a sigh. "Please listen to me!" She cried.
    He squeezed her hand tightly as his sharp gaze focused on her like a hawk's.
    Taylor looked into his eyes and his rage. Her hand hurt but she didn't mind it. She really didn't know what to do. She only stood there, meeting his gaze.
    Michael walked towards her, almost robotically, before stumbling a bit.
    "Calm down.." She said, putting her free hand on his chest, "I'm here." She looked into his eyes and another tear rolled down her face. "I'm here.." She said again.
    Michael tried to make out exactly what was she doing. He let her touch him, trying to gain insight on what she was feeling. He stayed silent.
    Taylor blinked and put her hand on the back of his neck and pulled him a bit closer. She hugged him and cried silently on his shoulder, "You can do it..."
    Michael, on the other hand, didn't know what she ment at all. He just mimicked her by putting his hand on the back of her neck. What was this supposed to mean?
    Taylor cried on his shoulder, waiting for him to stab her.
    Michael gripped the back of her neck tightly as her tears started to dampen his shoulder. He just held the knife in his other hand before something hit his mind. He'd put his arm around her and grab her tightly. Not knowing how to handle anything with care he lifted her up and carried her out.
    She was confused. Taylor looked at him before closing her eyes and wrapping her arms around him.
    Michael marched quietly out of the house as the moon floated overhead in a sea of darkness. He walked across the lawn, cutting through people's yards as he stuck to the shadows of the night. Finally he disappeared across the street as a light flickered on from a nearby house.

    ~To be continued

    Editing done by :iconalexangelprince:
    Taylor played by :iconmrs-myers:
    Michael Myers played by :iconalexangelprince:
    Veronica Strode played by :iconalexangelprince:
    Storyline by :iconmrs-myers: :iconalexangelprince:
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    • Listening to: Fatboy Slim
    • Watching: The screen
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    OC WINTER CONTEST - Entries Closed!

    Journal Entry: Thu Oct 25, 2012, 3:17 AM

    this contest is now closed for entries! I would personally like to thank everyone for their patience over the last few months! and everyone who participated for their brilliant entries and those who donated for their prize contributions! I am much appreciative! NOW IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS I WILL TAKE THE TIME To judge all the entries. please stay tuned! P.s a special prize will be given... More details later!

    Hello everyone! It's that time of year when the air becomes colder and snowflakes begin to fall from the heavens, the landscape becomes covered by a blanket of white.. (depending on where you are in the world that is. :'D ) So, do you know what that calls for?! That's right an OC Winter/Yule/Christmas Contest! (I decided to launch the contest eight days ahead of schedule since the positive results on my recent polls asked for them.)


    We're in the final days now!  All entries must be in on the 10th of March by 12pm  PST, Los Angeles time! To know what this time converts to for you click the following:… :)

    Having said that, I want to thank everyone for their patience.  Not long to go now! :iconmeowlaplz:


    14 Days to Go Until the Deadline! As said before this is the final deadline, no more extensions so you better get your entries finished and submitted before midnight on the 10th of March! ;)

    If anyone is interested I have set up a sister chatroom for LoreithianChronicles, everyone is welcome to join and join in on the conversation. You don't have to talk about my stories! :la:  I may have a chat event there in the near future. So click the button below and join in and have fun!

    As I usually do with contests, I always ask close to the deadline if anyone needs an extension. Since I have posted polls both on my account and at LoreithianChronicles I noticed there were a quite a few of you still needing the time to submit your entry! So the deadline has been extended once again to March 10th! This is the Final Extension!

    If you are interested Loreithian Chronicles was featured and I was interviewed by mirz-alt in her Literary Compass, check it out!…

    Knowing that the holiday season is upon us all and we are usually busy at this time of year, I have extended the deadline from January 1st to February 28th! :hooray:

    themes and objectives

    Like my previous Unlikey Friends OC Contest the theme is very simple once again. As a lover of world crossovers, this contest again will be about that. Your characters and mine. But as the contest suggests with a winter or Christmas/Yule theme.

    For example:

    Northern Xmas by Morgainelefee

    :snowflake: Christmas: traditionally Christmas Trees, holly, mistletoe, ivy, red amaryllis, candy canes, candles, stockings, wreaths, angels. Traditional colors like: green, white, red, blue, gold and silver and of course the giving of Gifts!

    :snowflake: Winter: LOTS OF SNOW! Snowflakes, Snowmen, Icicles, Penguins, Polar Bears, the Northern Lights.

    Again, the objective is simple. Choose one (or more) of my characters and pair them up with yours. Imagine a scene or situation where they would come together during the winter and/or Christmas time and illustrate that.

    The purpose of this contest is to have an original, fun, witty, imaginative, magical or charming outcome. So unleash your imagination! But I also hope that it can be fun for you as well and unleash all your creativity upon. :)

    My Characters

    You can choose from any of my characters below, read all the information in the character sheets and inside the artist comments. Remember if you need to know any more information, feel free to ask. :aww:

    OCProfile: Luciana by Endorell-Taelos OCProfile: Kaliya by Endorell-Taelos OCProfile: Lykaios by Endorell-Taelos OCProfile: Dasarine Corioth by Endorell-Taelos
    OCProfile: Miya Denali by Endorell-Taelos OCProfile: Sienna Denali by Endorell-Taelos OCProfile: Jadyn Denali by Endorell-Taelos OCProfile: Raine Denali by Endorell-Taelos

    Please note: Luciana has curly black hair and blue eyes, unlike what the profile shows. Please read the fine print. AND, if you do not wish to draw any of the characters here but someone else you can check out my other OC's (Such as Emmanuel, Inaiyah or Lilith) at my story group: LoreithianChronicles!

    FAQ :faq: remake by arrioch (Some questions that you've made about characters and the world itself, I've answered them here as much as I could...

    • The Palace in which the Dragon Mage Royals (Luciana and her mother for example) live in is in a city, it's one of the main cities in the Loreithia continent. Surrounding the city is fields and forests and a river to one side.. It is rich in color, creams, golds, white and marble textures. The architecture is similar to that in this picture. You wouldn't find any slums or many poor people in this city. Since it is owned primarily by Dragon Mages, you can expect there is many dragons around of varying sizes as many Dragon Mages have dragon familiars like how witches have cat familiars and many dragon emblems throughout the city. The forest nearby the city isn't particularly thick or dense, you can see the light of the sun through the canopy. More Information on this question can be found in this comment thread:…
    • Lykaios is about five years older than Luciana.

    Important things to know

    :snowflake: The entries must be specifically for this contest, and a link to this contest journal in your artist comments would be appreicated.
    :snowflake: Maximum two entries per person. Please comment with a link to your entry on this journal.
    :snowflake: Digital or traditional drawings and paintings and written literature entries are allowed. (My apologies, if literature, please make them in English only. I won't be able to read if in another language.)
    :snowflake: The Entries must contain at least one or more of my OCs and at most one of your OCs. You can have more if you want. (If You do not have an established OC, you can create one just for this contest. Original Animals and Original Creatures are also allowed should you not have an OC.)
    :snowflake: My OCs must be recognizable, please try to respect them and their personalities.
    :snowflake: Any style is more than welcome, be it chibi, manga, realistic or cartoony.
    :snowflake: Mild mature content is allowed, but nothing sexually explicit or too gory. (I mean come on, it's a Christmas/Winter contest it should be lighthearted at most! ;) - However this is just a guideline... )
    :snowflake: The Contest begins today: October 25th 2012 and ends February 28th 2013.

    Prizes - For Literature

    First Place:
    :snowflake: One Year Subscription
    :snowflake: Support Stamp
    :snowflake: Journal Feature
    :snowflake: Custom Avatar by Arlesienne
    :snowflake: A monochrome single character half-body portrait from Gnewi
    :snowflake: 1 Full Colour Portrait, with one or two characters from Felixuta
    :snowflake: 1 Greyscale Portrait from ThreshTheSky (paid by me)
    :snowflake: 1 Speedpaint request from ailitta-kuravek
    :snowflake: 363 :points: from happy-gurl
    :snowflake: Journal Features from BeehiveStudio, Eitvys200, 5-Stars-Artists, rainylake, Astrikos

    Second Place:
    :snowflake: Three Months Subscription
    :snowflake: Support Stamp
    :snowflake: Journal Feature
    :snowflake: Custom Avatar by Arlesienne
    :snowflake: A monochrome single character bust portrait from Gnewi
    :snowflake: 1 Full Colour Portrait, with one or two characters from Felixuta
    :snowflake: 1 Speedpaint request from ailitta-kuravek
    :snowflake: 100 :points: from happy-gurl
    :snowflake: Journal Features from BeehiveStudio, Eitvys200, 5-Stars-Artists, rainylake, Astrikos

    3rd Place Emote Trophy-Animtd by mirzjiles Third Place:
    :snowflake: A Choice of Three Months Subscription or :points: equivalent
    :snowflake: A monochrome single character bust portrait from Gnewi
    :snowflake: Support Stamp
    :snowflake: Journal Feature
    :snowflake: Journal Features from BeehiveStudio, Eitvys200, 5-Stars-Artists, rainylake, Astrikos

    Prizes - For Visual Art

    First Place:
    :snowflake: One Year Subscription
    :snowflake: Support Stamp
    :snowflake: Journal Feature
    :snowflake: Custom Avatar by Arlesienne
    :snowflake: A monochrome single character half-body portrait from Gnewi
    :snowflake: 1 Fullbody commission from runawaywithyou (paid by me)
    :snowflake: 1 Full Colour Portrait, with one or two characters from Felixuta
    :snowflake: 1 Greyscale Portrait from ThreshTheSky (paid by me)
    :snowflake: 1 Speedpaint request from ailitta-kuravek
    :snowflake: 363 :points: from happy-gurl
    :snowflake: Journal Features from BeehiveStudio, Eitvys200, 5-Stars-Artists, rainylake, Astrikos

    Second Place:
    :snowflake: Three Months Subscription
    :snowflake: Support Stamp
    :snowflake: Journal Feature
    :snowflake: A monochrome single character bust portrait from Gnewi
    :snowflake: 1 monochrome sketch from Fayerin
    :snowflake: 1 chibi commission from runawaywithyou (paid by me)
    :snowflake: 1 Full Colour Portrait, with one or two characters from Felixuta
    :snowflake: 1 Speedpaint request from ailitta-kuravek
    :snowflake: 100 :points: from happy-gurl
    :snowflake: Journal Features from BeehiveStudio, Eitvys200, 5-Stars-Artists, rainylake, Astrikos

    3rd Place Emote Trophy-Animtd by mirzjiles Third Place:
    :snowflake: A Choice of Three Months Subscription or :points: equivalent
    :snowflake: A monochrome single character bust portrait from Gnewi
    :snowflake: Support Stamp
    :snowflake: Journal Feature
    :snowflake: Journal Features from BeehiveStudio, Eitvys200, 5-Stars-Artists, rainylake, Astrikos

    All entries will be featured in my journal and at LoreithianChronicles. If you would like to donate a prize to the contest, please drop me a note. It would be much appreciated. :)

    All entrants/participants will be featured in a special journal whether or not they've won after the contest has finished and winners have been announced. :la:

    All entrants/participants will also receive a Llama badge from Arlesienne and Eitvys200!

    Depending on how many entries the contest receives and how many prizes are donated, there may be a third place and honorable mentions.

    Note: Keep checking back for more prizes!

    All entries will be collected in this folder at #LoreithianChronicles and below.

    Have fun creating! I hope this contest inspires you... :happybounce:

    :snowflake: VISUAL ENTRIES :snowflake:
    Entry for winter OC contest by CandiPhoenixes Exiled: Contest Entry by Styer-Crisis OC Winter Contest: Lykaios and Orin by SapphireSquire The Gift of Poinsettia by Morgainelefee Amazed by Fayerin A Guest at Bearer's Cauldron by FixelCat Dasarine and Adhara: a winter tale by AethereaVis OC Winter Contest- Can we be Friend? by LadyDeddelit :thumb350806183: Oops by Jeannifer The fairy by Felixuta Under The Mistletoe by feathergoblinfly Who were you, forgotten? by STelari Pure Snow man by Fayerin Lyakaios and Cody -Winter OC Contest Entry by Astrikos Winter Night by Neveir Winter waters by REDDISH-MUSE United by water by Eltoras Winter Contest Entry :) by Gnewi Can I sit next to you girl by Ytril Lykaios and Sara by mirz-alt Shy princess, elven wizard and moody creator by VisAnastasis Contest: Hot chocolate. by Luciana-Lu First Skating Lesson! by Kat-Nicholson

    :snowflake: LITERATURE ENTRIES :snowflake:
    Walking in a winter wonderland The sound of feet crunching the snow could be heard clearly in the still night air. The moon was nearly full, and it made the ground seem to glow as it was reflected back. The figure walking alone in her dark green cloak would have been easy to spot if anyone was looking for her.
     Elreth was on the prowl for a meal, but having fed the day previous, Aylsa had decided to take a walk rather then join him. She enjoyed being close to nature, and having the freedom to do as she chose, rather then waht her maker wanted all the time.
     She had been walking for about half an hour when she stopped suddenly. Pushing her hood back, she blinked incredulously. There, not twenty feet from her, stood an evergreen, covered from top to bottom with small, shiny, multicolored balls. Wrapped around the tree was some sort of flimsy rope, in gold and silver.
     Slowly, she approached the tree, and carefully reached out to one of the balls. Upon touching it, it moved and jingled, and the jum
    Ice Cold Heart - Part 1“C’mon, Lykaios, hurry!”
    The young man looked at his sister and rolled his eyes. “It’s not like they’re going to leave without us, you know.”
    Luciana giggled and pulled on her brother’s arm. She couldn’t help it, she was excited. When she had first come to Gale City years earlier, she had seen airplanes up in the sky and had read about them in storybooks. They fascinated her and she had always wanted to ride in one, but never had the chance. That was about to change.
    Lykaios stared through the window at the small jet sitting out on the air field and frowned. “I don’t know about that thing. It doesn’t look safe. I’d far rather travel on a dragon or griffin.”
    A slender hand fell on the prince’s shoulder. “I’ve ridden on a griffin before. Trust me, this is much more comfortable.” Sara moved away from the man, dropping her duffel bag onto a nearby chair.
    The small ebony-haired girl g

    Want to support the contest?

    Feel free to support the contest by using the banner:

    OC Winter Contest Banner by Endorell-Taelos

    Please :+fav:, comment and spread the word if you are interested in participating~!

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    Unsurprisingly, after the murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists last week: media hysteria is higher than normal, with news networks reporting on virtually nothing but counter terrorism plans.
    Joke news network Fox was clearly so caught up in it all that they went into full reality meltdown, claiming that parts of Britain had become no-go areas for non-Muslims, and that “Muslim Religious Police” were patrolling parts of London, attacking anyone who did not conform to Islamic law.
    Birmingham, they said, was a city populated purely by Muslims, and people not of that faith just didn’t go there…..which was news to me. I live just outside it, I venture in on a weekly basis and, as far as I am aware, I am not a Muslim.…

    The, clearly bat-sh*t, journalist that made these insane accusations was immediately pointed to and laughed at by, well, everybody, and went on to apologise for his “terrible error”.
    Weirdly, this apology felt more insulting than the fantasy he was originally spouting. It makes you think he believes any claim of Muslim presence in a city is an immediate black mark upon it.

    Having a keen interest in history, I generally hold a dim view of all major religions, but I’m certainly not automatically afraid of anyone who follows one of them. If I was, I wouldn’t live around the corner from a mosque.
    The media are keen on stirring up panic over the recent movement of Muslims into the west, claiming that it will be the end of western civilization, but there is no difference between what is occurring now and what happened 100 years ago. Between 1880 and 1920, millions of Jews fled from Russia because of persecution. The newspapers in Britain claimed their arrival would be the end of all things, but one century on, as any updated atlas will tell you: the island has not sunk into the Atlantic.
    People are moving from the Middle East to the West because the Middle East is currently on f**king fire and a rather unpleasant place to live, not because they’re invading. There is no “war” against “terror” because “terror” as the media like to play it simply does not exist. “God told me to do it” has been a cliché motive for decades and a handful of petty individuals using it now as an excuse to kill innocent civilians does not equal an all-out assault on the West by foreign hordes.
    Perspective needs to be maintained.

    Let’s list the “terror attacks” in the west since 9/11. Not attacks on embassies in Middle Eastern countries or attacks on soldiers operating in war zones, but attacks HERE. The attacks that panic-mongers like Fox News claim to be the reason why we all need to cower in our homes::

    Madrid 2004 (Train bombings)
    London 2005 (4 bombers attack London underground)
    Birmingham 2007 (Foiled plot to kidnap/behead British soldier)
    Little Rock 2009 (Lone gunman, drive-by shooting at a recruiting office)
    Fort Hood 2009 (Unstable serviceman. No connection to terror groups)
    New York 2010 (Car bomb attempt)
    Stockholm 2010 (Suicide bomber)
    Frankfurt 2011 (Mass shooting at airport)
    Toulouse/Montauban 2012 (Shootings targeting French soldiers and Jewish civilians)
    Boston 2013 (Marathon bombings)
    London 2013 (Lee Rigby murder)
    Melbourne 2014 (Counter-terrorist officers stabbed)
    Brussels 2014 (Jewish Museum of Belgium shooting)
    Quebec 2014 (Attempt to run-over soldiers)
    Ottawa 2014 (Shooting at Parliament Hill)
    New York 2014 (Hatchet attack on subway)
    Sydney 2014 (Hostage crisis)
    Joué-lès-Tours 2014 (Knife attack)
    Dijon 2014 (Ran over pedestrians)
    Nates 2014 (Ran over pedestrians)
    Paris 2015 (Charlie Hebdo murders)

    That’s 21 attacks. There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world. If there really was a war going on between they and the west, I think we’d have seen one or two more incidents. I also think the attacks would be a little more sophisticated than just running people over with a car while shouting “allahu akbar”.

    Now let’s list the (major) mass shootings in the US alone across the same time period:

    Meridian 2003 (Lockheed Martin shooting)
    Wisconsin 2004 (Chai Vang killings)
    Tacoma 2005 (Tacoma Mall shooting)
    Red Lake 2005 (Red lake massacre)
    Brookfield 2005 (Terry Ratzmann killings)
    Goleta 2006 (Goleta postal facility shootings)
    Indianapolis 2006 (Hamilton Avenue murders)
    Seattle 2006 (Capitol Hill massacre)
    Omaha 2007 (Westroads Mall shooting)
    Blacksburg 2007 (Virginia Tech shooting)
    Salt Lake City 2007 (Trolley Square shooting)
    Crandon 2007 (Wisconsin shooting)
    Tinley Park 2008 (Lane Bryant shooting)
    Knoxville 2008 (Knoxville Unitarian Universalist church shooting)
    Kirkwood 2008 (Kirkwood City Council shooting)
    Los Angeles 2008 (Covina massacre)
    Henderson 2008 (Atlantis Plastics shooting)
    Lakewood 2009 (Police officer shooting)
    Pittsburgh 2009 (Collier Township shooting)
    Carthage 2009 (Carthage nursing home shooting)
    Binghamton 2009 (American Civic Association immigration centre shootings)
    Oak Creek 2010 (Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting)
    Huntsville 2010 (University of Alabama in Huntsville shooting)
    Kennesaw 2010 (Penske shootings)
    Manchester 2010 (Hartford Distributors shooting)
    St. Louis 2010 (ABB plant shootings)
    Irwindale 2011 (Southern California Edison shooting)
    Seal Beach 2011 (Seal Beach shooting)
    Carson City 2011 (IHOP shooting)
    Copley Township 2011 (Ohio shooting)
    Rochester 2012 (Webster, New York shooting)
    Minneapolis 2012 (Minneapolis workplace shooting)
    Aurora 2012 (Theater shooting)
    Brookfield 2012 (Azana Spa shootings)
    Washington DC 2013 (Washington Navy Yard shooting)
    Saylorsburg 2013 (Ross Township Municipal Building shooting)
    Los Angeles 2013 (Los Angeles International Airport shooting)
    Hialeah 2013 (Hialeah shooting)
    Spring 2014 (Spring, Texas shooting)
    Marysville 2014 (Marysville Pilchuck High School shooting)

    40 incidents. So, purely based on numbers, Americans have more to fear from other Americans than migrants of a foreign faith.

    According to Fox, though, that’s all the fault of video games.

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    Que tal chicos, ¡El año de vida del grupo se acerca! Y con el nuevo años vienen nuevas reglas para el grupo con el fin de dejarlo limpio y que Lord Dross apruebe mientras mira desde su alienware.
    Asi que las nuevas reglas serán:

    A menos que el montaje sea en verdad gracioso, que tenga un buen chiste…
    Ejemplo 1:…
    Ejemplo 2:…

    … se les agradecerá que no lo hagan. Es de mal gusto y además es una manera muy simplona de colaborar comparado con la gente que de verdad se sienta a dibujar algo.

    Lord Dross viene seguido a ver si puede encontrar algo de material para utilizar en las portadas de sus videos, esto requiere arte. Lord Dross no puede usar fotos cosplay como arte épico en sus videos. ¡Recuerden que la estética del mundo de Dross ha sido hecha por ustedes en su mayoría! El arte cosplay es bienvenido pero en formato de video. Fílmense en vez de tomar fotos y pongan sus videos como respuesta a lo que sube Dross.
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    Raffle to win a 3 month premium! -NO MORE ENTRIES-

    Journal Entry: Mon Jun 18, 2012, 1:04 PM




    (Updates will be located at the bottom)

    Want a chance to win a 3 month premium membership? Read on for details! (And read all of it please!)

    :star: All you have to do is a few simple things, and you will get a number. Then once the day for the raffle comes, I'll be using a random number generator: and whatever number it gets, the person with that number will win the membership! :star:

    What you have to do to be entered to win:

    :bulletgreen: Watch me. This is so when I post the journal announcing the winner, you'll be able to see it easily. If you like my art and want to continue watching me after the contest is over, that's great~ But I will not mind at all if you unwatch me~

    :bulletgreen: Post a journal telling about this raffle. When you do this, it will spread the word about the raffle, and more people can enter to have a chance to win. I can't hold a raffle with just a few people!

    And that's all you have to do! Now just link me to the journal telling about the raffle in the comments, and you'll get a number!

    Deadline (Changed): June 24th

    Good luck everyone! I hope this contest has a good turnout!

    (Also, you do not have to be a normal member to enter this contest. You may already have premium membership and may be just wishing to extend it~)

    Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask me! :iconbigheartplz:


    There will now be 2nd and 3rd prizes! The first number I generate obviously will win the 3 month premium membership, but now with the 2nd and 3rd number I generate you can win...

    2nd prize: 100 :points:
    3rd prize: 50 :points:


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    okay yeah.

    Journal Entry: Wed Nov 7, 2012, 12:09 AM
    • Mood: Content
    I'm not going to say another word of this after i say it so listen closely guys.
    I don't appreciate anyone getting into my personal business.
    at all. (besides my close family and friends)
    i love everyone of you guys, and a welcome the concern, but some of you guys are getting a little too close for comfort
    it's starting to creep me out close.

    i just spent a few moments kinda crying to my friend because im a pathetic sack of emotion who takes words to seriously, because of something that happened today. im not going to say what. because it's over and done with. after i make this journal.

    for those of you who are concerned about me, i am very happy with my life thank you, my parents love me, i have caring friends, im so happy with my art at the moment which is a huge change because i was unhappy with it way back when i was still on page 70 something i felt unoriginal and out of ideas but it all changed a couple of weeks ago when a huge wave of inspiration hit me and motivated me to start arting again...

    plus i got you guys, you guys with your tumblr messages and DA comments saying how much you like my art, do you know how much that means to me? and how fucking happy i am to have such awesome fans?my artwork is not enough to say thank you.  so i always try an make some sappy speech every now and then. xD heh/ you guys give me a reason to smile and illegitimately mean it.
    and i know you'll be there for me if i ask you to, so what's not to be happy about? :3c


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    We're going to use longtail to host the episodes on our site. Longtail is the same web-host that uses - it's a nice player that works across all platforms - smartphones and tablets included. So huzzah!

    We'll be getting the episodes up and nicely embedded on our website over the weekend and we'll upload redirects on youtube soon.

    For more information, read Greg's tumblr post:…


    Ok, as Greg pointed out below, I technically got the host wrong. WE are our host. The files are uploaded and streamed directly from our website. The Longtail player is simply the codec wee use to stream the content. So ya! That means WE control the content and can't have the videos taken down on a whim.

    To see the player yourself, you can watch episode 12 now on our site:…
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    Hey everyone,

    First off, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who made it out to my Artist Alley table at WonderCon in Southern California this past weekend. This was the first convention I'd been to in a long time where I was at my booth all by myself, so having people stop even just to say hello made the weekend amazing. I've only got two more conventions scheduled for this year, so if you're in the area, come say hello? I'll be in the Artist Alley at:

    FanimeCon in San Jose, CA : May 25-28, 2012

    Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA : June 29-July 2, 2012

    Also, I've said a few times that I've been working on a super exciting secret project, but it's finally almost ready to present to you guys. It's going to be something especially time sensitive, so check back here within the next two weeks to see what I've got planned. <3

    Lastly, I updated the shop at with a new limited edition print a few weeks ago, and more than half are already gone! I realized that I'd only updated on the Pon&Zi Facebook and Twitter pages, but not here, so I thought I'd include a link in this journal in case any of you would like to get hold of one before they're all gone. All the details can be found in the shop page by clicking the image below.

    Limited Edition Pon and Zi Print
    [Click the image to be taken to the shop!]
    • Listening to: Sin Fang
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