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Shades of Green

Chapter Fourteen- Conquest of The Leader

Part Five- Savage Monster, Noble Heart

Washington, D.C.

The Leader's Helicarrier

It is common knowledge to know that whenever two females would fight, it was sure to be very violent and graphic, especially if they already have a huge animosity towards one another. Well, this could never be more true than the brutal fight that was being waged between Shego and Red She-Hulk, the confrontation between the two female Hulks making the surrounding adamantium/titanium walls tremble from the sheer ferocity of their blows. One could almost sense the hatred that these two women shared for one another, as if the glares that they gave each other were not enough evidence of this very fact, and not to mention the sheer impact of their blows.

The two female titans lashed out at one another with a fury that could only come from pure rage and animosity, blocking and countering one anothers moves as they traveled the length of the steel flooring within the massive room. Shego attacked with a savage ferocity that would make the Hulk proud, her plasma encased fists managing to get a few good hits on her crimson skinned foe, who was surprisingly proving to be an even match for her. What Red She-Hulk lacked in plasma and extensive martial arts training, she made up for it by being extremely aggressive and surprisingly powerful and quick at the same time, her fighting skills almost matching Shego's own.

Shego had to give credit to Red She-Hulk, for the crimson female smasher's ferocity and brutality could make both Warmonga and Warhok look like kittens in comparrison! Never before had she faced such an opponent who held such deadly intent, for not even her most violent confrontations with Kim Possible could hold a candle to her conflict with Red She-Hulk. It would appear that, for one of the few times in her entire life, Shego was in a fight for her very life. She knew that if were to ever hope to overcome her equally dangerous and sadistic foe, Shego was going to have to give it her all like never before, for it was the only way that she could defeat Red She-Hulk.

She wasn't quite sure, but Shego could almost sense a savage hatred that Red She-Hulk harbored for her, though she really couldn't say why. It didn't matter, because unless she focused on the battle, she knew that Red She-Hulk could gain the upper hand and take her out, for the female scarlet smasher was more than capable of doing it! Shego blocked a punch and then countered with one of her own, which Red She-Hulk managed to block and counter with another quick uppercut, only to have Shego dodge the blow and deliver a powerful plasma encased uppercut the the crimson female! The force of the hit knocked Red She-Hulk off her feet, sending her crashing to the steel flooring, much to Shego's enjoyment.

I don't know who she is. And I don't care! Nobody sucker punches me into a wall! She picked the wrong person to mess with, because I am so not in the mood to take anything from anyone, least of all a red skinned gamma hussie! She wants to fight? Well, then I'm going to give her one she'll never forget! Shego thought, anger coursing through her veins as she narrowed her eyes upon her temporarily downed opponent.

"That's for the cheap shot you gave me earlier!", Shego sneered with an amused smirk.

Red She-Hulk slowly rose back up to her feet, wiping away traces of yellow blood from the corner of her mouth with her right hand, her glowing fiery eyes never leaving Shego's Hulked-Out form. She allowed a sick and twisted smile to come across her features, which caused Shego to shiver ever so slightly in a mixture of discomfort and utter disgust. There was just something about Red She-Hulk's attitude, the fiery look of hatred in her eyes, and her overall appearance and presence that just made Shego's skin crawl.

"Nice shot. You're a fighter, just like I was hoping you would be.", Red She-Hulk remarked, her twisted smile remaing on her features.

"Who are you?", Shego demanded, keeping her fists encased in plasma.

"Wouldn't you like to know?", Red She-Hulk retorted.

"No, I just want to know your name so I can have it engraved on your tombstone!", Shego sneered, allowing a confident smirk to grace her features.

"So, you're the Hulk's new love?", Red She-Hulk questioned, though it sounded more like a statement rather than a question, thus receiving a glare from Shego.

"None of your business!", Shego answered in a venomous tone of voice. Shego didn't know what Red She-Hulk was getting at with her question, but one thing was certain and it was that she didn't like it one bit.

There's something about Red She-Hulk, a feeling that Shego could sense about her, that really wasn't good. She wasn't sure, but Shego could sense that whatever it is, it involved her beloved Green Goliath. She was also certain that it wasn't something good, because judging by the murderous look in Red She-Hulk's eyes, she could sense a deep animosity towards the Hulk.

"Ooh, feisty, aren't we? I used to love him as well. Until I finally figured out that he was nothing more than a monster!", Red She-Hulk remarked, her voice completely emotionless.

"He's not a monster! Unlike you!", Shego challenged, defending her beloved Green Goliath's honor.

Red She-Hulk took a few sauntering steps closer to Shego, her fiery eyes never breaking contact from Shego's own emerald green hued eyes. She let out a few shallow chuckles escape her lips, even as a sinister and twisted smile crossed her features, which only seemed to sicken Shego even more as a savage anger coursed through her veins. She would love nothing more than wiping that sick smile off Red She-Hulk's face, or better yet, ripping her twisted face off completely!

"You actually care for him? You have feelings for the monster, Shego?", Red She-Hulk asked in a mocking tone.

"He's not a monster! Hulk's done more for me than anyone else has ever done for me in my entire life, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let you, or anyone for that matter, call him something that he's not!", Shego shouted at the top her lungs, feeling the intense rage that coursed through her entire body.

"You love him, don't you? Then tell me, how does it make you feel to know that I had him before you, Shego?", Red She-Hulk asked, her tone of voice as sinister and mocking as the twisted smile that graced her features.

That was the final straw that broke the camel's back, for Shego couldn't take any more of Red She-Hulk's taunting. She was going to beat the female crimson smasher within an inch of her life, because nobody talked about the Hulk like that, and she wasn't about to let Red She-Hulk, whoever she really is, get away with such remarks! She knew that she had to defend not only Hulk's honor, but she also had to defend her love for the Green Goliath, because she knew that he would do the same for her.

"Liar!", Shego screamed as she launched herself at Red She-Hulk, tackling the female scarlet smasher to the steel flooring.

Red She-Hulk placed both of her feet against Shego's abdomen, kicking out with all of her might, sending Shego soaring through the air. Both of the two She-Hulks quickly got to their feet, each of them getting into a fighting stance of their own, their eyes focused on one another as they awaited for the next move to be made. Not surprisingly, it was Shego who attacked first, lashing out with a barrage of punches and kicks.

Red She-Hulk managed to block or dodge most of them, except a few punches that caused her to stagger backwards from their sheer impact against her body. All the while, Red She-Hulk kept that twisted and mocking smirk on her face, which only seemed to enrage Shego even more as she continued attacking the female crimson smasher. Little did Shego know that that was exactly what Red She-Hulk wanted, for she knew that if Shego became to enraged that she would become sloppy, thus leaving her open and vulnerable to attack!

"Don't like the truth, do you, Shego? It hurts, doesn't it? It hurts to know that he loved me long before he even met you!", Red She-Hulk taunted, blocking and countering a few of Shego's blows.

"Shut up!", Shego snarled in primal rage and hatred.

Shego lashed out, her plasma encased hands slashing at Red She-Hulk, who barely managed to dodge the quick and violent strikes. Seeing that she had an opening, Red She-Hulk smashed her knee into Shego's abdomen, causing her to double over in pain. Taking the initiative, Red She-Hulk a vicious right cross to Shego's face, shortly following up with another barrage of blows that sends Shego crashing to the steel flooring.

Not allowing Shego a chance to gather her strength or time to recover and fight back, Red She-Hulk delivers a powerful karate kick to her abdomen before delivering another brutal right cross to Shego's face, once again sending Shego smashing to the steel flooring once again. Red She-Hulk wasn't done with punishing Shego yet, not by a long shot, for proceeded to grasp Shego's throat and lift her high into the air before smashing her down to the steel flooring, the brutal impact even making The Leader cringe ever so slightly as he sat in his throne. Despite the pain coursing through her Hulked-Out body and the blood that she tasted in her mouth, Shego got back up to her feet, her eyes glaring defiantly at Red She-Hulk, who merely smiled a sick and twisted smile.

"What's the matter, Shego? Did I strike a nerve?", Red She-Hulk asked mockingly.

"I'm gonna rip your face off!", Shego screamed, lunging at Red She-Hulk who delivered another powerful punch to Shego's sternum.

"Good luck with that.", Red She-Hulk quipped, only to recieve a plasma encased fist to her face.

The battle between Shego and Red She-Hulk continued, each of the two female titans bashing each of with a flurry of kicks and punches, neither one seemingly gaining an advantage or willing to give up! Eventually, Red She-Hulk and Shego locked hands, each of them pushing against one another as they tested their strength, which proved once again that the two female Hulks were an even match for one another. However, it would not last, because Red She-Hulk knew that Shego was becoming more angry and enraged, but this fury that Shego possessed was unfocused and unstable, which meant that Red She-Hulk could use it to her advantage.

"You're a very good fighter, Shego. Still, you're not in my league! It doesn't matter, because once I'm done with you, I'll personally take care of the Hulk... permanently!", Red She-Hulk taunted.

"You leave him alone, you psychotic witch!", Shego hissed in response, releasing her grip from Red She-Hulk's own to deliver a strong punch to the female crimson smasher in the face.

"Oh, I'll leave him alone... once he's dead!", Red She-Hulk hissed, striking at Shego with a renewed ferocity that seemed greater than it was previously.

Red She-Hulk strategy was working, for Shego's unstable and unfocused rage was making her fighting skills less effective, allowing Red She-Hulk to lash out with a brutal barrage of blows. Without any remorse, Red She-Hulk smashed her fists against Shego's body, the immense force cracking bone and drawing blood from the pale green skinned female titan. Shego let out a shrill cry of pain as Red She-Hulk struck her sternum with a vicious kick, causing her to drop to her knees, her eyes looking up into the face of her crimson skinned attacker.

The brutal beating did not end there, as Red She-Hulk continued to batter Shego's body and face with violent punches and kicks, not relenting in the very least. Again and again, Red She-Hulk bashed her fists against Shego's form, not stopping until Shego's Hulked-Out form lay sprawled flat on her stomach, blood seeping out of the many gashes and cuts that were inflicted upon her boy by the deadly scarlet femme fatale. Defiantly, Shego slowly rises up to her hands and knees, tilting her head up to glare at Red She-Hulk, unwilling to admit defeat to this sadistic female monster.

"Hmph! You just don't know when to give up, do you, Shego?", Red She-Hulk questioned with a sneer, narrowing her fiery eyes upon her foe.

Shego didn't answer, instead choosing to spit a mixture of saliva and blood directly upon Red She-Hulk's black combat boots, enraging the red skinned female titan and causing her to quickly deliver a powerful kick to Shego's ribcage, the force sending her rolling across the steel flooring. Red She-Hulk didn't stop there, for she wanted to make Shego suffer, to totally and utterly break her both in body and spirit! Lifting Shego off the steel flooring, Red She-Hulk proceeded to repeatedly slam Shego's body down against the steel again and again, the sickening impact making the very floors and adamantium/titanium walls quake and tremble from the brutal ferocity!

Slamming Shego's body against the steel flooring one last time, Red She-Hulk temporarily ceased in the brutal beating, her fiery eyes remaining on Shego's battered form. Yet to her surprise, Shego somehow once again managed to get back up to her hands and knees, causing Red She-Hulk to let out an enraged snarl of pure frustration and savage rage! Lifting Shego once again, Red She-Hulk began swinging her in a wide arch, releasing her grip as Shego went soaring through the air. Shego's Hulked-Out body smashed violently against the far off adamantium/titanium wall, her impact actually making a almost unnoticeable mark in the virtually indestructible steel.

"Stop fooling around and finish her!", The Leader shouted in order to Red She-Hulk, who merely glared at the gamma madman for a brief moment.

"Stay out of this, Sterns! This is between me, Shego, and the Hulk! I only agreed to work with you if I could take care of her and the Hulk personally!", Red She-Hulk snarled in response to The Leader's order.

It was then that Red She-Hulk returned her attention back to Shego as she began walking towards the Hulked-Out form of Shego, her pace slow and menacing, much like a deadly predator stalking its prey. Shego tried to rise back up, despite the intense pain that her Hulked-Out body was experiencing, seemingly unaware of Red She-Hulk's approach. Red She-Hulk stopped right in front of Shego, looming over her as her fiery eyes glared down upon the one being she hated almost as much as she despised the Hulk.

Indeed, there was a very interesting past that was shared between Hulk and Red She-Hulk, one which seemed to cause the female scarlet hued She-Hulk to develop a deep seated hatred and loathing of the Green Goliath. It was her hatred for the Hulk that made her make the decision that ultimately transformed her into Red She-Hulk, for it was the only way she would be able to have enough power to actually combat the savage Jade Giant, swearing to take out anyone that was close to Hulk's heart.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to finish you off just yet, Shego. No, that would take out all the fun that I've got planned. Especially what I intend to do to both you and the Hulk! So, for right now, I think I'll just break every bone in your body!", Red She-Hulk remarked in a sadistic tone of voice, taking a sick and twisted pleasure out of punishing Shego.

"You can do whatever you want with me... but you leave Hulk alone!", Shego warned, a powerful determination in her voice.

"No, it's not you I want! True, I want you to suffer, but he's the one I want to see dead!", Red She-Hulk snarled venomously, delivering a brutal right cross to Shego's face.

"I'm going to allow you to live long enough to watch as I kill the Hulk right in front of your eyes! How does that make you feel, Shego? To know that I'm going to take away the one thing, the one person that you love more than anyone or anything in the entire universe? To watch him die, knowing that you not only failed to save him, but that you also failed to save yourself?", Red She-Hulk taunted in sadistic joy.

Upon hearing these words from her crimson tormentor, a single tear fell from Shego's right eye, dropping to the steel flooring without making even the slightest sound. She felt a dreadful fear enter her heart, a deep concern for the Green Goliath that she loved, but she felt something else too, something that was overcoming her fear. She felt a burning and righteous rage course through her body, giving her unimaginable determination and immeasurable strength that allows her to stand back up on her feet, her emerald green eyes glowing with fiery power which has never before been seen or unleashed!

Shego wasn't going to fail the Avengers, she wasn't going allow The Leader to conquer the world, and she wasn't going to allow psychotic Red She-Hulk to kill the Hulk! For the first time in her entire life, Shego knew that she had something that was worth fighting for, and she wasn't going allow anyone or anything to take that away from her! She stood tall and proud, her blazing emerald green eyes glaring at Red She-Hulk, who looked upon her with a look that was both amused and mocking.

"You're not hurting Hulk or anyone, monster!", Shego challenged, clenching her hands into fists.

"What are you going to do? Oh, I know. Nothing!", Red She-Hulk screamed as she lunged at Shego.

Faster than the eye could comprehend, Shego lashed out with a powerful kick to Red She-Hulk's chest, the immense force sending her soaring through the air. Crashing to the steel flooring, Red She-Hulk quickly rose back up to her feet, baring her teeth in a snarl as she focused her eyes on Shego. She was surprised by Shego's unexpected kick, the incredible force of the blow causing her intense pain along her sternum, but she wasn't about to let her enemy gain the upper hand in this conflict! Red She-Hulk was determined to make sure that Shego would suffer, even if she had use ever last fiber of strength in her body!

"I'm gonna break every bone in your wretched body!", Red She-Hulk snarled, running full speed at Shego, who stood her ground.

As soon as she was close enough, Red She-Hulk put all of her fury and strength into one single hit, her right fist lunging directly towards Shego's face. However, before the fist could make contact, Shego's left hand caught Red She-Hulk's fist, stopping its descent much to Red She-Hulk's complete shock. Red She-Hulk tried with all of her might to break away from Shego's grip, but not even her immense She-Hulk strength could allow herself to break free from Shego's vice-like grip, her frustration evident as she let out an enraged growl escape her throat. Red She-Hulk watched as Shego's entire body became encased in supernova charged emerald green plasma, the intense flames scortching and melting the steel flooring beneath their feet, but also burning Red She-Hulk's very flesh which caused her to hiss in pain. It was then that Red She-Hulk noticed that Shego's eyes were glowing bright green, her face remaining emotionless as the destructive supernova plasma energies consumed them both, as if she didn't care if she turned her enemy to ash!

"I don't know who you are, and I don't care, because nobody is going to hurt the man I love! And to answer your question that you asked me earlier... you're making me angry... and when I get angry... SHEGO SMASH!", Shego shouted, striking Red She-Hulk with a powerful plasma encased right fist.

Red She-Hulk smashes against one of the adamantium/titanium walls, but she manages to quickly recover, only to have Shego lash out with a ferocity that has never before been unleashed! With her anger and rage now focused, Shego began to attack Red She-Hulk, not relenting as her supernova plasma encased fists smashed into the crimson female titan's flesh, cracking bone and drawing yellow blood. Shego did not relent, lunging forth and delivering a brutal left handed blow to Red She-Hulk's abdomen before slashing her face, leaving five long gashes across Red She-Hulk's face as yellow blood oozed out of the wounds and fell to the steel flooring.

Without so much as a second thought, Shego slashed her supernova plasma encased hand across Red She-Hulk's back, leaving five massive wounds that seeped the golden-yellow fluid that is her own blood. Shego didn't stop there, executing a devastating supernova charged plasma kick to Red She-Hulk's ribs before delivering another powerful kick to the female scarlet smasher's face, a sickening sound of bones cracking and/or breaking from the sheer impact of the blows. Never before had Red She-Hulk experienced such pain, for the supernova plasma burnt her flesh, while Shego's blows smashed into her body with an impact that could shatter bone!

"This is for threatening my friends!", Shego hissed, delivering a brutal right cross to Shego's face.

"This is for threatening me!", Shego continued, driving several supernova charged plasma encased fists into Red She-Hulk's ribs and abdomen, causing the female crimson skinned titan to double over in pain.

Again and again, Shego kept driving her fists into Red She-Hulk's face and abdomen, while throwing in a thunderous plasma charged kick or two in for good measure! Shego had no intentions of stopping, for she wanted to make sure that Red She-Hulk would suffer for threatening not only her life, but the life of the Green Goliath that she loved so dearly! Delivering another powerful supernova plasma charged kick to Red She-Hulk, the immense force sending her smashing against the adamantium/titanium walls once again, but this time the sadistic red skinned female barely managed to rise back up to her feet.

Red She-Hulk clutched at her ribs, her grievous wounds all leaking golden-yellow blood which continued to fall to the steel flooring, yet her fiery eyes remaining defiant as she glared at Shego who approached menacingly. Lunging forward, Red She-Hulk attempted to tackle Shego to the ground and strangle the life out of her, only to be easily overpowered and slammed violently through the steel flooring by Shego. Once again, Red She-Hulk somehow managed to rise back up to her feet, seemingly unwilling to admit defeat to Shego, who glared coldly at the psychotic female scarlet smasher.

"You think you've won, Shego? You can beat me to I'm a bloody pulp, but it doesn't matter. You know why? Because I will never stop until I kill the Hulk! And I'm going to do it right in front of your eyes, so that you can have the pleasure of watching him die!", Red She-Hulk hissed, her tone as sadistic as the twisted smile that was on her face.

"You're never going to hurt him, monster! Not as long as I live!", Shego responded, the supernova plasma that encased her body becoming more radiant and powerful.

"This is for Hulk!", Shego shouted, fulling unleashing the supernova plasma that encased her entire body before rushing forward with both of her fists locked and combined together to deliver her most powerful blow!

The immense force of Shego's powerful strike, combined with her fully unleashed supernova charged plasma, sends Red She-Hulk smashing through everything in her path until she finally comes to a smashing halt against the massive adamantium/titanium steel doors. Before Red She-Hulk could even begin to sit up, Shego was upon her, smashing her supernova charged plasma encased fists into her body. Never before had Shego felt so much rage and power, the incredible rush of power and adrenaline that coursed through her veins, an almost uncontrollable drive to smash and bash anything or anyone that she felt was a threat to her or the Hulk.

Finally managing to get a control over her anger, Shego stopped her ruthless pounding on Red She-Hulk's form, rising back to her feet and taking a few steps back to look at what she had done. Red She-Hulk lay in a small pool of golden-yellow blood, her face bashed in and her body covered in large slash wounds from Shego's assault, while most of her ribs appeared broken to the point where the bone ruptured through her very flesh! Shego knew that she was still alive, but she also knew that it would take some time for Red She-Hulk's healing factor to heal the damage that she inflicted upon the female scarlet smasher. Shego couldn't deny that there was a part of her that wanted to kill Red She-Hulk, to beat her to death with her bare hands, but she knew that she could never cross that line, even with an enemy that she hated unlike she hated anyone else.

Turning her attention back towards The Leader, who was seated in his throne, an almost emotionless scowl on his features, as he watched Shego loom over the body of his female bodyguard. Right now, Shego wanted nothing more than to rip him apart with her bare hands! It was because of The Leader that her friends were in danger, that her beloved Green Goliath was now fighting to save the world, and why she came into contact with the sadistic woman-monster that is Red She-Hulk! One way or another, Shego was going to make The Leader pay for what evil and destruction that he had unleashed upon the world!

"Impressive. Such a shame that you didn't take my offer, for you must realize that you cannot win this war, Ms. Go. All across the planet, even as we speak, the Hulked-Out monsters that were once humanity are now destroying everything in their paths! Once this world is reduced to nothing more than a wasteland, I will rebuild the world in my own image, paving a way for me to rule all of humanity as their Leader!", The Leader exclaimed, his eyes glaring at Shego as he rested in his throne.

"Not if I rip you and your machine apart first!", Shego responded, leaping at the controls that were seated in front of The Leader's throne.

It was then that something happened, something that Shego never seen coming as her blazing supernova charged plasma form smashed against a barrier, which instantly sent Shego soaring back from the devastating impact! Landing back on her feet, Shego let a savage snarl escape her throat as she blasted the force-field with powerful bolts of supernova plasma energy, which smashed against the barrier which also proved to be unsuccessful in breaching it. Leaping forward once again, Shego smashed her plasma encased fists against the force-field, but once again this tactic proved ineffective in breaking the barrier.

"Did you really think that I wouldn't be prepared? You're wasteing your time, Ms. Go. This forcefield is something I designed with Kang's futuristic technology. Not even the Hulk himself could shatter this forcefield, so what possible chance do you have?", The Leader informed, his tone as arrogant as the smirk that graced his features.

"It doesn't matter! I won't give up! Especially not to you, Leader!", Shego shouted in defiance, continuing to strike at the barrier with all of her strength.

"You don't get it, do you, my dear? I have won! You have lost! Nothing can stop me!", The Leader shouted, rising out of his throne and raising his fists high into the air.

It was then that a fearsome and powerful roar erupted from within the Helicarrier, as if to challenge The Leader and his sinister plans for world conquest. It was then that an eerie silence filled the massive room, neither Shego or The Leader making so much as a sound, as if waiting for some great force to reveal itself. Another savage roar bellowed forth, this time it was much closer, and it was then that Shego allowed a very confident smirk to grace her features. She could recognize that thunderous roar anywhere, for it could only belong to the Hulk, which meant that her beloved Green Goliath was coming to her rescue! It was only a matter of mere moments until Hulk would smash through those doors, obliterate The Leader's force-field, and save the world from the gamma madman's sinister plans for planetary conquest.

"Looks like Hulk is on his way. So much for bragging about nobody could stop you. Any last words, Leader?", Shego sneered, gazing up at The Leader, who seemed slightly unsettled by hearing his arch-nemesis roar of primal fury.

"You seem to forget, Ms. Go. Those doors are composed of both adamantium and titanium, which are over a foot thick, meaning that no being can possibly break through!", The Leader responded, his tone of voice remaining emotionless.

Before another word could be said, a thunderous impact of fists on the two massive titanium/adamantium shook the very walls of the gigantic room, shortly followed by a savage roar that made the steel flooring of the Helicarrier tremble! Smashing his fists against the massive doors, Hulk unleashed another savage roar of primal rage, the devastating force of his blows leaving massive dents in the adamantium/titanium doors. The Leader couldn't believe what he was actually witnessing, his inhumanly large and super intelligent mind unable to accept what was happening right before his very eyes.

Impossible! Nothing... no creature or being is that powerful! It just can't be possible! The Leader's mind screamed, watching as Hulk continued to smash his fists against the massive doors, leaving huge dents in the supposedly indestructible steel.

The hinges of the doors began to give way from the devastating impact of Hulk's blows, even as he still managed to dent the steel doors with each powerful strike, the indestructible steel held strong and refused to be shattered or ripped. Finally, after continuously bashing the composed adamantium/titanium steel doors, all it takes is another thunderous blow for the Hulk to bust down the massive doors, completely ripping them off the hinges as they immediately crashed to the steel flooring. Standing in the entrance, Hulk's face was a mask of anger and rage, his massive fists clenched tight as his eyes scanned the surroundings. His eyes immediately came into contact with Shego, who allowed a warm and affectionate smile to grace her features, which Hulk briefly returned with one of his own before returning his attention back towards The Leader.

"Give him one for me, Hulk.", Shego encouraged with a smirk.

"HULK SMASH!", Hulk roared as he leaped at The Leader and the controls.

Hulk smashed his massive fists against the force-field, the sheer impact making the barrier based on Kang's futuristic technology quake like the Helicarrier itself. Again and again, Hulk fists bashed against the force-field, each strike more powerful and more violent than the last one. Shego could only watch on, seemingly in awe and yet also feeling a hint of fear at Hulk's immense power, for she couldn't recall a moment that he was so angry and aggressive. Shego was disturbed from her musings by the sound of savage roars, causing her to turn and see that all of the Hulked-Out Avengers and the Hulked-Out Masters of Evil were making their way towards the entrance. Most of them looked really battered and beaten, most likely at the hands of the Hulk, who must have defeated them before coming to Shego's rescue a few moments earlier.

"Don't you guys ever stay down?", Shego asked sarcastically, only to get several roars in response.

"Okay... I guess not.", Shego muttered to herself, getting into a fighting position. Hulk continued to bash against the force-field, his eyes almost glowing as he refused to relent in attempting to shatter the barrier.

The Hulked-Out Avengers and the Hulked-Out Masters of Evil approached, with the Hulked-Out Avengers approaching from the right, while the Hulked-Out Masters of Evil approached from the left. Much to Shego's surprise, none of them attacked, as if waiting for some sort of signal. However, their attention, as well of that of Shego's own soon turned to the Hulk, watching as he violently strikes against the supposedly unbreakable forcefield. Shego couldn't be sure, but she couldn't help but wonder if it was the Hulk's presence that kept the Hulked-Out Avengers and the Hulked-Out Masters of Evil in line.

Even as the energies of the force-field tried to repel him, Hulk never ceased in smashing his fists against the barrier that separated himself from The Leader and the controls. Raising his fists high above his head, Hulk unleashed a primal roar of rage as he smashed down upon the force-field with all of his strength, managing not only to shatter the force-field but also totally crush the controls. The Leader let out a scream of pure horror as the Hulk shattered through a barrier that could easily shrug off the most powerful nuclear explosions, his eyes widening in fear as he watched as Hulk continued to smash his controls, thus somehow causing the controls to begin to reverse the world-wide transformation of humanity into Hulked-Out monstrosities.

The towering gamma/cosmic energy conductors activate within the room, a prelude of what is about to happen as satellites in space fire their beams down upon the planet. The waves of energy siphon and drain the gamma & cosmic energies from all of Hulked-Out beings, reverting them back to normal, their minds becoming somewhat clear of what just happened to them. The final continent left be cured of it's Hulked-Out population was North America, but soon that would change, for the satellites fired their energy draining beams down upon the continent. The energy is drained and absorbed from the Hulked-Out humans, transforming them back to their human forms, while the cosmic and gamma energies redirect themselves back to the satellites.

However, the energy is too much for the satellites, causing them to redirect the energy back to its source before the satellites exploded, unable to contain the immense amounts of energy. At that very moment, all of the satellites fired the combined gamma and cosmic energies back to the massive conductors aboard The Leader's Helicarrier before exploding into nothing more than space debris, littering the atmosphere with trace amounts of metal. The gamma and cosmic energies blast the towering conductors, which absorbed the energy that was redirected to them.

Unknown to them all that the destruction of the controls resulted in the Cosmic Cube discharging even more amounts of cosmic energy, even as the conductors began to overload with gamma energy, the two energies combining together and becoming one. This went unnoticed by Hulk, who turned his attention back to Shego, watching as she returned to her normal self once again. Walking towards Hulk uneasily, Shego nearly fell if not for Hulk quickly catching her in his arms, her head resting against his vast chest as he held her in a gentle embrace. Concern evident on his features, Hulk stared down into Shego's beautiful face, brushing aside a few strands of her raven locks with one of his index fingers just as her eyes slowly opened to gaze up at him.

"Shego?", Hulk asked softly, concern resonating from his voice.

"It's okay, Hulk. I'm fine.", Shego assured in response, a warm smile crossing her features as she gazed into Hulk's emerald green eyes.

It was at that very moment that Red She-Hulk finally regained consciousness, clearing her head before setting her fiery yellow eyes on a certain Green Goliath, feeling a deep hatred and violent rage course through her veins. This was the chance that she has been waiting for ever since her previous encounter with the Green Goliath. She wanted not only to fight the Hulk, but she wanted to make him suffer like she had suffered, and now she was finally given that chance to unleash her aggression upon the Jade Giant. She quickly got to her feet, cracking her neck as she clenched her hands into fists before unleashing a primal scream of pure rage and hatred, leaping to attack the Hulk while his back was turned.

However, Red She-Hulk's sneak attack did not go unnoticed by Shego, who alerted her beloved Green Goliath just in time for his massive right hand to catch Red She-Hulk by the throat and smash her against the steel wall. Keeping his grip on Red She-Hulk's throat, Hulk squeezed her tight enough to cause her to gasp for air before losening his grip so that he would strangle her, yet kept it tight enough so that she couldn't break free. Hulk leaned his face closer to Red She Hulk's own, his emerald green eyes glaring directly into Red She-Hulk's own fiery golden-yellow eyes, seemingly unaware of Shego's presence as she stood beside Hulk.

"We meet again, monster. What's the matter? Don't you recognize me?", Red She-Hulk hissed, baring her teeth in a sick twisted smile.

Hulk examined Red She-Hulk closer, but he couldn't recognize anything about her, nor could he ever remember meeting her before. Despite this, there was a small part of mind that told him that he knew her. Regardless, it was very apparent that he did not like Red She-Hulk, for there was just something sinister about her that made him instantly despise her.

"Be careful, Hulk. She's crazy! She had plans on killing you right in front of me!", Shego informed, narrowing her eyes as she glared at Red She-Hulk.

"It's true. I admit that I had full intentions of killing you and your little girlfriend here. You don't deserve happiness, Hulk! You're nothing but a monster! Everyone and everything you come into contact with suffers because of you, just like I have!", Red She-Hulk snarled, her voice seeping with rage.

"That's not true! Hulk isn't a monster! If anyone is the monster here, it's you and others like you who will stop at nothing to destroy what little happiness that we achieve!", Shego shouted, coming to the defense of the Green Goliath that she loved with every fiber of her being.

"You know what? I think I changed my mind. I might just kill you, Shego! That way, it will haunt you, Hulk! Allow you to live knowing that you couldn't save the one you loved!", Red She-Hulk laughed menacing, only to choke on her own laughter as Hulk tightened his grip around her throat, not caring if he broke her neck.

"Hulk doesn't know you... Hulk doesn't care... because Hulk doesn't like you!", Hulk snarled, throwing Red She-Hulk across the massive room, where she collided with the recovering Masters of Evil members Skurge the Executioner and Amora the Enchantress.

Hulk and Shego approached their fellow Avengers, helping their teammates rise up to their feet, most of them still uneasy from the reversal of the transformation process. After a few moments, most of the Avengers recovered, standing back up on their feet as if nothing had happened. Still, they couldn't help but wonder what was the last thing that had happened to them before their horrific transformations into Hulked-Out Heroes began.

"I hate to admit it, but I kinda miss having Hulked-Out powers. I mean, lets face it. I make green look good, not that you don't, Hulk.", Shego remarked with a chuckle.

"It doesn't matter. I like you regardless if you're Hulked-Out or normal, Shego.", Hulk responded reassuringly, placing his massive right hand around her waist and pulling her close.

"Speak for yourself, Sheena. All I can remember is being really angry and growling a lot. I don't know about you, but I'm done with being turned into snarling monsters, thank you very much. I'm happy to just being back to normal again.", Wasp interjected cheerfully, glad to be finally back to her normal self once again.

It was then that a face-off began between the Avengers and the Masters of Evil, one that was sure to erupt in violence at any moment, especially concerning the hatred that Baron Zemo and Captain America shared for one another. However, fate had other intentions for the two rival teams as The Leader's controls sparked and exploded, causing all of the Avengers and the Masters of Evil to look in the direction of the controls which were situated right in front of the two towering conductors, coursing with gamma and cosmic energies.

Thinking fast, The Leader rushed forward and grabbed the Cosmic Cube, right before the remaining controls sparked and erupted in a small explosion. Holding the Cosmic Cube within his hands, The Leader glared at the Avengers and the Masters of Evil, cursing them all under his breath. Judging from the expression on The Leader's face, whatever was happening, it wasn't something good!

"You fools! You overloaded the conductors! There's enough gamma and cosmic energy to annihilate entire galaxies!", The Leader shouted, his tone of voice filled with rage and fear.

"And that means...", Shego said, getting an immediate response.

"The end of everything we know!", Hank Pym answered, holding Janet close to him.

"In other words, a really, really, really big boom.", Tony Stark added.

"Enchantress! Get us out of here! Now!", The Leader ordered in a tone that brooked no argument.

In a brilliant flash of yellow-green light, Amora activated her mystical powers, intent on transporting her allies to safety. In a flash of magical yellow-green energy, Enchantress teleports herself, The Leader, Red She-Hulk, Baron Zemo, Abomination, Skurge the Executioner, Wonder Man, Grim Reaper, and the Crimson Dynamo to safety in another realm. Alone in the Helicarrier, the Avengers, consisting of Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Shego, Wasp, Ant-Man/Giant-Man, and Iron Man to deal with the threat that could potentially destroy countless galaxies in a massive explosion! There wasn't much time left for the Avengers, but they all knew that they had to resort to every option that they could think of at this desperate time.

"Tony! What are our options?", Captain America demanded with authority.

"We need to find a way to contain the energy, but I don't think there's anything on the planet that can!", Tony responded, reading the cosmic and gamma energy readings as they skyrocketed to unimaginable heights.

"Ive got more bad news, Tony. That surge of gamma and cosmic energy that coursed through the entire Helicarrier? It fried the engine rooms, meaning we've got about ten minutes before this entire Helicarrier smashes into the Earth!", Hank Pym informed his fellow teammate.

"This is so not good!", Janet remarked, a hint of fear evident in her voice.

"Perhaps we could destroy the conductors?", Thor suggested, approaching the remaining controls where his fellow teammates stood.

"We can't risk it, Thor. Most likely it would set off the explosion and destroy not only our galaxy, but possibly countless others as well!", Tony Stark responded, a tone of uncertainty in his voice.

While all the other Avengers tried to find a solution to this deadly situation, Hulk and Shego could only look on, neither of them possessing or having the answers for this particular problem that they were faced with. It was true that Shego is a very intelligent woman, but she still wasn't able to even comprehend or think of any solution that could contain the limitless gamma and cosmic energies, and judging from the Hulk's expression, neither could the Green Goliath be of any help in this situation. However, just because Hulk didn't have a clue of how to save countless galaxies from total destruction, that doesn't mean that Bruce Banner didn't have a solution.

You can save the world, Hulk. You're the only being on the entire planet that can absorb all of this cosmic and gamma energy. You have to do it, Hulk! It's the only way you can save the Avengers... it's the only way you can save the the lives of trillions throughout the galaxies of the universe... it's the only way to save the woman you love! You have to save your friends... you have to save Shego, Hulk. Only you can save her life! Bruce Banner informed the Hulk through their subconscious link with one another.

Hulk glanced down at Shego, seeing the concern that was on her face, realizing that Banner was right for once. There wasn't any other way, for if the world and numerous galaxies were to survive, Hulk would have to make a sacrifice which could potentially kill him. Regardless, Hulk wasn't afraid of dying, for his main concern was the safety of his Avengers teammates and his beloved Shego. He loved Shego more than anyone or anything in the entire universe, and he knew that he would do anything to make sure that she would be safe, even if it meant that he would die in the process.

"I can stop it.", Hulk announced to his fellow teammates.

"What do you mean, Hulk?", Captain America questioned.

"I can absorb the energy and save us all.", Hulk stated once again.

"Wait a minute! Even if you can and do succeed in absorbing all the gamma & cosmic energy, there's a good chance that it'll kill you, Hulk.", Hank Pym informed with a grimace.

"There's no other way.", Hulk responded, beginning to walk towards the massive towering conductors.

"Hulk! You can't! There has to be another way!", Janet pleaded, feeling tears brimming in her dark blue hued eyes.

"There isn't any, Janet.", Hulk responded, continuing to walk towards the towering gamma & cosmic energy conductors.

Before Hulk could proceed any further, he was stopped dead in his tracks by none other than Shego, who's face was etched in both determination and concern. Despite the seriousness of this situation, Shego had no intentions of allowing Hulk to sacrifice himself, for she knew that she couldn't live without him. She loved him more than anything in the entire universe, and if Hulk would perish, she knew that she would never love anyone or anything ever again. There just had to be another way, something that could prevent Hulk from sacrificing himself to save not only the planet and everyone on it, but also the many galaxies that would be destroyed as well.

"You can't do this, Hulk!", Shego protested, standing her ground against the Green Goliath.

"I have to do this, Shego. Now get out of my way.", Hulk responded, trying to walk around Shego only for her to block his path once again.

"No! I won't let you!", Shego screamed, igniting her hands in emerald plasma as tears began brimming in her eyes.

"Shego, stop!", Hulk ordered, glaring at Shego as she refused to budge.

"No! I don't want lose you, Hulk!", Shego sobbed, smashing her plasma encased right fist into Hulk's abdomen before continuing to rain more blows against Hulk's chest, the strikes not even phasing the Jade Giant.

Quickly grasping Shego's plasma encased hands with his own massive hands, Hulk looked deeply into Shego's emerald green eyes, noticing the tears that began to stream down her pale cheeks. Hulk knew that Shego wasn't going to allow him to go through with this, for he knew all too well that Shego would do anything and everything in her power to make sure that he wouldn't sacrifice his own life, even if it would not only save her and the entire planet. If anything, it proved just how much she loved him, for she would be more than willing to sacrifice herself to save him if the situation would demand it. Despite this, Hulk knew that only he was capable of absorbing this much cosmic and gamma energy, meaning that this was a task that only he could accomplish, for Hulk was determined to make sure that his beloved Shego and his Avengers teammates would live to see another day.

"Shego, please. I'm the only one who can do this. If anyone has to die, so that you and the others can live, it's gonna be me.", Hulk exclaimed, releasing Shego's hands from his grasp before walking past her and towards the conductors, even as Shego turned to watch him.

"Why? Why are you risking your life? Why are you doing this? Why, Hulk? Why?", Shego asked, suppressing a sob that she could feel coming, tears slowly falling from her emerald green eyes and streaming down her pale cheeks.

Once again, Hulk stopped dead in his tracks before turning and slowly walking back to Shego, stopping directly in front of her. Taking his thumb and wiping away her tears, Hulk looked deeply into her eyes, not breaking eye contact with her as he began to lean his head down closer to her own. It was then that Hulk gently captured Shego's lips with his own in a tender, yet lovingly affectionate kiss, the incredible sensations causing Shego's heart to soar. This was the first time that Hulk had ever initiated in a kiss that was shared with Shego, which made it all the more precious to her, because she felt all of his love and affections for her in just this one simple kiss. Breaking the kiss, Hulk gazed affectionately into Shego's eyes, noticing the love within her awestruck expression that graced her visage.

"Because I love you, Shego.", Hulk answered, confessing his love for her as a single tear fell from his right eye and streamed down his cheek.

Turning away from Shego, Hulk proceeded to walk up to the towering gamma & cosmic energy conductors, placing his right hand on the conductor on the left while placing his left hand on the right conductor. Upon placing his hands on the two energy conduits, Hulk began absorbing the combined gamma and cosmic energies, which was quite a painful process as Hulk unleashed a savage roar of pain and rage! The Avengers watched on for a few moments before realizing that they had to leave, for the Helicarrier would soon crash to the earth far below, which was sure to result in an explosion of nuclear proportions. However, Shego still wasn't about to give up and leave Hulk to die alone, which was the problem that the Avengers were now faced with.

"Sheena! We have to go!", Janet pleaded, grasping her friend by the arm as she attempted to pull her out of the room.

"No! I can't leave him! I just can't!", Shego cried, fighting against Janet's grasp.

"Janet! Get Shego out of here! Now!", Hulk roared, continuing to absorb the gamma and cosmic energies.

"Sorry about this, Sheena.", Janet whispered, raising her right hand and firing a blast of bio-electric energy into the back of Shego's head with enough force to temporarily paralyze her, yet still keeping her conscious.

Shego would have fell to the steel flooring if not for Janet, who catches Shego in her arms, breaking her fall in the process. Janet tries to carry Shego, but finds that she doesn't have the strength to do it, which isn't a surprise considering what she has been through. Lucky for Janet that she has other teammates who are more than capable of helping her out this time.

"Thor, can you carry her?", Wasp asked, temporarily holding Shego's form in her arms.

"Aye. I shall carry her, Janet.", Thor answered, taking Shego from Wasp's arms and throwing her body over his left shoulder.

"Okay, team. Let's move!", Captain America ordered, leading his fellow Avengers out of the massive room.

Despite her temporarily paralyzed form, Shego had enough strength in her to lift her head and gaze off towards the Hulk, who was still absorbing the gamma and cosmic energies from the towering energy conduits. It was then that she knew she had failed to protect Hulk, to prevent him from making the ultimate sacrifice. She could feel her heart begin to ache with incredible pain, tears slowly streaming down her pale cheeks as she tried to reach out to him, wishing that she could save her beloved Green Goliath from his fate.

"Hulk...", Shego cried weakly, reaching her right hand out.

The Avengers raced through the Helicarrier, hoping to reach the Quinjet, for they all knew that they had very little time left before the gigantic Helicarrier would crash into the earth. Reaching the Quinjet, the Avengers quickly boarded their flying transport, with Hank Pym and Tony Stark taking the controls. In seconds, the Quinjet took to the air, soaring off into the distance. Shego began to recover from being temporarily paralyzed by the blast to the back of the head from Wasp, rising to her feet to look out one of the window.

Aboard the Helicarrier, Hulk's body began to glow with energy, absorbing the vast amounts of cosmic & gamma energies. Hulk's eyes snapped opened, revealing that his eyes were now a bright glowing green in color, releasing a savage roar as an indescribible pain and incredible pain coursed through his entire body! It was then that the Helicarrier began to quickly plummet to the earth below, smashing into the earth with an impact equal to that of the most powerful nuclear explosions ever to be tested, instantly annihilating everything in a massive explosion!

To Be Continued...
Yep, I'm leaving this chapter off on a cliffhanger, if only because it just seems right.

Now, I don't know about you, but I honestly feel that Red She-Hulk/Betty Ross Banner would and should be an antagonist to the Hulk. Ever since she came along in the comics, I always felt that she was better off as a villain, because I believe that it makes her more interesting for a number of reasons. I mean, besides her connection to Hulk/Bruce Banner, she's got a very sick and twisted attitude. Not to mention the fact that she is very violent and sadistic, which you can really see in this chapter. I hope I portrayed her character like it is in the comics, which I think I have succeeded in doing so.

In all honesty, I really enjoyed writing this chapter, because it mostly focused on Shego, rather than focusing on both Shego and the Hulk, like in previous chapters. I especially enjoyed writing the touching scene between Hulk and Shego near the end of this chapter, where Hulk initiates in kissing Shego and finally admitting his feelings for her. What can I say? I'm a romantic at heart.

Just to inform you all, Hulk is quite capable of damaging adamantium, for I've got plenty of comics to prove it. Hulk is one of the few beings that has dented, cracked, or splintered adamantium with his bare hands. He's even shattered armor that was designed by Celestials, who's armor/metals are considered indestructible! Yep, it's a fact that Hulk is indeed the Strongest One There Is!

Hulk (C) Marvel

Shego (C) Disney

Preview Image By- Marko Djurdjevic

Check out the updated and lengthened version of this chapter right here: [link]
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I've been abused. I got better.
#SixWordStories' Self-Portrait Mini-Contest
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No matter how much we cling to each other,
in the end, we're all alone;
but till then,
hold me a bit tighter,
embrace me a bit closer,
and kiss me as if it's our last,
before the end of Heaven
EDIT: I really hated the title so I changed it :) as for the poem it self, I really reconnected with it :)
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A horrible scream echoed through a forest. Crows, ravens, sparrows and hawks took flight at the earth shattering sound.
Just then, something sprang from the tree tops, then took flight; it looked like a human, a human with wings, two more followed.
It was Angels.
Her black hair whipped behind her face at the sheer force of the wind, her gray eyes were wet with tears. "How could they do this...? How...?" She whispered to herself between sobs. Just then, she felt her wings fall, unable to fly, she fell. Hard. And ending up hanging by her long white skirt in a tree.
Now she was panting, her eyes were wide with fear, yet were still wet with tears. Two figures approached her, both holding strange blades that glowed with a luminous fiery red, yet with a deep crystal blue inside the flame.
She screamed one last time before being dragged away to her fate.
A part of Kriz's story, just popped into my head, so I decided to write a prelude before I forgot. XDD
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All that autumn her ghost haunted the playground;
no wisping phantom, but strident bits and pieces
clamoring for attention - a pair of black patent
leather shoes waiting expectantly by the teeter-totter.
And Sister Teresa had to pry red woolen mittens
off the jungle gym every morning.

Jimmy Boyle kept seeing her sweater at the swings,
its green wooly arms daring him to go higher
and trying to tag him "it".
And her best friend, Jenny Black
could see the flash of her pigtails
throwing copper across the kickball field
where recess waited to swallow them.

The toys vanished from the sandbox every evening
leaving nothing but a soft trail of disappointment
in their wake -
their accusations of neglect
and longing crouched under the
maple trees, swarming with the bees.

But winter proved a discordant grave -
the protest of frozen ground
an errant melody in the schoolyard
and her shoes kept shrinking
and stumbled down the slide,
leaving a thick crust of frost
like somber tracks that said good-bye.
The image is by the very talented :iconblackcocktail:

Please view and fave the original here:
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Thrice ~ The Artist in the Ambulance






My world goes black before I feel an angel lift me up
and I open bloodshot eyes into fluorescent white
they flip the siren, hit the lights, close the doors and I am gone

Now I lay here owing my life to a stranger
and I realize that empty words are not enough
I'm left here with the question of just
what have I to show except the promises I never kept?
I lie here shaking on this bed, under the weight of my regrets

Look around and you'll see that at times it feels like no one really cares
it gets me down but I'm still gonna try to do what's right, I know that there's
a difference between sleight of hand, and giving everything you have
there's a line drawn in the sand, I'm working up the will to cross it and

I hope that I will never let you down
I know that this can be more than just flashing lights and sound

My world goes black before I feel an angel steal me from the
greedy jaws of death and chance, and pull me in with steady hands

They've given me a second chance, the artist in the ambulance
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Walked around
Thought yourself beautiful
They all stopped and stared
They all stopped and stared
Broke you down
Broke you apart
Stolen away
See how well you'll fare

Lying on the ground
Heart kicked around
Banished love unloved
Banished love unloved
You lost yourself
You lost your way
Found home shot to death
Build it again

So seduced into a way
You longed for the truth
Yet found they lied
Yet found they lied
Hide behind a smile
Fingers crossed so sly
Cradled in a cry
You hold your head high

On your lips
Lustful quips
For the better way
Wishing so well

Walk around
Know yourself beautiful
They all stop and stare
They all stop and stare
Aimlessly alive
Brokenly divine
You'll find your way
You'll find your way
Life, man, it's complicated.

Not a task, just something I wanted to put up here.
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Two Worlds

Chapter Two- Prehistoric Inhabitants

The Savage Land

The rising sun signaled the beginning of morning as the warm rays of light washed over everything that existed and resided within the Savage Land. All creatures, both great and small, awakened from their night of peaceful rest, once again eager to begin their day anew. It was also then that Skaar awakened from his slumber, his eyes quickly snapping open as he inhaled the fresh scent of morning, stretching briefly as he rose to his feet. He began scanning his surroundings until his eyes fell upon Shego's form, who was still resting in a peaceful sleep, barely making a sound as she inhaled and exhaled oxygen.

Resting on her side, Shego held the gigantic leaf that she used for a blanket tightly against her body, her appearance like that of an angel that fell from heaven. Skaar loomed over her, an annoyed growl escaping his throat as he kneeled down and briefly shook her shoulder with his right hand, attempting to awaken Shego from her sleep. But this tactic failed to awaken Shego, who remained peacefully asleep, mumbling something that Skaar didn't quite catch. His patience wearing thin, Skaar began to shake Shego more roughly, which once again failed to awaken the beautiful woman from her slumber.

"Five more minutes, Mom.", Shego mumbled in her sleep, brushing Skaar's hand from her shoulder as she turned to rest flat on her back.

Skaar let out a low, yet savage growl of frustration, clenching his hands into fists until he calmed his rage enough to attempt to awaken Shego once again. Several moments went by as Skaar thought of a way to wake Shego from her peaceful slumber, a sinister smirk slowly coming across his face as he came up with a very amusing idea, one that was sure to awaken Shego from her rest. Without even a second thought, Skaar scooped Shego's sleeping form up into his muscular arms before rising back up to his feet, leaning his head down close to her face to make sure that she wasn't about to wake up at a moments notice.

Much to his surprise, Shego's arms slowly wrapped around Skaar's neck, pulling with enough strength to cause Skaar's cheek to rest against her own. While it was apparent that Shego was still asleep, Skaar couldn't help but feel a little bit flustered by the attention he was receiving from the pale skinned beauty, a slight warmth radiating from his cheeks for reasons he couldn't understand. It was then that Skaar noticed the smile that graced Shego's sleeping features, much to his own confusion and equal curiosity.

"I love you, Mr. Cuddles.", Shego mumbled in her sleep as she snuggled close to Skaar's form, much to the Son of Hulk's chagrin.

"I hate you.", Skaar muttered, narrowing his eyes briefly as he looked at Shego's sleeping face.

It was then that Skaar began slowly walking towards his destination, making sure not to move too fast so as to not awaken Shego, because after being called "Mr. Cuddles", Skaar was in the mood for a little payback. It wasn't long before Skaar carried Shego to the place of his intended destination, which happened to be a stream that flowed through this section of the jungle, its depth no more than a foot. Just as Skaar was about to throw Shego into the stream, her sleeping form let out a low moan, which caused the Son of Hulk to stop dead in his tracks. Much to his surprise, Shego remained fast asleep as she cuddled closer to Skaar as her head rested against his vast muscular chest, releasing a sigh of pure bliss as she did so.

Glancing down towards Shego's face, Skaar couldn't help but feel hesitation for the actions that he was about to commit, for there was just something about Shego that caused these feelings to course through him. Why did he feel this way concerning her? What made her so different? Releasing a heavy sigh, Skaar continued to stare at Shego, marveling at her beauty as she slept so peacefully. Try as he might, Skaar couldn't shake these feelings nor the thoughts that entered his mind regarding Shego, who remained asleep in his arms. Just when Skaar was about to change his mind about, Shego unwittingly chosen the wrong time to say something that she truly didn't mean to say, which instantly caused Skaar to reconsider his actions.

"Skaar isn't my friend. He's a monster, just like his father.", Shego mumbled, though she honestly didn't mean what she said, but it still incurred the Son of Hulk's wrath.

"That's it!", Skaar exclaimed in a low snarl.

Without a second thought, Skaar tossed Shego's sleeping form into the cool waters of the stream, instantly disturbing her from her peaceful rest. Shego let out a scream of primal rage as her eyes glared savagely at Skaar, who stood motionlessly before her on the dry grassy land as an amused smile briefly graced his features. With most of her jumpsuit and body completely soaked with water, Shego angerly stood back up to her feet, igniting her hands with her fiery green plasma as she proceeded to menacingly approach Skaar. The heat from her plasma was so intense that it quickly began to dry her soaked jumpsuit, but it did nothing to calm her rage, which could only be equaled by Skaar's own savage rage. Stepping out of the waters of the stream and onto the land, Shego stopped directly in front of Skaar, who wasn't intimidated by her in the very least as he stood his ground firmly.

"What was that for?", Shego demanded at the top of her lungs, her emerald green eyes glaring defiantly into Skaar's own.

"That was for calling me a monster.", Skaar answered, narrowing his eyes at the female mercenary.

"What?", Shego asked, taken aback by Skaar's accusation, her expression changing from one of anger to that of confusion.

"In your sleep... you said I was a monster, that I wasn't your friend.", Skaar explained, narrowing his eyes dangerously at the female mercenary that stood before him.

Shego couldn't help but feel struck by Skaar's accusation, his words striking at the very core of her being, a feeling of guilt and regret entering her heart for the first time in many long years. She never felt this way regarding another human being or any living thing, but for some strange reason, she felt these feelings of guilt and sorrow towards what she said about Skaar, even though that she knew that she didn't mean it. True, there was a part of her that still wanted to beat him to a bloody pulp for throwing her in the stream, but the larger part of her emotional core wanted to reach out to him, to tell him that she didn't mean what she said while she was asleep.

Besides, it was the very least she could do after Skaar saved her life and healed her wound, which was something that few, if any at all, would do for a wanted deadly female mercenary. Extinguishing the fiery green plasma that encased her hands, Shego looked away from Skaar's rage filled eyes, noticing the hurt look that was hidden within his jungle green irises before returning her gaze to meet his own once again. She had to make him believe that those words that she spoke in her sleep were false, that they weren't her true feelings regarding him.

"Skaar, I... I didn't mean it.", Shego stated in a calm tone of voice.

"Why should I believe you?", Skaar challenged, keeping his narrowed jungle green eyes on the woman that stood before him.

"I didn't mean it, Skaar! You're not a monster!", Shego exclaimed, clenching her hands into fists.

There was a deep silence, which seemed to last for an eternity as the two green skinned beings stared at one another, neither willing to break eye contact with one another. Much to his surprise, Skaar sensed that Shego wasn't lying to him, for all that she said to him was actually truthful and sincere. Despite himself, Skaar couldn't help but admire Shego's defiance towards him, considering that his massive size and aggressive nature would send most beings running for their lives. However, Skaar once again managed to push aside his anger, knowing full well the price that his wrath caused him in the past.

"Whatever you say, Shego.", Skaar snorted, turning and slowly walking away from her.

As she watched Skaar walk away, Shego let out a low sad sigh before quickly catching up to the Son of Hulk, a small frown making its way onto her face. She couldn't understand why she felt this way regarding Skaar, nor could she understand why she even cared, because if it was anyone else she would either mock them or put them out of their misery. However, that was not the case regarding Skaar, for there was something about him, his attitude and his presence that caused Shego to react differently. Never had this happened to her before, which is why it only seemed to intrigue her curiosity even further. As Shego continued to walk beside Skaar, she noticed that the Prince of Sakaar seemed to be deep in thought, his jungle green orbs staring off into the distance.

"Skaar?", Shego asked calmly, surprisingly getting an immediate response from the Son of Hulk, who turned his head to gaze at her as his eyes locked onto her own.

"What is it, pale-skin?", Skaar demanded.

"I just want to say that... I... I'm sorry.", Shego responded, struggling to get the words out of her throat.

"Hmp. Like you care.", Skaar snorted, looking away as he resumed walking, unaware of the glare that Shego was giving him.

"Ya know, you don't have to act like a total jerk every time we have a discussion.", Shego remarked, her eyes still glaring up at Skaar's face.

"I'm sorry, were you talking? I wasn't listening.", Skaar retorted, a smirk gracing his features.

"Why do I even bother talking to you? I mean, I'm actually trying to make an effort here, and you just keep pushing me away!", Shego exclaimed, trying her best to keep her temper under control.

"I told you before, Shego. I don't know you, I don't trust you, and I'm not your friend. All I'm doing is making sure you get to the village alive. Nothing more, nothing less.", Skaar stated once again, not even bothering to glance at the female mercenary that walked beside him.

"Whoa! Stop right there, Skaar! I don't need to be protected by anyone! Because, if you haven't noticed, I'm more than capable of taking care of myself! Heck, if I really wanted to, I could probably find the village myself, even without your help!", Shego challenged, stepping directly in front of the Son of Hulk, stopping him dead in his tracks.

"Yeah, I bet. Go ahead and get yourself lost, so I can have the pleasure of finding you and saving your hide.", Skaar scoffed.

"You don't think I can do it, do you? You think I need you? Well, I got news for you, Conan! I can find the village, I will find the village, and I'll do it without your help!", Shego declared, shouting at the top of her lungs.

"Pfft. I give you about a minute before you come running back to me, screaming your head off about something trying to kill you. After all, this isn't one of your puny cities. This is the Savage Land, the most dangerous place on the planet. Where the strong survive... and the weak die.", Skaar responded in a cold tone of voice.

"Don't lecture me about danger, Skaar! I've fought heroes, villains, monsters, and two eight foot tall aliens! I think I can handle anything that this jungle can throw at me!", Shego hissed, poking her index finger against the Son of Hulk's chest.

"You wanna get killed? Fine! Now get out of my face... before I tear yours off!", Skaar snarled, narrowing his eyes as he stared into Shego's defiant emerald irises.

"If that's the way you want it, then that suits me just fine! See ya later, or better yet, hopefully never!", Shego yelled, marching off into the jungle as Skaar glared daggers at the female mercenary until he couldn't see her as she disappeared into the dense jungle foliage.

"Finally. I thought I'd never get rid of her.", Skaar muttered to himself, turning and walking in the opposite direction.

However, it was several seconds later that Skaar unexpectedly stopped dead in his tracks, turning to look in the direction that Shego took off. Skaar's expression changed from that of anger to one of concern and uncertainty, a strange feeling entering his heart, one that he never felt before in his life. He didn't understand why he was feeling this way, nor could he determine why he felt that he should make sure that Shego would be safe. Releasing a heavy sigh, Skaar to sprint off in the direction where Shego wondered, his powerful legs propelling him through the dense jungles of the Savage Land.

It's official. I've gone soft. Here I am, Skaar, Son of the Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong, worrying about some woman that I don't even know and barely tolerate. What's become of me? I used to be the Killer of Killers, I've fought monsters, demons, gods, and now I'm worried about Shego? What is it about her? Why does she make me act this way? It doesn't matter... I'll give more thought to it later. Well, I might as well get this over with, because I've got a feeling that if I don't keep her safe, I'll never be able to forgive myself. Skaar mused to himself as he smashed through the incredibly dense jungle foliage.

While Skaar began his search for Shego, the aggressive pale skinned woman kept on moving forward, still fuming over her last verbal confrontation with the Son of Hulk. She couldn't even remember the last time she was so infuriated by another being other than Drakken or Kimmie, her blood boiling with rage as she marched through the dense jungle that surrounded her. She was quite amazed that she didn't lose her temper, and even more impressive was the fact that she didn't attack Skaar, something she wouldn't have thought twice about when regarding any other being on the planet. She couldn't understand what made Skaar so different, nor could she understand why he made her react in this sort of way.

I should of blasted that smart-mouthed brute! I don't care if he is the Hulk's son! I should of bashed and burnt him down to the ground! But why didn't I? I mean, what makes him so different? I mean, yeah, Skaar saved my life and healed my cut, but that doesn't mean that he shouldn't get what he deserves! Have I lost my mind or something? Shego wondered to herself, pushing past several different plants that were in her way.

"Stupid Skaar. Thinks that I can't take care of myself. Well, I'll show him! I'll find the village and prove that I don't need him!", Shego said to herself, her voice filled with determination.

"I mean, who does he think he is? Just because he's the Hulk's son, he thinks he can treat me like a damsel in distress? I don't think so! I don't need him, I don't need anyone! I'm more than capable of taking care of myself! Oh, he makes me so angry! If I ever do see Skaar again, I'm going to give him such a hit that he'll never know what hit him!", Shego fumed to herself, clenching her hands tightly into fists.

As Shego continued to advance further into the jungles of the Savage Land, she couldn't help but be distracted by all of the strange sounds and noises, some managing to unnerve her just a bit as she made quick glances in hopes of finding whatever made each sound. Not keeping her eyes focused to what's in front of her, Shego eventually smacked into something solid, causing her to regain her focus. However, what her eyes settled upon next made them grow wide with both fear and utter disbelief, for the thing that she bumped into was none other than a living dinosaur! Shego felt frozen in fear and awe as she looked upon the great beast, her mind unable to accept the fact that she was staring at a prehistoric monster, whose immense size made her appear to be nothing but an insect by comparrison!

But this wasn't just any dinosaur, for this beast was a gigantic carnivorous Tyrannosaur, whose flesh is as crimson as blood. It was the color of the beast's flesh and its ferocious attitude that earned him the name of Devil Dinosaur! The huge beast was apparently sleeping before Shego bumped into him, awakening the slumbering carnivore from its peaceful rest. Devil Dinosaur slowly rose to its tallest stature, his eyes looking down at Shego's small form, his nostrils inhaling her sweet scent as his massive tail slowly waved back and forth in a steady motion. While it was true that Devil Dinosaur is a carnivore, he never truly bothered with the likes of humans such as Shego, for the great saurian figured that they weren't worth devouring nor did they taste that good.

In fact, Devil Dinosaur was actually curious of Shego's presence, letting out a low growl of curiosity as he slightly opened his massive jaws to reveal his huge dagger-like teeth. Unfortunately, Shego took Devil Dinosaur's roar of curiosity as a sign that the saurian had thoughts of devouring her, which wasn't something that she was going to stick around long enough to happen! Without so much as a second thought, Shego unleashed a loud scream of pure terror, which echoed throughout the jungles of the Savage Land. Much to Devil Dinosaur's confusion and utter puzzlement, Shego continued to scream as she quickly turned and ran away, her legs propelling her through the jungles at a rate of speed that seemed almost impossible.

Looking off in the direction that Shego retreated, Devil Dinosaur couldn't help but let out a low growl growl of confusion, seemingly unaware of his simian friend's approach. Quickly rushing to Devil Dinosaur's side, the ape-like humanoid known as Moon-Boy began talkig to his gigantic crimson friend in his primal language. It was well known that Devil Dinosaur was much more intelligent than any normal saurian, for the crimson beast was actually near human-level intellect, which made his partnership with the small ape-like Moon-Boy that much easier. It allowed the two different beings to communicate with one another, even to the point that they actually understood one another perfectly. With a low growl, Devil Dinosaur pointed his snout in the direction that Shego took off, his massive legs slowly advancing in that direction as Moon-Boy followed close behind.

Shego continued to run for her life, not even daring to look back as her athletic legs propelled her faster than ever before, rushing through foliage with relative ease. It was at this moment that Shego regretted walking away from Skaar, for she had to admit that the Son of Hulk was an excellent protector, and right now she could really use him! As she ran, her emerald eyes scanned the surrounding jungles, hoping that Skaar would be close by. She would never admit it to anyone, but for the first time in her life, Shego was actually afraid. She was stranded in a strange land, populated by dinosaurs and other unknown dangers, and the only person that could provide her with safety was nowhere to be seen.

"Skaar! Skaar! SKAAR!", Shego shouted again and again as she continued to race through the jungle.

Once again, Shego crashed into something solid, the immense force of her impact sending her crashing to the grassy earth with a thud. Looking up from her seated position on the ground, Shego's eyes locked upon the towering form of the being that she had been crying out for, the mighty Gamma-Oldstrong hybrid known as Skaar. The Son of Hulk looked down upon Shego, his jungle green eyes locking on to her own emerald hued irises, just as an amused taunting smirk graced his features. Despite the situation, Shego couldn't help but feel humiliated by her actions, not to mention appearing like a damsel in distress in front of Skaar, which only added to the humiliation. She really hated to appear weak or vunerable in front of anyone, but to her, doing it in front of Skaar was even worse.

"I knew you'd be back. Good thing for you that I stayed close by. You know, you scream pretty loud for someone who claims to be fearless.", Skaar remarked, his tone amused and teasing.

"Yeah, whatever! Just kill the big monster!", Shego shouted, rising quickly to her feet and taking a stance beside Skaar.

"What are you talking about?", Skaar questioned in a bored tone of voice.

"Big dinosaur with big teeth! That's what I'm talking about!", Shego exclaimed, causing Skaar to briefly roll his eyes.

"I told you that dinosaurs exist in the Savage Land.", Skaar responded, removing his massive Oldstrong Forged Sword from its holder and gripping it by the handle tightly within his right hand.

"I thought you were joking! How was I supposed to know that dinosaurs still exist here!", Shego exclaimed in protest to Skaar's remark.

"This coming from a woman whose bright idea was to wonder the jungle alone and try to find the village by herself?", Skaar retorted with a smirk.

"Okay, I'm willing to admit that it wasn't the wisest choice, okay? I'm sorry! Now do your thing and smash!", Shego responded, the sound of thunderous footsteps approaching.

"This is what happens when you don't listen to me, Shego!", Skaar scorned, getting ready to fight.

Slowly walking out of the jungle, knocking down trees with relative ease, appeared the gigantic crimson skinned Tyrannosaur known as Devil Dinosaur. Walking beside the giant saurian was his partner in crime, the ape-like humanoid known as Moon-Boy, who was chattering up a storm until his eyes settled on Skaar and Shego. Upon seeing his two familiar allies, Skaar let out an annoyed groan as he placed his sword back into its holder, his green eyes staring down accusingly at Shego. Skaar managed to suppress a groan of annoyance, his eyes glancing from Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy to Shego, his mind easily guessing what actually happened.

"What are you doing?", Shego demanded in a mixture of outrage and confusion.

"Nothing.", Skaar replied calmly.

"Nothing? Are you kidding me? There's a big red T-Rex standing fifty feet away from us and you're not gonna do anything?", Shego shouted incredulously.

"No, because I know them, that's why! It seems you've already met Devil Dinosaur. That little furball there is his traveling companion Moon-Boy.", Skaar informed, pointing at the small ape-like creature.

"So... they're not dangerous?", Shego asked, watching as the ape-like creature chattered with the giant red saurian.

"Nope. That is unless you give them a reason to think otherwise.", Skaar replied.

"You mean he isn't going to eat me?", Shego asked as she pointed at Devil Dinosaur, keeping her eyes focused on the towering saurian as it approached even closer.

"Trust me, Devil Dinosaur wouldn't even use you to pick his teeth, let alone eat you.", Skaar assured as Devil Dinosaur lowered himself closer to the ground.

The gigantic crimson Tyrannosaur slowly lowered his muzzle close to Shego, who backed away ever so slightly as Devil Dinosaur sniffed her scent, his large eyes staring curiously at the pale skinned female mercenary. Without any warning, Devil Dinosaur began gently nudging Shego with his muzzle, a low rumbling purr escaping the carnivore's throat. Surprised by the Tyrannosaur's actions, Shego slowly reached out and touched Devil Dinosaur's snout with her right hand, a smile eventually crossing her features as she gently caressed the dinosaur's scaly hide.

A light chuckle escaped Shego's throat as Devil Dinosaur's purring became a little louder, the giant crimson Tyrannosaur enjoying the soothing touch of this female stranger to the Savage Land. Usually, Devil Dinosaur was extremely territorial towards outsiders, but for some strange reason, the massive Tyrannosaur didn't feel this way towards Shego. Shego couldn't help but feel a little foolish for her earlier actions, but then again, how was she supposed to know that a red Tyrannosaurus Rex was actually friendly?

"Well, at least you made one friend.", Skaar remarked nonchalantly.

"Yeah. Call me crazy, but he reminds me of my cat that I grew up with when I was little.", Shego replied, continuing to caress Devil Dinosaur's snout with her gloved right hand.

"Mr. Cuddles?", Skaar questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, but how did you know?", Shego asked in reply.

"You called me that when you were sleeping.", Skaar informed with an angry frown.

"Oh, heh. Sorry about that.", Shego responded sheepishly, a light blush coloring her pale cheeks.

"Whatever. Now let's get moving! If we keep it up, we'll get to the village by tomorrow.", Skaar informed, turning and walking away.

"Hey! Wait for me, Skaar!", Shego shouted, running off to catch up with the Son of Hulk.

Devil Dinosaur watched as Shego departed with Skaar, letting out a low rumble as he looked at Moon-Boy, who only stared in confusion at his saurian companion. It didn't take either of the two to make a decision, which was to follow both Skaar and Shego to wherever they were going. They soon both caught up with Skaar and Shego, who were now wading across a vast grassy plain, an opening in the otherwise dense jungles of the Savage Land. Shego couldn't help but glance back over her shoulder, discovering that Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy were following them on their journey, the little ape-like humanoid riding atop the crimson saurian's back, not unlike how a cowboy would be seated atop a horse. Shego couldn't help but let out a light chuckle of amusement, much to the chagrin of Skaar, who let out an a low growl of annoyance.

"Don't look now, Skaar, but I think we have company.", Shego remarked, causing the Son of Hulk to send a brief glance over his shoulder towards Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy.

"Great. First you, now them.", Skaar scowled, a small bit of anger creeping into his voice.

"Are you always in such a good mood?", Shego asked in a sarcastic tone of voice, a teasing smirk crossing her features.

"Shut up.", Skaar growled in response to Shego's sarcastic remark, both of them seemingly unaware of Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy, who were watching their interaction with an intrigued interest.

"Yes, Devil, I know. It would appear that Skaar has finally found his mate. It's a wonderful happening. We must share this with the others once we reach the village.", Moon-Boy said to Devil Dinosaur in his primal language, causing the saurian to rumble in agreement with his ape-like companion.

Shego glanced back to see Moon-Boy chattering to Devil Dinosaur, who appeared to be able to understand the little primate, even though she couldn't make out a word of the conversation. In her twenty-four years of life, Shego had seen many unusual things, but never would she had thought that she would see a living crimson skinned Tyrannosaurus Rex and a primitive ape-like creature having a conversation. But then again, she never expected to meet Skaar, which was just as big of a surprise if you asked her. It only went on to prove that life, and the paths that it would take you to, were mysterious and full of surprises. Shego had so many questions on her mind, most regarding the Savage Land and those who lived here, but her main curiosity was towards that of her savage protector... Skaar, Son of Hulk.

Despite the uncanny relationship that they shared and how they were brought together, Shego couldn't help but wonder why Skaar acted this way towards her, and what he endured through his life to make him so hostile. After all, she still knew very little about the infamous Son of Hulk, other than a few facts that she read about him once in a newspaper. It could be said that for the first time in her life, Shego was actually curious about another being, one who was an outcast much like herself in many perspectives.

They were both bad tempered, had green skin, and possessed unique powers that very few could ever hope to inherit. But what else did they share in common, if anything at all? What is it about Skaar that made Shego feel so inquisitive? She could only hope that in time she would find these answers, but for now at least, she was willing to have a non-aggressive conversation with the savage warrior.

"So... do you understand anything that they speak?", Shego asked in regards to Devil Dinosaur & Moon-Boy.

"Nope, but I can guess that they're talking about us.", Skaar answered, not even bothering to glance at the female mercenary that walked beside him.

"Oh, really? Well, I guess we do make a pretty interesting couple.", Shego remarked teasingly.

"Hmp. Yeah, right.", Skaar replied dryly.

"Skaar, do you mind if I ask you a question?", Shego asked, focusing her eyes on the Son of Hulk.

"That depends what the question is.", Skaar answered, turning his gaze towards the pale green skinned villainess.

"Why did you come back for me?", Shego questioned as she raised a curious eyebrow.

This question caused Skaar to stop immediately, his eyes widening briefly as an angry yet sorrowful expression crossed his features, which didn't go unnoticed by Shego. She could almost see a look of pain in his eyes before he turned his gaze away from her own, which only seemed to intrigue her curiosity even further, for what could he be hiding from her? Whatever secret that Skaar was hiding, whether it regarded his past or his feelings for Shego, it was quite apparent that he wasn't going to tell her about it anytime soon.

"My reasons are of my own. I don't know why I came back for you, and I suggest you leave it at that.", Skaar stated before continuing to walk onward.

Shego couldn't help but watch as Skaar walked away, her thoughts focused on the Son of Hulk, and especially the way he acted when she questioned his actions of coming back for her. She recognized that expression on Skaar's face that was a mixture of rage and sorrow, for she too experienced such a tragedy in her own life that still caused her heart to ache with a burning pain, but she could only begin to guess what painful event in Skaar's past caused him to show such an emotion. She would never admit it to anyone, but she felt pity for Skaar, because she could imagine and understand what it is like to experience heart breaking pain and terrible sorrow. She only wished that Skaar would at least give her glimpse of his tragedy, if only so that she could satisfy her own curiosity and allow herself to better understand her savage protector. Whatever Skaar was hiding from her, it was something that he would only reveal to her in time, because right now Skaar wasn't about to let her close anytime soon.

"What are you hiding from me, Skaar?", Shego asked herself in a low whisper as she quickened her pace to catch up with him.

The four travelers continued their journey throughout the jungles of the Savage Land, and besides the constant chatter between Moon-Boy and Devil Dinosaur, there wasn't much conversation between Skaar and Shego. True, Shego did make a few attempts at small conversation, but Skaar quickly brushed them aside and continued to march onward. Since Skaar wasn't in the mood for social interaction with her, Shego mostly made one-sided conversation with Devil Dinosaur, who merely rumbled or purred in response to Shego's words. She couldn't be quite certain, but for some strange reason she felt that the crimson T-Rex understood every word she said, which only seemed to add to the amusement of her one sided conversations with the gigantic saurian.

Eventually, the sun began to set once again, brisking the light away from the Savage Land as night soon fell. It was then that the four travelers settled down for the night, with Skaar creating a fire to keep them warm throughout the cool night. Fatigue soon set in on Shego, causing her to quickly relax and fall into a peaceful sleep, seemingly unaware that Devil Dinosaur watched over her sleeping form. The crimson Tyrannosaur rested his head on the ground, his long tail circled around Shego's sleeping form, her body covered with several large soft leaves that she gathered to use as a blanket. Shego looked like an angel that fell from heaven, resting under the watch of her protectors, including a certain Oldstrong whose green eyes remained focused on her sleeping form.

Skaar continued to stare at Shego, contemplating everything that happened ever since he met her, his mind recalling every event down to every single detail. Skaar couldn't recall the last time that he thought so much about another being, nor could he understand why he felt some kind of connection with her. Never before had Skaar met anyone that intrigued him as much as Shego, which seemed to cause him to have these conflicting emotions and troubling thoughts. What is it about her that makes her so different? Why did he feel this connection with her?

It was when Skaar briefly adverted his eyes from Shego's form that he caught both Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy staring at him, which in turn caused Skaar to give them both an accusing glare as a low growl escaped his throat. If there was one thing Skaar did not enjoy, it was being watched over, especially by those who should know better. After all, it was Skaar who defeated the Designer and saved the Savage Land, and possibly the world itself from utter destruction. It was here in the Savage Land, where Skaar remained unchallenged as the undisputed King of the Savage Land, for it was here that he truly is the strongest one there is! He didn't need anyone, especially not Shego.

"I know what you're thinking... and you're wrong! She means nothing to me!", Skaar snarled, narrowing his eyes at Devil Dinosaur & Moon-Boy.

Skaar continued to glare menacingly at Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy, who seemingly didn't believe the Son of Hulk as they continued to glace from Skaar to Shego's sleeping form, both of them somehow able to sense the connection between the two green skinned beings. With one last low growl of outrage and frustration, Skaar looked away from Devil Dinosaur & Moon-Boy, who quickly relaxed and entered a peaceful slumber. A few moments passed before Skaar's eyes settled on Shego's sleeping form once again, his features softening as a feeling of calm spread through him, a light sigh passing through his lips. Getting up from his sitting position, Skaar walked over and kneeled down close to Shego, gently placing another massive leaf over her form to keep her warm as he gently caressed her face with his fingertips, causing Shego to let out a small moan of pure bliss. Quickly getting back up to his feet, Skaar returned to his previous resting place, taking a seat on the ground as his eyes glanced from the fire to Shego's sleeping form.

"Shego... why do I care about you?", Skaar whispered to himself, closing his eyes as he drifted off into a peaceful sleep.
Well, it is in this chapter that we meet Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy. I figured to have them involved in this story, being that they both live in the Savage Land, and that they're some of the cast from Skaar: King of the Savage Land. There is so much I want to say about this chapter, but I really want to keep this short.

As you've read, it seems that there is still mistrust and conflict between Skaar and Shego, but not only with each other but seemingly within themselves. I've really enjoyed writing the interaction between the characters, for I honestly feel like this is how they would interact with one another.

In the next chapter, we'll be meeting more characters that dwell within the Savage Land, including Ka-Zar & Shanna, as well as the Warbound- Korg, No-Name the Brood, and Elloe! It's gonna definitely be interesting to see how these characters come into interaction with Shego, which is sure to be very intriguing to say the least.

Skaar (C) Marvel

Shego (C) Disney

Preview Image By- Michael Komarck
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You Make Me happy ~ Lindsey Ray :heart:

"It's the heart on your sleeve never making me wonder
It's the bond that we tie up and over and under
You're the sun and the rain and my grass is always green
With a kiss on my cheek, always letting me know I'm the birds and the bees
I'm the apple in your eye
I know that you know that I know you're all I need..."

This work has bee featured in :iconjustynastolyhwo:'s Warn Colour news [link] Thankyou! :love:

:squee: Wow. Thanks for all the interest guys, 225+ views and 35+ :+fav: in just a few hours! Thankyou!
I really like this new style of working, and I think, because of this response I'm going to do some more just like it :D
Check out my Bring Your Blue Sky piece, just here: [link]

** BG image from the Keele 2012 Prospectus **
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Heart is blind without the mind to imagine
Yet the Heart is alive and it beats that speaks our soul
Heart does not function alone
But it's the Center of it all.

Our mind unites the five senses
The mind process what it hears
The mind creates what it sees
The mind evaluates what it smells
The mind appraises what it tastes
The mind senses whatever the body touches
The mind is only a machine without its core.
Heart and Mind connect
Because it's the most important to protect
It's a bond that is part of us ever since we were born
                                         It beats our fear
                                         It beats our pain
                                         It beats our sorrow
Our heart is our soul             It beats our excitement
Where emotions are stored    It beats our pleasure
                                         It beats our passion
                                         It beats our love
It speaks in silence
The mind only speaks what the heart tells
They communicate with a language that is unknown

The mind is neither good nor evil
But the heart is capable of being good or evil
The heart is capable of anything that speaks our nature
Even if your heart is dark as the darkest night
Another heart will give flame to start a light
A flame that will serve as light in your darkest night
i've taken something below..

Heart is blind without the eyes to see
Heart is deaf without the ears to hear
A blind person is capable of love
A deaf person is capable of love
Deafblind is still capable of love
For they have the heart and mind to communicate.

i pull it out maybe because i think the relation is quite far..
this poem talks about the "philosophy of the heart and mind"
in my point of view.

im not sure if its good enough..
so i need your feedback if i have some errors
or that needs to be improve...

i really like the image :iconfblikeplz: the image is found in Google search image here:[link]

so comments are very welcome...
i hate the different browser..
the arrangement of the text differs in different browser...
firefox is much better to see the text more align...
hope you understand...


inspired by a poem "A heart" by :iconforgottenfirecracker:
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