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[EDIT] This is over 2 years old and no longer worked on!
this was only a GFX showoff.

you can now get the sprites free here…

oh yeah
My Little Pony (c) Hasbro
MLP: FIM (c) Lauren Faust
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My Little Pony Games,Customize your own litte pony,make it to be a pretty star.
Thanks to
Dress Up Games and Girl Games
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Introducing a cybernetic pony! I've seen so many of these things that I decided to try my hand at one of my own.

I think it turned out fairly well, and rather easy to animate too. ^^

Updated - Now with whiter plastic, improved articulation on the legs, and a far nicer tail. Still deciding whether or not to alter the appearance of the head.
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This is my second entry for :iconchibi-pets:'s contest. The journal can be found here.

This was my second time attempting to make something like this, and the first time I have made one of this size. It was pretty time consuming, so I really hope you can enjoy this one. uvu

Number of items: 174.

If you happen to locate any bugs, please let me know as soon as possible. I did test out the game, and I didn't notice any, but there's always a chance I could have missed one.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, and I hope you can enjoy this~<3

If you would like to full view the backdrops, you can find them HERE.

Shooting Star belongs to :iconchibi-pets:

Edit 2/19/14: After uploading this, I realized it would probably be better to have the tops visible on start up, so that's how it is now~ uvu

Notice to any and all viewers: PLEASE DO NOT POST CHAINMAILS IN THE COMMENTS. Thanks~
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This little pegasus pony wants a new outfit! Change color, wings, mane, tail and cutiemark! Observe her reactions to find out what she likes! She is really picky, though, so good luck!

Let me make clear that I am not affiliated with McDonalds, Hasbro or any of those in any way.

Remember that My Little Pony game on McDonald's "Happy Studio" website? No? Equestria Daily had an article on that thing a few weeks ago. However, that game was rather hard to find as only a few language options led to a section where it was accessible and you had to create an account and whatnot.
What you see here is basically a "china copy" of said game - an almost 1:1 clone. The animations and pony graphics as well as sounds were extracted from the SWFs found at happy studio. Backgrounds and UI elements are mostly traces or remakes, primarily due to my JPEG allergy. The code was written from scratch, trying to imitate the original game as closely as I felt like.

If you are wondering why I made this clone: I recently got a copy of the Adobe CS 5.5 including Flash Pro and decided this would be a good chance to get into Flash and ActionScript (3.0) - no better way to learn something than to do it. Let me tell you that I learned a lot! I just can never come up with some own original ideas.
Furthermore, this way the game is far more accessible for the online pony community: no language barriers, no need to register an account at a kids website plus it works as a "standalone" SWF (Flash player required, of course). Not that it was such a great game or anything, but the fans want to consume everything they can get, right? So there you go.

If McDonald's or Hasbro have a problem with this because of copyright stuff, I'll take it down if they wish so.
I wouldn't know why they should care, though. There isn't really that much to it, is there? Well, it's up to them.
As far as I care, anyone may share this thing anywhere. It's not really mine, it's theirs.

One last thing, thanks to Cameron Desrochers for the PNGEncoder2 library used for photo saving.
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The buttons are finally bigger :)
You can now create Twilight sparkle and Lyra as well.

You can create your own pony or make the ones from the show - Rainbow Dash, Luna, Applejack and Rarity.
I´ll make the other ponys too, so that there´s more diversity.
I made the deisgn more evolved and sleek. Its like a mix with the Last Unicorn - you can create her as well :)
Also there are some unique designs - well you´ll see.

I hope the loading bar works. I made it with a tutorial.
Music: Gerro - Jaffa

Hope you like it.
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I'm really going nuts with these Geddans, am I?

Keep trying Jase, I sure you'll hit him eventually!!

EDIT: Animation, why art thou being an almighty bytch and not present a way to be uploadeth on YouTube?
I really need some help figuring it out, because I stupidly deleted the original .swf and .fl files >8[
Does anyone know a way to get this into a Youtube-acceptable format?
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*Crosses fingers* I hope this works...

OK... so... Just so everyone knows; YES I know there are some minor things that don't quite line up properly and its not 100% seamless, but this is my first experience with flash so please, be understanding :3

I've wanted to make something like this for a really long time now, and thanks to my awesome hubby ~Neo-Zander who surprised me with a flash program, I can finally try it! :D

This is sort of a test, so its not pretty, but I hope someone enjoys it anyway. Now that I've had some practice, I wanna make a much nicer looking/arranged one with LOTS more options.

Just a little lineart doll maker. Print screen and copy your finished pony into your paint program to color for now :3

...And no, I will not make a FiM-style version.

Also a big thanks to *KawaiiPandah for her tutorial which really helped me out a lot!

P.S. Obviously I don't own MLP. Hasbro has that honor :3
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So my favorite thing about Pinkie Pie is that she just doesn't seem to give a f***. I mean like ever. You got a stampede about to destroy your town, she laughs because the ground makes her voice sound funny. You're off to go fight a dragon, Hey this'll be fun! And there are plenty more examples. So I just thought I'd imagine what would happen if she came home to find out Ponyville was being eaten by giant parasprites.

Kinda short I know. It's hard making long cartoons. My attention span isn't good enough lol. Maybe if I had a decent plot and some jokes. But for now I'll just keep animating lil' stuff like this.

BTW I learned my lesson from the comic this time! Ponies don't have a cutie mark on both flanks! haha.

10 points if you manage to spot Rainbow Dash! I've hidden her in there somewhere.
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Merry Christmas



This took goodness knows how long Dx
I sketched it all out in photoshop first, then copied and pasted into flash and re-drew all the stuff.

Yes well, this wasn't posted sooner becuse it was going to be for a competition,but we couldn't get the flash to do whatever/ they needed the file kinda crap.

So here ya'r for mah online buddies, merry xmas!
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