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Short film made by fans of Resident Evil during the Cosplay March in the neighborhood Liberdade - SP.

Alexia / Alfred Ashford: Jess - JessValkyrie
Claire Redfield: Daniela - Saori_Kido
Chris Redfield: Ray
Chris Redfield voice: Roberto Silva
Cameraman: Danilo

Data: 13/12/2010
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Song is "Loyalty" by AcousticBrony and MandoPony. [X]

Watch this on YouTube. [X]

There's a lot of sloppy drawing here, but if it makes you feel better to point out everything that is wrong, it's all water under the bridge for me.

If you want to see where this is going, read the fanfiction. [X]

Originally only an animation, I started writing LOYALTY as a comedy story to help figure out how to fill the space between the beginning and minute 6 of the song, which I never reached. I didn't get to draw a single thing I really wanted to (Soarin's Thunderwings; RD's Buccaneer Blaze, which is worth seeing- I will probably animate it later; the very last chapter of LOYALTY).

I almost made it to where Thunderwings is in the song. Almost.

Time: 150 hours
Program: Adobe Flash CS4

Q: Where's the rest of the song?
A: I'm not sure I'm going to get there.

Q: Why is RD's Wonderbolt uniform a winged bolt?
A: It was originally a mistake, but when I went to fix it, Dash insisted she wanted a *winged* bolt. Much cooler.
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Alright!! I can now upload films to DeviantART! That means instead of linking to my YouTube page, I can actually have my stuff here!!! How exciting!

(I shall copy/paste my comments from the other one..)

This was my final project for my Beginning Animation class in the spring semester of 2009. Created with sharpie and cel paint on good old fashioned animation cels. Backgrounds printed out from Photoshop. Filmed on a 35mm animation camera. Laser pointer dot created with a laser pointer.

It took approximately 3 months to make and 10 hours to shoot. I never would have finished painting all the cels if it weren't for the four other members of my family pitching in for a weekend. I love them so! *hugs!*

All and all, I'm very proud of how it turned out. I was actually one of the few people in my class to use actual cels - most of the others used paper. A lot of extra work on my part, but I think it was worth it!

animation is (c) mahself
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My 2D short film for my final year!!

We had about 4 months for story boarding, character designs and blocked out animation. Then another 4 months to finish. Also our final films could only be 45 - 60 seconds long. :]

The Process;
hand drawn frames
scanned + coloured in Toon Boom
put together with After Effects & Premiere.

Everything done by me except the voices of the kids and imaginary friend, that was thanks to some classmates.

find more here!!
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The finished animatic / story reel that myself and :icondaiskianimej: created for our last Uni brief.

Our story is that of a little girl who grows up with an imaginary friend as a way of dealing with her loneliness. Her parents are so concerned by the time she turns 12, that they take her to a therapist, whose ink blot cards transform into the girls memories.

We were very much inspired by Monsters Inc., Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Up and the musical score for How To Train Your Dragon.

We hope to turn this into a fully animated film one day! :)

Concept, design and visuals are copyright ©DaiskiAnimeJ and AmberDust 2010.

The work here between concept and the drawings were equal between myself and DaiskiAnimeJ, so please go and visit her gallery as she is an fantastic artist and animator!!

:icondaiskianimej: :icondaiskianimej: :icondaiskianimej: :icondaiskianimej: :icondaiskianimej:

Forbidden Friendship by John Powell
Stuff We Did by Michael Giacchino
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i just did this video, and i'm very sleepy:(
music: hoe CCS
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Vanity of day holds thee entwined
Driven by hubris and boiling with sin.
Masked by the sun, to truth you are blind
Slaves of the light that you may bask within.

Coolness of gloom oft reveals the truth
Safeguard against the cruel light.
Rise, Lunar Princess, bring darkness eternal.
Protect us, shrouded in everlasting Night.

Watch on Youtube! Be sure to subscribe.

From all of us here at SFS, we're wishing you a Happy Halloween and Nightmare Night! (It was one year ago today that Luna made her reappearance on the show.)

Song is Daylight's End. You may recognize it as the theme for Diana (League of Legends) during her launch week. You can get the song here: [link]

Thanks to Shadeoses and HC for rendering and vector assistance.

I'd like to give a shout out as well to *spiritto and ~Lionheartcartoon (the team behind Children of the Night) for some intuitive help on their blog, [link] You'll notice this drew a bit of inspiration from their work.
I've wanted to animate something with Luna involving Daylight's End the moment I heard it. This was my first time working so heavily with After Effects. The end result not only produced one of my favorite works to date, but also (with help from HC, one of our top vector and effects artists) granted me a lot of experience with After Effects, and Illustrator.
Snowdrop is still underway, and can be expected to have similar levels of visual aesthetic.

Also... Hot damn! 2000 watchers! Consider this my milestone submission.

Programs Used (in order of significance):
Adobe Flash CS6
After Effects CS6
Photoshop CS6
Illustrator CS6
Adobe Premier CS6

"Daylight's End" by RiotRuann
Luna owned by Hasbro
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A DD? :faint: I'm so happy! :dummy: Thank you all!!
Happy 10th Birthday DeviantART!!!!

This is dedicated to all of the new friends I've made on deviantART :love: Hope you like it! I am so honored to have been invited to deviantART Film! Thanks so much! :faint:

My submission for #fella's "What Is DeviantART?" Contest [link]
:aww: 593 frames and over 360 handmade paper stars were used to make this animation! :)
This took about 3 days to do. Sometimes it took up to 15-20 minutes to set one frame, such as the ocean scene. :faint: The background is brown present-wrapping paper taped to 4 hardcover books, laid on the floor of my room. I had to lock out my cat, sister, brother, dad, and basically everyone from my room for three days :XD: There is also a huge window in my room, so I had no control over lighting unfortunately.
I used a Canon Rebel XS mounted on a tripod, and the photos were taken by hand, no remote. The music was a recording of me playing an original piece just for this project on piano, taken with a Flip camcorder on tripod.

What is
A Stop Motion by Pawkeet
Music: Falling Snow :pointr: mp3: [link]
DeviantART is...
Llamas :D
deviant:heart:art :devart: :fella:
A community of artists...
A community of friends...
A community of stars! :star:

If it doesn't work for any reason, try watching on YouTube :pointr: [link] :pointl::star::devart:
YouTube HQ Full Screen :pointr: [link] :star: :fella:
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Ok. First I should say: the beginning sucks! And the sound sucks, too! But the end is better because I improved myself.

Anyway, enjoy.
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This video on YouTube:

It's been months. Twilight has visited every library, every royal archive, every hole-in-the-wall bookstore, every locksmith, every pony with a key for a cutie mark, and she still knows nothing about how to open one stupid box.

Starring :iconcassirollchan: as Twilight Sparkle.

Run, Shoot, Cry, Kill"  by The Living Tombstone
"Fruits of Her Labor" by StormWolf and WoodenToaster

Pony Soup is a series of unofficial skits with characters from the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
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