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:icongoofygrinplz: Missed my art???

I did :lol: I was so bored over break b/c I had no new pics to color oAo

Well good news is...I HAVE A TON OF NEW PICS READY TO BE COLORED :dead:

Soooo.....I'll be busy for quite awhile :lol:

This pic was inspired by a convo w/ :icondarkrosexl: so this is for her :giggle:

:iconfuzzydemon: This is what may happen if Swampfire and Big-Chill were step-brothers :mwahaha:

Swampfire: Don't worry, Big-Chill. Even though you're not the tall, dark, and handsome one of us, you'll find your woman.....eventually! :XD:

Big-Chill: :X Drop dead, Swamp-For-Brains!!


Swampfire/Big-Chill/Ben 10/Ben 10 Alien Force (C): Man of Action :love:
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Extremely LATE halloween comic, for MOAR alien insanity! :XD:
Just had time (and Will) to finish it today! :bleh:
I know that the colouring is not good, but since halloween was a month ago I kind of lost my enthusiasm in finishing this comic... :(

Big Chill is scared because XLR8 was sleeping with a beauty mask, with pickles and everything. :XD: And there goes Swampfire being traumatized again....
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the comic from which that previous pic was spawned.

bigchill makes the most miscevious smiles...

bigchill and swampfire (c) MOA
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because we all just KNOW that heatblast, wildvine, and swampfire are somehow related. but, as wildvine and swampfire know, they're not related at all! :ohnoes:

convenient monolithic censor bar for your viewing convenience. and if you're old enough to catch the innuendo, you're old enough that i don't need to protect you from it.

swampfire, heatblast, wildvine (c) MOA
uhhh... the other guy is just me. no worries.
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FOR :icondarkrosexl: :iconyayzplz:

A convo w/ her inspired this pic :icondragoninsane:

[link] I redrew this screenshot the best I could :iconrelievedplz:

Took me only one period to draw and outline :icongoofygrinplz:

:laughing: Poor Swampfire.....his first time getting his pic taken b/c :icondarkrosexl: made him :pointandlaugh:

Obviously he wasn't prepared :icondignitylaughplz:


:iconswampfireplz: : No fair! He went on 2 when he said he'd take it on 3!! :X

:icondarkrosexl: : Don't worry, Swampfire....I still think you look nice :meow:

:iconbigchillplz: : Yeah for a walking compost heap! :XD:

:icondittofan04: : Big-Chill! Be nice! T_T


I am now transfixed on Swampfire's eye design *3* He has the coolest eyes ever!!! :love:

:heart: I just love his side-ways pupils that become circles when he's shocked or surprised XD :icondragonkeke:

I also can't help but to think they look like goat eyes :icondragonidleplz:

Swampfire/Big-Chill/Ben 10/Ben 10 Alien Force (C): Man of Action :woohoo:
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I had this picture done since when I came back last week, but I didn't have the time to outline and colour it due to dozens of homeworks.


XLR8 invited his friends to play the Twister! (Yes I played that game with my sis and her friends during the trip) Ripjaws was playing with them but he already lost. And he is the judge now since Big Chill is ROFLing too much to continue. Jetray and Swampfire are fighting for the same area of the board. Each one trying to get the other out.

Big Chill *between small laughs*: Left hand on Red!! :laughing:
Ripjaws *in a very unconfy position and losing balance*: GAAAhHH I can't stand anymore. *Falls on board* :dead:
Big Chill: *ROFLes* :rofl:
XLR8: I can't feel my left leg!! :crying:
Swampfire: Look for another red Jetray this is already mine! :evillaugh:
Jetray: Damnit! :x
XLR8: Big Chill stop laughing and say the next move! It's difficult to stand like this!
Big Chill: *laughs even more* :lmao:
Ripjaws: I'll make the next move. *turns the roullete* Haha! This'll be interesting: Right leg on Red! :)
XLR8: YEEEAAAH!!!! :w00t:
Swampfire and Jetray: NOOOOO!!!!!! :icondragonshock1plz:


First time ever drawing Ripjaws... I liked the way his body came ut but his head is terrible. And this time I drew the back view of Jetray's wings correctly! :D I'm also trying to improve skills with lightning/shadowing, so this time I tried to draw the details in XLR8's black clothes (like his knees) with a light effect instead of white lines.

Well, I hope you like it! Comments, critiques and suggestions are welcomed! :D

Strange.... I thought it was bigger....
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:XD: Ok....part 1 of a 3 part comic that was inspired by a special on lightning I watched Saturday night on the Discovery Channel :teevee:

And what Big-Chill says is really true :lol:

^^; poor Swampfire......

*a huge bolt of lightning flashes a few miles from where Swampfire is watching an oncoming thunderstorm. A low growl of thunder rolls through the calm, moist air.*

Swampfire: Wow...that's a close one....
Big-Chill: *as he comes up beside Swampfire* Hey....what are you doing?
Swampfire: Storm watching....
Big-Chill: You know, you shouldn't be out're made of methane and methane gas is a big feeder to lightning.....T_T
Swampfire: D8< What?! Have you been watching the Discovery Channel again?! That's ridiculous! I've storm watched a million times before and nothing happened! :X
Big-Chill: :roll: Ok....don't say I didn't warn you.....*walks away*
Swampfire: =| Yeah whatever.....*takes a sip of coffee*

*Few minutes later a huge bolt of lightning strikes Swampfire and he drops his coffee mug, which shatters on the wooden porch as its contents spill out in a vast puddle. A smoking burnt patch of wood smolders just a few inches in front of it.....Swampfire is gone.*


:XD: Luckily I was watching that special or this comic won't exist! :lol:

Everything Ben 10/Ben 10 Alien Force: © Man of Action! :love:
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:nana: Me is never gonna reveal how I got this pic to look so perfect :icondragoninsane:



:iconbigchillplz: :rofl: Ok.....I was watching the Ben 10 Alien Force episode "Save the Last Dance" last night :XD:

:iconbigchillplz: I've been meaning to draw this scene for awhile and I finally got to do it last night, and added my own personal touch :la:

:iconbigchillplz: Well......I can't stop laughing every time I see the part where Big-Chill keeps buzzing the intercom at Burger Boy in the ep :XD: It's so cute and funny! :laughing:

:iconbigchillplz: Well....this time.....he broke the intercom :iconlegaspplz:

:iconbigchillplz: Just like Kevin broke Gwen's doorbell in "Time Heals" ^^;


Big-Chill: *after hitting the button a zillion times* Oops.......O___O;
Intercom: *shooting out sparks, flames, and smoke* :dead:

Big-Chill/Burger Boy/Gwen Tennyson/Kevin Levin/Ben 10/Ben 10 Alien Force: © Man of Action :love: X33
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because they're fricken adorable and you know it.
(and for all intents and purposes, there is nothing you can do about it either ;D)

just a little felt-tip sketch i made before bed last night. you can see it's sketchiness in the red lines underneath. i had to draw bigchill's body before his cloak XD

bigchill, swampfire (c) MOA
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Again Ben was beside Rook as he rested. Ben had barely left Rook's side after they'd brought him back.
Ben seemed to push everyone away while he was in this sort of state. Sad, angry, moronic and above all guilty. IF he hadn't yelled at Rook before this had happened then Rook wouldn't have gone out on that drive down to the creek to clear his thoughts. Rook had been captured by a group of alien hating scientists and was used as a lab rat for their own entertainment. Ben didn't want to imagine what Rook had gone through while he was there, but he saw all the scares, all the bruises and burns. They'd almost massacred Rook while he was with them.
Ben tried to ignore those thoughts and looked at the ground, this was his fault. All his fault, he wouldn't be surprised at all if Rook never spoke to him again.
Ben almost jumped when he heard a noise from next to him and turned his head. He froze.
Rook was sitting up in bed staring at him in confusion. "Ben where am I?" he asked. Ben couldn't contain himself and leapt to Rook wrapping his arms around Rook's stomach and pushing his face into Rook's chest. "Ghah! Ben, what are you doing?" Rook choked at Ben's bone crunching grip.
"I'm so sorry Rook!" Ben said and snuggled into Rook's shirt, "I'm so sorry."
Rook had no idea what was happening and just put his hand over the back of Ben's head. "Ben?"
Ben began to sob into Rook's shirt and shouted, "I'm so sorry Rook! I shouldn't have said those things! I didn't mean them! I didn't want this to happen-"
"Ben," Rook said sternly. Ben sniffled and looked up at Rook. Rook was glaring down at him and Ben whimpered, "It was all my fault."
"No it wasn't," Rook said shaking his head side to side, "None of this was your fault." Ben blinked up at Rook and Rook sighed when Ben started to cry again.
The door opened and Grandpa Max entered. He smiled when he saw that Rook was awake, "Rook, you're awake," he grinned.
"Yes sir," Rook replied, saluting the other plumber.
Grandpa Max shook his head, "Don't salute me Rook, we were all very worried and we are all very happy with your recovery."
Rook frowned and Max began to speak again, "When we found you, we thought you were dead and we had no choice but to leave you behind, but Ben wouldn't let go of you," he chuckled. "We ended up bringing you back here and it turns out you were alive, if it wasn't for Ben's stubbornness you probably would have died," he smiled.
Rook's eyes were wide from what Max had said and he looked down to Ben. He ruffled the boy's hair and smiled, "Thank you Ben," he said. "Is there any way I can repay you?"
"Smoothies," Ben murmured with his face still buried in Rook's chest.
"Right," Rook sighed and rolled his eyes. Grandpa Max just laughed.

Part one- [link]
I just couldn't let Rook die so I made a part two for all the people who cried over part one..... next time though! I might not make a part two! :iconmuahahaplz:
:iconrookblonkoplz: Love you Rook!!!!!
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