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WOOO!!! done :D
i love how this came out
i timed myself to see how long it would take my calculations say i took 21 hours . but i prolly spent at least an hour and a half just staring at the wall lmao xD and over half of the time just doing the outline x|

so this is an ocelot the pic was in a book about big cats..
same book i got all the big cat drawings from ^^

done on mah big paper :3 with colored pencils
tell me what you think!!

WIP: [link]
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can you not hear the silence? :pointr: [link]

These buffoonery to redeem themselves ... give me puke :pointr: [link] :puke:

+spyed :"If I get to $10,000 I'm going to build a well in deviantART's name for another village! If you'd like to see the effort in action you can follow it here:..."


??? what is this ??? we do charity??? for you/deviantart/or what the fuck ? I feel a little taken piss out

publicize the charity is the most disgusting thing that you can attend. PATHETIC

moving to serious things beyond this buffoonery ...

in the meantime: Khader Adnan’s life at risk as He enters day 57 of hunger Strike - since 17 December 2011‏

But many here say that this is an art site, and that we fucked of everything. RIGHT?

wash your consciousness, with your charitable Advertisement

Khader Adnan: His dignity. Our shame.Editor's Desk, New in Ceasefire - Posted on Thursday, February 16, 2012 10:25
Editorial | Khader Adnan: His dignity. Our shame.
This week, Khader Adnan entered his third month of a hunger strike
against his unlawful detention and mistreatment at the hands of the Israeli military.
The deafening silence by world leaders and media at his plight shames us all, says Hicham Yezza.
By Hicham Yezza

Palestinians protest in solidarity with Khader Adnan

Somewhere in the Middle East, a 33-year old man is today entering the 60th day of a hunger strike.
He is currently lying – as he has done for weeks – with one hand, and one leg,

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Christmas ribbons are perfect to display free Christmas gift on your website or post corner. Text – “Christmas Gift” is easily editable. Enjoy it and Cheers!

Download for free [link]
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My tribute.
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" Underneath whirled a mass of colors. Indigo. Vermilion. Rust. Mahogany. And they were… moving. "
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Pluie d'Amour / Rain of Love


:sadangel: Nahum January 10, 2003 - May 3, 2010 - Rest in Peace my Love :sadangel:

Nahum Lovers will immediately recognize Nahum with is incredible speckled nose in the shape of heart.

It is a re-done. I have worked this past night on the composition (trying to crop it on the right place), adding more contrast on the nose and fur, remove ice blue halo due to the high key (with white very shiny fur and white background, the details was lost).

Yes finally I have decided to work on the third edition of my Ferrets Calendars. I receive asks for it since this summer !

Yesterday after work I have forced myself to go through my photos files. I think my heart will never heal. In fact I spend my time to cry, and finally only chose FEBRUARY month with this photo of Nahum : Pluie d'Amour.

Friends and family fella please understand that I am in emotional mood right now, and will do my best to go through and will try to build the new calendar.

Love, Hugs, Tears, Thoughts for Nahum can be deposed on : Nahum'sjournal


:bulletred: Fan page on facebook : facebook

:bulletred: Blog :

:bulletred: Website :

:bulletred: Zazzle store :

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This is my participation to the international Cheetah Day Challenge ! The International Cheetah Day Challenge!:star::star::star:
International Cheetah Day is here!!!
Using Art to Save a Species!

:bulletblue: :bulletblue:
Welcome to the International Cheetah Day Challenge!  What is this challenge, you ask?  Well...
:bulletorange: The International Cheetah Day Challenge (ICDC) is the day when you, supporters of saving the endangered cheet

*|.Cheetah Stamp.|* by AzureGriffin
My first cheetah ever ! Frankly I am really happy about this pic, I had a lot of fun drawing it ! I think it's also because this is my favourite "big cat" (with the cougar). First I wanted to draw a cartoon version... but I really wanted to know if I was capable to correctly draw a realistic cheetah.
You can also find this pic on FurAffinity… , SoFurry and tumblr… .

Thanks to all the people who participate to this day, I've see such beautiful pics already... let deviantART be full of cheetah today :heart: ! Running Cheetah Icon by TheHuntingWolf
Please, check the Cheetah Conservation Fund's website and the about the Cheetah Day Challenge.

This painting is avaible on print. All the money recieved from the sales of this pic will be transfered to the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

[Edit]: Ho my god, this pic recieved a CUTE Badge from :iconwhispermewish: WhisperMeWish group ! Thank you so much !
Creation time: 5 hours
Software: Photoshop CS5
Layers: 5
Hardware:Wacom Intuos4
Reference: random cheetah images from the internet
Textures: no
Real size: 11x8inches (30x21 cm)
Date of creation: 04.12.2012

Digital painting © Black_Berry for the international Cheetah Day Challenge
:+favlove: Do you like it ? Become a fan on Facebook and visit my tumblr to see original sketches and WIP!
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As a Macbook Pro user, I decided to do a wallpaper in honor of Steve Jobs.

I’m not a fanboy or very dramatic about his dead, but I liked this idea of having the shape of his head in the missing part of Apple’s logo. After all, now he really is the missing part of the "apple".

I keep it with a simple design, just like Steve liked.


I had the idea for my work by looking at this photo that someone took in a Apple conference: [link]

I swear by everything I believe that I didn't copy or steal any ideia. I never copied anything and I never will. During my life as a digital artist, I had to face many copies of my artwork, it would be a complete non-sense if I decided to copy someone. There's no way to prove it, but this was completely my idea.

Anyway, I just found out that this one was the first design with this concept: [link]
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My ornament for Fella's Christmas Tree Project. Cutting it kind of close, but at least I got it done in time ^^;

Made in MS Paint. Please don't take and reuse for anything.
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