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A High Caliber flavor of the X-BR 5.1, with ejection port.

I know it still says 6.8 lol.

supposed to be 7.62x51, proportions are probably wrong.
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I liked the design enough to wonder what a fully auto carbine would look like. so here is a WIP.



has extendable buttstock, with recoil absorber, chamberd in 6.8mm. Bolt locks in open position after firing the last shot, rack it back further and release after inserting a fresh magazine.


Added longer RIS rail
new Iron Sights
new flash supressor
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Just some doodle stuck in my head from the last 6 months...

Here's another variants :
Carbine Variant [link]
Support Sniper Rifle Variant [link]
Caliber : NATO 5.56mm (HVATR-L), in STANAG-compatible magazine
: NATO 7.62mm (HVATR-H), in STANAG-compatible magazine
Unit Length : 900mm
Unit Weight : 3.0 kg
Barrel Length : 19 inch
Rate of Fire : 850 RPM

The HVATR, stands for High Versatility Adaptive Tactical Rifle, represents the most advanced warfare technology in personnel armament, complying to the NATO’s 2032 CVA (Compact Versatile Armament) admission contest. Developed by Reinhardt Armaments, a subsidiary corporation from Reinhardt Foundation, the HVATR is capable of adapting into any conflict situations, while retaining its high performance and low-maintenance capability.

Designed by the R&D Division of Reinhardt Institute, the HVATR allows the use of multiple types of rounds, from soft-ball training rounds to heavy armor piercing rounds, without losing a significant amount rate of fire. The recoil is reduced, by using a recoil dampener built under the barrel, up almost to 70% on full automatic fire, and almost to 85% on burst and single fire mode.

The assaule rifle variant of HVATR were equipped by default with a detachable red-dot optical sight with zoom power up to 1.5x, increasing the accuracy in close quarter combat. Added with upper and lower Picatinny rail, the HVATR allows the flexibilty in optical sight selection and external equipment, giving customizable configuration up to each user’s needs.
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Fictional weapon for Nationstates.

After finding out the stocks of AK-74M rifles were rapidly losing their edge against similar weapons in other nations and learning from firing practices that the bullpup AV-88 battle rifles were all but useless in sustained fire due to the very large round they fired, a brief design competition was established to choose a true successor for the Kalashnikova with the conditions that it share its reliability but fires a more effective round, 6.8mm, and integrates use of lightweight polymers to build its frame.

Amongst the various entries was Voskovorsmash GUP's VS13 rifle, taking some features from the AEK-971, an assault rifle that had found no use within Birkanian units outside of the Interior Ministry and even then only marginally, and updating them with a modern frame. From its predecessor it kept the balancing system of its firing mechanism, where a counterweight was moved forwards as the gun fired in full-automatic, preventing muzzle climb and loss of accuracy even in sustained fire. While it kept some part commonality with the AK, its major components were fabricated in polymer to reduce weight.

The plastic parts of the gun, that ended up being accepted in Birkanian service alongside were often printed in camouflage patterns, but given the Birkanian Army's history of desert warfare, the flat tan version of the gun became the most iconic. It was also the first weapon to make use of the GP45 underbarrel 40mm grenade launcher that was developped paralelly, and has largely supplanted older grenade launchers in service on all branches, given its higher variety of munitions.

Stock, fire selector, rear sight and some details by :iconigorkutuzov:
Scale by Gunbucket
AK waffle magazine by Gollevainen.
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Behold! I call it the IWS MkI, developed by Ground Level Armament Solutions Inc. It's pictured chambered for 6.8SPC for maximum ass kicking performance but available in 5.56 and 6.5MPC for your war fighting convenience. Check my gallery for more details found in the previously submitted outline for this weapon. Part of the concept involved iron sights and I'm thinking they would be very simplistic like the fold down variety found on a SIG carbine ... or there is always your imagination. The pictured ACOG has BUIS, a piggy back mini red dot and of course 4x optics, so it's a pretty complete solution all in one package. With it, the 6.8mm cartridge and 16 inch barrel this is a well rounded gun from muzzle to 400 yards. The other 10% will consist of a SAW, sniper/long range solution(s), side-arm and a purpose built weapon for special forces. I'll have to design the last one, the others already exist today.

FWIW this isn't any of that PMG stuff ... which I guess is obvious. It's all PS CS3 and Ai CS3. The Tango Down, ACOG, and Surefire light are photographic elements with some repaint touch ups in PS.
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I haven't put this much work into a personal project in a long time. Hope you enjoy.
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Advanced Infantry Weapon System

The R-7 is a combat rifle designed to be an as effective as possible combat rifle using only current and near future technologies (up until 2015), and serve as a combat rifle for an army for the coming two or three decades, when I think direct energy weapons will make their appearance in military service. It's obviously not going to cut someone in half with lighting bolts and arcane flamethrowers and all that, but it will perforate targets at a wide selection of distances with a varied assortment of hole diameters.

It's extreme versatility comes primarily from the cartridge it fires (the 10x40mm unified). It enables the same rifle to be employed as a room clearing weapon (using a light and fast 10mm hollow point load) or an intermediate distance marksman rifle (using a 6mm 95 grain SOST-like bullet). But that's just with an 18” fluted barrel. You can obviously switch barrels, hand guards and lower receivers as well.

The weapon's polygonally rifled barrel is made with the free-flowing method. The receiver is made from a 2219 duraluminium frame with overmoulded polymer. The railed forearm is made from carbon fiber tubing with enclosed aluminium bars (to which the rails are bolted). The 12 o'clock rail is milled from aluminium and bolts onto a protrusion on the barrel above the chamber. The polymer components are vacuum formed and sonicly welded.

It's not the cheapest rifle around, but it's not overly costly (about 1.2-1.3 times the cost of an M16A4). However, when costs are compared to combat effectiveness, it outguns pretty much every assault rifle since it's so versatile.

Variants pictured:

Advanced Infantry Combat Rifle

450mm/18" fluted barrel
Flash hider/Compensator
QD Micro suppressor (not shown, is issued)
AICOS 1-5x35mm
Fore grip

Different sight, different name, not-so different rifle.
I fluted the barrel,ditched most of the rails and rail panels and replaced the sight. Result: It's lighter and it can be shot more effectively. The only downside is that the optics aren't as indestructible as the dual Aimpoints were. But then again, an Aimpoint has only 2 parts to break and is made of deadra heart infused ebony. The AICOS is adequately sturdy for combat situations.
The optical sight is the most interesting bit now. It functions like a SpectreDR, but with some extra goodies: There's a sensor film placed in front of the reticle. You can't see the film, but it records 800x600 video. You can either record stuff or use it to look around corners. Reticles are selectable. Either a 10 MOA ring or 1 MOA dot and 65 MOA ring on 1x or two different ballistic reticles for the new service- and marksman loads on 5x. A range finder is mounted on the left side of the sight.

Special Operations Carbine Assault Rifle

375mm/15” fluted barrel
Flash hider/Compensator
QD Reflex suppressor (modeled after a Surefire suppressor)
Reflex sight
Angled Forward Grip

Not much to tell here. Set up with special forces operators in mind. I think it's the coolest (tied with the CAISR). <3 Suppressors

Light Sniper/Marksman Rifle

525mm/21” heavy fluted barrel
Flash hider/Compensator
3-12x50mm telescopic sight
Parker-Hale bipod

When paired with specially developed ammunition, this rifle combines .300 Win-Mag range with the portability and rate of fire of a semi-auto rifle. It's not that different from the M110, but it's lighter and shoots a bit further. It can also be fitted with a QD reflex suppressor (shown on the SOCAR) when needed.

EDIT: Shorter and fatter barrel = more rigid = more accurate, consistent and durable = better. Those 75mm won't really be missed as far as striking power goes.

Covert Applications Integrally Suppressed Rifle

225mm/9” threaded barrel
AICOS 1-5x35mm
Clip on Night vision-Thermal sight module
Fore arm with integral flood/spotlight with IR filter

Silent weapons fired, quiet wars on minds.
The ultimate stealth rifle as far as I'm concerned. It's obviously to be paired with special subsonic ammunition, but when it is, I guess it makes only about as much noise as an MP5SD (because, face it, it's suppressor is massive, the barrel doesn't go past the end of the scope so the rest is all baffles). Besides assault and sniper loads it also takes special loads which include High explosive, incendiary and white phosphorus. It's only going to be a small charge, but you don't need all that much incendiaries to ignite a previously punctured propane tank. And a few high explosive round into the back of a jet's engine would kill it too.

EDIT: Different sight, different fore arm, somewhat different role.
For über stealthy sniping, an integrally suppressed bolt action rifle would be preferable, since the automatically cycling action makes quite a lot of noise. This is why I've geared it more towards the AS Val instead of the VSS Vintorez this time (no bipod anymore). When necessary it can still be used as a suppressed sniper rifle.
Also note that the ballistic reticles in the AICOS here are calibrated for the sub sonic loads.

Law Enforcement Entry Rifle

300mm/12” fluted barrel
Trijicon SRS
Magazine fed ECD with ‘flash’ capability
Still to come: Blinding/dazzling/aiming laser.

The latest and greatest R-7 derivative, isn’t it great? Well, it isn’t the latest. It was one of the first variant I came up with. I imagine SWAT guys in big bulky armor with large ballistic visors wielding LEERs loaded with rubber bullets clearing a house, quickly incapacitating everyone they come across. The Electronic Control Device sticks out in front of the muzzle break with a purpose; engage the lightning bolt mode and jab people. The muzzlebreak combined with light bismuth-rubber ball ammunition makes for an extremely controllable weapon (and glorious/intimidating muzzle fireballs), and a 75 round machinegun casket mag ensured a burst for everyone.
Now, I said ‘bismuth-rubber ball ammunition’, but what If I meant Resiniferatoxin solution filled bismuth-rubber ball ammunition? Resiniferatoxin (RTX for short) is a somewhat toxic compound (40 grams of less can be lethal, not all that much, but bear with me) that’s 1000 times spicier that capsaicin. Capsaicin is the compound that yields chili’s their heat. The scale used to measure spiciness is the Scoville scale. A Jalapeno typically has 4000 Scoville heat units. Military grade pepperspray should be around 4,000,000 to 6,000,000 SHU, pure capsaicin has 16,000,000 SHU (RTX, consequently, has 16,000,000,000, two and a fourth for every person on earth). RTX is toxic, so there isn’t all that much in the bullet, but still, a 40,000,000 SHU blast of not-death isn’t something I necessarily want to go through before I die. As a matter of fact, I'd die more happily without that experience I'm afraid. I'd almost give up my girlfriend for not-that. That's saying something.
I'm not entirely sure I like the taser being as butt ugly as it is, but then again, tasers are butt ugly in general so I guess it kinda fits the butt ugly taser theme.

Squad Support Weapon

525mm/21" cobalt alloy fluted barrel
Flash hider/Compensator
AICOS 1-5x35mm
High capacity magazine compatible lower receiver
Cooling hand guard

"Heavily" modified variant. The core weapon differs from the AICR by a whopping 3 parts!
It's barrel is different (3" longer and fluted), the lower receiver is modified to accept 75 round magazines, as well as the standard issue 36 round mags, and the hard guard has some cooling features (ventilation holes, copper tube coil). One of these weapons would be issued per squad of 8. It's not quite a SAW, but SAWs are overrated and heavy and expensive anyway (and you don't need one when you have one of these + seven other R-7 rifles).
I was gonna draw an M145 MGO, but it's ugly so I stuck with the DR (which I was gonna redo for the GPCR, but it's a bitch to trace).

EDIT: Now also sporting the new AICOS.

UPDATE (04/14/12):
Primarily aesthetic changes. The new sight is the most interesting part here.
The new sight is a slightly modified version of the sights on these fine rifles by Shimmering-sword

Ever so slightly adjusting the design. Can you see the differences? I'll give you a hint: I redid the AFG and the CAISR forearm.

UPDATE (04/26/12)
Out goes the PDW, in comes the LEER. Enjoy thou selves masturbating, gentlemen!
Also: new detachable back straps on the new pistol grips.

UPDATE (18/05/12)
Different barrel on the LSMR, added a big honkin' flashlight/medium sized sun to the LEER and slightly different muzzle apparatuses.
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Original Concept Lineart
Left Side
Field Stripped
Right Side

Colored and shaded version of my M290 submachine gun concept. This view shows off a few ways in which the M290 can be customized for different missions. The top version mounts an EOTech holographic sight and suppressor for covert missions; the bottom version is a vehicle crew variant with flash hider and short 15-round magazine.

The M290 is a bullpup submachine gun chambered in .45ACP with an advanced recoil compensation system mounted above the barrel (cf. this similar weapon). Its method of operation is the tried-and-true closed bolt blowback system, used by the ubiquitous HK MP5 and UMP weapons.

Done entirely in Photoshop CS3. Used my usual modus operandi: scanned pencil sketch, vector lineart, texture, overlay shading. Aside from a few minor (if obvious) mistakes, I think it came out well.

Everything is my work, everything © me.
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One of four variants of a modular rifle, Ive drawn all the internals and accessories but putting them all together on one sheet may take some time, but here is the first eighth (?) of the images for this one project. Foregrip, buttstock, upper receiver, and magwell are all changeable in order to allow for various different configurations and chamberings.

I'm not looking forward to coloring four more essentially identical images, that are just different enough to require reworking everything.
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So the purpose of this is to illustrate the 90% solution. It requires an intermediate cartridge like the 5.56 or 6.8SPC firstly (a cartridge designed for 16-20 inch barrels), and it's pictured with a standard AR magazine, two components our current military could continue using more effectively from a bullpup design like this.
-Secondly, the fuzzy shadow in the background is of a collapsed stock M4 Carbine as close to correct size as I could manage, showing that even with the 20inch barrel or the suppressed 16 inch (top image), this design is still as compact as the M4.
-Third, I changed it to incorporate user configurable rails on 3, 6 and 9:00 positions.
-The bottom image is of my Designated Marksmen Rifle (DMR) version. Rather than lego systems or common receiver systems, this requires only a barrel and optic change, both of which can be done in seconds by the user. Rails could be bolted to the bottom and a bipod could be stuck on too to round out the role.

I used photographic elements in this and that scope is like 4 grand which is nothing more than overpriced tacticool BS (though the ACOG is plenty pricey). But, a scope that offers something like 1 or 2 to 8 power magnification really does sound ideal for the DMR. That said, a good ole fashion scope and offset irons or dot sight would work just as well.
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