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Icons for deviantART members personal and favourites gallery folders.


1. Icons (for the most common folders);
2. PSD file;
3. Font.

The same icons I use for my gallery folders, so you can see the "live" version by visiting my gallery.
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Journal skin for @bluespeed9

My entry for @bluespeed9's 'Skin This' Contest.

Thanks to @bluespeed9 for organizing this contest, it was a nice challenge.
Some credit to =jokla: I couldn't have skinned the poll like I wanted if I hadn't secretly looked at his css. file.

Important !
don't bullshit me about the fact that it doesn't look that good in IE.
that's because IE is crap.
I'm willing to give it some more time and try to fix more errors in IE if @bluespeed9 want's me to.
if not.. drop dead. get firefox.

I fixed most of the bugs in IE... because mushroom boy asked me to do so.
It's not perfect. But at least it doesn't look like shit anymore.

edit 2.
oi. thanks for the daily deviation feature.
most appreciated.

oi. :peace:
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IMPORTANT: The dAblack project is no longer being developed by myself due to lack of time. However, ~GyroxOpex has been taken up development; you can find his current version at dAblack for v7! Thanks for keeping dAblack alive!

Old Description entries:

Current stuff
meh, minor update due to some changes in dA's layout >.>
i know, i know, there hasnt been much new stuff lately. ZOMFG WORK IS SO BUSY lol
whatever, ill try to get around to it more again

and lol, version change from 09-06-09 to 09-09-06 :)

PERSONAL REQUESTS: Yes, I've done two personal requests now (dAblack borderless deviation and dAblack totally borderless), but please understand that i can't make a habit of this!!! I only did these styles because i could do them really fast (i.e. within 5 minutes). You can of course ask me to do something for you, but don't feel disappointed if i turn you down. i will deny any requests that i think are too much work or rwill take too long.
However, you are of course free to make your own modifications, that's why this code is released with a license that allows derivative works. Please make sure you tell me about it when you modify the code and redistribute it and that you have to share-alike (i.e. use the same CC license)

Please tell me about suggestions you have. If you look at the style's source code, you will see a list of the page types i have done already, which are yet to do and which i am working on at the moment. If you see anything that seems wrong on pages that are marked done, please tell me, so i can look into it.

Please also check out for other cool styles :D

Thanks for your time and I hope you like it!


Guide to the version number

In the title you see the version number going something like this: vZZ-YY-XX. The numbers give you the year-month-day of the current version posted here: ZZ = year, YY = month, XX = day.
If you don't know which version you currently have, scroll down to the Update Guide and do the first step. The version number of your file is said at the very top of the code.

More screenshots!
- the front page
- a deviation page
- a user page
- the message center
- the note center
- the user gallery (main)
- the user gallery (folder view)
- the channels page
- the forums pages (top is main page, bottom is a category view; thread view = comments page)
- the comments page

- also see this deviation by =fal-name for screenshots showing how dAblack looks for her

more screenshots coming soon!

Installation guide (for Upgrade Guide see below)
(Advanced users: If you know your way around Stylish, download the file from point 3. and install it)

(Also, ~GyroxOpex provided a short visual install guide. -- However, this is for the old version of Stylish and thus obsolete)

1. You need Firefox (other browsers are not supported).

2. You need the Stylish extension for Firefox. If you only installed it now, be sure to restart your Firefox and then return to this page.

3. Download the ZIP file from this page ("Download" button left of the preview image), extract the CSS file to some temporary location and open it.

4. You will see the file: Lots of text.

5. On the bottom right of the Firefox window, you have a Stylish icon in the status bar (it is a white S on white background). Single-click it and select "Install File..."

6. A new window will pop up which asks you to enter a name for the style (I assume you enter dAblack here). Then click "Install" on the bottom of the window.

7. You're done! You can now open deviantART and see the new style (if you had it open, the style should immediately apply).

If you don't like the style and want to remove it, click the Stylish icon in the bottom right corner again and click on "Manage Styles...", select the style and click Uninstall.
If you want to disable the style, click on the Stylish icon and click on the name of the style. If it is not un-applied immediately, you might have to restart Firefox (this is a rare bug of Stylish).

Upgrade Guide
(If you haven't installed Stylish and this style before, go back up to the Installation Guide)

1. Open Firefox (if it isn't already open), click on the Stylish icon in the lower right corner and click on "Manage Styles...". Select dAblack (or whatever you called this style when you installed it) and click Edit, a window containing the installed version of the style pops up.
Version number: At the very top of the file, you can see the "Version of this file:". Use this to check if the current version here is newer than the one you have.

2. Download the ZIP file from this page ("Download" button left of the preview image), extract the CSS file to some temporary location and open it.

3. Select all (randomly click into the text once, then press Ctrl+A) and copy it (Ctrl+C). (You can also use the context menus to do these actions. -- if the file opens in Notepad on Windows, the shortcuts might not work)

4. Then change to the window that popped up with your old style (it is titled by the name of the style, usually dAblack), select all there (Ctrl+A) and paste the new code from your clipboard (Ctrl+V). (Again, context menu is possible.)

6. Scroll back up to the top of the file and check the Version of this file again. If it is still the old one, something went wrong (probably between copying and pasting it). Start over at step 3.

7. If the version at the top says the same as the one in the title of this deviation, you have successfully pasted the new style. Click "Save" in the style editor window. The style is instantly applied. You can now check out the new stuff :D

Known Issues

- Journals with custom CSS can look crappy: I know, but I won't put a lot of work into that. as it says, its custom CSS, so i cannot "support" it in anyway. If you dont like the way it looks with this style, please switch off the style while you read the journal entry.

Thanks and credits:

- Special thanks to Kuros for hosting the CSS file on his server!
- most of the icons are the original dA icons. Some did not have transparent backgrounds, so I modified them in a way so they are usable with the dark b/g. Some I changed a little more.
- the dA logo I used was made by ~p-h-o-t-o-n for a contest. Deviation: [link]
- thanks to ~falexx, i could fix the dot that appeard at the bottom of the message center


Change log

Change log removed because no hosting D:



- dAblack borderless deviation: If the white border around the deviation disturbs you, you can install this style in addition to the regular dAblack using the same method as described above. It will remove the white border.
- dAblack totally borderless: Okay, here goes another customization of the style. If you want, like ~daYavuz, to have no borders at all in your black dA, install this style additionally to the regular dAblack. It will remove all borders.
- dAblack IceBlue Daily Pageviews bars: If you find those gray pageviews bars too boring, like *Krodil, you might want to install this additional style, which turns the daily pageviews bars a calm light blue!
- Visual installation tutorial: If you can't find the buttons described in the installation guide, maybe this visual guide by ~GyroxOpex

- Featured! This style has been featured:
- - - by `2dazed as a DD (on 09-02-21)
- - - by ~daYavuz in his journal
- - - by !G-e-m-p-o-l in his journal
- - - by !Ilayda-Arts in her journal
- - - by !Chinastone in his journal
- - - by `NunoPires in his journal
- - - by =fal-name in this deviation showing how dAblack looks for her
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:flame: DeviantART + Google Search Plug-in for Mozilla FireFox :flame:
[ Version 1.4 | January 7, 2007 ]

I no longer support this product.

:flame: :star: ... updated with better code and awesome icons by ~jujimufu... :star: :flame:

:flame: :star: ... added HTML installer made by `dancewiththesky :star: :flame:

:star: Function:
:bulletblue:Searches for various deviantART pages through Google.

:star: Features:
:bulletgreen:Now with the Beta Search included.
:bulletgreen:Corresponding icons by each search.
:bulletblue:Anyone who is running FireFox can use it.
:bulletblue:You can search for the following: :bulletgreen: Deviants :bulletgreen: Deviations :bulletgreen: Help/FAQ :bulletgreen: News :bulletgreen: Prints :bulletgreen: Journals :bulletgreen: Deviations :bulletgreen: or anything that has in its url!!
:bulletpurple: You can search specific catagories now, just type in the category before the keywords (ex: ' photomanipulation suzi9mm' gives you manips with Jen's work).
Includes the original deviant art in-site search!

:star: Requirements: </a>
Mozilla Firefox 1.0 or greater.

:star: To install:
1. Unzip the contents to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins or similar directory .
2. Restart FireFox.
3. Enjoy searching deviantART on the go.

Mac OSX:
1. Download the zip file.
2. Locate the Firefox folder from your hard drive ( most likely it is in the Applications folder).
3. Right click on the Firefox icon and choose 'Show Package Contents' from the options.
4. Open the 'Contents' folder then 'MacOS' folder then the 'searchplugins' folder.
5. Extract the downloaded plug-in's files into the 'seachplugins' folder.
6. Restart FireFox.
7. Enjoy searching deviantART on the go.

Alternatively you can use the included .html file to install the plugins without messing around your directories.

:star: Support:
If, for some odd reason, you cannot get the search plug-ins to work, please note me with your problem, FireFox version, and basic computer info.

:star: Previous versions:
1.4 01/07/07 Added HTML installer made by `dancewiththesky and fixed a typo
1.3 06/09/06 Icons for each search, better code (all thanks to ~jujimufu )
1.2 09/08/05 Added beta search support.
1.1 04/25/05 Category support, new Mac OS X instructions.
1.0 04/24/05 Inital release.

:star: Pimp it out:
If you find this plug-in useful, and want to get others aware, you can pimp it out in your Journal or ShoutBoard. All you have to do is get the HTML here and paste it in the desired Journal box. (Remember you can only use HTML in your journal if you are a subscriber.) For non subscribers, y'all can try this: [acronym title="“DevART + Google Search Plug-in”, by `hyper-psycho"][a href="[link]"]deviantART + Google Firefox Plug-in[/a][/acronym]. </a>

All trademarks, logos, and other marks are copyrighted to their respected companies/authors.
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What is it?
A greasemonkey script that shows thumbnails of the previous two and next two deviations in the gallery you're viewing, underneath the current deviation. It allows you to skip between deviations in a gallery without having to use the back button or switch tabs.

Why not? ;P
It's a feature I've been wanting for a while, and I've heard it requested more than a few times in the Suggestions forum.

How do I get it?
In order to use it, you must be using Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox, and you must have the Greasemonkey extension installed. Then, right click :pointr:this link:pointl: and choose "Install User Script". Next time you view a deviation, you should see a row of thumbnails underneath it.

* Yet another complete rewrite. Works on dAv5.
* Completely restructured the script internals. Behavior should be exactly the same, but it should now work on Firefox 1.5 with newer versions of greasemonkey. Hasn't been tested on older versions of Firefox, so if you have issues with it, try 0.2 below.
* Added previous/next buttons, to allow you to browse an entire gallery without leaving the page.
* Changed "Other deviations by ____" to be a link to the deviant's gallery
* Initial release

Here: [link]
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Club-Homunculus' first ID made by the owner.
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:star: VERSION 3.00, 20th JUNE 2008 :spotlight-right: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :spotlight-left:

:bulletgreen: DeviantLink is now Firefox 3 compatible!!
:bulletgreen: optimised: now 15% smaller than before (86KB vs 101KB)
:bulletgreen: a lot of internal restructuring
:bulletgreen: removed explicit support for firefox 1.0 and flock 0.5. minimum versions are now 1.5 and 0.7 respectively.
:bulletpurple: one known bug with FF3 - cannot change the toolbar-toggle keyboard shortcut in the prefs panel. this will be addressed shortly in a point release

:star: VERSION 2.90, 19th MAY 2008
:bulletgreen: trivial update removing explicit FF3 support until i can guarantee it... (give it about 2-3 weeks before i have this sorted out now that the RC1 build is officially available...)

:star: VERSION 2.89, 8th DECEMBER 2007 :bulletgreen: internal compatibility updates for upcoming release of Firefox3 (all references to the deprecated event.preventBubble() method updated with equivalent calls to event.stopPropagation(); backwards compatibility with earlier versions is unaffected... should now work nicely with the latest nightly builds!)

:star: VERSION 2.88, 1st NOVEMBER 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed the "cannot DeviantLink off selected text" bug -- again! (sorry jen!) ;P

:star: VERSION 2.87, 30th OCTOBER 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed 'Manage Gallery' link in 'My Account' submenu
:bulletpurple: removed Critique Pref links as they are now handled in 'Manage Gallery'
:bulletgreen: added explicit compatibility support for Netscape 9

:star: VERSION 2.86, 27th OCTOBER 2007
:bulletgreen: now compatible with the very latest firefox 3 alpha releases that require cryptographically signed extension updates [link]

:star: VERSION 2.85, 23rd OCTOBER 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed a bug in the toolbar menu's "scraps" link
:bulletpurple: fixed a bug in wallpaper previews where you'd get way too many menu entries
:bulletpurple: updated wallpaper preview parsing to account for a small change in DA's code

:star: VERSION 2.80-2.83, 8th-10th SEPT 2007
:bulletgreen: polished up the "My Prints" toolbar menu; one extra menu entry, and a fix for the broken "Storefront" link. (i've finally uploaded images into my own prints account!!)
:bulletpurple: loads of under-the-hood changes, fully sandboxing FF overlays from Mozilla overlays; this is necessary groundwork for supporting toolbar customisation in the next release...
:bulletpurple: think i fixed a seamonkey issue, but need that confirmed...
:bulletpurple: fixed the dynamic wallpapers preview feed
:bulletpurple: 2.82 fixes a "disappearing toolbar" issue that was in 2.80/2.81 -- grab it quickly if you have either of those versions!
:bulletpurple: 2.83 fixes the reintroduced "cannot DeviantLink off selected text" bug

:star: VERSION 2.75, 10th JULY 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed "scraps" link on the toolbar; was fine in contextmenu (thx ~calibius)
:bulletpurple: reinstated "selected-text" DeviantLink functionality; FF2 broke it (thx $ewm)

:star: VERSION 2.73, 5th APRIL 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed "competitions" link on the "DA" menu (now lives in 'culture' subcategory). a reworking of this part of the toolbar/menu is planned once i find and move into a new apartment now that i have moved to Tokyo!

:star: VERSION 2.72, 5th APRIL 2007
:bulletgreen: added "Canvas Print Templates" to the "Prints & Product Templates" submenu

:star: VERSION 2.71, 2nd APRIL 2007
:bulletpurple: parsing fix for dynamic wallpaper menu when the "title" attribute is not available...
:bulletgreen: added "Print Submission Agreement" to the "Submit" menu

:star: VERSION 2.70, 2nd APRIL 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed - the dynamic wallpaper menu!! DA still doesn't have a decent feed for this so i'm reduced to parsing html. which is irritating but, hey, it works... ;P
:bulletgreen: improvements to tab title rewriting, especially on shop pages
:bulletgreen: new entries/graphics on the "Buy Art" menu, now renamed "DA Shop"
:bulletgreen: updated my address if you want to send a postcard to say thanks!
:bulletgreen: all fixes/updates/new graphics only added 2-3Kb to the file size
:bulletgreen: added "DeviantLink Changelog" to the "Help" menu

:star: VERSION 2.66, 25th MARCH 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed - can now add deviants to devwatch from anywhere on the site, not just on their userpage (fix yesterday was incomplete)
:bulletgreen: updated a few icons for a more DAv5 look: notably Chat, Forum, and Browse on the toolbar, Add to Favourites, Forum, Store on the context menu.
:bulletgreen: further bugfixes to come shortly; i have some catching up to do!

:star: VERSION 2.65, 24th MARCH 2007
:bulletpurple: fixed - couldn't add deviants to devwatch (DA changed the way this is done)
:bulletpurple: fixed - couldn't donate subscriptions to deviants (DA changed the way this is done)
:bulletpurple: fixed - dynamic news menu! got totally fed up waiting for DA to provide an RSS feed so i've created my own [link] and integrated it with DeviantLink
:bulletgreen: minor improvement to deviantname parsing from certain document elements
:bulletgreen: more bugfixes to come shortly!

:star: VERSION 2.63, 3rd DECEMBER 2006
:bulletgreen: deviantlink contextmenu finally works with literature previews!! :D
:bulletgreen: simplified the "submit" toolbar menu so it better integrates with the new submission process. this may be re-extended once i've had a bit of a think to see how easy/useful that would be. opinions welcome!

:star: VERSION 2.62, 1st DECEMBER 2006
:bulletpurple: bugfix for username wizard!
:bulletpurple: bugfix for tab titles!

:star: VERSION 2.61, 25th NOVEMBER 2006
:bulletgreen: in the new larger wallpaper previews, a few of the images were not being generated at the higher resolution, they were simply being stretched. this is now fixed, all preview images are now natively loaded at the correct resolution.
:bulletgreen: small improvements to wallpaper preview layout
:bulletgreen: tweaked XBL bindings so DOM inspector shows bound elements with custom names
:bulletgreen: compatibility tentatively extended to FireFox 3.0 alpha (trunk/nightly)
:bulletgreen: restrict keyboard shortcut range to exclude CRTL+SHIFT+[0-9] as these are actually already FF2 shortcuts for jumping to the tab at that index

:star: VERSION 2.60, 19th NOVEMBER 2006
:bulletgreen: larger dynamic wallpaper previews, showing more details
:bulletgreen: non-parsed unicode such as "#9827;" cleanly stripped from rss journal titles
:bulletpurple: fix for the "two pages load instead of one" bug (confirmed by $ewm!)
:bulletpurple: fixed the context/toolbar links to gallery scraps (again, argh...)
:bulletpurple: hidden menuitems now correctly take up ZERO space instead of using 1 pixel
(this was a firefox bug with the "collapsed" state. now using display:none instead)

:star: VERSION 2.53, 2.54, 12th NOVEMBER 2006
:bulletgreen: added keyboard shortcut to show/hide the main DeviantLink toolbar. default is "CTRL+SHIFT+Q", but this can be changed to any other available "CTRL+SHIFT" A-Z combination through the preferences panel. v2.54 fixes a minor internal bug in v2.53 and extends the available shortcuts to include the range "CTRL+SHIFT" 0-9 (shortcut feature request from ~RedFlames)

:star: VERSION 2.52, 25th OCTOBER 2006
:bulletpurple: whoops, in yesterday's update i missed one line of code, which caused the "DA" tab titles to run out of control across non-deviantart domains! fixed! :D (thx to *IceCrystal for quickly drawing my attention to this oversight)

:star: VERSION 2.51, 24th OCTOBER 2006
:bulletpurple: enhanced/fixed consistency of tab title improvements (thx =rotane)
:bulletgreen: re-enabled "Browse Daily Deviations" (thx `imperfect, was in your elevenses journal!)
:bulletgreen: the four icons in the toolbar "My Account" menu now also show in the corresponding positions of the "Manage My Account" submenu within the menubar's drop-down DeviantART entry

:star: VERSION 2.50, 24th SEPTEMBER 2006 :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
:bulletgreen: the DeviantLink toolbar can now be repositioned from the prefs panel
:bulletgreen: CTRL+ALT+ENTER deviantname completion in addressbar (firefox/flock only)
:bulletgreen: DeviantART-specific tabbed browsing improvements for page tab titles
:bulletgreen: Toolbar "Help", "Browse", and "Submit" menus have all been extended
:bulletgreen: Emoticon and shoutbox windows can be opened in a new tab by middle-clicking
:bulletgreen: Improved the preference panel with better usability and visual feedback
:bulletgreen: Rich tooltips for the preference panel's miscellaneous options
:bulletgreen: Code improvements: less redundancy, better performance, use of XBL
:bulletgreen: Automatic menu and toolbar layout improvements for lower-resolution screens
:bulletgreen: Uninstaller code that can remove DeviantLink's saved prefs on uninstall
:bulletgreen: Improved some toolbar spacing issues under Flock and Netscape 8
:bulletgreen: Anticipating DA5: added contextmenu "Party" integration
:bulletgreen: Compatibility extended to Firefox 2.0 ("Bon Echo")
:bulletgreen: Updated the journal rss icon as per feedicons: [link]
:bulletgreen: No flicker when DeviantLink contextmenu first shows
:bulletgreen: Visual improvements for dialogs on MacOS X

:bulletpurple: if you like deviantlink, then use the "random deviation" feature a lot! :)
:bulletblue: pageviews and statistics menuitems will not work with deviants
that choose "hide statistics" in their profile settings

compatibility extended to all of the following browsers!
:bulletgreen: firefox 1.5, 2.0, 3.0a
:bulletgreen: mozilla 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 beta
:bulletgreen: netscape 8.0, 8.1, 9.0
:bulletgreen: seamonkey 1.0, 1.1
:bulletgreen: flock 0.7, 1.0

:star: FEATURES :party:
:bulletgreen: integrated toolbar with access to 140 DA locations and tools!
:bulletgreen: dynamic integration with DA news/wallpaper/journal rss/xml feeds
:bulletgreen: instant access to all parts of a deviant's pages - gallery, journal, etc
:bulletgreen: works on selected text, links, avatars, & deviations (full-view & thumb)
:bulletgreen: entirely user-configurable through easy-to-use preferences panel
:bulletgreen: right-click add selected deviant to your friends list or send a note
:bulletgreen: open pages in current tab, new tab, background tab, or new window
:bulletgreen: shortens and clarifies DA tab titles to enhance tabbed browsing
:bulletgreen: deviantname auto-completion in address bar with CTRL-ALT-ENTER

a few people had funny issues downloading this from DA, so here are some clear pointers. when you click "download deviation", you should be asked if you want to save the file "DeviantLink_Browser_Extension_by_ayembee.xpi" or "". if this doesn't happen, you can also right click on the download link and choose to "Save Target As". save the file as "deviantlink.xpi". if you got ".zip", rename to ".xpi", open the file in your browser (File / Open File), and it will then install itself - restart and you're done! (also, if all else fails, dragging and dropping the downloaded extension file onto the browser application seems to be very reliable)

feedback & feature requests always appreciated!

you might also like to take a look at my other firefox extensions:
[link] DeviantEmoteBar v1.26
[link] DeviantCopyPaste v2.90

~ayembee :painter:

:earth: PLANNED FOR v3.0+
:bulletgreen: DeviantLink toolbar customisation!
:bulletgreen: feature freeze for translation! no major features currently planned beyond v3.0

:earth: MAYBE
:bulletgreen: chat manager so you can have an integrated list of dAmn chatroom favourites
:bulletgreen: if DA's RSS feeds ever get sorted out i might do some work involving those
:bulletpurple: note:: all translators get a credit next to their flag in the translation tab! :D
:bulletblue: [translation keeps slipping as i have been adding new features... sorry!!]
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This is for this: [link]

Created with the amazing Bullets made by $liquisoft
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Aaah eu amo o BrasilGui ;P

\\PSD Resource:
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`electricnet released a successor to this script, please check out SuperdAmn


old description below (not up to date anymore)

(the actual deviation is in this description)

dAmn.extend v0.20313

Attention: This user script only works with Mozilla FireFox and Flock, not for Internet Explorer (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you're probably using IE and can't use this script)
With some time, I will re-write dAmn.extend and also release an IE-friendly version.

Installation You need the GreaseMonkey extension. Install this extension first, then you have to reload FireFox.
(Don't do what follows. For now, use the fix posted at the start of this post) After that, click here and select "Install".
After that, reload your chat page to let the dAmn.extend kick in.

please bear in mind that this script is still under development. If you notice bugs or have suggestions, feel free to contact me at `siebenzehn

thanks to `sapphiretiger for creating the preview image layout :P
also thanks to `doofsmack, *eViLKoRnY, `igy and the others I probably forgot right now for testing and giving hints

big thanks to `bzed for providing me with a faster webspace for the script :P
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