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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
اللهم صلى محمد و آل محمد

هذا العمل يعود إلى الاخ كربلاء ستايل

قم بالضغط على الدوان لود للحصول على العمل مضغوط و مخفي الطبقات

Note : The PSD file is hidden layers
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Baden bei Vien, Austria, some years ago xD

Download for full resolution :)

:bulletgreen: Stock rules

1. Give me credit in the description with a link to this page or the stock used.
2. Give me notice (a comment or note)
3. You can use my stock outside of DA. but you must give me notice and a link.
4. Prints are allowed. Just say thanks in the description. If you feel like it you can give me one as thanks :)
5. Do not redistibute my stocks! Meaning you are not allowedto make your own stock out of my stock
6. If you use the stock please fav it - help spread the stocks! 8D
7. You CANNOT use my stock for commercial purposes - if you wish to use it that way please contact me.

:bulletgreen: My main account =iisjah
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:snowing:Credit and link back to this account please!

:snowing:Don't use my stock with nudity!

:snowing:Please read journal for detailed rules.

My Main Account is :iconinthename:

Thank You for all the support!:hug:
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Click DOWNLOAD for the full size picture.

:bulletblue: Respect the model.
:bulletblue: You don't need to ask permission if you want to use my stock.
:bulletblue: I hereby grant all DeviantArtists permission to use my stock in any and all Deviant Prints without restriction. If you want to use my stock outside dA ASK first.
:bulletblue: Credit me in your deviation, this means: link to my stock account in your deviation description.
If you don't know how you can create links: FAQ #81: How can I make links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
:bulletblue: Send me a note or leave a comment with a link to your work so I can fave it.
:bulletblue: You can use my stock to create another stock picture but you have to follow the same rules: Credit me and inform me.
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Model is Gavin Gavalli [link]
Download for full size (2592x3888)

:star: STOCK RULES :star:

1. You must be a member of DA to use my stock.

2. If you use my stock YOU MUST let me know, and send me the link to your creation. Trust me, you get more :+fav:'s this way too!

3. If you use my stock YOU MUST note credits to my stock in your creations comments, either with a link back to my stock account or to the stock photo itself.

4. My stock may be used in several ways as long as it is artistic and is used primarily for DA. Retouching is not considered artistic, changing color tones or using filters is not artistic, putting a border on a photograph is not artistic. You must change the image in some noticable way.

5. You may NOT repost any of my stock as a photograph, It must be photo manipulation or ANY other artistic outlet other than photograph.

6. I hold 100% copyright to all my photographs, and have the right as do any stock photographer to refuse usage to anyone I choose. I will protect the models in any of my stock from being disrespected or used as a target or promoter of hate. Most Horror and Gore is fine.

7. Selling prints of your art on DA and using on personal portfolios/ websites is fine as long as it follows ALL of the rules , but I would appreciate a notice.

8. I can change the rules at any time I wish!

I love and appreciate all the artists, who have used my stock in the past and who will continue to use it in the future.

Just a note to everyone that NOTHING about Deathrockstock has changed in anyway, these rules have always been the same, they will just be more visible in the future!

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This stock is free to use.
If you use it link it back to me (as in give me credit for the stock with a link ~Falln-Stock or my icon in the description)
& note me with a link of the pic you used it in.
I would like to see what you used my stock for ^_^
*for further rules check my journal*
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A cutout stock image from *LongStock 's gallery
Click the download button for the zip archive that contains the transparent png file
Original uncut stock image can be found here [link]
Please link back here and to *LongStock
Enjoy! ;)
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This is a Red Bellied Piranha.

Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Download for 2896x1944 version.

You have permission to use my stock. No need to ask! Please just follow my simple rules.

  • Please credit me in the description or on the image.
  • Give me a link to the finished work so I can +fav it.
  • :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:
  • You may use this for photomanipulation if the changes made are substantial. Do not just increase the saturation and call that your finished piece.
  • You may use this as a reference.
  • You may use this to make a premade background.
  • You may use this off-site.
  • You may make your work involving my stock into a print.
Have fun! :wave:
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Okay, I'm not that picky, but here are the rules and they must be followed!

1. You must mention us in all of your art using our stock and give a link to our stock site.
2. Send us a comment or note of what you have done so we can look at it!
3. You must not(this means not allowed EVER) use our stock for any pornography or racial/hate art.
4. You must ask before making prints using our stock, but you can use it outside of DeviantArt. We don't bite, just ask!
5.You must make an effort with our stock. No changing colors or just adding a new background*, fixing mistakes in the picture, that sort of thing. You are not allowed to post it to your site as your artwork if you have done so. You guys can do it, we have no doubt!

*this does not include stock that is used as a background, such as our japanese garden photos. In that case, you must do something to the foreground.

P.S. We love to see our stock used as a reference for traditional art as well, so feel free to do so and tell us!
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