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This is my first work, hope you enjoy it.
Black, white and orange colors are used in this pack, they go with darker and lighter desktops as well.

Quick Installation by Right clicking the Install.inf file -> Install

- Drone -
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Gruppled Cursor Pack. Original by ~gruppler. I didnt like the Lite version For Windows, so I used the resource file to make this pack.

Instructios on how to install:

1. Extract to wherever you want to, preferably the desktop.

2. Right Click the install.inf File

3. Click install

thx ~pziig for the .inf file
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TO INSTALL: Extract the folder on your Desktop, right click each of the *.inf files (Polar Blue/Green/Red.inf) on the file and select "Install", the files on your Desktop can be deleted after the installation.

TO USE: Start Menu > Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers > Polar on the dropdown box. I recommend you to disable shadows, because the cursors already has shadows.

UPCOMING: Smaller version of the cursors

This cursor set was originally made for Linux by Eric Matthews -> [link]

I just ported it to the Windows .cur/.ani format

This theme can be installed WITHOUT CursorXP and can be installed on almost any version of Windows

There is a black version of this theme called "Obsidian", you can get it here -> [link]
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    Cursor Pack for Windows

    version 1.1
      :pointr: Added Smaller Sizes [S + XS]

      It's my 1st cursor pack deviation for Windows
      I'm kinda bored with Aero Cursors so i decided to make mine

      .. and share it with you guys ... :blowkiss:

      it's the 1st time i made my own cursor pack and so far so good. :aww:

      " What's SO great about this ? " :#1:

        :pointr: Installing is simply as 2 clicks! -- installation is in config file
        :pointr: Glossy look and Awesome shape to fit any desktop -- very nice design
        :pointr: Cursors are animated -- isn't that awesome! so it's not boring
        :pointr: Aqua swirl is in there too -- with a little retouch for a perfect set of cursors
        :pointr: Busy cursor is not what you think it is -- no it's not just ported from Mac OSX
        see it for your self ... there's an extra animation in there that you wouldn't see in your native Mac

        More Cursors -- Coming Soon!

      " please do :+fav: and add your comments. "

      MUCH RESPECT :bow:

      :highfive: ADD ME TO :+devwatch: FOR MORE UPDATES

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I make these icons on photoshop.
I tried to make them fit in with the Aero styling of vista and windows 7.

To install first right click on the Install.inf file and select install.
Then go to control panel, then cursors (or search mouse in the start menu in Vista/Windows7).
Select the pointers tab and select Transparency from the drop down menu.
Then click OK or Apply at the bottom of the window.


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based on token light icons by [link] / [link]

+ additional outline to add more usability
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Minimalistic Cursors made for the Gaia '09 suite.

Made in: Photoshop Cs4 ·

Visit for more information.


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I basically took all the Aero cursors and added a blue glow to them. It's pretty neat, if you like that kind of stuff. Just in case you're wondering, the animated ones are still animated :D

To use the cursors, unzip the zip and put all the cursors into your Cursors folder (C:\WINDOWS\Cursors). Next, go to the Control Panel and double-click Mouse. Click on the Pointers tab, and proceed to change any of the cursors you want to the glowing ones. When you've got all the cursors you want set, save them as a Scheme.

I hope those instructions aren't too terrible =P Anyways, enjoy these. :)
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hi all,
this cursor pack that is a part of my Black Royale suite [link] [link] [link]
All the cursors are self-made. There is an installer included,
to install right click Install.inf and choose install

Cursors that are animated are:

Please Comment and Fave :)
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Finally updated my first cursor! Introducing Night Diamond v2.0! High quality theming cursor with smooth animations I am a dummy! 
This update made me start from scratch again, which is why it took so long. See the update log below to know the improvements!  

Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U!  Premium Pack is now available for purchase via points which is completely optional. Premium pack offers a different set of stylish animations, to complete your ideal theme!  OMG MOAR POEMS! See the preview here and decide for yourself: Arrow left Arrow left CLICK FOR PREVIEWArrow right Arrow right 

Your fave and comments are much appreciated! Comment or message me if you have some feed-backs. Thanks and happy customizing! Starman :la: 


Topaz Yellow  
Zircon Cyan 
Opal White (Iridescent) 
Opal White
Emerald Green
Ruby Red
Amethyst Purple
Spectrum Set


Crystal Clear

Bullet; Blue "HOW TO INSTALL" Video tutorial here: CLICK   
Bullet; Green Compatible with all windows platform.
Bullet; Red Mac not supported.

Add me to your watchlists for more updates! 

v2.0.1 New 

-Added 2 new bonus cursors: Side beam (Thick&Thin)


-Overall size shrunk by a few pixels.
-Center diamond slightly enlarged.
-Smoother animation.
-Increased animation speed.
-Changed default animations of everything except link select and busy.
-Added new bonus cursors including "Text select - morph", "Busy - orbs", and more!
-Improved animation for the classic "Busy", "Link select" and "Text select - transparent"
-Added optional premium pack.
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