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Similar Deviations
Several modified SKS based weapons
1327 46

1 - Stock Yugo SKS rifle
2 - Modified Sawed off SKS "Pistol"
3 - SKS Variant JBS-53 altered version of a SKS-D model (able to accept standard AK-47 Magazines)
4 - SBM-25 Custom pistol caliber bullpup SKS platform based weapon, Caliber 7.62x25mm
5 - KSS Modified Bullpup SKS + extended 20rd magazine
6 - SVS WWII Semi auto prototype rifle 7,62x54R (long action SKS)
7 - Customized SKS for target shooting
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Various modified SMLE rifles of multiple concepts.
Original image used for stock unmodified rifles…

1 - Stock SMLE II or III
2 - Modified Target Enfield - Bull/Free float barrel & optic ready rails
3 - Modified Tanker SBR Short Barrel Rifle Enfield (15 round detachable magazine)
4 - Stock No4 Jungle Carbine
5 - Modified Sleek/Stealth Enfield "internally suppressed" Sub Sonic loads for best results*
6 - Modified Assault Enfield ( 20 round detachable magazine )
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Various modified concept designs of the German MG 42 machinegun
Stock Mg42 pic used from…

1 - Stock 8mm German MG42 unmodified
2 - Modified furniture Mg-42 / slightly shortened barrel
3 - Paratrooper Heavy water-cooled Mg-42 variant *fixed barrels / reduced rate of fire*
4 - Modified tripod ready Mg-42 (1919 browning style operations)
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Alright let me do this right :meow:
My friend drew a badass Browning Automatic Rifle the other day. I was so amazed that I went ahead and colored it up.
Badass line art by :iconm4a1war: Image located here
Iv seen many attempts to make old WW2 weapons "Modern"
Im never amused by them as they dont take into account many factors of firearm development over the years.
But this one is What I would imagin a Modern B.A.R would look like ^-^
Anyways Go check out his Gallery If you like Firearms He has lots more
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Firearm name - FN-49
Country or origin - Belgium
Caliber - 7.92x57mm Mauser + Various others
Operation - Gas
Mag capacity - 10rds

Yeah A badass gun that I love to have. Though it would be more on collecting the actual purpose.
Like how this worked out Maybe Il do more work like such.
More art available in my Gallery please take a look
Mecha style art-[link]
Renamon folder-[link]
Anthro Gals-[link]
Guns colored-[link]
more guns B&W- [link]
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Weapon set commission for a guy over at FA, Thought Id share it here too.
Firearm design concept development.
Simple, Cheap, Crude & Effective are the design goals of these designs.
relying heavily on tubing & sheet metal in its designs were ever possible.

Enjoy or Not
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Older Submission replaced with Redrawn & Submitted to Updated & Replace aged work. (replaced with similar newer drawing)

Original concept for the RCJR 13 But design was altered enough to no longer be considered them same model weapon. But this what was drawn first.

R.C.J.R - 11 (full size)

Semi-Auto / 30-06 Springfield (150 grain)

12 round fixed internal magazine - cartridges may be feed individually or via stripper clips

Nationality - American 1940s


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Additional previous commission for firearm concept development, Completed a while beck but not posted till now.
Modified variants of WW2 weapons
More specifically .30 Carbine conversions of said existing designs.
.30 carbine Mauser C96 & .30 Carbine PPSH 43 / Ak hybrid
Along with a Bren / Bar blend.

Enjoy or Not
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Modified Kalashnikov (Ak-47) SBR Bullpup Rifle.
Features include ambidextrous charging handle piston, forward pistol grip, side rail attached cheek rest
Parent weapons - Kalashnikovs
Caliber - 7.62x39mm
Origin - gunsmith's machine shop
Category - Class 3 SBR
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Winchester lever action model 94 rifle
Several modified forms of the traditional rifle.

1 - Stock unmodified Mod 94
2 - Sawed off / cut down Mod 94 Mare's leg
3 - Winchester Model 98 Magazine feed military trial prototype
4 - Modified 94 with a steeper 87 degree pistol grip & shortened front end
5 - Optic mounted Survivalist 9s4 model & folding wire stock
6 - Select fire conversion of a Model 94, Hopper magazine feed & water cooled
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