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An older original vehicle design I came up with in art school.
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Some facts:

The Gliwice Radio Tower is the transmission tower of the Gliwice, Upper Silesia, Poland, radio station.

It is an 118-metre high (including the 8 metre long spire on its top) construction of impregnated larch wood framework. The tower was nicknamed "the Silesian Eiffel Tower" by the local population, although the similarities are minor.

For access to its top, there is a ladder with 365 steps.

Gliwice Radio Tower is perhaps the tallest wooden structure in the world. It is designed to carry aerials for medium wave broadcasting, but the transmitter is not in service any more.

Little history:

On 31 August 1939, the Germans staged a "Polish" attack on Gleiwitz radio station, which was later used as justification for the Invasion of Poland. The transmission facility was not demolished in World War II. From 4 October 1945, until the inauguration of the new transmitter in Ruda Śląska in 1955, the Gliwice transmitter was used for medium wave broadcasting of the Polish Broadcasting Company. After 1955, the transmitter was used as a jammer against medium wave transmitters broadcasting Western Polish-language programmes, e.g. Radio Free Europe.
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Changed the hood up a bit, all those straight lines didn't look right. Since I still don't have textures I thought some neat lighting would look good.
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Tanya finally flipped the radio to Star 101, unable to find another station playing anything better. It’s not like it wasn’t music she hadn’t heard fifty million times, but it was better than nothing, she supposed. She peered through the fog, focusing on following close behind the taillights in front of her. Even if it was close to noon, the thick layer that covered the bottom half of the Golden Gate made it seem more like evening.

She tapped her fingers on her steering wheel in time to Timbaland, cruising along about ten miles slower along the bridge than she’d like. She had stuff to do today, dammit, and she wanted to get it done and be back in Marin County before rush hour started. Somewhere beyond all the fog, something thrummed heavily. It caused a tremor to run through her car. It took a moment for Tanya to realize it wasn’t the bass from the Hybrid in front of her. She recalled seeing some big naval battleship in the harbor as she was returning from work yesterday.

“Oh God.” Tanya muttered with a roll of her eyes. “Did Fleet Week come early this year?” Just what she needed. Jets disrupting her week with their loud engines screaming overhead again. The closer she drove towards the middle of the Golden Gate, the heavier and louder the thrumming was getting. She could feel it vibrating through the entire bridge now. “Shit, what’s going on?”

She peered into the fogbank and could barely see the dark shape of the bridge around her. She crept under one span and saw the tall angles of the next just only visible in front. Except there were other shapes in front of it. And they were


Things flashed, illuminating the fog almost fluorescently and when something
exploded, Tanya screamed and put her hands over her mouth. One of the dark shapes roared and lunged forward, bright flashes coming from around it and slamming into the other. Light flickered in the fog, turning it an orange-red and dark smoke spilled into the air. Tanya’s wide eyes followed the billowing column and there, hovering in the fog were eyes. Bright, flashing red eyes. A bellow like an airhorn times fifty broke the air and opposite those eyes was a glowing band that just barely illuminated what could’ve been a masked face. Tanya thought her heart stopped as her car crawled between them.

Oh, hell no. She thought vaguely. I’m so finding another route home.


Submitted for Liam Shalloo's pin-up contest. I actually wasn't going to submit anything for it because the deadline wasn't too far after my finals last semester (even though i did spend time toying with some thumbnails for it).

I ended up doing this, though, because I was just suddenly struck with the idea of someone driving along some fog-ridden area of San Francisco and not realizing they were coming up on a giant robot battle until they were practically in the middle of it.

Didn't place (didn't think i would, either) but I got a couple good critics on the piece and if there's any others- go ahead and let me know! Not my favorite piece (as it's not particularly dynamic) but I do enjoy the idea behind it.

If I get around to attempting to color it (or if someone volunteers to color it?) I'll probably scrap it later. Until then- enjoy!

Transformers is property of Hasbro, IDW and whoever else.
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Logo Concepts for a radio astronomy company in New Mexico... [link]

comments and fav's appreciated...
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>>> Retro Am Sound System <<<

Radio photo found at

* Color correction

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Concept I thought of with Jet Set/Grind Radio.

DMC + Tron + GTA + Air Gear + Sonic Adventure 2 + Kingdom Hearts (gummi ship idea) + Okami

What's next? Grinding a path of meteors along the milky way to start grinding the ring around Saturn?

Images that would make Jet Set Radio Universe:

Music Meter in beats glasses instead of the squiggly music wave.


Pop Art


General Graffiti


Tron (just not as dark):


Grinding off of futuristic cars as the fly by:


Places that look something like (but not all of them looking like:


Have a new feature like some sort of "Ink" splash style in a capsule can (like the capsules on DBZ) you can black and white on walls, and after you finish the game you can unlock different ink splash can colors. Kind of like Okami. Then you can upgrade to bombs that you throw like a water bomb that burst/explode on impact and create pictures (or random pictures on walls),...also can hinder an enemy incasing them in black ink to keep them from pursuing and attacking you temporarily.


Final Boss?


Jet Set Radio Universe isn't real, its just a concept I thought of for them going to the next level. There's a huge fan following, and I had a few ideas for it. I imagined them grinding the ring around saturn or skating in the universe and various planets and stations around the universe, when traveling to another world I thought of a mid game where you grind things in the universe just to get to the next planet much like in Kingdom Hearts when you play the gummy ship to transfer in-between worlds. And much like the last stage on Sonic Adventure 2 where sonic is grinding the rails (which I think they got that from jet set in the first place.) I also thought of a new art "ink" feature that you throw against the wall in the form of DBZ capsules that splatter on impact and make black and white graffiti designs, in which also you can use as bombs to hold enemies temporarily in place with ink all over them. A futurstic tron mixed urban street style was the idea for upgrade. Instead of just one scratchy "hip-hop" style I thought of making it more universal with dj scratching and techno songs like Thomas Kinakade for the tracks, dub step and trip hop as added songs with hip hop.

Made with deviantART muro
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My very first non organic transformer! Please remember to leave comments below, and to check out my other stuff ^_^


Darksyde is a next generation seeker. His alt mode is an experimental craft designed for special covert missions. His most noteworthy ability is his cloaking device, and the ability to open his own personal space bridges. His alt mode also boasts one of the fastest speeds of any jet, able to outrun most munitions and anti aircraft weapons with ease.

Darksyde is a picture soldier. He obeys his orders and strives in perfection in all he does. This is not to say he is overly loyal. If he thinks his leader is weak and someone else would make a better choice he will gladly fallow the more suited leader. Despite all of his leaders knowing this he is still treated as a loyal subject for the most part because he himself has no desire to lead anything more then small elite teams.

When on long missions Darksyde can substitute energon for space radiation which gives him his "Healthy green glow." He is quite safe for organic creatures to be around unless he becomes damaged and starts leaking. In Robot mode this special form of energy becomes a extremely dangerous weapon. As a result of elongated exposure he can tolerate radiation based weapons with ease.

Darksyde's main weapons while in this mode are his rapid fire pulse blasters and well as gravity rockets. He also has an ability to charge his missiles with radiation causing the blast zones to become irradiated.

Darksyde has a few key weaknesses. One is his ambition for strong challenges. He considers himself a top soldier and yearns to face opponents he finds worthy. As a result if he believes an opponent is week he will let them live unless it endangers his mission. He may even refuse to fight an autobot if he feels they are to below him. Another notable weakness is his tolerance for organic creatures. He finds humans immensely interesting and won't hesitate to start up conversations with humans who are even allied with Autobots. His last weakness is the fact that other less advanced Decepticons ((Notably flyers)) tend to become quite jealous of this "More advanced seeker" and if they can get away with it will leave him to his fate or even take a shot at him from behind!

Robot mode is here - [link]
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After the 2nd insectoid attack on Earth in 2354 the Sol Centauri alliance realised it needed a better early detection system. Alliance fleet headquarters designed a sensor network of 8 space docks, 154 starbases, 384 stations and 1,450 satalites. This system would give the Alliance 2 weeks advanced notice on any incoming ships. The farthest out station, Nu Cygni, 356 Ly from Earth was the first built. Orbiting a single star, with only an asteroid feild in the system it was made to double as a research station. It took 3 years for the outer and inner hull to be complete. The E.C.A.N Ryujin-B was sent, only 32% complete with a convoy of 128 cargo and personell ships to the station. 12,000 engineers and mechanincs working round the clock completed the station in 4 years and the Ryujin in 11 months. With the first convoy home, a second was sent with 6 Whale class ships, and 47 ships carrying the remaining compliment of crew, cargo, weapons and auxillary craft. The station was fully operational in 2364.

Nu Cygni Deep space outpost 141-007G
Outreach station

Width: 3,609 meters
Height: 9120 meters
Decks: 1900 decks

Crew compliment: 39,946 standard compliment, 41000 max, room for 116,000
466 Officers
8400 Engineers
8000 Mechanics
580 Medical
5000 Marines
1200 Slayers
1200 Scientists
4500 Pilots,
6900 Gunners

Power Generation
Mana reactor class 11: 2 60Gw/H
Mana mass storage cells model 8: 20 (50 cells per MMSC)
10 GW fusion reactors: 15
Hydrogen storage tanks: 3 7000L
Deuterium storage tanks: 8 2000L tanks
161,920 meters squared solar pannels. 21Gw
Fusion cores: 4 8Gw reactors
Auxillary hydrogen tanks: 3 800L
Auxillary deuterium tanks: 3 500L
6 solar wind turbines: 3Gw/h

Catapults: 550
Coil gun catapults: 8
8 dry dock facilities
24 interior docking ports
14 exterior ports
8 fighter bays
4 shuttle bays

Auxiliary craft:
Raynar Cargo craft: 8
Venture shuttle: 120
Earth Heavy D series: 4
I.P.P.F Constellation class: 8
Rinya Ambulance: 8
Emergency response vessel: 4
Mining craft: 15
Maddog MkI: 850
Maddog MkII: 1000
Maddog MkIV: 950
Echoe MkII: 150
Angel fighter: 350
Rhino: 350
Scorpion: 500

Shield generators: Mk 8, force rating 500
Armor: 2.4 meter thick Tritanium alloy. Resistant to high heat, concussive blasts
4 Athena class Super Mass Drivers
8 Minotaur heavy Mass drivers
40 Heavy cannons (anti: Dreadnaughts, capital ships carriers)
250 Medium canons (Anti battleships, warships, destroyers)
400 light cannons (heavy and medium cruisers)
2,500 Anti-Fighter guns
600 Anti-cruiser cannons
150 Anti-frigate cannons
8,000 Energy flak emplacements
400 Missile turrets (750 missiles each)
200 Torpedo tubes (300 each)

Cargo bays: 184 (1,200 units of cargo each)
Secondary bays: 220 (800 units each)
20Ly subspace radio
5 AU radio transceiver
Short range teleporters: 125 rooms, 14 pads each
Vacuum sealed magnetic elevators: 885 vertical lifts, 1286 horizontal lifts, 300 multidirectional lifts


Training facilities: 32
Weight rooms: 14
Combat simulators: 58
Gymnasiums: 8
Crew lounges: 176
Library facilities: 2
Observation lounges: 45
Briefing rooms: 24
Hospitals: 8
Auxiliary hospitals: 12

Weapons labs: 4
Biodomes: 24
Hydroponics bays: 85
Aerospace labs: 3
Arboretums: 60
Astrobiology labs: 16
Astronomy lounges: 10
Astrophysics labs: 3
Botany Labs: 23
Computer science labs: 8
Cybernetics labs: 5
Exobiology labs: 2
General Science labs: 25
Microbiology labs: 8
Stellar Cartography: 4
Spatial Cartography: 6
Medicinal labs: 13

Fuel refineries: 6
Mineral processing
Fighter construction bay
Munitions plant

Refit cycle:
Minor: 8 years
Standard: 12 years
Maximum: 18 years
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some Copic and Sharpie markers.

I like most the left bottom one ;)

~30 min.
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