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"And that is a magnificent triple Salko from this brilliant young skater.  She traverses the ice with ease, with total confidence and grace..."

The ruffles on Kathy Johnson's dress blew in the breeze as she continued her routine on the ice.  The purple garment was designed for maximum movement and flattery, hanging off one shoulder as the skirt rose and fell with each movement.  As the star of the show, she had come on as the climax, and it was an amazing climax she was producing.  Leap after leap, turn after turn, she made the rink her own as the music played, and the crowd gasped in admiration.

"She's building up to the climax now..."  She started to build up speed, launching herself into the air as she turned herself once, twice, three, four times, her brown hair immaculately held in place as her skirt rose.  The crowd burst into applause as she came back down, skated a short distance and started to spin again, the movement catching everybody's eye.

"And the crowd go wild in appreciation," the announcer said as the music stopped and Kathy raised her arms in triumph.  She stood for a moment, catching her breath as bunches of flowers started to be thrown onto the ice, before setting off and gathering them up, waving to the crowd as she did so.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the reigning UK Ice Champion, Kathy Johnson!!"

She smiled at everyone as the spotlight followed her to the gate out of the ice, allowing herself a curtsey and a wave as she stepped through the gate and walked the short distance to the dressing room.  As the spotlight went back onto the ice, she stood against the wall, catching her breath before she sat down and started to unlace her boots.

"You were magnificent," she said as she looked over to the space behind the wall.  Sitting there, her eyes closed, was – Kathy Johnson, her wrists held together behind her back with rope, and bands encircling her upper body above and below her breasts, her ankles and legs were also similarly bound, while her mouth was covered with a length of white cloth.  She was quietly breathing, unaware of what had just happened.

As she stood up, Kathy looked at herself with a smile, before walking the short distance to her dressing room.  Stepping inside, she closed and locked the door before leaving her skates by the recliner and walking to the dressing table.  She sat down and looked at herself fin the mirror.  For a moment, all was fine, until her features started to blur in the mirror, and she found herself looking at a woman in her early thirties, with shoulder length brown hair, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans.  She stared at the other woman, her mouth opening in a silent scream as....

"Veronica?  Veronica, are you all right?"

Veronica opened her eyes and found herself sitting up in bed, panting hard as she turned to look at her husband.  "You were having a bad dream, I think," he said as he turned the light on and looked at her, sweat pouring down her face.  "You kept mumbling something about a skater, and then you screamed."

"I... I'm sorry, darling," she said as she ran her fingers through her light brown hair.  "I don't know what I was dreaming about.  What time is it anyway?"

"Seven o'clock," he said as he looked at the alarm clock.  "I need to get up anyway – I have the diocese retreat to go to today.  Are you sure you're going to be all right?"

"I'll be fine darling," Veronica said with a smile.  "I'm visiting Lady Bowness today anyway – she wants to get a group together to work on some new parish project."  Throwing the duvet to one side, she got up and pulled her t-shirt down.  "I'll go and start to make some coffee."

Her husband watched her as she walked out of the bedroom.  He loved Veronica dearly, but each October she felt unwell, and that time was coming closer...

As she stepped out of the taxi, Veronica looked up at the large ornate doors of Millstone Manor.  The manor house had been in the hands of the Bowness family for centuries – indeed, her husband's living at one time had been in the hands of the Bowness family.

Pulling her shawl around her to keep out the cold October air, Veronica walked quickly up to the door and rang the bell.  It was opened by a young girl, dressed in a black dress and white apron, who asked very quietly "Can I help you?"

"Veronica Bathurst to see Lady Bowness."

"Ah yes – you are expected.  Please, come in."

She held the door open and waited as Veronica handed her the shawl, leaving her for a moment in the hallway.  As Lady Bowness was so important, Veronica had taken care to wear a smart two piece black suit with a pale blue camisole top underneath, and there inch heeled shoes.  "This way," the maid said as she pointed to a door at the far side of the corridor.  "Lady Bowness will join you shortly," she said as Veronica walked in and stopped for a moment.

There were four other women already in the room, none of whom she recognised and yet she felt something familiar about them.  Standing by the fireplace were two women, one about six feet tall with long curly red hair, dressed in a rollneck sweater and jeans, with a grey gillet over her jumper.  The other was smaller, a few years older with hints of grey in her black hair, in a short sleeved brown floral dress and knee length green suede boots.

On the recliner were two more women.  One was the same age as Veronica, with short cropped blonde hair, a black leather dress and boots, while the other was wearing a white peasant blouse and bohemian skirt, with a small blue silk scarf tied over her hair.  Veronica could see a pair of felt ankle boots under the hem of her skirt.

Most surprising of all was the young man, barely over eighteen, who was sat at the table.  He looked incredibly out of place, and yet....

"Good morning," Veronica heard a voice say from behind her, and she turned to see a woman in her early fifties walk in.  Her brown hair was tied in a bun on her head, and she was wearing a heavy brown jacket with matching long skirt.  Above the round collar, Veronica could see the top of a brown patterned blouse, while from the hens of her skirt brown leather boots covered her legs.

"Lady Bowness," she said as she accepted the outstretched hand, "It was good of you to invite me today.  I knew there would be others, but I do not think I have ever..."

"Time for introductions later, ladies, and Mark," she said as she nodded to the young man sitting in the corner.  "Please, come and sit down – I want to explain why I have invited each of you here today."

As the group stood up and moved towards the round table, the young man said quietly "Why did you invite me?  This is obviously a woman's group, so why..."

"All in good time, Mark," Lady Bowness said as she took a seat, her skirt creaking slightly as she did so.  "Veronica, I believe you know a woman called Katie Colhurn?"

"Yes I do," Veronica said with a smile, "She is quite the celebrity after her book was published.  After all, there was a lot of debate about whether or not what she wrote was true."

Lady Bowness walked to a bookcase and drew out a slim volume which she placed on the table.  IT showed a picture of a woman, superimposed on herself, and the title of "CHANGELING: The story of a ghost thief."

"Very entertaining," the young woman in the leather dress said.  "But why have you asked us here?"

Veronica looked at her.  "Have we met before?" she said quietly.  The blonde haired woman looked at her, before saying "I don't know – do you shop at my boutique?  I own Sharp Dressing on the high street."

"Sharp Dressing?" the red haired woman said as she looked up.  "I shop there – weren't you robbed last year?"

"Apparently, although it happened after I left..."

"Are you sure you're happy closing up for me, Polly?"

"I'm sure, Harriet – you go and enjoy the reunion concert."

Polly watched as Harriet, the owner and her boss, walked out of the front door, her leather dress blowing in the slight breeze.  She had worked here for six months now, and was enjoying serving customers and look after the stock.  Harriet's only rule was that the women who worked for her had to be fashionable herself, and on this particular day Polly was wearing a blue denim sleeveless dress, with a wide white collar, that zipped up the front, black fishnet stockings and knee length black leather boots with three inch stiletto heels.

It was a Friday, and the time for closing was getting nearer anyway, but as she turned to walk into the stockroom she thought she heard a noise from the rear of the store.  "Who's there," she said as she went to investigate, but all she saw was the stock moving in the breeze from the fan.  "Just my imagination," she said to herself as she turned, only to run into someone.  Who that someone was she could not be sure – all she could see clearly were a pair of orange eyes that glowed, and then nothing as she fell into silence.

Polly slowly opened her eyes, wondering what had happened, and why she couldn't move very easily.  The answer to the second question came to her quickly as she realised she was lying on her side on the floor of the stockroom, and glancing down she saw the black tape that had been wrapped around her legs and ankles.  "Shit," she thought to herself as she tried to move her arms, only to realise with a sickening in her stomach that her wrists and arms were also securely taped.  The tugging she could now feel on her mouth and jaw suggested she had also been gagged with the same stuff.

She could hear voices outside, so she started to call out "plsnlpm" as loudly as she could.  As she wriggled round, she could feel her hair coming undone, strands falling down her cheeks as she moved on the cold floor.  To her surprise, however, she heard music starting to play in the shop outside as the door bell rang several times.

Eventually, the curtain that divided the storeroom from the shop was pulled back, and as Polly looked up her eyes widened in shock.  Her captor was her height, her build, her hair colour – her, in fact, right down to the clothing.

"Just stay quiet now," she heard the doppelganger say in her soft London accent, "I'm going to have some fun.  Think of it as part of your education."

She turned the light off and closed the curtain, leaving Polly screaming as she turned the shop lights off and left the bound and gagged girl all alone....

"Polly still works for me," Harriet said as she accepted a cup of coffee from the maid, "In a way the experience liberated her.  I don't see what it has to do with the rest of you however."

"I do," Veronica said quietly.  "In her book, Katie tells how she was visited by the one she thought was attacking the women and robbing them after I had left.  Maybe this same woman visited your store after you had left?"

"That is always a possibility," Lady Bowness said with a smile before taking a sip from her cup.  "This person, whoever he or she is, seems to be a master of disguise.   Tell me, Harriet, what you did that day after you left the store."

"Well, I went home, and..."  The woman stopped for a moment.  "Do you know, I can't quite remember.  I know I went home, I must have done something, and then I woke up in bed."  Veronica shot a glance over at the blonde, her dress rustling as she moved uneasily.

The red haired woman was also looking uneasy.  "Erika, are you all right," Lady Bowness said with a genuine note of concern.

"I think so," she said quietly, "It's just it reminds me of the time my neighbour was attacked in her home.  Not that she was a friend – or even is now – in fact, she can be a bit of an interfering busybody.  It's just...."

"Why don't you tell us what happened," Veronica said with a smile.  Erika nodded, swallowed and began her tale.

"Erika Holding, if I hear that dog of yours barking one more time, I swear to god I will have the building superintendant on you like a dose of eczema!"

Erika sighed as she stood there, listening to her neighbour Mrs Burton complaining yet again about the noise Rover made.  She did this every night, and every night Erika made some slight platitude, some attempt at apology.

Tonight, however, was different – she had a pounding headache, and just wanted to get back into her flat.  She looked at the older woman, standing there in her stocking soles with a white cardigan over her long grey dress, and just shook her head.

"Mrs Burton," she said eventually, "any other night I would stop and discuss this with you, but I need to go and take some aspirin.  So, forgive me rudeness, but I have to go now."  With that, she turned and walked off, leaving the older woman speechless.

"Well, the manners of some people," she said as she went back into her own flat and closed the door.  Looking in the mirror, she picked up a brush and ran it through her greying hair, noting that she really needed a haircut.

The doorbell rang, and she turned towards it to answer.  "That'll be her coming back to apologise," she said to herself as she opened the door, only to stand there for a few moments, staring ahead before she slowly crumpled to the floor, out for the count.

The person stared at her for a moment, before stepping over the threshold and closing the door.  Picking up the heavy woman as if she was a pillow, they carried her into the front room, laying her on the floor and watching her for a few moments.  Her red eyes stopped glowing as her figure filled out, and her hair shrank back and turned grey.  A gesture of the hands made ropes appear and snake round the woman lying on the floor, her hands moving of their own accord behind her back as her wrist were lashed together, while her ankles and legs received the same treatment.

As the rope snaked itself around her legs, pulling the material of her skirt tightly around them as her arms were also constricted by bands, the intruder took a length of white cloth and tied a knot in the middle of it.  Kneeling by the older woman, she took a wad of cloth and pushed it into her mouth, using the knotted strip to keep it in place as it was secured around her mouth.

The older woman lay there, unconscious as her double picked up her purse and walked out of the room, not looking back.

"We found her the next morning, when I went round to apologise for been so rude the night before.  She said she had no memory of who was at the door – one moment she was standing there, the next she was bound and gagged on her own floor."

Erika looked round the table.  "As for me, I went straight to bed after I took the tablets.  I didn't hear a thing."

The women looked at each other, while Mark nervously fidgeted in his seat.  "These all must have been the same person, surely?" the person sitting with Harriet said quietly.  "The thought that somebody could overpower women and bind them is abhorrent in itself.  I confess I fail to see why we are even talking about it."

Victoria looked over at the young woman.  "What is your name, Sister?" she asked quietly.

"It is Rachel – are you of the family?"

"No, I'm Anglican – you're an Anabaptist, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am – why?"

"Rachel, as anything like this ever happened to anyone you know?"

"I should say not!"

"What about anyone in your home town – anyone you have come across?"

"We keep ourselves to ourselves – it is bad enough we get ridiculed in the street at times, but to do this even in fun..."

"Tell me Rachel," Lady Bowness said quietly, "Have you ever been to the Arndale Centre?"

Rachel looked up.  "Yes – three years ago.  I remember because we were insulted by one particular insensitive young lady."

"About eighteen, long light brown hair?"

Rachel looked up suddenly.  "Oh father, do not tell me..."

"Chapter 10," Lady Bowman said as she passed over the book.  Rachel took it at the page opened and read...

I remember when it happened – a bunch of those strict Baptist types had come into the store, to look round at scarves, and I made some snide comments about them.  I can clearly recall one of them looking at me, but I just laughed.  They weren't going to fight back, were they?

The store had a strict uniform policy, which I was following.  My jacket and skirt were white, with a red collar on the jacket and a slit up each side of the skirt.  Dark stockings, white soft boots, and a wrap round top underneath the jacket completed my ensemble.  I also had on a pink slip and a pair of white cotton briefs, but they could not be seen.

For some reason, I had to go into the stockroom after those women left, so I made my way to the large double doors at the rear of the store and went through.  I remember I was looking for something in particular, when the temperature in the room suddenly dropped.  I held myself, wondering what was happening, when I saw somebody out of the corner of my eye.  I turned round, expecting it to be a colleague, but instead it was – somebody else.  I don't remember much of them just a pair of white eyes with no pupils and then – darkness.

When I eventually come to, I found myself sitting on the store room floor, stripped of my clothing as far as my slip and panties.  I could not move my arms, and when I looked over my shoulder I saw that they had been placed parallel to each other behind my back, with rope holding my forearms together.  More rope was around my chest, forcing my breasts out; as I could tell from trying to move my arms down that they were lashed to the ropes around my chest behind my back.

Looking down, I could see more rope around my ankles, but it was only when I looked at the person standing in front of me that I really panicked.  She was my exact double, and my clothes fitted her as well as they had fitted me.  The strangest thing of all was that she was bald.

"One moment, dear," she said as she leaned down and yanked a hair out of my head.  I screamed, only to hear a muffled yelp as I realised that taste like cotton wool in my mouth really was cotton wool in my mouth – held in by a knotted strip of cloth.

As I watched – and this was the really weird bit – I saw the hair in her hand start to grow, multiply, and fill out, until after a minute instead of one strand of hair there was a full wig, matching my hairstyle, in her gloved hand.  She winked at me, put the wig on, and then walked off, leaving me struggling and trying to get help.

By the time I managed to get somebody's attention, she had offered to deliver the takings for the morning to the bank, and disappeared without a trace.  By the time I got home, she had been there too, and cleaned me out.

If I ever see her again – but who was she?  That's what I don't understand..."

"Who was she?"  Rachel looked around the assembled table.  "We heard about it later, and prayed she would recover, but they never did find her."

"Ladies," Lady Bowness said with a smile, "It would seem that you have all had a close encounter with this person, whoever they are.  Does something not strike you as odd, however?"

"What would that be," the only other woman who had not spoken asked.  She had been listening patiently, twiddling her thumbs as the tales were told.  "Apart, that is, from the fact there seems to be more than one of them."

Victoria looked over at the woman.  "More than one?"

"Unless she or he is some distant relative of Santa Clause, then we have more than one robbery in different parts of the country at the same time.  I should know – when was that robbery in Manchester?"

"Three years ago?"

"That was when my niece was robbed in a similar way – in Newcastle.  My name is Irene – and I'll tell you the tale if you want."

The others turned and looked at the older woman as she spoke.

"Come on Auntie Irene – we only have a little further to go."

Irene looked at Rita as she strode in front of her, her heels clicking on the flagstones in the Grainger Market.  She was wearing a pink sleeveless top with a white faux fur collar, a wrap round denim skirt with a fringe, dark stockings and four inch heels – unlike Irene's more conservative dress and suede boots.

"I need to have a drink," Irene said as she finally caught up, "Let's go to the Tyneside and get a coffee there."

"All right then," Rita said as she shook her head, her long brown hair moving in waves as she did so.  The two walked off into the direction of the small cinema, Irene rubbing her head the whole time.

Fifteen minutes later, they were both sat at a table, earl grey in the cups in front of them.  "Forgive me, darling," Irene said as she rubbed her head, "I need to go to the ladies' room.  I will be back momentarily."  Rita watched her aunt walk out of the door towards the rest room in the corridor outside, and turned back to her tea.

Ten minutes passed, before Rita started to wonder where he aunt had gone.  "Would you mind watching this bag," she said eventually to a customer at the next table as she stood up, her own bag on her shoulder, and made her way to the wash room.

"Aunt Irene," she said as she walked in, failing to hear the door click shut behind her.  The room was cold, as her breath showed when she breathed out, but the toilet seemed deserted.

"Are you in here," Rita said as she tried a cubicle door, but as she pushed the second one she was grabbed from behind and forced onto the seat.  The next few moments seemed as blur to her, as she felt her wrists been forced together, and ropes appear out of nowhere to hover over her.  Before they did, however she felt her clothes coming off her as if of their own accord, hovering in the air in front of her as the cords wrapped themselves around her arms and chest.

"What's happngfnndg" she tried to call out as a scarf appeared from thin air and wrapped itself around her mouth, while her legs were forced together by unseen hands and rope passed around her ankles, thighs and claves.  She sat there, effectively immobilised in her pink bra and panties, as her clothes seemed to move towards someone in the doorway.  She could not make her out at first, but as what seemed to be a mist cleared she saw the person was her own double, especially as the cloths clad her as snugly as they had Rita.

"Have fun," the stranger said with a wink and a shake of her brown hair as she walked out of the cubicle with the white leather handbag over her shoulder, the door closing behind her and leaving Rita stranded in the toilet.  As she tried to call for help, the other woman walked back into the tea room.

"Thanks for watching the bags," she said to the other customer.  Collecting the shopping, she walked out and down the stairs, turning into Grey Street and carrying on down the road.

"Strangely enough," Irene said as the others sat back, "Nothing was taken from Rita.  Whoever it was just played her life for a few hours."

"Where did you go to, Irene," Victoria said quietly, expecting a particular answer.

"I ... I don't know," Irene said quietly, looking round the table.  "Does this happen to you as well?"

"Every year, around this time."

The other three women looked at each other.  "Lady Bowness," Rachel finally said "Just why did you gather us all here."

Instead of the older woman answering, they were shocked to hear Mark start to speak.

"Changer of form, changer of shape,
Trickster and thief and jackanape.
Come now and visit this human form,
Make your home here, nevermore to roam!"

"Where – where did you hear that," Veronica asked quietly.

"My aunt here – Lady Bowness – loaned me a book of old rhymes last year," Mark said as he sat forward.  "I took it to my fiend Felicity – we work together in a restaurant – last October."

"Tell them what happened," Lady Bowman said quietly.  Mark looked round and began to speak.

Felicity was at on the couch, watching Mark as he looked through the old book.

"Come on, Jimmy – I have to go to work, you know," she said with a laugh.  She was dressed already – a checked waistcoat over a white long sleeved blouse with a scarf tied in a bow around her neck, a short grey skirt and grey Mary Jane shoes.

"Listen to this one then," Mark said with a laugh, and he started to read the spell from the page.  As he did so, Felicity laughed at the words, before she said "Hey – has it got colder in here?"

"Jimmy?  Mark?"

She looked up at her friend, who was standing still, the book held tightly in his hands.  He looked down at Felicity, saying in a strange voice "I have been called and I have come."

"Jimmy, this isn't funny," Felicity said as she wrapped her arms around herself.  As she looked back, however, her laughs turned to gasps as she saw the whites of his eyes glow yellow, and then his body start to melt, to form, to change.  She gasped as his dark hair lengthened and turned blonde, his body started to fill out and his chest develop a pair of breasts, and his clothes change from the jeans and t-shirt he was wearing into.....

"Oh... My... God..." Felicity said as she saw herself standing in front of the couch, the eyes yellow as she looked down on the frightened young girl and smiled.

"Hush, Felicity," she heard the person who had been Mark say in her voice, before her eyes closed and she fell into a deep sleep.  As her double gestured, her body slipped into a seated position in front of the couch, as her arms moved of their own accord behind her back.

Felicity slowly opened her eyes, saying "what happened..."  she woke with a start as she realised there were ropes around her body, holding her arms and legs firmly in place.  Looking round, she called out "JIMMMMYYYYYYY!" only for a pair of soft, delicate hands to be clamped over her mouth.

"They are right," she heard herself say behind her," the first time never quite works.  Hush, child, hush," she continued as a strip of tape appeared to hove in front of Felicity, only to smooth itself over her lips as the hands were quickly taken away.

She saw herself walk round and look down at her.  "Have fun," she said as she turned and walked out of the room.

Hours passed before Jimmy woke in the armchair.  He saw Felicity sitting there, her head on her chest and her eyes closed, and as he started forward he peeled the tape away from her mouth.

"Where were you?" she said as she opened her eyes.  "It was horrible..."

"I haven't moved," he said quietly, "Who did this to you?"

"You did – I mean I did – I mean...  I don't know what I mean," she said as she burst into tears, he head falling on his shoulder.

"We split up soon after that," Mark said quietly, "and I never told anyone about it – until today, when my aunt said she was having this meeting and asked me to come.  I think she may have something to say to you."

"I do indeed," Lady Bowness said as she stood up.  "Ladies, if I am wrong tell me, but do each of you have – times of forgetfulness in October?  Times when you're not quite sure what happened?  I know Victoria has, and both Irene and Hannah admitted as such.  What about you, Rachel and Erika?"

All five women looked at each other and nodded.  "And what of the rhyme?"

"I read it when I was a young girl," Victoria said, "the night my sister was tied up in our room without..."  Her voice trailed off as she looked at Lady Bowman.

"Irene is quite right – there has to be more than one of these people around.  In fact, there are six in Britain – and all six are here right now."

That made them all stand up, as they looked at each other.  "Are you seriously suggesting," Victoria said as the clock struck six.

"I am," Lady Bowness continued.  "We are the Changelings – and it is a great pleasure it meet you all at last."

"What are you talking about," Rachel said as she nervously fidgeted, "This sounds blasphemous."

"It is not – it is just different, allow me to show you," Lady Bowman said as she walked to a door on the other side of the room.  Opening it, she beckoned to the others to come forward.

On the floor in the little room lay Lady Bowness, securely trussed with ropes around her chest, legs and ankles and with a large pad of olive green tape stuck over her mouth.  Her eyes were closed as she tried to speak, but something under the tape was muffling her every sound.

"Oh my god," they heard the maid say, and as they turned they saw her standing there, watching the two Ladies Bowness.  Mark walked quickly over and grabbed her, watching as his eyes turned yellow and the girl started to faint.  The others watched, fascinated as he morphed into the form and clothes of the maid, whiles ropes and tape appeared around the unconscious girl.

"We mean no harm to others," Her Ladyship said as Mark, or rather the maid, carried the unconscious girl into the small room.  "We seek fun, pleasure, excitement – am I not right?"

Veronica and the others looked at each other, a smile on their lips as they said in unison "We are right."   As they spoke, the unconscious blonde was been bound andgagged, her replacement watching as Lady Bowness started to stir.  Closing the door on them, the lady they had thought was Lady Bowness turned to all four of them.

"Excellent – before I arrived today, I asked four of Lady Bowness' most influential friends to join her for dinner.  Mandy, my dear, do go and prepare to let them in – and then we can all have some fun.  Is that not right?"

"It is right," they said in unison as their eyes started to glow, and the sound of cars on gravel came through the window....
Two years later, a sequel to one of ym favourite Halloween stories...

As before, the story is inspired by cartoons from Dark Hiro, one of which is above.
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#1: You forget every swear word you’ve ever learned and use ‘By the Precursors’ every chance you get.

#2: You compare everyone you meet with a Jak and Daxter character.

#3: You find a small, strange piece of machinery and you’re convinced that it’s a Precursor artifact.

#4: You attempt to build your own Jet Board…

#5: …And you actually succeed!

#6: You played through Final Fantasy X again just so you can name every Aeon to their corresponding Jak and Daxter character. (Guilty!)

#7: You write fanfiction. (Guilty!)

#8: You’ve convinced yourself that Jak is Mar, and you think it’s perfectly logical that he is his own ancestor.

#9: You have a theme song for every character, no matter how obscure!

#10: You go ‘Oh! Oh!’ every time one of these theme songs comes on the radio. (Guilty!)

#11: You actually understand the time paradox in Jak II.

#12: Your mother tells you can’t fall in love with a fictional character, so you tell her you’ve fallen in love with Michael Erwin. (Close enough!)

#13: Every time you watch a movie, you start to plan how it would be a good crossover. (Guilty)

#14: When you see a policeman walking down the street, you point and yell “Krimzon Guard!”

#15: You held a rather touching funeral for Damas.

#16: If you are a female fanfiction writer, you’ve inserted yourself into a story as a Mary Sue.

#17: You’re parents start to tease you by yelling that Jak, Daxter, Keira, etc. is on the phone. (Guilty)

#18: You give a report on dictators in school and you cite Baron Praxis as an example.

#19: You’re convinced that Erol is gay and that he repeatedly raped Jak in prison.

#20: You keep a running tally of how many girls Jak and Daxter have to see who’s ‘winning’. (Jak: Keira, Ashelin, Rayn, every Mary Sue in existence. Daxter: Tess)

#21: You’re convinced that you are actually an elf who had their ears surgically shorten so you can fit in with the rest of the human race.

#22: You have different personas for each character and you get in trouble for answering your mother in your ‘Jak’ persona. (This actually happened to me. To write my lines, I get into each ‘character’. Well, my mom once asked me a question when I was struggling with a Jak line. Well, I said something very rude and got in trouble.)

#23: You’ve written or read about Jak without his shirt, or without his pants, or, hell, completely nude. (Guilty)

#24: You can read the Precursor language and you know that the computers in the Freedom Fortress in Jak 3 actually talks about a dog named Morgan who was the Naughty Dog’s mascot thirteen years ago. (Yes, I know this!)

#25: You’ve written about Jak crying, singing, or dancing even though he won’t do these things if he were real.

#26: You gasped when you read the number 25 because you thought that Jak was real.

#27: You think that the JakxDaxter relationship is ‘cute’.

#28: You missed school or work when you found out that Rayn was Krew’s daughter because you couldn’t stop throwing up.

#29: You’re convinced that the oily stuff on the driveway is Dark Eco.

#30: If someone upsets you, you threaten to go Dark and Dark Bomb their ass.

And #31: You actually read through all of these just to see how many relate to you.
Some of you have probably seen this before, because it was some authors notes for 'WOTC' over on But, still, since I've got the Kingdom Hearts one here, I figured I'd better put up the original. This is the one for Jak and Daxter, all the games.

All the ones that says 'guilty', I am guilty of having commited at one point or another during my fan career. Might not be as funny, but some of them are really good.

Jak and Daxter (c) Naughty Dog
List (c) Me
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Miyavi's POV

As he said those words, I just wanted to kiss him deeply. So gorgeous. Oh Kai..before I can even move my arms to cup his face, I heard some ruffling noises behind us. As I turned around it was Aoi and Uruha. Aoi got his arms around Uruha. " guys. I think you should take this in a room or something." Uruha cleared his throat.

Aoi, so straight. so composed. so cool. so boring..I never thought he would be gay? I think..maybe Bisexual? but Uruha, I don't know. He's always been so feminine. No doubt this gorgeous man got hooked up with Aoi's dark alluring beauty. I mean, he could be hooked up with many guys..but something's so different the way they do a fanservice together. Uruha getting a boner on stage. Aoi rubbing on him. Them and their little nipple pinching.

I snapped back to reality when Kai pushed me softly. "M-Miyavi..move." I moved aside. I looked at Kai and faced Aoi and Uruha. "I..uh.." I tried explaining but failed as Uruha cut me off "Yeah yeah, I knew it! I mean...The way you guys look at each other is like so..romantic!! I feel like I'm being left out. Aoi doesn't make me feel romantic." He sighed and pouted.

Kai's POV
I was NOT expecting Aoi and Uruha to be there and to have HEARD and SAW everything that the two of us were doing. I found it slightly rude and the next thing I knew, my hand was on my hip and the other pointed at them sternly, "Hasn't ever told you that it's RUDE to spy and eavesdrop on people?" I scolded; my band leader side coming around finally.

"We're trying to share a tender moment here!" I said, crossing my arms over my chest. I could still feel my cheeks red with the earlier embarrassment but honestly...spying was not cool, "You want someone to SPY on, go spy on Saga and Shou."

Miyavi's POV

Kai and his manliness sometimes. Poor Uruha and Aoi got scolded.

"No! really Kai, that was a really romantic there. Like this soap opera that me and Aoi watched not long ago. Right Aoi-kun?" Uruha put his hands on Aoi's chest and started rubbing soft circles on them. Aoi nodded "I didn't really want to watch it, but Uruha is persistent, I couldn't say no." he explained.

Okay, I don't want to hear this soap opera-like story now. I want to have a private moment with Kai. NOW.

"Oh by the way, I just remembered. We're going to have a celebration tonight. at 8. Roppongi, New Lex Edo*. So you guys better be there! I'm going to get drunk like a skunk tonight." Uruha babbled.

A celebration? Oh, maybe this is the time that I can make Kai mine...

Kai's POV

I heard the word 'drunk' and my eyes lit up. I'd always wanted to go drinking with Miyavi. It was okay when it was with the band but usually I was made the driver so I couldn't get wasted like they did. I spun around, beaming happily, "We're going right Miyavi?! I wanna go! Please can we?" I pouted cutely, begging him.

I knew it was unnecessary to beg but I wanted to see him get embarrassed by my pouting. Without really waiting for an answer I looked back at the other two, "Of course we'll be there!"


PS. New Lex Edo is a famous club in Roppongi that is most commonly visited by both Japanese and American celebrities.
Unexpected Love
Chapter 3/? [On-going]
Pairing: Miyavi x Kai,(mentioningís of AoixUruha & SagaxShou)
Rating: N-17, Smut, Romance, Fluff, Drama, MxM, Drunk Kai
Summary: I dyed my hair not long ago, now itís coloured with rainbow vomit. PSC Tour will be starting in a week. Iím excited to see him.
Disclaimer: This story is about Miyavi & Kai's point of view. I am not the only one who wrote this fanfic. Thanks to Shaynne 暗美死神 on FB for writing Miyavi's POV . Also this story is UN-BETTA.
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The sweat rolled down her brow as she stretched her leg out.  She slowly leaned forward, careful to keep her back straight as she kept herself level with her outstretched leg.  She rocked a little on her ankle as she counted in her head.  Five counts, she quickly pulled her leg in and leapt few feet in front of her.  Her foot slid a little as it touched the hardwood floor.  She winced a little, leaning over as she returned to her previous position, struggling through the routine.

“Stop, your form is off on the jump,” an older woman called at her from behind.

Erin nodded, looking down.  She had been a dancer in some form for most of her life.  She had been listening to music seemingly from conception.  Her family had begun to teach her shortly after she could walk. Yet while she was proud of all the ballroom styles she had learned, it was nothing like learning ballet.

Her ankles hurt; she knew she had twisted one of them or something.  For a moment, she wondered why she had set out to even learn the style.  Ballroom dancing was fun.  It was a lot of work, sure, but she loved it.  Ballet, ballet was a different world.  At the end of the day, she was sore.  The routines were just as much work, if not more, than even her most complicated routines, and everything seemed a lot more serious, her instructor most of all.  When she first started, she was taught by a rather cordial man in the beginner’s class.  Once she graduated from that class, however, it got a lot harder.

Her current instructor was an elderly woman who had spent years dancing around the world before she retired.  Now, she taught the intermediate and advanced classes, and was driving the girls to death.  

She reset her position, closing her eyes and gritting her teeth as she held her leg back and lowered her shoulders.  Her ankle rocked a little, causing her to wince as she attempted the maneuver again, leaping forward a short distance.  He legs fluttered a little before she landed before wincing.  Her ankle twisted a little as she crouched down, her hands briefly touching the hardwood floor.  An obviously pained look crossed her face as she slowly moved into position.  She felt a firm hand on her shoulder as her instructor pulled her up.  

Erin glanced up, blushing a little at the stern glare of the teacher. “S-sorry…”

The woman shook her head, glaring down at the young girl.  “If you cannot perform the moves without injuring yourself, perhaps you should watch the other students perform,” she said, walking Erin to the side and forcing her to sit down next to the barre.

Erin’s heart sank as the woman turned her back on her, beginning to instruct the other students through the moves.  She rubbed her ankle gingerly, letting out a deep sigh as she watched the other students in the class.  She bit her lip, trying her best to be stoic as she heard the instructor call commands to the other students.  

That night, she could do little more than stare at her practice outfit.  A towel was wrapped around her ankle with a large bag of ice perched on top.  She held it in place as she closed her eyes.  

“Are you alright, mija?” she heard a comforting ask from behind.

She looked back as her mother walked in and shrugged a little.  She tried to roll her ankle in the socket, wincing a little.  “I guess I just had a bad day in class.”

Her mother nodded, sitting down next to her. “You didn’t expect it to be this hard, did you?  You expected it to be like learning any other dance.”

Erin nodded, looking down.  Her mother was right; she had expected things to be simpler.  She was proud of her experience and of her talent.  She hadn’t expected it to be hard.

“Tell me, mija, are you thinking of quitting?” she asked.

Erin blushed. “M-Maybe a little,” she responded sheepishly, not wanting to admit it.

Her mother rubbed her back a little.  “Erin, do you remember why you wanted to learn how to dance ballet?”

Erin nodded.  She thought about it for a moment.  While she firmly believed all dance was an art, ballet was different, it wasn’t just performing a routine, and it was a whole different level of control and grace.  It was discipline and the ability to move gracefully and flawlessly.  It wasn’t that she believed it was more difficult, it was that she believed it forced dancers to think about themselves in a way that most of the dancing she was used to didn’t.  

She wanted to test herself, to force herself to do something she wasn’t used to.  Only, she wasn’t prepared for it to be so hard.

Her mother smiled. “Nothing in life worth having is truly easy, mija.  Remember that.  You set a goal for yourself, you need to follow through.”

She smiled, nodding.  “Yes, mother,” she responded, giving the woman a kiss on the cheek.  

Her mother smiled, reciprocating the kiss before reaching into a small bag.  “Mija, I found this in a store at the mall and I thought you might like it.”

Erin blinked as her mother pulled out a small wooden box, handing it to Erin before leaving the girl in her room.  Erin opened the box, surprised that a light melody began to chime.  She blushed, seeing a small, ceramic ballerina twirl as the melody played.  A smile crossed her face as she watched it for several moments.  

She carefully leaned forward, touching the figure.  At that moment, the smile disappeared from her face.  She gently tried to remove her finger, but it seemed as if it was stuck to the figuring.  She tried more aggressively, not wanting to damage the figurine, but baffled at the apparent stickiness of it.  She put her other hand on the figurine, only to find it stuck as well.  She began to pull on it with all her might, only to find that it seemed to have an opposite effect.  Her eyes widened as she finally began to figure out what was happening, only by then, it was too late.  She could already feel herself being pulled towards the figurine.

She tried desperately to pull away, but the small figure kept pulling her in like a black hole.  As it did, the figure itself began to change slightly.  Its skin began to take a darker tone as its hair changed from a blonde color to a dark brown.  Its face seemed to round some, the eyes turning a deep brown.  The changes became more and more pronounced as Erin found herself being pulled in to the figure.  Soon, there was nothing left on the bed except for the box, a towel, and a half-melted plastic bag of ice.  Erin stared forward, taken completely off guard by what had happened.

A familiar voice chimed over the music as she stared blankly forward, pinned in place by the mechanism.  

“If you wanted to be a ballerina, all you had to do was ask,” the all-too-familiar voice of Erica said from behind.  Erica reached over, picking the box up and grinning.  The small ballerina twirled in place as the music played, giving Erin but a momentary glimpse of Erica before she was spun out of her sight.  “Of course, I’m never one to let a tender moment go by without a little fun on my part,” Erica finished with a grin.

Erin’s eyes would have widened if they were physically capable of it at the moment.  The last thing she could see before Erica shut the box and plunged her into darkness was the woman’s mischievous grin.
So, yeah, it's been a while since the last story... and I hadn't intended it to be. The last several ones had been crossovers in one way or another, so I wanted to go back to doing one with just Erin again this time.

This one goes back a little. Erin being a dancer was alluded to in the Halloween story. I tried to expand upon it a little here, showing her difficulty in trying to learn a different style after working for so long in something different.

Of course, I also wanted to have Erica ruin what would otherwise have been a tender moment, but that's Erica for her. Had this been longer, I probably would have developed Erin's claustrophobia some, but I didn't think it would add anything to this particular story, so perhaps another time.

I'm pretty sure it is shorter than a normal story, namely because I haven't really had any ideas that I felt like I could flesh out into something longer lately. So yeah, a few scenes is pretty much the extent of this.

Anywho, I own the characters in this, so on and so forth, hope someone enjoys this.
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“Like, what did you just say, Daphne?” asked Shaggy without even bothering to turn around to look at the pretty redhead, so distracted was he by the sight of the buffet table – loaded with all kinds of delicacies – on the other side of the crowded ballroom.  As this was Halloween, he was wearing his costume, a navy blue crackerjack uniform with two thin red diagonal stripes on his right shoulder and a white sailor hat on his disheveled hair.  His canine friend, Scooby-Doo, was standing right to him, and wore shoulder boards, each with a solid gold stripe, and a naval officer’s cap perched across his ears.

“Mpfff!” repeated Daphne.  Her Halloween costume was a princess, so she was outfitted in a royal purple kirtle, glass slippers, and a golden tiara.  “Mpfff!  Mpfff!”

“Jinkies, but there sure are a lot of people here!” observed Velma.  She was dressed as a pumpkin, including a short, thick, artificial stem that rose out of her rust-colored hair.  “I think it was very nice of Mr. Corbin to reward us by allowing us to use his spooky old mansion for our party!”

She was referring to a recent mystery the gang had solved.  Denton Corbin, the wealthy industrialist, had been having his ancestral home haunted by the Garish Ghoul, a legendary fiend who had reportedly troubled some of his ancestors.  This monster nearly succeeded in driving Mr. Corbin from his house, until Scooby-Doo and the gang revealed that he was none other than Jordan West, Mr. Corbin’s accountant, wearing a green bodysuit and a mask.  Shaggy had liked the costume so much that he had kept it afterwards, having great fun using it to frighten Daphne and Velma until Freddy had angrily taken it away from him.

“Mpfff!” said Daphne much more loudly this time.  “MPFFFFFFFFF!”

“Like, did you just say ‘Mpfff,’ Daphne?” asked Shaggy.

“Rit rsounded rlike rshe rdid,” agreed Scooby-Doo.

“Did Danger-Prone Daphne get herself tied up again?” asked Velma, turning around.

“Mpfff!”  Yes, Daphne was tied up again.  She was bound with thin white rope to an antique wooden chair.  Her ankles had been tied together and drawn back, connected to a rod that ran between the rear legs of the chair.  Her wrists were tied together behind the back of the chair, and her elbows were connected with long strands.  Yet more rope had been used on her upper legs and torso, keeping her tied against the chair.

“Mpfff!”  A plain blue bandana was tied across her face.  Daphne knew from experience that such a simple gag should not be so effective on her, but try as she might, she simply could not speak more clearly or discover any means to remove it.

“You know, Daphne, you really should make more of an effort to resist when someone ties you up,” scolded Velma as she came to the assistance, Shaggy and Scooby helping as well as they could.  “Do you at least have any idea who did this to you this time?”

“I certainly do!”  Daphne pointed with a trembling hand.  “It was him!”

“Mr. Corbin!” they all exclaimed in surprise.  They looked over at their benefactor, who was dressed in a devil costume and prancing merrily about just like old Mephistopheles himself.  He was standing next to his date, the famous movie starlet, Candy Mint, who was disguised as a genie, in shades of red, pink, and white that subtly blended in pleasing arabesque patterns.

“Hey, what’s the big idea of tying me up?!” Daphne demanded of him furiously.

“Just trying to spice up your party,” he replied smoothly.  “All you damsels need to keep on your toes or you’ll end up getting bound and gagged!  But don’t worry; it’s all in fun, and all I’ll do is tie you all up!”

“Denty’s a super-duper tier-upper!” giggled Candy Mint.

“Well, I guess it’s okay then,” said Daphne doubtfully.

“I notice you haven’t tied me up yet,” hinted Velma coyly, drawing her hands behind her back.

“You’re right, he hasn’t,” agreed Candy Mint blandly.  “That’s cuz he only ties up damsels, and you’re a vegetable!”

“A pumpkin isn’t a vegetable; it’s a fruit!” returned Velma angrily.

“And a charming one at that,” proclaimed Mr. Corbin, “especially the way you so ably represent one, Ms. Dinkley.  And now, if you’ll pardon me, I see where one of your friends requires my ministrations.”  And with that he quietly snuck up behind Sharon Weatherby, who was dressed as Glinda the Good from “The Wizard Of Oz.”  He clamped a hand over her mouth, and with some assistance from Candy Mint, quickly had her tied up in much the same fashion as Daphne had been.

“Well, I never!” exclaimed Velma indignantly.

“Hey gang!” called out Freddy, making his entrance.  He was dressed as Jungle boy, with a fur tunic, sandals, and a machete tucked into its sheath tied around his waist.  “Gosh, Daphne, you look nice!”

“Nice?!”  Daphne turned on him angrily.  “Do you have any idea how much trouble I had to go through to get to looking like this?  I had to get a manicure, a pedicure, and a perm.  I spent an hour putting my makeup on.  I’m wearing a corset so tight it’s almost impossible to breath, and these glass shoes are killing my feet.  And the best you can say is that I look nice?”

“Gosh, Daphne, I’m sorry,” apologized Freddy.  “I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“C’mon, Scoob, let’s hit the buffet table,” suggested Shaggy, edging away.

“Ryum, ryum!” enthused Scooby-Doo.

“Daphne, don’t be mad,” pleaded Freddy.  “Come on, let’s dance!”

“No, I’m not dancing with you; I’m dancing with, with, with, Shaggy!” she decided, grabbing Shaggy by the arm and leading him out onto the dance floor.

“But, like, I’m half starved!” Shaggy objected, looking longingly at the platters of food.

“I wanted to dance with you, Daphne,” protested Freddy feebly.

“No one’s dancing with me, Freddy,” said Velma.

“What, no one’s dancing with you, Velma?  That’s terrible!”  Genuine concern crossed Freddy’s boyish features as he momentarily forgot his distress with Daphne.  “We can’t have that!  Hey, I know what!  You can dance with Scooby here!  Come on, Scooby, dance with Velma, okay?”

“Rokay,” agreed Scooby-Doo.

“But, but, but,” sputtered Velma, but Freddy did not hear her, as, remembering about Daphne again, he stomped off in a huff.

“Thank you, everybody,” said the bandleader as the music trailed off and the crowd quietly applauded.  “That was ‘Recipe For My Love.’  Up next we’ve got a number I know you’ll really enjoy, ‘I Can Make You Happy.’”

“Okay, Shaggy, you can go to your food.”  Daphne released her hapless partner.  “I think I made my point with Freddy.”  And Shaggy, not needing a second invitation, dashed over to the table, with Scooby-Doo hard on his heels.

“Like, commence Operation Clean Sweep!” ordered Shaggy, taking a plate in each hand.

“Raye, raye, Rcaptain!” agreed Scooby-Doo, giving a smart salute.  There was a blur of motion as all the party vegetables, hot wings, cold cuts, cheese cubes, crackers, bread rolls, candy apples, and pumpkin pies which had been on the table were transferred onto their plates, and then, a moment later, into their stomachs.

“I wonder where Freddy went off to?” puzzled Daphne, looking around.

Velma, meanwhile, made her way up to the second floor of the mansion to look at the artwork on the walls, and then headed over into the library.  She nodded appreciatively at the leather-bound books, stately tomes all lined in rows on ornately carved wooden shelves.  “Ah, cordefr, ED3765, experimenter73,” she read off the spines in approval.  “And, my goodness, what’s this?!  David-presents?  What’s that hack doing here?!  I thought Mr. Corbin had better taste than that!”

She tilted her head to one side, as she thought the faint sounds coming from the party below had changed in nature, from merrymaking to screams of terror.  “What’s going on now?” she wondered, slipping the book back in its place.  “I swear, if I’m not around to take charge then things always go to pieces!”

She hurried back to the ballroom, which, she noticed to her astonishment, was now completely empty, except for Sharon Weatherby, who was still struggling in her chair.  “What’s going on here?” asked Velma loudly.

“Rthe Rgarish Rghoul!” explained Scooby-Doo, sticking his face out from under the table.

“What do you mean, the Garish Ghoul?” demanded Velma angrily, dragging Scooby-Doo and Shaggy out too.  “There isn’t any Garish Ghoul, don’t you remember?  It was just that guy pretending he was!”

“Yeah, but like, the real one showed up!” explained Shaggy.  “At first no one noticed him, because everyone’s wearing costumes, but then they did, and then he screamed for everyone to get out, and they did, all except Daphne, because he had her tied up!”

“Mpfff!” called out Sharon Weatherby, doing her best to say that she hadn’t been able to leave either since she was tied up.

“And then he carried Daphne out of here,” continued Shaggy.  “And then what happened after that, like, I don’t know, man!”

“Well, we’re heading outside to find what happened afterwards,” decided Velma.  “Come on, you two cowards, let’s go!”

“Like, I can’t help but get the feeling that we’re forgetting something,” said Shaggy as he and Scooby-Doo reluctantly followed Velma through the door.

“Mpfff!” said Sharon Weatherby, but she was alone now, so no one heard her.

Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby-Doo went outside where they discovered quite a commotion.  There was a crowd of people over to one side near the edge of the redwood forest, where the sheriff and his deputies (who seemingly had been summoned) were busy keeping order.

“Everybody, stay back!” the sheriff ordered.  “Everything’s under control here!”

“Sheriff!  What’s going on?” demanded Velma, elbowing her way through the throng.

“Ms. Dinkley!  Am I ever glad to see you!”  The sheriff wiped some sweat from his forehead.  “Your friend, Ms. Blake, is in terrible danger!”

“Mpfff!” called out Daphne, and as Velma looked high up into the night sky, she could just barely see Daphne lying on one of the enormous branches of a redwood tree.  She had been tied to the branch with several coils of rope, and gagged with an orange bandana.  But most alarming of all were the sticks of dynamite that encircled the tree branch, placed about halfway between her feet and the tree trunk.

“Don’t worry, Daphne, we’ll get you down!” shouted Velma.  She turned to the sheriff.  “What are you doing just standing here?  Climb up there and get her to safety!”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Dinkley, but I can’t do that.  You see the Garish Ghoul has threatened to set off the dynamite if anyone gets too close!”

“Muhahahaha!” came a loud, high-pitched laugh.  Velma looked around, and although she could not see the Garish Ghoul, the laugh convinced her that he was nearby, and very much keeping a watch on things.

“But there must be something you can do Sheriff,” she pleaded.

“Yes, everything’s under control,” he said.  “You see, I’ve contacted the state patrol, and they’re sending one of their hostage negotiation experts over, just as soon as they can.”

“Just as soon as they can?  What’s the delay?” demanded Velma.

“Well, there’s another hostage situation going on in Center City right now,” he explained.  “But they’ve promised to send him here just as soon as he wraps things up there!”

“But that might not be for hours!  We need to do something before then!” said Velma.

“Like, I wonder where that ghoul got that dynamite in the first place?” asked Shaggy, filling in the awkward pause which ensued.

“That’s a very good question!” exclaimed Velma.

“I’m afraid he got it from me,” confessed Mr. Corbin, appearing from within the crowd.  “You see, I keep plenty of it in my gardening shed, to use to blow up old stumps.”

“You wouldn’t happen to be responsible for any more of her predicament, now would you?” Velma demanded of him angrily.  “I know how much you like to tie up girls, and I find it pretty suspicious the way you suddenly showed up just now when we can’t see the Garish Ghoul anymore!”

Denton Corbin sputtered indignantly in reply as Shaggy suddenly spoke up.  “Like, sorry to ruin your theory, Velma, but I saw Mr. Corbin in the room at the same time as the Garish Ghoul!”

“And besides, you should be worried about your friend, not making false accusation!” seethed Candy Mint, taking Mr. Corbin by the arm and glaring daggers at Velma.

“Mpfff!” called out Daphne.  She was very tired of being up there in that tree!  The rough bark was very uncomfortable to lie upon, and there was a stiff breeze making her cold.  Worst of all, though, was the thought that at any moment the Garish Ghoul might decide to set off the dynamite, so she needed someone to please come to her rescue right now!

But what could anybody possibly do?

“Don’t worry, Daphne; I’ll save you!” came a new voice.

Everyone looked over in astonishment.  On a branch of a nearby tree, silhouetted against the full moon, stood Freddy!  He tossed out a length of rope with a lasso at one end, and smiled in satisfaction as it caught high above.

“No!  Stand back, Mr. Jones!” ordered the sheriff.  “We don’t want the Garish Ghoul to do anything desperate!”

But Freddy ignored the command, and gave out his best Tarzan yell as he swung over next to Daphne.  He sliced her ropes with his machete, and then, taking her in one arm, tossed out another lasso, and the two of them swung out of view, mere seconds before the dynamite exploded, cracking the branch and sending it crashing to the ground.

The crowd held their collective breaths for what was, in actually, merely a few moments, but which seemed to them to be an eternity.  Then they gave a loud cheer as Freddy and Daphne triumphantly walked into the clearing.

“Daphne!  Are you okay?” asked Velma anxiously as she hurried to her side.

“Yes, Velma, I’m fine,” Daphne answered.  “Thanks to Freddy showing up just in time!”

“Like, that was a narrow escape!” said Shaggy.

“Rwhew!” added Scooby-Doo.

“Oh, honestly, don’t you people know what actually happened here?”  Velma frowned.  “First, Freddy storms off.  Then the ghoul shows up.  Then the ghoul disappears, and Freddy shows up again.  He comes over to Daphne, and yet the ghoul conveniently waits to set off the explosives until the two of them are safely away!  Now, what do you suppose all that actually means?”

“Ri rdon’t rknow!” shrugged Scooby-Doo.

“He, wait a minute!  I know what you’re getting at!” exclaimed Shaggy.  “It means that the Garish Ghoul must have extra-slow reflexes!”

“It sure is lucky you untied me so quickly, Freddy!” shuddered Daphne.

“What!  Do I have to actually spell it out for you?”  Velma looked at them in exasperation.  “Very well, then.  You see mpfff!  Mpfff!”

“I told you that all you damsels needed to be on your toes!” cackled Denton Corbin, as he and Candy Mint busily tied up Velma.

“Mpfff!” protested Velma furiously.

“Jeepers, Mr. Corbin, you sure do like to tie people up, don’t you?” observed Daphne.

“But, like, I wonder what Velma was trying to tell us just now?” puzzled Shaggy.

“Mpfff!” screamed Velma into her gag.

“Oh, she probably just wanted to point out how brave I was,” shrugged Freddy.  “Which I really wish she wouldn’t do.  I just did what I felt I had to do for my princess!”

“I thought you were wonderful, myself,” said Daphne.  “And what’s more, I think anyone who says differently is just plain jealous, that’s all.”

“Well, it appears Daphne is back with us, safe and sound,” said the sheriff, looking very relieved.  “Although I wonder, who was that Garish Ghoul?  He seems to have completely disappeared now!”

“Oh, I think he was probably just some stranger passing through,” answered Freddy hurriedly.  “I have a feeling we won’t be seeing any more of him.”

“Still, it’s going to drive me crazy wondering about that,” said the sheriff.  “Oh, well, I can’t worry about every little thing.  I tell you what, if I had a nickel for every unsolved mystery in these parts then I’d be one rich law enforcement officer!”

“Rehehehehe!” laughed Scooby-Doo, and everyone else joined in the laughter too, except Velma of course, who merely went “Mpfff!”
This story was written for a contest being held by :icondaphnebound: about Daphne from Scooby-Doo being a damsel in distress in a Halloween story or picture.

I wrote a couple Scooby-Doo stories a while back, and I have been thinking about writing a third for some time now. A few ideas have floated into my brain during this time, but not enough for an actual complete story. When I saw this contest, however, I decided to review my ideas, and this plot came to me, which gave me a chance to use another theme that I have been meaning to use, but have not been able, until now, to work into a story.

The two songs mentioned by the bandleader are actual songs that appeared in episodes during the second season. Sharon Weatherby and Candy Mint are actual characters the gang encounters during the first season. The character of Denton Corbin and the monster the Garish Ghoul are all merely products of my own creation.
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Penny and Brain stood outside of Blake mansion as her uncle drove off for a weekend vacation that he wanted to spend alone. Sighing Penny grabbed her bag and made her way to the mansion, this was suppose to be some vacation for her as well but at the same time a learning experience from a woman who was known to be tied and gagged as much as she was.

As they neared the door, they herd sounds of another dog far off which Brain looked at Penny.

"Go ahead Brain, enjoy yourself." Penny said as Brain happily raced off. Seeing him gone Penny resume walking up to the door and rang the bell and soon a woman with red hair wearing a purple dress with pink tights and high heel shoes answered the door. "Hello miss Blake." Penny said politely.

Daphne look back at the young blond hair girl wearing a orange shirt with a wide white strip on it with green cargo pants and shoes. She smiled, to hide her cringe at her clothing choice.

"Hello there Penny, I've been expecting you." She said letting her into the house. "Though I herd you also had a dog?"

"Yeah, he herd another dog and went to play." Penny replied setting her suitcase near a staircase.

"Ahh, that's Scooby, they should have fun together." Daphne said as she motion Penny into a dinning room where drinks were on the table. "I've herd a lot about you, and what you had to deal and experience." Daphne said pouring Penny something cold to drink.

"Yeah, but make no mistake it's nothing serious. I have always been able to get free by either someone finding me or I'm able to undo the ropes myself pretty quickly." Penny replied.

"You sound more lucky than me, I'm usually stuck tied up for awhile before anyone find me." Daphne said pouring herself a hot drink. "Like this one time I found this mask and a couple of goons jump me when I wasn't looking and I got locked into this tiny room that locked anyone inside of it."

"Oh yeah? Well one time I got kidnap by this clock crazed guy and he tied me down to this table and once the clock hit a certain time a hammer above me was going to come crushing down." Penny explained trying to sound as if she experienced worst in the damsel business.

They both chatted for awhile, each exchanging their stories of being tied up and gagged at the hands of strangers and what it felt like to be helpless and scared. As they talked though the door bell rang.

"Who could that be?" Daphne wondered as she answered the door and a tall crate was rolled in by some delivery men.

"Delivery for Daphne Blake, sign here." The man said as he held up a clip board to Daphne to sign.

"Oh, these must be my new curtains. But the box is awfully big." She commented.

"Eh, you know regulations and shipping fears these days. Enjoy." He said as the men left the house.

"Well, I'll take care of this later. Lets go eat." Daphne said as her and Penny went to get and feed the dogs and after another round of chatting they headed to bed.

"It's getting late, lets get some sleep." Daphne suggested.

"Okay, great stories miss Blake." Penny said.

"Please, call me Daphne." She asked as miss. Blake made her sound old.

"Okay, good night." Penny said as she headed off and as she did she came across the create and noticed it was open.

"What the?" Penny said as she took a closer look at it. "Who could have opened this?" She wondered as she and Daphne were the only ones in the house and neither of them were near the box since it came. She looked it over and saw it was opened from the inside and that the stuffing was scattered about as if someone stepped out of it. "Wait, curtains in this big of a box?" Penny said as she began to put things together and as she was about to scream for Daphne a hand clamp over her mouth.

"Mrmrpm!" Penny cried out as she was dragged away by some shady men.


"I never thought I meet someone so danger prune like me." Daphne said with a chuckle as she made her way into her private study and as she reached the double doors she saw them open a jar. "Who could?" Daphne wondered as she always kept the room locked and closed and the staff was off for the weekend.

Being cautions she slowly walked up to the double doors and peeked inside and saw a few shady looking men inside. "What the?" She gasped as she saw them working at a wall safe she had in her study. As she slowly backed away she reached for a phone that was nearby and upon picking it up found it was dead.

"Darn it!" She cursed as she was about to make a run for the door before some strong hands clamp over her mouth and grabbed her arms from behind.

"Mrmrhpmr!" Daphne cried out as she was dragged away like Penny.


"Rrrrrrrgghhh." Both Scooby and Brain growled at each other as they stared deeply into each other's eyes. Between them was the last bone and behind them was a pile of bones which Brain lead with a score of nine to eight. As they were about to make a fight for it, they suddenly herd some muffled crying which sounded like a all too familiar sound to them.

Nodding they ended their contest and snuck off to investigate the sound only to find Daphne and Penny bound back to back with blue cloths tied over their faces gagging them. Rope bound their bodies together and lead up a tree branch above they dangled above a deep pit that had quick sand in it.

"Mrmrphrmr!" They both grunted and cried for help as they struggled making themselves swing in midair. Below them beside the quicksand was several men who wore dark outfits and black face masks.

"Thank you for not inspecting that box further miss Blake, Claw sends his regards to both your coming demise and the funds you are giving to his organization.

"Mrmrpmrmr!" Penny cried out hearing Claw's name.

"As for you pipsqueak, the boss is more than happy to see you sink forever." He said as he tossed a large rock onto the liquid sand which only took seconds for it too sink. "This instant quicksand is the best there is, it's gooey, quick and impossible to get out of thanks to it's glue base. Once you guys touch it, game over ladies!" The main bad guy said as he placed a candle below the rope that held the damsels in midair.

"Enjoy what little time you have left." He said as they walked off laughing as the rope began to slowly burn away slowly lowering the damsels into the deadly sand.

"Mrmrphrprhprmr!" They cried out as they tried to struggle but stopped as the ropes weren't tied to tightly and they began to slip out of them. "Nnrrnprnrpm!" They cried out at the irony of not being tied up tightly for once.

"Wraohhh." Scooby said as he and brain ran up to the girls.

"Mrmrpmrmr!" They both cried out through their gags as Scooby looked worried as the rope around the tree was reinforced with tape and would take too long to bite through and use to hoist them up.

"Hrrnnn." Brain thought it over as he looked the area over and saw some large barrels stacked up nicely nearby. "Wroof, wroof!" He said drawing Scooby's attention as the rope over the fire grew ever thinner.

"Grrrot it." Scooby replied as they rushed over and freed the barrels which sent them rolling into the quick sand and one after another they kept sinking until the last few piled up and never sank due to the barrels making a pillar that extend from the bottom.

"Mrmrmrhprhprm!" Both damsels cried out happily as the rope was finally burnt away and they went falling down where they slide along the barrels onto the safety of the grass covered ground.

"Thanks Brain." Penny said sliding the rope off around her and hugged her dog after removing her gag.

"You were wonderful Scooby." Daphne said also thanking Scooby as both dogs licked both women.

"Now come on, we have to stop those men." Penny said as Daphne nodded and they raced to the front of the home to find them loading up a van with her stuff.

"What do we do?" Penny asked.

"Hmmm." Daphne said as she noticed they weren’t far from her front pond. "I got an idea." Daphne said with a sly grin.


"This is the last of it, come on and lets get out of here." The bandit said as the boys agreed.

"Hey! Put my stuff back!" Daphne demanded as she approached the robbers.

"What the? Grab her!" The bandit ordered as they tried to grab her but she used her karate to hold them back for a little while till they finally over powered her and forced her hands behind her back as another tied a cloth back over her mouth.

"Mrmrpmr" Daphne grunted as she struggled in their hold.

"I don't know how you got loose but I assure you this time we'll give you some nice cement shoes and a watery grave. Now tie her up and throw her into the back and look for the kid." The bandit ordered as he became distracted enough that Penny began to drive away with their van. "HEY! STOP!" The bandit said as they all rushed after it, leaving Daphne free and as they chased it Scooby and Brain suddenly jump out of a bush and barked at them loudly.

"Gahhh!" They all cried out as they jump into the pond out of surprise. "So that's how, damn dogs. Get them!" The bandit ordered as they tried to move but couldn't and found themselves sinking. "Hey! This isn't!?"

"It is." Penny said stopping the truck and walking up to them. "Thanks for leaving that last bag of quicksand behind. It's not enough to sink you but to hold you." She said with a grin as Daphne called the police and soon her estate was full of police who hauled the robbers away.

"Well, this peril was pretty bad, we almost didn't make it there." Daphne commented as she and Penny went back inside the mansion as the police left.

"What? This was nothing! I've had far worse than this." Penny shot back.

"Trust me Penny, I've been in a lot and this was as bad as it gets." Daphne replied.

"Well perhaps I can change your mind?" Penny said with a sly smirk.


"Did you have a good weekend Penny?" Gadget asked his niece.

"Yep, I really enjoyed my time uncle Gadget." Penny replied as he started to load her bags onto the van.

"Where is miss Blake? I like to thank her."

"She, had other bindings engagements to make." Penny said with a smile.

"Ahh, I see. Also whats with this crate?" Gadget asked loading it on.

"That, I was asked to mail for Daphne. A favor for letting me stay this weekend."

"Got it then, we'll mail it on our way home." Gadget said driving off.

"Mrpmm!" A noise came from the crate as Gadget’s car bump along the road.

Inside the create was Daphne who was stripped down to her purple underwear with rope binding her limbs and body and was gagged with her pink tights and a cloth. Penny would assure her she would experience a real peril soon enough that would be considered bad and it was something Daphne wasn't looking forward to but would deal with it to show she was a true damsel.

The end.
Here is a request for :iconmightymorphinpower4: where he wanted Penny and Daphne to meet in a story and get into their usual trouble. This allow me to set up a pretty funny ending if I do say so myself.

So I hope you all enjoy.

As always, read, comment and fav.



I do not own any characters used in this story.
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The mannequin in the attic
By The Shadow Demon
(Woman into mannequin)

“This looks cute,” Bridgette says turning to her friend Emma, showing her a low cut pink singlet.
“Low cut, are you trying to get every boy to look at you?” Emma asks. Bridgette just gave her a smirk as she puts the singlet back. Both at the age of seventeen, Bridgette with long blonde hair while Emma had black, the two ever since they were ten were always into fashion and once they were finish with school the two were planning to go into the fashion industry.
“Now this is you!” Emma said grabbing a white shirt with pink decorations on it.
“That just screams girly, I don’t think so!” Bridgette said.
“Well better then these bimbo clothes that you are bringing out!” Emma explains.
“You got it, flaunt it!” Bridgette said cupping her C cup breasts and slightly jerked them up, Emma just shook her head as she returns to her shopping. Hearing her phone going off, Bridgette pulls it out of her purse to see she got a text from her mother.
“I got to go, my mum is calling me!” Bridgette said.
“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow at school I guess!” Emma said, with a wave to her friend, Bridgette left to make the long walk from the mall to her house. When she reached her home she found her mother in the garage moving some boxes around.
“Hey mum!” Bridgette calls out.
“Hey sweetie, can you help me with this?” her mother asks as she was trying to move a box.
“Yeah sure!” Bridgette said helping out her mother, Bridgette and her ocassionly were mistaken to be sisters not by how much the two look like each other but the age difference, to how mother explained it, she got pregnant with her when she was sixteen, the father bolted and was never seen again and so most of her life, Bridgette only had her mother and grand parents. Moving the heavy box to the side, Bridgette looked around wondering why her mother was moving some boxes.
“So what’s with the clean up?” Bridgette asks.
“Oh I got sick of all of this junk in the house so I am going to have a garage sale this weekend,” Bridgette’s mother explains, hearing her pager going off, her mother just sighed, “that should be work, look can you see in the attic if there’s anything we could live without!”
“Yeah sure I can do that!” Bridgette smiles.
“What would I do without you?” Bridgette’s mother said giving her daughter a kiss on her forehead before leaving. Watching her mother leave in the car, Bridgette kind of felt sorry for her mother, being the assistant manager in a car lot, it had her mother run around more then she would before. With a sigh, Bridgette closes the garage door and made her inside, When she was a kid the attic always creep her out and it was the same now, looking up the stair wall to the attic door, Bridgette walk up the stairs, which each step she made cause the stairs to creak, this gave her a slight cold chill as she reaches the top and opened the door, the too creak revealing all the junk in the attic. Bridgette scan the area, with only some sun light coming in by the window, Bridgette could see that they piles of boxes filled who knows what, the plastic a Christmas tree, a figure, Bridgette froze her heart nearly skipped a beat as quickly reaches up to the light switch and turned it on. their in a far corner of the room was a plastic mannequin woman.
“Oh god,” Bridgette said with a sigh, calming herself down she made her way to the mannequin, the mannequin was incredibly detailed, its face showed a beautiful woman, with perfectly curves, double D perky breast, long legs and a perfect heart shape for an ass. If Bridgette knew better this would be have been made by a guy because they’re was no way that woman make something like this.
“So I guess this what man want in every woman, all body no mind!” Bridgette smiles, hearing the floor boards creaking behind her, Bridgette turned around her heart races as she scans the attic, seeing no one, Bridgette slowly relax turning back and screamed. The mannequin had fell forward landing on top of her, catching her off guard and off balance, Bridgette fell on her back with the making landing on top of her. Bridgette lay there as the mannequin’s plastic hand on her right breast while it lips kissed hers. Pushing it off, Bridgette quickly got up and just stared at the plastic woman, expecting it to move, to do something but it just lay on the ground, motionless.
“Okay… I just… I just must be loosing me mind!” Bridgette said slowly walking out of the attic her eyes still fixed on the mannequin. The rest of the day, Bridgette was too stunned, too frightened to do anything as she just sat in one of the living room chairs and just stared. All of her senses told her that there was something in the attic, something she couldn’t explain, something evil however her mind told her that it was only just a series of random of events. Hearing a door close causing to be startled and scream, turning around to see her mother entering into the house.
“Whoa easy, it’s just me!” Bridgette’s mother said, noticing that her daughter was scared. “You okay?”
“Yeah... yeah I’m fine, just a little bit spooked out that’s all!”  Bridgette explains as she tries to calm herself down.
“What happened?” Bridgette’s mother asks.
“Just that… when I was in the attic, there was this mannequin and it fell on me when I wasn’t looking!” Bridgette explains.
“We have a mannequin in the attic?” Bridgette’s mother asks.
“Yeah!” Bridgette said, “How could you not know there was a mannequin up there?”
“The last owners of this house left a lot of their stuff here, so I guess the mannequin is theirs too, say you don’t think they would care if we sell it in the garage sale?” Bridgette’s mother explains.
“Considering they left it here, I don’t think they care!” Bridgette said.
“Well besides being scared by a chunk of plastic did you find anything else up there?” Bridgette’s mother asks.
“I pretty much ran for it after the mannequin fell on me!” Bridgette told her mother, Bridgette’s mother just gave a sly smile as she shook her head.
“What?” Bridgette asks.
“Nothing, just never mind!” Bridgette’s mother said slightly giggling.
“YOU’RE MEAN!” Bridgette cries out watching her mother walking out of the living room, Bridgette just let a smile knowing it was silly for her to be scared of a simple mannequin, with that thought, Bridgette let the experience to be forgotten, telling herself that it was just her being an idiot.

The next morning, Bridgette awoke with a stretch and a yawn, her usually way on welcoming another day, as Bridgette slowly sat up, pulling off her blankets as she Bridgette found her movements were slightly restricted to her, thinking nothing about it, Bridgette got up and to start her daily routine. After her shower which her mother always tend to say that she would spend half a hour just on her hair, Bridgette started to dry herself in the mirror, noticing something, at first was hard to catch but once she did notice it, Bridgette found it quite odd, her lips had gone hard and slightly chapped.
“Huh!” Bridgette said, thinking nothing of it Bridgette continues with her routine. Now dressed and ready for another day of school, making into the kitchen to grab a quick bite to eat, Bridgette notice that her mother was no where to be seen, figuring that she must of went to work early , Bridgette quickly made up a sandwitch for lunch and left her house without another thought. When Bridgette finally made it to school she found her friend Emma already waiting for her.
“Hey girl, did you sleep in or what?” Emma asks, looking down at her watch to see that it only mere minutes until the first bell was going to ring.
“No… for some reason I just feel…” Bridgette said pausing for a moment, unable to say the words as she didn’t what she was feeling.
“You feel what?  Emma asks.
“Stiff!” Bridgette explains, hearing the bell for the start of school, Emma just let a smile.
“Remind me to use that excuse when we have sports!” Emma laughs.
Bridgette didn’t find it that funny and nor was her first class, Mister Bridges and Maths, there was two things that Bridgette couldn’t stand at school, maths and Mister Bridges, Mister Bridges was a old school type of teaching, he was very tough and strict while maths and Bridgette went well like patrol and a match. Making to her locker, Bridgette found her fingers felt stiff as well as they should, finally getting her locker door open, Bridgette turns to her hands, finding them to be paler and actually look stiffer but what got her stunned her was that there was not a single blemish.
“What the…” Bridgette said, noticing the same thing with her other hand, fear now running through her, Bridgette just ran for the nearest girls toilet her limbs still stiff, making it quite harder for her to move, little alone to run. Reaching the bathroom, noticing that it was clear, Bridgette made her inside and instantly went to the mirror and let out a scream. Bridgette stares in her reflection see that her face had took on a artificial tone, her eyes weren’t even real, in fact they looked to be painted on, raising her hand, she gave her face a slight touch and heard a hard hollow back. Still able to moth her mouth ever so slightly, it too took the same hard artificial tone like the rest of her face, lifting her hands up in front of her face as her eyes were fixed on looking straight forward, Bridgette saw that her hands were taking the same tone, her fingers becoming harder and harder to move.
“I… I… got… to… g… get… home!” Bridgette her words coming out quite slowly, making it out of the bath as best she could. Bridgette was finding that bending her knees were becoming more impossible to do by each minute. By the time she made it to the front gate, Bridgette found it impossible for her to bend her knees or elbows, franticly making her way down the street as best she could, her breathing becoming more apart and slower. Reaching her house, Bridgette made it to her front door and as she temps to move her arm in a way that she could grab onto the door handle but as she did she found she couldn’t, she couldn’t move her hands or her fingers, she was trapped.
“What…….. is……. happening……….. to………… me…………?” Bridgette as her voice became silent, her breathing become slower then known existent, her movements became still, Bridgette could only cream in her mind trapped in her own body, she couldn’t feel anything anymore, she couldn’t feel her feet, hands, arms… nothing, she wasn’t breathing, she couldn’t talk, she couldn’t move, she could do anything. Hearing the door opening, Bridgette could see it open but unable to see who it was, hearing movement she found herself being lifted and moved inside.
“Who’s carrying me, is it mum? Would she even recognize me?” Bridgette thought, finding help being set in the living room and then adjusted around for eyes to catch sight of herself in a mirror. If Bridgette could scream she would, as staring back at her was a mannequin of herself, everything of her was no longer human, Bridgette could just see seams on her neck and wrists and could only guess that there was more. Hearing movement again, Bridgette was becoming more terrified catch sight of the very mannequin she found in the attic making its way to her, moving it plastic arms it began to remove Bridgette’s clothing.
“NO… stop, stop!” Bridgette screamed mentally but found no matter how much she wanted to the mannequin would not be able to hear her, with all of her clothing off, Bridgette could see that she was indeed a full mannequin.
“Beauty…” The mannequin said, “is not skin deep, but that what last eternally!” and with that the mannequin left Bridgette’s eyesight leaving her to stand their motionless, staring at her own mannequin self.

Emma made it too Bridgette’s home wondering why she skipped school, upon reaching the house she found Bridgette’s mother in the garage moving some stuff around.
“Hello Ms. Green, is Bridgette home?” Emma asks.
“No, but she did leave her stuff in the living room and this mannequin, I guess she finally got it down from the attic!” Bridgette’s mother explains.
“Wow, she’s beautiful, what are you going to do with her?” Emma asks looking at the plastic dummy.
“Sell it I guess!” Bridgette’s mother explains.
“How much?” Emma asks.
“For you sweetie, five buck!” Bridgette’s mother said.
“Deal!” Emma said, purchasing the mannequin, Emma then lifted the mannequin up and place it under her arm and as she was walking home thinking off all the interesting clothing she could make and put on the mannequin, inside Bridgette was screaming for her friends help, pleading… cursing the mannequin in the attic…
A inanimate tf, it's been awhile since the last one
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'I want to show you something', he whispers
smoking his cigarette as plain as day.

Six words repeated every five seconds.

and I am but a wet echo that crawls his way -
the kind you have to see
to believe.

More demand than offer; just a face
full of mute fascination,
and that's not even the half of it.

For who needs words,
when you can ply me with hands that do as they please
in more languages than I can count.

and in five seconds flat-

A world of

and like some mad carousel, I rushed you.
Hope you don't mind.
updated 2/9/11
total restructuring and word overhaul
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I saw death as a woman on the Underground
With a smile sweet as sin on her lips
And looks dressed up as though she could kill
From her angelic face down to her hips

She fixed me a look in the eye as if to say
That life is short so enjoy the ride
And when you come to the end of the day
Make sure you're as happy as when you have died

In that moment I knew this was all a joke
And our existence is flawed and with holes
But when I next looked she was gone in the smoke
Replaced by those yellowing pock-riddled poles

An old woman sat there, with a look so bewildered
She realized that her time was long spent
Her diamond-encrusted tiaras and life so gilded
Were signs of where the wasted hours went

I smiled knowingly at this poor lady's fortune
And admired my hopefully long years to come
For though life's music may seem in such poor tune
It all comes to harmony when your song is done
Finally finished this poem after a year...and all it needed was the last line.
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"Come on boy, let’s go home." Mulan said to her faithful horse as Mushu and the good luck cricket named Cri-Kee was by her side feeling her depression. Mulan had disguised herself as a male solider named Ping to go to war instead of her crippled father. After a near death experience against Shan Yu and his men, Mulan had taken them all out in a mighty avalanche caused by firing a fireworks rocket at a mountain. However Shan Yu left a wound on her body exposing her as a female angering her fellow soldiers to leave her and head on to the imperial city.  

Still clad in her armor, she was about to mount her steed when she suddenly heard a furious cry of rage.

"Impossible." Mulan muttered as she rush over to the cliff side and peered down and her face paled as she saw Shan Yu and from the depths of the thick snow she saw some of his remaining men rise up like vengeful spirits. "It's can't be!" She said still can't believing it as she watched Shan Yu start walking towards the imperial city. "I must warn Shang and the emperor."

Mulan turn around to quickly take a side path to reach the capital sooner, but she suddenly ran into a large hun warrior who grinned at her. "Ahhh!" Mulan cried out as the Hun forcibly grabbed her and dragged her down the slope.

"Shan Yu!" The warrior cried out drawing the barbarian leader attention as the solider held up the struggling Mulan.

"Who is that?" He asked as he took a closer look and he saw the person who devastated his army. "Excellent work." He said with a grin.

"Not really, this is a dishonor!" The hun said throwing Mulan to the ground and her armor loosen enough to reveal her breasts through her clothing.

"What?" Shan Yu said with a low hiss. "Are you telling me, my army, my thousands of men! Defeated by a wretch female!?" He said in disbelief as Mulan could only stare back frozen with fear.

"Allow me sir, to correct the dishonor." The solider said as he drew his blade and raised it up to take Mulan's head which she closed her eyes to brace for the blade.

"Stop." Shan Yu commanded as the hun did so.

"Woman." He said walking forward and grabbing her by the face. "Surely someone as you will mother strong children, become my wife." He offered.

"I refuse." Mulan said trying to remain brave and spat in his face which earn her a back hand slap to the face causing her to land hard on the snow covered ground as he wipe away her spit.

"Then die." He said as he pointed to the nearby supplies the Chinese army left. "Fetch me that large rocket." He said as his men did so. "It's fitting, that I show you how to truly kill someone with a rocket." He said with a twisted smirk as two of his men grabbed Mulan by the arms and held her as they brought over a large rocket and dug it into the ground.

"Let me go!" Mulan shouted as she was force to lay on top of the rocket and some rope was wrapped around her upper chest and arms which wrapped above and below her breasts and knotted off tightly behind the rocket "No! You can' do this!" She shouted as she struggled harder as more rope was wrapped around her thighs and knotted off behind the rocket binding her tightly to the large red firework.

"You talk too much." He said as one of his warriors pulled out a black cloth and stuffed it into Mulan's mouth muffling her speech as another took a green cloth. The hun made a knot in the middle of the green cloth and place the knot between her lips and knotted the ends behind her head holding in the black cloth.

"Mfpfmfpfm!" Mulan cried out into the gag as she struggled against the tight rope as Shan Yu tore away her sword and threw it to the snow covered ground and lit a match.

"Enjoy the last look of China from above, before I burn it all to the ground." He told her as he held the flame close his grinning face before dropping the match lighting the fuse.

"Mrprmrpm!" Mulan cried out as Shan Yu and his men laughed as they marched towards the imperial city.

Mulan looked down fearfully at the fuse as it slowly burn closer and closer to the rocket and what’s worse the wind began to pick up blowing around the loose snow creating a thick blizzard making the situation worse and yet the blowing snow did nothing for the burning fuse.

"Mrprmmm!" Mulan looked around for Mushu needing his help, but the blizzard no doubt made it hard for the tiny dragon to find her and she glanced down at her sword which was very close by. She began to move her right foot towards the sword as best as she could in hopes of being able to bring it close enough to use somehow but the blade was but an inch out of reach of her foot.

"Mrprmmrrmmrrrmr!" Mulan grunted frustrated as the fuse was moments away from lighting the rocket making her panicked as the wind whipped her hair about making it freeze to her face making it hard to see. As the end drew close, Mulan never imagine this was how she go but she was now helpless to do anything.

As the fuse was about to light the rocket, Mulan said a prayer hoping her parents would be able to live on without her. As she excepted to be launched into the air, she heard a breaking noise and looked up into the thick blizzard wind to see something falling down which was a large icicle with Mushu and Cri-Kee on it and the icicle hit the fuse severing the flame inches from igniting the gunpowder in the rocket.

"Mrprm!" Mulan cried out happily as Mushu and Cri-Kee groaned.

"Girl, you are lucky. Don't ask us how, but that cricket, is luck incarnate!" Mushu said as Cri-Kee chirped happily.

"Mrprmm!" Mulan cried out needed to be untied.

"Hold on, I'll get you." Mushu said as he quickly untied Mulan from the rocket and she reached up and pulled out the cloth gag and spat out the cloth.

"Mushu! Cri-Kee. Thank you so much! But now we must hurry and warn the emperor!" She said as her horse came rushing up to them.

"Right, onwards to becoming a hero!" Mushu shouted as they got on the horse and charged after Shan Yu and his men.

Shouldn’t we have heard a bang by now?” One of Shan Yu’s men asked.

“The blizzard must have put out the flame. It’s why I had her gagged. No one will hear her, she will freeze to death.” He said no longer caring about her.

“So how do we get into the city?” The archer asked curious as they saw the workers for the prop dragon getting things ready for the parade.

“Let’s help the Chinese celebrate their victory.” He said with a grin as they ambushed the workers.

To be continued in the last part of the Mulan movie.
Here is a quick little story that was inspired by this pic Chinese Fireworks by geekling      which was done by :icongeekling: which the whole concept was commissioned by :iconbrossuno: I am in no way apart of the commission but felt like writing a little something to go with the pic.

Also, who feels this should have happened in the movie? I really think it would have been an epic scene to make and put in.

So I hope you enjoy this story, click on the pic above and give your thanks to geekling as well who gave his permission for me to use the pic.

As always, read, comment and fav.



I do not own any characters used in this story.

Picture belongs to :icongeekling: used with his permission.
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