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Alice and Mad Hatter: Mad Love
The White Queen hastily reached into her pocket and pulled out a bottle from it. It was a small bottle, rather skinny, containing a light, purple liquid. She handed it to Alice, giving her a sad smile.
"Take it. You deserve it. You've EARNED it. You've saved us all."
Alice stared longingly at the bottle, knowing it would grant her the one wish that she desired the most if she was to drink the purple liquid bubbling inside of it. She took the bottle, held it up closely to her beautiful face, blinking at the sight. "If..." she said quietly. "If I drink this, will... Will it take me home...?" The White Queen nodded slowly. "If that is what you wish," she said, rather uncomfortably.
Alice stared at it some more, then, sighing, slowly twisted off the black lid that was keeping the liquid from spilling out, and tossed it aside. She heard gasps of surprise, shock, and even disappointment.
She slowly turned around, only to see each and every one of her friends staring longingly at her. "Please
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15. A Man in a Hat
    "What's happening, basically?" I asked again as the boys followed behind me. Hatter was cheerful, jumping about and fussing over me. There was a light in his eyes that looked forced, trying to shine through something that was beginning to eclipse it. I began to believe his madness... Jack was there too, looking thoroughly bored and he kept tapping his foot.
     Hatter smiled, "Basically, we're going to go on a lovely little jaunt through the Chessboard Kingdom and hope we're not murdered in our sleep, or while we're awake, or at least not robbed and mugged."
     "So it's going to be lovely fun?"
     "Oh yes."
     Mary Ann, the maid from before, came up to me with Tillie. "Miss Alice, the Queen informed me that you're to be taken upstairs to have a wash and change your clothes before you leave."
     I looked down at myself and r
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Four More Scenes- AlicexHatter
"For heaven's sake!  I can't keep – up!"
Alice drew back like a horse that was being reined in.  The lanky youth attached to her hand was forced to slow his progress in light of these developments.  Alice shook the hand free and stood, gasping for breath, holding her hands to her aching sides.  The Hatter, although very rosy in the cheeks and possibly showing more expansion of the chest during his breathing than usual, seemed otherwise unaffected, and as Alice continued to catch her breath, grew increasingly agitated.
"Oh do let's go," he urged finally, sounding strained.  Alice gave him an unhappy look, but he took her hand and she allowed herself to be dragged along once more.
"I wish you would tell me – what this is about!" she gasped out in intervals as they darted around tree trunks and roots, the Hatter's dark boots snapping twigs and kicking up leaves.
"I am sorry, my dear, but I simply haven't
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Custom-Making and general FAQ
This is an FAQ list for those interested in custom-making, or somewhat curious about me and how I do things.  It was originally posted under the journal submission "The Warmare Answers" but since that's now buried in the journal archives, I'm submitting it as a text deviation to make it easier to find.  This is based on my limited experience in custom-making and is in no way a comprehensive, ultimate guide to pony making.  All the same, I hope perspective custom makers find it useful.
How did you learn to make customs?
Pre-G4 I wanted nothing to do with My Little Pony, but I had seen people making custom toys on sites like  Once I became hooked on the new show and wanted to try my own customs, I went back to the old Pony fora to gather techniques from the pros.  CustomAnon created one of the first tutorials spe
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13. A Man in a Hat
     Stiffly, I walked down the stairs, having trouble breathing because of the corset-type thing on the dress I had been forced to wear. The lace around the bottom scratched my legs through the fishnet stockings and God, did I hate high heels.
     Tillie held tightly to my hand, her small palms sweaty. With my other hand, I trailed the railing to keep my balance in both the heels and with the difficulty breathing.
     "There are my darlings!" simpered the Red Queen. "Now, why don't we three go out to the garden for a nice cup of tea and a pretty little game of croquet?" While she spoke, she linked arms with me and my sister and moved us toward the patio.
     "Alice, my dear, I do hope that that nasty boy, Hatter, didn't wreck you with his lies, did he?"
     I didn't answer.
     "Come, come, girl. Answer me."
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Scootaloo's Wing Story script
Scootaloo's Wing Story
Script Written by Dustin Wood
[The episode opens in the Ponyville Schoolhouse & Scootaloo was drawing a picture of herself with bigger & better wings]
Scootaloo: [sighs]
Cheerilee: Scootaloo! Just what are you doing?
Scootaloo: I'm uh... Just drawing something.
Cheerilee: Well, you need to pay attention to your lessons, young lady!
Scootaloo: [sadly] Yes, ma'am.
Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon: [snickering at Scootaloo]
[Scootaloo just looked down at her drawing as a tear fell on it]
Part 1:
[After school, Scootaloo walked sadly down the road, looking up into the skies, seeing a lot of Pegasus ponies flying around the sky with their big wings, even Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy. She began to wonder while looking at her baby wings]
Scootaloo: Why can't I have beautiful, strong wings like the other Pegasus ponies? Instead, I have to wait for these tiny things to grow in and it's even longer than waiting for my cutie mark! [sighs] I wish I got some great wings
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Writer's Block
A writer's block is something nobody can bear,
That's the truth, that I swear.
We all have a specific goal that we write for,
Even if it sometimes start to feel like a chore.
When our minds are shrouded and we can't think clear,
That's perfectly normal have no fear.
We might not be able to write about the things we like,
Then sometimes the most brilliant inspiration will strike.
Until we get inspired we should practice writing more,
Even if it's just a simple story about how you went to a store.
We must broaden our horizons for new themes and such,
Maybe we find a subject for which we have a special touch.
So prepare for your inspiration to come,
Or else you cannot put it to words and that is no fun.
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To Defeat My Enemy...
I must study my enemy.
Every day I watch, meticulously. Observe his actions, make sure I'm on top of whatever he has planned. And, whenever I have the leisure to, I study him. The way his lekku bounce around ontop his head whenever he's in the privacy of his base; the way he only has three claws, their true form I have only ever seen once. They're so sharp, so alien; I can certainly understand the gloves.
Yes, his anatomy is quite fascinating, killer alien or not. What's even more rewarding, however, is to see the true him. I've found out over the years that the green humanoid wears a mask, not just for us humans, but for himself. He hides away what he knows is real, covers it up with a pack of lies. There are rare moments, however, that he lets his true emotions slip.
And I'm almost ashamed to witness those moments.
I know he must not realize the camera is hidden where it's at. For there are those rare moments where he lets himself slip, and he c
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Pitch's return ch.20
Chapter 20
Jack and Pitch landed back outside the lair when the sun was just starting to come up. Jack couldn't stop giggling and stumbled when he landed. "Dude, people at that resort in Hawaii are going to freak when they step outside!"
"The guardians are going to be all over you for that, Jack." Pitch replied.
"Worth it!" The boy shouted stumbling and falling into Pitch's arms. He rubbed his eyes tiredly. "I think I'm out of snow and ice."
"I wouldn't be surprised." Pitch said, picking Jack up. "You outdid yourself wherever it was winter, and a few other places as well." Jack smiled sheepishly as Pitch walked inside.
The two laid down in the warm bed and snuggled under the covers. "I can't wait until Jamie and his friends wake up." Jack yawned. "They're gonna be so surprised."
The Nightmare King groaned. "I'll never understand why you love those annoying brats so much."
"They're not annoying brats, they're just not very keen on you because you tried to take over the
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Barren Warren- Ch 9
Warnings and disclaimer: Me no own, I make no money off this, it's purely free entertainment that I write to help alleviate my stress and hopefully stop me from having another SIS.
Feel free to review politely. I really love my reviewers.
Jack grunted as his body hit the cold floor again. Rolling over on his side, he tried to clear his throat of the trickle of blood that had seeped down his esophagus, tickling his neck in just the wrong place as a cough overtook the gasping. His chest hurt and he couldn't defend himself with his arms tied behind his back. He curled into himself as his scrambled mind raced for an idea to escape the dark amalgamation's lair.
When Pitch's nightmares attacked him outside of Burgess on his way back to the Warren, Jack was unprepared to say the least. Even with his trusty staff returned to him, he was having difficulty relearning every trick in his book. The fur was making it harder to twist and cast ice as needed, and his small
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Loki, You Are Loved: Part 2, Chapter 2
Time passed funny with Thor gone. Every day Loki would wake up to a ceiling he barely remembered, and it would take him a few terrifying moments to remember where he was. Why he was there. That Thor was gone.
As if the constant reminder of Thor's death by the scathing glares he got by everyone he passed, he had to look at the Thunder god's hammer each and every day, immobile on the side of his throne. Thor's throne.
The tears dried up after a week or so. Crying wasn't bringing Thor back, anyway, it was just giving Loki a headache.
Some night he would wake with a start, looking around wildly. He thought he heard Thor's voice. Loki found himself sitting and staring off into open space quite often, replaying the conversation he'd had with Thor, the last visit he saw him alive.
"Why do you continue to do this, brother? Do you not find yourself growing tired?"
"You're calling me brother again. Are you upset with me?"
"How could I be upset with you? You are all I have of home. You
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Surprises, Surprises Part 1 TonyXLoki
Surprises, surprises
Part One
"Jarvis, check the comp stats on the Mark 9, I have some ideas I want to fool around with before the party."
"Very well sir, shall I set up the- sir? I'm receiving a transmission message from Mr. Nick Fury, shall I put him through?"
Tony sighed turning away from his scientific holo-screen, " Why not, not like I have a option when he call anyways.."
" Stark, we have a problem."
" Does S.H.I.E.L.D. ever not have any problems? And who gave you my number?"
"It's Asgard related, thought you might want to take a look at it before I talked to Dr. Banner..."
" Oh him? He's always interested in jobs and assignments, he's especially helpful as long as he doesn't get too frustrated."
Tony had just finished his home/office repairs and was reopening Stark Tower with a bang. Since it was party at his tower it was public, and  it was expected that Thor attend, along with the rest of the Avengers.
It would be the first time since they all gathered together since
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Leave your boyfriend speak away from here.
Forget you girlfriend jargon at the door.
I don't need anyone to heat the ice in my veins.
Maybe it is true,
I am as cold as my hands.
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You Look Good in Pink
Pinkie Pie waited impatiently at the train station, squinting down the tracks. She hopped up and down, ran around in a circle, made a quick snowpony, then sat down and sighed. It seemed like the train would never come. She ran over to the pony in the ticket window. "What time did you say the train was coming again?" she asked.
The grey pony rolled his eyes. "As I just said not thirty seconds ago," he replied. "The train should be here in two or three minutes. Have some patience, ma'am."
Pinkie Pie sighed, then went to sit on a bench and stared down the tracks, fiddling with her scarf. "Come on, come on," she whispered.
Suddenly, her ears pricked as she heard a very faint whistle. She let out a gasp and sat up. "I can hear it! I can hear it!"
Soon, she could see it as well. She bounced eagerly as it slid into the station, looking up and down the cars. "Where is he? Where is he?" she wondered aloud.
As if to answer her question, a golden stallion in a cowpony hat and vest stepped off the
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How to: Black Butler Tattoo
Hello Black Butler Cosplayers…
If you play Sebastian Michaelis this is for you.
How to make Sebastian's Pentacle Tattoo
If you are a Cosplay perfectionist, I think we would all believe that the hardest part of Sebastian's cosplay to get right is the mark or the contract on his left hand.
So here are Step-By-Step instructions to make sure that you get a neat and very realistic looking tattoo, perfect if you're a Cosplayer, or you just want the mark on your hand for fun.
1. Go onto Google or your preferred search site, and pull up a picture of the mark. (I would suggest a screen shot from the Anime, just to make positive that you are getting the Original mark, and not someone's interpretation of it).    
2. Copy and paste the picture onto a word document, and play around with the picture, I.e. make it bigger or smaller by manipulating the size to fit the top of your hand.  
3. Print the photo, then cut the extra paper, that had not been us
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The Unveiling, Part Two ThorxLoki
Part Two
Rated:  PG
Thor glared into endless miles of snow covered plains in the distant, he could see the golden gleam of Asgard's far away spires.  
He roared into the boundless area, Loki staring at him silently, completely indignant by the change in environment.
Thor turned on him, grabbing him by the collar.
" This is all your fault! Everything that has happened is your fault! Why couldn't you just learn your place!? Why can't you just release this dream of rule?! Why do you feel as if no one loves you!? Let go of this poisonous dream before it completely consumes you!"
Loki smiled skeptically as if he was saying that no one did love him.
Thor read the smile.
" Everyone loved you!" Thor shook Loki shouting, "Even after you hurt us!...hurt me! They still love you." Loki's face remained indifferent.
Thor threw his brother with his smug grin off into the distance as the snow continued to billow his face.
Loki stared up from the snow his hands no longer shackled.
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Decembersville Ch. 16
Chapter 16 - A freaky make-over by the freak Nutty Jimmy
          “His name is Nutty Jimmy and he’s my older brother. I’ve told him you are in need of assistance and all depending on his mood, you may or may not make it out in one piece because lately that brat has been whining about not getting too many brains in his stomach because he ran out of friends to chew on. Don’t argue with him or ask him questions because half the time you WILL NOT understand A WORD he’s talking about. He’s an idiot too, so don’t expect him to understand what you are saying as well. Just shut up and don’t argue and if he’s doing anything that makes you uncomfortable, then that means he’s in a happy mood. Oh, and just accept your fate when…I mean IF it comes. It’s useless to run from this guy. He refers to himself in third person most of the time and if he begins to dance, then that means he’s a
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Surprises, Surprises Part 3 TonyXLoki
Surprises, Surprises
Part 3
3 hours had passed since anyone had seen Tony or his beautiful hanger on.
Thor didn't like that woman, she was pretty, beautiful even, but something was familiar about those emerald eyes.
That smile was familiar...
He decided to head to down to Loki's cell, just to check on him. He didn't want his brother ruining the party.
As he walked toward the main elevator, Stark was adjusting his tie about to walk out.
" Tony, I was about to..-"
" I just got done bringing Loki down some drinks.. Tony grabbed Thor by the shoulder, twisting him back to the party... -he loves those right, with the little umbrellas in them?"
Tony patted Thor's back, " He's fine Thor. Relax, let lose! Maybe I can show you some dance moves you can take back to Asgard with you."
Thor was still worried but didn't want his paranoia to get to him, tonight was not night for dealing with his meddlesome brother, if Loki showed his face, he would deal with him accordingly.
"Ok "Man of Iron", I wo
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The Unveiling, Part One ThorXLoki
The Unveiling
Part 1
Sequel to " The Claiming"
Rated; PG-13
The sun rose in the Asgardian forest.
No sleep came to Thor, he tried to forgive himself for what he had done to his brother... to justify what he had done...
Loki had been silent for a while, when he finally spoke, Thor had been surprised by what he heard.  
"Only you have made me feel..."
Thor chew his lower lip, " Had Loki been sincere?" There had been a time when he had trusted Loki without fail, without hesitancy, but they were far from those times now." He looked down at his brother, watching him rest.
He chuckled to himself, he had always watched his over his brother. Though smart, Loki had always looked so frail, so timid and delicate.
Thor had made himself a personal promise to protect Loki no matter what fate befell him personally.
He had always felt it his duty to ensure his younger brothers safety and to go to any lengths to do so.
" But can I continue to do that now?"
The sun had risen, the other Asgardi
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Loki, You Are Loved: Part 2, Chapter 1
One year on Earth did not pass as quickly as Loki would have liked. Thor would visit every other week to check on his progress in Stark Tower, but it took six months before Tony Stark even trusted him enough to let him lift a broom. Needless to say, progress was slow.
Even longer, Loki found – quite obviously – did it take five years to pass. He watched with mild interest at the rapid rate humans aged, wondering mildly what it must be like to live such short, pitiful lives. And still, Thor would visit every other week. He would stay for an hour or so and ask asinine questions about what Loki was doing. The finishing touches were being put on the city – it was almost back to normal. Like Loki had never attacked at all.
Unfortunately, people did not forget like rock and buildings did. Loki had stones thrown at him every other day, sometimes – and most awful – by children.
As five years crawled by, Loki found himself in the midst of an infant. Tony Stark had final
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The Duel Was Lost By Both
Stolen lights.
Forgotten nights.
Forged words.
Battered swords.
War over.
Mourning lover.
Dawn breaking.
Colors streaking.
Illuminating fears.
Exploding tears.
His blade.
She made.
Driven mad.
Now sad.
Pierced heart.
Foul start.
He cried.
She died.
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I'm A Witch!
What a scheme what a scheme
That society dreams
That there's no such thing as me
I'll be the first one to tell of the many that will tell
That I won't be going to "shhhh..."
I'm a witch, where's my cat?
Oh yeah don't forget my pointed hat
As I soar across the sky
In a plane! What a shame you probably thought I was insane.
It's time you make you realize!
That I'm a witch
That's not fictitious
Don't you think you're superstitious?
In circle of incantations,
Candles, stones, life without limitations.
Proclaimed across every nation!
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Wendy and Peter Pan
Let's pretend for a while
So in our pain we can smile
As we got to a place where we're happy
I'll be Wendy
And you'll be Peter Pan
Take my hand
Sprinkle fairy dust on me from Tinkerbell
So I can fly with you out of this hell
Let's be Wendy and Peter Pan
Flying off to Neverland
To leave this world behind
With no sorrow in mind
I am Wendy
And you are Peter Pan
Holding hands as we fly to Neverland
Leaving Captain Hook in reality
Unable to fire his cannons at us
To make us crash and burn
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Decembersville Ch. 14
Chapter 14: Sophia, officially framed
           Count Merry-Go-Round was gardening. Yup. The sorrowful, brooding, violent-hearted vampire was outside in the caged-in garden watering the flowers. He was wearing a tightly-woven sun hat and a long, almost cute, pink garden apron with a daisy print on it (I beg you, don’t ask). The garden was small yet colorful and it was located right outside the orchestra room, meaning the garden was elevated off the ground from the entrance of the castle. It was also caged in by tall, black metal bars made to look like a very thin fence that surrounded the little garden to make it look like you were trapped in a small square room. The sky was open to it, meaning snow still entered. Merry was actually humming a happy tune while watering the flowers. He was just about done when he heard his doorbell ring down below. He put the watering pail down and went back into the orchestra room. Then he exi
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