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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 22, 2012, 4:14 AM

So. Um. Yeah. another contest.
No need to ask me if you can enter. The answer is YES!

Draw Splatter Paw on/with her computer! It's that simple!
Splatter Paw: snowdrop-the-kitty.deviantart.…

I love chibis.
Please make it transparent if you can, if you can't make it white and i'll make it transparent.
I'd love her name to be in it somwhere.
And please make it 400x400 to 600x600 in size.
If you make an animation it must be a .gif image.

Now for the prizes:

1st place:
A one month premium membership(or 396:points:)
A chibi.
A picture of you Ponysona(or your character ponyfied)

2nd place:
A journal doll
A sticker

3rd place:
A journal Doll

Sorry 2nd and 3rd prizes aren't that great but i am using my points for 1st.
Any donations are welcome.
If you win you may give your prize to another deviant. :3


Splatter Journal Doll by Snowdrop-the-Kitty
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Fav feature #36 pt 3

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 16, 2013, 3:06 PM
Gallery l Twitter l Blog l Shadowness

FAV FEATURE #36 pt 3
Theme: My own favs with less than 50 favs

To be fair, there are a rare few with 51 favs in #36

Now, some people's art end up more regularly among my favourites and some I stumbled upon and went "fav crazy". I've gathered them all up here, and just as always in my fav features - it's just my favourites which have under 50 favs (since it was a couple of days I gathered them up some might have gotten more by now). This fav feature is the first of it's kind and last for this time.

Art by:
:iconpapercolour: :iconmaria-van-bruggen: :iconmeganbreukelman: :iconconniekidd: :iconred-gold-sparks: :iconadoptabot: :icongreat-queen-morrigan: :iconlepisto87: :iconmaylar: :iconindianajonas: :iconunripehamadryad: :iconforest-fellows: :iconderidolls: :iconvavaleff: :iconsplendidofsun: :iconcerahart: :iconpersonfromdonso:

Bonhomme de neige by Papercolour Vole cerf-volant by Papercolour Carnaval2 by Maria-van-Bruggen Different view on Life by Maria-van-Bruggen <da:thumb id="370037049"/> <da:thumb id="370149040"/> Zooey by conniekidd Muffin by conniekidd August II by red-gold-sparks October II by red-gold-sparks Punk Robot by adoptabot Photo (3) by adoptabot I'm Sick To My Heart by great-queen-morrigan Autumn Melancholy II. by great-queen-morrigan Yggdrasil by Lepisto87 Wabbit by Lepisto87 Portrait by Maylar Coming home late... by MaylarLook Up by IndianaJonas The Tree by IndianaJonas Fox - Bookmark by UnripeHamadryad Matilda by UnripeHamadryad Half-Sleep by UnripeHamadryad Edina by Forest-Fellows Tapio by Forest-Fellows Roman soldier - scale by deridolls Dewdrop - Scale by deridolls Walter Raleigh - Scale by deridollsGothic tower of tiny fairies by vavaleff Little Angel with butterfly by vavaleff Nose to the window by splendidofsun Brothers by splendidofsun An afternoon at the museum by splendidofsun Instant Recorder by splendidofsun Peaceful by splendidofsun The False Judgement Day by CerahArt The Law Suit by CerahArt

Mature Content

Temptation by CerahArt
Burst Into Colors by CerahArt Pig in the wilderness by personfromdonso Gottegrisen by personfromdonso

Former Fav features
#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10,
#11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20,
#21, #22, #23, #24, #25 , #26 , #27pt1 , #27pt2 , #28pt1 , #28pt2,
#29 , #30, #31pt1, #31pt2, #32 , #33 , #34 , #35pt1 , #35pt2 , #35pt3 ,
#35pt4 , #35pt5 , #36pt1 , #36pt2

I also wanted to share a very intriguing but under-appreciated 4 pages long comic, a collab between Maylar and dejan-delic. Enjoy!

Valravn 1 of 4 by dejan-delic

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
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Mom: Ok, so, Jinxx is with Sammi Doll?

Me: Correct. Very good.

Mom: Jake's with...Ella Cole?

Me: Yeeeeees

Mom: Andy's with...?

Me: Juliet.

Mom: Oh, right right, CC's with.....

Me: I don't think he's dating anybody. But he has a dog X3

Mom: *laughs* Ok, so, Ashley' Ashley?

Me: Seems legit...
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Strange and interesting things in Pokemon

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 25, 2012, 10:11 AM

Greetings earthlings and so on. It is I Ry-Spirit once again discussing interesting things on the internet that can sometimes be funny, outrageous, racist, sexist, sad or just simply thought provoking. Lets talk Pokemon because I feel we haven't talked enough about em. Throughout the years there are many things in Pokemon that people find strange, like why Brock's donuts are so different to Homer Simpson's donuts, why a male Mr. Mime isnt called Mrs. Mime, why did professor think there are 150 Pokemon etc. But somethings are even stranger, we go deeper and take a look at some of the strange things in the Pokemon Universe. I have collected materials from my Pokemon researchers and also done a few homework myself to give you this quite interesting entry. I strongly urge you to tell me more interesting facts to add to the journal if you have any :D

Is Ditto related to Mew?
PKMN - Mew and Ditto by FerioWind
Fans speculated that Ditto might be related to Mew. Lets start with the obvious, those two are pink in color, but whats even more interesting is that both their shinies are blue in color. Sure it may just be a coincidence, but wait theres more. Both pokemon are weighted at 8.8 IBS, they are the ONLY two Pokemon to date that can learn the move Transform. I was googling some pictures of Mew and Ditto and found this beauty drawn by FerioWind. Thanks!

Professor Oak thinks there are only 150 Pokemon

Thats what happens when Nintendo don't think ahead. But I think Professor Oak should have his title taken away from him for stating that there are only 150 Pokemon, I mean its not like they don't have a phone or internet in the Pokemon universe, as far as we know the Pokemon universe is quite advanced, they have teleportation machines, flying robots, Pokedex etc. I am pretty sure just a simple phone call will let you know that there are other Pokemon in other regions. And you know whats even more ironic? In Pokemon 4ever, Ash and friends travels back to the past and meets a young Professor Oak, so yeah Oak HAS seen Pokemon outside of the Kanto region.

Wailord can have sex with Skitty

Also known as HSOWA that stands for Hot Skitty On Wailord Action. What the flying psyduck?! But... how?! Actually no I don't wanna know. Ok Wailord is like 100 times bigger than poor little Skitty.... and just... eww. What happened was that GameFreak decided to make Wailord a mammal because Whales are actually mammals. See you are learning something already. Anyway so yeah Wailord and many other Pokemon ended up being in the same egg group therefore able to mate... *fail* Actually a few other Pokemon like Eevee and Diglet and Rattatta are also able to mate with the giant fish, but Hot Skitty On Wailord Action is the more popular one amongs fans.

Psyduck and Golduck name reversed?

Did Psyduck's and Golduck's name got mixed up? It would be a bit more appropriate if Psyduck (The gold one) is called Golduck because of its color and Golduck (The blue one) being called Psyduck because it looks more psychic looking in my opinion.

Dratini evolves into Dragonair and SHOULD evolve into GARADOS
-> ->
I think THATS the correct evolution. I always find it weird how two snake type looking Pokemon can suddenly evolve into a cute looking orange dinosaur with wings, ok suddenly the snake grows arms, grows a pair of legs, grows a pair of wings, loses the angel wing thingy on its head and the whole blueish color body turns orange. On the other hand another strange evolution Pokemon Garados fits better with Dragonair and Dratini, they are blue looking and worm like! Somethings really not right here.

Magikarp SHOULD evolve into DRAGONITE
Magikarp into Garados is not as strange because there an asian legend about how a goldfish under certain condition turns into a dragon or something. But I think the dragon thats appropriate would be the Pokemon we mentioned earlier, a Dragonite! Because then both pokemon would have more things in common, like both being orange/golden color, both having those fish like antennas on cheeks and head respectively, both Pokemon having similarish eyes except for Dragonite it grew a bit bigger.

Venonat SHOULD evolve into Butterfree

I think the picture tells it all, I mean just look at the eyes, the antennas, the nose, the teeth, the arms, the colors! I think some guy at Gamefreak made a coding mistake and this happened, either that or when Ken Sugimori drew those Pokemon, he accidentally misplaced his drawings and the team at Gamefreak thought that the Metapod evolves into a Butterfree. A mistake that could no longer be healed and forever debated.

Gengar is the ghost of Clefairy

Fans have speculated that Gengar might be the ghost of a dead Clefairy, due to the body size and the shape. I agree.

There are animals in the Pokemon Universe

Actually this is not too strange but rather interesting because there are picture proof that there are animals in the Pokemon universe. Whether its a mistake by the artist of the anime is up for discussion. Which can also mean that the meat the human eat in the Pokemon universe are those of animals. Because no one eats Pokemon, no one! Well that reminds me of an old journal I wrote back in 2010, Top 10 tastiest looking Pokemon please read if interested.

Put on a bra Machamp!

Machamp, Machoke and Machop is probably the most human looking Pokemon there is. But they are all topless, sure thats fine if they are men, but some of them are female! What the flying Psyduck again! What are those in front of my eyes? They are actually tits?! And I cannot look at another female Machop again, I don't want to be questioned by Chris Hansen on Dateline!

The real Wobbuffet is in its tail.

Theres a theory that Wobbuffet's real and true form is in its tail. It's blue outlook is actually a decoy, hence it's ability to counter and reflect moves and such. There are also many reference to Wobbuffet being a punching bag, like Wobbuffet's name is a combination of wobble and buffet, meaning to strike repeatedly, both references to its punching-bag shape. This always creeps me out when I think about this, like all these time I thought I was looking at a funny looking face but instead there are a pair of eyes somewhere else staring at me....

Ash's Pikachu sucks

Well.... not always, like the time when he fought against Brock's Onix and won? But Ash cheated... Whatever! Still won because of Ash's smart thinking! Fine Ash's Pikachu can be a great Pokemon, it has defeated many Gym Leaders and won many battles. Pikachu must be at least level 99 by now, but then this happens.. l was watching Pokemon Black and White series last week and in the first episode Ash's Pikachu has to fight a newly adopted level 5 Snivvy, guess what? Pikachu gets his ass kicked! What is this?! And this is not the first time either, Ash's Pikachu has lost to many weak Pokemon in the past. What is wrong with that yellow rat?!

Ash is a Pokemon magnet
So hardly any girls likes Ash and Ash doesn't like anyone except for that one girl in the controversial 'The School of Hard Knocks' episode. But for whatever reason, most Pokemon seems to like Ash. In fact I would say that nearly ALL pokemon likes Ash Ketchum, some needs more time than others but eventually grows to like the fella. My theory is that Ash gives out a smell that attracts wild Pokemon, if I was a Pokemon I would probably start shagging Ash's right leg before he could pull out his Pokedex. I reckon Ash would've married a Pokemon if it was legal.... Well I'm sure I am just thinking too much haha, Ash got kissed by a girl in the Pokemon Heroes remember? ....wait... no that girl who kissed Ash was actually Latias in human form... Oh God no.. Ash got kissed by a Pokemon.. whats next? OH NO! OOOHHH NOOOOO

Humans are actually Pokemon!
Pikachu Boy by Ry-Spirit
If you believe that God made the world, you are wrong. The truth is that in a void of nothingness, a single egg came into being, which then hatches into Arceus, the first Pokémon to be in existence (If so then who created the egg? WOAH!!). Arceus then made Groudon and Kyogre and da di da di da. MEANING humans was created by Arceus too! There's also some Sinnoh myths mentioning that humans and Pokémon once coexisted as a single species. Not to mention the humans in the Pokemon world can withstand electric shock, burnt and falling from great distances. Then there are some humans who can use psychic abilities and have aura. Now the humans in the Pokemon world sounds Pokemon enough to me, which supports my theory that Ash is a Pokemon magnet, lets just hope he stays away from Pokemon during mating season.

Cubone and Marowak related to Kangaskhan somehow

So there was this theory about how a baby Kangaskhan is actually a Cubone without the skull. I kinda agree actually. I think its probably some coding problem, like initially Cubone and Marowak was supposed to evolve into Kangaskhan but then they decided to change it, that would also explain why Kangaskhan doesn't evolve into anything, and how Cubone only evolves into a Marowak and no more.

The War

Another popular fan theory is that there was an epic war that killed many humans, and Ash's generation was the first generation to find peace, thats why Ash has no dad and the rival has no parents, DEAD! This theory was also supported by Lt Surge when he mentioned how electric Pokemon saved his life during the war, I am guessing he got defribullated. So what kinda war was this? Who was fighting who? Well its too dark for Nintendo to talk about apparently.

You killed your Rival's Raticate

So in Pokemon Red/Blue, you eventually get to fight your rival on the SS Anne. So you beat his ass, you then don't see him until you reach Lavender Town. The town has a place for dead Pokemon and when you meet your rival there he says "Hey! What brings you here? Your Pokemon don't look dead!", thats a fair enough question, as many trainers bring their dead Pokemon to Lavender Town.... but wait... what is HE doing there? Some fans has noticed that your rival's Raticate is no longer in his Party. Fans has speculated that you beat your rival's Raticate so hard that it died, and your rival was in Lavender Town to lay to rest one of his beloved Pokemon. Thanks to Orlenius for telling me this interesting Pokemon fact yesterday.

What is underneath a Diglett?

Its a mystery... but there is a known fact that they have feet, thanks to a mention in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, although not even its friend Magnemite knew this until Diglett mentioned it.

Speaking of Diglett check out this funny image I found on the internet

If you have more strange or interesting info you think I have left out, please give me a shout below.


Groups: :iconmercs-of-meleee: :iconskullgirls: :iconpokemonrainbow:
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Pro BJD Artist Campaign

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 17, 2014, 12:35 AM


Maybe you know, maybe you don't, but yesterday was the titled PRO BJD ARTIST day. saskha started this and it's gone viral and I love it! As a pro-artist I'm yet to post my contribution (my battery died before I could upload last night), nonetheless I've been checking the campaign out and you can see it here… and here…

It's a great campaign that all those who support and buy legit dolls should participate. I've spoken against recast since forever and it's important that people know, especially those new to the hobby, that buying a bootleg doll is a really shitty and illegal business.

So, please, join in, post a pic of your doll, tag probjdartist, right a message in support of artists and help this hobby and its artists we love so much.

ProBjdArtists by Kira-Kitsunka-BJDBecause we care by Kuzle51
proBJDArtist day II by SarqqproBJDArtist day I by SarqqproBJDArtists by PriSuicun#proBJDartists by LooloozSupport BJD artist by AyuAnaNo Recasts by Merzedes#proBjdArtists by Elysion-Gear#proBJDArtists by Na7sProbjdartists by Atra-in-wonderland#proBJDartists Day by Loolooz.proBJDArtists. by LyrhiantproBjdArtists by Atelier-Cynamon#proBJDartists by Kelaria-Daye#proBJDArtists by kaaMariAgainst the tide by Morbid-DelusionsStand up for the bjd artists! by YuyucchanPro BJD Artists by fadeddreamssPro Bjdartist by Atra-in-wonderlandBJDkingdom ProBjdArtists by kvickaI support artists by Horris-chanSexy 1 Bis by Monsieur-ChevalSexy 3 Bis by Monsieur-ChevalIsabelprobjd by Alexis-RiderNo Recast by K-a-o-r-iI support BJD Artists! #probjdartists by StratolilyRecast ? Yurk !  #probjdartists by AcucelloproBJDartists by Murasaki-no-Musouka#proBjdArtists by oOShirayaOo#proBjdArtists by Sefelicle#proBjdArtists by FinleyUsagi#ProBjdArtists by kvickaDoing my part !! #proBJDartists by lauriel-kunPro bjd Artist by Atra-in-wonderlandCalm 1 bis by Monsieur-Cheval#proBjdArtists by Khaarmila#proBjdArtists (1) by diabolikal-lilySupport the bjd artists Day by framboisieProbjdartist by Atra-in-wonderland#ProBJDArtists by ShirelaeSupport BJD artists! by fuyuhime#proBjdArtists (2) by diabolikal-lily#proBjdArtists day by chazziPlease Support BJD Artists by runya-dimMasao for the artists by saskhaSay never to recast ! by YukiKira#proBjdArtists by Riona-la-crevette#proBJDartists by RidiculouslyNoir#probjdartists by InnerseaI support BJD artists! #proBJDartists by musumedesu#ProBJDArtist Comic Teaser by MissKokamon#proBjdArtists by NiuKy#ProBJDArtists by Shirelae#proBJDartists by TouwakaSupport by Pikkochansupport the artists by b-ki

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Glitter Gel ponies: reference.

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 4, 2014, 11:29 PM
This is my new semi-open species. They are a type of pony called Glitter gel ponies. The image is just reference to what they look like, not an OC or anything. I will now explain them. (If you would like to create one, note me.)

RULES: 1. Pegasai and Unicorns exclusively seep glitter ink from their horn or wings respectively.
2. Mane and body outlines are lighter than the color inside.
3. Eyelash colors are unnatural colors right along with the pupil.
4. Manes almost always include a section that is translucent/glittery.
5. Wings and horns fade from transparent/glittery to the color of the body.
6. Add as much glitter to your pony as you want, I don't even care.
7. All natural body fluids consist of glitter gel. (Blood, vomit, tears, etc.)
8. If you want to do breedable between two GGPs, then you must pay me 5 points per set of breedables. You will only get to keep 1 foal as a result of the breedable.  (you must pay me 7 points per set of breedables if you are breeding a GGP with a non-GGP.)
9. You can Glitter Gel-ify your existing OC/'s if you'd like, but all of the rules still apply.

1. When you breed a Glitter Gel pony with any normal pony (Pegasai, Unicorns, and Earth ponies) you will always get Glitter Gel pony foals due to how dominant the Glitter Gel gene is.
2. Yet again, you must pay me 5 points per set of breedable, 7 points if it is with a non-GGP.
3. When breeding a GGP with a non-GGP other than regular ponies (Deer ponies, tailmouth ponies, alicorns, crystal ponies, original MLP species...) you will sometimes end up with GGP foals. Sometimes you will you get a mixture of the GGP and the one he/she bred with.
4. The maximum amount of breedable foals per batch is 10.
5. I must be credited for any mix of GGP and any species. (for example:  A mix of deer pony and GGP, I must still be credited)

Levels:  COMMON (common traits, available to use for everyone)-
*Unicorn, pegasai, and earth ponies.
*Seeps glitter gel from horn/wings respectively.
*Transparent sections of hair.
*Regular cutie mark.
*Unnaturally colored eyelashes, and pupils.
*Pastel colors.
*Glittery/transparent gel filled hooves
            UNCOMMON (uncommon traits, only for use when given permission by specs117, may only have 4 uncommon GGP's maximum.)-
*Entirely transparent mane/tail.
*Sparkly cutie marks.
*Different eye colors.
*Multi-colored hoove/gel colors.
*Shaped glitter secks in hooves and mane/tail.
            RARE (rare traits, available only through adopts or customs made by me and a select few others.)
*Hooves that seep glitter gel.
*Cutie marks that trail down the leg.
*Lion type tails.
*Mane or tail that seeps glitter gel.
*Multicolored gel
*Tranlucent/glittery parts other than hooves and mane/tail
*Any un-glittery/translucent hooves

GGP GROUP: glitter-gel-ponies.deviantart.…
(If you have any questions, feel free to note me.)

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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Contest: Draw Your Favorite Song! CLOSED!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 20, 2012, 12:14 PM
Facebook l Myspace l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

Hey! =D I haven't been very active lately, so I thought I'd hold a small-scale contest just to get back in the flow. So the theme this time is to draw your favorite song--or more specifically, to draw what you visualize when you listen to your favorite song. Special thanks kukkimarie for suggesting this theme. =D



There are no more empty slots! Thanks for volunteering. =)


I will start accepting entries from tomorrow Wednesday March 21, 2012. The contest will end in exactly one month, Saturday April 21, 2012; Saturday May 5, 2012 Friday May 25, 2012.
I will post results around 3-4 days after the closing of submissions.

I will allow exactly two extensions of deadline one extension of deadline--if you feel you don't have enough time to finish your entry, send me a note requesting an extension. I will  most likely accept. If the deadline has already been extended twice, however, I will have to decline your request in consideration of the other contestants.


All entries can be viewed here.

Chocolate love by jubilri20120115 - sukina uta by mchlsuHeavenly Star doodle by BlueJNekoWorld is Mine by tupelohoney2000Karii's Playlist: Time's Up by kariimorinozukaI wanna be free by PanicRawrCE: Collide by ronekimewContest Entry by usagimangafactory:thumb295831565:The Heretic by haleybirdThe Forgotten City by haleybirdHere and Now by haleybird:thumb299799939:i dont want to sing a sad song by kukkimarielike a fallen star by kukkimariemeet me there at midnight by kukkimarieflowerpot by kukkimarieI let it fall -my heart- by kukkimariea thousand year recover by silk501

Mature Content

such great heights by Bottled-Rainbow
World Matters of Foliage by defenestratinHEAT-HAZE DAYS by defenestratinTotal Eclipse of the Heart ii by Bottled-RainbowCry As You Fall Asleep by Koinou-MiteiParabola by Coco-zutarafanYoung Dreamer by sweet22heartSwan song by xskyskipper


I'm going to try to leave this contest to be more open-ended, so there won't be too many rules. Here they are:
1. The work you submit must be your own--because I want to see your personal representation, I won't allow photo manipulations or collaborations. Textures (to embellish your piece) are ok.

2. Your piece does not necessarily have to be drawn for this contest--you can submit old works.

3. If you use any reference images, PLEASE PROVIDE LINKS IN YOUR DESCRIPTION! Save the link or the artist's name if you look at their work so that you can credit them properly once you have posted your piece.

4. Try to keep mature content to a minimum--fair amounts of violence/gore/nudity  is permitted, as long as it isn't offensive.

5. You may enter as many times as you like!


If you have any prizes to offer, feel free to comment below or send me a note. Any prize donations (art/points/features) will be appreciated!
First place

1. 300 points from :sunny-winter-star:
2. Featured in Sunny-Winter-Star's journal.
3. Feature in PanicRawr's journal.
4. Headshot portrait from spriter141
5. Headshot sketch from lunatheloonyone


1. 200 points from Sunny-Winter-Star
2. Feature in Sunny-Winter-Star's journal.
3. Feature in PanicRawr's journal.
4. Headshot lineart from spriter141
5. Headshot sketch from lunatheloonyone

Second runner-up

1. 100 points from Sunny-Winter-Star
2. Feature in Sunny-Winter-Star's journal.
3. Feature in PanicRawr's journal.
4. Headshot sketch from spriter141
5. Headshot sketch from lunatheloonyone

Sorry for the modest prizes. D: I just don't think I'm up to offering any art, especially not in my current situation where I'm swamped with too many commissions/prizes/trades. Once again I'll update the prizes in the next week, so it's not just these. xD

So yeah! I doubt there will be too many entries because my long hiatus has lost me a lot of activity, but we'll see. :o Hope you consider entering!


CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Background image by AF-studios
Brushes by SummerAIR
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ok, i know i said i wouldnt be on deviantart as much as i normally am, i didnt mean i would be off for 3 days >_> The train didnt have WI FI!!! WTH?!?! :frustrated: oh well, i found ways to entertain myself :)
the trip was intresting!! My honoray aunt & uncle took us to the train station in martinez. my family was on the lower level (best part excluding the berths >_>) anyway. there were only 7 people that were on most on the trip. it becames like a little family :) especially this lady that came on the train, she was from michigan & she had her grandson with her. my family became friends with her. (she helped us with our luggage & she helped us with getting our food! she was like family :)
one of the workers on the train, she seemed mean & didnt seem to care about the people at all! She actually was really nice & my family became friends with her as well! :) the reason was because she didnt get much rest. during the begging of the train ride, people were having bathroom problems (ill leave it at that ._.) poor Toyo (the worker on amtrak) had to clean up the messes. it finally stopped. the annoucement she made about it brought the friendship together. Bubby (the grandma with her grandson, bubby is her nickname) Toyo & my family all became like a little family :)
Now my FAVOURITE part of this trip, IM NOT LYING!!!! AMISH PEOPLE WERE ON THERE!!! my family became friends with them to! we got their addresses & we are going to write to them!! there was this one boy, who was 3 years old, he was paralized. he was so cute!! i just wanted to take him home & take care of him!!! he was so cute!!! i found him cuter then the baby on board!! (i hate babies -_-) whenever we saw them we asked how he was doing, they said he was fine & that they were glad we asked)
The baby that was on board was OBSESSED WITH MY TANGLED BLANKET!!! yes it is soft, but i was afraid that she would thow up on it. thank goodness she didnt. :D
a lady fell on the train,but she was alright :) she blamed it that it was bubby's grandson's fault. when it wasnt (it was proven to! :omg:)
a lady lost her luggage until we made it to Chicago & found that it was waiting for her!! :omg: We made it to Chicago ON TIME!! (that never happens! :omg:) everyone that was in the train car with us (except this one creepy couple, wth was their problem :roll:) but everyone else that was in that car for almost if not the whole train ride, was there! The amish were there,bubby & her grandson & the other couple (forgot their names,they werent too close friends, but they werent enemies ;) )
something must have happened to the Amish!! we saw them in Mcdonalds ordering! they got salads & stuff. but amish in mcdonalds?? NOT SOMETHING YOU SEE EVERY DAY!!! :omg:
bubby & her grandson were the only one from the first train car that was going on the same train, somehow we got split off & never said goodbye :tears: im glad we got emails from them. :)

im going to bed now, its 1:36 & im tired. if it wasnt for that Tangled blanket i never would have slept!! :omg:
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Devido a faculdade e trabalho, terei apenas o final de semana livre para avaliar com calma os desenhos concorrentes.
Farei uma crítica detalhada e justificarei os pontos chaves.
Acredito que até o final desse mês, ja estarei anunciando o vencedor.
Peço para os concorrentes terem um pouco de paciência...

O tema do concurso é criar um desenho baseado no álbum Under Jolly Roger da banda Running Wild.
Você poderá criar algo relacionado a uma música específica desse álbum ou algo relacionado a temática abordada na maioria das músicas.

Tracklist do álbum:
01. Under Jolly Roger…
02. Beggar's Night…
03. Diamonds of the Black Chest…
04. War in the Gutter…
05. Raise Your Fist…
06. Land of Ice…
07. Raw Ride…
08. Merciless Game…


Contest 2012 by anikasgubim
~ Caneta Marcadora Magic Color - 6 cores (5 tons de cinza e roxo) é um tipo de caneta igual a Copic, só que mais barata XD
~ Bloco A4, 70 g/m² Canson para Caneta Marcadora
~ Lápis de cor de 12 cores Jolly Mc Fine marca importada
~ Pastel Oleoso de 12 cores Pentel
~ Mini Aquarela Achei super fofo! x3
~ Caneta Borracha
~ Lapiseira 0.5 mm Sharplet 300 (Pentel Q305)
~ Grafite B 0.5 mm Vision
~ Canetas coloridas Bic esqueci de colocar na foto ;-;
Por anikasgubim

~ Bloco de desenho A4
~ Caneta nanquim Sakura
~ Lápis e borracha
~ Desenho feito com nanquim
Por auroraunit-313

~ 2 Sketches (um feito com lápis e outro com caneta piloto)
~ 1 desenho Preto&Branco sombreado
Por raquelanubis

~ 30 :points: Por Patrick-du-Poisson
~ Desenho em  folha A5 colorido de um personagem Por  Natalia-Luz
~ Um feature Por AlanPrince
~ Halfbody colorido ou Lineart (de acordo com a preferência da pessoa) Por Piikosama143
~ Um desenho colorido sem fundo (chibi ou corpo inteiro, de acordo com a preferência da pessoa) Por agataylor

Lembrando: Os prêmios que eu (anikasgubim) doarei serão enviados por correio. Logo após o envio irei escanear a nota fiscal do envio e enviar ao ganhador por Note para evitar qualquer tipo de problema/confusão.
Os outros prêmios são de responsabilidade dos doadores!

Eu irei avaliar:
~ Criatividade
~ Técnica
~ Coloração/luz e sombra
~ Posicionamento do desenho no papel
~ Composição (como os elementos no desenho estão distribuídos, a harmonia entre eles...)
~ Detalhes

Pesarei tudo isso numa balança.
Quero frisar que mesmo que você não desenhe/pinte muito bem também terá grandes chances, pois as vezes há erros anatomicos porém o desenho é criativo, bem posicionado e harmonioso.
Aconselho a trabalhar bem o background... não é bom nisso? Bom aí está a hora perfeita de praticar!

Para participar é necessário:
~ Fazer parte do grupo.
~ Somente um único desenho poderá competir. Por isso dê o seu melhor!
~ Não será aceito substituição do desenho enviado. Caso o participante envie um desenho, depois o retire do grupo e envie outro, será desclassificado.
~ Somente arte tradicional. Fundos transparentes não serão aceitos.
O uso do Photoshop somente será permitido para reparos de brilho, contraste e saturação que normalmente o scanner tira.
~ É necessário informar quais materiais você usou.
~ Cópias de outros desenhos não são permitidos.
~ Desenho com data anterior ou igual a 12/03/2012 não será aceito.
~ Você precisa ser brasileiro e morar no Brasil. (pois enviarei os prêmios por correio)

~ O seu desenho deverá ser enviado para a folder Contest 2012.
~ Você deverá dizer no artist's comments que o desenho é uma entry para essa contest.
~ Você deverá dizer qual música se baseou para criar o desenho ou explicar de que modo ele se relaciona a temática do Under Jolly Roger.
Quanto mais detalhes você der melhor para eu entender o seu desenho e avaliá-lo melhor.

Detalhes e sugestões:
~ Fan arts são aceitos porém seja criativo. Fazer um fan art do filme Piratas do Caribe ou do One Piece e dizer que tem a ver com a contest é o cúmulo da falta de criatividade... Pesquise! Ouça as música e imagine cenas! Deixe a criatividade fluir!
~ Procure por inspiração em desenhos, filmes e livros que possam ter relação com piratas e idade moderna!
~ Há muito tempo para o último dia de contest. Treine bastante seus pontos fracos, procure incansavelmente por referências.

Haverá somente um vencedor.
Espero que essa contest sirva de incentivo, afinal nada melhor que uma competitividade (saudável, claro) para fazer a gente deixar a preguiça de lado!

Dúvidas? Pergunte aqui!!

DEADLINE - 04 de Agosto de 2012


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