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            = About =

This is just a project I was required to do in my compositing and 3D animation class. Was pretty easy, and I really like the result. I decided to put in a step by step composit so you can see what I do as I make my effects. Enjoy.

  = Time / Apps. Used =

30 min.
-Adobe After Effects CS3
-Particle Illusion

     = Other Movies =

  [[ View Movies Section ]]

          = Enjoy =

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An unconventional serenade for a nice girl.
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HEY EVERYPONY!!! OH MY GOSH! So I saw Twilight made one of these Licious thingies, and then Fluttershy made one too, and I knew I just HAD TO DO ONE OF THESE MYSELF!!! So I sang into a little black box and I put the box in the mail and now EVERYPONY CAN SEE ME!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?! Like this one time I was mixing relish into a new cake recipe, when out of nowhere this CRAZY song pops into my head! "LAAAA la la la LAAA LA la LAAAA la la LAAAAAAAAAA!!!" I guess you can hear it better when you can hear it. ANYWAY, it gave me this awesomazing idea to do something special for the Cakes! So I put pink frosting all over the floor and then got out my ice skates and now the floor says "I LOVE Y". It was going to say ďI LOVE YOUĒ but the room isn't big enough to fit the whole thing. I guess I could have put "U" instead of ďYĒ, but then it would be grammatomically incorrect, and you know how Twilight feels about that! Like this one time I made a card for her that said "U R GR8!" and she spent an hour trying to figure out what it said! I would have told her of course, but she kept telling me to SHUUUSH because she was trying to decipher a cryptic message, whatever that means, it's probably some kind of candy. HEY!! Speaking of candy, have you ever tried pickles dipped in chocolate?!?! I know it sounds yuckerific, but It's almost better than cupcakes dipped in hot sauce! Itís a small almost though; if the almost where a bug, it would probably be a flee or something. I donít like flees, if I could talk to flees I would tell them to stop being so yucky and peskery, but I would tell them in a nice way so that I didnít hurt their feelings. Itís mean to be mean. Thatís why Iím nice all the time! Mean ponies must think itís nice to be mean, I feel bad for them, they must be super confused! Speaking of confusing, why do we see two of everything when we cross our eyes? I know things donít split into double, but if they donít split into double then why can I see double things so well? And why do we call Grapefruit Grapefruit? Grapes are itty bitty and Grapefruits are Grapefruit size! Well, Iíd better go, The Cakes are almost home and I wanna see the looks on their faces when they see the special message on the floor! Iím sure theyíll like it better then the mayonnaise ice-cream! Oh by the way, when am I ever gonna get to meet one of you guys?!... Oh pickles, here they comeÖ BYE BYE BRONIES!! I LOVE YOU GUYS AND IíLL SEE YOU LATER OK?!

Also on youtube: [link] :iconpinkie-bopplz:

Voiced by the Amazing Bree Faith! Thanks for working with me and my crazy schedules! :huggle:

Well guys, Iím almost home! :squee: (Or, almost back in Japan anyway.) I am uploading this out of a bar in Singapore. Only one more port before this portion of CARAT is over! :la:
Next, I will be uploading a revised version of my song ďProud to be a BronyĒ to be used in the Brony Documentary. Expect more animations though! ;)

I will also try to make a few more bops. (I canít leave it handing without Applejack and Rarity now can I? :shrug: )

Thanks for your support guys! Youíre the reason I do it! :salute:

P.S. Ten days after I get back to Japan, the Navy is flying me back to the states for free so that I can audition for the Electric Brigade at the U.S.Naval Academy! If I make it, I will get to be stationed with my brother as he is currently in his second year at the Academy! The audition is on the 23rd of July, so everypony wish me luck! :fingerscrossed:

:iconmlpfimplz: © :iconhasbroplz: & :iconfyre-flye:
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This music is royalty free. -.-

Barroom Ballet from

I uploaded the version with the ';proper' music so please really do take a look at it I swear it feels better =o

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Yes, she is talking to YOU!

Longer version on Youtube:

Voice Acting by Rina Chan... Mostly... ;-)
Her Youtube Channel:

WOOOH! It's finally done!! :faint: This took WAY longer than it should have, but I'm so glad it's over! Now all I have to do it make about ten thousand more! :woohoo:

Thanks you guys for stickin' with me even though I haven't been real active of late... I love you all! :tighthug:
Which reminds me!... :plotting:

Extra special thanks goes to:
Rina Chan
Tara Strong
Steph Mahoney
Amanda Kay

I LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for makin' me do this by being :icondashsoawesomeplz:

:icontwilightboogieplz: © :iconhasbroplz: & :iconfyre-flye:
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"I... I hope you don't mind... but I thought I'd, you know, make this video for you... I'm sorry..."

1920-1080p on Youtube! [link]

Voiced by the talented and beautiful Bree Faith!
Her Youtube: [link]
Her Facebook: [link]
Her Deviant Art: [link]

Well guys, I did it! I got this out before I had to leave on Sunday! I told you I would! :D I am proud of me! :la:

All gloating aside though, I must say that I can relate to how Fluttershy feels in this video... Because this is the last animation I will be able to post for a while... :sniff:
For those of you who don't know, I am in the US Navy, and every year, I go on some kind of deployment.
This year, I will get to visit Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, The Philippines, and a few others I can't remember the name of. :P
While I am excited as always, I will also really miss you guys...
You Bronies are some of the nicest people I have ever met!! you are kind, excepting, loving, and forgiving in a world full of bitter, hateful, and sad people...
If I could ask one thing of you while I'm gone, it would be this:
Seriously, I need you guys... The World needs you!!

Brony 4 Life!!

:iconmlpfimplz: © :iconhasbroplz: & :iconfyre-flye:
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800th Deviation Horray!
I personally recommend you downloading/viewing the full thing in DIVX or iTunes.

"I Cannot Be Found"

Pre-production began back in April of 2008. Actual renders began in the Summer of 2008. Most of the clips were worked on during my spare time secretly. Most of these are super long shots, unfortunately this "early decision" made production longer than it should have been. Regardless I continued the render because they looked beautiful.... I basically spent 1.5 years making this happen.

The renders are separated into 2: Diffusion layer and Alpha for the effects later on.

During the Summer of 2009, I began working on the VFX work. This is where all these landscapes begin to bloom into color. Here again, what made me think twice was that I needed to work in 12 bit. It was the craziest days of my life.

Either way, it's now complete. Available in HD.

Sound Design:
The sound was designed using Absynth 4. Initially the plan was to compose a dramatic, cinematic music track, but as I began post-production, I began to see other possibilities. I instead decided that it was fair to produce a simple, tonal resonance based on the landscapes themselves. Of course this took some time and math, but the sound's the result.

Regardless of all, the original audio is 5.1 surround. Too bad online video players don't deal with 5.1 surround. Either way, that will be published somewhere else.

Thanks for watching
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It's about a girl and a boy separated by an unbreakable glass.

Story and Animation: *Mikeinel
Music and Sound: Daniel James (HybridTwo: [link])
Inspiration: Someone dear to me before...

Download Music: [link]

It was originally posted on Youtube ([link]) as a gift for a friend before.

Since the original was using a copyrighted music, I commissioned Daniel James (from HybridTwo) a track for this so I can post it here in DA as a film.

In this newer version, I decided to add/improve a few things. They're not so noticeable, but I feel much more contented with them.
There are those that are left unedited, but I feel like it's best to leave it that way.

Very first shot: [link]
WIP: [link]
(Youtube: [link])
Manga attempt: [link]
Valentine's Day Artwork: [link]
Original Post:[link]
(Youtube: [link])

How I made it: [link]
After Image: [link]

Artist Comment:
Thank you everyone for liking it!
Especially the viewers in Youtube for giving it a million views;
People here in DA for giving my pageviews a boost; (And making fanarts too!)
And people in Newground for supporting me to remove stolen posts.
Thank you very much!

I also want to thank `InpuUpUaut for approaching and inviting me to post this video here in DA.

And lastly, of course, a friend back then for giving me the inspiration and push to finish my very first complete animation.

Update: (12/18/2009)
Thank you again, `InpuUpUaut, for having this animation in DD!
And to those who suggested this to be in DD. Thank you all!

Another After Image: [link]
Extra Story: [link]
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My second fractal film. Sorry for the lack of sync. I am in a hurry, again.

A word of thanks to :sanhosee: for providing some rendering material.

Apophysis 2.07b, flam 3, musinum
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I made this out of Tara Strong's little Twitter message she sent this morning. It took about five hours total. I am tired... :P

Higher Quality on Youtube!

P.S. This isn't the animation I promised.... Just something quick. Enjoy!
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