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Words funnel into your ear like liquid kisses,
whispers of sweet nothings amongst its hisses,
taunting your heart with what it misses,
a bag full of tricks for the peddler of wishes

How easy it is for the Casanova of speech,
the chords of your heart well in his reach,
he plucks with ease like a well tuned harp,
this devil's silver tongue is razor-sharp

He's a supernova Casanova
coming to play your heart over and over
He's a supernova Casanova
don't let his cloak of charm fool ya'

His seductive warfare upon your heart,
a verbal army invading innocent flesh,
a victory declared from the very start,
once good and evil combine and mesh

You, a puppet on his strings, his work is done,
confidence in his voice, a tongue well strung,
each chord he strikes the more his you become,
a welcome for him, open the hearts doors flung

He's a supernova Casanova
coming to play your heart over and over
He's a supernova Casanova
don't let his cloak of charm fool ya'

Your mind a slave to his hypnotic trance,
full of seduction like an erotic lap dance,
warning signs are clear but not your vision,
locked in the confinement of his verbal prison

A refusal to hear any but his eloquent langauge,
a surrender of your heart, mind, body and soul,
his canvas to paint, his innocent flesh to ravage,
a gullible flag raising up and down on his pole

He's a supernova Casanova
coming to play your heart over and over
He's a supernova Casanova
don't let his cloak of charm fool ya'

Soon he absorbs all you have left within,
his sleek departure from you will begin,
as your sight slowly starts to become clear,
you realize he was the host of all you fear

a thief in the night with the face of cupid,
anger fills you inside as you feel so stupid,
he stole the heart with his poisoned osculation,
your thoughts a victim of viscous manipulation

He's a supernova Casanova
coming to play your heart over and over
He's a supernova Casanova
don't let his cloak of charm fool ya'
A casanova supernova is a man, who gets with a girl or woman, cheats lies and uses them, yet thinks saying a few simple words will make them stay with him. some do, until they figure it out for themself. ~Urban dictionary
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I'm sorry for the wrongs I did,
I'm sorry for acting like a kid,
When I should show you my friend,
How sorry I truly am,
But now you pissed,
at me,
Cuz I did wrong,
to you,
I dont know,
What to do,
I'm sorry no matter what,
I'm sorry from my heart,
I'm sorry no matter what,
I'm sorry from the start,
I just hate to see,
you pissed all at me,
Cuz it hurts in my hearts core,
I'm sorry forever more....
I poem I made for black-ash-wolf trying to tell her I was sorry.
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I'm sorry I'm not the one you love
I'm sorry that I was not enough
I'm sorry that I didnt have enough
I'm sorry that I was too much
I'm sorry I fussed over you
I really didnt meant to
It's just the way I am
I'm sorry I didnt care enoguh
Or did I care too much
I guess I'll never know
I'm sorry I didnt have the world
I'm sorry I fell short of you expectations
I'm sorry I wasn't good enough
I'm sorry I don't know what I was thinking
I'm sorry that I shame you
I'm sorry I really didnt mean to
I'm sorry I never meant to hurt you
I'm sorry I never saw you cry
I'm sorry I wasn't enough
I'm sorry I'm not the one you love
I'm sorry that I was
I'm sorry it won't happen again
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
But you should be sorry too
Do you know what you did
Do you even understand
You sucked me dry
You hurt me so bad
I've been wounded
But the damage is done
I'm sorry I wasn't good enough
But I really did try my best
And I'm sorry for speaking out of turn
I'm sorry for talking back
I'm sorry I guess I'll be going now
I'm sorry for loving you
And I am sorry too
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I cant live without you
no matter what I'll never say
I'll always be here
because what my heart is telling me
is that your my bestest friend
i will never let you go..

I made some mistakes
Bad mistakes
but even with those mistakes
i cannot deny, i cannot fake
my love that i have for you
and without you..
I'd be broken apart.

I've never thought I'd meet someone like you
your different..
then others..

You're my best friend
and you will never be compared
because your so special to me
that i consider you rare
and every time I talk to you
my feeling of despair
becomes replenished.

so as this very moment i stare at your picture
I will never let you go neither say goodbye
because my love for you is so unbearable
that the love that i feel
because every single beat
represented your heart beating in mine.

I will always want to be friends
I never want you to be forgotten.

I must admit I try my best
To be a real friend
because you are so beautiful
in every single way
your, breath taking..
and you deserve so much.

but please remember..
you will never be replaced
you will never be erased
you will always be in my bestest friend
and never be disgraced
your so special to me
and you'll never be forgotten
you will never disappear
For me...
Sorry pal
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For distribution to all Foxwood Hamlets and Provinces
For dispersal throughout the Wolf Steppes
________________________________________ ___

Statement of Knight Ravenel,
Provisional Supreme Commander of the Wolfen Guard:

There is no invasion of Foxwood. Reports of this nature are the rumors and lies of irresponsible hoaxsters and provocateurs. The usual suspects.

An intruder was indeed intercepted without further incident and remanded immediately into the custody of the Council of Princesses in Athena.

The intruder has been judged to be a harmless being and of no threat to the realm. The intruder is being held for further inquiry and legal processing.

The intruder was arrested by Knight Nathaniel and a detachment of the Wolfen First Cavalry. The intruder's location was indicated in advance by a patriotic Oracle Fox and so there is nothing "in question" about Knight Nathaniel's quick and effective response.

No boy or any other alien "fell from the sky" in the Northern Forest.

This report was a hoax perpetrated by the Usual Suspects to waste the time and resources of Wolfen Guardian Hunters, who were distracted from their duties in protecting the realm for several hours by a pointless "wild goose chase."

A Savant Fox residing in the affected area has been questioned about this incident.

A Sprite officially deemed by the Wolfen Guard to be an "Incorrigible Bandit" is being sought for questioning.


Rumor-mongering and hoaxster provocations have risen to the level of becoming a THREAT TO THE DEFENSE OF THE REALM OF FOXWOOD.

The Wolfen Guard Command does not suffer this threat lightly.

Individuals perpetrating or encouraging these provocations are officially put on notice. Whatever your purpose in these actions, the time for your real punishment has now arrived. "Natural whimsy" will no longer be accepted as an acceptable defense any more than actual malice.

The Wolfen Command has initiated a special extraordinary investigation of SPRITE ACTIVITIES in Foxwood, with a special focus on certain key "Bandit" Sprite provocateurs. This investigation will include the possible collaboration and enabling of Sprite Mischief by certain Savant Foxes.



Wolfen Command Communique
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*   *   *


A semi-trusted paid informant (north forest sprite, aka "Agent 0") alerted Wolfen Security to an imminent suspicious transmission of some importance (in the form of a handwritten note!) from one fox master (residence: Province of Augurs) to another fox master (residence: Province of Solace), both foxes known to this dept for their histories of borderline subversive activities.  "Agent 0" was instructed to disable the messenger fox (via sleeping dust) long enough to secretly make another handwritten copy of the note for Wolfen Security official intel purposes. The following is the transcribed text of the intercepted fox master-to-fox master transmission:

Dearest Geoffrey,
    Forgive me for my atrocious handwriting; I hope you can make everything out!  I'm sure you're wondering why I am sending you this communication on handwritten parchment rather than by standard Dreamcatcher dispatch.  It's just that I'm getting rather worried about the way things are starting to percolate up in such an alarming manner in the kingdom. I don't even trust that the moonwaves are not being spied upon by wolfen Security! Yes, I know you'll just call me 'paranoid.' But that's why I'm  transmitting my current fears and trepidations to you in this hand-delivered note. And do you want to know why all the rumors of intrusions and security breaches are multiplying by the hour, all the madness?! Because it's really real this time! I've spoken to the Grand Oracle Fox Himself! King Anton will definitely return for the Harvest Ceremony! That's the bit of new news I thought so important that it had to be sent you so secretly. Yes, yes, I know. You'll say 'Where do I get off – bothering the Grand Oracle Fox!' I know it's just not done – but I did it anyway! So there! And now you know, too, so you're now just as 'involved' as me! The big question is: is the imminent return of King Anton driving certain elements of the Wolfen Guard leadership into some sort of a frenzy?!  They've been sort of "in charge" for so many years now in the king's absence. Are they actually secretly raging against "returning" ultimate authority to Anton??!!! Is that the meaning of the recent threats about 'restoring order' in the face of certain 'fox provocations'?  Would they actually attempt some sort of "COUP" against the crown? AGAINST KING ANTON??!!! Geoffrey, my hands are shaking as I write these words, my fears, as I seek comfort in sharing my heart with you and appealing to you for your always wise counsel. Please consider what I have just imparted to you in all confidence and then write me back (soon. SOON!) with your wise thoughts.
Your brother fox (master),
P.S. Do you have any idea what in blue blazes is up with our wily fox savant brother, Winston?!  What's all this about his being questioned by the Wolfen Guard?! about his possibly harboring of a fugitive B-O-Y (!) in his burrows?! Have you heard anything? Could this really be true? We know Winston is just about the most insubordinate and eccentric Savant Fox in the Forest – but would even he be crazy enough to try to pull off such a stunt? Especially at a time when the wolfen are all ready so riled up anyway? Trust a fox to get outfoxed by indulging in the pleasures of his own foxiness! He'll only end up meat for the wolves in the end! (someone should really talk to dear Winston…)

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THE FOXWOOD GAZETTE________________________________________
By Stuart the Reporter Fox (Foxwood Gazette Investigative Reporter-in Chief)

Did the Alien Intruders have inside help?__
(FO9AP) – Athena.   Fox inquisitiveness (and anxiety!) is sweeping the capital as curiosity grows hour by hour and even minute by minute in regards to the conflicting reports of an intruder (or even intruders), possibly already in custody, (but probably not), being present in Athena.
     The Council of Princesses has yet to release a definitive statement in the matter, neither confirming or denying the presence of (possibly dangerous) aliens amongst us.  
     The Special Investigations department of this newspaper, always at the ready to defend the interests of the citizens of Foxwood, no matter what potential cost to the personal health, safety or sanity of its key investigative reporters, has been on the job in the case continuously since the first reports of the intrusion were made known.  You heard all about this terrifying situation here, first!, in The Gazette. (Your welcome.)  In the ongoing effort to uncover the facts in what is becoming a most unwelcome obvious government cover-up, The Gazette has uncovered what might just be a coincidence … or might just be the key to unraveling what has been NOT ONLY an alien invasion – but a conspiracy involving a secretive "cell" of others not only NOT IN CUSTODY but presently roaming the streets of Athena – and possibly even attempting to penetrate Foxwood Castle and the Council Chamber of the Council of Princesses!
     Here are the indisputable facts uncovered by our Investigative Unit:
     On the same morning that an intruder was reported failing from the sky in the Wolf Steppes region, and another intruder was rumored to have fallen from the sky and into the Great Northern Forest region – Foxwood received its newest Visitor!
     Coincidence? – or CONSPIRACY!
     In the interests of fairness (since Foxwood receives Visitors all the time and this Visitor could be completely innocent of any involvement) we will identify this Visitor with the oh-so-convenient (and suspicious!) arrival date only as "L.L." and her host-sponsors as "R. & B.".
     The Gazette publishes this suppressed information only in the interests of public safety as this Gang of Three could possibly be a sleeper cell of bloodthirsty maniacs just "activated" to lay the groundwork for an all-out alien invasion!  Citizens should remain alert and vigilant!
(In the event that L.L., R. and B. are indeed an innocent host couple and a harmless and perfectly nice Visitor, The Gazette regrets any unintentional libel, as well as any attendant misfortune befalling these three as a result of that unintentional libel, extends a hardy "Sorry!", but denies absolutely any legal culpability or responsibility for any unfortunate consequences directly linked to our heroic journalistic efforts.)

The Foxwood Gazette - By Stuart the Reporter Fox (Foxwood Gazette Investigative Reporter-in Chief)
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There once was a llama named Jeff.
He dreamed of becoming a chef.

He cooked and cooked, but it all turned out bad,
And surely, Jeff was sad.

He tried and he tried,
He cried and he cried,
His food just did not turn out well.

But one magical night,
He woke up to a fright,
To the sound of an overweight fairy.

It asked "What do you want? What do you wish?"
"I wish to make the most wonderful dish."

And with a wave of a wand, a wiggle of the nose,
Jeff's wish had come true.
There it was, standing before him,
An enormous bowl of llama stew.
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I don't want to be this way
But I am
Maybe I'll change someday
For now, all I can do is apologize
I'm sorry for the words I spoke
I'm sorry for the way I treated you
I'm sorry for all that I broke
I'm sorry for being distant
I'm sorry for the way I look
I'm sorry for the way I think
I'm sorry for how much time I took
To end this relationship
The longer I wait
The more pain it will bring
It's the way of Fate
I'm sorry
im sorry
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Chapter 4: Just another Random day of Un-ending doom...

Jenna's Pokémon had stayed behind in the Pokémon centre's Pokémon only lobby, talking about the events that had happened today. Adam had taken Sparkz and the others to the room with himself, whereas Jenna had left Vincent, Veruka and Rupert behind as her Raichu Ross had been clinging onto her head, petrified since the battle between Sparkz and Lucas's Luxray.
("That Roserade caught me off guard I swear!!!") The panicky Lucario tried to explain to the two-some before him, obviously not believing a word he was saying.
("You thought they were Rose's at first, so how do you know it was a Roserade?!") The angered female Infernape replied.
("And you dragged it on its face") The Toxicroak explained.
(... Thanks for the back up... Rupert...") replied the beaten Lucario. Rupert seemed to relax himself, silence coming into the room once more.


("Oh, so here is where you all are...") came a familiar voice making the 3 sitting Pokémon turn around, their gazes met by that of a tall red Pokémon with a white scar.
("Oh... it's you... Flames? Was it?") replied Veruka, trying to remember his name only meeting him awhile ago.
The male Infernape took a seat in-between Vincent and Rupert, sighing slightly. ("Yes... I'm Flames...")
("DONT TAKE SO LONG TO REPLY!!!") Veruka, Vincent and Rupert shouted in sync with one another.

Flames just laughed a little, his shyness taking over in this predicament he began to smile, his face turning red. Silence was brought into the room once more, so silent that one could hear the fantast pin drop.
("So, how did you get the scar?") asked the blue dog Pokémon, Vincent not thinking of the consequences that would follow from the female ape Pokémon, Veruka, forcing her fist down upon Vincent's head.
("Don't ask stupid questions!") she stated beginning to shake the near unconscious Lucario.
("Ve_ru_ka") muttered the Lucario, un-able to say proper sentences.
Flames started to burst into laughter at the dynamic duo Rupert simply sitting down, wandering what would happen next.
("Long story short...") replied Flames ("...lets just say I love my family TOO much")
("Family?") asked Rupert, sipping a soda it seemed to pull from nowhere.
("Ye... Adam and Sparkz and Rose and everyone else... there all family to me...")

Veruka stopped pummelling Vincent, looking down almost feeling sorely at the dog Pokémon... well almost...
Flames stood up, walking away from the trio silently, heading outside. The rain drops that had fallen as if out of nowhere splashed off of him, not effecting his flame one bit. He touched the scar under his left eye, sighing slightly to himself.
("You ok?") came a familiar voice behind him.
Flames turned around to be welcomed by the sight of the female Infernape, Veruka ("sorry about Vincent") she stated ("He can be a little annoying at times... but I think he means well...")
("Oh? Never heard you say something NICE about Vincent before Veruka") came another familiar voice, this time from the Toxicroak, Rupert.
Flames just snickered once more, wandering if Veruka would do to Rupert what she had done to Vincent. He smiled saying the words ("Don't worry about it") folding his arms.
("If there's anything we can do... just ask!") Veruka stated.
Flames seemed to pause, thinking, placing his hand behind his head rubbing slightly, an almost mischievous smirk appeared on his face, ("There is SOMETHING you could do...") he replied.
("And what's that?") replied Veruka.

Flames' stance changed, he bent his knees, his legs separated, and his head looked straight at Veruka, the aura around him changing, his eyes calmer than before, outstretching one arm towards Veruka.
("Spar with me... one on one... Veruka")
("Wait...what...?") Veruka was a little taken back by the reply, what in Flames' mind had made hoi want to fight Veruka? Flames was usually against the idea of fighting a girl and would never lay a finger upon them.
("Spar, train, fight, battle, whatever you want to call it") Flames stated still in his battle prone states ("I usually don't fight girls. But 'training' isn't really fighting")
Flames smirked once more, the rain falling lighter, Veruka was still a small bit shocked on Flames' reply, still not responding, not knowing what to do or say.
(... Go for it...") stated the sly Toxicroak. Veruka turned her head towards him, changing her slightly opened mouth to a smile, her stance changing as she turned back towards Flames copying his stance completely.
Vincent finally appeared, walking towards the retreating Toxicroak, rubbing the back of his head...
("What's going..."?) Vincent tried to say but was cut off by the speeding Toxicroak stating ("Don't talk, run!") grabbing onto Vincent's tail, dragging him painfully away from the battle ready Infernape's.


Both Flames and Veruka stood still, the light rain brushing off their fur and Flames on their heads. Their armour made slight pitter patter noises as the rain started to come down harder, still waiting for a sign to attack.
A single leaf slowly began to fall in front of them, swaying in the wind, falling...falling...
It touched the ground... Veruka blinked...

Flames had disappeared from Veruka's view appearing to the right lunging his fist that emblazed with a dark red flame towards her head, she swiftly lunged forward into a handstand, kicking Flames' arm hard enough to force him into a small spin, pushing Veruka back as she watched Flames land on his feet like the fight with Scizor earlier in the day.
They returned to their original stances but on the opposite sides to where they were standing previously. Veruka wasn't going to wait for Flames to catch his breath, running straight towards Flames throwing an emblazed punch towards his face, Flames simply sidestepping, grabbing her arm, gripping tightly throwing her to the floor, still standing as he held her down.
A small groan could be heard from Veruka as she hit the ground, using her free hand to push herself upwards slightly, kicking Flames on the back of his head; loosening his grip Veruka used her arms in order to shift her body on the ground, sweeping Flames' feet. He started to fall backwards.
Flames ignited his flame on his head larger quick, using it like a small jet to regain his balance, using his hands as his feet to remain 'standing' plummeting his leg down on Veruka like a jack-hammer.
("VERUKA!") Vincent screamed from the distance, the noise echoing through the cloud of dust that had been created by the power of the impact.
Silence formed, not a sound could be heard as the slowly departing dust cloud faintly showed a single figure emerging from it, Rupert and Vincent looking on and for Vincent in horror of what he saw.

Flames appeared from the cloud but not on his own, Veruka was with him, cradled in his arms almost appearing to be asleep. Vincent couldn't help but point his shaking paw towards them both, a surprised look on his face Flames stood in front of them, Vincent shouting...
But was quickly stopped by Rupert, saying [more calmer then Vincent] in his place ("Veruka lost, huh?") making Flames simply nod in response, looking down at Veruka.
Vincent was quick to ask questions as they began to walk back towards the Pokémon centre, Veruka still cradled in Flames' arms. ("What happened? What did you do to Veruka? How could Veruka lose? Did Veruka lose?") Asked the seemingly upset Lucario seeing the female Infernape not only in this state, but held like she was by another 'Mon.'
The rain had stopped now and it had become a lot clearer for them to see. Rupert kept looking at Flames then Vincent then Veruka and Flames again, snickering at the thought that had come into his mind.
They continued to walk and Vincent continued to ask his un-answered questions when Flames felt something stir in his arms, he looked down to see Veruka slowly awake.
("Oh your awake, Veruka?") stated Flames, copying his trainer from earlier today. Veruka seemed slightly dazed, not hurt just half asleep, trying to get her bearings of the surrounding area. Her eyes suddenly became wide open, gazing up at Flames who looked back slightly puzzled. A small unnoticeable blush began to appear on Veruka's face, she placed one of her hands on his shoulder, lifting herself up out of his arms walking away swiftly, the blush increased as she looked away from the three of them.
Flames tilted his head to the side confused, trying to think what was wrong. Rupert on the other hand swiftly moved to the side of her, seeing the blush before she could notice him, making the Toxicroak smirk.
Vincent and Flames both stared at the duo, then to each other, then back to the duo, sighing in sync with one another. Veruka had ran back the way they had came and as such Flames saw this as an opportunity to continue walking back towards the Pokémon centre.
("Ahh... your going Flames?") asked Vincent, Veruka instantly spinning around, the blush tuned down.
("Ye, see you tomorrow Vincent-kun!") was Flames' reply, lifting his hand in the air waving slightly, not turning around.
Veruka watched as Flames walked away, smiling slightly as she gazed at him, which was noticed by Rupert...
And Vincent...
Vincent watched the women he loved smile at the exiting Infernape, seeing the blush upon her face as a small tear fell down his face. Emotions began to flow through Vincent but unlike Veruka they were that of pain...sorrow...

And Jealousy...
Everything changes...

The world of Pokemon as you knew it has gone, and something is stirring... a triangle is forming (if you know what i mean)

Aura Warrior and Everything Adam1704 (c) :iconadam1704:
Everything Random Doom (c) :iconbehindtg:
Everything Motorola13 (c) :iconmotorola13:

Have you heard the Legend? The Legend of The Aura Warrior, Sir. Aron. The Legend that has passed down from Generation to Generation... They say that the Blade that Sir. Aron used... "The Aura Blade" is nestled within the castle. A 1000 Years later since the Legend of Sir. Aron was written a boy of this Generation will learn more then he bargained for and im sure that The "True" Legend will be revealed when the boy finds himself touching the ancient staff and awakening an ancient power! The Boy is now stuck babysitting a relucant Blue Dog Pokeon that knows the true Legend of the Aura Warrior (Based upon the story behind the Pokemon Movie - Lucario and The Mystery of Mew) With a special appearence of Jenna aka *BehindtG
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