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Way back when there were only 150 something contestants, I thought this would be a good idea. Now I'm doubting if I'll ever get around to finishing this task.

This is also the first time I've used my scanner...

I should scan more stuff.
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That's right! Pictured here are all two-hundred eighty-seven of :iconbigskycarnival:'s entrants, plus the three judges and Clementine.

I apologize if you have trouble finding your character or I botched something about your character or any of the plethora of problems that may interfere with your viewing enjoyment.

If you are having difficulty spotting your character, though, think about when your profile was approved. I started with the first approved entry on the bottom right and worked my way up to the last one on the top left. Hope that helps!

Everyone but Rayne belongs to somebody else.
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I just did this 'cause I was bored... and no one else has done it yet (as far as I know...). Enjoy! Oh, and if you haven't seen Kamichama Karin, you should watch it! It's kinda similar to Cardcaptor Sakura, but not too similar!
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sometimes I'm a little overambitious (or stubborn) but I wanted to draw all the contestants. it's a lot of fun! XD

I thought I could finish it before round 1 starts, but no.. ( I started this Monday)
so I'll post this now and do the rest later on, when I have the time.

if I have messed up your character, the name, details whatever, please tell me and I will correct it =)

contains the following contestants:

Thel *ShoelessCosmonaut
Serena *xIOTAx
Renee *cartoonlion
Alicia ~static-mcawesome
Jade ~Ormagron
Lewis ~Gomis
Adele *Asrai-
Mikhail *Shioji-san
Oren *scibbirishm
Raquel ~KazgarokProductions
Tyler ~FakaPokeBio
Wild ~DragonsHave2Hearts
Caleb ~Athens025
Shad ~SuperHurricane
Brian ~akitcougar
Edward ~Riku103194
Sunny *Dampho
Tabby ~ShortCatt
Beep ~teh-dino
Hughes ~Micka33
Cuan ~Cuan-Lupa
Gianna ~OnlyLookin
Alice ~PearlDolphin
Mocha ~SeaStarSan
Miranda ~greek1myth
Hart ~Lorenith
Tye ~101WildChild101
Julya ~To-go
Keira ~dusty-llama
Flynn ~ForAdventure
Kami =Pixel-Bells
Elle =BPMarshmallow
Avian ~Tigerpug92
Jena-su ~jenasu
Rachael *vexorii
Tom ~electricbobcat
Quid ~sambic
Tea =TeaAndZebraStripes
Ferdy =Kyouryuu-Tsuda
Bobby =ZannyHyper
Ulrich *SunaGaara13
Evan *riceballhikaru
Raven *IzDatAznPerson
Justin *The-Blue-Pangolin
Rayne ~halibabica
Luna ~WindSeyro
Lane *boribam
Loufren ~Flautist-Kloa
Jesabel ~Tenos
Kumori ~pnut64
Ren ~Cathto
Marcus *beastboy252
Remmy ~niceusername88
Russell ~MixedLeaderRussell
Zack *Neko-Saphira
Eska ~Jirba
Lian =domdude111
Prue ~MugenGinga
Mags ~Mud-kip-per
Jenn ~Zexion-the-gamer
Matt ~weasel-warrior
Leonardo *whiteless
Zira ~Ahrkeath
Mary ~ByakurennoFangu
Gwen *wg-mf-and-eg
Skye ~Ruby2by
Uva *elgesugha
Charlie =pandemoniumfire
Luna ~Wafflegnome
Alejandro ~Garmmon
Kiero ~ToddM
Donna ~sithdog1
Auren/Edward *pinafta1
Jack ~Tirinka
Sophie *Pichufan1
Selly ~Electric-Banana
Oliver *Claamchowder
Daemiyn ~Makzilla
Kathrine ~Phycofox
David ~ChineseViking
May *Opals-landing
Zkalla ~DarknStein
Tomae *RoseBrideAlena
Ava ~whisperimaginary
Pan ~Majykal-Melodi
Jen =My5cookies
Ruki ~xXxmazxXx
Leah *rushingwater18
Jessica -
Sora *konallei
Peachy ~Peachy-chan
Folly =crazy-vulpix
Jonathon =NotchedEarPichu
Henrietta *Nouveux
Leonard ~Renegar-Kitsune

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...with Mudkips. c:

For Halloween, obviously.
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Oh god why did I do this to myself -sob-

I decided to draw more characters! See if you can find them! (Not all of them are there though, sorry!)

This took approximately 10 hours to make (not continuously mind you!) and over the course of time, new characters popped up so there were some kinda last minute additions

Two mechanical pencils died in the process, my hands look like they've been through a coal mine which pretty fits since lot of hard work went into this.

I'm pretty happy with the result c: I hope you are

So excited for :iconbigskycarnival: !

Characters to their respective owners

(P.S. There are 36 characters including Renee plus Pokemon in this picture :0)
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Name: Peachy Keen
Age: 18 Years
Hometown: Floaroma Meadow
Peachy Keen was a party girl through and through. She loves to dance, sing, and flirt. She loves boys, but she’ll flirt with anyone. She’s incredibly outgoing, until a she’s flirted back with. So if a guy actually flirts back she’ll get incredibly flustered and probably run off blushing madly. She loves pokemon of all kinds. She even likes farm pokemon. She doesn’t like talking about her farm life. She feels it makes her an outcast and not fit in the the hip groovy scene she wanted to be part of. She’s loud and wants to make friends with everyone! She’ll bother anybody until they become amiable with her. She loves to battle, as it too is a way of fitting in, but she wants her pokemon to feel useful as they too were outcasts.
Peachy was raised on a cute little farm in Floaroma meadow. The fields are full of every color flower you could image. Along with the flowers it was also full of plenty of farm pokemon. They had a whole flock of Mareep, a huge number of miltank, a few tauros, a few ponyta and rapidash, a few grumpig, as well as a granbull, an arcanine, and a persian. Her parents were kind and made their living on sheering and milking their pokemon. They offered pokemon rides and tours as a side job. You couldn’t help but love the adorable Flower Farm. Mr. and Mrs. McDonald loved every inch of it. Their daughter...did not. Peachy wanted the bright lights of the city, the wild colorful fashion, and the people! She had changed her name to something punchy and cute. She refused to go by anything other than Peachy Keen. At The farm she was so lonely being an only child. It was odd for a farm family to have only one child but their pokemon made up for the lack in kids. Her parents said they didn’t want her to go but realized their daughter’s dreams lay far beyond her over-alled E-I-E-I-Oh life. So they let her go. She set out...without pokemon which was not a good idea. As she traveled she ran into several stronger pokemon that attacked and with no pokemon to defend herself she got beat up on a constant basis. Eventually she ran into a problem in with an angry mankey. Suddenly a Kecleon came to to her rescue and they’ve been buds ever since. She caught her Rotom and Castform later. They were oddball pokemon, as she was an oddball. She was born to a farm with the soul of a city girl. She needed change. That’s what these pokemon represented. Kecleon could change color and type, Rotom took other forms, And Cast form also took other forms. She’s been trying to get involved in the next hip thing, that’s how she came to be involved at the sky carnival. While she traveled she tried some interesting things. She got her ears pierced three times. She got her lip and eyebrow pierced and she got the whites of her eyes tattooed. Painful sounding I know. But it's real. The tattoo artist injects pigment directly into the eyeball.


:bulletorange: Pokemon #1::bulletorange:
Name: This
Sex: Genderless, considered Male
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Jealous
Hold Item: Magnet
Battle style:
This likes to lure people into traps. Make it seem like he’s weak and then attack with reserved power. He takes the counter offensive.
Athletic stat: Jump
Contest stat: Smart
Other info: He was alone in a mansion when Peachy found him.He thinks Peachy was his savior. So he idolizes her.That’s why he gets jealous of her other pokemon when they spend time with her.
So he’s got a mini kidlike crush on his trainer.

:bulletgreen:Pokemon #2::bulletgreen:
Name: That
Sex: Male
Ability: Color Change
Nature: Chill
Hold Item: Black Glasses
Battle style: That likes to use the foe’s type against them using his Color change ability.He likes to hit them hard with sneaky attacks mostly dark or psychic type.
He doesn’t hold back or wait for the opponent as he dubs slowness as uncool.
Athletic stat: Skill
Contest stat: Cool
Other info:His favorite game is Hide and Seek for obvious reasons.He protected Peachy when she was in danger and has enjoyed her company since.He was drawn to her bright colored outfits and color changing hair.He was lost from his family because he would constantly hide from them as a practical joke.One day they had had enough and left him alone and lost.

:bulletwhite:Pokemon #3::bulletwhite:
Name: The Other
Species: Castform
Sex: Male
Ability: Forecast
Nature: Oblivious
Hold Item: Mystic Water
Battle style:
He likes to mislead his opponent by constantly changing up his attack type.Sometimes he’ll use a fire type move, then suddenly an ice or water type move.He also likes to constantly change the weather giving different move types
a chance to be stronger or weaker depending on what weather he decides. He enjoys toying with his foes and keeping them on their toes.
Athletic stat: Speed
Contest stat: Cute
Other info:
The Other was a little bit of an oddball.
He loved to go around to various places and ruin people’s work by changing the weather around them.Eventually gardeners and wild pokemon grew to dislike him.
He was just having some fun.However, he enraged a Ryhdon with his antics and was harshly attacked.
Peachy, This, and That found him and nursed him back.
They didn’t seem to mind his weather changing,Although Peachy didn’t care for her outfits being soaked or frozen.
But she accepted him and eventually he stopped randomly changing the weather.Now he follows her along as her little ball of sunshine, or rain, or snow.


My Application for
I made a new trainer. She's pretty cool right?
Well anyway. I hope I get accepted.

Art and character:
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I read somewhere that Poland is "like a phoenix". I immediately thought of this.

Please enjoy this product of my boredom.
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Here's my entry for Big Sky Carnival!

Name: Jillian "Jill" Bate
Age: 17
Hometown: Altomare, Johto
Personality: Outgoing, Jill travels the world in search of new experiences. She's quiet and cautious at first meet, but once you get to know her, she's quite intriguing. She's devious and loves to play small pranks on friends torment any guy chasing her. Being from Altomare, she remembers the Water Festival and enjoys surfing on her crobat, Neighbor. She believes what she wants to believe, but a single statement can haunt her for days. She's got no need for fame nor fortune, but relies on feelings of self accomplishment.
History: Born in Altomare, Jill instantly fell in love with the outdoors. She travelled to Almia at an early age to learn Pokemon ranging. She excelled at it but quit due to uh... domestic issues. She then travelled to Route 34 to have her try at breeding. This too did not work for the same reasons. Now she travels with her misfit team of Pokemon with new dreams of becoming Pokemon master.

Did I mention she surfs on a freaking crobat and launches her pokemon to battle via longbow?

Pokemon 1
Name: Pierce
Species: Mime Jr.
Ability: Filter
Nature: Delirious
Hold Item: Metronome
Battle Style: Pierce is basically your undersized nuke. He'll rush to the enemy and try to sweep it as fast as possible... even before the go signal.
Athletic Stat: Power
Contest Stat: Tough
Other Info: He thinks he's Rayquaza. He even wears a cosplay hoodie bought at a con at Goldenrod. Not to mention, due to Mimic, he was able to copy the cry of Rayquaza pretty well. Because of this reason, he will never accept his evolution no matter how strong he is.

Pokemon 2
Name: Emma
Species: Bastiodon
Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Nightowl
Hold Item: Pink Scarf
Battle Style: Sleep and ignore the limitless attacks of the foe.
Athletic Stat: Stamina
Contest Stat: Cute
Other info: Has an ability to play online games by throwing small pebbles to the required keys. This is the cause of her sleep deprivation. She also loves candy, most especially bubblegum and pixie sticks.

Pokemon 3
Name: Neighbor
Species: Crobat
Ability: Inner Focus
Nature: Whimsical
Hold Item: Shell Bell
Battle Style: Once he actually figures out he's in a battle, he tries to knock the opponent away with a well aimed physical attack. If he gets hurt though, prepare for screeching.
Athletic Stat: Speed
Contest Stat: Cool
Other info: ... Big fat fluffy idiot. Also well known as Jill's favorite, even though she tries to love them equally. The only problem Neighbor sees with himself is he can't smile anymore. He tries to though.

Well, that's all for now... cause I'm rushing. Toodles!
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Holaaa!! xD

Aquí saludando y mostrándoles esto, como uno se divierte con estas cosas un meme japonés que encontré en pixiv así que aquí les traigo lo que significa cada cuadrito:

De izquierda a derecha/From left to right:

Expressionless, Smiling, Angry, Sad
Crying, Embarrassed, Impatient, Surprised
Uke, Seme, In front of someone they like, In front of someone they dislike

Espero que les guste los garabatos que hice
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