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Oh it's finally here! Big flash project '07! :(
Introducing bitbit the virtual babie creatch! Love himmm

Here are some words:

-Every image you see is drawn pixel-by-pixel by me. All scripted by me too.
-The long load is because of the music, I think. sorry!
-If you need instructions, click on the snut button.
-Babie creatch #027 [link]
-The music is by Lullatone, and all the sounds are from
-Don't forget the grow button.. it's very important

Make sure to click everything! everywhere! there are different scenes for babie bitbit and bitbit bear, and a lot of art & care went into each and every scene.

And don't give me no "there can't be stars inside a house." I don't play that.
Except do tell me if you find an important glitch and I'll fix it :bug:


also this is 2-3 months of work right here :( LOL BYE
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Perhaps you've already visited my methlab comic maker via my sample deviation, but I figure that a good portion of you haven't, and since I FINALLY got off my ass and tweaked the code a bit in this so that I can run this off of sites other than mine, I figured it'd be a good idea to submit it here. So here we are. I am falling asleep as I write this (my eyes are closing every few seconds and I need to force myself to open them back up. haha) so I apologize for any incoherent-ness (well, more so than usual, I should say).

...and if you're wondering why I don't just do this later and go to sleep already, it's because I'm stupid, and if I don't do things RIGHT WHEN I THINK OF THEM I will further put them off for 3904850945 years, and there's other crap I also wanna submit soon, so I just wanna get this one up first, to get the ball rolling, or something like that. hopefully the ball will not roll backwards and crush me into a crippled state.

On a whim, I decided to submit this and the Rock, Paper, Saddam! site to Newgrounds. haha where they are tough, easily bored critics. so considering that everyone was very nice with their comments/criticism and I didn't get any "OMG TIHS SUX0RZZZZ & SO DO U" comments, I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

here's the links if you like looking at things twice:
- methlab comic maker
- rock, paper, saddam!

and now, to be a lazy ass/expedite this whole process, and just copy and paste the description I wrote there XD

Just click the characters you want to use, and drag to position them. For speech bubbles, do the same, and then type your text within the bubble. The big red "Change scene" button will... that's right, murder your entire family and bake their remains in a cake... and by that, I mean change the background of the picture.

For further assistance, click the help button within the flash file.

Feel free to post your creation on your website, blog, Livejournal, etc. but PLEASE, PLEASE I ask of you, unless you are the original creator of these characters (and/or a lawyer/company representing them) please don't reuse my fanart on your website or in LJ/bbs/etc. icons or avatars. and that especially goes for my original art. (For more info, check out this site: [link] )
I really appreciate it, thank you :)

-- not like I need to tell you guys that ^^;... at least, I hope :hmm: *knock on wood* --

I would really, really, really appreciate it if you linked back to my original methlab site (copy/paste link code is there, if you want to use it), after posting your creation, so that others can waste their precious time while they could be doing something productive (and also, I'd enjoy getting the referrals and seeing other people's creations! :) )... but it's not like I can hunt you down and kill you if you don't.... most likely, at least. du du du ...


original artist list here: [link]

The music is from "The Digital Encyclopedia Of Sound Effects"; I had to abbreviate it in the submit box, sorry about that.

please feel free to visit the original site, here: http://methlab.six-thousand-chicken-fa-j
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instructions: use the arrow keys to control gubby. collect the leaves.

ok guys please don't take this game seriously

i never thought i was even going to upload it, because it's more of a test then anything, just to see what i could do or something, i mean i didn't even bother shading, you know?

there is really no challenge or anything

it was really fun to make :( but i'm not adding any more levels or anything, so,

the song is called "Lucky Bugs Win Prizes" by Hassle Hound from the Childish Music comp [link]

i will make a better game soon
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Another group- school- project. :)

My groupmates:

:icondementedpencil: :iconcookie-monster-18: :iconmiyu08:

Obviously, this was inspired from Tamagotchi..haha Sorry about the last part..we were required to end it..xD
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use arrow keys.

: o

edit: I added music!
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This is a silly project for Uni.

A simple task to get us used to AS3.
We had to create a storyboard that had multiple options and 4 decision points.
I decided to make mine somewhat based around a virtual pet.
It's pretty short but there's a lot of different outcomes depending on which options you pick.
Hope you like :heart:

Other Flash stuff :3
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Keybear! Yes!

Instructions are pretty self explanatory, but:
- rainbow keys: play a sound
- 1,2, & 3 buttons: change the sound of the keys
- "click" button: click on the keys to play
- "roll" button: roll the mouse over the keys to play

And as usual, everything 100% drawn and coded by me in GIMP and flash. I'm not used to this kind of shading. :(

I would have added more, but i'm lazy and I want to start new things.

Enjoy please!
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Now you can make cupcakes, ice creams,
cakes and donuts!!

Enjoy! :heart:


This means you cannot post this on any website without asking me first.

Really I've seen my flash games in websites without asking permission nor even giving proper credit, that really really pisses me off.

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since my slow ass didn't have a chance to make any sort of festive xmas themed pic for the holidays, please enjoy this little Flash toy I made, my beloved DA friends :heart: :santa:

I made this for a contest over at the *kioutyclub, but alas, due to time zone mixups and my overall slowness, I didn't make the deadline :( but ah well, hopefully you guys get get a little amusement from it :)

there is one little not-so-secret easter egg: if you keep on shaking him, he gets mad :aww:
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If this doesn't load fully or you see a plain green field, try refreshing or click 'Download'.

Totally inspired from the retro Polly Pocket toys I loved when I was a child. :)

Just play around in the world and feel silly. :giggle:
This was so fun fun to make; expect LOADS more of these soon!
Very simple, I tried to make it so that you have to use your imagination. :lmao:

The golden-locked girl ventured over the mountains with her beloved auburn cat and discovered the lost Cherished Forest. But someone had beaten her to it! It was her best friend, the girl with fiery hair, who had also brought her own, snowy white cat.
Together they played hide & seek between the trees, splashed through the waterfalls and leapt on the lilypads.

This artwork is copyright Ruth Brain. (me! XD)
Please do redistribute any part of this game anywhere.

Sound royalty-free courtesy of ^_^ ([link])
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