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CAV-246 Gemäß Trithemius
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- Original Mecha -
Rate = 92
Story = None
Manufacturer = Cambiel Industries
Class = Surface Type
Overall Height = 1320
Base Weight = 47200
Full Weight = 62600
Defence System = APEXS - Active Protection typE X System
Max speed = 130
Armor = Massive Composite Armor MCA-513
Armaments =
• Semi Automatic Rifle 90 mm
• Melee Pilebunker
• CHCS-C Heavy Coated Shield type C
• APEXS Grenade Tube
• Chaff

Line : 0.5 Standard BGel pen + 0.3 Pilot hi-tech
Softwares : Easy Paint Tool SAI
Hardwares: Mouse DX
time : within 4 hours


Gemäß Trithemius was intentionally built and designed purely as ground fighters, although it has some afterburners which give it a short periods of time to jump but the afterburners itself was solely attached so it can be more agile in battle.
it also one of the top line up Armored Vessel offered by Cambiel Industries.
it proved reliable in ground combat and it also can be adjusted for every kind of operations.


phew, glad i can finish this one out...
mmhh too lazy to make out the details about its backgrounds stories...

imma working quite hard to make a nice BG... oh well, it turns out okay though =p

thankie for viewing anyway... :)
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Type : Surveillance Main Battle RMV

Origin : White Union
Designer : Garda Dynamics
Manufacturer : DITECH
variant : T210A - T210B - T211E
Dimension : 5.8 x 6.4 x 11.9 meter
Base Weight : 95 ton
Crew : 1
Armaments :
• GCD-SAR125 [Semi-Automatic Rifle] 45 mm “Azura”
• WRS04A1 Shield + Heat Sword “Surya”
• AMM 88 [Anti Missiles Material] “Gurzhana”
• CIWS P30 12.5 mm [Projectile] “Vajra”
• HEG100 Flare Grenades
Machine : Geyser multi turbine generator, 6400 hp - 3762 kw
Operational Range : 250 mil
Defense Systems : APS G7 hard-kill system + Chaff
Speed : 70 mph on road, 48 mph off road
Armor : WPP GR4 [G-4998]
Pilot : Achyar Mahfud / Laras Savitri

a surveillance RMV [Robotic Mobile Vehicle] converted to be more functional in the battlefield, equipped with EWACS to support nearby allies.
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the Squad of RF-5 TG (Tactical Gear),..the standard defence army tactical gear used by semi military organization G.S.D.C, as a production model, these machines are the main workhorse during the "rain meteor" crysis.

made prior to the more advanced prototype RE-6, RF-5 are the multi purpose TG, capability are ranged from terrestrial environment up to more chalenging aerial boundary. the simplicity of maintenance and wide array of compatible armament made this TG the best option for G.S.D.C to face a longer war situation. Even when the newer RE-6 and XRF-01 type roll out,..this TG's still dominating the warzone.

from my animation story :"HAZELIFT"

btw my earlier thread :[link] are the prototype RE-6 the mecha of main protagonist
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OMER: Science Technology
Class: Mid-Weight Bi-ped

Mid-weight counter part of "Lahire" Model. The design was made personally for the former rank 1 pilot "Amour". But was never completed when she disappeared, so the project was at a hault.

Test Model [link] was named ESITWO

Author Notes: This designed was based off the famous B-2 Bomber. Although I did not color this and just greyscaled it I decided to call this done. (for now)
although when I complete the Head unit drawings core and arms and legs aswell as features then maybe I'll get time. But as of now not right now. Just wanna Call this prolly 75% done in reality. anyways enjoy :3
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Serial number: FRM-04 T-S
Code name: Rainhound
Unit type: custom frontal raid model
Operator: Alzo Sheltz; Independent
Dimensions: height 24.0 meters
Weight: 58.0 metric tons
Armor materials: Hi-density hybrid composite
Powerplant: Dummy-zero fusion reactor
Armaments: micro missile pod x 2 (15 missile each); S-17 ram shotgun; FR-33 sub-railgun, mounted on right shoulder; shield, mounted on left shoulder; shift cutter x 2, stored in both arms, folded forward in use


A custom mech for :iconeyetypher:'s MUGEN game. Well, actually I already registering Zleive for his game but I though this one is more suited for the game (with more weapon and all) hope he will accept it^^

Rainhound's rival => Bugwrath ([link])

Rainhound (c):icona2ure:(me)
visit my mecha gallery =>[link]
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An improved version of the HMIA(High Mobility Infantry Armor).

I made it looked ruggart and seasoned with battle scars and fading paint. I feel mechs look better this way instead of the shiny silver steel. Still longing for the old schools mechs like Armored Trooper Votoms.

Too tired to do touch ups. Next time i want to put more dents on the robot with mud,dust and smoke.

Incase youre interested to know more about the mech.

HMIA, a standard infantry unit build for long lasting battles,guirella and survival. Its considered medium light and very flexible in combat, allow them to crouch,crawl and dodge into cover. Its made well to combat in any terrain in the world whether its the Amazon jungles,the deserts of afganistan or the mountains of Tibet. It can be paradroped into enemy territories or use for amphibious missions.

It can be outfited with various weapons and camoflauging nets which uses floriage to decorate itself. Its standard weapons are a plasma burst gun with 3 modes of fire, various type of grenades such as incendary,EMS, blinding flares and so on. Its back has a missle launcher which shoots out ECM to intercept missles and provide radar interruption. The other is a projectile plasma laucher which uses up a lot of energy and used only when the enemy is deep in cover or numbers. The sides holsters a blade and a laser gun for cutting the enemy heavy armor to insert explosives in their chassis.

Other weapons included a balistic launcher,like a bazooka which connects with its projectile plasma to give it long lasting and improved destruction. Other is a sniper rifle which has a long range radar that much be attached to the head and projectile plasma pack. It can also attached plasma cells in its holsters instead of blades for extra energy packs or simply use them to plant explosive traps.
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The Twin Chainsaw Sword straight out of the racks.
Click Download to view the image in its original resolution (1920x1080).
Produced using Goolge SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop and Hypershot.

Thanks for viewing :D
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"that mech is just too fast for me..."
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CRG-100 : GiLRAM Grounder
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- Original Mecha -
Rate = 85
Story = Red Guardian
Manufacturer = Chezernoff Heavy Industry
Class = Surface Troop Assault
Overall height = 15.3
Base weight = 17.1
Full weight = 31.7
Armor = Rigid Composite Armor RDX-3466
Armaments =
[CSBR-1A] Beam rifle
[CBS-R0] Beam sword
[LAM-20] Chaff
[CDMMG-30] Atached 30mm mini machine guns
[CLS-BC00] Light coated shield

Line : 0.5 Standard BGel pen + 0.3 Pilot hi-tech
Softwares : Easy Paint Tool SAI
Hardwares: Mouse DX
time : within 3 hours


Default Series of the Republic Armored Unit. Produced by the Heavy Industry of Chezernoff based in Apollo.
GiLRAM series as other Armored Vessels were developed from a basic humanoid frame. in this case, it has a good mobility of an Armored Vehicle and a strong defenses.
A mass production armored vessel and used as the main force in ground and space force of the Republic. It was the first Armored Vessel of humanoid form for combat purposes.
This armored vessel type are weak against artilerie unit in firing range and the air unit which are more agile. This type was designed for short to mid range combat.
The G-100 was succesfully removed rebell forces opposing the Republic almost in every region.
G-100 has spread throughout the universe used by many factions and militancy forces ever since. Its technology are also being duplicated by many industries and forces for their own cause.


seriously, all imma doin lately were just finishing what i submit long ago, or whats so called WIPs,
this one r not exceptions either, i just add some crappy BG onto it to make it a lil eye catchin =p

i actually plan to change the camo, but its kinda too troublesome...

anyway, thanks to drop by lads :)
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