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Life is Ö

Life is the space between your ears,
Life is the song that no one hears,
Life is the place that only you know,
Life is the grass growing through snow,
Life is the touch of a loverís hand,
Life is a castle melting in sand,
Life is the laugh thatís stuck in your throat
Life is a poem that god wrote
Life is the shiver on a warm night,
Life is like death, only not quite.
A poem about life.
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When you have no choice
But to lie Ė
Especially to your friends
And family.

When people cannot accept you
For who you really are,
And you have to continue the act
Just for them.

When your darkest secrets
Are discovered by your friends --
The ones you never wanted to know about it
In the first place.

When you think someone loves you,
Then they go and let you down.

When people think
They know best for you,
When all you want to do
Is follow your heart.

When someone acts
Like your friend,
Like they really care about you,
Then the next day
They go and bitch about you
Behind your back.

When two people,
Who both like each other,
Wonít go out with each other.

When the person you care for most
Will never know.

When your family,
Your own flesh and blood,
Turn against you.
Maybe water is thicker than blood?

When people make judgements
On your appearance
Instead of on the way you act.

When others cannot,
And do not,
Listen to your opinions
And simply think that your views
Do not matter.

When you have to learn to smile
When people expect it.

When someone stops loving you
And they tell you
It is because they have moved on.
When really you are not pretty enough
For them.

When you have to hurt yourself
So others cannot.

When you spill your heart
Trying in vain to make someone understand,
When they never will.

When people ask you
Why you are upset,
And you tell them.
Then they call you an attention seeker.

When people label you.

When you are in pain,
And no one knows.
And if they do know,
They donít care.

When it only hurts
When you breathe.

When you realise
That if you were to take a gun,
Place it against your head,
And pull the trigger,
No one would ever notice.

When you think someone
Has broken your heart.
Then you realise that they couldnít have
Because it was never full
In the first place.
When you want to cry
But the tears wonít come.

When all your life youíve hoped,
And dreamed,
Of one thing.
Then you grow up and realise that
Wishes donít come true.

When you try to forget the past.
And then you look down
And see your scars.
Then you are reminded of it again.

When youíre in a crowded room
Full of people
And youíre still alone.

When you are the closest thing
To perfect
But the furthest thing
From it.

When you are trapped
In that thing
Called life.

When you donít eat for days
In a useless hope to be beautiful.
And no one is concerned.

When it takes more courage to suffer
Than to die.
But you have no courage.

When you are ripped open
Torn apart
And still
No one will take you.

When someone has wrecked your life
And you know you should hate them Ė
And you try to Ė
But you just keep loving them.

When you arenít afraid of
Happy endings,
But youíre too scared
That your life will not turn out like that.

When you feel so numb
That you have to breathe
Just to know you are alive.

When you realise
That you will always be
A falling star.

When you bother to put
Eyeliner and
Mascara on,
Only to understand that
You will cry it off anyway.

When you trust someone
And give them your heart,
Only for them to shatter it
Right in front of
Your eyes.

When life gets you down,
But you're too afraid,
[Or too brave]
To show it.
I Hate Life When...
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who is that girl
she seemed so unbreakable
she seemed so stong
always laughing
you thought she would never stop
thought she would never quit
untill she meet you
that unbreakable girl soon broke
that strong girl son crumbled
that laughing girl soon cried everyday
she just stopped one day
she finally quit
i wrote this 2/15/05 i was talking to was a kind of good chat but kind of not...i don't it just involved alot of crazy yeah i don't know if this poem would be for him but yeah anyways i guess i kind of like

picture from
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People keep asking me...
"Are you okay?"
"What's wrong?"
Why aren't you happy anymore?"

I just sit there
Wishing I could answer them
But if I knew the answers
I wouldn't be sitting here right now
Giving them a dead stare,
I turn around
Walking away slowly
They try to catch me by the arm
I just pull away
No once can bring me back
I'm off in my own little world
I don't think I'm coming back anytime soon

Someone waves a hand in my face
Once again the questions come
This time I put the fake smile on
But everything's just so fake now
People are starting to see through me
Almost as if I'm a ghost
I'm pale as the snow
Invisible like the wind
I'm a rather lost soul
And I doubt I'll be saved
Why would anyone save me?
I'm just a worthless piece of shit anyways

Don't bother wasting your time
You wont convince me otherwise
People have proved it to me through out the years
I'm meant to be broken
So I'm used it it now
The thought of being saved scares me in a way

I wouldn't be able to hide anymore
I'd be out in the open
I cant take another hit
One more and I'm done for good
I wont be fixable anymore
Why do I do?
Do I let you in?
Trust you not to break me?

Or do I live alone?
Push you away like everyone else?
My heart tells me to let you in
To trust you
But my heart has been wrong before
I'm at a cross road
I don't know what to do
Show me I can trust you
I may not be worth saving
But I need it...

I need you...
I am really worth saving...? prove it...
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So I did it again, was looking for you.
I hate that I have no idea where you are,
if you're happy, well, even alive.
It hurts to write this and think about you again,
I don't like that I can't let go.
My eyes are beginning to sting
and my throat's starting to close.
Damn you, you always do this to me.

All I need is a simple sign,
or a breath, a whisper, a few words,
a smile, a touch, a hug... A kiss?

I remember all the time we spent, together,
I know we probably never were going to last,
but you know me, forever the hopeful.
Even when everything seemed to pile against us,
you smiled when I said "There's always hope."

And yeah, there is always hope,
but now it's a different hope.

Now I'm hoping for a sign,
a breath, a whisper, a few words,
a smile, a touch, a hug... A kiss?

Just something to tell me that you're still around,
still alive.
I know you probably wouldn't go out that way,
but... It's happened before when I least expect it,
so I don't really say never any more.

It's been nearly a year, which is why I'm so anxious, I guess,
that's a long time to wait,
for a reply, a sign, a breath,
a whisper, a word, a smile,
a touch on the arm, a warm, soft hug...
A kiss?...

I'm waiting, I'm waiting,
you're mysterious, mysterious.

All I have is what I remember
and my memory's getting hazy.

Come back and remind me why I get this way,
come back to me and tell me not to worry.

Memories are no comfort, they're not soft and warm like you.
They make me smile, true, but not for long, when replaced by longing.

"Come back to me..."
My lips brush against my fingertips
and I press a kiss to your picture.

All I want is a sign.
Funny how someone's name slips into a conversation and you realise how much you miss them.
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Kinda procrastinating something so I MADE A CONTROVERSIAL STAMP INSTEAD.

But, seriously, stamps say 'Rape isn't funny or sexy or etc' and.. No shit Sherlock, no shit. I think you deserve to be raped then shot if you see some woman or man on the news that has been raped and you /laugh/ or fap to it. People actually getting raped isn't at all funny or sexy, it's an act that deserves a hell of a longer prison time then they currently give (at least in America).

However, more than half the people you'll meet in your life secretly have the fantasy of either bondage or rape ; these are the two most popular fetishes, and half the time they coincide. Is that sexy? Yes, fetishes are supposed to be arousing to the person that envisions them. They are not meant to be real or to be acted upon. So to all the people going "OMG Rape in that picture not funny or sexy u r sooo sick!!11!", why do you have to post this? If they want to express their personal fetish via art, stories, or just keeping it in their own damn head why does that irritate you? I can understand rape victims being sensitive but they're not perfectly going to look up rape just to wengh. Or comment for that matter and I have had a friend subject to such an unfortunate, perverted act.

So, this is just pretty much saying the fantasy of rape is very interesting, and it doesn't have to be your cup of tea but please respect it at least. Just as most people fantasizing rape will most likely not confront a rape victim and say "lol sexy". Majority of these dreamers will never act upon this except in roleplay with their partner and sometimes not even then. Just please respect the line between non-fiction and fiction. Asphyxiation fetishes kill as well yet I don't see a million stamps about that. Even the most normal person has a dark fantasy or two, in fact it's quite normal.


/braces for shit storm.
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No words could tell you how much I miss you
So I wont even try
All I'm going to say is...I miss you
It hurts to say this
But it needs to be heard
I'm no longer your butterfly
I can no longer save you
I cant set you free
And me...
Well I'm no longer free either
I cant soar through the sky with a smile
Now I am chained down to earth
Chained down with memories
Pain and hurt
I'm afraid I'll never break free
The only thing that can break these chains
The only you
And we all know you're not coming back
Not this time
But that's ok
I think we're better off this was
Separate from each other
Don't get me wrong
I love you then
And I love you now
But we both knew it would never work
You had too much to worry about
I was just too heart broken
But it's ok...
This would've happened eventually
Better to have my hopes crushed now
They weren't as high
So it shouldn't hurt as much
Falling always hurts though
And this time I'm falling hard
You had me soaring through the clouds
With every day I only got higher
Until now of course
I was falling for months
Just hoping you'd save me before I hit the ground
But you didn't
So I'll lay here in a broken mess
With my broken heart
My broken life
As the darkness begins to consume me,
I think of your smiling face
You've saved me life over and over again
And tonight...
Tonight you'll save me from one thing
The one thing I never though I'd need to be saved from
You'll save me from you...
this one's kinda sad...but i think it'll be one of my last sad ones for the moment. maybe
anyways...hope ya like
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Tears fill my eyes
But I wont let them fall
I have to be strong for you now
You've been there time after time for me
It's my turn to be here for you
I hate how helpless I feel
Nothing I say
Nothing I do,
Can make you better
I try to comfort you
I'm here to wipe away all your tears
Yet you're still so broken
There's still that far away look in your eyes
I know you're thinking about her
How much she hurt you
How much you love her
And I hate it...
I hate seeing you like this
It tears my heart to pieces
I try talking to you
But it's not the same
You're distant now
And I know nothing I say will bring you back
I know she still has a piece of your heart
But you said I had the rest of it
So why do you seem so different?
Where did you go?
You told me we would be like this forever
I told you not to say that
Unless you meant it of course
You said you did mean it...
But right now, I'm starting to have doubts about that
All I'm feeling is pain, not love
I hate her...
How she did that to you
She must be heartless
Who would hurt someone like you?
You're perfect...
So how did she let you go?
Why would she want to?
I know you'd rather be with her
The only reason you're with me is because she doesn't love you back
If she loved you, you would leave me in a heartbeat
I know you would...
So why I am I staying?
Because I truely love you
With all of my heart
I've never felt this way before
My heart skips a beat at the sound of your voice
With a simple touch you have my heart racing
I feels so good,
So right when I tell you I love you
Tell me the truth...
Is it the same for you?

<Don't lie to me...
Don't break my heart...
Just love me...
It's all I ask of you...>
I was hurt when I wrote this...I know I shouldn't of been...but I was none the less. So I wrote this...I wasn't going to put it up but grace talked me into it...I'm better now, and I know half the things on here on just felt like it at the time.
anyways...hope ya like
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This heart used to be filled with hate
I was lonely and lost
Help always came too late
One too many times I had been crossed

Now this heart is filled with love
You're by my side and I've been found
Heaven sent an angel from above
I know you're always going to be around

I used to be heartbroken
Nothing in the world could make me smile
Words of regret and pain were spoken
I lived in the past for awhile

Now you're healing my heart
You're the reason for the smile on my face
Even though we're apart
I'll keep waiting for your embrace

You're my angel, my everything
Forever by my side
Protected under your wing
One day I'll be your bride
can I be your bride? <3

This rose is yours...:blackrose:
and for you my love...
so is my heart...:heart:
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