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It must be said that I have never seved in Vietnam. I am not a veteran and I do'n know what it's like to go to war. This poem was my feeble attempt to capture the feeling of a man who was visting the Vietnam Memorial for the first time. I hope that this poem will shed a little more light and maybe give people a little more respect for what those brave men have gone through and are still going through on a daily basis.
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A little song I wrote :). Tell me if there is any spelling mistakes~.
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And so here we have the last in my "Missing Scenes" chapters.

I must say I've been pleased with the way theese stories have turned out, especially in light of all the positive reception they've been getting. Thank you all for all the kind words you've said about these stories. And I'll say right now that if season three comes along with any more opportunities for me to do these, I'll do more.

As for this last chapter, I knew there were two things in here that I wanted to show. The proper get-back-together of Cadence and Shining Armour, and the reconciliation between him and Twilight.

I was debating with myself for a long time whether or not to put both in the same chapter like this. After all, they're both essentially the same thing. Shining Armour being apologetic towards two different people and being told that there was no need for it. But I decided in the end to put them here togethe because in hindsight, they were both important scenes that needed to be shown.

Hope you enjoy it and as a treat I'll say right now that I have a new story in mind for the Princess and her Captain which will be submitted in a couple of days time.

See you then.
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This written work is both copyright and property of Myself. Reproduction or alteration of said work, in part or in whole, is expressly forbidden. Use of any of my concepts or characters is forbidden save by hand-written permission from myself.

If those arguing with you choose to use Wikipedia to back up their claims about Skeptical scientists, please take advantage of the following links! The wikipedia climate editor was a pro-‘man-made’ global warming LIAR. He altered over 5000 climate pieces, banned the original writers of those pieces so they could not correct them, and distorted or outright lied about the records of Skeptics. He has since been banned. I do not know if those pieces have been corrected, but wiki is Not reliable as far as skeptics of ‘man-made’ global warming is concerned, and as such is a Bogus argument.

Wiki’s own Arbitration board concerning LIAR William Connolly, pro-AGW propagandist [link]

Backup articles:



NOTE: New sites will be appended at the bottom of the list, until I can properly sort things out.

Climate sites:

The Skeptics’ Handbook- created by Australian Jo Nova, this guide to the science of Climate Change is available in English, German, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Turkish, Danish, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, Lao and Italian. [link]

The Medieval Warm Period Project – an interactive map of the globe, which requires Java to run. Clicking upon any of the icons on the map will give you the peer-reviewed papers for that region. [link]

C3 in their own words: C3 Headlines attempts to identify and point to articles, papers, postings, videos, charts, and images that tell the scientific story about historical climate change; that tell about current climate conditions; and, tell about the foibles and failures of the global warming, the pseudo-science (empirical evidence not allowed science) and its stunningly hypocritical advocates.


Australian Climate Madness [link]

Bishop Hill blog [link]

Climate Audit (Steve McIntyre, who discovered the MASSIVE problems with michael mann’s ‘hockey stick’ temperature graph) [link]

Climate Depot- one of several climate change news warehouses, where one can find links to thousands of articles. [link]

Climate Etc – hosted by scientist Judith Curry. Climate Etc. provides a forum for climate researchers, academics and technical experts from other fields, citizen scientists, and the interested public to engage in a discussion on topics related to climate science and the science-policy interface.


Climate Lessons - A blog aiming to share information about materials presented to children on climate, especially those which seem intended to frighten or mislead them.


Climate Quotes – remembering what they want us to forget they said.


Climate Realists [link]

Climate Research News [link]

Climate Resistance [link]

Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr. [link]

Climate Science [link]

Climate Science International [link]

Climate Skeptic [link]

CO2 insanity [link]

CO2 Science- a warehouse of peer-reviewed papers on climate change, with over 12,000 papers listed and linked to, and growing: [link]

The Daily Bayonet [link]

DeSmog Me [link]

Digging in the Clay [link]

The Global Warming Policy Foundation [link]

Global Warming [link]

Global Warming Science [link]

Global Warming Skeptics [link]

Al Gore Lied [link]

Green Hell blog [link]

Greenie Watch [link]

Haunting the Library [link]

Heliogenic Climate Change [link]

The Hockey Shtick [link]

An Honest Climate Debate [link]

I Love CO2 [link]

IceCap – climate news warehouse [link]

The Inconvenient Skeptic [link]

Jo Nova (Australia) [link]

Tom Nelson [link]

No Tricks Zone – P Gosselin (German scientist) [link]

Real Science (Steven Goddard, Scientist) [link]

Roger Pielke Jr [link]

The Resilient Earth [link]

Skeptical Real Climate [link]

Roy Spencer (scientist) [link]

The Science and Public Policy Institute (This is the blog; a link on that page will take you to the heavy science) [link]

No Frakking Consensus [link]

The Unbearable Nakedness of Climate Change [link]

Watts Up With That [link]

World Climate Report [link]

The Air Vent [link]

The Blackboard [link]

Musings from the Chiefio [link]

The Reference Frame (Lubos Motl, physicist, Sweden) [link]

Is there Global Warming? [link]

Climate Change Reconsidered [link]

Institute for Energy Research [link]

Master Resource [link]

Energy Tribune [link]

The Green Agenda [link]

Kill Carbon [link]

Andrew Bolt (Australia) [link]

EU Referendum [link]

Hall of Record [link]

Planet Gore [link]

Global Warming Hoax [link]

Global Climate Scam [link]

The Skeptic’s Corner [link]

Bob Carter’s Global Warming Info [link]

Climate Science New Zealand [link]

Global Warming Questions [link]

Global Warming – Reason Magazine [link]

Popular Technology [link]

Junk Science [link]

Ecoworld (environmental news) [link]

Surface Stations [link]

The Heartland Institute [link]

Environmental Effects [link]

Global Warming: a Chilling Perspective [link]

US Senate Committee on the environment – minority blogs [link]

National Center for Policy Analysis [link]

Ecomyths [link]

Errors in IPCC Climate Science [link]

Australian Science Climate Coalition [link]

Bob Tisdale Climate Observations [link]

Friends of Science [link]

Global Warming Debate [link]

Gust of Hot Air (Australia) [link]

Hans Erren Global Warming Comments [link]

Ian Mott (legal analysis of environmental legislation) [link]

IceCap (Climate news warehouse) [link]

Jennifer Marohasy [link]

NZ Climate Science [link]

Calder’s Updates (former member IPCC) [link]

Dalton Minimum Returns (Solar scientist) [link]

IPCC Report Card (findings on the Massive problems with the IPCC report 2007) [link]

1100 peer-reviewed papers supporting skepticism of ‘man-made’ global warming [link]

Climategate (climate news warehouse) [link]

History of Climategate (pdf file) [link]

Climate Fact Europe [link]

William Briggs, Statistician [link]

Bratstvo Vukcevic, Solar physicist [link]

Cooler Heads [link]

Herkinderkin [link]

Climate Change Dispatch [link]

Global Shamming [link]

I Hate al gore [link]

The Global Warming Challenge [link]

Joe Bastardi [link]

Joe D’Aleo [link]

The Carbon Sense Coalition [link]

James Delingpole [link]

Hide the Decline [link]

Global Warming Issues [link]

Changement Climatique (France) [link]

The Climate Scam (Sweden) [link]

Copenhagen Consensus (Denmark) [link]

Harmless Sky (UK) [link]

Skeptical Swedish Scientists [link]

Challenging Climate [link]

Climate Debate Daily [link]

Archeoclimatology (research site) [link]

Science and Environmental Policy Project (Dr. Fed Singer) [link]

Rayn Maue Tropical Cyclone Study [link]

The Marshall Institute [link]

Warwick Hughes (analysis of data) [link]

Slaying The Sky Dragon: [link]

Polar Bear sites (providing real information, rather than AGW hype):

Polar Bear Science, is here [link]

Polar Bear Alley is here [link]

The Polar Bear Specialist Group is here [link]

ClimateSense: [link]

Frontiere Center [link]

Global Warming Policy Foundation [link]

NZ Climate Truth Newsletter [link]

Climatesense - norpag [link]

Dr. Starck's blog [link]

Niche Modelling - [link]

Climate Science International - [link]

Living on the Real World - [link]

John O'Sullivan - [link]

EIKE (German-language Skeptic site) - [link]

Science Skeptical blog (German) - [link]

Principia Scientific - [link]

New Zeeland Climate Change - [link]

Die Kilazwieble (German) - [link]

Matt Ridley blog (Rational Optimist) [link]

Somewhat Reasonable [link]

Related articles:

A Question of IgnoranceSome months back I put up an article regarding seven prominent physicists, who have written peer-reviewed and published papers on climatology. These scientists are merely seven out of thousands across the globe, who have expressed the fact that there are problems with the theory of AGW, or 'man-made' global warming.
A number of people have commented since then, but one in particular stood out. One uncledartanian stopped by to ask me this:

Why is it that AGW deniers always accuse those who accept the fact of global warming as falling prey to the 'appeal to authority' fallacy, and yet, nearly every argument they put forth against global warmi


Another article I have created is here: [link]
Said article is a response to the hypocritical efforts of closed minds like :limbaugh-is2liberal:, who try to demonize and demean those they hate, rather than carry out an Intelligent conversation between equals with differing but Valid points of view.
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This is a theory of how old the Ponies are in the show, judging by clues revealed in the show and we've verify their ages to match the Anthro versions of the ponies. After Equestria Girls portrayed the Mane Six as sixteen years old and could threat the anthro ponies on this site and I wanna prove them wrong with possible clues. Any age of other ponies feel free to comment.
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American Heart, by Jon David [link]
This song just made me want to write something like this. here's the song if you want to read/watch it.
did you know that Jon David is not his real name? He changed it because of all the freeky and scarry obama fanatics. He was right to assume that they'd freek over it, cause they did, because its only the truth. I'll give you the first two verses just because i love this song so much.:heart:

They say, “Our reputation needs a new coat of paint and a delicate melody.”
But I say I like the bruises, ’cause a melody don’t mean a thing if we don’t have the strength to say,
and I won’t be made to ever feel ashamed…

...(the corus is under my DA-ID)...

They say, that, “We need changin’!” (As if all the Founding Fathers seemed to get it wrong.)
But I say I still believe in the greatest liberator, innovator, cultivator freedom knows. So, I suggest you take a look inside, ’cause I think you changed already. You went and lost your pride.
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My take on the Oath where a finished trained mech or femme must speak the Oath of Peace for the Rite of the Autobrand. Once they finish with the 'Til All Are One' line, everyone must speak in unison the finishing line as a sign of not just respect, but as the Will of Primus decreeds.

The speaker must stand before a Prime during the ceremony where close friends, rellies, and the highly ranked officers will stand and observe the branding.

It is when after the speaking is over that the mech or femme is then branded by the symbol of the Autobots by the Prime. After that, they are given the right to earn their inscribes (besides the one they are given at birth to show their Cybertronian name) of whatever they desire.

Once the branding is complete, some officers or close friends may present a gift to the newly branded Autobot to symbolise their welcoming into the ranks.

This will be the Oath that Tailgate will speak during his branding when I get around to working on his short story off his passage.

Til All Are One!
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For fun. Inspired by a comment in one of those "How Nerdy Are You?" threads in the dA forums.

And yes, those are all actual programming languages.
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<<< PART 5
PART 7 >>>

Yay!! Finally, Part 6 is dooooone! :excited: Hopefully, this chapter was more exciteing the previous one ^^; haha~ *shot*

# words: 1541
Charas: Matthew Williams (Canada), Alfred F. Jones (USA), Arthur Kirkland (UK), Francis Bonnefoy (France)

I'll write my usual long-winded historical BG tomorrow =__= I'm too tired right now~ :sleep: See ya!


Yay! Evil!Arthur is no longer there! :3 He's been replaced by Protective!Arthur. If there's one thing the Brits did good when they had control over Canada, was their immense devotion to the country. They always protected us with the British Army, made sure there was food & shelter for everyone, as well as providing jobs for the people of Canada (whether Anglo-Canadian, French-Canadian or Native).

About Alfred ... has he gone mad? XD Srsly though, I'm kinda happy I could finally write some AmeCan into this fic~ ♥ (I know some of you guys have been waiting anxiously for this~). His behaviour is supposed to be that of General Montgomery, who led the Continental Army into Canada (with hopes of gaining some strong allies~).

Anywho, hope you liked it! I'll see you all in Part 7! :love: (Oh yeah, ConCrit as usual please! ♥ )


:iconchibicanadaplz: :iconchibiamericaplz: :iconchibienglandplz: :iconchibifranceplz: belong to Hidekaz Himaruya
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Inspired by Raining ashes by :iconkawaiineko101:

I may not be historically accurate. So be aware.

:bulletwhite: Japan had surrendered on August 15, 1945, six days after the second bomb hit Nagasaki.

:bulletblack: The Allied powers, led by the United States, had started to lead the occupation on Japan. Japan's armed forces were driven back from the other Asian nations and once more, Japan became an independent nation on the small island. The Occupation had lasted until 1952.

:bulletwhite: As of then, Japan can no longer participate in wars. Instead, they established the Self-Defense Forces [link] . The way of liberalization and education has been changed as well as the coming of Democratization.

:bulletblack: Germany surrendered between May 4 and May 8, 1945 and Italy surrendered in September 1943. There was even a time when Italy had declared war on Japan in 1945. [link]

Clearly, this story just came to mind after watching some WWII documentaries. There was the series called "WWII in HD" on the History Channel, I watched some of it to help with my Hetalia stuff, if not, for the history of the war and what happened. There were many battles between Japan and the US like in the Pacific more often so that's why I mentioned of those "many" battles in the story.

Again, I may not be correct in all of these facts here or in the story, if I missed something please let me know.

Oh, and the last line Japan said to America, I made that up, sorry. ^^ ;
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