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(An Open Source Poem)

I'd compiled a REALbasic poem
in which a Python
with a bad Lisp
named Haskell
(or Pascal)
concocted a Scheme
to swap a dull Ruby
for a shiny new Perl
from the king Cobol
while making Smalltalk
about Mathematica
over a cup of Java
before knocking him out with a SNOBOL

My prof gave it a C++
For fun. Inspired by a comment in one of those "How Nerdy Are You?" threads in the dA forums.

And yes, those are all actual programming languages.
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When I had first drawn breath as I was released from my mother's womb I was completely oblivious to the oppression that the community of the World Wide Web has suffered. I actually never had a computer until my mother had started going to college at the University of Tennessee. After my first click I was introduced into a cybernetic world full of wonder and valuable knowledge. Although the web is full of wonders, it has a darker side as internet pornography is explicitly exposed and users who desire to harass and abuse others who dwell within this global network. The abusers are called Trolls as they feed off of the hated thrown towards them by the web's casual users.

But now the music and movie industry lobbyists are trying to destroy the free world wide web and internet created by Tim Berners-Lee. The RIAA and the MPAA are determined to convert the world wide web in to a corporate shopping network where they would employ their diabolical corporatist ways. The creation of congressional bills like Stop Online Piracy Act, Protect-IP Act and Cyber Intelligence Sharing Protection Act, and trade agreements such as Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement has already caused a global outrage among the general public due to their secretive meetings and overly broad language in written documents. Now they are forcing ISPs like Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast (the ISP I currently use) to spy on their customers to ensure that they are not uploading nor downloading any illegal or copyright materials to the internet. Ironically, pirates will find away to bypass this system to claim their prizes while the honest users who pay for such content suffer for the ambition of the pirates.

If Berners-Lee was still here, he would stand up against these oppressors and fight their corporatism, refusing to accept their ways as the right way for the internet and the web. If we are to stop the corporatist lobbyists and convert them to our cause, we must display a united show of our freedom of speech, choice and press to exploit their deeds and reveal the truth that they had desired to hide ever since the world wide web was first opened to the world. We can ill afford to allow them to restrict access to the one thing that would unite the people of the entire world over "piracy" of the works of several music artists and movie makers. It is time to tell the record and movie companies that enough is enough, and stand up for your constitutional rights and force them to renounce their corporatist ways and surrender the governments back to their original owners: the people who reside in their respective countries.

The time to act against corporatism is now. Leaders of the general public, rally countless people and take your protests to the streets of every area a corporation has a huge influence, but do not disturb their business operations and cause a disturbance. Internet personalities and artists, create several anti-censorship and oppression propaganda and artwork targeting corporatist ideals. Don't take any chances in your efforts, convince as many people as you can to stand up against corporatism. If the people are truly united as one, anything is possible, but if we are divided corporatism will be the newest government of America and the world combined. Do not let the Dark Ages return to the modern era.
Ladies and Gentlement, today July 12 2012 is the day where ISPs will begin spying on their customers to ensure that no pirated material such as video, music or pictures are being neither uploaded, nor downloaded. If you couldn't stand up to this act of oppression, now is the time to wake up and attack the morals of corporatism by any means necessary
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Climate Change Resource Page - (updated as recently as 17 Dec 2012, with 16 new sites linked)

I've wrestled with an opening to this piece for the last week, and I've finally decided to just go ahead and lay it all out for those who wish to make use of it.

Knowledge is power, and knowledge of climate-change science is serious lacking for a lot of reasons. Those reasons, however, are NOT what the True Believers in 'man-made' global warming would have you believe.

A lot of people on this site believe that things are not as dire as the heavily politicized IPCC and those governments which back it, would have us believe. Most of you do not really have the time to find the information you need to counter the often scientifically illiterate responses you get from those who would blame the human race, and more specifically the Right / Conservatives / Christians / the US / White people, for what we believe is just another phase in half a billion years of climate change.

They are the ones who, for the most part, are truly ignorant. Yet they would project their fears and limited understanding upon you.

Well, I'd like to provide a little help, if I may. In the author's comments below you will find links to over 120 sites related to the Skeptical side of the climate change argument.

Many of these sites are run by the very scientists involved in trying to expose 'man-made' global warming for what it truly is. Some of the sites are news warehouses, linking to environmental and climate stories from across the globe, presenting the Skeptics' view of climate events, and the massive politics which seek to portray those events in a fashion detrimental to all of us.

You will find several sites which link to thousands of peer-reviewed papers, which find problems with the 'science' behind 'man-made' global warming. And some of these information sites were created by scientists who used to be part of the IPCC, and whom have now come to see the climate situation in a much different light, and are speaking out against the fear-mongering which supports it.
That list of disillusioned IPCC scientists is Growing.

I haven't put them in any kind of order, sorry about that. I would rather you peruse them and find what suits you best, for your arguments. I think you will find a lot of them very useful.

This list is by no means complete. I will add to it from time to time as I find more Skeptical sites.

Before I end this piece, a little bit of how I came to this point:

I once believed in 'man-made' global warming.

I graduated from college in 1981, with a degree in Geology. Although I didn't know it at the time I had come away from college with some 'progressive' thinking- if by progressive, one means going Backwards. While I was not at All pleased with how Carter had screwed over the country- especially bringing us a mullah-led Iran as part of his legacy- I was not a Reagan fan. I was and am an avid hiker, and Reagan's Secretary of the Interior, James Watts, was the antithesis of what an Interior Secretary should be.
He still is, in my opinion. But Reagan turned out to be one of the best things which ever happened to the US, and my opinion of him changed greatly around the time his efforts helped bring down the Iron Curtain.

When I discovered Rush Limbaugh, who at the time was quite new to talk radio, I thought he was an Idiot. Especially where it came to global warming. Note I say 'global warming' and not 'man-made' global warming. I didn't see any distinction at the time, despite my training in the sciences. And Rush was a political commentator. What would he know about global warming? Of course at the time, I didn't know that Al Gore and company had already pretty well politicized 'man-made' global warming. But I was learning.

So I went through most of the 80s believing that the human race was screwing up the climate. I didn't even know that CO2 was being blamed as the main culprit- wasn't the fact that we are polluting the world quite enough?
Not even close. Even in the 80s, the US had already come a long way in improving air and water quality. By the end of the 20th Century, we had reduced many particulate pollutants, some by up to 87%. Companies mining for coal had long since begun following environmental guidelines, and cleaning up the mess they made- something today's liberals won't even acknowledge they do- well, the ones who are aware that they do, that is. It isn't something they admit to up and coming generations. That would be telling the truth, and they can't have the younger generations understanding both sides of the story.
Of course I didn't know that at the time, either.

Sometime towards the end of the 80s I came across two bits of information which piqued my curiosity. Two newspapers articles, not more than a few weeks apart. The first, a new discovery in the Pacific: the El Nino. It had of course been named centuries ago by Spanish colonists on the West Coast, for the winds it spawns- but the cause was only now being discovered and mapped out.
The second article dealt with hurricanes. Scientists were having a hard time figuring out why they went through the cycles they were seeing. (It has been over 20 years since I read the article, I don't recall the exact phrasing).
I confess to a bit of serendipity (detractors might say, arrogance? If they knew words that big): The two articles came together for me. El Nino plays a role in how hurricanes function. It seemed immediately obvious to me, why didn't the climate scientists see it yet?

And How The Hell can people who haven't even made such connections yet, claim that they know we are changing the climate?

I've learned a hell of a lot since then, and I will Not stand for deliberate ignorance. We get too much of that on DA, let alone the rest of the world.
This written work is both copyright and property of Myself. Reproduction or alteration of said work, in part or in whole, is expressly forbidden. Use of any of my concepts or characters is forbidden save by hand-written permission from myself.

If those arguing with you choose to use Wikipedia to back up their claims about Skeptical scientists, please take advantage of the following links! The wikipedia climate editor was a pro-‘man-made’ global warming LIAR. He altered over 5000 climate pieces, banned the original writers of those pieces so they could not correct them, and distorted or outright lied about the records of Skeptics. He has since been banned. I do not know if those pieces have been corrected, but wiki is Not reliable as far as skeptics of ‘man-made’ global warming is concerned, and as such is a Bogus argument.

Wiki’s own Arbitration board concerning LIAR William Connolly, pro-AGW propagandist [link]

Backup articles:



NOTE: New sites will be appended at the bottom of the list, until I can properly sort things out.

Climate sites:

The Skeptics’ Handbook- created by Australian Jo Nova, this guide to the science of Climate Change is available in English, German, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Turkish, Danish, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, Lao and Italian. [link]

The Medieval Warm Period Project – an interactive map of the globe, which requires Java to run. Clicking upon any of the icons on the map will give you the peer-reviewed papers for that region. [link]

C3 in their own words: C3 Headlines attempts to identify and point to articles, papers, postings, videos, charts, and images that tell the scientific story about historical climate change; that tell about current climate conditions; and, tell about the foibles and failures of the global warming, the pseudo-science (empirical evidence not allowed science) and its stunningly hypocritical advocates.


Australian Climate Madness [link]

Bishop Hill blog [link]

Climate Audit (Steve McIntyre, who discovered the MASSIVE problems with michael mann’s ‘hockey stick’ temperature graph) [link]

Climate Depot- one of several climate change news warehouses, where one can find links to thousands of articles. [link]

Climate Etc – hosted by scientist Judith Curry. Climate Etc. provides a forum for climate researchers, academics and technical experts from other fields, citizen scientists, and the interested public to engage in a discussion on topics related to climate science and the science-policy interface.


Climate Lessons - A blog aiming to share information about materials presented to children on climate, especially those which seem intended to frighten or mislead them.


Climate Quotes – remembering what they want us to forget they said.


Climate Realists [link]

Climate Research News [link]

Climate Resistance [link]

Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr. [link]

Climate Science [link]

Climate Science International [link]

Climate Skeptic [link]

CO2 insanity [link]

CO2 Science- a warehouse of peer-reviewed papers on climate change, with over 12,000 papers listed and linked to, and growing: [link]

The Daily Bayonet [link]

DeSmog Me [link]

Digging in the Clay [link]

The Global Warming Policy Foundation [link]

Global Warming [link]

Global Warming Science [link]

Global Warming Skeptics [link]

Al Gore Lied [link]

Green Hell blog [link]

Greenie Watch [link]

Haunting the Library [link]

Heliogenic Climate Change [link]

The Hockey Shtick [link]

An Honest Climate Debate [link]

I Love CO2 [link]

IceCap – climate news warehouse [link]

The Inconvenient Skeptic [link]

Jo Nova (Australia) [link]

Tom Nelson [link]

No Tricks Zone – P Gosselin (German scientist) [link]

Real Science (Steven Goddard, Scientist) [link]

Roger Pielke Jr [link]

The Resilient Earth [link]

Skeptical Real Climate [link]

Roy Spencer (scientist) [link]

The Science and Public Policy Institute (This is the blog; a link on that page will take you to the heavy science) [link]

No Frakking Consensus [link]

The Unbearable Nakedness of Climate Change [link]

Watts Up With That [link]

World Climate Report [link]

The Air Vent [link]

The Blackboard [link]

Musings from the Chiefio [link]

The Reference Frame (Lubos Motl, physicist, Sweden) [link]

Is there Global Warming? [link]

Climate Change Reconsidered [link]

Institute for Energy Research [link]

Master Resource [link]

Energy Tribune [link]

The Green Agenda [link]

Kill Carbon [link]

Andrew Bolt (Australia) [link]

EU Referendum [link]

Hall of Record [link]

Planet Gore [link]

Global Warming Hoax [link]

Global Climate Scam [link]

The Skeptic’s Corner [link]

Bob Carter’s Global Warming Info [link]

Climate Science New Zealand [link]

Global Warming Questions [link]

Global Warming – Reason Magazine [link]

Popular Technology [link]

Junk Science [link]

Ecoworld (environmental news) [link]

Surface Stations [link]

The Heartland Institute [link]

Environmental Effects [link]

Global Warming: a Chilling Perspective [link]

US Senate Committee on the environment – minority blogs [link]

National Center for Policy Analysis [link]

Ecomyths [link]

Errors in IPCC Climate Science [link]

Australian Science Climate Coalition [link]

Bob Tisdale Climate Observations [link]

Friends of Science [link]

Global Warming Debate [link]

Gust of Hot Air (Australia) [link]

Hans Erren Global Warming Comments [link]

Ian Mott (legal analysis of environmental legislation) [link]

IceCap (Climate news warehouse) [link]

Jennifer Marohasy [link]

NZ Climate Science [link]

Calder’s Updates (former member IPCC) [link]

Dalton Minimum Returns (Solar scientist) [link]

IPCC Report Card (findings on the Massive problems with the IPCC report 2007) [link]

1100 peer-reviewed papers supporting skepticism of ‘man-made’ global warming [link]

Climategate (climate news warehouse) [link]

History of Climategate (pdf file) [link]

Climate Fact Europe [link]

William Briggs, Statistician [link]

Bratstvo Vukcevic, Solar physicist [link]

Cooler Heads [link]

Herkinderkin [link]

Climate Change Dispatch [link]

Global Shamming [link]

I Hate al gore [link]

The Global Warming Challenge [link]

Joe Bastardi [link]

Joe D’Aleo [link]

The Carbon Sense Coalition [link]

James Delingpole [link]

Hide the Decline [link]

Global Warming Issues [link]

Changement Climatique (France) [link]

The Climate Scam (Sweden) [link]

Copenhagen Consensus (Denmark) [link]

Harmless Sky (UK) [link]

Skeptical Swedish Scientists [link]

Challenging Climate [link]

Climate Debate Daily [link]

Archeoclimatology (research site) [link]

Science and Environmental Policy Project (Dr. Fed Singer) [link]

Rayn Maue Tropical Cyclone Study [link]

The Marshall Institute [link]

Warwick Hughes (analysis of data) [link]

Slaying The Sky Dragon: [link]

Polar Bear sites (providing real information, rather than AGW hype):

Polar Bear Science, is here [link]

Polar Bear Alley is here [link]

The Polar Bear Specialist Group is here [link]

ClimateSense: [link]

Frontiere Center [link]

Global Warming Policy Foundation [link]

NZ Climate Truth Newsletter [link]

Climatesense - norpag [link]

Dr. Starck's blog [link]

Niche Modelling - [link]

Climate Science International - [link]

Living on the Real World - [link]

John O'Sullivan - [link]

EIKE (German-language Skeptic site) - [link]

Science Skeptical blog (German) - [link]

Principia Scientific - [link]

New Zeeland Climate Change - [link]

Die Kilazwieble (German) - [link]

Matt Ridley blog (Rational Optimist) [link]

Somewhat Reasonable [link]

Related articles:

A Question of IgnoranceSome months back I put up an article regarding seven prominent physicists, who have written peer-reviewed and published papers on climatology. These scientists are merely seven out of thousands across the globe, who have expressed the fact that there are problems with the theory of AGW, or 'man-made' global warming.
A number of people have commented since then, but one in particular stood out. One uncledartanian stopped by to ask me this:

Why is it that AGW deniers always accuse those who accept the fact of global warming as falling prey to the 'appeal to authority' fallacy, and yet, nearly every argument they put forth against global warmi


Another article I have created is here: [link]
Said article is a response to the hypocritical efforts of closed minds like :limbaugh-is2liberal:, who try to demonize and demean those they hate, rather than carry out an Intelligent conversation between equals with differing but Valid points of view.
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Here’s my theory regarding Twilight’s Ascension:

Yes, she is an Alicorn, but by no means is she immortal.

You see, high above Equestria, higher than Canterlot or the mountain it resides on, there live the Ancient Ones, the first ponies in existence.  The Ancient Ones represents aspects of the world, and most of them are organizes by opposites;

- Fire and Water
- Earth and Sky
- Time and Space
- Day and Night
- Wisdom and Love

So as long as the sun and the moon exist, so too are Celestia and Luna.  As long as things such as fire, water, the earth, etc. exists, these Alicorns are effectively immortal.  Cadence is NOT immortal, rather being the offspring of the affair of the Goddess of Love and a mortal pony, thus making her a demigod with mortal blood.  

While many of the God reside in the place called the Eternal Valley, Celestia and Luna chose to remain below, a choice made after the imprisonment of Discord.

As powerful as the Ancient Ones are, they one thing they could not do was immortalize the importance of unity and friendship.  This lead to such things as hatred and the cold.

This is where Twilight comes in.  The God of Wisdom, after the banishment of Nightmare Moon, made a prediction.  It stated that before the release of Nightmare Moon, a unicorn of great power (NOT Starswirl) will be taken under the wing of Day.  From there, she will learn the knowledge of Friendship on her own accord.  In time, she will be granted wings.  These wings do NOT make her immortal.  They are the mark of the Agent.  It is the role of the Agent to impart and be imparted with the wisdom of unity and Friendship onto the land.  Once she passes away, she and her eternal comrades will join the Gods in the Eternal Valley.

As for Chrysalis and the Changelings . . . I got nothing.

EDIT: I just thought of something.  I wonder now if this new Alicorn status is what Twilight really wants, not just what Celestia wants.  Hopefully we'll see development in Season 4.
Now I know a lot of people are upset (I'm not) at Twilight's Ascension to Godhood because of the whole case of immortality in Alicorns. But this is my personal take on the whole ordeal and how I think we can justify this whole Twilicorn madness and calm down this shitstorm until Season 4. Please take this with a grain of salt.

Feedback is always appreciated

Hope you like it :)



my little pony friendship is magic hasbro lauren faust twilight sparkle pinkie pie applejack rarity rainbow dash fluttershy derpy hooves spike princess celestia discord luna equestria ponyville fiction cutie mark crusaders CMC brony ditzy doo bronies lyra bon-bon vinyl scratch octavia doctor whooves puella magi madoka magica charlotte autobots decepticons transformers pipsqueak nightmare moon sweetie belle applebloom scootaloo cheerilee backstory fiction elements of harmony magic laughter honesty generosity loyalty kindness trixie brony bronies dinky hooves literature fanfiction fairy tale queen chrysalis changelings cadence shining armor canterlot Alicorn Twilight alicorn ascension twilicorn liquid pride magical mystery cure celestia's ballad word-building mythos
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Dedicated to those lost on 9/11/01 in New York, Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania and to those who were lost in the theaters of Afghanistan and Iraq. Also do not forget those First Responders who suffer the long term physical and emotional effects of that day and those who have fought so valiantly in our war effort.

This is a one-shot I wrote last year inspired by the events of 9/11/01 and the little fanfare 'Patriot Day' seemed to have brought only eight years later.  I imagine it may not be different this year, now that nine years have passed.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans, DC Comics, Warner Brothers, or related entities.

The time line would be presumably during the first season when Starfire was new to Earth and Robin was already the one in charge of explaining things to her.  This is a Robin and Starfire friendship fic.  

September 11

by LJonesReed (AKA Star of Airdrie)

A Teen Titans Fanfiction

Koriand'r, Princess of Tamaran had only been on earth a number of months when the anniversary of 9/11 came around.

There were no late alarms the night before and Koriand'r, or the hero Starfire as she is known on Earth, woke up early that September 11th morning. After going through her ritual of stretching her muscles in front of the large east facing window of her room, she stayed there, taking in the restorative rays of the sun. After she felt revitalized, she left her room to go into the common area, in search of companionship from her four teammates and friends.

It was still before breakfast, and no one was in Ops. Surely Robin was already awake, but most likely he was already in the training room. She thought of going to find him but decided to watch some TV instead. She had long since realized that she had felt 'the feelings' for him and had to will herself from seeking him out, knowing that he liked his 'the space'.

Starfire was flipping through the channels and came to a show that was showing clips of the devastation in New York and at the Pentagon. It was an overwhelming site on the large screen television. She thought that perhaps it was movie, one surely Beast Boy and Cyborg would enjoy. She had no interest in such a horror show, so she changed channels. Unfortunately, she came across other programming with the same footage. She watched long enough to ascertain that something horrible had happened in her newly adopted country only a few years before.

Why was she unaware of the event? Certainly it had historical significance. How could there have been the destruction of those two - what were they called - scrapers of the sky by airplanes? Why were the airplanes even hitting those buildings? There were no such magnificent structures in Tamaran. She wondered how effective the Gordanian's weapons would have been on them.

Starfire watched for another 20 minutes or so, taking in the details of the events of that day. She had to find Robin. She needed to know what had happened that day. She had heard in the broadcasts that there were nearly 3,000 people killed on that day. Her people had been at war for most of her life, but 3,000 lost souls was an unbearable amount! In her world, the dead would be avenged. Was there justice for the people who died on 9/11/01?

Koriand'r made it down to the training room. She actually walked – she was confused and upset about what she had seen she lacked the joy of flight. She paused briefly at the door. She could hear the pounding of fists on a heavy bag. As expected Robin was training.

"Excuse my intrusion Robin, but I need to speak with you," she said in a meek voice.

Robin turned to her and smiled, "sure Starfire, I was just finishing up."

He stopped to unlace his boxing gloves and took a drink from a bottle of water. He looked up to see her looking down, brows knitted, twisting her fingers a bit nervously. Not always a good sign, this might get embarrassing, Robin thought, never a great way to start the day.

"Starfire," he started gently, "what's wrong?"

"I wanted to ask you about the events of the 11th day of September."

Not what he expected, but this might be easier.

"September 11, 2001 was the day that the United States was attacked by terrorists."

"By terrorists? But there was so much destruction!"

"Yes, there was. The attack seemed unimaginable at the time. No one would have ever expected the World Trade Center to be destroyed."

"But how did it happen Robin, how could it happen?" Starfire asked in her innocent way, a way that detrayed everything she had been through in her life.

He gave her a smile and squeezed her shoulder. "I'll do my best to explain it," he started. "There was a group of people that hated the United States. They wanted to hurt the US and they had tried before by trying to bomb the World Trade Center in 1993 which only did minor damage but did kill six people.

"So the terrorists regrouped and planned a number of attacks against the US." Robin continued, Starfire hanging on his every word. "The plan that was carried out on 9/11 was to fly large commercial airliners, er airplanes, into structures that had major significance: the World Trade Center in New York City as the center of wealth, business and finance and the Pentagon in Washington, DC as the center of our military.

"The terrorists planned and trained for years, enrolling in flight schools to learn to fly a plane. On the day of the attack, on four separate airplane, groups of 4 to 5 terrorists attacked the flight crew and hijacked the planes. One flew into one of the World Trade Center towers, one into the other tower and one into the Pentagon."

"But Robin, what happened to the fourth plane?"

"On the fourth plane, which we later found out had also been headed toward Washington, DC, possible to the Capital Building or the White House, some of the passengers of the flight fought back, forcing the plane down in a field in Pennsylvania."

"X'Hal! Those people were so brave!"

"Yes, and because of them, no one was injured on the ground and they probably saved an important American symbol from destruction."

Robin watched as Starfire absorbed the information. Finally she asked, "Robin, what did the United States do to get back at the terrorists. I realize that the peoples of this world are not the warriors of mine, but surely something was done to destroy them, or at least bring them to justice."

"We did go to war against them, Starfire. In fact, we are still fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq."

"I believe I have heard some discussion on the news about a war in Afghanistan and Iraq, but I never knew what started that war." She paused, and them thoughtfully ask, "why do I not know about it? I have heard of the Pearl Harbor and of the D Day. Surely, the events of September 11th were equally as important – the clips of news stated nearly 3,000 people died."

It was an obvious question, but one Robin hadn't considered. Why weren't people talking about it more? Even he had not realized that that day was Patriot Day, the official name for September 11 – and he was more than your average news junkie.

"I really don't know Star, I'm sorry."

Robin looked at Starfire. He wished he had better answers, he wish he could explain things better to her. He pulled her into a tentative hug which she reciprocated, although not nearly as enthusiastically as he was used to.

"Is there anything we could do Robin? Is there any way we can remember the day?"

Robin thought for a minute and the idea hit him. "I think I have something in my room for the occasion – to commemorate the day." He took her had and they reached Robin's room soon there after.

"You can come in, I'll just be a minute," Robin said suppressing a laugh. It was a serious occasion but she seemed so bashful, standing at his doorway. He rummaged through his closet for the blue triangle with white stars on it. "Here it is."

"I don't know why we don't have this out. It's the American flag, I've had it stored away for a long time. Why don't we go up to the roof? There's actually a flag pole up there."

"That sounds like a very good idea Robin." Starfire smiled brightly.

Shortly thereafter, the Stars and Stripes was flying on the flag pole on top of Titan's Tower.

"Thank you Star."

"For what Robin?"

"For reminding me of the importance of the day. I'm glad we can fly the flag today to remember. Perhaps we need to fly the flag more often."

"It is a beautiful flag Robin, I think that the Titans should fly it everyday – to remember."

"I think that is a great idea, Starfire. And as far as this day, Patriot Day or 9/11 or whatever its called - I hope we never forget."


*Please note: I wrote this before we had pulled military operations out of Iraq.  In case you missed it, over the summer of 2010, the USA pulled military operations out of Iraq but we continue to fight in Afghanistan.

I hope you enjoyed this timely one-shot. Please don't flame the politics, even though it was toned down for the sake of the readers.  Personally, I lost 11 from people my graduating class and a few others that day, although no one close but almost every day I dearly miss Barbara Olson's commentary.

So many people lost so much more.

September 11, 2001: Let Us Never Forget.
This is a Teen Titans Fan Fiction inspired by the events of 9/11/01. It is a Robin and Starfire friendship fic, set very early in their relationship. I wrote it last year for fanfiction dot net and thought I'd share it with people here.
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America sat in at his desk with his head in his hands.  He'd just listened to a recent speech his boss had given.  And now his usual jovial personality was replaced by a deep distress.  

His boss had already denied his existence, this shouldn't hurt him much more…but it did.

Had he, America, not been able to stand on his own two feet for over two hundred years?  Not only that, but he started by kicking Englands butt!  Even though America meant no ill will towards England (he was just fun to pick on) he didn't think he really needed his help!  Didn't America kick him out because he didn't want his help anymore?  Americans are fully capable of doing heavy lifting, when weren't we? And when we are in over our heads, we never bow our head.  We keep them up and except help.  

America grimaced.  Yeah, maybe he'd been a little overbearing…a little over the top.  But no!  He'd done nothing wrong!  All Arizona wanted to do was stop Mexico from harassing him!  Was that so wrong?  No!  It wasn't!  Mexico was a crack head anyway.  America had been more than patient with him, so he had no reason to pitch a fit.

So why was everything going so wrong?

He'd let the people choose the boss, as was their right, that wasn't the problem.  

So what was?

Sighing, he looked over at his wall of posters and large shelf full of souvenirs.  There was a cross, prayer beads, a string with a little figurine of Buda.  Clay pots, Victorian masks, small Egyptian artifacts that were given as a gift.  He loved them all.  He thought each and every one was special and sweet.  Walking over he smiled as he picked up a graphic novel that Japan had lent him.  He'd have to return it soon, but he was having so much fun reading it over and over and over again.  He'd have to thank him properly…maybe a cake (purple).

He set the book down and a sick feeling came over him as he looked at the dragon figurine that China had given to him.  China was upset with his boss…okay, he was downright peeved.  America rubbed his temple.  Before his boss had apologized for no reason and had made America very angry, but now that an apology was necessary, it was very hard to.  

America liked China a lot and not just because the food was good.  So he'd work something out.

Why was everything getting to be so hard?  It was so easy.  The business world ran itself and all he had to do was make sure things didn't get out of hand.  Isn't that the way it should be?  What happened?  Why is his boss trying to tie him down?

He laughed without humor.

He had just heard that the others were trying to embrace the free market and economy, because the just realized that it works better than socialism and…the M-word (mercantilism).  So it was ironic how his boss was trying to reverse everything.

Realization dawned on him then.

Was the boss trying to destroy him?  Was he trying to kill him?  Even England knew he couldn't live much longer if this suffocating economy structure continued.

Then he was angry.  His boss was trying to ruin him.  The country he was.  

There were things that just were not expectable.  And taking freedom away was one of them.  Any kind of freedom.  The freedom of the press, the freedom of property, the freedom of business, the freedom of speech-

"I hate America!"

The words rang in his head and a deep sadness pressed on his shoulders.  Yes, even freedom of speech, because where else in the world could someone say that in public and it not be considered treason?  America loved its citizens, even the ones that hated him.  

Well, something's gotta give.  America nodded to himself, newly resolved.  

I'm going to set this strait, or die trying.  Because there's no way I'm going to let them kill me.
American Heart, by Jon David [link]
This song just made me want to write something like this. here's the song if you want to read/watch it.
did you know that Jon David is not his real name? He changed it because of all the freeky and scarry obama fanatics. He was right to assume that they'd freek over it, cause they did, because its only the truth. I'll give you the first two verses just because i love this song so much.:heart:

They say, “Our reputation needs a new coat of paint and a delicate melody.”
But I say I like the bruises, ’cause a melody don’t mean a thing if we don’t have the strength to say,
and I won’t be made to ever feel ashamed…

...(the corus is under my DA-ID)...

They say, that, “We need changin’!” (As if all the Founding Fathers seemed to get it wrong.)
But I say I still believe in the greatest liberator, innovator, cultivator freedom knows. So, I suggest you take a look inside, ’cause I think you changed already. You went and lost your pride.
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The Gentleman: The arguments presented in favour of any of the combatants us some food for thought.

Rod Serling: We wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for participating in the discussion.

The Crypt-Keeper: And with all that crap out of the way, it’s time for a Death Battle!


Main Street, Silent Hill

Three lumbering figures lumbered forth from the trademark fog of Silent Hill, reaching the three-way intersection at the center of Main Street. From the right end of the street, the Umbrella Corporation’s greatest weapon trudged into view, brandishing a rocket launcher. From the top, dragging a cartoonishly giant knife across the pavement, came Silent Hill’s most famous resident. Finally, from the left end of the street, Rapture’s fall embodied in the giant in the diver’s suit.

All three combatants stared each other down. In lieu of noise in an otherwise completely silent environment, each of the three made their own, idiosyncratic sound: the rasps of Silent Hill’s executioner, the snarls of the bio-weapon, and the monstrous groans filtered through the suit of the misshapen cyborg, all of which added a little something to the atmosphere.

Nemesis, Pyramid Head and Big Daddy sized each other up; ready for the brawl that would determine who – of the three – is the greatest of the iconic monsters in gaming.


From the sleeve of Nemesis’ great black coat came a flood of spear-like tentacles, with which he hauled back and lashed at his foes like a whip. The mass of flesh slammed into Pyramid Head, sending the creature flying back. Before the Big Daddy could have done a thing, Nemesis had already rushed headlong, tackling into the cyborg like a professional footballer.

But Big Daddy held his ground. Amazingly, Rapture’s zombie-like diver braced himself for impact, his feet firmly planted. He shoved against Nemesis. The drill on his right hand began to whirl. With a monstrous moan bellowing from the inside of the lit helmet, Big Daddy drove the drill into Nemesis’ gut! Blood and flesh splattered across the cyborg’s glowing yellow eyes, as the drill bore straight through leather, muscle, organ and bone.

An inhuman growl escaped through the bio-weapon’s gritted teeth. Tentacles slit through each sleeve, mounds of hard flesh circled and tightened about the Rapture cyborg. A massive combat boot smashed into the Big Daddy; forcing him to stumble back just enough so the drill pulled out even by a few inches.

The tentacles still held. With little in the way of effort, the tentacles battered against the Big Daddy, and then wrapped once more… so the bio-weapon could lug the tragic husk of metal and instinct across the air.

A skeleton of a car “cushioned” Big Daddy’s fall. Pained wails boomed from inside the expressionless helmet.

As it strived to get back onto its feet and into the fight, Nemesis – whose gaping hole in his stomach was rapidly closing thanks to the miracle that was the advanced T-Virus in his system – readied his FIM-92 Stinger Rocket Launcher. He took aim…

And a dirty, bloodied, rusty and clearly sharp piece of metal pierced through his neck, just as he fired. Luckily for the Big Daddy, it was enough to jerk the rocket launcher upwards, firing harmlessly into the cloudy sky.

Behind, Pyramid Head clutched the spear, twisting and turning. It knew that the colossal super weapon was clearly the bigger threat at hand. It needed to be dealt with.

Nemesis, slowly whirled, grasping for either the man with the triangle for a face or the spear that prevented him from growling with palpable rage. A mass of tentacles punched forth and returned the favour; they impaled him.

The bio-weapon lifted Silent Hill’s boogeyman off the ground, who fought and struggled against the tentacles. But his against Nemesis, he simply wasn’t strong enough to pry the sharp flesh from his body. Meanwhile, the advanced Tyrant pulled the spear out of his neck with a grunt. Casually, Nemesis cast Pyramid Head aside.

A trembling moan bellowed from behind… Nemesis turned…

A fireball splashed onto his face, incinerating his one eyeball. Though he’d easily heal from that, temporary blindness could turn the tide in a monster mash such as this.

Something stampeded his way. It burrowed into him, tackling the bio-weapon back…

Mr. Bubbles was back in the game.

With relentless zeal, the Big Daddy punched and stabbed with the drill, but even a blind Nemesis wasn’t going down that easily. Nemesis traded blows, heavy punches battered against the heavily armored diving suit. A thrust of tentacles threatened to spear through, but the Big Daddy’s drill won out; even against flesh that could penetrate steel, against a drill that chewed reinforced steel there was no contest. It ripped them apart into loose ends of spaghetti.

Nemesis was ready to use his remaining hand to fire the rocket launcher at point blank range…

Until a bloodied Pyramid Head – with its giant sword-like knife – sliced off his rocket launcher arm with a hefty swing.

It was then that Nemesis realized… it was completely and utterly boned.The knife hacked and sliced and the drilled made a mess of everything else. But the bio-weapon was regenerating as quickly as they were making mincemeat out of him.

The Big Daddy then, by instinct, attacked with a blast of winter. The plasmid froze the regenerating Nemesis in his tracks, its angered expression paralyzed and etched in ice. By this point, this was easy for Big Daddy and Pyramid Head to smash the larger foe into bits and pieces.

There was a pregnant pause. The two monsters stared at the crushed remains of Nemesis… and stared into each other’s eyes.

Pyramid Head searched for a mind to torment, to see what sins it could use against the beast of Rapture. But his head quizzically tilted; the mind behind the visor was instinct in its purest essence, with barely much humanity to speak of. All he could glean was an instinctual desire to protect a little girl…

It was, quite simply, too simple to mess with. This was not the mind of, say, a James Sunderland. He would have to resort to brute force, by necessity, as he had just done with the Nemesis creature.

He sliced at Big Daddy… and found with certain dismay that it didn’t cut into the diver’s helm that was designed to withstand the deepest depths of the ocean and the worst Rapture’s citizens – from splicers to plasmid-fuelled thugs with rocket launchers – had to offer. Oh dear.

He tried again, at best sending making him stagger back. Slightly.

Another pregnant pause.

Well, this was awkward.

Another Winter Blast, and Pyramid Head was frozen in place. He struggled fruitlessly, but Big Daddy would have none of it. Its eyes glowing a bright red, he thrust the drill like an uppercut. In one fell swoop, the frozen body of the Silent Hill boogeyman shattered into a million pieces.

Big Daddy looked between the remains of his opponents, with little empathy, recognition or even care. He turned and lumbered away, toward the sea, toward Rapture… toward his Little Sister.


The Crypt-Keeper: Awww, man! I wanted more explosions!

Rod Serling: Hmm. I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed my chosen combatant failed to snag victory from the jaws of defeat, but I can’t be picky.

The Gentleman: It was a close match, and each opponent had their strengths and weaknesses. But it was clear from the word go that Nemesis presented the bigger threat of the three, hence the two more or less teaming up.

Rod Serling: And when it came to it, Pyramid Head’s oversized knife couldn’t penetrate Big Daddy’s armour. In the end, with Nemesis out of the way, Pyramid Head – who was taken out by a handgun, should be worth mentioning - could only last so long against a plasmid-powered Big Daddy.

The Gentleman: The winner is Big Daddy.


Next Up… the Clash of the Titans! The King of the Monsters vs. The Face of Lovecraft’s Cosmology! Godzilla vs. Cthulhu!
Battle of the greatest horror icons in gaming!

Nemesis © Capcom
Pyramid Head © Konami
Big Daddy © Irrational Games, 2k Games
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Twilight Sparkle: Age 22

Applejack: Age 22

Rainbow Dash: Age 21

Rarity: Age 22

Fluttershy: Age 23

Pinkie Pie: Age 22

Derpy Hooves: Age 22

Lyra & Bon-Bon: Ages 21-22

Spitfire: Age 27

Shining Armor: Age 29

Big Mac: Age 28

Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo: Age 10

Spike: Age 10

Princess Celestia: Age ??????

Princess Luna: Age ????????
This is a theory of how old the Ponies are in the show, judging by clues revealed in the show and we've verify their ages to match the Anthro versions of the ponies. After Equestria Girls portrayed the Mane Six as sixteen years old and could threat the anthro ponies on this site and I wanna prove them wrong with possible clues. Any age of other ponies feel free to comment.
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A Fierce Deviant Battle: Fiercedeity1770 VS BigSheezy

Pre-Battle Information:

The battle setting: a rocky desert sort of location with a few hills, mountains, and rock formations close-by.

The battle participants (split into 2 teams):
Team 1
Fiercedeity1770 (aka "Fierce", because BigSheezy refers to himself as "me")
Neno1064 (aka Neno)
StickManiac (aka SM)
Kraymr Noobmin (just Kraymr)

Team 2
BigSheezy (aka "Big" "Sheezy" or "me" referring to himself when he types)
LilSheezy (aka "Lil" he doesn't talk)
Bax (just Bax)

Events prior to the battle-
I had discovered that ~BigSheezy was seeking out opponents for "DeviantArt Battles" so I offered to fight, and he said it would be ok, but I had to wait a little while for him to get ready so in the meantime, StickManiac, Neno1064, and Kraymr all prepared themselves for the match… StickManiac charged his explosive fists, Neno1064 stretched and practiced using her powers, and Kraymr began pulling out all sorts of heavy objects such as an anvil, weights, safes, etc. (stuff you would expect an "old-school" style character to have around) and began to juggle them. Now, at one point Kraymr wasn't paying attention and dropped one of the objects on his head, causing him to start getting a headache, but shortly afterward the battle begins…  

We are ready for battle!
*SM and Neno1064 step forward*
*Kraymr continues to juggle stuff*
I remark, "You're move..."

well bax is on the field
mind if i add one more: ([link]1)

Very well… then how about... THIS!

fine, lilsheezy, insane strike on fierce!
lilsheezy: uh, aaaah!
bax,dark hole on SM and neno!
Bax:hell ya!

*Fierce uses dual sword block to counter the strike* "IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?!"

*SM stomps on the floor causing an explosion to send himself flying into the air.*

*Neno doesn't move... but she smiles*

lil use close combat*lil throws punch after punch at top speed at close range*
lilsheezy:hu hu hu hu!

bax keep it up!
Bax: SM! fine run off, but neno is dead
*bax continues aim on neno*

*Fierce continues to block the punches with his SWORDS* "Oh wow are you trying to turn your hands into confetti?"*

*SM is now so far up he is barely visible.*

*Neno materializes a weapon behind her back* "Get ready to fall!"

*Kraymr smiles and continues to juggle but then he drops another heavy object and it too hits his head. "Ooof! My head REALLY hurts!"*

lil,are you ganna let him do that
lilsheezy: uhhh!*goes for a low kick and trips fierce*

Bax: were'd SM go*temporarily distracted from neno*

*Fierce slowly gets up and says, "Heh you may want to look at your hands they're looking a little red". When Lil looks down at them, Fierce decks him in the face! Knocking HIM to the floor!*

*SM is still nowhere in sight!*

*Neno pulls out the weapon she had materialized, it's a...bow and arrow(?), but the arrows are glowing, one red... one blue... and one gold... she aims and fires a red one at Bax hitting him while he is distracted! He's covered in fire!*

*Kraymr whines, "Seriously you guys my head hurts... really bad!"

lilsheezy: awww! *lil stands slowly* urrrggg!
lil use your rope *lil throws rope to fierce and grabs his leg*
lilsheezy: ha! *lil holds on and spins fierce in a rapid circle*hahahahaha!

Bax: ahhhhh! im on fire, im on fire!
calm down bax! use black hole!
*bax creates a black hole behind him to suck up the flames*
Bax:~few~is that all you got!*focased on neno*

*As Fierce is being swung around he pulls out one of his swords and stabs it into the ground. Sparks begin to fly as he slices a circle in the ground.*

*The sky gets a little dark... Thunder is heard in the distance. Still no sign of SM...*

*Neno says, "Just you watch!" she then fires an ice arrow at the ground around Bax's feet! Freezing his feet in place! Then she readies a light arrow and begins to aim at Bax!*

oh no you dont,lil,defend yourslef,be ready for anything

bax use dark hole agin!
*bax creates a dark hole under him,as he floods into it*
Bax:bye bye sweet cheecks!>:D *unfortunatly his feet are still frozen*

and watch out for the sky,i dont like the looks of this! >:(

*Fierce continues to slice the circle in the ground sending sparks all over the place.*

*The sky gets a little darker and thunder sounds again in the distance, but this time it's a little louder... Still no sign of... SM*

*Neno fires the bright and shining light arrow but not at Bax, she fired at the ICE on the ground around Bax causing two things... 1st is that the ice begins to shine and reflect the very bright light everywhere, even as it is being sucked into the dark hole! and 2nd The arrow bounces off the ice and toward Bax still shining!*

*Sadly the bright flashes of light cause Kraymr to flinch and he drops all of the objects he was juggling. And yes they ALL hit him in the head knocking him to the ground! "Ohhhhh... Ugghhhhh... My... head... My aching… cranium."*

lil, stay on your gaurd!
lilsheezy: um! *ready for anything*
watch out for the sparks

Bax: ahhh! the light, its interfering with my powers*falls down*ahhhh!
*fortuneatly the ice breaks

*i look at the sky*i dont like the looks of this!

*Fierce starts to smile >:) but he continues his task of slicing a wide circle around lil (whether he is or is not still being swung around), but the slash is now getting deeper into the ground.*

*The sky grows very dark! Thunder gets even louder... and closer... but... still no sign of SM.*

*Neno looks up too, smiles, and says, "Time for me to go!" She shoots one more light arrow, again not at Bax, but at the remaining ice fragments around Bax's feet, and once again lighting up the area. In this flash she makes a dash towards Fierce and leaps into the circle.*

*Kraymr slowly and clumsily stands up in a daze. He starts walking slowly toward the lit area around Bax.*

lil,watch out for neno
lilsheezy:hu!*lil attacks neno,with close combat*

Bax:my much light...dark holes not working!ahhhh!
bax,watch out for kraymer!

*As Lil attacks Neno, Fierce finally stops slicing the ground, and calls out, "Neno! Get to it!" And then he jumps in between her and Lil and takes over fighting off Lil, but as he does he says, "Stand down and stay still if you don't want to get seriously hurt!"*

*The sky is now VERY dark... all except for one spot in the clouds that's starting to glow faintly... THUNDER!*

*Neno says, "You got it!" And she then punches her arms into the ground in the center of the circle and suddenly out of the slashed circle comes a barrier dome projected around them.*

*(Background-mood-setting information) As the shield projects, she starts playing the song... "ThunderStruck!" by ACDC in her head*

*Kraymr stops walking, slowly looks up at Bax, his appearance is changed (he looks like this ([link]3)) He pulls a cup of tea out of the top of his hat, takes a sip, and says, "I conclude that you have a very discrete amount of seconds to acquire your sight back, but not nearly the sufficient time to take any efficient evasive maneuvers against what's approaching our current coordinates... Especially since our location was marked so visibly by the light arrows which have not only blinded your vision, but disrupted your "dark hole" vortex powers... Oh and one last thing, about this cup of tea... It was supposed to be a carbonated beverage-" Takes another sip and looks up.*

background music([link]4)

Me:lil,break out of there!
lilsheezy:um*mesmerizd by the circle*
Me: oh crap,lil,pay atention D:<

Bax:i dont get your briany talk buddy,but im assuming it is
a long winded way of saying im screwed*looks up at the sky*
*stands up,rubbing his eyes*im not about to let some einstein
beat me!*powers up useing the darkness of the sky*hahahahaha!
and dont worry lil,i'll be there when im done with this geek!

*Fierce screams angrily, "I SAID DON'T MOVE OR YOU'LL GET HURT!!!" and he then starts running towards Lil (He, Neno, and Fierce are all still in the barrier!)*

*Neno continues to strengthen the barrier and as she does, yells, "Brace yourselves! Here comes the-"*

*Kraymr pulls out a pocket watch looks at the time and says, "If that is your decision... to use more darkness to enhance your abilities. That is an excellent strategy. Except for one thing..." (Insert comeback from Bax here. Something along the lines of "WHAT?") "Those so-called 'Dark holes' draw things into themselves making them and their caster... incredibly simple targets to smite!"*

*Just then, A HUGE FLASH! A THUNDEROUS BLAST! And a bright fiery ball like a shooting star, IT'S THE STICKMANIAC!!! He comes blazing through the clouds straight for Bax's location (his speed is accelerated by the draw of the dark holes and his course is lit by the now fading light of the light arrows.) "BOMBS AWAY!! CONSIDER YOURSELF.... THUNDERSTRUCK!!!!", He screams. He then hits the target zone and the result is a massive flash of light engulfs himself, Bax, Kraymr, and anything or anyone else in the blast radius... which is roughly half a mile in any direction so yes the barrier is hit too!*

*After the explosion... hush... it's quiet... the area is covered in dust clouds and smoke...*

Me, Bax, and lilsheezy: ahhhhhhh!
Me: were'd everyone go? *clouds blur there vision*
screw this *bigsheezy takes pencil, spins it in a circle to
blow out te smoke to see-* guy's

*bax and lil are standing side by side, unfortunatly weakend*
Bax: that was...*cough*...not half bad
lilsheezy: uhhh...*cough*
Bax:is that all you got, were still standing!*cough*

Me:this just isnt fair for them,they need help!screaw it im going in ([link]5)
*big joins lil & Bax*be ready guys!its still kinda cloudy,so i cant see them around

*Some of the clouds clear enough for the barrier to be seen, but as it does, the barrier is deactivated. Fierce and Neno are both standing in the circle, both are unhurt, but Neno is a little exhausted from holding the barrier up and is trying to catch her breath. "Come on Neno, we need to move.", Fierce said as he drew one of his swords "O-ok I'll try.", she said weakly as she stumbled to move forward. Fierce grabbed her, put her arm around his shoulder and then they moved into the smokey clouds... out of sight.*

*No sign of SM in sight too much cover...*

*Some smoke clears and there before Bax, Lil, and Sheez... stands Kraymr covered in ash. (Like how old cartoon characters looked after being blown up.) Kraymr coughs and starts to dust himself off as he says, "Ack... cough... Well... That was a most impressive feat that you are standing after such an impact, although it had not hit you directly, you have each taken heavy damage. Now if you would be so kind as to excuse me, I have a pressing matter to attend to." Kraymr turns and walks to the center of the circle.*

Me:lil,use hyper active(power that enhances his sences)and go search for SM.
i think you can handle him on your own.

lilsheezy:umph!*runs into the clouds searching for SM,disapers from sight*

Me: Bax,you stay here and take care of kraymr,im going after fierce!
with him helping neno,that should slow them down!*bigsheezy runs the other
direction into the clouds after fierce and neno*fierce is mine!

Bax:well looks like its just you and me kraymr!despite that little shock
i think i was able to gain just enough time to get some of my power back!
*Bax charges up,to use his ultimate move*hope your ready,nerd!

*Fierce and Neno make their way further into the smoke. Neno weakly say, "My audio sensors just picked up their presence, they're all up and BigSheezy is coming for us." "Hmmm... We need more time! Where is Kraymr?", Fierce whispered. "Bax is about to attack him in the circle.", Neno replied. "He better hurry..."*

*Rumbling sounds are heard and the ground shakes a little around the circle... Kraymr stands his ground in the circle, and smiles as he says, "I will be perfectly frank with you, although you and I stand before each other in combat, I am the least of your problems as history is about to repeat itself in a most abrupt manner!"*

*Dust begins to clear around the impact zone where SM had hit... there is a large crater and a dark blur at the very bottom of it."

Me:there they are!*bigsheezy sights neno and fierce*your done!
*bigsheezy runs to catch up with them*

Bax:wut do you mean your the least of my problems?lil is out
taking care of SM,big is on fierce's trial,and your no match for me!
theres nothing you can do now

lilsheezy(somewere in the smoke searching for SM still):ummmm?
*lilsheezy ends up at the crater*uh?*he looks to see a blur at the bottom*
O.o (?) *he slides down to investigate*

*Fierce turns to see Sheezy heading for them. "CRAP! Neno, get down, try to recover as soon as you can, I'll hold him off as best I can!" He sits Neno down on the ground, and then he draws both of his swords and takes a fighting stance. Neno is still trying to catch her breath and regain her strength.*

*Meanwhile, Kraymr says, "Over-confidence and underestimating foes has cost many a war throughout history. And I have said before, history WILL repeat itself today. Prepare to go up in a blaze..." He then looks at the pocket watch and yells out "NOW!"* ([link]6)

*At this moment, Lil would be able to see that the blur at the bottom of the crater is a hole/tunnel in the ground! And right as he would have discovered that, KABOOM! The StickManiac BLASTS up from underneath the circle area in the ground where Bax and Kraymr are... sending the two of them and a layer of the ground they are standing on, up into the air! "Catch this!" Kraymr says and throws one of the heavy objects he had been juggling earlier, at Bax who easily catches it, BUT... the weight shift causes the platform to tilt midair toward Bax's side, and then Kraymr jumps off the platform completely causing it to flip over and pin Bax down underneath it, slamming him down when it hits the rest of the ground again.*

*Kraymr lands on top of the slab and says to SM, "You are late you know. Go see about Neno and Fierce, I can handle things here at this time."*

*"All right, be careful!", SM then runs into the smoke after Fierce and Neno!*

Me: oh no you dont*pulls out pencil(holds like a sword)and takes a stance*
you'v done well...*runs tword fierce*...but not well enough!
*big runs past him and tword neno instead*sorry fierce,but i can show no mercy!
now,be gone!ahhhh!

Bax:ahhhhh!,SM!...aggg!*pian of being crushed*looks like i cant continue to
fight,but i still have one trick up my sleeves!i may go down,but im not going by myself!
Giant Dark Vortex!*Bax creates a black hole that starts in the center of his stomach([link]7)
and starts to take up the rest of his body,as his last words are*see ya in hell!
*the sucking of the black hole completely ingulps bax,then the rock and then...kraymr*

Me,fierce,neno,SM,and lil: huh? *all look to see the black hole closeing with kraymr in it
Me: Bax! nooooooo!

lilsheezy: :(

*It seems like the world is moving in slow motion... Fierce has a decision to make... he only has time to save one of them for certain... The other... will be at the mercy of fate...*

*As he tries to think, he hears Kraymr call out to him even in slow motion, "Fierce!" Fierce looks over and sees Kraymr talking to him at normal speed holding the now glowing pocket watch... "Focus Fierce! I will be fine, do not worry about me... You know what to do... everything is ready and you CAN finish this... GO FOR IT!!!I'll be back..."*

*Just then everything goes back to normal speed and Kraymr... as he stands still calm, sinks into the dark vortex and vanishes as it seals up... only the pocket watch is left behind and it hits the ground with a clank...*

*The vortex had dispersed all the smoke so SM's location was revealed. He WAS on his way to help Fierce and Neno, but upon seeing Kraymr being obliterated... He stopped and ran straight towards Lil in a state of absolute RAGE and his fists begin to glow brighter than ever before!!!*

*Meanwhile, Fierce had made his decision and turned to intercept Sheezy, but it was too late... Sheezy stabbed towards Neno, but suddenly. SCHLINK!!! Sheezy's attack was blocked... by Neno herself who put her hand up and the weapon stabbed straight into it, but strangely... Neno does not react to the hit in pain... She just slowly stands up and and then... looks Sheezy in the eye with her RIGHT EYE! ([link]8) Yes! She had taken off her regulator eyepiece and was now rapidly regaining her powers back and more. She immediately pulls the weapon from Sheezy's hand, bends it in half and throws it away. "This was supposed to be a friendly competition... a fun brawl... but if you are willing to go as far as you have... SO. WILL. I!!!!"*

*Neno materializes 4 controller arms and each are holding a gun... 2 RCP90s, 1 grenade launcher, and 1 gatling gun. She immediately takes aim at Sheezy's head...*

lilsheezy:uh oh!*sees SM runing tword him*umph,ahhhhhhh!
*lilsheezy uses insane mode*ahhhhhhhhhh!*but it is more
intence than usual*argggggggg**with a tear in his eye,he
attacks SM,as the run for each other at head on colision*

Me:my pencil! Bax! lil! noooooooooooooooo! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
*bigsheezy also uses insane mode*i wont go down like this!
Bax,you wont die in vian! >.< *his speed is faster than usual*
ahhhhhhh!*he ends up behind fiece(avioding neno)and is almost
to fast for there sight*take this*he nocks fierce down wile
snatching one of his swords to replace his pencil*now die!!!

for a battle that started off friendly,things have turned to
the worst~2 lives were lost,and now things are to intence for
the remaining deviants!

*SM and Lil's attacks collide and the result is a massive explosion...(not as big as the previous ones... but even more devastating since it was more power unleashed in a smaller area)*

*After the explosion SM slowly stands surrounded by the flames of his and Lil's attacks... and says, "Explosions are my power... destruction I can take and control... but you...How dare you mourn... HOW DARE YOU!?! YOU'RE COMRADE KILLED HIMSELF BY HIS OWN CHOICE TO MURDER MY FRIEND!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!" SM, screamed toward the sky, overcome by rage his fists once again glow bright.*

*Neno realizes her target is no longer in her sights so she immediately discards her guns and dematerializes them as she makes a mad dash of sonic speed toward Fierce and Sheezy! Screaming, "I'm not letting... ANYONE ELSE DIE!!!"*

*At this moment, Fierce reaches out and grabs Kraymr's pocket watch, but as he does, he fails to block Sheezy's attack and is stabbed in the chest. He weakly smiles as his shirt turns red and his head tilts down and says one last message..."Was this worth it?"...silence........*

*Upon seeing this horrific sight! Neno stops in her tracks …shocked. A tear appears in her right eye...*

lilsheezy:ahhhhhhhhhh! *understanding wut SM says is true*
*lil & SM stop to look at fierce as he falls to the ground*
lilsheezy:whu !*looks at big as though it wasnt like him to kill,
though hes never seen him in insane mode like himself*

Me:wut have i done*disapionted at himself* fierce,no!
*looks tword neno*no...*then to SM & lil*no...!
it wasnt worth it...

*with SM seeing this he goes burserk ready to take out lil*
*lilsheezy falls to his nees(insane mode wore off)and has
lost the will to fight any more*:(*wile geting the crap
beatin out of him and not fighting back*

for a fight that started as a friendly compitition,the worst has happened :(

*Neno now stands in shock as she looks at Fierce lying face-down and motionless in a red puddle...silence...*

*Neno puts on her eyepiece and then runs over to Fierce's body (knocking Sheezy out of the way) to check for any sign of life... a pulse... breathing... anything... but no luck.*

*Neno cries, then she hears SM's attacks on Lil and yells out, "SM! STOP! No more! Please... no... more..."*

*SM hears her plea, stops attacking, sighs, and says, "You're right Neno, it's..." He stops and walks over to her, he then tries to comfort her as she continues to cry.*

*As SM walked over, Lil struggles to get up and move to see the scene at hand.*

*Neno continues to cry over her dead friend when all of a sudden she notices something glowing in Fierce's hand. She opens his hand to find the pocket watch glowing in it. She opens the watch to see it blinking... 9-8-7-6.... She knows what it means and whispers to SM who replies, "I hope you're right."

Me:  :(  (insane mode wore off)wut the...?the watch its...

*Neno puts the watch back into Fierce's hand as it hits "1"*

*In this final second she says, "Game Over..."*

*Suddenly the clock hits "Zero!"and glows brightly as the hands begin spinning out of control! The clock then emits a pulse of energy that knocks everyone back.*

*SM yells out, "You were right Neno! HA HA HA! YOU WERE RIGHT!!!"*

*The watch transforms into an N64 game cartridge... LOZ: Ocarina of TIME!!!*

*Neno then grabs the cartridge and clutches it in her hand and starts glowing and says, "Here goes!" She materializes a fairy in a bottle and lets it out. It then flies around Fierce and as it does, the stab wound heals and he glows as he stands up.*

*Fierce opens his eyes and smiles, "All right... it's time to end this..." He then looks around and sees the fairy still around, "Catch it SM!" he yells, and catches it and says, "You're services are required for just a little longer." "Ok ok ok fine...", replies the fairy.*

*Fierce then takes the game back from Neno, who says, "I knew it would work." "Yup, Kraymr IS a least sometimes. XD", Fierce replied. As he takes the game from Neno, it turns back into a clock which he then presents to the fairy.*

*In a flash of light the fairy brings two figures out of the watch, then disappears....*

*The light dims and the two figures become recognizable...*

Me:is that who i think it is?
lilsheezy: :D!

*Fierce turns, looks, and says, "Hey look it's Mario and Luigi!"*

*cricket sounds* (Sorry this joke sounded better in my head.)

*Everyone turns their heads, look, and see that it really IS them!... *

*"Heya Fierce, how's it going?", said Mario. Fierce replies, "Oh... pretty good, just came back and then revived Kraymr and Bax, so yeah... doing good." "Oh that's good, well... see you next time!", Mario said as he and Luigi both took off to go save their girlfriends yet again.*

*Everyone's attention went back to the two figures and just as Fierce had said, it WAS Kraymr and Bax revived and standing before them.*

*Kraymr walks up to Fierce and says, "Hey, you are late you know." Fierce just laughs. Just then, Neno runs up and grabs the two of them and hugs each of them, "Oh I'm so glad you're both ok!". SM mutters, "Oh jeez... This is turning into a really touching moment... but uh... we just brought the guy who killed one of us back so... what now?". They all stopped and turned to their opponents and Fierce said, "Indeed...what now?" as he calmly retrieved his swords and put one of them in the sheath on his back.*

*after big and lil got done saying there hellos to bax
and are no longer worried(but confused about the mario thing),
they turn to there opponents*

*everyones moment of silence*
Me:well,i think first things first.bax should opoligize for killing
kraymr...and himself!
Bax:like hell!im back and stronger than ever!if anything
is should kick his...*big punches him in the head*
Me:say it!
Bax: ok ok im sorry!but you put up a good fight though*he siad to kraymr*
and nice trick there with the watch! (^.0)  i thought i was done for...

Me:and im sorry too,for...well...ya know...the hole me stealing your sword
and stabbing you in the chest thing  (o.o)  i just dont have full controll over myself
in insane mode yet*ashamed at himself*.and bax dont you ever use that move agin,
you hear me!
Bax:yea yea,what ever...*big punches him in the head agin*
lilsheezy: :) *lil is happy that everyones ok*

Me:but for now,i think we should call it a draw :)
*put hand out,too shake fierces hand in forgivness*

*Fierce and Bigsheezy finish shaking hands and then sheaths his other sword. "Agreed my friend, we all had a good fight and that's all I wanted... we can now all walk away with our heads held up."*

*Kraymr turns to Bax and says, "Bax, please learn from this ordeal... do not be so eager to engage in combat... and never value victory more than life, and that goes for yours and the lives of your friends and others..."*

*StickManiac shakes Lil's hand and smiles as he says, "It's been a real blast!"*

*(Background/setting/music info Neno starts listening to "For those about to Rock, We salute YOU!" by ACDC)*

*Fierce signals the others that it's time to leave... "It's time for us to go back home... See ya later!",Fierce said as they turned to walk away towards the setting sun...*

*Right as they were about to vanish completely from sight Neno turns and yells back, "Don't forget what we've done for you... I wish you luck in the future." As she finishes speaking, SM, Kraymr, and Fierce all turn back to give their final farewell and salute them with they all do, they vanish in a flash of light! (Right as the song ends!)*

Me:well,that was a good fight! :)
Bax:i'll say!it was friggin awsome*big punches bax*
Me:you dont get to say anything after wut you did!
were ganna have a long talk about this later!
ya friggin maniac!

*lil just waves tword fierce and the others as they disapears*
lilsheezy:b...b...bye! 8D

*big and bax turn over and stare at lil*
Me & Bax:wut the...
Bax:holy crap,he can talk!?!?why dint you tell me he could talk?
Me:i didn't know...


DeviantArt Battle Complete!
This is a Deviant Battle between my friend BigSheezy and his OCs V.S. my OCs and myself (Fierce).

For those who don't know, a Deviant Battle, is when deviants face off with one another (their OCs can be part of the battle too). Each deviant takes turns saying what their characters do and what moves they make in the fight going back and forth.

Here are the links that are listed throughout the fight (and the numbers they use).

[link] link 1
[link] link 2
[link] link 3
[link] link 4
[link] link 5
[link] link 6
[link] link 7
[link] link 8

Tell me what you think and... ENJOY!!!

All rights for characters reserved for their original creators.
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