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When I had first drawn breath as I was released from my mother's womb I was completely oblivious to the oppression that the community of the World Wide Web has suffered. I actually never had a computer until my mother had started going to college at the University of Tennessee. After my first click I was introduced into a cybernetic world full of wonder and valuable knowledge. Although the web is full of wonders, it has a darker side as internet pornography is explicitly exposed and users who desire to harass and abuse others who dwell within this global network. The abusers are called Trolls as they feed off of the hated thrown towards them by the web's casual users.

But now the music and movie industry lobbyists are trying to destroy the free world wide web and internet created by Tim Berners-Lee. The RIAA and the MPAA are determined to convert the world wide web in to a corporate shopping network where they would employ their diabolical corporatist ways. The creation of congressional bills like Stop Online Piracy Act, Protect-IP Act and Cyber Intelligence Sharing Protection Act, and trade agreements such as Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement has already caused a global outrage among the general public due to their secretive meetings and overly broad language in written documents. Now they are forcing ISPs like Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast (the ISP I currently use) to spy on their customers to ensure that they are not uploading nor downloading any illegal or copyright materials to the internet. Ironically, pirates will find away to bypass this system to claim their prizes while the honest users who pay for such content suffer for the ambition of the pirates.

If Berners-Lee was still here, he would stand up against these oppressors and fight their corporatism, refusing to accept their ways as the right way for the internet and the web. If we are to stop the corporatist lobbyists and convert them to our cause, we must display a united show of our freedom of speech, choice and press to exploit their deeds and reveal the truth that they had desired to hide ever since the world wide web was first opened to the world. We can ill afford to allow them to restrict access to the one thing that would unite the people of the entire world over "piracy" of the works of several music artists and movie makers. It is time to tell the record and movie companies that enough is enough, and stand up for your constitutional rights and force them to renounce their corporatist ways and surrender the governments back to their original owners: the people who reside in their respective countries.

The time to act against corporatism is now. Leaders of the general public, rally countless people and take your protests to the streets of every area a corporation has a huge influence, but do not disturb their business operations and cause a disturbance. Internet personalities and artists, create several anti-censorship and oppression propaganda and artwork targeting corporatist ideals. Don't take any chances in your efforts, convince as many people as you can to stand up against corporatism. If the people are truly united as one, anything is possible, but if we are divided corporatism will be the newest government of America and the world combined. Do not let the Dark Ages return to the modern era.
Ladies and Gentlement, today July 12 2012 is the day where ISPs will begin spying on their customers to ensure that no pirated material such as video, music or pictures are being neither uploaded, nor downloaded. If you couldn't stand up to this act of oppression, now is the time to wake up and attack the morals of corporatism by any means necessary
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DENVER, CO — As Americans prepared to celebrate independence from tyranny, police in Denver were working hard to lock away locals for harmless possession of fireworks.

Fireworks are legal in Colorado, but there are a few cities — Wheat Ridge, Lakewood and Denver — with local bans.

On July 3rd, the Denver Police Department bragged about its latest bust — the arrest of a 51-year-old man with fireworks in his trunk.  The department dedicated resources from its Narcotics Unit to set up an undercover sting operation on the man.  The bust was lauded on the department’s Facebook page as an example of important police work:

Full story:…
I find this completely outragous
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(An Open Source Poem)

I'd compiled a REALbasic poem
in which a Python
with a bad Lisp
named Haskell
(or Pascal)
concocted a Scheme
to swap a dull Ruby
for a shiny new Perl
from the king Cobol
while making Smalltalk
about Mathematica
over a cup of Java
before knocking him out with a SNOBOL

My prof gave it a C++
For fun. Inspired by a comment in one of those "How Nerdy Are You?" threads in the dA forums.

And yes, those are all actual programming languages.
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Climate Change Resource Page - (updated as recently as 17 Dec 2012, with 16 new sites linked)

I've wrestled with an opening to this piece for the last week, and I've finally decided to just go ahead and lay it all out for those who wish to make use of it.

Knowledge is power, and knowledge of climate-change science is serious lacking for a lot of reasons. Those reasons, however, are NOT what the True Believers in 'man-made' global warming would have you believe.

A lot of people on this site believe that things are not as dire as the heavily politicized IPCC and those governments which back it, would have us believe. Most of you do not really have the time to find the information you need to counter the often scientifically illiterate responses you get from those who would blame the human race, and more specifically the Right / Conservatives / Christians / the US / White people, for what we believe is just another phase in half a billion years of climate change.

They are the ones who, for the most part, are truly ignorant. Yet they would project their fears and limited understanding upon you.

Well, I'd like to provide a little help, if I may. In the author's comments below you will find links to over 120 sites related to the Skeptical side of the climate change argument.

Many of these sites are run by the very scientists involved in trying to expose 'man-made' global warming for what it truly is. Some of the sites are news warehouses, linking to environmental and climate stories from across the globe, presenting the Skeptics' view of climate events, and the massive politics which seek to portray those events in a fashion detrimental to all of us.

You will find several sites which link to thousands of peer-reviewed papers, which find problems with the 'science' behind 'man-made' global warming. And some of these information sites were created by scientists who used to be part of the IPCC, and whom have now come to see the climate situation in a much different light, and are speaking out against the fear-mongering which supports it.
That list of disillusioned IPCC scientists is Growing.

I haven't put them in any kind of order, sorry about that. I would rather you peruse them and find what suits you best, for your arguments. I think you will find a lot of them very useful.

This list is by no means complete. I will add to it from time to time as I find more Skeptical sites.

Before I end this piece, a little bit of how I came to this point:

I once believed in 'man-made' global warming.

I graduated from college in 1981, with a degree in Geology. Although I didn't know it at the time I had come away from college with some 'progressive' thinking- if by progressive, one means going Backwards. While I was not at All pleased with how Carter had screwed over the country- especially bringing us a mullah-led Iran as part of his legacy- I was not a Reagan fan. I was and am an avid hiker, and Reagan's Secretary of the Interior, James Watts, was the antithesis of what an Interior Secretary should be.
He still is, in my opinion. But Reagan turned out to be one of the best things which ever happened to the US, and my opinion of him changed greatly around the time his efforts helped bring down the Iron Curtain.

When I discovered Rush Limbaugh, who at the time was quite new to talk radio, I thought he was an Idiot. Especially where it came to global warming. Note I say 'global warming' and not 'man-made' global warming. I didn't see any distinction at the time, despite my training in the sciences. And Rush was a political commentator. What would he know about global warming? Of course at the time, I didn't know that Al Gore and company had already pretty well politicized 'man-made' global warming. But I was learning.

So I went through most of the 80s believing that the human race was screwing up the climate. I didn't even know that CO2 was being blamed as the main culprit- wasn't the fact that we are polluting the world quite enough?
Not even close. Even in the 80s, the US had already come a long way in improving air and water quality. By the end of the 20th Century, we had reduced many particulate pollutants, some by up to 87%. Companies mining for coal had long since begun following environmental guidelines, and cleaning up the mess they made- something today's liberals won't even acknowledge they do- well, the ones who are aware that they do, that is. It isn't something they admit to up and coming generations. That would be telling the truth, and they can't have the younger generations understanding both sides of the story.
Of course I didn't know that at the time, either.

Sometime towards the end of the 80s I came across two bits of information which piqued my curiosity. Two newspapers articles, not more than a few weeks apart. The first, a new discovery in the Pacific: the El Nino. It had of course been named centuries ago by Spanish colonists on the West Coast, for the winds it spawns- but the cause was only now being discovered and mapped out.
The second article dealt with hurricanes. Scientists were having a hard time figuring out why they went through the cycles they were seeing. (It has been over 20 years since I read the article, I don't recall the exact phrasing).
I confess to a bit of serendipity (detractors might say, arrogance? If they knew words that big): The two articles came together for me. El Nino plays a role in how hurricanes function. It seemed immediately obvious to me, why didn't the climate scientists see it yet?

And How The Hell can people who haven't even made such connections yet, claim that they know we are changing the climate?

I've learned a hell of a lot since then, and I will Not stand for deliberate ignorance. We get too much of that on DA, let alone the rest of the world.
This written work is both copyright and property of Myself. Reproduction or alteration of said work, in part or in whole, is expressly forbidden. Use of any of my concepts or characters is forbidden save by hand-written permission from myself.

If those arguing with you choose to use Wikipedia to back up their claims about Skeptical scientists, please take advantage of the following links! The wikipedia climate editor was a pro-‘man-made’ global warming LIAR. He altered over 5000 climate pieces, banned the original writers of those pieces so they could not correct them, and distorted or outright lied about the records of Skeptics. He has since been banned. I do not know if those pieces have been corrected, but wiki is Not reliable as far as skeptics of ‘man-made’ global warming is concerned, and as such is a Bogus argument.

Wiki’s own Arbitration board concerning LIAR William Connolly, pro-AGW propagandist [link]

Backup articles:



NOTE: New sites will be appended at the bottom of the list, until I can properly sort things out.

Climate sites:

The Skeptics’ Handbook- created by Australian Jo Nova, this guide to the science of Climate Change is available in English, German, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Turkish, Danish, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, Lao and Italian. [link]

The Medieval Warm Period Project – an interactive map of the globe, which requires Java to run. Clicking upon any of the icons on the map will give you the peer-reviewed papers for that region. [link]

C3 in their own words: C3 Headlines attempts to identify and point to articles, papers, postings, videos, charts, and images that tell the scientific story about historical climate change; that tell about current climate conditions; and, tell about the foibles and failures of the global warming, the pseudo-science (empirical evidence not allowed science) and its stunningly hypocritical advocates.


Australian Climate Madness [link]

Bishop Hill blog [link]

Climate Audit (Steve McIntyre, who discovered the MASSIVE problems with michael mann’s ‘hockey stick’ temperature graph) [link]

Climate Depot- one of several climate change news warehouses, where one can find links to thousands of articles. [link]

Climate Etc – hosted by scientist Judith Curry. Climate Etc. provides a forum for climate researchers, academics and technical experts from other fields, citizen scientists, and the interested public to engage in a discussion on topics related to climate science and the science-policy interface.


Climate Lessons - A blog aiming to share information about materials presented to children on climate, especially those which seem intended to frighten or mislead them.


Climate Quotes – remembering what they want us to forget they said.


Climate Realists [link]

Climate Research News [link]

Climate Resistance [link]

Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr. [link]

Climate Science [link]

Climate Science International [link]

Climate Skeptic [link]

CO2 insanity [link]

CO2 Science- a warehouse of peer-reviewed papers on climate change, with over 12,000 papers listed and linked to, and growing: [link]

The Daily Bayonet [link]

DeSmog Me [link]

Digging in the Clay [link]

The Global Warming Policy Foundation [link]

Global Warming [link]

Global Warming Science [link]

Global Warming Skeptics [link]

Al Gore Lied [link]

Green Hell blog [link]

Greenie Watch [link]

Haunting the Library [link]

Heliogenic Climate Change [link]

The Hockey Shtick [link]

An Honest Climate Debate [link]

I Love CO2 [link]

IceCap – climate news warehouse [link]

The Inconvenient Skeptic [link]

Jo Nova (Australia) [link]

Tom Nelson [link]

No Tricks Zone – P Gosselin (German scientist) [link]

Real Science (Steven Goddard, Scientist) [link]

Roger Pielke Jr [link]

The Resilient Earth [link]

Skeptical Real Climate [link]

Roy Spencer (scientist) [link]

The Science and Public Policy Institute (This is the blog; a link on that page will take you to the heavy science) [link]

No Frakking Consensus [link]

The Unbearable Nakedness of Climate Change [link]

Watts Up With That [link]

World Climate Report [link]

The Air Vent [link]

The Blackboard [link]

Musings from the Chiefio [link]

The Reference Frame (Lubos Motl, physicist, Sweden) [link]

Is there Global Warming? [link]

Climate Change Reconsidered [link]

Institute for Energy Research [link]

Master Resource [link]

Energy Tribune [link]

The Green Agenda [link]

Kill Carbon [link]

Andrew Bolt (Australia) [link]

EU Referendum [link]

Hall of Record [link]

Planet Gore [link]

Global Warming Hoax [link]

Global Climate Scam [link]

The Skeptic’s Corner [link]

Bob Carter’s Global Warming Info [link]

Climate Science New Zealand [link]

Global Warming Questions [link]

Global Warming – Reason Magazine [link]

Popular Technology [link]

Junk Science [link]

Ecoworld (environmental news) [link]

Surface Stations [link]

The Heartland Institute [link]

Environmental Effects [link]

Global Warming: a Chilling Perspective [link]

US Senate Committee on the environment – minority blogs [link]

National Center for Policy Analysis [link]

Ecomyths [link]

Errors in IPCC Climate Science [link]

Australian Science Climate Coalition [link]

Bob Tisdale Climate Observations [link]

Friends of Science [link]

Global Warming Debate [link]

Gust of Hot Air (Australia) [link]

Hans Erren Global Warming Comments [link]

Ian Mott (legal analysis of environmental legislation) [link]

IceCap (Climate news warehouse) [link]

Jennifer Marohasy [link]

NZ Climate Science [link]

Calder’s Updates (former member IPCC) [link]

Dalton Minimum Returns (Solar scientist) [link]

IPCC Report Card (findings on the Massive problems with the IPCC report 2007) [link]

1100 peer-reviewed papers supporting skepticism of ‘man-made’ global warming [link]

Climategate (climate news warehouse) [link]

History of Climategate (pdf file) [link]

Climate Fact Europe [link]

William Briggs, Statistician [link]

Bratstvo Vukcevic, Solar physicist [link]

Cooler Heads [link]

Herkinderkin [link]

Climate Change Dispatch [link]

Global Shamming [link]

I Hate al gore [link]

The Global Warming Challenge [link]

Joe Bastardi [link]

Joe D’Aleo [link]

The Carbon Sense Coalition [link]

James Delingpole [link]

Hide the Decline [link]

Global Warming Issues [link]

Changement Climatique (France) [link]

The Climate Scam (Sweden) [link]

Copenhagen Consensus (Denmark) [link]

Harmless Sky (UK) [link]

Skeptical Swedish Scientists [link]

Challenging Climate [link]

Climate Debate Daily [link]

Archeoclimatology (research site) [link]

Science and Environmental Policy Project (Dr. Fed Singer) [link]

Rayn Maue Tropical Cyclone Study [link]

The Marshall Institute [link]

Warwick Hughes (analysis of data) [link]

Slaying The Sky Dragon: [link]

Polar Bear sites (providing real information, rather than AGW hype):

Polar Bear Science, is here [link]

Polar Bear Alley is here [link]

The Polar Bear Specialist Group is here [link]

ClimateSense: [link]

Frontiere Center [link]

Global Warming Policy Foundation [link]

NZ Climate Truth Newsletter [link]

Climatesense - norpag [link]

Dr. Starck's blog [link]

Niche Modelling - [link]

Climate Science International - [link]

Living on the Real World - [link]

John O'Sullivan - [link]

EIKE (German-language Skeptic site) - [link]

Science Skeptical blog (German) - [link]

Principia Scientific - [link]

New Zeeland Climate Change - [link]

Die Kilazwieble (German) - [link]

Matt Ridley blog (Rational Optimist) [link]

Somewhat Reasonable [link]

Related articles:

A Question of IgnoranceSome months back I put up an article regarding seven prominent physicists, who have written peer-reviewed and published papers on climatology. These scientists are merely seven out of thousands across the globe, who have expressed the fact that there are problems with the theory of AGW, or 'man-made' global warming.
A number of people have commented since then, but one in particular stood out. One uncledartanian stopped by to ask me this:

Why is it that AGW deniers always accuse those who accept the fact of global warming as falling prey to the 'appeal to authority' fallacy, and yet, nearly every argument they put forth against global warmi


Another article I have created is here: [link]
Said article is a response to the hypocritical efforts of closed minds like :limbaugh-is2liberal:, who try to demonize and demean those they hate, rather than carry out an Intelligent conversation between equals with differing but Valid points of view.
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3602829-1097053204-33362 by JangoFett1138

Deadpool, the red-suited, maniacal merc with the mouth, walked up on a dark stage with the only light being a single stage light that was shining on him. Once he reached the center of the stage, he looked out towards the audience and, being the fourth-wall breaker he is, you the reader.

"When you're confronted with a horrible situation, there are only two reactions that make sense: laughter or tears. And laughter, after all, is nature's anesthesia. Tears hurt too much," Deadpool held up a picture of legendary comic and actor, Robin Williams.

"Robin, whenever your friends or anyone was confronted with a horrible situation or just feeling down, you made it your mission to make them laugh. And maybe without knowing it, you helped hundreds of people laugh whenever they were feeling the same. You made us cry with movies like 'Dead Poets Society', you made us laugh with your stand up and shows like 'Mork & Mindy', you helped kids deal with the pressure of divorce with 'Mrs. Doubtfire', and you even shaped a lot of peoples' childhoods just by voicing a blue genie or playing a grown up Peter Pan. And even though a lot of us don't know what it was like to be in your shoes, it kills us to know that you suffered from a lot of the same things that you tried to help others overcome."

Deadpool looked down for a moment then looked back up and held the picture of Robin Williams up towards the audience and the readers. 

"Rest in Peace, Robin Williams. Wherever you are, me and everyone else hope you've found peace. We'll always remember the laughs you gave us and always will. And the next time we watch 'Aladdin', we'll all remember that we never had a friend like you. Carpe Diem."

Once he was done with his speech, Princess Jasmine from 'Aladdin' walked up the stage and stood next to her fellow Disney character, catching his attention as he looked at her. 

Princess Jasmine smiled and gave Deadpool a small bow. "Thank you, Deadpool. I'm sure he would have been honored." 

Deadpool smiled at the Disney Princess and they gave each other a hug.

RIP Robin Williams (1951-2014)

292304 10151235635703356 1185720136 N by JangoFett1138

I felt like using a character I love to pay tribute to a legend that we lost today.

I've always loved Robin Williams and it broke my heart when I heard of his passing. Even worse, to hear that he had been suffering from both depression and addiction. The man was a great actor, a great comedian, and from what I read, a great human being (he helped his friend, Christopher Reeves, laugh and feel better after his delibating horse accident and cheered up the entire cast and crew of 'Schindler's List' when the filiming got to them and even performed privately for Sharon Osbourne when she was suffering from cancer).  He was a man that I admired and respected and it crushes me that I'll never be able to see him live on stage or have him sign something like an Aladdin poster. 

RIP Robin Williams (1951-2014)

Here's a link showing how many people whose lives he touched.…

Deadpool(c) Disney and Marvel
Princess Jasmine (c) Disney
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Twilight Sparkle: Age 22

Applejack: Age 22

Rainbow Dash: Age 21

Rarity: Age 22

Fluttershy: Age 23

Pinkie Pie: Age 22

Derpy Hooves: Age 22

Lyra & Bon-Bon: Ages 21-22

Spitfire: Age 27

Shining Armor: Age 29

Big Mac: Age 28

Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo: Age 10

Spike: Age 10

Princess Celestia: Age ??????

Princess Luna: Age ????????
This is a theory of how old the Ponies are in the show, judging by clues revealed in the show and we've verify their ages to match the Anthro versions of the ponies. After Equestria Girls portrayed the Mane Six as sixteen years old and could threat the anthro ponies on this site and I wanna prove them wrong with possible clues. Any age of other ponies feel free to comment.
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Since the night Celestia had exiled Nightmare Moon into her lunar confinement, the gratuitous ponies of Equestria had plotted a special kind of holiday to commemorate this important event. Several had suggested the thought of calling it the "Summer Sun Celebration" in honor of Celestia's heroic deed. Without her, everypony would have suffered from an eternity of dark skies and chilly weather, as well as their food supply of vegetation completely being destroyed by lack of sunlight.

A simple, normal day in Canterlot carried out at the moment. The ponies continued to live their normal lives, relishing the light of day and sleeping through the undisturbed night that Celestia now took the position of.

The royal guards remained on duty, keeping the royal headquarters protected while also casually chatting during the breaks between their shifts- talking about plans for the Summer Sun Celebration and how everypony seemed prepared for it, ironically except for the Princess herself.

"Psst. Hey!" one of the guards whispered over to another. The other royal guard who commonly went by the name of Heat Flare responded to his friend's call.

"What's up?" he asked, trotting over to him.

"Have you noticed any abnormal behavior from the Princess lately?"

"All I know is that's she's been doing nothing but hiding in her room for days, if not weeks."

"That's exactly the problem. You think she'll be alright?"

"Not that I'm sure of as of now. She's really been groping around a lot for the past few days. You think I should speak with her?"

"Worth a try."

To avoid being an intruder on Celestia's personal space, Heat Flare raised his hoof and gently tapped it on the colossal double doors of Celestia's room. No response. Even after another three rounds of knocking, nopony came to answer.  

Sighing deeply, Heat Flare decided to go for what he saved for last. Though he would have hated to be a nuisance, this was still an important matter he was concerned of for Celestia's sake.

Heat Flare finally pushed his hoof against one of the doors, and it opened with a slight creak. In the dim shadows disturbed by a faint glow from the fireplace sat the Princess, paying no attention to Heat Flare's presence.

"Princess," he began, "if you haven't heard already, many of the citizens of Canterlot as well as Ponyville are already working on their preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration."

"Yes, I know," Celestia replied, her back still turned to him. "I'm aware of the event, just not attentive to it."

"May I ask... if there be a reason for so?"

Celestia took a glimpse at him and sadly turned her head back to the ground again.

"The fact that for a festival held in my honor, everypony seems to be calling me the hero," Celestia raised her head up high in an attempt draw back a tear, "for expelling my own sister from this world."

"Princess, please," Heat Flare carefully placed a hoof on her shoulder hoping to give solace of some sort. "It was your best decision- in fact, your only decision."

"No, I should have taken an easier approach than just throwing Luna out like that. She had been the only pony left of what I could call a family. But now..."

Celestia paused in her sentence, allowing Heat Flare to speak. "But understand this, Princess. She wasn't the same Luna as before, remember? What became of your sister was a monster, and you did right by stopping her from becoming one of our troubles."

"Luna or not, I still shouldn't be worth titled as a hero for my cowardly actions. Affecting someone else for my own sake is everything that a real hero doesn't do."

"You need to stop denying yourself so much, Princess. You chose the most difficult decision every real hero has gone through, and that's sacrificing something else for the benefit of others. Look at me. I gave up living a normal life with my wife and foal so I could become a Canterlot guard, one of the biggest defenders of Equestria. Believe me, I was also devastated about parting with my family, but at least I gained something just as good, if not better, in return.

And you, Celestia, had no choice but to give up your own sister- your own family member, just so that everypony in Equestria now can live in a safe, free, unsuppressed land. That is what everypony admires you for."

Almost an entire minute of silence lapsed in that moment. "I supposed that is true," Celestia felt herself gaining some spirit again.

"So would that mean you're ready to come back out now?"

"Why not?"

Heat Flare courteously propped the door open for the Princess, stepping out of her room, having not shown her face in public for a long time.
Another Celestia-centered fic. :P In which Celestia wonders whether or not sending Luna to the moon was a good choice.

Enjoy. :aww:

story (c) me
MLP: FIM (c) Lauren Faust and Hasbro
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I pledge my undying service to my Prime and the Autobot cause.
I shall devote my spark to achieving our goal of galactic peace,
even if I must give up my life.
I will defend the weak and helpless.
And remove any threats from the planet that which we protect.
Til All Are One.
My take on the Oath where a finished trained mech or femme must speak the Oath of Peace for the Rite of the Autobrand. Once they finish with the 'Til All Are One' line, everyone must speak in unison the finishing line as a sign of not just respect, but as the Will of Primus decreeds.

The speaker must stand before a Prime during the ceremony where close friends, rellies, and the highly ranked officers will stand and observe the branding.

It is when after the speaking is over that the mech or femme is then branded by the symbol of the Autobots by the Prime. After that, they are given the right to earn their inscribes (besides the one they are given at birth to show their Cybertronian name) of whatever they desire.

Once the branding is complete, some officers or close friends may present a gift to the newly branded Autobot to symbolise their welcoming into the ranks.

This will be the Oath that Tailgate will speak during his branding when I get around to working on his short story off his passage.

Til All Are One!
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As the flames in her bed champers flickered and dances uninterrupted in the starry evening, a weary alicorn princess slowly removed her elegant jewellery and laid them on the pedestal. She sighed feeling a great sense of neglect and hatred being thrown across her being. She couldn’t even hear the gentle crackling of the warm, inviting flames of her fireplace that both illuminated the room providing both a warm and inviting atmosphere for the benevolent ruler of the kingdom of ponies. All the most priceless decorations of her chambers, all he most lavish and cherished possessions from rare artefacts to even gifts from one loving subjects all that she treasured the most, seemed to do nothing to ease the tension of her heart right now. It had only been one week after Tirek was imprisoned again after running rampant across her kingdom. His appetite for consuming the magic of her subjects only heightened his powers making him more and more powerful to the point where not even her most gifted student, whom had already been given her own powers along with her sister and niece, could not stand against him. To make matters even worse, she had trusted the actions of a known trouble making former tyrant to apprehend Tirek to begin with; Discord.
Before the ease of the pain that had unfolded would be settled knowing that despite everything else the resolve came through and all was well again. Twilight Sparkle, her student and the newly recognised Princess of Magic and Friendship, had once again saved the day for all of Equestria and the world. Tirek was back in the underworld of Tautaurs and peace and harmony had been restored. Or so she thought…

“Why did you trust Discord in the first place?! You knew he couldn’t be trusted!”

She could clearly hear the protest of several of her subjects outside her throne room earlier that same day as they learnt the truth of who it was that sent Discord to stop Tirek to begin with.

“My fillies have nightmares non-stop! Every night they cry and can’t sleep because of what happened and neither can I!”

The horror they must have all gone through because of the agony that those two working together must have caused must have left greater repercussions than she could have imagined.

“Celestia, we are getting tired of your mistakes!”

“Say whatever you want to about Twilight and her anxieties, she was still the one at the end of the day who manages to pull through in the end accounting for your actions yet again!”

“What have you done to help us at any point without sending off your student and her friends?!”

“You’ve had so many failures under your reign, it’s both hard and embarrassing to keep them all straight!”

The ranting’s had been going on and on for days afterward all being directed toward her. And worst of all, she could say nothing to defend herself from the hurtful truth. Despite her best efforts, the revelation was true; her reign was just one, long list of mistakes. Her failure to prevent her sister’s change into Nightmare Moon, her failure to secure Discord properly, her inability to realise the dangers during her niece’s wedding, her failure to fend off the vines from the Everfree Forest and now the recent attack that took place throughout Equestria because she had placed too much faith in Discord. Though he at least finally came to understand the importance of friendship, it seemed that others believed that Celestia herself was failing to learn anything herself. It seemed ironic, the mentor to the pony who did so much and saved so many was the one who was learning so much more than she had done, though it was a series mistakes that made her suffer the most from the wrath of her own subjects.

“We want Twilight Sparkle to be our new princess!”

“You’re useless Celestia! Step down at once!”

“You don’t deserve your title! What kind of ruler puts their subjects lives in so much trouble?!”

Her silent sobs against her pillow were interrupted by a gentle knocking at the door. She gently rose her head and levitated a handkerchief to wipe her tears before turning to allow whoever it was to enter. The doors opened gently and there stood three other alicorn princesses; Luna, Cadence and Twilight.

“My little ponies” Celestia attempted to say without choking on her words “What brings you here so late in the evening?”

“We came here to make sure you were feeling alright auntie” Cadence said offering her most sincere smile of support as the door behind the three closed. They gathered around and lay next to the weary eldest alicorn.

“We have heard about the vial slander being said against you, dear sister” Luna said as she moved to nuzzle Celestia lovingly,
“These things being said about you are simply wrong and-”

“They are the truth, aren’t they?” Celestia finishes with her face turning away in disgrace.

“Sister, no. No one could have known that Discord would have-”

“No!” Celestia cut her sister off raising her voice, “You don’t understand! How can you possibly understand what it is that the words my subjects say to me when they are right?!” The room went silent for a moment. No one said anything as the look on Celestia’s face slowly turned from hurtful anger to fresh tears once again. She turned away only to mummer under her breath,

“No matter what decision I have made, no matter how hard I try to put help keep this kingdom protected, it comes back to haunt me in the end. My legacy has been one of a series of failures. So many lives endangered, ruined all because of my mistakes” she slowly gathered herself and walked to her balcony opening the doors and making her way into the evening. The other alicorns soon joined her though they kept silent as the eldest continued expressing her own doubts to then,
“Years ago, I failed to heed the warnings of you my beloved sister” she said as she turned to her left to see the blue alicorn beside her, “and I was left to banish you to the moon for a millennium” she looked up at the now vacant moon. Luna though she held no further grudge against her sister for her actions, still knew that Celestia had a heavy burden on her heart for what she had to do. “And to think, all you wanted was for ponies to notice your beautiful nights while I foolishly ignored your pleas”. While Luna did gain her recognition after her return, it was still a difficult process to reconnect with many of the little ponies who had feared her for so long because of her attempts to conquer the kingdom upon her return. Though she has been able to gather their trust again, many still held resentment for her sister’s actions which necessitated her fate to be imprisoned on the moon.

“And you Cadence” she turned to look at the young pink princess to her left, “How foolish I was to assume that that shape shifting monster was you when your heart is purer than that. How she cruelly used your husband to invade my land and endanger my subjects and for me to fall before them when I fought with every last ounce of strength I had. It was humiliating enough that I had to suffer a defeat before my subjects, but to know how I could have prevented it to begin with, hurts more than anything else. I am such a fool, such a disgrace”. Cadence could still remember the horrors of what her wedding had become with the invasion of the Changelings, how their queen had manipulated everyone to her whim and managed to make them all betray Twilight and take possession of her beloved husband Shining Armour. Her own treatment as she as imprisoned beneath the city within the caverns served as a nightmare for her knowing how badly things could have turned out had it not been for her sister in law, Twilight Sparkle.

“And to you Twilight, my most faithful student” Celestia continued as Twilight came along side Cadence, “You have done so much and learnt to much more than I could have ever imagined. The pride I feel for you from your earliest accomplishments to your latest triumph over Tirek had always left me in confidence that you would always be there for all of Equestria. And how do I repay you for all you have given for this land? By failing you most of all” she said wiping away another tear. “I failed to listen to your warnings about the wedding, I failed to trust you with apprehending Tirek, I failed to help you save Equestria, the Crystal Empire and even being able to set a good example of rule for you. I feel less like a competent teacher and more like the problem that your answers always seem to solve. You were the one who inspired so much, while all I did was just make the problems to begin with or made them worse”.

The three alicorns simply looked on as the eldest looked up slowly at the moonlit night, the ever present rantings and fury of her subject still ringing in her ears as if they were still right in front of her.  Her wings drooped down as she felt like the last of her dignity and her restraints give way under an everlasting weight of doubt. She could no longer contain herself as she spoke up again choking on tears between brief pauses of her sentence,

“Every time, every single time I try to do what I believe is right, I am proven wrong! Every time, I am putting lives in danger unnecessarily when there was no need to! I am always making the worst choices, taking the worst chances and in doing so needing everyone else to resolve them… and I try, I truly try to make a difference for the best… but, but…” there was a long silence as the three slowly moved in closer to her; her eyes shut tight as she failed to contain the tears streaming down her face and her hind legs giving way as she rested herself down on the marble balcony. She slowly opened her eyes and looks straight at the moon before continuing softly,

“It all started with this… the moment I sent my sister to the moon, was the moment I was destined to be a failure… and its predictions were true… as are my subjects. I’m a failure…” she said, suddenly her voice gaining more and more volume as she cried out, “I’m a failure, a failure, A FAILURE!!! I’M JUST A COMPLETE FAILURE!!!” she could no longer control herself and broke out into tears as she landed against the floor covering her head beneath her forearms and she cried harder than anyone else could have remembered her doing before. All the years of agony that she had to live with, all the years of regret, the years of guilt and the years of having to let these events toil upon her, finally game out all at once as she broke down and cried like a mother losing her new born child from the cruel hand of fate. The only comfort she had was from three alicorns who were gathered around her holding her and letting all the dread slowly be released one tear at a time. It felt like hours had gone by before Celestia’s tears slowly began to dry away and her cries turned to gentler and gentler sobs. The time was now close to dawn, but that didn’t seem to matter to the three princesses. Twilight levitated a handkerchief to Celestia’s face and wiped away her tears before looking up with, much to Celestia’s surprise, a heartfelt smile; along with Cadence and Luna.

“Sister, I am glad to have finally seen you release your feelings like this. And I know that it will take some time to fully regain the trust of our subjects considering all that has happened, however” Luna said turning her smile to a sorrowful frown as her mood changed to that of seriousness before she continued, “Let me set this straight for you” she ended by sitting at her sister’s left side looking up at the moon also. “A millennium ago, I did indeed envy your praise for the sun and I did allow the jealousy of it to ruin not only myself, but you as well. Your actions in forcing me to be banished was brought upon by what I believed was an act of jealousy, even upon my return I felt like no one would want me to be their princess of the night, nor even a friend” she finished looking away from the moon and back up at her sister. “But while I was at the Nightmare Night celebration in Ponyville, I learned something that I had never before tried in the time before and that was simply to interact with my subjects. Had I only went with you to be involved with the subjects of generations past instead of waiting for them to come to me, instead of demanding their attention from me, then perhaps there would have been no need for me to have turned into that monster and for you to have banished me. I always believed that it was a matter of demanding what I wanted, but you can never demand anything without anyone understanding why it is. You have to earn it before you can share yourself to others first, learn how they can stand on the side of the arguments and how they can help you too” she finished with a smile. It came as quite a surprise to Celestia for her little sister to admit her guilt in such a humble way, from remembering when she was so resentful for her nights being ignored a millennium ago.

“And for your decisions may not have always been for the best auntie” Cadence spoke up resting at her right side smiling sweetly “And it is true that things have been difficult for you to judge as is the case for any ruler to do. However, the mammoth tasks which have been demanded from you were tasks anyone could falter in no matter how old or wise they maybe”.

“But what ruler would-” Celestia tried to speak up, but was interrupted by Cadence putting a hoof gently to her maw as the pink princess continued.

“I know that you failed the day of my wedding to keep me safe, but what would you have told all the nobles? The wedding was to be cancelled? All your efforts, all your donations, all your time and energy will have to be sent back another day? Then another day afterward, or after that making them feel your kingdom is unsafe entirely? How could you have done anything for the Crystal Kingdom empire when you and Luna fought with all your strength but Sombra still had the last say in the matter, what could you have done? Risk damaging the ice to possibly ruin the empire inside and endanger all the lives trapped not knowing if they were also frozen or not? Sending off your student, a powerful magical pony without the Elements of Harmony to keep her or her friends safe from harm to apprehend someone who steals energy? All these factors were difficult decisions to make for anyone; no one could have made any better or worse decisions because there would always be a consequence that follow off making this possibly worse”. Cadence smiled as she nuzzled her dear aunt and finally, the newest and youngest alicorn looked forward sitting in front of Celestia with the warmest of all smiles upon her face.

“Anyone can make mistakes princess, even we can. For all the praise you give to me on my accomplishments, I still made plenty myself. How I wanted to prove to myself that Pinkie Pie’s so called Pinkie Sense was a load of nonsense or how I was freaking out over a deadline report which caused you to come in and undo the mess I made, or how I ended up allowing Discord to trick me into thinking ill of the same friends who taught me better than that about friendship. I failed many times myself like with the wedding rehearsal, though it still hurt about what you all said, I should have gotten proof instead of just mouthing off acting like a filly throwing a tantrum, that could have prevented so much. I should have simply written to you if it was okay to send you a friendship report when I had learned something instead of causing that mess. I should have asked you more questions instead of letting things get more and more out of hoof, but I didn’t. The point is, we all make mistakes, but we all get better with them as a result of it all. You’re not a failure princess and you never were despite what was said. You were a pony like anyone else who as Cadence said have been left in an awkward enough situation and had to deal with an abundance of tough choices as to what to do for the sake of all of Equestria. And for all the mistakes made, at least you tried to resolve them. When Discord tricked me into thinking my friends were not my friends at all, you sent me back all those letters of friendship to remind me. When Chrysalis revealed herself, at least you tried to defend your subjects. When Tirek came about, at least you gave Discord a chance to prove his worth when even I was still unsure as to trust him myself” she ended with her eyes closing and bowing her head respectfully and saying,

“You did do more than you give yourself credit for Celestia”.

“But how?” Celestia said looking directly at her beloved student “What good have I truly done? If anything I feel like the biggest of all my failures is that I had failed you Twilight. You look up to me, you idolise me, respect me… and yet it is your efforts that save Equestria. I feel as if for all my teachings, I have failed to teach you the most important rules of leadership… not to follow my leaderships” she fell silent as her tears began to return, but the handkerchief that was illuminated by Twilight’s magic aura returned to wipe away her soaked face.

“Its simple Princess; very simple” Twilight smiled again her eyes glowing “despite all the misery you had to endure, all the pain you had to work with and all the choices you had to pull yourself through, you kept on going”. These words soon had Celestia slowly lift her head in surprise and confusion at once with this statement as Twilight continued, “You may have failed to save the Crystal Kingdom, but you fought to seal away Sombra so he could be stopped and you gave me the information I needed to help save the empire. You gave me inspiration to study the lessons of friendship to help learn about the magic it holds to save us all on many occasions. You taught me how to have faith in those who would not normally be given any chance to be made and most of all, you handled it for the longest time by yourself”.

“Doing so much yourself, raising the sun and the moon, ruling an entire kingdom alone, ruling over your subjects and keeping them from harm while balancing my teachings and Cadences’ upbringing proving how much you care about us with all your heart, pushing yourself to try and be the best. That’s what I admired about you the most princess. You claim that it was my efforts for saving Equestria? If it wasn’t for you, I would have never been inspired to learn about any of these things to begin with. Anyone can smite an evil foe or slay a monster or even reverse the effects of madness with enough effort, but they are only able to do that with the right teaching and knowledge to accomplish this; those same things that you taught me. You taught me not only how to research things correctly and how to find ways to help Equestria, and not only how to become a better pony to become a princess, but how to become a better pony than I was before when I believed for so long that it was nonsense. And everyone owes you so much princess. Including me” she finished with a long loving hug.

“And me auntie” chimed in the pink alicorn hugging her closely.

“And me as well dear sister” finished the blue alicorn as she held her sister closer still. Celestia had never had her heart filled with so much joy before but she had no words to describe them. Instead she simply unfolded her wings and wrapped them lovingly around her little family; her sister, niece and in heart, her beloved student whom was like a daughter to her. She held them close only smiling as new tears after a moment from all four of them expressed their love and their bond together. Celestia knew that she had made mistakes, but she had also left some good to come from it by teaching more than she herself knew. The belief to inspire and set a better example not through always getting things resolved herself, but getting things resolved altogether. The four eventually left their embrace when the clock on the wall chimed the time of dawn. Celestia knew it was time to begin to raise the sun. It was going to be another day and she knew it would be another day of ridicule and resentment from angry subjects.
“Don’t worry sister, we will be here for you to help get trust restored in them again” Luna said with a smile resting her hoof on her elder sister’s shoulder.

“I know it won’t be easy to make them see what it is we see in you and your judgement, but we will help you get through this and will help them see that you are worthy of your crown and title” smiled Cadence.

“And no one is going to allow them to take that away from you no matter what” Twilight smiled. “Right now though princess, it’s time to announce the start of a brand new day”. Celestia smiled as she held up her head slowly and her horn illuminated the night, bringing forward slowly the glorious sun. Away the night slowly drifted beyond the shadows of the city of Canterlot and the rest of the land of Equestria. The rays beamed brightly as the clear the deep blue sky gradually turned a beautiful sapphire blue announcing a new morning that had arrived. Slowly Twilight stood up to watch the last of the night disappear behind the mountain side as she said,

“Now is the time for a new day for us all princess. A time to begin working a better Equestria we can all make everyone see. A time for-” her speech was cut off by a grown from her stomach announcing that food was needed. Twilight blushed as she giggled nervously and finished up with “Um… first I think it’s time for breakfast”.

The other three giggled too as they headed off for the doorway out to the corridor, though Celestia had stayed behind to put get dressed in her usual attire of gold and gem jewellery. She was stood in the mirror at first looking doubtful as she held her crown in her hooves but was interrupted by a single,

“Sister, we are going to be late! It is pancake Tuesday you know?”

“I will be along in a moment” Celestia called back. She was about to leave her crown behind, knowing the pain she was about to face, but then she remembered all the loving words of support from her little family. She huffed quietly to herself and levitated the crown onto her head with dignity and humbleness. She then stood up and trotted after her fellow alicorns to the dining hall knowing that she would face her subject head on, not in a threatening manner, but one with a firm stance of her rule. Though she has made mistakes, she will work with them all to be corrected no matter what, knowing that with her fellow princesses, the message of harmony throughout Equestria has not gone unhindered in spite of its perils. She knows this because that it’s what her family has taught her most of all; to never give up on anyone.

It was the dawn of a new day in Equestria.

A dawn of change and of optimism.

The End
A little sad drama fic I wrote because I am lifeless. :(

But seriously though, this is a little fan fic I wrote regarding the reception that Celestia has gotten lately about her faults in the latest season finale of MLP;FIM. I really feel bad for Celestia as for all the under development she has had and for all the flack she gets for her representation within the brony community, she does try to set the best example possible and she does try to help when she can. She's just so under developed and so over looked by DHX and Hasbro that that is what causes her to be shown as someone who is 'useless' and 'unnecessary' to the FIM universe. This is a little story about how in my mind, she is given a lot less credit than she is worth and how she actually a good character with some heart.

Not really the best I have to offer because its late where I am as I finished writing this so my brain is shutting down rapidly but I hope you get the point of it. ^^;

Enjoy! =D

All cast (C) to Hasbro.
Fic (C) to :iconduragan:
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PHILADELPHIA, PA — A woman says that after delivering her baby naturally at home, she received multiple visits from social workers to her home requiring her to prove that her baby was healthy and under government-approved medical supervision.

* * * * *

Fatima Doumboya, 22, recently shared the story of her home-birth experience (in graphic detail) with a blog called Ms. Wright’s Way, and bluntly discussed her interactions with doctors, police, and social workers.

The birth itself went peacefully, she said, and for several days afterward, she and her husband stayed home with their new baby daughter.  The couple feels some aversion to unnecessary medical interventions — part of the reason they chose to give birth at home — but reluctantly decided to visit a hospital for a checkup on Day #6.

The hospital experience, Doumboya wrote, was infuriating.  When doctors found out they had performed a home-birth, she and her husband were allegedly treated as if they were “crazy” and “incompetent fools.”

While at St. Joseph’s Hospital ER in Philadelphia, after some brief checks, Doumboya says that doctors rudely told her that her baby would be transferred — without permission — to another hospital.  The supposed reasoning was that St. Joseph’s did not have a dedicated pediatric center.  The mom says the decision was made behind their backs and an ambulance was already dispatched by the time she was informed.

Even though nothing was found wrong with her baby, Doumboya says that rejecting the transfer was not an option.  A staff member named Dr. Elisa Evans allegedly “came in the room with a stern look and said, ‘If you refuse to transfer her, we WILL CONTACT DHS AND THE POLICE,’” Doumboya recalled.

The mom says that cops appeared and blocked the exit.  “The officers stood in front of the emergency room doors — arms crossed and said you cannot leave with your child.“

The baby was involuntarily transported by ambulance to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (costing the parents $3,320.00).  Doumboya says that doctors performed “test after test, hoping to find something.”  For four hours this process went on, without the parents’ consent and under the threat of government compulsion.  The parents had walked into St. Joseph’s at 10:00 a.m. and were not allowed to leave Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia until 9:30 p.m.

Information is the key. what u decide to do w/ it is ur business.
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