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i made an update,with self instaling gadgets,
(now no need to paste and copy anything)
just instal gadget and done.
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cpu retro style, (2 cpu gadgets inside)

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A conceptual clock for your desktop.
Originally designed by ~hbielen.

Gadgetized by me.
Have fun...

. VAtch for Rainmeter .

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one of my skin for xion in this one you can change lcd panel from pump meter,have fun using it,
soon i gona finish equalizer,and i finaly resolve a problem with playlist
heh i forget to write some key words into layers like "anchortl tile", now it works perfect :)

if you like my work vote on me:[link]
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Chameleon Glass

NOTICE 1 : the archive is in 7zip format (.7z) -> if you can't "un7zip" the package download sevenzip here : [link]

NOTICE 2 : someone made a nice video on youtube on how to download and install these gadgets ! thank you WarrenClyde for letting me now. You can watch it here : [link]

17 apr 2010 MINOR UPDATE
- dutch and english versions merged together
- all gadget versions go to 1.4 (prev 1.3)

14 apr 2010 FEATURE UPDATE
- onedrive gadget displays more accurate drive usage stats for 1T+ drives

09 apr 2010 FEATURE UPDATE
- stats gadget updated with new code to prevent negative uptimes
- ondrive gadget updated with the option to choose between free or used space

- fixed a bug for the digiclock gadget not installing properly

05 apr 2010 FEATURE UPDATE
- changed the icon set for the weather gadget with a set by MerlinTheRed [link]
- reintroduced the moon icons again
- changed the way the radio gadget works
- all gadget versions go to 1.3 (prev 1.2)

03 apr 2010 FEATURE UPDATE
- added digiclock gadget with am/pm or 24h mode and alarm function

- fixed a translation bug on the stats gadget (no adress ..)
- fixed a cosmetic bug on the stats gadget where long wifi names were displayed outside the gadget
- converted all code from ansi to unicode for compatibility with asian languages (Thanks to Allure98)
- all gadget versions go to 1.2 (prev 1.1)

01 feb 2010 MINOR UPDATE
- fixed bug in the netstats gadget displaying wrong usage %

- important code upgrade on ALL gadgets for much better performance
- changed the offline awareness function from the pop3 gadget
- all gadget versions go to 1.1 (prev 1.0)

24 jan 2010 MINOR UPDATE
- gadget timings adjusted
- zero bytes bug now completly solved
- added backgrounds to the flyouts for better readability

- fixed zero bytes bug on the onedrive gadget

100% pure glass gadgets, work with any wallpaper, like a true chameleon they change color to match whatever wallpaper you throw at them ..

This is what you get :

- digiclock : digital clock with am/pm, 24h and alarm function
- calendar : resizable desktop calendar
- clock : analogue desktop clock
- control : shutdown, restart or lock your pc from the desktop
- cpu : monitor the cpu and ram load of your rig
- email : check your pop3 account for new mail
- netbars : monitor your bandwidth usage through a graphical bar
- netstats : monitor your bandwidth usage through textual info
- notescolour : coloured postit notes
- noteswhite : white postit notes
- onedrive : monitor free space for any drive on your pc
- radio : listen live to DI or SKY fm streams, or add streams yourself
- recyclebin : with spinning recycle icon when full
- stats : shows online/offline state, uptime, localIP, date, wifi strength, battery status
- weather : shows current weather conditions + a 5 day weather forcast in the flyout

15 pieces in total

awards :
- Windows 7 Tips (superblog) -> [link]
- MSN.DE -> [link]
- 5 stars on ZDNET.DE -> [link]


Comments disabled by owner.
The return of this Little gadget creates by Orbmu2k and SFkilla;

this gadget allows regler volume by using the serrated roller, to open mixer Windows and also a function transfers with the right click. I have reworked the graphic interface and to add sympathetic skins

the whole with their agreements thanks to SFkilla & Orbmu2k...

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clock gadget,whot to say more.
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Code: WR2PLbo
Title: 7-Zip 9.20 FK
Artist: Bruno Giordano
Creation Date: February 25, 2011
Contents: 256 x 256 32-bit Icons for compressed files and 7-Zip, placed in 7z.dll file and 7zFM.exe.
Copyrights: 7-Zip 1999-2011 Igor Pavlov. Icon Pack 2009-2014 Bruno Giordano.
Sources: MS Windows 6.1.7601's dll files, 7-Zip 9.20's 7z.dll and 7zFM.exe


B Comments: Wow, it's been two years since the 7-Zip 4.65 FK upload. It was for me to update this, specially while people is still downloadin the version 4.65 (I used the 4.65 until today because I didn't upload the icons before).

Major changes from 4.65 FK:
  • Alpha layer on toolbar icons
  • The Add and Extract icons are now a '+' and a '-' as in the original version;
    not anymore the Download and Links folders' icons.
  • The Test icon is now a check as in the original version;
    not anymore a Searches folder icons.

Well, I hope you to like this :D

Notes: I've just replaced the icons in 7z.dll and 7zFM.exe, so there's no need to worry about bugs.

For those who doesn't use 7-Zip yet I recommend it to you:
Click here to download the x86 installer or here to download the x64 installer.
You may also go to its offcial site

You may want to go and see what Wikipedia says. If that's the case, click here.
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you dont have money for real one,Denon hifi stereo,dont wory you always can have skin litle bit similiar to real Denon

this work was inspired by Aracama : [link]
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