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I dream of setting the world on fire (not literally) with art and creativity. I want to use my art to inspire the world like how an conductor or musician uses melody and music. I think this is a common dream shared between many artists, using their lines and colour to create amazing things that speaks to the world~!

Today i was notified that this piece has been chosen as 1/25 semi finalist, so thank YOU EVERYBODY for liking this piece of work as well!
I am truly grateful for chance given by Wacom to let the small artists such as myself to have a chance to showcase their work.
I am sure there are countless talented artists out there waiting to be discovered, and i do hope this piece of art speaks for everybody that wish their creativity to be seen and let their voices be heard by the world. Maybe even our little tiny creation would inspired others like a little pebble thrown into water creating circles of ripples, waves that spreads outwards until that one day that even the world knows your name.
And then you'd hear a tiny voice saying "you've made it."

This piece really means alot to me as an artist and i hope you feel the same :)
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Wow I am a Semi-Finalist! 8O Isn't that incredible? One step closer to my dreams :,D Thank you everyone!

My dreams I want to achieve ... crazy, aren't they? :D

Help my dreams come true! <3

If you think I deserve to win, please spread the words of my dreams through this entry and feature it in your journals -^w^-

But please don't +fav with false accounts. I'd rather lose fair than win with cheating :3

Thank you ~

edit: I removed my signature from the right bottom just to make sure that nothing is against the rules :3

Okay, here's some more explanation for each in case someone would be interested :B

Japan: A must-do. I'd love to take part at a summer festival, catch goldfishes, browse the vendors, watch the fireworks... that and once be there when the cherry trees are blossoming :D ... and just in general I want to see many places there and experience the beauty of Japan.

University: A have to-do XD lol ... well since I'm already in it, I should get out if it too....with good results and a nice degree of course...

Manga-ka: A pretty big dream that I also take seriously. I want to achieve something big. I want to publish a lot of mangas and make people smile and laugh with them :) I want that profession with every pros and cons <3

TA:K and TFoK: Those who know me probably know that TFoK (The Future of Kingdoms) is my masterpiece, my web-manga, my precious little baby <3 A story that never gets old and boring, a story for everyone. A story that was based on a computer game XD (Total Annihilation: Kingdoms) ... So if I want to publish TFoK in the future (legally of course), I'll need the rights of the game... Stupid dream you might say since I could just change the names and all and it'll be original. Naw... TFoK is as it is and won't change. It wouldn't be the same story again. So I rather pay a bunch of money for the rights XD at least I hope I'll get the chance for it...

Marriage: Kind of obvious <3 <3 <3

Corgi: ...I never had a puppy/dog in my life... I grew up without one... and I always wanted to have one D,8 ... so in the future when I'll have my own family/house, I'll definately get a puppy...and not just any kind of puppy but a welsh corgi! Yusss! I totally fell in love with that breed <3 And I'll do everything in order to get one (legally of course XD).

Friends: During these years at dA, msn and a bunch of other programs/games/sites I managed to meet hundreds of great friends :D I'm afraid I won't be able to meet every one of them, but I would still give it a try and travel around the world to see cool places and meet my friends in real life :3 If only I wouldn't have that awful airplane-phobia...

Family: Kind of obvious and general... If this alone (of course with the wedding) will happen only, I'll be still the happiest crazy artist of the world <3 Also, don't ask me why TWINs... I'd like to know that too... <_<'
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For this piece:
As a very uncertain university student, this piece is rather personal to me. I have listed all of my dreams in there, but the light bulb never came on... I could not decide what I want to do with my life, and the next thing I knew, I've wasted almost 2 years of university without knowing what I want to do...

I know I am running out of time as I stay uncertain, and time is slowing corroding my life away. So I suppose, my goal, or my dream, is the ability to light that little light bulb in my head, and perhaps capture one of the goals within my uncertain mind ( and then just go for it!). (the chaotic arrangement of the words are my messy mind orz)

I know many of you will think I am been way to literal with this piece and my goal, but I wanted to forcibly show what I think. Some of you might not realize, just how hard it is to find something I want to do with my future. I have to think about it everyday, it's not a very pleasant thing orz. Not to mention the university want me to decide what I want to do soon. I already have a lot of people telling me they DON'T understand why I could not find something I want to do with my life after university orz....

Even as I am applying to design schools, I am questioning if that's the right thing to do. I love doing art, but science fulfill my curious mind.... but I can only chose one....

orz sorry for my pre-exam emo-ness
orz I just realize a lot of pieces entered are about dreams.... maybe I got the theme of this contest wrong.... O well, future aspiration is also a kind of dream.... right?

the person in the pic is me, this is only the second time I did a self-portrait XD, I know it kind of...don't look like me... I wanted to show my abstract mind, so the fonts and everything are in 2D style where as in real life, I drew myself and everything else more solid-like.

Edit: I know my hand looks abit weird, but don't know how to fix it yet...
Photoshop + SAI 50/50

Edit 2: misspelled engineer.... I spelled enginer
Edit 3: misspelled Architect..... I spelled Achitect lol
Edit 4: I should stop fixing it =/
I should this into a "find a wrong word" pic ;D.
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my dream is, when I'm older and I have a kid I hope he or she will express his/her feelings and thoughts through something creative like music or art..

the title Seeing Sounds is obviously from the N.E.R.D album.

I hope you like it , because I spent some time on this one:)

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OMG OMG OMG!!!!! AH! I'M ONE OF THE 25 FINALISTS!!!!! WAHHH!!!! Omg, I logged into my account and I noticed I had 25 messages... I thought.. well, that's unusual lol, but then I look down and see the comments and someone said "congrats on being on of the 25 finalists" i was like.... O.O OMG!!! I started jumping around the house lol! I mean wow! I CAN"T BELIEVE IT! lolz! I kept on saying to m y self, there's no way I can be in the finals, there are too many good ones out there lol.... and then I see this.... AH! OMG THANKS EVERYONE I AM SOOO GRATEFUL!!! GOD BLESS!!! lolz :D :D

Oh btw I've read comments saying that all the entries are digital... but, mine is traditional.... Unless you count the little fixes I did in photoshop with the stars... and the hair, but that was because the pencil marks showed really ugly when I tried to go dark...
SO yes this is a traditional drawing. Done on Bristol smooth paper. Pencils ranging between 2H-9B :D :D :D
I love both Traditional and Digital. Both are just as difficult, both are just as beautiful. ^^

So drawing this pic was really fun. I lost track of how long I spent on this. But I have been working on it every day since the day I heard of the contest.

SO this pic represents my dreams, my visions. My dreams are scattered, out of this world and up in the clouds... I have a main dream. I wish to use my gifts for the Lord and to use them as he plans. (I believe drawing is that gift) lol :D :D. As you can see there is a cross in the middle. The horse can be taken both literally and figuratively. I love horses and I definitely dream of owning a horse one day ever since I was litle :D :D. Plus a horse represents beauty and freedom. The birds represent my dreams being scattered, and the birds emerging from the bible represent that the word will set you free. The tree represents life, the drawing hand represents I want to "draw" out my future.
and the words speak for themselves...
But overall you can take this any way you want.

Truly, If there be no vision, the people perish.

Oh yes reference from ojtek Kwiatkowski [link]

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My dream? To be an artist, and for all the pictures I've drawn on paper to be brought to life before everyone's eyes.
My dream is to work in the video game industry for Square Enix as a character designer and illustrator, concept artist, base story writer, creative producer and eventually work my way up to being a director. I look up to Tetsuya Nomura, who has always inspired me with his work.

In this picture, a gust of wind has flown in from behind me, throwing my sketchbook open and wisking away all the pages inside of it. The pictures on the paper are coming to life and becoming their own living reality.

Each of the people on the pictures are characters that I created. They are all from stories I've made, while one is an orignal character for an existing video game. These are the characters, starting from the top left corner going from left to right:
Imminente Luna Maillon -- Female, Red hair, grey eyes. Series: TBA
Prima Luce Maillon -- Male, Redish-purple hair, gold eyes. Series: TBA
Tsukiko Riku -- Female, Brown hair, green eyes. Series: Kokoro no Senshi
Travis Brea -- Male, Blonde Hair, glasses. Series: Kokoro no Senshi
Mei -- Female, black hair, gold eyes. Series: 'Till the End of Time
Kiru -- Female, blonde hair, green eyes. Series: Kingdom Hearts OC
Elouise Vuhtalie -- Female, brown hair, blue eyes. Series: Shattered Skies
Shift -- Male, Brown hair, sleeping. Series: 'Till the End of Time
Hikou -- Male, Silver hair. Series: 'Till the End of Time
Kairn Valor -- Male, brown hair, green eyes. Series: Shattered Skies

UPDATE: I made the Semi-Finals! YAY! :D
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Recently it feels like the world has been particularly chaotic. Stress, anxiety, fear, sickness..etc Especially because of the economic recession and whatnot. Personally, family problems, financial issues, and adjusting to my first year of college have been the sources of my personal problems.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could just stop, sit down and doodle a bit?

I'd like a doodling session with the world. :] It's quite therapeutic, really. Even those that don't consider themselves artists often find relief in etching stick figures on their notes, agenda, lab paper..etc.

This also relates to my career choice, as I am currently a freshman nursing major. Despite its arduous nature I think its a very rewarding job. It's nurses that directly aid the sick and help them adjust to the clinical environment. They bring relief.

I hope that in the future I can help people in the same way doodling has aided me during times of stress and emotional turbulence.

Morever I think this theme is extremely prevalent to the contest, because digital art allows artists to gather together internationally and deviantart is pretty much the closest thing to 'global doodling' as any site can get + the products wacom provides are great tools for any person interested in digital graphics.

Thank you for reading. :]
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Wahh OMG i FINISHED it on TIME!! WHoooooooooo

WITH only 8 minutes to Spare!!!


I hope you like it and it sure would be nice to win XD!
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My submission for the WACOM CONTEST- DREAMS.

For DREAM, I always understood something whimsical made by the destiny. But also magical. A dream can be a place where everything is possible, even a wooden toy prince becoming human, after finding the last remaining piece, a true human heart. And of course, fitting it properly on the chest. =D
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My dream for today and all the days is a world with colors... with innocence and smiles.

Please, download to view real colors. Thank you. v_v;;
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