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:santa: Christmas is soooo almost here! I'm so excited! And I've been so excited to put this up too! :boogie: I've been working on it since late November, but only finished it this morning! :XD:

This is the second and last instalment of gifts for my wonderful friends on dA! :aww: This one was even harder to choose characters for, and the list went on and on!

:santa: :rudolph: :holly: Merry Christmas! :holly: :rudolph: :santa:

This one goes out to my closest friends, those who I respect and love! :love: And I am so grateful to know such wonderful people! :heart: For every wonderful comment that leaves me all warm and gooey on the inside, for the gifts, for the laughs, for the drama we've survived, for the support through the tough times, and the moments where we just enjoy the peace! :D You guys are truly awesome, and I couldn't ask for better friends!

I hope you have a truly blessed and merry Christmas! Or a truly happy festive season to you if you don't celebrate Christmas!

I decided on a nice group picture of everyone, under the Christmas moon in the snow with the Christmas tree up, and watching the cute little glowing snowflakes falling! :snowflake: Hehe and Santa's on his way, throwing some magic dust over the land to make everyone happy! :w00t: I hope you all like it, and that it puts a smile on your face, and let you know that you are truly special! :XD:

I know I missed out tails and back legs, and the anatomy isn't perfect. But it's a gift, and I'm not going back and changing it! :D

:bulletred: Merry Christmas Zeake and Meelie Pie!
Zeake is © to =Meelz

:bulletgreen: Merry Christmas Avri and Kara!
Avri is © to =Twilight-Veil

:bulletred: Merry Christmas Apache and Nicola!
Apache is © to *Ilyana88

:bulletgreen: Merry Christmas Libertad and Rosa!
Libertad is © to =leadmare

:bulletred: Merry Christmas Aerynne and Michelle!
Aerynne is © to =boribaby

:bulletgreen: Merry Christmas Calaris and Rebeka!
Calaris is © to *eldery

:bulletred: Merry Christmas Prelude and Karly!
Prelude is © to *karliashi

:bulletgreen: Merry Christmas Delirium and Ashley!
Delirium is © to =CricketWings

:bulletred: Merry Christmas RhYthm and Melody!
RhYthm is © to *PearlyPony

:bulletgreen: Merry Christmas Terence and Mel!
Terence is © to *unicorn-skydancer08

:bulletred: Merry Christmas Iskra and Monika!
Iskra is © to *Aomori

:bulletwhite: Snowflake brushes by ~Scully7491
:bulletwhite: Tree and holiday brushes by *redheadstock
:bulletwhite: Poses referenced from Mark J Barret
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