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EDIT: Finally got around to updating Brooke's ooooooold ref sheet! :dummy: I'm much happier with this one now. She deserves a lovely new page! :aww: Thank you so much to anyone who has drawn her - Brooke is one of my most underrated characters, and I'd love to draw more of her myself. :heart: The next couple of "Book of Days" is on the way, people! :la:

The reference colours read from left to right: Base, shadow and highlight.

If you don't want to read about her, please stop here. For those of you that do, please continue... :)

Image and character © =boribaby (Michelle Walker '10)


Photoshop CS2 & Wacom Intuos3 tablet
Pose copied from: [link] by ~GloomWriter
Swirly brushes © ~crazy-alice :thanks:


:star:Species: ¾ Papillio, ¼ Azar

:star:Gender: Female

:star:Age (in horse years): 7

:star:Family: Dam, Savannah. Sire, Alton. Mate, Rhydian. Daughter, Paige. Sister, Aerynne. Brother, Pierce.

:star:Personality: Shy and gentle-natured, but loyal and protective of her family.

:star:Distinguishing Features: Small gold butterfly chain in forelock. Light feathering on all four fetlocks. Butterfly marking on left shoulder. Some Azar markings.

:star:About Brooke: Brooke is the youngest of three, and has stayed with her parents' herd since the day she was born. She grew up around grassy meadows and loves nothing more than spending time with her family by the stream. Her mother, Savannah was overprotective of her when she was a foal, so she has grown up shy and a bit naïve. Rhydian and Paige are the most precious things in the world to her, and now that she has re-united with her older siblings, she hopes they can all live together in peace...

:star:Other pictures of Brooke:

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