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Chapter 12
Ivan sat in alone in his chambers, watching his Matvey sitting on the mouldy straw and sobbing in the cell Ivan had locked him in. Very gently Ivan set the mirror down and watched the image of the sobbing boy fade. Ivan had found himself in a situation he had never been before. Ivan, for once in his life, didn't know what to do.
He wanted to keep his Matvey locked up so that no one could ever hurt or take him away from Ivan. But keeping Mathieu here, forcing him to stay, that meant that Ivan was hurting him. And what if his grandmother died, out there on the road looking for Mathieu. Ivan wondered if Mathieu would ever forgive him if that happened, if he would ever stop trying to leave.
Ivan was stuck in a place he had never been before stuck between a rock and a hard place. Ivan couldn't let Mathieu go if he did he was scared he would never see Mathieu that the boy would never return to him would leave him alone in this castle, surrounded by only by people who hated him. Ivan knew that if such a thing were to happened he would probably lose his all ready questionable grasp on sanity.
But if he were to keep him here Ivan knew he would lose his Matvey in whole different way and that Mathieu was even less likely to ever return to him. Mathieu would never forgive him. He, would never love him, he would never return his love.
Ivan froze, he loved Mathieu. He loved him in a way he had never loved anyone before, not even his mother. He loved to torment Mathieu make him blush and squirm he loved the way the boy would retaliate something no one had had the courage to do for many many years. But he loved it the most in the moment when Mathieu would forgive him trusting that Ivan would not hurt him, not really. Ivan loved Mathieu's trust in him probably more than anything. No one had really ever trusted him before they had all been too scared to, and Mathieu was scared, he would be a fool not to be but his trust far out weighed the fear. And Ivan had broken that. He had locked him away instead of trusting Mathieu to come back to him.
It was no longer about the curse. For the past 3 years of Ivan's life he had thought only about the curse and only about his suffering, never anyone else. But now, now there was Mathieu, his Matvey and all though Ivan could happily watch the world burn he could not stomach the thought of his love suffering under any of life's cruelties.
Ivan could not leave Mathieu locked up in the dungeons. He knew that he could never live knowing that the boy hated him and blamed a beloved family members death on him, but he could not let him go. He didn't have the strength to set his Matvey free.
Ivan knew himself well and he knew that he would never be able to unlock the door and watch Mathieu leave, so it would have to be someone else.
Very slowly Ivan took the keys to the dungeon off his belt and set them down on the table by the magic mirror. For a moment his paw rested over them. It took all of Ivan's will power to remove his hand from the keys and leave them out out in the open where someone could easily take them. Very slowly Ivan turned his back on the keys and left the room to go and prowl the gardens, hoping against hope that some of his servants would choose to help the boy rather then leave him in his cell to rott.

"You WILL help me Arthur." Francis said quietly the current situation to important for the usual insults he enjoyed trading with the small clock.
"The answer is no Frog!!" Arthur snarled glaring up at the candle holder. "What the hell makes you think that I would help YOU of all people help our LAST chance at breaking this curse ECSCAPE!"
"You will help me because FIRST of all this last chance as you so call him is MY SON! SECONDLY, there is ABSOLUTLY NO CHANCE that my SON will fall in love with that Monster while he is LOCKED UP in the DUNGEONS!" Francis hissed. "And thirdly," Francis voice became sickingly sweet as he stared coldly at the small clock. "You are made of wood and I will happily burn you till only your brass bits is left it you do  not help me."
Arthur was silent he could not think of anything to say as a response to what Francis said. Not only was what the candle holder said was true but all so the deadly seriousness in his eyes. The one thing that Arthur detested more then anything about his sometimes friend sometimes lover and all ways enemy, was that he was never serious, he had never once seen the Frog b serious about anything, but now, now he was serious and Arthur wished that he was still just joking around.
Arthur was the first to break eye contact.
"Fine," Arthur whispered. "Fine, what do you want me to do?"
"I need you to keep the prince busy." Francis said still not looking away from the small clock.

Francis slowly pushed open the door to Ivan's room and peeked in making sure that no one was in sight it was supper time and Arthur was going to try and keep the beast at the table for as long as possible, while Francis searched his rooms for the keys to the dungeon. Looking around He decided to start with the large chest of drawers that rested against the far wall.

Francis had just finished searching through the table beside Ivan's bed and his dresser and found nothing he straightened up to look around the room trying to think of where else Ivan would have put the keys and hoping against hope that Ivan didn't take them with him to super when he saw them, lying innocently on the small round table that held the mirror and the rose were the keys to the dungeon. For a moment he worried about them being so out in the open, but he was willing to risk anything if he could save his son.
Hoping off the bedside table across the room and up onto the table he grabbed the keys and headed for the dungeons.

Mathieu was lying on mouldy straw crying silently into his arms when a soft ting, ting, ting of metal striking stone reached his ears. Sitting up Mathieu all so became aware of a light that was steadily growing brighter and brighter. Mathieu shot up and raced for the door.
"Papa?" Mathieu called quietly afraid to speak too loudly. "Papa, is that you."
"Mathieu!" Francis exclaimed hurrying till he was standing just outside Mathieu's cell door. "Oh, my poor patit lapin! I am so sorry! I knew this would happened I should have tried to get you out of the castle sooner!"
"No, Papa. It's not your fault! I should have listened to you," Mathieu's voice dropped down to a whisper so soft that Francis had to strain to hear him. "You were right."
Mathieu's voice was filled with such sadness that it broke his father's heart to hear it.
"Enough we do not have time for this!" Francis said not wanting to hear his sons pain so clear in his voice.
With a tremendous hop Francis leaped at the door and managed to stick one of the keys in, but it was the wrong one. It took three tries before he finally found the right key to unlock the door to Matthew's cell. Using his body weight the candle holder managed to turn the key in the lock. With a creak the door swung open a crack.
Quickly Mathieu pushed it the rest of the way open and stumbled out. Bending down he scooped his father into a tight hug.
Francis allowed himself only a moment to hug Matthew back before  he pulled away.
"Mon patit lapin there is no time! You must leave now!" Francis hissed at his son.
With a determined nod Matthew turned on his heel and gathering his skirts in one hand and cradling his Papa in his other he ran for the stables.

Ivan walked slowly up to his room the little clock had been very annoying tonight and he was glad to get away from him.
The moment that Ivan entered his room the first thing he noticed to both his great relief and great disappointment was that the keys to the dungeon were gone.
Trying to control himself he forced himself walked slowly over to the small table and picked up the little mirror.
"Show me Matvey." He commanded the small mirror, only the slightest tremble in his hand to show his impatiences.
The mirror fogged and cleared showing him a picture of Mathieu in the stables saddling his horse wearing nothing else then the gown he had been wearing from when Ivan had locked him up.
Worry bloomed in Ivan's chest the nights were getting so cold and Mathieu would freeze in that dress! Taking a moment to grab his warmest cloak Ivan ran down to the stables hopping against hope that he would get there before his Matvey left.

"So, my Matvey is determined to leave me."
Mathieu had just finished cinching up  Hanatamago's girth when Ivan's deep voice spoke from behinde him. He spun around, Ivan was standing in the door's shadow watching him, the door's shadow's hiding his face.
"Pl-please Ivan," Mathieu whispered trembling with fear. "My grandmother needs me."
Ivan let out a deep sigh and moved towards the boy, as he moved into the light Mathieu could see  his face. It was so sad that Mathieu could feel his heart go out to the beast.
"Oh, my sweet Matvey," Ivan whispered coming to stand right in front of the boy. "How I wish you would not leave me." He swung something around Mathieu's shoulders. The boy couldn't help but flinch at the action, but as the warm heavy fabric settled on his shoulders he relaxed and looked up first at Ivan and then down at the warm cloak in surprise. "I wish I could keep you here with me for eternity my sweet Matvey but I could not hurt you in such a way." Ivan leaned down and pressed his hairy lips to Mathieu's crown. "Be safe my Matvey."
and with those final words Ivan turned around and walked away.
For a moment Mathieu could only stand in shock, but the moment ended and he shook off his paralysis, he ran to the barn door and looking out of it at Ivan's retreating back he shouted, "I'll come back! I promise!" Ivan stopped and turned around to look at the boy wearing his cloak and his mother dress, he smiled and finished his retreat back into the castle.

Ivan watched from his room as Mathieu galloped into the woods, away from his castle.
:iconveryexcitedplz: YAY! IT'S DONE!!!! :iconveryexcitedplz:
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Chapter 6
Back at the small village things were about to take a turn for the worse.
Mathieu's Grandmother sat staring at the door. She had been watching the door for her grandson's arrival since about 11 o'clock that morning and now it was 7 o'clock in the evening. She sighed what was taking him so long? Mathieu should have been home by now!
A knock on her door, startled her out of her thoughts. Could it be Mathieu? No he wouldn't knock.
"Come in." she called maybe it would be the old man from the book store with news of why
The door opened to reveal the old man from the book store.
"Ahh good evening Ma'am," the old man greeted her. "I was just wondering if you had gotten any news from your grandson while he's visiting his father."
The feeling that something was wrong that had been niggling at the back of her mind since shortly before Mathieu left exploded.
"No, he...he told me you were having him deliver another book!" the old women exclaimed.
"What?" the old man asked confused, why would Mathieu have lied to his grandmother like that?
"Mathieu can't have gone to see his father! We have to go help him! He's being held prisoner!" The old lady sobbed hysterically.
She knew what had happened to the residents of the palace. And she knew what the prince had become. Something terrible must have happened! What if the prince killed Mathieu?
He probably just didn't want to worry her, the old man thought as the old woman began to get hysterical. "I'm sure he was just side tracked, after all he hasn't seen his father in a very long time. I'm sure that they're just catching up." The old man comforted. "He'll be back by tomorrow. Just you wait and see."
After he had comforted the elderly lady he gave her the supper that his wife had prepared for her, comforted her some more and when he was sure that the old woman was fine he left.

That night Mathieu's grandmother stayed up late staring into the fire. She had to do something! She couldn't lose her son and her grandson to that, that monster! She'd, she'd get help! If the old man from the book store wouldn't help her she'd get some other help, but WHO? That's when it came to her, Alfred. He was in love with Mathieu and he always wanted to be everyone's hero! He would help her!
She stood up and grabbing her can and cloak headed off for the local tavern.

Alfred stared in the fire.
"HOW DARE HE!" Alfred bellowed so suddenly it would have 'caused a few patrons to drop their drinks except for the fact that Alfred had been wallowing in self pity prone to random bursts of shouting for the past two days.
"I've been publically humiliated! Made a fool of! Why I'll make sure that stupid brat knows his place when we're married!" He huffed and began to sulk again.
Im-yong soo sighed and picked up two mugs of beer. He walked over to his depressed friend and offer him a mug.
"Come on Al have some beer party, be happy!"
Alfred grabbed both mugs and chucked them into the fire. "How can I be happy when I've been so embarrassed by that little, that little," Alfred's face screwed up as he tried to think of a name for Mathieu. "That little baby maker!"
People had long since given up on telling Alfred that Mathieu was a boy and so couldn't actually have babies.
"What? Alfred are you kidding?" Im-yong soo exclaimed. "Al, everyone here wants to be you!" he gestured wildly about the room, trying to make his point.
Alfred gave his friend a dirty look and curled into a ball to sulk some more.
Im-yong soo sighed time to stroke the ego.
Al, you're the coolest guy in town! All the girls love you. You're every ones hero!" Alfred just mumbled something. Im-yong soo sighed, and prayed that they could avoid singing the song this time.
Racing back over to the bar Im-yong soo grabbed another mug of beer turning around to face the rest of the tavern, "To Alfred" he shouted, "the coolest, strongest most handsome man in town!" everyone cheered.
When Alfred was depressed like this there were two ways to cheer him up, the first a whole bunch of toast to him telling him how cool he was and the second was the song, the song was the last resort and always worked. Im-yong soo hoped they wouldn't have to sing it.
There was a slight stirring in the chair. Usually a good sign, time for another toast.
"To Alfred" he shouted again grabbing the belt off of an unsuspecting man who was flirting with one of the serving girls, the man's pants fell down revealing his underwear. Everyone started laughing at the poor guy. He ran up to Alfred and looped the belt around his thick neck. "The most awesome specimen of the male human being!" everyone cheered again. Alfred was sitting up now, but he was still sulking.
"To Alfred" someone called from across the room, "the slickest and quickest guy in town!" more cheers, Alfred sat up a little straighter.
"To Alfred" someone else called, "everyone's favourite guy!"
"To Alfred, the greatest fighter!"
"To Alfred, the greatest shooter!"
"To Alfred, the burley and brawniest of all of us!"
"To Alfred, the HERO!" someone bellowed.
That did it Alfred was sitting up straight now a cocky smile on his face. "YOU BET!" He screamed, "look at all my biceps!?" Alfred flexed his arms showing off his many rippling muscles.
"ALL RIGHT!" Alfred hollered right back. "so ladies" he put on his 100 mega watt smile, "who wants to sit on the bench?"
Immediately a fight broke out among the barmaids as they each fought for a place on a simple brown bench that had been pushed away from a table. Once the three of the women were sitting on the bench Alfred bent down and picked up the bench and held it over his head, after a few minutes he took one hand away so that he was lifting the bench in the air with one hand. Alfred switched hands every few moments to show off.

Alfred sat in his chair happily flirting with the barmaid who had brought him his beer, when suddenly the door slammed open letting in the cold fall air. Everyone turned to see who had come into the tavern. There in the door way stood Mathieu's grandmother.
"Please! Please I need help!" she begged, tears making wet tracks down her cheeks.
Everyone stared at the old woman in shock wondering what on earth could be wrong.
"Please! Mathieu," the old woman stumbled further into the tavern, "Mathieu's been stolen by a beast!" The old woman sobbed.
There was a stunned silence for a moment than the whole bar erupted in laughter.
"Was it a big beast?" One man asked, coming up behind the woman raising his hands above his head to look bugger and loomed over her.
"Yes! Huge" the old woman sobbed. She didn't actually know what the beast looked like but she'd say anything to get help!
"With a long ugly snout?" Another man questioned, holding an empty mug up to his face to mimic the snout.
"Horribly ugly!"
"And sharp cruel claws?" This man curled his fingers like claws.
"YES! Yes! Will you help me?" The old woman begged crying harder now.
"All right old woman," Alfred said motioning two men forward. The two man stood beside the sobbing woman each tacking an arm. "We'll help you out!"
The two men lifted the old lady up and carried her outside, depositing her outside the tavern door.
The two men walked back in laughing.
"Who knew that the old lady was such a nut." They laughed as they walked back in slamming the door in the old woman's face.
As the men in the tavern laughed, Alfred began to do something he rarely did, he began to plot.
"Im-yong soo." He said a wide smile spreading across his face. "I have a plan that will guarantee Mattie will marry me within the week."
I think Alfred would love it if he had a song like the one for Gaston in beauty and the Beast, but Im-yong soo would hate it.

Guess what dearies, I OWN NOTHING!

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Chapter 11
Mathieu sat in front of the warm fire Kumaru sitting on his lap while he opened the collection of poems Ivan had recommended him. They were by an ancient Greek poet known simply as Ovid. Ivan had said they were love poems and that he thought Mathieu might enjoy them, opening the book he began to read.
The book fell from Mathieu's numb fingers, his cheeks painted a very dark shade of red. He needed some air lurching to his feet and sending Kumachichi sprawling Mathieu ran to a pair of doors that led out to a balcony where one could read when the weather would permit and took great gulping breaths of the chilly fall air to cool off his flaming cheeks.

Ivan tried not to laugh as he watched Mathieu's reaction to the book he had recommended. The boy's cheeks grew redder and redder until he finally dropped the book and blotted out to take great gulps of air. Finally Ivan couldn't help it he burst out laughing. When the shy innocent boy had asked him if he could recommend any books to him he had not been able to resist recommending his copy of the uncensored Ovid. He had been tempted to ask Mathieu to read it to him out loud but he felt that that may have been pushing it. So instead he had chosen to simply watch from the small looking glass in his room.

Ivan sat at the head of the table slurping his soup (sipping quietly was something he had simply been unable to do since his transformation) he was beginning to regret his idea to recommended The Ovid, Mathieu hadn't talked to him let alone looked at him since the incident and he hated it!
"Is Matvey enjoying his food?" he asked smiling at the boy trying to start a conversation.
Mathieu jumped at the sound of Ivan's voice but didn't look at him his face slowly increasing in color, he merely nodded.
This however was not the reaction that Ivan wanted. He wanted his Matvey to look up at him with that sweet smile of his and to talk to him happily, not sit there blushing like a fool over some foolish story! Ivan raised his arm and bawling his large paw up into a fist slammed it down on the table making all the dishes jump and clink together.
Mathieu jumped as Ivan's fist slammed down onto the table.
"I said I was sorry so Matvey will look at me now!"
Mathieu stared up in shock at the angry beast but barley a minute passed before his face turned a bright cherry red and he looked back down at his soup.
"Why is Matvey so mad?" Ivan practically whined. "I just wanted to see my Matvey's cute blushing face but now you won't even look at me!"
Mathieu didn't know whether to be angry or embarrassed about Ivan's unashamed enjoyment for tormenting him. He decided on embarrassed, it was safer.
"I-It, it's n-not that I'm m-mad at you" Matthew whispered, his voice becoming quite and quitter as he spoke. "J-just embarrassed." Ivan all most missed the last part the small blond was so quite.
For a moment Ivan was silent, thinking about what his Matvey had said and how he could get the blond to talk to him again or at least look at him.
"Matvey will read to me after super." Ivan said calmly, that way he would at least be able to listen to his Matvey's voice.
"Out of the Ovid?" Mathieu gasped shocked that Ivan would suggest such a thing. "I couldn't-"
"Nyet, something different." Ivan replied. "I prefer it when my Matvey looks at me."
Mathieu gave Ivan one more embarrassed look before returning to his now cold soup.

Mathieu wandered between the rows and rows of books looking for something that Ivan would like when one title caught his eye, The Polar Bear King. Medre! He cursed, his Grandmother!
"Mathieu," Francis quite and concerned voice interrupted Mathieu from his inner turmoil. "Mathieu, when are you planning to try and escape?"
For a second he could only stare at his father, escape. He didn't want to escape. He liked being here spending time with Ivan. But he needed to leave.
"Now," Mathieu whispered unshed tears making his eyes glassy. "I, I need to go talk to Ivan."
Mathieu walked past his father heading to the large fire place where he had left Ivan when a tug on his dress stopped him. He turned around to see his father holding onto the hem of his dress.
"But, but he will not let you go!" Francis replied stunned. What could Mathieu be thinking asking Ivan if he could leave the beast would never let his last chance at breaking the curse leave! "Mathieu I have worked in this palace since before Ivan was born, I have seen him grow up and twist into the monster he is now! His insides match his outsides no matter what you may think!"
"But papa-"
"Ivan is a cruel and selfish being Mathieu! HE WILL NOT LET YOU GO!"
For a second Mathieu simply stared down at his father before quietly answering.
"Non, I trust him and I cannot simply leave him papa."
Then Mathieu turned and quickly walked away.

Ivan sat in front of the large fire place and watched the flames flicker absentmindedly, wondering what book his sweet Matvey would choose.
"Ivan." Mathieu's voice startled the large beast from his absent minded wondering.
"What is it Matvey?" Ivan questioned turning to look at Mathieu. Instantly the beast noticed the many unshed tears fogging up the boys eyes and before Mathieu could utter a single word in response Ivan was by his side questioning him. "Matvey what is wrong?"
"I-I need to leave." Mathieu whispered, a single tear slipping out one eye and leaving a wet trail down his cheek.
"Matvey wants to leave me?"
"NO!" Mathieu exclaimed. For some reason the thought of Ivan thinking that he wanted to leave him hurt though Mathieu didn't understand why. "No, that's not it. There are things I need to do back in my home town. My, my grandmother, she needs me."
"Why?" Ivan growled at the blond. "Why do you need to leave me to go take care of some old woman?"
"We, I, our taxes are due in about a week. I, I came he-here because I didn't have the money to pay them. I was going to ask Papa if he would help us." Matthew stopped talking, a few more tears spilling from his eyes. "Bu-but I, I forgot."
"Matvey cannot go! You must stay here with me!" Ivan snarled, straightening his form to tower over the smaller boy. "I will send money to pay your taxes but Matvey must not leave me!"
"But, my, my Grandmother needs me." Matthew whispered looking up at Ivan, his eyes pleading for Ivan to understand.
"Het." Ivan replied ignoring the boys pleading eyes. "Matvey will not go he will stay here!" Ivan emphasised his point by stabbing one of his clawed fingers down in front of him.
"Ivan, I can't!" Mathieu cried, he could not believe that Ivan would keep him here against his will. "My Grandm-"
"If I show you you're бабушка and she is fine you will stay?" Ivan asked.
"My..." Matthew struggled with the foreign word before he finally understood what Ivan had suggested. "What do you mean show her to me?" He questioned. "How, how can you show her to me?"
"Come." Ivan commanded taking a firm hold of Mathieu's slight wrist and heading out of the library and towards his room. "торопиться. Hurry," Ivan growled, obviously agitated. "Hurry."

Matthew stood beside Ivan in front of the round table that held only a small plain hand mirror and the enchanted rose. Ivan very carefully picked up the small mirror and offered it to Mathieu.
"This mirror will show you anything you want." Ivan said quietly. "You merely have to ask."
Mathieu carefully took the mirror and looked it over. The mirror was old, very old. It was tarnished and the glass wavy with age, the wood was gray and soft with age and there was no designs carved into it.
For a moment Mathieu just stared at the small mirror, weren't things of power supposed to be, well magnificent covered in jewels and beautiful designs and not something so, so simple as this.
"The most powerful things are often the simplest things." Ivan said quietly voice full of awe. Slowly he reached out a large claw to trace the edge of the small hand mirror.
For a second Mathieu stared at the mirror thinking about what Ivan had said. After a moment he took a deep breath and holding the mirror in front of him began his request. "Show me," He paused and looked suspiciously up at Ivan. "Have you been watching me with this?"
For a moment Ivan considered lying, but decided that truth was probably a better way to go in this situation, if he lied and was found out than it would probably blow up into something larger than it was.
"Da." Ivan said calmly ignoring the rising look of horror and anger on his Matvey's face. "But only twice, the night that you had first arrived after I left you in the dining hall and this morning while you were reading the Ovid."
For a second Matthew wonder if Ivan was lying about when he had used the mirror but decided that he trusted him and that for his sanity's sake would believe him.
"All, all right." Holding the mirror in front of him once more he began. "Please, show me my grandmother." For a moment nothing happened then the glass cleared and he saw his grandmother sick and dying on the side of a road.

NO! No, this was not what Ivan wanted! This was not what his Matvey was supposed to see! The mirror had not shown Mathieu's grandmother at home warm healthy and content it had showed her out on the edge of a forest road sick and dying.
"Grand-mere!" Mathieu cried. "I have to go to her!"
Mathieu dropped the mirror on the table and spun around, gathering his skirts up in his arms to free his legs Mathieu ran for the door. He had not taken more than three steps when Ivan's large paw wrapped around his bicep and pulled him back into his chest.
"Matvey will not leave." Ivan hissed into Mathieu's ear his voice soft and dangerous. "Matvey will stay here with me, even if I have to lock you up." Ivan began to pull Mathieu out of the room and into a part of the castle that Mathieu had not explored before and didn't remember from his time living there.
"Non Ivan!" Mathieu screamed as Ivan dragged him down a hall. "Please Ivan don't! LET ME GO!" Mathieu began to struggle furiously refusing to give in without a fight he kicked and hit Ivan trying to make the large beast let go but Ivan ignored his struggles and pleas. Finally in desperation Mathieu bit the paw that Ivan was holding him with.
Ivan growled as his Matvey bit him the boy was struggling too much making it difficult for Ivan to drag him. He gave a sharp tug on his Matvey's arm so that the boy stumbled forward. Ivan quickly grabbed Mathieu before he could regain his balance and threw him over his shoulder and continued on his way. But as soon Mathieu had adjusted to his new position on Ivan's shoulder he began his struggles a new kicking and hitting. He no longer pleaded for Ivan to let him go instead the boy saved all his energy for his struggles, trying desperately to struggle free.

Ivan strode through the castle halls and down several flights of stairs till he reached the castle dungeons. Ivan was determined that his Matvey would not leave him even if he had to lock him up. Opening one of the cell doors he tossed Mathieu into the small dank musty cell.
"Matvey will not leave me, even if I have to lock him up." Ivan calmly told the stunned boy as he sat in a pile of old dirty straw looking up at Ivan.
"Ivan please." Mathieu whispered.
Ivan merely slammed the cell door and walked away the sound of Mathieu crying his name and pleading with him to let him go fallowing him all the way out of the dungeon and back to his room.
I have no excuse for why this update is so, soo so so so late.
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Chapter 4
Ivan paced the room waiting for Mathieu to arrive for super. He had been waiting a good 15 minutes and STILL the boy was not here!
"Little Matvey is very late, Da." Ivan said his voice sickly sweet.
Tino looked up from where he had been trying to comfort a desolate Francis who was slumped in the corner his back to the room.
"Well it has been a rather traumatic day for him." Tino said trying to calm the angry prince down.
"Then Matvey should eat, it will make him feel better" Ivan smiled, looking even more terrifying than usual.
"Maybe he should be allowed to eat in his room just for tonight, while he settles in and adjusts." Tino said in a calm low voice. "After all he just learnt that his father was turned into a candle holder."
"Little Matvey should join me for supper it will help him adjust faster."
"ADJUST FASTER?" Francis cried turning around to glare at the beast. "My son has just become your PRISONER and learned that everyone he knew from his childhood is now some talking house hold ITEM! AND YOU WANT HIM TO ADJUST FASTER!" Francis screamed waxy tears running down his cheeks.
Ivan was silent for a few moments staring at the angry candle stick in shock.
"Da" he finally responded slowly advancing towards Francis his face growing dark with anger.
Before things could turn ugly though the door slowly creaked open, everyone spun around anxious to see if it was Mathieu. But to the disappointment of some and the joy of other the one who slowly entered the dining room was Arthur, the small table clock.
"Arthur," the clock jumped when Ivan growled his name. "Where is little Matvey?"
The clock began to shake "W...well, u....ummmm h..he" Arthur stuttered but couldn't seem to actually seem to say anything.
"Da?" Ivan leaned forward ready to smash the stupid clock if it didn't hurry up and tell him where his sweet little Matvey was.
"H...he, he's not coming" the clock finally wailed.
Ivan stood there in shock for a few minutes, not understanding that someone had actually disobeyed him.
Tino and Francis watched as Ivan stood there stunned for a few moments. They watched in growing fear for the poor child who dared to defy the prince as his face changed from confusion to anger.
Ivan roared and crashed out of the room down and the hall, heading towards Mathieu's room.

"You have to go! Please" Felix said, desperate and worried for the boy and how his master was going to react, to the boy denying him.
"I don't care! I won't go and eat dinner with him!" tears were once again beginning to glisten in Mathieu's eyes. "I hate him!" he whispered.
Felix looked sadly down at the sweet boy ready to comfort him and try to get him to go down to dinner when the door burst open in a shower of splinters. Matthew covered his head with his arms to protect his face from the shower of splinters. When he slowly removed his arms and when he looked up it was into the snarling white face of Ivan.
"Matvey is not yet ready for dinner?"  The beast asked in a sugary voice. "Why?" slowly he turned his head towards the wardrobe. "Perhaps it is Felix's fault. Maybe I should punish him." The beast edged closer to the wardrobe who was currently trying to become one with the wall.
"N..NO!" Mathieu shouted he couldn't let Felix or anyone else suffer because he had refused the prince.
"No then why are you not ready little Matvey?" Ivan turned back to watch the boy his head cocked curiously to the side. How easy it was to manipulate this boy and so much fun as well.
"I....I d....don't feel well." Mathieu stuttered trembling with fear.
"Then Matvey should eat." Ivan smiled moving closer to the boy, "you will join me for supper da." Once again it wasn't a question.
", I..I won't" All though he was scared Mathieu still refused to join the beast for supper.
Ivan grabbed the boys chin in one massive paw and tilted his head towards him, forcing Mathieu to look him in the eye.
"You will join me for dinner and you will dress appropriately or I will drag you down stairs and you will eat naked." Ivan said in a gentle voice. He reached his other claw towards Mathieu's shirt collar. "I will even help you start changing." Slowly he ran one of his claws down Mathieu's shirt ripping it. "There. You will join me in ten minutes Da."
And with that Ivan turned leaving the room and the trembling boy.

Ten minutes later the door to the dining room opened once again, this time revealing a blushing Mathieu in a red dress. The silk bodice was edged in cream lace and was laced up the middle with a cream ribbon, the large red silk of the skirt parted to reveal a cream petticoat with red lace along the hem. Ivan smiled when he saw the boy slowly enter his head turned down angry tears collecting in the corner of his violet eyes.
"Come here little Matvey." The large beast purred. Mathieu didn't move. Ivan raised his fist and slammed it down onto the table. The wood cracked and splintered with the force of the blow. Mathieu jumped and slowly walked over to the huge beast, stopping just in front of him. Ivan smiled and walked around the trembling boy, nodding his approval.
"Matvey looks very nice." Ivan said "Matvey looks very nice in a dress. You will wear more dresses while you are here." Ivan looked down at the young man who had his fists balled up in the delicate red silk. Ivan tutted and took his wrist pulling his hands away from the skirt. "Now little Matvey we must not damage your pretty new dress." Ivan smiled down at the small boy.
Slowly he moved his hands till he was no longer gripping Mathieu's delicate wrists but his small hands. Ivan's hands were in fact so large that Mathieu's completely disappeared within the massive paws.
Slowly Ivan led Mathieu to his seat which was placed to the right of the chair at the head of the table where Ivan sat. Ivan pulled out Mathieu's seat for him, before sitting himself.
"I am slightly disappointed Matvey I was hoping you would choose to come to dinner naked rather than in a dress. I would have gotten to see you're beautiful figure then." Ivan smiled at Mathieu, not his usual vicious smile, but a kinder one.
Mathieu choked on his soup. He couldn't believe Ivan had just said that! He felt more furious tears begin to form. How could he, Ivan was so selfish!
Something soft touched his cheek. Mathieu looked up startled.
"Such a beautiful boy shouldn't cry." Ivan said softly as he wiped the tears from Mathieu's eyes. It was too much for Mathieu to handle.
"WHOSE FAULT DO YOU THINK IT IS THAT I'M CRYING?" Mathieu screamed pulling away from the beast's soft touch. "I come here to visit my father only to find that he's been turned into a candle stick along with everyone I knew as a child! And then some, some BEAST," Mathieu spat the word out as if it disgusted him. "Takes me prisoner and forces me into a dress and then tells me I shouldn't cry when it's his fault!"  Mathieu broke into full blown sobs for the second time that day, falling to his knees and crying into his hands.
A deadly silence descended upon the dining room as everyone stared at the weeping boy. Slowly Ivan reached out a large paw to the boy.
"No!" Mathieu shouted smacking his hand away and glaring up angrily at the beast. Ivan stared at the boy for a few minutes before he snarled at him and turning and storming out of the room, slamming the door so hard that it swung back open.
Mathieu began to sob again, tears coursing down his cheeks.
Something waxy suddenly touched his arm. Matthew looked up and then down to see his father resting one of his candle sticks that was now his hand on Matthew's arm.
"It'll be all right mon patit lapin." Francis cooed stroking his hand, "Shhhhhhhh, it will be all right my sweet Mathieu." Mathieu picked up the Candle holder and held it to his chest sobbing harder as his papa tried to comfort him.

Ivan slammed the door to his room open. How dare he! After Ivan went to all that trouble to be nice to him!
"Did he want to stay in the dungeon?" He shouted into the destroyed room. "I go to the trouble of putting him in the south-west room and, and he doesn't like it! Maybe I should stuff him let him stay in the dungeon! See how he likes it that stupid brat!"
Ivan stormed over to the one part of his chambers that was clear of debris, in the center of the cleared area was a rose that was glowing a soft pink hue and a plain little hand mirror sitting on a small table. He grabbed the mirror.
"Show me Matvey" he hissed at it. The mirror fogged up and then cleared. There sat Mathieu on the dining room floor holding Francis to his chest and sobbing. Ivan glared at the mirror for a minute before raising his arm ready to smash the mirror and the image it showed him.  But he didn't, he never did. Eventually he just set the mirror back on the table and retreated into the darkest part of his room to think.
Ivan's a perve almost on Franny's level!

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Chapter 10
Ivan stared at Mathieu, too surprised to move. To say that he was stunned would be an understatement. No one had ever willingly come near him after he had threatened them the way he had Mathieu.
Mathieu began to fidget, should he have come? Ivan was glaring at him. He was about to apologise and flee Ivan's seemingly angry expression when the large beast moved to the side ad motioned him inside. Cautiously Mathieu entered Ivan's chambers.
"Wh..where do you want me to-" Mathieu's question was cut off as Ivan wrapped his two massive arms around the boy.
For a moment Mathieu froze memory from this afternoon still fresh in his mind. But after a few minutes he slowly began to relax.
As Ivan felt Mathieu slowly relax in his grip, he held the sweet boy closer, he never wanted to let him go. But all things must end, so Ivan slowly relaxed his grip prolonging the separation as long as he possibly could.

"No! No! NO!" Arthur hollered as he struggled out of Francis grip. "I SAID NO!"
"Oh come now mon rosbif," Francis cooed, trying to wrap his arms around the unwilling clock. "Let us enjoy our time alone before mon patit bebe comes down for supper."
"He's all ready been down you git!" The struggling clock snarled, honestly how could Francis be so stupid!
"What?" Francis grip on the Arthur weekend slightly.
"He chose to take supper up with Ivan in his room!" As Arthur said this he gave one final push using all his strength, unfortunately for the small clock upon hearing where his son was Francis let go completely sending Arthur flying.
"Why is mon Mathieu taking supper with Ivan?" Francis cried panic clear on his waxy features.
Arthur crashed into a wall with a thud sending gears flying.  Picking him up with a huff he scowled at Francis. "What's the big deal? This is a good thing! Ivan's showing more progress with Mathieu then he has any other, if this keeps up Ivan could fall in love and we could be human again!" Arthur waddled around the room picking up his fallen gears cleaning them and putting them back. "Honestly if we knew this would happen then we should have brought the boy here soo- OOOOOW!" Arthur jumped into the air clutching his burned behind.
"Do NOT even joke about that!"Francis snarled at the surprised clock. "That is my SON and I sent him away for a reason!" Francis turned around and hopped out of the room, the sound of his gold base hitting the marble floor following him out.

Mathieu sat across from Ivan picking his meal. It was a stuffed quail and quite good. Despite the servants disadvantage at being turned into common household appliances they were still quite skilled at their many different tasks. Really it was quite amazing. He wondered how hard it had been to learn how to do these tasks with their new bulky appendages. He would have to ask his fath-
"Mattie is nervous, da?" Ivan's voice interrupted Mathieu's hectic thoughts of the challenges of performing a servants duty when all you had were candle sticks for hands by Ivan's low voice.
"Oh, um, no, no I was just thinking." Mathieu quickly replied blushing, it was lie, he was still nervous about being around Ivan after today's display of temper.
Ivan watched the boy he was no longer trembling, but he was still tense, not quite as tense as when he had first arrived at the door to Ivan's chambers. Ivan looked down at his dinner, he had hardly touched it and Mathieu's was in a similar state. Ivan sighed, neither of them seemed to be very hungry, Ivan felt too guilty and Matthew too nervous. Pushing his chair back Ivan stood.
"Would you join me for a stroll around the gardens?" Ivan asked carful to look just above the boy's head, afraid to face what was in the boy's eyes.

Ivan stood in front of the door to the garden and glared at the rain as if he could make it disappear by will alone.
"It, it's all right Ivan," Mathieu whispered hoping to calm the large beast down. "We can go out for a walk in the gardens tomorrow."
Ivan looked down at Mathieu out of the corner of his eye. He didn't want to leave it like this, he had to truly make it up to Mathieu tonight. Show Mathieu that he could trust him.
"Matvey likes books does he not?" Ivan quarried the words of Francis echoing through his head.
"Y..yes." Mathieu was stunned by the sudden change of topic.
Taking the stunned boy's hand and tucking it into the crook of his arm Ivan led them away from the door to the garden and back into the castle.
After a few moments of stunned silence at Ivan's abrupt change of topic Mathieu finally found his voice hiding somewhere in the back of his throat.
"Where, where are we going?" He questioned the rather determined looking beast.
"A surprise for Matvey." Was all the answer Ivan gave him as he led him deeper into the castle.

All Mathieu could do was stare at the shelves upon shelves of books. There must be millions here! Ivan must possess a copy of every book ever written!
Ivan watched the smaller male easily reading the thoughts that crossed his face as he slowly walked into the library. He should have given this to him to begin with. If he had done that then he would never have scared the boy.
"Does Matvey like it?" Ivan asked staying just outside the door.
"Yes. Yes its wonderful!" Mathieu turned to smile at the beast. "You have so many books!"
"Then it's yours."Ivan said firmly. "I will never enter this room without your permission."
As the last part of Ivan's statement sunk in, the odd position Ivan had taken just outside the door finally made sense. He was waiting for Mathieu to invite him in.
"Won't you please come in?" Mathieu whispered that sweet pink blush gracing his futures once again.
Ivan smiled and strode foreword to stand in front of his Matvey. Gently cupping his cheek in one hand and stroking it with the pad of his thumb Ivan whispered. "Thank you my Matvey." Ivan finally looked into Mathieu's eyes and smiled.

Where was she! Mathieu's grandmother stumbled down the deserted road. She should have reached the inn by now. A rough hacking cough suddenly rose in her throat, shaking her whole body.
She had been out for two nights now and both had been cold and damp. She had been sure that even in her old age she would be able to make it the inn that was the half way point around noon on her third day. Another cough shook her body. She would have to find a spot to make camp for the night. She didn't have the strength to go much farther.
OH MY GUMMY BEARS! Guess what happened to me! I got a mother ****** virus! I lost everything! My Fan Fics which were about to go up! The second part of my accident story was done and I was just about to post and WAM! virus! and I lost the chapter. I need a hug. *sniff sniff* Not to mention all my note for school and my essays! GONE! IT'S ALL GONE! If I ever get my hands on a hacker I swear I'll start my career as an axe murder! (We all know it's coming, MUA HAHAHAHA!)

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Chapter 7
Mathieu was outside playing fetch with Kumajiro. He couldn't move around too much. Ivan had forbid him from moving the leg to much in case he worsened the injury. Mathieu thought that it was ridicules and that they should be more worried about Ivan's wound but Ivan wouldn't listen to him. He thought it was sweet and hoped Ivan would be careful about his arm and kept a fairly close eye on him to make sure he was.
Mathieu looked up at the balcony that led into one of the many sitting rooms. Ivan stood there watching him. Mathieu blushed and quickly looked away.

Francis stood on the railing by his master. He was worried about the princes growing attachment to his son. He was all so worried about the looks that Matthew was beginning to give the prince when he thought no one was looking. Ever since Ivan had saved him last night, Mathieu had been more comfortable around Ivan. Matthew was less scared and more willing to stand up to the prince.
Francis sighed all he could do now was hope for the best. His son may not seem like it but he could be just as stubborn and bull headed as Ivan, only in a quieter and passive aggressive way.
"I want to do something for Matvey." Ivan's words startled Francis out of his thoughts.

Ivan watched as Mathieu threw a stick and the dog turned footstool would go and bring it back for the boy to throw again. Mathieu laughed and looked up at balcony where Ivan was standing. They're eyes met for a brief moment before the boy turned away blushing. Ivan watched him for a few more minutes in silence.
"I want to do something for Matvey." Ivan said his eyes not leaving the boy playing with the dog.
Francis stared at the beast for a moment. Thinking of something Ivan could do for his son, it couldn't be something normal that would be too dull and his patit lapin was better than that.
"Well you could give him flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep. Oh a lovely romantic dinner would be nice." Arthur said unaware of Francis's inner turmoil.
"Non, non!" Francis exclaimed tempted to push the annoying clock off the railing for suggesting such things when it was his precious babe. "Matthew is better than such flimsy uncaring gifts!"
"Well then what do you suggest?" Arthur asked shoving the thin candle stick, annoyed that his ideas had been insulted. They were good solid TRADDITIONAL ideas. They were used because they worked!
"It must be something bold! Something that shows you know and understand him! Something that will truly show you care!"
"That isn't a suggestion!" Arthur shouted at Francis shoving him again.
"Well at least I'm trying to think of something original!" Francis shoved back. "Which is more than can be said about you!" Francis shoved the clock again.
"Why" Arthur, unable to come up with any insult for the candle stick, tackled Francis.
Soon the two were rolling around on the balcony fighting, Ivan sighed and turned back to watch his sweet Matvey. He longed to touch him. To hold him the way he had last night when he had been checking his leg. Matvey's leg, how could he have done that to the sweet boy! he needed to show him he was sorry and he wouldn't do it again!
"Enough" Ivan snapped at the two fighting trinkets. "This is not helping me! Now think of something! What does my sweet Matvey like?"
Francis froze when he heard Ivan call his son 'My sweet Matvey'. When had he started referring to his child like that? He didn't want his patit Mathieu to end up with Ivan! Francis looked up at the huge beast. The way he would look at his son, so gently Francis hated it. He could tell that Ivan was feeling the one thing he had never felt for anyone except his mother, love. And this time it wasn't anywhere near as plutonic as that love had been.
"Well?" the beast turned to look at the candle stick expectantly. "What does my sweet Matvey like?"
"B..books." Francis chocked out "He's always loved books. I know for a fact he was looking for the library when he, when he wandered into your room."
For a moment Ivan looked pained, but then it cleared. "I know what I will give my Matvey." Ivan murmured before turning back to watch the young man play with the dog.

Mathieu was getting cold. Without being able to move around much he couldn't keep very warm so even though he hadn't been out very long, by his standards any way, he was ready to go back in.
"Come on Kumamasa!" He called to the dog, footstool. He was having trouble remembering the dog's name it had been so long since he played with him.
The dog came running up to him barking and wagging his tail happily. Matthew laughed and headed back towards the castle. He got to the stairs that led to where the prince watched him from. It, it wasn't the way he had come in, but it would be fine if he went in this way.
Slowly Matthew picked up the cumbersome skirt he wore and started up the stairs.
When Matthew reached the top, Kumajiro close on his heels Ivan was waiting for him.
"Matvey had fun playing outside da?" He smiled at the blushing boy.
"Yes, I..I had lots of fun." Mathieu replied blushing more as he stood in front of the beast.
"That is good." Ivan offered Mathieu his arm. "Shall we go in now Matvey?"
Mathieu nodded. As he took Ivan's arm he didn't think that he could get any redder.  He was sure he looked as red as one of the gardeners tomatoes.
"I have a gift for you my Matvey." Ivan said smiling happily as he led Mathieu into the castle.
"Oh! You, you didn't have to." Mathieu said surprised at Ivan doing such a thing.
"But I wanted to." The beast chuckled.

Mathieu's grandmother paced the floor in front of the fire. Her grandson was in danger! She couldn't lose Mathieu to; she couldn't stand to lose him to that dammed prince?! Not so soon after she had lost her son!
The old woman had been up all night pacing after she had been kicked out of the bar. That stupid selfish Alfred, everybody's hero! Ha! She had given him a chance to be a real hero and he had thrown her out! She had to do something. Suddenly a knocking on the door startled her from her thoughts.
"Mrs. Bonnefroy," it was the old man Mathieu worked for. "Mrs. Bonnefroy, can I come in?" she ignored him. "Mrs. Bonnefroy I heard what you did at the bar last night! Can I come in?" she continued to ignore him. "Please I want to help you. Mathieu would be so worried if he knew what had happened!"
That was it! She grabbed a vase and chocked it at the door.
"All right I'm leaving." The old man sighed. "If you need anything just come down to the book store."
Mrs. Bonnefroy heard the sound of retreating footsteps.
She sighed. No one was going to help her. What could she do? She could go and save her grandson herself! That's what she could do!
"No one will help me so I'll have to go myself!" The old woman climbed the stairs to get ready for the journey to the castle.
Ivan is OC
Mrs. Bonnefroy is Mattie's Grandmother
and the gardener is Antonio
Review for Apple and cookie PARTIES!
And love!
shouldn't it be run for your vital regions?
*smack* just run!

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Natsu, more hot than ever, and I mean hot, LIKE FIRE! XP
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Marik blinked and stared up at Bakura with his lavender eyes. He was at a loss of words for a moment. He finally gathered his thoughts and grimaced.

"I don't want you!" he yelled, trying to sit up. Bakura just laughed and continued to pin him down, flicking his tounge at Marik's neck, which sent shivers down his body.

"You say no...but your body says yes." Bakura purred as he lightly bit at Marik's neck.

"S-s..." Marik began to say stop, but it was cut off because he began to moan. The reason for this is because Bakura had slid his shirt off and started nibbling at his stomach.

"As you were saying, Marik?" Bakura said with a mischevious grin. Marik blinked and said nothing. He knew Bakura was right. He wanted Bakura, wanted him so badly, but he wouldn't let him have the satisfaction of winning. He wouldn't.

"I was saying that I don't want you! Why can't you get that through your head! Sheesh, you would've figured that being alive for 5,000 years, you would be smart!" Marik snapped.

"Oh, playing hard to get are we? You know that only turns me on." Bakura said. The grin on his face was like a grin of a little boy who had just entered a candy shop. A candy shop that was full of many...treats and possibilities.

"GET OF OFF ME!" Marik yelled, fidgeting under Bakura, but Bakura continued to pin him down.

"Stop resisting, Marik..." Bakura purred. "You know you can't resist me much longer, and I must say, the more you resist, the more I tease." he said with a dark chuckle. Marik just glowered at him, saying nothing.

He wasn't going to give Bakura the satisfaction.

Bakura smirked  and kissed Marik deeply, tangling his hands in his hair. Marik  gasped and /tried/ to not kiss him back. He tried /so hard/...

But he couldn't resist.

Bakura was right.

Bakura ran his tounge along Marik's lips, begging for entrance. Marik parted his lips slightly, and Bakura shoved his tounge into Marik's mouth, running it along the roof of his mouth. Marik moaned quietly in pleasure, which only made Bakura kiss him deeper.

Oh how Bakura loved the sound of Marik's moans. He couldn't get enough.

((Now, use your imagination for what happened next because I am not going into detail. Aren't I a stinker? xD))

The next morning, Marik woke up, tangled in Bakura's arms. ((Aren't you glad I didn't go into detail? No? Well...crap xD)) Marik looked around, and he noticed that /none/ of his clothes were on.

What the hell happened last night...?

He thought for a moment, then he remembered everything that happened.

And he enjoyed /every/ second of what had happened. Bakura was right! Marik did want him, and Marik loved him. He just couldn't deny it anymore...
Second Thiefshipping fanfic!
And let me tell you, it's a lot better than the first.
Aren't I a stinker? xD
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This is a picture of Jellal from one of the spin-off series of Fairy Tail. He features in Fairy Tail OVA episode 2.

This was a commission, my first ever commission, for =blazekid7 - :iconblazekid7:

Hope you like :D
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