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Terrorizer - Crematorium

Just a little practice thingey. I am at my parents house now and the PC can't handle big resolutions, smudge tool or whatever so I didn't go crazy. And my tablet is not here :/ I found some of my oldest apo renders so I thought I could use them. Also a lot of stocks used:

Some apo flames from =synax444's last pack: [link]
some of the =tsarye's resources: [link] and [link]
and `gucken's planet: [link]

This is half of the original resolution so don't yell if you don't like the quality. My PC is just lazy :/
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Hm first of all sorry for the delay but I was in a muse block for some time.

This piece means a lot for me.
First: Inspired by the music of Iniquity (for the title and helped during the process). Also inspired by the almighty =synax444 :D This is my personal tribute to him for all the advices and help and inspiration (not to mention his music taste - a fan of Iniquity too :slow:) So synax... this is for ya :D Used your flames with some of mine :P
Second: This is my 100th deviation :D
Third: I think I get out of my Space Art block :)

So enjoy!

Need your opinions and critiques but it is highly possible not to change anything in this picture :D

Edit: Sharpened it up a little and added some light in the centre of the neb.

Added wallpaper pack!
Following resolutions included:
:bulletblue: Ratio 4:3

:bulletblue: Ratio 5:4

:bulletblue: Ratio 16:9

:bulletblue: Ratio 16:10
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Destruction shall fall upon us all! :evillaugh:
Any advices and critique are welcome!

Edit: Changed the picture completely. Added the foreground planet with the ecpolsion. Added some cracks on the other planet and changed the flying asteroids completely.

Old version here: [link]

Wallpapers coming!
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Keep it simple:
a simple day in outer space.

A new wallie from me. I really tried to keep it simple but I spent some time on this dusty neb. All in all it fills the desctop good. Enjoy it. I really appreciate all comments and favs! :)

PS to *ChrisCold - no I wont put a radial gradient on top of all :P



Edit (09.01.2010): Added some more stars, edited a bit the nebula in the top right corner, added sunglow on top of all just for *ChrisCold :) Hope you enjoy.

Now a Print version too :P And that is about all. Hope it stays good on your desktops.
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Ok, here it comes , my collab with the overmighty supersexy ~ChrisCold Don't know how much time we spent working on this piece but it's finally finished.

Inspired by some of Chris' older artworks: [link]

Despite my tries to fuck his purely awesome nebula I couldn't fuck the Master's work. He did awfully kickass job with the smudge tool again so GO and fav his deviation here: [link]

Now seriously.. GO and fav it :P

Music Inspiration (I almost always put this so I will put it again): Mors Principium Est, Iniquity, The Scourger, The Proclaimers and the almighty Lamb of God.

And I am proud with the outcome of this :D
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One of my biggest dreams is to see a view like that. And this system is like the dream one for me.

This is my entry to the new wacom contest. I have no illusions for a win but I guess I can try just for the fun of it.

I will add some wallies later. They will be only widescreen because of the ratio.

Inspired somehow by =JoeJesus Go give him some love! :D
4k wide original.

Edit: Added wallpapers: 1920x1200 and 1600x1200. Also I've put the preview image in the rar file

Added some more details to the image itself.
Nah some really minor adjustments :)

The music inspiration: Iniquity - Son Of Cosmos
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Dual monitor widescreen wallpaper, woohooo!

Update (04/28/10): Organizing my folders I found a different version of 'Minty Mouthwash" that I completely forgot I did. I actually prefer it to the green one, but maybe that's just me.

Download contains a zip with both dual-screen wallpapers.
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A collaboration piece between me and the almighty 3D/sci-fi artist *freelancah


Highly inspired by his piece Dreams of Clouds
It started with his beautiful planet render. Then we tossed the PSD file around until we got satisfied with it.
He did the good job so go and give him some love if you like it.
Download for 1920x1080 resolution wallpaper.

Project name: "The broken HDD project - collaboration between Seagate, Hitachi and Toshiba" Since from the idea till the execution of the project a few HDD died.

Anyway hope you like it. Any critiques and comments are welcome. Thank you for your time and clicks.

Enjoy! :D
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Another practice. This is entirely painted except the planet texture. I am preparing for my biggest project till now. This was done for about 45 minutes so don't complain about the lack of detail. Any usefull critique and comments (and favs) are appreciated.

The End or New Beginning?! This is up to you to decide!

4k wide original resolution

Enjoy and thanks for your clicking :P
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In the center of the universe
In the midst of oblivion
Is where the seat of power is found
Soaked by unspeakable madness

Iniquity - Son of Cosmos

45 minutes doodle in photoshop. No manipulations, no fractals. Just painting!

Thanks to =tsarye for some of his nebula brushes.

Wallies will come soon!

Edit: Wallies added: 1920x1200 and 1600x1200 :) Enjoy

Enjoy and thanks for your clicks and time. Any feedback is appreciated!

Original resolution is 4k wide
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