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3 swords - this time for (literally) sale. Can choose one for yourself!

Prices are (let yust forget this) high. A normal long sword corst 3 gold pieces that is about 1 hole willage.

- Amazon broadsword: Not an original one. Copied the technology when visited the willage of hers. 3 gold pieces

- Darkblade: A 2 handed blade able to control creatures with evil alignment lower than your level (if you are on 5, you can control someone on 2nd and another with 3rd level so it can be devided). Can be multiplyed, if more people are wielding the blade. 50 gold pieces.

- Sword Of The Kings: This blade can make you a king or a queen! Technically the controller of the item gets the abilitys of all the honorable kings who used the blade while having it in hand. Posessing the blade enhances the personality slowly till the wielder reaches upper mentioned results. The time it needs depends on the user. There is only an age limit (above 6). The Sword Of The Kings worths beyond gold can measure!!!!
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I was to color this last week. I forgot. Sad.

Pen sketches on rough canvas, scan, ps.

Prices are: 1 long sword (worths 1 willage in the middle ages) costs 3 gold pieces.

- Lava and ice shatter (twin blades) - Lava shatter is 1 curves above its older brother. When you slash, a dozen of ice or lava fragments burst out of the blades. This is automatic Lava shatter can melt iron but that is all. Of course if we do not count the anti enthusiasm our foe shows us having one or two bursts landing on his face. Needs magic sheets to carry in or it may burn in lava. 30-30 gold pieces.
- Spirit staff: Not mutch. Wielder must be good hearted. Enchants positive spirit spells by 3 power level. 50 gold pieces.
- Serpentslayer spear. Often use it to stab sea mosters. It negates natural armourclass!!! 120 gold pieces!
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A normal longsword cost 3 gold pieces in the middle ages - this is about a willage is worth. So if you want to buy these (of course literally)...

- Firey blade: it is what it is. A thin blade having a hilt flaming. Does 2d6 fire demage+the level of fire enchantment your wizard or sorcerer casts up on it over 1 single day. Pretty strong I think:) So there is a possibility for 20D6 demage. Costs about 400 gold pieces and it is yours.
- Green dager (or sword). Some elwes gave it to me as a gift, or maybe respect for my help in the near past. Not for sale.
- Iceblade, or so called "Wery long sword". Can be used in 1 hand and can change shape and length even in the middle of the battle (first and once in every round). Each weapon shall have +3 enchantment bonus on them and wielder may attack with surprise. Cannot melt. 120 gold peaces it costs.
- Multicorn-thorn wand: Not used in single. The thorn of the multicorn (The multicorn has 2 thorns, almost same like the unicorn. It looks like a zebra to me). Casting magic with these may strenghten the spell with +, or end upp in a chaotic effect (not harming the wielder or any companions!). May malfunction 75% so it is a collector's staff. 100 gold each (and multicorns are rare!!!!)
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Weaponry 43

Reserved by AncientBeast

If a longsword costs 3 gold peaces (that counts more than a village in the middle ages!!!) then...

- Red broadsword: A broadsword+lvl1 enchantment. I sell it for 30 gold pieces
- Green dager: Blade is made from 1 Zöld crystal. Sharp it is but designed to ritualistically cut plant parts (prima root, Oricom tree brench... a lots of things) 100 gold pieces and it is cheap!
- A golden scimitar: 45 gold pieces - thanks to the blueish opal attached. +1 to aqua resistance...
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Weaponry 102

Batter than it would get out if upploading merely the scetch:)

- First is a mage's staff. Made it for the next White Wizard of Middle Earth.

- Second is a magic spear. Usable by battle mages to disintegrate (foes)

- Flame glavie (Actually you can barely see the glavie trough the flames) Bestows the folowing spells: Flame hurricane, Summon sun elemental, Blinding sight, Daylight orb (5km radius light for 10 hours!)

- Heawy 3handed axe. It is bigger than showed. Made it for an ogart.

\\ So... I have a special offer for anybody! I would make weapons for you for freee! (Don't know how mutch time it will take to get there). There are already 4 weapons to be done:

:iconjamese397: wants a poisoned iwy spear
:icontree-forces: does not know (the type) yet
:icondu-da: wants a crow short sword dual
waiting for :iconhetherly92:'s respond

Others will be in line!

Tell me if you like my blades! Tell me if you'd like to have a blade yourself!!!
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Not a sketch. These little bastards could be even used in a game of sort. Can download them if you want.

Can "buy" them - literally of course. Yust mention if you want any of them.

Prices: (A decent long sword costs 3 gold)

- 1st: Noble longsword. Due to the gold and crystals etched into it, costs about 5. No abilitys, but looks goood! My handwork.
- 2nd: Sinthar. The metal is red-brown all over the edge. Rezists lightning and fire in a 3m radius aura, thus helps the wielder protect all his comrads close by. Of course it can chop well. My own hand work made from secret recipes (can make others if you want double; range doubles). 76 gold pieces.
- 3rd: 2 handed chopper. Technically it is 2 handed, but light as you can wield it with single. Magic runes are to avoid the energy of the foes' items such as flaming aura and so. Some kind of curse-repelling weapon that protects the user. 1 hour of holding in the hand is needed to empower the barrier. Not technically a fighter's sword, but can keep it around you if afraid from necromancers... My own makde and costs 56 gold pieces. Kinda cheap.
- 4th and last: Crude fang. Used the tooth of a sea monster, devilfish and a chimera. A really big sword hardly be able to lift. Made for tough guys to slay huge beasts. Having it means the status symbol of a dragonslayer. Technically it lightens in combat. The edge has some parts where you can hold the blade yust like with the hilt. It is to defend. Little you know that the hole thing can shrink into the size of a long sword to help combat against human-sized foes. That is all. Hand made and costs 20 gold pieces. I may not get it touched by dragonfire...
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Few days ago I made these things when got bored. The big one turned out silly. And then scan and PS.

Decent longsword costs 3 gold pieces - that worth a hole willage in the middle ages, so do take care of the prices!!!

- Red Dragon fang: Something that looks like this usually gets name like so. It is made by myself and not related to dragons. More like to a manticore. Poor little guy lost his fang. Finished some fire ants. Weights only 5kg (*2,5=pound). Can paralyze and extra fire demage. Can have it for 75 gold pieces.
- Black tooth of Dezzyl. Dezzyl was a marauder. He met me a month ago and lefth his sword for an unknown reason. Poisonous one and looks really good. Not as creepy as maybe he wanted it. Cuts backwards. 9 gold pieces. Anyone?
- Great Clash - Sad, but nothing than a big greatsword. Not lying. Bluened gold is anchanted into it. No powers and really heawy. 9 gold pieces. Worthy to buy if you understand...
- Dark Torment: That is not for sale. Weights more than 2 well-armoured knight and more like a shield than a sword. Extra strength is needed, but cuts beasts like butter. Maybe the one who it chooses can use it. NOT FOR SALE!

Hope you like them!
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The 15th pack of weapons I made. Not sketches.

It took me some time to color. Why? Need to practice coloring more. Sometimes had no ideas how to continue and sometimes arrived in a dead end. So it took me some days:)

In the middle ages a long sword cost as mutch a hole willage. I sell a decent longsword for 3.1 gold pieces (last time 3, but inflation)

- Chopper sword: A ritual weapon. Can blunt like a sword, can pierce and can hook into the armour and pull down the knight from the horse. 1,1m long and a bit heawy. The hilt is fat and needs both hand to use. Otherwise no special abilitys and no nothing. Got it from an old temple from a "treasure hunt" You can have it for 5.5 gold pieces.

- Red Blood Crystal: As heawy as the other one. Glows red even in the daylight. You yust grab the glowing ball and like the blade was attached to it, you can swing the weapon with ease. My own work and would not agree wit less than 35 gold pieces.

- Silver shortsword: Heawy, since silver is heawyer than steel, and far not as durable. No enchantment. Made for a friend. He wanted to have something to look good. Well, it does not look good but think of the silver... I charge a hole 100 gold pieces for this baby. Expensive? Get on your mind!

- Lizard sword: Got this from a lizardman I sliced a week ago. Not a miracle but simple, durable and quite functional. 3.5 gold peaces and I'm cheap.

- The silver sword: Typically a bastard sword. Can wield it with single hand, cause it is light. And sharp too. Can cut even magical blades like grass. Except the diorit on the end of the hilt (and the diamond), it was made from one hole crystal. Kinda proud on that one. My own making. Unless you have a full 1000 gold pieces with you It won't be yours. Maybe I'll keep it for myself... Aaaand another thing: It keeps glowing in the color of the wielder's aura when fighting...
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Okay. Set 99.

I'm already off with the 100th weapon drawing. But this isn't actually the 99th, cause I think I made some miscalculations earlyer. Can be 97th actually... Can download it.

- Poleaxe
- Troll 1 handed axe (you can only equip with 2 hands)
- Composit metal axe.

I hope you like them!!!
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Sketch done 4 weeks before coloring, sorry I'm so late but had things to do. Yes, I'm coloring weapons again and want to do that at least for 2 weeks in a row.

As I asked, most (more than half) of my watchers answered my weapons so why not again?

A proper long sword cost 1 willige in the middle ages! No kidding! That is like 3 gold pieces (1 bread is around 1 copper). So the prices:

- Silverblade - Not know anything about this one. Poor Fella yust left it for me after he.... aaahm.... full silver; 10 gold.
- Long sword - Nothing special. 3 gold pieces +3 silver. Inflation.
- Crusher - Unlikely to a big weapon it is sharp. Yet uses barely weight to chop. Slight enchantment lightens the metal for the wielder to it's half so it is not that hard to use. Since it can smash armour like so it costs 15 gold pieces.
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