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(Character Based)
Reference: [link]
Yeah I know.. the reference is tiny. Since I wanted to make a more human based interpretation with this, I felt that I reference image wasn't exactly 100% necessary.

I was refered to this contest by :icondedredhed:

This is based off of the mythological bird of fire/rebirth, Phoenix. I made this costume basically out of 2 bought patterns(corset and base skirt), I altered them as shown with hand sewn bead designs, ruffles, feathers(all feathers on the skirt were hand dyed), and sequins. The corset is fully boned with a busk, the beaded design took about 5 hours to complete. I made the wings from plastic canvas, clear nylon straps, and lots of feathers. The wig was cut, dyed, styled, detailed with strands of beads, and finished off with a feathery headdress(also handmade). The feathery bodice was constructed out of plastic canvas covered with feathers, and hand stung beads. I made feather tails to attach to my wrists, wig, and wings to complete the costume. The only thing that I did not make for this costume were the shoes.

Photos by: :iconchocochick:

More info and pictures are on my cosplay website!: [link]
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Inquisitor Ordo Hereticus from Warhammer 40 000

I nearly nighed out of my wits while carring this costume through half of Russia. Almost got denied the baording in plane in the Novosibirsk airport because they thought that was real weapon)))

Animatrix 2012 - Jury Prize , 29.01.2012, Russia, Moscow
photo by SanSan Artworks
wig-styling by :iconashitaro:
help in work on the costume :iconashitaro: and :icondaria1977:

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This is my entry for the contest Think Pink III by JunkbyJen [link]

Digital mixed media category

This is a mix of a Poser render (character, hair, top, kasa, jewels, circle prop) and Photoshop with some photo manip for the bottom of the dress)

This is the first image in my gallery. I saw this contest announced in a friend's gallery to raise awereness for breast cancer and celebrate JunkbyJen's 7th anniversary, cancer free, this October. I jumped at the opportunity to finally post in my gallery here, as I am very close to this cause, having been through it myself just very recently. I wanted to do something special to raise awereness and also celebrate being a survivor myself, as I was lucky to have caught it early, still intact with two little scars :)


Candice character by kimber89 and Bonnie texture by winter200, free at renderosity
Idiko dancer hair by SWAM at Daz
Top Night Whisper by Evilinnoncence at renderosity
Nouveau Flower brushes by LilysApple [link]
Skirt is wedding dress stock by azreheal [link]
Pose is a mix of poses by Ilona and tabala at renderosity
Kasa by BlackStar at renderosity
background (landscape) by lwperkins at renderosity
deviney's flourishes brushes at renderosity
Ribbon by hebedesign
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*Flying kick, actually.

If you use our stock, provide a link back to the original image and/or this account's front page ~Stickfishies-Stock in your deviation's description.
Our stock is for deviations only, and it may not be used outside of deviantART or for commercial purposes.

If you wish to use our model stock for prints, please ASK us through a NOTE first. The model has the right to veto prints that are against their preferences.

Please read the RULES before using our stock. [link]

Download for full size

Model: ~stickbugs
Photo by =anglerfishies
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Me (Danny Vain) as The Mad Hatter

Items used:
Hair: Back-combed my long hair and sprayed orange on it.
Coat: Already had a long brown swayed coat.
shirt: Normal white shirt modified to add cuff-links to it.
Bow-tie: Normal multi coloured fabric modified to a massive bow-tie.
Trousers: normal long trousers sawn in to make it 3/4 length.
Tights: Red and green tights underneath trousers.
Shoes: Rusty colour boots.
The Hat!: Hat was made from scratch with small details, from the peacock feather to the weird pins, even the colour.
Make-up: taken carefully from the movie poster of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.
Eyes: Green eye effect was added later in Photoshop.
Scarf: purple scarf hanging out of coat.

*More photos including with Alice "Grace Carter"
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Have you ever heard of Władysław and Irena Starewicz (aka Ladislas and Irene Starevitch)? :heart:
Their stop-motion animated movies totally inspired me to make this doll! Seriously, puppets used in the animations (made by the Starevitches, of course) are pretty awesome and inspiring, go and check them out!


So here it is, my contest entry and also a little tribute to the great and almost forgotten animators ^^

This little guy was quite difficult to make! I used:
● Super Sculpey, acrylic paints and faux wool (for head, legs and hands)
● polar fleece and polyester filling (for belly, arms and thighs)
● plastic pipe (for sort of spine)
But I'm really satisfied with how he came out :D

Also, here you can see some Work-In-Progress photos: [link]

Hope you like it! ^^
by ~Myszoskok 2oo9
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(When I say my shoots take some planning and some time, I'm dead serious, hehe, but so well worth the results! Thanks to an amazing team!

Models - Acid PopTart, Manzin, Staley Cook and Shannon
Art Direction - Acid PopTart
Photography - Kidtee Hello
Editing - Staley Designs
Make Up & Styling - The House of Smoke & Mirrors and Staley Designs
Wardrobe: Artifice Clothing, Gypsy Lady Hats & Shrine from Hollywood
Set Design - The House of Smoke & Mirrors

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to all those important dates, you know.
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Ok this is my first entry for the Bring your vision to life contest!

My idea is that umanity must have a guide, who would be an enlightened person to show people what is the right way to live.
We've a lot of example every day, in every book we read, expecially in THE BOOK, the Bible, there are a lot of legendary figures who guide people to pass throught the darkness to find the real light of the life, which can be different from person to another.

I hope my horrible english could be understandable...

edit: [link] second different version
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Collaboration with Long Vo (aka Vostalgic)

Meagan's Anya Stroud cosplay took her 6 months to make. Long used her photos and the contest assets to create this gritty scene.

We hope you like it!
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