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//Name: Ashley Gerner

[Note: He will virtually never use his real name. If you refer to him by it [especially in a public place], it will make him pretty uncomfortable/paranoid/nervous.

Some aliases:

Blakely Falaise
Nolan Achard
Cederic Mansel
more to come, maybe ]

//Age: 24


Orphaned at a young age, he lived a hardscrabble life doing what only a small child could do - beg and steal to keep himself alive.... At least, that's what he'd tell you, assuming that was the angle he was trying to play.

In reality, his life was quite ordinary and his predilection for stealing arose seemingly out of nowhere. His parents eked a modest living out of farming a small plot of land and tried to instill in Ashley their sense of pride from doing an honest day's hard labor. However, Ashley always had his head in the clouds and believed he was born into the wrong class. He dreamed of being an aristocratic noble and detested his laborous chores. He could never understand why they could live so richly and merely take from the working class when they ran out of resources, but someone such as himself couldn't do the same. Indeed, the only thing he enjoyed during this time were the tales his family would tell him, varying from simple fairytales to superstitions, he loved them all. Unfortunately, he never did learn how to read [or write for that matter], so he could never enjoy them on his own.

One day when he was 9, he found a Budew on his family's farm and decided to keep it. With it, he first began his foray into the art of deception and the seeds of his future were sewn with little hope of changing course. His Budew even evolved to better trick people. The thrill of tricking and manipulating those around him was much more than he could have dreamed, and despite his parents' warnings and punishments, he continued to brew mischief whenever possible.

No one could tell you exactly when Ashley transformed from a playful scamp to a thieving delinquent, but the Zorua he caught [with a stolen pokeball no less] when he was 14 certainly exacerbated his plight. By age 16, his parents were at their wits' end. They gave him an ultimatum: Stop his criminal activities or leave and don't come back. He promised to stop, but soon after he was caught at it again, resulting in his exile from the town and his parents' disowning him for his shameful behavior.
Being now a vagabond, Ashley travelled, conning people out of their money both for survival and the fun of it. He practiced new personas with his Zorua [who evolved soon after exile]. He learned a lot over the next few years, both from his Zoroark and from watching other thieves and conmen.

His half-Chelsea grin scar comes from a con gone bad which would have cost him his life, if not for his pokemon. He spins the tale to best suit his schemes.

- Illiterate, but pretends not to be.
- Writes fancy-looking scribbles and claims them to be of a foreign land.
- Wishes his eyes were blue because he thinks it would make him appear more trustworthy
- Tries to appear disarming/inconspicuous
- good at reading people/their expressions.
- pretended to be psychic on more than one occasion.
- Has a sweet tooth
- Has many aliases, complete with their own accents.
- Constantly practices new ones
- If he has something nice, there's likely someone not far away lamenting the loss of an object that bears a striking resemblance to it.
- Coincidences are strange, no?


Despite his illiteracy, he has quite a way with words, capable of maneuvering out of tricky situations using them alone. He loves the art of storytelling, even though he tends to try to pass off his 'stories' as fact. Though he'll lie, cheat and steal, he would never resort to violence - it's not his style. He loves to be the actor in his cons and craves the thrill of stealing more than anything, which can get him in over his head. He's very charming and amiable; whether this is a ruse or not is debatable. Because of how long he's feigned it, even he has trouble gauging his sincerity. If he's found out or something goes wrong, he'll first try to weasel his way out verbally, and if that doesn't work, use his pokemon as a diversion and then flee with them. He's very egocentric, and tends to forget other people aren't just there for him to steal from. If you don't have something he wants or you aren't useful to him, you're practically invisible to him.

//Roselia - F

/Name - Poise

/Nature - Sassy; Mischievous

/Ability - Poison Point

- Toxic Spikes
- Attract
- Giga Drain
- Venoshock

- History
Ashley's first pokemon, she was found in his family's small farm as a Budew. 9-year-old Ashley quickly befriended her, much to the chagrin of his parents. Together, they played many pranks on other people, compounding his parents' dismay. As soon as he earned enough, he bought a pokeball and made the Budew officially his [notably, one of the few times he actually bought something instead of stealing it]. One day, Poise came to the conclusion that being a Roselia would better help Ashley and his plans, so she evolved. Nowadays, Poise still assists Ashley in his mischief-making, gleefully charming the marks out of their cash and jewelry.
- Personality
Poise has always been a brash pokemon, her shenanigans often landed her in trouble. In fact, that's how she wound up at Ashley's farm, separated from the group that she had been with. She fears separation from Ashley, not wanting to lose friends once again, thus she easily becomes jealous, spiteful and angry if she feels someone is trying to take him away from her [or vice versa]. With that being said, she does not worship Ashley or see him as a superior; he's merely hers. She will try charm those around her who either have something she wants or seem useful. If you have neither, expect a rather cold/distant/apathetic attitude.
- Fighting Style
She prefers to use trickery, pranks and deceit; not big on attacking head on unless provoked.
//Zoroark - M

/Name - Guile

/Nature - Quiet; Alert to sounds

/Ability - Illusion

- Leer
- Nasty Plot
- Foul Play
- Dig

- History
Ashley's second pokemon; he was spotted by Ashley as a Zorua while disguised as a human, trying to steal food. Ashley was intrigued by the sight and decided to follow and once he found out it was a Zorua, caught it [using a 'donated' pokeball]. Guile still gets upset thinking about it. Ashley worked with him to improve his illusions, and he helped Ashley learn how to steal and deceive more effectively. After long years of bonding via perfecting their 5-finger discounts, Guile evolved. The two remain 'thick as thieves'.
- Personality
He's very protective of his small gang of grifters, often assuming the role of the look-out. He thinks ahead, usually securing a number of ecape routes, and if that's not possible, hastily creates them on the fly if need be. Loves to work with Ashley in his scams, providing most of the 'special effects' for the schemes to work.
- Fighting Style
Doesn't like to fight if at all avoidable. Prefers running, intimidating, or scaring opponents away before considering fighting. Only really fights if his [and Ashley's] back is against the wall or to protect one of the gang.
//Sableye - F

/Name - Spectre

/Nature - Lax; Scatters things often

/Ability - Stall

- Power Gem
- Shadow Sneak
- Fire Punch
- Psychic

- History
Ashley's third and newest pokemon. Running away from a heist that cut it closer than he wanted, he hid inside a seemingly convenient cave. There, he found the lonely Sableye who was all too glad for the company. In a rare moment of genuine sympathy, he allowed her to join his party. Since then, she's worked as hard as she can to prove she's worthy of the team.
- Personality
Spectre lacks much in the way of social behavior, having no need of such knowledge for most of her life, but she always means well. She's probably the most honest and friendly of the group, not caring so much about enjoying the thieving or deception, but about having fun with friends. She feels a need to cement her position in the crew as invaluable; to this end, she learned powerful attacks to help defend her crew. Woe betide those who incur her wrath.
- Fighting Style
She's the main muscle of the group, focusing solely on attacks. Not very subtle in her execution, Ash tends to only use her for fighting when there's no way out but to fight.
[Ask Blog]

[Preliminary Comic]

Hhhnnggg amidoinitrite? I've never joined an OCT before. ;u;
He was supposed to just be an NPC, but then I kept thinking about him and suddenly here I am. XuuX;;
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O course the scanner had to go and rape all my hard work. :/

The red looks so much fuggin better than that. 9m9

srsly, the red looks as good as the black does irl. >M>

I added more bludiness. A wA

It ain't no fucking Kitsune. >M>
Idc what anyone says.
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I spent uuhhhmm like a month on it? XD

Only a little at a time, skipped some days, but I still think probably .. somewhere in the ball park of 24 hours were clocked into this monstrosity!... that's very pretty. >U>

I saw this one pic [link below] of a Naga in a tree, and I was like Ooooo I wanna draw Makar in one of those, I need to work on his snake form thingy... and this was born... a full sheet of paper, and I drew out a full background, I was like WHAT?! And then I decided to color it, and sgbw rleuf I don't even.

Golly geee.... colored pencils. OUO <33

Refs: [x] [x]

Inspiration: [x]

/edit: lol it's funny how everyone thinks Makar is a girl. >W<
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Done because of [this] contest.

I didn't get around to drawing anything in time, but I still really liked the idea, so I did a picture that fit the theme/rules of that contest. ouo!

I threw in some references from both shows in this pic, like the Ooo in SOoopernatural is from 'the Land of Ooo', and the scene I drew behind Marceline is right about where she pops up in the intro... and for Supernatural, that's Sam from seasons 1-2, and Dean up until he loses the necklace and jacket, and there's a demon cloud in the background.

I originally was intimidated by this style for some reason.. thought it would be hard to do or something.. but.. uhh.. lol no. xD It wasn't.. just really fun. C| <3

I had fun trying to give the road some texture, aaannddd I apologize for the horribly illegible text. :F

Oh, it was also fun cartoonifying Sam and Dean. C: first time I've ever done that to anyone. xD!

Sam&Dean (c) Eric Kripke

Marceline (c) Pendleton Ward
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EDIT 5/9/13:: Lost Round 2 and so Rhett is back to being an NPC! All art has been updated and he has gained a new team member!
EDIT:: Changing Rhett to my competitor because I actually have some semblance of an idea of where to go with him and how to keep him an active participant.


Rhett Deacon
42 yo male, standing at 5’9”

Rhett worked hard as a young man to be chivalrous. To protect the weak and smite the wicked. You know, the whole nine-yards. After about fifteen years of that, however, he got sick of it. He was just one knight of many and was often seen that way. Now, he classifies himself as over-the-hill and he prefers to just let the eager, young knights to the work. Though he is skilled with polearms and fighting from his Druddigon’s back, he prefers to avoid conflict if he can help it. He considers ‘fighting for his honor’ being something that he grew out of a decade ago. Originally quite bitter of his life as a knight, acting as a part of the Warrior's Guild has helped him let go of some of his cynicism and now he acts with a little more pride and is more willing to pass on what he knows to others.

Second youngest son of noble family, Rhett’s life was carved out for him since his birth. Not in any position to ever hope to inherit his father’s title (not that he minded, that seemed like far too much work), Rhett was set to become a knight and was sent off at age eight to squire for his older cousin. The rest, Rhett will tell you, is boring history. He served, he fought, and then he took up a more quiet position on the guard staff. He has little interest in warfare and his only concern right now is to live out the rest of his years as comfortably as possible. His eldest brother, however, has much different plans for Rhett.

After the raid of the Mage Academy, Rhett proved to lack the field skills required of deployed infantry, but his experience as a knight is far from insignificant. As such, he has been stationed to the castle as a guard but now he actively works as a mentor of young knights and aspiring squires.

“Regan” | Female Vigiroth
Ability: Vital Spirit
Attacks: Fury Swipes – Double Team – Ice Beam – Shadow Claw
Better referred to as “Ray” by Rhett, she was his first pokemon. As a child, he found her as a Slakoth and just picked her up and carried her around everywhere. When she evolved, she was a bit temperamental, but Rhett managed to train her as a decent fighter and she trusts him entirely and would die for him.

“Lear” | Male Druddigon
Ability: Rough Skin
Attacks: Crunch – Hone Claws – Dragon Claw – FlameThrower
Lear was given to Rhett to be used as a steed when he was knighted. Lear is a rather docile dragon that prefers belly scratches and sleeping over anything else. He doesn’t seem to mind Rhett’s reluctance towards fighting. When his assistance is called upon, however, Lear never fails to support his trainer no matter the situation.

“Joneril” | Female Cyndaquil
Ability: Blaze
Attacks: Smokescreen – Ember – Leer – Toxic
Hardly more than a new-born, Rhett picked her up upon leaving the Mage Academy. She was alone, shaking and mewling for help, and he took it upon himself to take in the little thing. She's shy and timid, but has taken to her new master rather well. She likes excessive warmth and it isn't uncommon for her to be hiding in Rhett's clothes.
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EDIT: Added new Pokemon, and updated Ridley's form.

More on him:
Character Design sheet | Intro Comic | Round 1 | Round 2

Character Data

Name: Aston Renshaw
Age: 16
Currently travelling on his own, he used to live in Anville Town with his father. His father was a skilled carpenter who made elaborate wood-works for the richer parts of the society, famous enough that even the King's castle commissioned him once. That makes the Renshaw family considerably wealthy; but that doesn't mean Aston was spoiled as a child. His father taught him some of the family trade; that involves going into the forest for materials, so Aston is quite familiar with the forest (around Anville Town). Had everything went well, Aston would've become the heir of the family business.
However, now that the kingdom is preparing itself to a war, Aston's father got less and lesser jobs; he had to make do with building less artistic furniture and other crude carpentry to keep the business going. Seeing that it depresses his father, Aston decided that he's going to help end this conflict; or, at least, support what he deems to be right. Besides, traveling would mean he has to support himself, therefore lessen his father's burden.

He talks a lot, and he talks like he's excited most of the time.
Quite naive and cheerful.
Confident, but not a blind optimist; he sometimes worries that a someone like him won't make it as a Ranger. However, this is what he wants, so he will do his best.
He can be quite driven; his father originally didn't want him to leave, but he insisted. And he will fight for what he thinks is right.
Aston doesn't understand how people could actually support Prince Reinhardt. However, he's still aware that he's just hearing rumors, so he only hopes that what he heard about the princes are right.
Fighting-wise, he's not very good, actually. The knife is a gift from his father, but he has never trained to use it. He also has a hatchet with him, but it's more of a tool than a weapon. He can probably swing it aimlessly. Basically, he'd rather leave the fighting to Ridley.

- Ridley (Sawsbuck)
Aston (10 by then) was helping his father collecting materials in the forest when he met Ridley (still a Deerling by then). Ridley was curious on why humans cut down wood; he walked straight to Aston and just asked him. They met and talked several times, and eventually Ridley decided to stay with him. He likes listening to Aston talk, but he sometimes wish that Aston is a bit quieter. He's curious, a bit quiet, but does make jokes sometimes. Could be said that he's Aston's best friend.
Since he was sort of "domesticated", and doesn't spend much time in the forest anymore, he had stopped changing his form for the last couple of years and stuck with his winter worm all year. However, now that he's travelling with Aston, he's slowly adapting back his seasonal change and starts to turn into his spring form.
- Sophie (Skiploom)
She likes tending people's gardens, at first in secret; until the Renshaws found out who has been doing the gardening. She and Aston quickly became friends. She really likes flowers; she'd decorate her head by growing/collecting extra foliage and flowers. She sometimes decorates Aston's head and Ridley's horns, too, and they're too nice to refuse. Since she's a sweet, beauty-loving creature, Aston was surprised to know that she'd follow him on his travel. War isn't exactly a beautiful thing.
- Lex (Gligar)
Met in the forest during Aston's Ranger test.
- Blue (Dewott)
Met before the night strike of the Thieves' Guild.
That's all for now, I think! I'm way too excited for this OCT >3<
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//Name: Bethany; better known as the Crazy Bird Lady [or some variant thereof]

//Age: Early 30s, not that she'd tell you [ "Your human years mean nothing to me"]


Bethany's had one problem that's plagued her from birth: She's schizophrenic. She hears voices and thinks they're gods ["Mussingnoes"] and since she's the only one who can hear them, she obviously must have been 'chosen'. For what, she'll never say. She always had a bad habit of wandering away from her village, whenever her voices suggested it.

Her parents did their best to help her, from taking every medication known at the time to enlisting the help of priests. Some things seemed to improve her condition for a while, but she always seemed to revert back to following the Mussingnoes.

Eventually, she left her family behind, believing them to be against the Mussingnoes, and began her life in the wilderness.


- She sacrifices pokemon to her 'gods' because otherwise, naturally, they'll kill her.

- She's also been known to attack humans as well, as per her delusional deities' will.

- As an ultimate testament to her belief in the Mussingnoes, she cut off one toe on each foot.

- In order to keep her victims from coming back to kill her, she offers some of her blood to the ground every now and again, leaving her quite scarred, though rarely with any serious wounds.

- She wholeheartedly believes she can turn into a bird.

- She isn't hearing any real deities; they are all in her head.

- She puts together sacrificial altars and gives a new meaning to the same processes because she doesn't remember what she said they were for the first time.

- Similarly, when she notices her make up has washed away, she redoes it differently each time because she can't remember what it originally looked like.

- Claims these facts to be the will of the Mussingnoes.

- She can read -silently even, write, and is overall well educated, though she's probably pretty rusty thanks to falling prey to her own delusions.


Overall, she's quite friendly, though her disturbing and disjointed speech tends to drive most people away, not that she has a problem with that - most people just can't understand the might of the will of the Mussingnoes. However, should the voices tell her you need to die for them, she will be highly unlikely to hesitate such a command. She tends to stick to the woods.

//Xatu* - M

/Name - Prophet

/Nature - Rash; Very finicky

/Ability - Synchronize

- Confuse Ray
- Night Shade
- Future Sight
- Teleport

- History

He found PBL wandering the woods, talking to no one and decided to follow her out of curiosity. The sight amused him so much, he decided to continue following her, eventually revealing himself and claiming to be the 'Prophet of Mussingnoes'. He used Night Shade to convince her. Since then she happily followed him around as he led her farther and farther into her own insanity.

- Personality

Bored, he follows PBL around to keep her from finding her sanity. He finds much amusement in it, and greatly dislikes Sophia and Pax. Sort of an 'if you aren't with me, you're against me' mentality. Tends to go too far. Dark sense of humor. Generally callous and uncaring of others. Likes to play mean spirited tricks when he's bored, and will tear others down for his own amusement.

- Fighting Style

Trickery and deception first. If he anticipates a long battle, he might throw out a future sight beforehand. If all seems lost, he will teleport away from harm.

// Sigilyph - F

/Name - Sophia

/Nature - Calm; Highly curious

/Ability - Magic Guard

- Protect
- Mirror Move
- Smack Down
- Ice Beam

- History

Pax and she knew each other long before meeting PBL. She was surprised to see him there as it was the first time she'd ever seen a pokemon like Pax before. She befriended him and sorta started looking out for his well-being.

- Personality

Nurturing, but still playful herself, she comes off as kind of motherly, especially to Pax. She's generous and good-natured, and works to bring PBL back into the real world.

- Fighting Style

Very clever and thought out. Sometimes works with Pax to bring down enemies.

// Numel - M

/Name - Pax

/Nature - Relaxed; Capable of taking hits

/Ability - Simple

- Amnesia
- Growl
- Lava Plume
- Earthquake

- History

He doesn't really remember how he wound up in the desert resort, but he did, and was fairly scared and lonesome until Sophia came along. He saw PBL and Prophet wandering around lost, and asked Sophia to help them, so they did. Despite Prophet, he wanted to stick around.

- Personality

Laid back to a fault and not very bright, Pax enjoys the simple pleasures of life, which sometimes garners ridicule from Prophet, who takes to teasing him when PBL isn't around. He's a generally sweet pokemon who enjoys making friends and having a good time.

- Fighting Style

Firstly defend. If defending doesn't work, his attacks are strong, but completely lack aim.

[Ask Blog]

[Pokemon Full Body] - might be tweaked.

Woooo and her app is finally done. OuO!!
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Name: Nina Lovilio (Low-vee-lee-o)

Age: 10


Younger sister of Robin, she spent most of her life been fawned over by her mother and father. Feeling a lot more adventurous and rebellious than Robin when he was young, she has declared herself a member of the thieves guild, despite Flea's insistence that she has nothing to do with them and that she was way too young and wow please go home to your mother strange child. She's very protective of her brother and is often seen with Bario (as Bario is often stuck on baby sitting duties with her when Chester isn't around), or when Bario is busy, his two lopunnnies. Bario has tried to convince her to stop harassing people in the markets (she thinks she's subtle by punching people in the knees and demanding money), but she doesn't listen. Often bullied by other children because she's a girl and because she's from a wealthy family, Nina doesn't have many friends.

Recent events have tempered her impulsive actions. Tired of always being watched, Nina now slips away from Vic's gaze and seeks out her brother. Nina's also been seeing visions as of late.


After Round 1…
After Milena’s scathing comment on his hesitation to harm and warning of the lack of sympathy from the enemy, the overhanging doom of war finally sunk down into Robin’s dense head. It was a slow process though; it began with the need to cut down on his overly poofy clothes because it got in the way of training, and then to the rest of his clothes in general. Dirt, grass, and blood stains are hard to get out of light colors. Eventually he cuts his hair because, as he found out, some pokemon and trainers are prone to hair pulling in training. His freckles became more apparent and multiplied all over his face and back (and butt, don’t worry) because of the hours spent under the sun. He stopped slouching, walked straighter. His quietness is now associated with a reticent personality rather than a timid one. His tall thin frame finally filled with muscle, he can hold his own against stronger opponents.

Between studying in the libraries and training outside, Robin doesn’t have much time to smile anymore. He’s starting to look like a proper soldier (and a bit more like his dad).

After Round 2…
Robin learns the value of family and that in order to protect them he must cut himself off from them. Fleeing to Driftveil with Bario's help gave him time to mull over things and now he's quieter than ever. He knows he has lost everything, and it wasn't the fault of Castelia's soldiers or Prince Einarr's orders. It was his own.

After Round 3…
Robins injuries cause him to fall into a month long coma filled with painful moments of lucidity. He's lost a lot of weight and gained new scars running across his entire upper body. Meanwhile, Charles has left without a word. Where he is no one knows, except Mumma. But she reveals no answers to no one.

After Round 4…
Nina runs away from Vic and Al's home to follow after her brother. Meanwhile, word had traveled to the Lovilio family that their son is dead. Both Adam and Cozima fall into a depression after receiving the news. Cozima is convinced both their children are dead and has spent most of her days staring out the window and eating little. Adam is not so convinced that the gods are so cruel as to take both his children away from him and is now looking even harder to find his daughter.

Meanwhile during the funeral arrangements, Hale leads Nina to the burnt down Benedict and Sons' forge. Nina finds out the truth, and seeks to find her brother's killer. Her only leads are a knight with blue armor, red hair, and a very fat vibrava.

History: Hale was a gift from Daddy Lovilio to Robin when he was 8. Meant to be a bodyguard, Hale eventually worked his way up to butler status with spoilt little Robin. Oh joy. His origins are rather fuzzy, all Robin's father said about him when he gave the shiny luxray to his son was that he came from a bad place.

Personality: Smug, sarcastic, and fiercely protective, Hale has stayed by Robin’s side since he arrived at the Lovilio household.

History: Charles was a stray running away from an overly friendly munna when he ran into the Lovilio’s chateau. He quickly hid underneath one of the porches as the munna sat outside the gap waiting for him to come out to play. Hale eventually found them both a few hours later. Hale wanted to throw them back out to the streets, but Robin grew fond of the scardy cyndy. So, Charles stayed.

Personality: Poor Charles was so intimidated by the entire situation of being stalked by a nightmare eating munna and the intense angry stares of a giant luxray, he hasn’t fully recovered yet (it’s been 5 years now; that’s how freaking scary Hale and Mumma are). He only trusts Robin and refuses to be held by anyone else.

History: Mumma was found stalking Charles to the chateau and hasn’t left since. Robin tried to shoo her away, but she just came floating back. He hasn’t had a nightmare since.

Personality: Mumma’s expressions and emotions are hard to distinguish, but Robin thinks she’s happy or at least content most the time. She sometimes makes cooing noises when Robin pets her. Sometimes Mumma will stare at someone to the point where they are uncomfortable, then she’ll slowly float over to press her face into their face until they freak out and leave. Other than that she’s basically a big pink ball of happy and scary.

Ernst and Caravaggio

History: They are extremely loyal to Nina because she found them as a deino, Ernst, digging through the trash of someone's house. She managed to tackle the deino to the ground and tie it up with some rope she found. She then tried to drag the deino away back to the estate. Obviously, Ernst sat down and allowed himself to be barraged by Nina's efforts (she can hardly drag 10 pounds anywhere let along a 40 pound deino). She almost passed out with her effort to drag him anywhere and Ernst felt so bad that he just got up and followed her.

Personalities: Both Ernst and Caravaggio are quiet and extremely docile. They act more like timid dogs than a small dragon, though Caravaggio is more willing to go with Nina's crazy plans than Ernst.

Update as of 2/18/13:
Hey hey hey, look its Richard! Richard is the only one in the party who actually converses with Robin via speech, though these incidents are rare.

And yes, Mumma's face is intentional.

Update as of 5/19/13:
Robin's all moody and less fashionable now. Also he had his birthday on Bario's ship. It was a glorious day filled with alchohol and drifting off course for a whole day and Robin throwing up off the side of the ship. It was great.

Update as of 8/1/13:
Robin's got new outfits thanks to Al(… and Vic's giant house that probably rivals his own. His hair is burnt shorter, his eyes sunk a little deeper, and weighs a lot more lighter. Mumma evolved thanks to her lovely cave adventures with Yao(…. She picked up a moonstone on the way back. Her eyes are now permanently closed unless she is using nightmare.
References for Robin's new clothes, scars, etc:

Update as of 10/23/13:
ding dong robin's dead nina's here to stay and play. If you're wondering how Robin's pokemon will react to her, Mumma and Charles both don't like her because Nina was loud as a kid and always bullied Charles. Hale raised Nina up from birth, as opposed to prepubescent Robin, so hes used to her and will protect her with his life. This time fo' realsies.
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Haha, jkjk, I'd drawn it a while ago, but saved it all until now so I wouldn't ruin the surprise for my friend, :iconbloodhoundyellow:

this is her OC, Dirj~ C:

[loose ref]

Hope I got his skin right. <:Ua

/edit: also I know his elbow is wonky, but .. uhm.. derp.. ignore it? >A<;
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I told myself I would take a break after End run until this decided to show up and tempt me. If there is one thing I love like an idoit. It is the fact. I love fantasy rpg stuff, medieval to pokemon and.. it takes place in Unova. Yeah. I stood no chance. So I am giving this a shot. ^^ A few things might change in this profile. It was a PAIN to piece everything together. I hope it's decent.

Name: Mytho Sullivan
Age: 21
Faction: Mages
Hometown: Nimbasa City
History: Mytho Sullivan was born into a noble family of knights who proud themselves as descendants of an aura guardian. They were also controversial as there was no 'Aura' user in their family line the past five decades. He started off as the ignored middle child; until Mytho manifested his abilities at a tender age of eight. Mytho suddenly found himself in the spotlight, he was pampered but place on a strict treatment in hopes he would follow the path of an Aura Guardian. The bad news.. was when Mytho fell short of his family high expectations for him soon after he became the black sheep in favor of his elder brother. As Mytho lacked of intrest nor enough skill in becoming an aura guardion.
Unsure what to do with Mytho being somewhat of a disappointment. The family relectantly sent him off as an apprentice to his tutor, Salem Faraday (who is a close friend to the Sullivans.). So for the next seven years working with his tutor, delvoping an curiosity for pokemon and expanding his horizons outside his home. As of right now, Mytho is still an apprentice. But Mytho is taking his next step in becoming a schalor placing his sights on the school but all the while ignoring his family as best as he can. He is rather skeptic of the war actually happening, but anything is better than returning home.

R4-UPDATE: Mytho's memories at the twist mountain and his regerts for 'fighting' his own brother had given way to depression further more by Majora's dark influence and destroying Lilly's mental bond with him. What was the final straw was when Lilly suddenly 'left' him which turned him into a much more colder person and held his pokemon by a tight leash. He did not belive Lilly's story that someone tried to kill her and kicked her out of the group as punishment. However this created a fall out with the group, Mytho left his team with only Lumi and Majora. But he was later shot down during the siege into a church and suddenly under Majora's mercy; Lumi tried to defend him before Lilly and Alm showed up. Majora forced another hallucination in an attempt to kill Lilly but he fought it off enough to stab the bird and fend off Majora's assusalt. Mytho urged Lilly to leave him but she refused and reconnected with him provided her enough streagth to evolve into a gradevoir.

Mytho's injuries were severe and was unable to help or do anything when she was taken from him. Mytho found Lilly barely alive and she died in his arms; this round was pretty much emotionally shattering as physical. However Lilly's actions have ultimitely saved him from a grim fate and regain much of his sanity but now he must deal the harsh reality of his choices without her. 

Personality: Seemily quiet, Mytho does make his opinions heard one way or another but usually avoids not to stir up any arguments. Somewhat of a proud, judgmental passive-aggressive person but he makes up for it intelligence, fast thinking and sheer stubboness in his own way. Mytho prefers to distant himself from others, slow to trust strangers but if your patient, persistent or just.. dangle something worth his intrest. He'll come around to those who are truly patient with him. Personally Mytho has a no-nonsense attitude and is not the type to put up with anyone's crap nor shows interset. But the mage is capable of showing common decency and show respect to those who have authority, those who demand respect to simply to avoid trouble but sometimes his quips slip out anyways. Like most nobles, Mytho does have a BS attitude towards the lower class or look like it but he constantly seeks to prove himself.

But underneath Mytho is an emotionally insecure young man who dislikes relying on others or on him, having too much expectations from him to pushed to taking unnecessary descions, just to prove others but mostly himself wrong. Mytho is usually much more open around Salem and Lillian. To Mytho does have a capacity to be caring which is often seen with Lillian the Kirila and people who truly matter to him. 

UPDATE: Mytho did went through a depression period over his brother and gave way to Majora's darker influence further more he was suffering from hallucinations now and again. What was the last straw was Lilly 'leaving' him which turned him into a much more colder of a person. However but much too late.  Mytho is back on track, less violent and back to the realm of reality. But Mytho's pride has been broken while he has his haughty moments, he's simply too tired of everything around him and has much emotional burden. Yet Mytho has yet given up on life if anything solely because the fact that Lilly had given up her life for his sake and he would be damned if he gave up now.  

Only issue is that Mytho has little to no idea, what else to do now. If he should look into what happened to Lilly or to collect the peices of his shattered life. 

Extras: -It's a love/hate affair being an Aura user. Mytho's has something of a sixth sense. Here is what Mytho can most likely preform as an aura-user. (Think Eagle vison from ASC )
-Detect other pokemon/people presences and differate between them.
-Follow traces of aura (Like recent foot prints, blood or something)
-Reading a person/pokemon's emotions (Don't bother lying. He'll know.)
-Predict attacks to some extent. (Relies on timing)
-Aura communication (passes emotions to another person)

-Mtho expresses extreme discomfort around curse areas/ cursed, mentally insane people/ghost pokemon as a downside to aura reading. (Charlotte is an exception. He just feels off around her.)
-Mytho usually tries to think one step ahead, at the very least always have a plan B on hand.
-Mytho's ties with his family is strained but... they expected him to come home and out of the war since Mytho is their ONLY living proof of their inherited bloodline. But it's obvious that Mytho is adamant to stay away from his family.
-Mytho's view of pokemon is that he's curious and fascinated but sees them more as animals/pets with the exception of Lilly.
-He's not be the greatest sword fighter. But Mytho could defend himself from less than do-gooders when used alongside his aura ability. As he can sense incoming attacks and quickly avoid them. (Not entirely but it saved his skin many times.)
-He does respect both princes. But Mytho is concern with the idea of a possible invasion from the 'barbian' country and if they can be trusted with a truce. He supports the younger prince as to defeat the country first then treaties.

Family: Cecelia (Younger sister-)
Cassius (older brother.)

-POKEMON: :pokeball: :pokeball: :pokeball: :pokeball: 

+ Lillian- Kirila (Commonly known as Lilly. Mytho's 'darling' of a friend) MARKED AS DECEASED
Calm / Somewhat stubborn | Female
Mytho's first pokemon and often the pokemon who follows him around the most. Lil rarely speaks save for telepathy. Lilly is a sweetheart of kirila but strong in her own right and utterly devoted to her friend. Not to mention, Lil rarely obeys anyone but to Mytho. Lilly and Mytho shared a childhood bond together, often uses her to teleport short distances. Lillian has always been there thick and thin with him struggling with his aura abilities and his family expectations to his years studying under Salem. So Lilly understands Mytho the most when others could not. Mytho cares greatly and favors her above Majora and Charlotte. Mytho's affection for Lilly may come off as strange to others. But overall he simply sees Lilly as the equivalent of a little sister.

Lilly, however has been keeping an watchful eye on Majora. 

Update-:  During Round 4; Lilly was taken by two ghost pokemon in a plot to murder her by an unknown trainer who wanted her out of the way. Thankfully she was saved by a passing Riolu and they worked to reach to Mytho before the seige. But Mytho had already grown more disturstful and kicked her out of the team for her 'betrayal' urged by Majora. Instead of leaving, Lilly went into the city to find her friend before it was too late. Lilly found Mytho in time after he crashed landed into a church and fending Majora off who turned on the group. This restored faith for eachother and gave enough strength for Lilly to evolve into a gardevoir. She fought Majora to the death at last moment.. Majora snatched Lilly and flown high above the city to drop her. Instead Lilly sliced Majora's wing despite knowing that they will fall to their deaths. Lilly had barely survived the fall but she died peacefully in Mytho's arms when she was buried outside the city by the old mill. 

Lilly gave her life for her beloved salvation, she succeeded in saving Mytho from a grim fate.Lilly's death and actions have made a serious impact on the group and to Mytho.

She will be forever missed. 

Majora- Sigilyph (That dumbass insane birdie.)  MARKED AS DECEASED

Hasty / Alert to sounds | Male

Mytho desperately wished that he NEVER bought the damn bird from that 'smiling' salesperson that costed him an arm and a leg. Now the bird seeks to rip off well.. his arm and leg. Majora is a mysterious bird who went completely mad when he was first captured and taken from it's native home with an INTENSE hatred for humans. Unpredictable and extremely violent. Majora tears apart his opponents without mercy. Mytho dislikes Majora but he needs him for study and well...releasing him is not the best option. To Mytho, Majora is nothing more than a mentally challenged bird. He dares not try to teach Majora any psychic moves. Majora rarely speaks expect when he crackles. So Mytho rarely lets him out unless it's necessary, study to feeding him. Majora is actually intelligent, silently bidding his time waiting for the chance for freedom though murder. The only thing stands between him and freedom is Lilly.

If there's someone else Majora despise the most than Mytho (or any human) it's the kirila. 

-Update: Majora had been influencing Mytho though his interactions and dark energy since R3, he was the one who destoryed Lilly's bond with Mytho and replaced with his own in an attempt to destory Lilly's realtionship with her human. However during the events of R4, Majora was pretty much leading the show and taking advantage of Mytho's depression and emotions for his own gain. But his overconfidence became his undoing; he and Mytho were struck down by an archer crash landing into a church. Majora had survived but seeing Mytho's weakness; he decided to take his chance for freedom. Majora would had gotton what he so wanted if Lilly had not showed up. Majora tried to force Mytho to do his bidding but Mytho fend him off so far to protect Lilly from his wrath. Lilly evolved and she and Majora fought to the death in the end, Majora was defeated by the gardevoir but in a last ditch effort and refusal to admit defeat. Majora snatched Lilly and fled to the skies intending to drop her to her death. However Lilly had other plans, she used her sword to slice Majora's wing off dispite knowing they will both die from the fall.

Dispite this.. Majora fought back before Lilly finally silenced him once for all, he was dead before he hit the ground. Majora like Icarus, his fooliness and pride was the cause of his fall. 

-The sigilgyaph design is inspired by :iconsafayia: (I thought to get this out of the way. Yes. I got her permission of use. ))

+ Alm-Riolu

Adamant / Capable of taking a hit | Prankster | Male 

This mysterious wolf pup; Mytho and him met eachother during twist mountain on less than friendly terms. Riolu tried to force Mytho's group off of the mountain by force. They met again in the tunnels, Riolu tried to warn Mytho that they were in the lair of a very dangerous ariados before they were attacked. Luckily Mytho saved Alm's life from the spider and killed it but not before his brother Cassius turned on Mytho where Alm fled than stay and fight. Alm had always regretted his choice and left the mountion for his own reasons. Oddly enough, Riolu wittness two ghosts dumping a bag over a brigde which it turned out to be Lilly instead. Riolu had done much in R4 and he admitted to be fond of Lilly and her faith for Mytho and humans enough to sway his choice to help her. However even with his efforts, Riolu could not save Lilly from the fall. Mytho had much to thank the riolu and dispite being free to leave, the riolu choice to stay to uphold his honorable word with Lilly.

Mytho was relectant at first but gave in thus the riolu was given the name of Alm. 

-Alm speaks though aura. However his english is'nt so great, so bare with him.

-Alm is'nt very patient with humans save for Mytho. He's not very used to them, so he can be rude at times.

-Alm is strangely serious for a puppy but he has his 'moments'. 

+ Lumi'ere-Porygon2 (A gift from a friend. )

Modest / Capable of taking a hit | Trace | Unknown 

During the raid, Salem gave Mytho, an evolite necklace with some passing words to Mytho before Mytho was forced to leave him behind. The keepsake turned out to housed a very rare pokemon; a living light prism pokemon; Porygon 2. Lumi's relationship with Salem is vague at best but it's obvious that the man kept Lumi out of sight for it's own safety and how Lumi expresses sorrow in light of the situation. Mytho had dubbed the little bird 'Lumie're' (Light), so far Lumi seems to be only comfortable with Mytho and not other humans. But the porygon 2 houses quite.. interesting powers such as bending space in a limited area and has enough power to level down a brick wall effortlessly. Lumie're is usually a sweet if shy little bird who tends to spaz out if frightened... with disastrous results. 

Update: Before Lilly and Alm showed up. Lumi was the one who remained with Mytho dispite the fallout. He attempted to fight Majora on his own, Lumi actually put up a good fight before Majora grasped his evolite and crushed it. Luckily Mytho had grabbed Lumi's evolite before Majora could destroy it. Lumi's actions were not in vain, he protected Mytho in respects of Salem's wishes and as a friend. He provided enough time for Lilly to come. However the evolite has not shine ever since as Mytho fears the worse.

Notes about Lumi: 

-The evolite is basically Lumi's held item and he adopted it's properties in it's body. Basically he's much harder to hurt. :D

-Lumi is dependent on a light source to appear out of his 'home', either absorbing light during the day or Mytho passes his aura enough for Lumi to fight. 

-Lumi has a limited time to be 'awake' varying on how much light he absorbed and he cannot go too far from Mytho (carrying the evolite) if he ties himself out. He'll retreat back into the stone.

-Lumi usually shows himself as a ball of light now and again. (Think Navi. But less annoying. XD)

-If the evolite is destroyed, Lumi will die. 

-Don't frighten Lumi, He'll start shooting at everything and everyone until he's calm down by Mytho.

+ Charlotte- Rotom (A happy little electric ghost makes a great subject.):

Naive / Quick to Flee | Levitate |Gender: Unknown (Female sort of....)

The newest of the team and another pokemon that Mytho is studying. Charlotte haunted someone's castle whom his tutor managed to excrised and captured her. Not much is known about her, Mytho is still learning about her species if the so called possession of tools is true. Charlotte is a playful little bugger who enjoys nothing more than zip around and have her human chase her all over the place. To Mytho, she gets on his nerves but she's much easier to work with compare to Majora. 

Update: Charlotte like Sissel, they left Mytho's team when he kicked Lilly out of the group. Charlotte was reluctant to do so but luckily she and Sissel came back. They fought Majora off in an ambush effort before they were shortly dispatched but like Sissel, they suffered little injuries. But Charlotte despite being rather thick-minded, she knows that Lilly is gone and she misses her and their little family like Sissel, she stayed to give the group another chance or simply she had norwhere else to go.

+ Sissel-Ditto (The pink blob that can TALK.)

Bold / Scatters things often | Limber | Unknown (Associated as a boy?)

Sissel used to be a thief pokemon but later grew bored with the state of his life, ditching his dim-witted partner for better pastures. Sissel sneaked into the school and switched himself with one of the pokeballs. The whole mix-up landed Sissel into Mytho's hands. Needless to say Mytho was lessed than pleased. But already Sissel had settled himself comfortably in Mytho's room and aims to stay. Not only the ditto is the only member of the group to even speak English. Sissel is a bold talker, openly curious of humans and isn't afraid of a fight, to openly questions Mytho jokingly. Be warn that Sissel's deviousness and questionable intelligence is not something to be underestimated and his bag of tricks up might be a blessing in disguise for the group. SO far, Sissel proven to be a reliable pokemon to the group, he usually sticks onto Mytho, much to his annoyance. 

Sissel and Mytho's relationship is more among the lines of a partnership, he's simply states that he'd grown some amusement with the group besides the ditto has nowhere to go anyways. 

Update: Angered and offended by the way Mytho treated Lilly and how their future is next to slim. Sissel was the first to leave stating mytho's behavior. But eventually came back due to Lilly's example and just in time to fend off Majora. Sissel obviously does care for the group and wished to have more for Lilly at least tried to save her. At least Majora is out of their lives; yet Sissel chose to stay stating he'll give Mytho one last chance. 

Notes about Sissel: 

-Sissel has a thing to transform into weapons more than pokemon

-So Sissel is a makeshift secondary weapon or he can transform his limbs into various forms. (Although Mytho has NO idea what sissel turns into and he's not exactly good at other weapons save for the sword.)

-He's a clever little bastard and knows what he can and not do.

-He has no apriball yet, so he's usually hanging about on Mytho usually in another form. 

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