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Herea a Harry Potter fanart I did right when the Chamber of Secrets came out in theatres. I'm not too thrilled with this one, but many people seemed to like it when I first displayed it. I post this again because Harry Potter fever is up and coming again. I really need to make a new fanart though...
drawn by hand and colered in Photoshop
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The way how I see Harry Potter.
(Oh god, I forget his glasses .... huhh)
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Yes, to all of you who watch my journal, *this* is the picture I’m going to get crucified for… Well, that’s if people take it seriously, and not in good humor; take it in good humor! Do it... Yeah, I did build it up a little too much, because *I* don’t think it’s that bad. Let’s just hope and pray to whatever Gods we worship that I’m a small enough deviant so that this will be taken with good humor.

Yeah, I’ve been wanting to do anti-fangirl art for Snape for a while, and then I found an icon with basically this script in it (I can’t find it, now). I had to illustrate it. I *had* to. If I hadn’t, I would have just exploded. Small bits of me would have flown everywhere and strategically landed on, and thus staining, drawings of a naked Snape with Remus or Draco or Harry (or yourself, Mary-Sues) or whoever else you fangirls pair him up with.

Basically, no, I don’t hate Snape. I hate seeing drawings of Snape in a bunny outfit. I have never said to myself, “Boy, today I would really like to see a drawing of a middle-aged man in skimpy dominatrix outfits.” There is not enough hydrochloric acid to boil my eyes in IN THE WORLD. Plus, fangirls are amusing, and I like making fun of them. Doesn’t mean I’m not a fangirl of certain persons (coughRyogacough), just means I can laugh at myself.

Kenshin fangirls. You’re next.

Art comments: I sharpied in his hair! My first time using something other than a pencil to shade black. Aren’t you proud of me? :P And yeah, this is really long. Took up 5 pages. I mean, DAMN. Anyway, yeah, the artwork on this piece isn’t that good. I’m not good at drawing noses or wrinkles, and lately, I’ve been getting the Midas reverse-curse… Everything I touch turns to crap. ;.; So I’m not really proud of the artwork here beside the fact that I used sharpie and it didn’t bleed EVERYWHERE like I thought it would.

Slightly Repetitive Disclaimer: The artist doesn’t hate Snape. She actually likes Snape. But for different reasons. (Guess what? Didn’t cry at the ending. Dumbledore had lost his usefulness as a dynamic character and I didn’t cry when he died because he had basically stayed the same for the past four books; no other side of him, nothing intriguing, nada.) She also doesn’t claim these rules are true. She claims most of them are true, however. Just maybe not the last one; there is evidence to the contrary. Not in a Snape slash-fiction where he cries with Remus (or whoever) over Dumbledore or anything, but just that Rowling has been quoted otherwise in regards to Snape’s character. The artist is NOT interested in Snape, however. Jeez, he’s like 40. She doesn’t even think the actor who plays him is that cute. Cuz he’s like 40. Yuck.

If you insist on insulting her... she will ignore you, unless you set yourself up for a snappy comeback. Then she just can't resist... But feel free to cry out in indignation or whatever.

New: :iconsftposr:
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well, its been a while since i last submited.
i know, lazy!!!

anyway... here is a drawing i did a while back of my fav. character in HP, the Marauders... the cool ones, i cant stand Peter.

this is like my 2nd time that i use photoshop to paint my drawings and its been a while, but all in all im pretty happy with it.

i kinda half assed their t-shirts, but its late and i wanna go to sleep.

i hope you like =)

*all characters are property of JK Rowling.
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My design for Peter aka Wormtail is done, this is my recent style for him. Perhaps much people aren't happy because I draw him, lol.

Before you're gonna kill me, let me explain why I like Peter.
In a writer mood, he's a good character, his personality and the way he surprised us with his true side, to me it became really good. I know that most of fandom hates Peter and I don't blame them, he killed my favorite character of HP (my beloved James Potter, so I have more reasons to hate him, right?). One of the things that I see is that Peter is like a real person, he's not the kick 4ss, not intelligent, not strong... he's a coward! And for some reason, most of the people don't like -real- characters, they like the ones who always have that high ideal that all we dreamed to be. So, for that reason, I like Peter, but not for what he did. Ok? So, don't flame me... tehee.

Harry Potter JKRowling
Art Me
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Dont know how this one really came about :P

First started as a sexy sinister sort of guy, then a young version of Severus Snape, and lastly the End Result, Harry Potter, 7th or 8th year at Hogwarts. :D :w00t:

I wish a guy would look at me that way :giggle:

Hope you all like, ill send this in to potterart & sketcherz as soon as I can
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Lupin and Tonks, because I TOTALLY SHIP AND ADORE THAT PAIRING. PHEER THEM. They are so sweet and compassionate to each other, amd just both really good people from not so perfect circumstances, so yay for them! <3

No this isn't done but I won't have the time for a few months, so here's what I have so far. Yes, he has heavy basis in the David Thewlis Lupin. Only a bit younger.

Both (c) Jk Rowling.
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Well, just Sirius and Remus. I drew this pic after I had recovered from the hell week of deadlines.
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This Dorm Space belongs to: :iconchinesekawaiikitten:

Personal-Points: 225

Character Profile:

Full Name: Violetta White
Age: 16, Sixth Year
Gender: Female
DOB: May 3th
House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Ash, 10 and a 1/2 inches, with a phoenix feather core.
Blood Type: Half-Blood
Family Dynamic: Mother - Amy White (Muggle)
Father - Cygnus White (Wizard, pure-blood) (changed his last name since he is a blood-traitor anyways, originally a Black)
Step Brother - Zack White (Muggle)
Violetta is the daughter of Cygnus and Amy White. Cygnus is the son of Alphard Black, who was removed from the Black family tree for giving his runaway nephew (Sirius) some gold. His mother is a daughter of Charis and Casper Crouch. Feeling no need to carry the name of Black after his parents death, he legally got his last name change to White in repesentation of his different ideals towards Muggles.
He fell in love with Amy, a single Muggle mother of one and they soon got married and had their daughter Violetta, named after Cygnus' great grandmother. Violetta knew about her heritage at a young age since her parents decided that it would be her choice to go to Hogwarts or not when the time came, and let her experience both the wizarding world (ex: visiting Diagon Alley, playing with toy brooms, etc...) and the muggle world (going to muggle school, taking dance classes, etc...). Her half-brother, Zack was also included in experiencing things in the wizarding world, yet is not magical like his half-sister.
Personality:Good Traits - Friendly, Open-minded, Creative, Trustworthy, Supportive, Sympathetic, Unflappable, Reliable, Passionate, Genuine, Loyal, Hardworking
Bad Traits - Stubborn, Slow Starter, Materialistic, Self-indulgent, Hates Change, Tendency to Moodiness, Hides Emotions, Mischieveious, Perfectionist
Likes: Quidditch, Singing, Dancing, Joking around, Kimi, Chocolate covered strawberries, Reading for pleasure, Doodling, Mysterious creatures, Watching the stars, Taking risks, Inter-house unity, Trying to bite through hard candies, Cherry blossoms (both the flower and the candy), Candles, Strawberries, Goremet coffee, Spending time with friends, Her alone time, Relaxing by the lake, Trying new things, and Sister time.
Dislikes: Changes, Stereotyping, Loud noises and distractions when studying, Being sick, Mornings, Too much country music, Ignorance people, Guys wearing too much colonge, Uncomfortable seats, Not being able to sleep, Headaches, Being unorganized, Poorly written novels.
Facts: Her height is 5'4 without her high heel shoes. Violetta and Alyssa are not identical twins. Tends to study outside by the lake whenever the weather permits. Naturally talented in transfigurations and charms, favorite classes Anicent Runes, Magical Inking and Toning, Flying and Astronomy, and least likes Herbology since she tends to over-love her plants. ^^;
Pet(s): Kitten named Isolde (golden eyes, gold and white fur)
Light Background: Violetta is the first daughter of Cygnus and Arista White. Cygnus was originally from the Noble and Most Anicent House of Black, yet his father Alphard (1927-1988) gave gold to his runaway nephew, Sirius Black (1959-1996). Even with that, Cygnus was like his cousin and viewed people as equals so when his father died, he legally changed his last name to White. It was the start of a new pure-blood family.
During a business trip, Cygnus met and fell in love with the charming grand-daughter of Caspar and Charis (1919-1973) Crouch, Arista Crouch. It was less then a year before they were married and creating a proud family of their own. In November of 1990 they had their first child, a handsome boy they named Drake Sirius White. He would grow up blessed with the aristocratic, somewhat haughty Black looks similar to that of Cygnus' cousin Sirius, a clever mind that keeps him on top of all of his classes, and a natural talent at Quidditch to make him captain and keeper of his schools teams. Sadly, that school is not Hogwarts.
It was in May of 1992 that they were blessed with twin daughters. The oldest was named Violetta Kallisto White while the younger girl was named Alyssa Aries White. These two grew to have the grace, talent and eyes of the Black family, both similar and different in many ways which was shown when Violetta was sorted into Hufflepuff while Alyssa was sorted into Gryffindor.
Offical Friends so far:

Hikaru Talia Main of Hufflepuff :iconwickedlyxinsane:
Lera Stargazer of Ravenclaw :iconlera-star:
Alyssa Aries White of Gryffindor :iconchitsukimasuki:
Professor Shinseki, Head of Hufflepuff :icondedrik:

If I forgot to mention you, please note me. I have a bad memory.

:View the rest of the Dorm Room:
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I hope this looks like Buckbeak somewhat, unfortunatly I couldn't get a good picture of his hindquarters, so I just went from my imagination of him and gave him spots =P

hopefully it doesn't look crappy

Poor Easter Bunny ;P bet he's tastey thou

Buckbeak (c) J.K Rowling

this is done for the Easter contest in
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