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It's Mega Man.
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Spark Mandrill from Mega Man X.

Spark Mandrill and all other Mega Man characters are Capcom.
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:iconaverage-hanzo:'s (and sorta my) InkMan!
For his MegaMan: New Tomorrow fan game.

His original InkMan design was a small weird little thing, and just for fun I gave it a redesign that I thought would look good, and after some time he wanted to make it the official one! I'm flattered! Which is why I challenged myself to finish this in less than a day.

So his design is based off his original ([link]) that I "stretched." Now he looks like some old grizzled sailor, and still kinda French (which I thought the old design looked like as well.) And since he's supposed to be old, I made him short.

Overall I really like this design, and I would've used him myself if Stardius didn't.

The Robot Masters:
RocketMan: [link]
CyclopsMan: [link]
ChimeraMan: [link]
MantisWoman: [link]
IllusionMan: [link]
TauroMan: [link]
BlusterMan: [link]
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This was a submission for UDON's Mega Man Tribute Contest that didn't make it in.

X and Zero from Mega Man X.
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Before anyone throws tomatoes at me, rest assured, that's not the actual name of the armour in question. It really doesn't have a name as of now (though I don't want to go with "Transmetal").

The whole thing was inspired by Digimon Tamers with their badass transformations (at least, they LOOK badass). There are other sources too, but DT gets most of the credit.

Backstory: This armour (or rather armours) was created by Dr. Cossack and BB (Brain Bot, from the cartoon). Not only does it offer extra strength and speed to the robots wearing it, it protects their identities to a degree. Because it's for the most part, however, untested, there may be dire consequences to getting severely injured whilst using it (as if writhing in pain isn't enough) or tampering with it.

Unlike Mega's Cross system, armours usually have only one added "feature" to them. It's more useful for disguise. Wouldn't work on Wily, of course--after all, he must hear the Light family's voices in his nightmares--but if they had to go up against some new evil scientist or alien force and DIDN'T want to risk being recognized on the news or something, these armours might come in handy. They could still be followed, but it would be to Cossack's base of operations and not Light's, and Roll might spot them before they even reach Cossack.

Megaman: [Purple and gold] Not much to say here, other than a more powerful charged shot. Sliding is not recommended.

Protoman: [Yellow with blue horn things] His armour is based off of the Helio Breaker from B.Daman. That guy was a bitch to put together... The horn-things are mostly face guards. Proto's visor is able to scan his surroundings, catching small details most of the others can't see. [This is not the same as Roll's visor] His shield (not pictured) is much larger and can shoot out low-powered plasma rounds from a cannon built in, much Vajrilla FF's or an unrelated bad guy's (One Piece's Don Krieg). It's heavier, though, requiring two people to lift it.

Roll: [next to Proto] Yes, that's Roll. Her armour is lighter than the others', allowing her to jump higher (but at the cost of increased stamina). The biggest advantage she gains is her visor, which, while it doesn't pick up every little smidgy detail of the enviroment like Proto's, it can detect incoming enemies or enemy fire. Very useful for making sure you're not being followed.

Shadowman: He's a special case in that he'd never get the "Ultra Armour" under normal conditions, but something comes up that requires the master of shadows to join the Lights. Shadowman on his own is fast as lightning--with this armour, he's able to become a Mechaniloid-killing white-and-purple blur. The problem is that moving at such speeds greatly damages his body over time, so he has to be careful. [NINJA STEALTH!]

Fan: Same as Mega's, but he exchanges his previous Buster (Fan Buster?) for something more flame-based. A Fire Buster, if you will...whatever Fireman uses in place of hands. [His hair reminds me of Raditz's...]

X: Look familiar? Yep, it's the armour from X1. A bit of alluding to the X series. X can hover and his plasma shots are more powerful (DAMN I can't spell today), but the armour itself is light.

Dub: Guns? Check. Heavy-duty armour? Check. But despite the "upgrade", Dub is still a kid robot and his accuracy is rather hit-and-miss. But hey, that Vulcan is pretty strong for a armour designed for a little kid...yeah. Cossack, check their ages. Please.

Bass: Treble Boost without the jet engines or purple. Having extra power AND Treble at his side can prove to be very helpful later on. Unsurpisingly, he's slowed down significantly. At least it's better than wearing the Megazord armour again, huh?

Normally I colour stuff with the Photoshopmobile, but this time I thought "Since you've got too much time on your hands, why not bust out the Prismas?"

Fan was based off of the beta design for Ryuusei no Rockman's "Leo" transformation; Shadowman off of EXE's CF Shadow-Miyabi. With the exception of Fan and Dub, no one retains their previous colour schemes (unless you count the gold parts of Bass's armour).

Characters (C) Capcom
Dub, art (C) Me
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Hey yall,

here is my entry for the Udon's Mega Man Tribute contest. Didn't get in but I had lot's of fun making this one.

Hope you likes :)

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A roughly 5 hour drawing I made of Mega Man X All X from Rockman X Megamission 3. Drawn in openCanvas4.06E Plus with a Wacom tablet.
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Maverick number six: Launch Octopus! I had a really good time doing this one!

Done entirely digitally with Wacom, Sketchbook Pro, and Photoshop CS 5.1

Launch Octopus Capcom.
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:iconaverage-hanzo:'s ChimeraMan!
For his MegaMan: New Tomorrow fan game.

The Robot Masters:
RocketMan: [link]
CyclopsMan: [link]
MantisWoman: [link]
IllusionMan: [link]
TauroMan: [link]
BlusterMan: [link]
InkMan: [link]
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A little treat for all you Mega Man fans who got a kick out of my Robot Master renditions. Did this on a whim really. Here are my own Robot Masters. But instead of just drawing them out like I normally would, I figured I'd do this the 8-bit fanboy way and use Paint to draw these bastards.

EDIT; After tinkering with the designs for my "Megaman; Terry's Lament" idea, I wanted to make more OC Robot Masters. Enjoy^-^.

DRTX 001 "Surf Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Marine Unit
WEAPON; Tidal Slash
LEVEL; Tropical Island Base
I just basically made a blue-skinned surfer dude with moppy bowl-cut hair. Nothing more than that, but hey it would be an interesting design to see in action, especially with the surf board. The weapon is as simple as it sounds, a blade-like wave of water that can actually travel up walls and can also destroy certain blocks.

DRTX 002 "Pipe Man"
WEAPON; Heat Dragon
LEVEL; Boiler Factory
I don't really have to explain the core "theme" of this one do I XD? You'll notice he sort of looks Jamacian with that hair, a blatant stereotype but hey Capcom is known for using stereotypes (that never fail to work out nicely as designs in some way^-^). He releases serpentine like flame waves that move in a wavy patern.

DRTX 003 "Hat Man"
WEAPON; Destruction Disc
LEVEL; Toy Fun House
An obvious homage to the Mad Hatter character yes, but in the context of the weapon itself it works. See, basically what we have here is a bot that uses the rim of his top hat as a circular blade weapon. So, it's basically Oddjob, I made a robot that fights like Oddjob....

...and if you don't even know who Oddjob is I feel a great swell of pity for you and question whether or not you even watch American cimema at all let alone know basic movie trivia.

DRTX 004 "Keys Man" [link]
ROBOT TYPE; Elite Combat Unit
WEAPON; Seeking Locker
LEVEL; Clock Tower
Jesus Christ our lord and savior I am such an uncreative bastard. I mean for fucks sake just look at him, "Keys Man"? Looks pretty damn familiar don't he XD? But anyway, his weapon is actually a homing missile that freezes any target it touches.

DRTX 005 "Head Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Resurrected Trash Unit
WEAPON; Zombie Chain
LEVEL; Toxic Forest
I swear to Mickey Mouse and his pals the first person to have certain thoughts about his name I will personally slap you across the face with my telekenesis>_<. An interesting but expected take on a zombie-themed Robot Master, his weapon is not actually his head but the poisonous chain that allows him to use his head as a flail weapon/grappling hook. And no, if Mega Man got this weapon he could not use his own head, he'd just get the chain itself.

DRTX 006 "Sailor Man" [link]
ROBOT TYPE; Shipwright
WEAPON; Steel Anchor
LEVEL; Battleship Harbor
My favorite design of the first row by far, simply because he is a sailor who literally uses an anchor for a weapon. You can tell he's been eating his spinach since he is a HUGE fucker. The weapon is a very valuable tool sporting the same versitility and functionality as the metal blade from MM2.

DRTX 007 "Parasol Woman"
ROBOT TYPE; Kunoichi
WEAPON; Ice Needles
LEVEL; Oriental Castle Grounds
A skilled ice-ninjitsu kunoichi who uses an umbrella as her weapon, or more to the point the ice needles that are released from it. The weapon can either be used as a bludgeon weapon that shoots off said Ice Needles or as an actual parasol to glide downward across gaps (if your a pussy).

DRTX 008 "Glass Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Crystal Harvester
WEAPON; Mirror Crest
LEVEL; Crystal Tomb
He is sort of like a mix between Gemini Man and Pharaoh Man as far as look and feel. His weapon is a super reflective shield that can reflect even the sharpest cutting weapons.

DRTX 009 "Peacock Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Suzaku Weapon
WEAPON; Phoenix Feather
LEVEL; Volcano Base
He is just as flamoyantly gay as he sounds, he uses burning feathers that form a typical shield weapon.

DRTX 010 "Halfshell Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Genbu Weapon
WEAPON; Snake Hunter
LEVEL; Oriental Mountains
A giant ninja turtle who uses snake ninjistu, namely he conjures up flying serpents that go in square-angle patterns after the target.

DRTX 011 "Sphinx Woman"
ROBOT TYPE; Byakko Weapon
WEAPON; Forward Claw
LEVEL; Booby Trapped Pyramid Tomb
She's pretty much a self explanatory design, her weapon is a charging slash that lunges the user forward in a short burst like a ballistic missile and slashes anything in it's wake.

DRTX 012 "Lockjaw Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Seiryu Weapon
WEAPON; Plasma Wave
LEVEL; Dragonoid Mecha Convoy
Similar to Sword Man in how his body is in two different halves, her they can literally be used to form a clamping dragon mouth that delivers a nasty bite. To further aid in this they can create a vacuumous pull within the center of the jaws, or they can just fire off a power wave of destructive plasma energy.

DRTX 013 "Shield Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Combat Armor
WEAPON; Aegis Reflector
LEVEL; Miltary Jungle Hangar
I actually based this one off of Hoppered the Gauntlet of the Gung-Ho Guns (see Trigun). His weapon is the same Aegis Reflector used by Urien from Street Fighter 3, it is a slowly moving force field that reflects any projectile right back at enemies before disipating.

DRTX 014 "Hero Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Champion Fighter
WEAPON; Pile Bunker
LEVEL; Robot Gladiator Coliseum
He's suppose to be a Greek Hero themed Robot Master, like Hercules or Samson. His weapon is named after what the Recoil Rod from Megaman Zero 3 was originally called, it's basically a powerful fist attack that can push heavy blocks or destroy blocks.

DRTX 015 "Cube Man" [link]
ROBOT TYPE; Computer Terminal
WEAPON; Data Locker
LEVEL; Arctic Facility
My favorite design of the second row. I basically just wanted to make a walking box-shaped robot and just went from there. His weapon is basically the Time Stopper from Megaman Zero 4, anything it touches is frozen for a few seconds whilst being damaged. His level would be ice themed if only because it's an ideal place to house gigantic super computers that would generate enormous amounts of heat.

DRTX 016 "Ooze Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Chemical Storage and Transport
WEAPON; Chemical Float
LEVEL; Toxic Waste Disposal Plant
I'll just let the design speak for itself^-^. His Chemical Float is exactly what it sounds like, a floating glob of acid-like chemical substance.

DRTX 017 "Ghost Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Spiritual Medium
WEAPON; Nightmare School
LEVEL; Haunted Fun House
My favorite of the third row, perhaps the oddest one out of the whole lot. His weapon is a small flying V of fish-like ghosts that speed straight forward.

DRTX 018 "Blitz Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Sports Robot
WEAPON; Pigskin Grenade
LEVEL; Robot Stadium
They actually made a football Robot Master, a Net Navi in the Mega Man Battle Network series by the name of Grid Man. His weapon is a literal concusive grenade that can destroy certain blocks.

DRTX 019 "Hound Man"
WEAPON; Wolf Ravage
LEVEL; Max Security Prison
Not much to say but that I wanted to make a dog robot. His weapon is a deadly slashing claw attack that while is quite short range has devastating attack strength.

DRTX 020 "Face Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Witch Doctor
WEAPON; Fairy Torch
LEVEL; Secret Rainforest
In hindsight this probably the only way one can going about designing a Robot Master named "Face Man", unless there's some other way I might have over looked. His weapon is a sentient flame familiar that will hop across the floor into anything in its wake.

DRTX 021 "Bounce Woman"
ROBOT TYPE; Robotic Doll
WEAPON; Gummy Bubble
LEVEL; Shopping Mall specializing in Toys
A robotic toy doll gone bad that can bounce around and has a disturbing ability to literally shoot out bubbles from her rear end..........don't ask...........said bubles are made of a bubblegum like substance.

DRTX 022 "Food Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Vegetation
WEAPON; Citrus Shot
LEVEL; Food Processing Plant
Hey look it's Toucan Sam's worst fucking nightmare XD. His weapon is a literal shotgun-like shot of citrus fruit juice.

DRTX 023 "Knives Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Circus Performer
WEAPON; Million Knives
LEVEL; Gypse Caravan and Fairgrounds
His weapon is a literal flurry of ionizer blade knives, the rate of fire is damn near ridiculous.

DRTX 024 "Chess Woman"
ROBOT TYPE; Game Master
WEAPON; Royal Crusher
LEVEL; Poker Casino
A literal sentient chess piece who can hover about trying to crush her foes underneath her base. Her weapon is a bombardment of small chest pieces raining straight downward from the air trying to crush anything in their wake.

DRTX 025 "Fluid Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Emergency Crisis Dispatch
WEAPON; Flame Killer
LEVEL; Burning Water Treatment Plant
A fire man who happens to be a walking water tanker. His weapon is a piercing blade-like shot of pereviously presurized water.

DRTX 026 "Bayonet Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Artillery Unit
WEAPON; Sniper Shell
LEVEL; Imperial Palace
Because "Gun Man" wasn't interesting enough XD. Despite his rather small look his armor is quite tough. His weapon seems straight forward but it can be shot in all eight directions.

DRTX 027 "Rocket Woman"
ROBOT TYPE; Aerial Unit
WEAPON; Thrust Buckle
LEVEL; Sky Fortress
Her Thrust Buckle is a pair of high speed rockets. If Mega Man were to use them, they would first be attached to an arm monut that could propel him straight forward across a limited distance before detaching.

DRTX 028 "Ape Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Beast Tamer
WEAPON; Bone Baton
LEVEL; Animal Park
A robotic gorilla basically. His weapon ordinary bone. Huh. Well at least it functions like a bommerang for some reason...

DRTX 029 "Gargoyle Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Monster Hunter
WEAPON; Spinning Blaze
LEVEL; Darkened City
A homage to Firebrand from Demon's Crest (or if you prefer the Ghost N' Gobins franchise in general), right down to his flame based weapon which is a whirlwind of flames. If the user uses it whilst jumping the whirlwind circles around the user like a shield for a few seconds before flying off.

DRTX 030 "Laser Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Beam Artillery
WEAPON; Ionizer Beam
LEVEL; Laser Cannon Satelite
Another design based on a Net Navi from the MMBN series, another design that isn't based on a Robot Master from the original classic series (there are quite a few I've noticed). What Capcom ought to do is take those designs and apply then to another old-school Mega Man title, I'd love to see what they'd be like in an 8-bit game^-^. His weapon is a small beam that can be charged up to produce a bigger more powerful shot.

DRTX 031 "Tool Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Construction
WEAPON; Screw Drive
LEVEL; Construction Site
His weapon is a piercing screw driver like extending rod that can pierce through armor as well as certain blocks.

DRTX 032 "Car Man"
ROBOT TYPE; Robot Racer
WEAPON; Turbo Wheel
LEVEL; Desert Racing Course
Based on a Yu Gi Og card of which the name escapes me at the moment, I figured it would be fun to make a Robot Master that basically has wheels for feet^-^. His weapon is a high powered self propeled wheel that can run up walls.

Here are the weapons for these Robot Masters [link]
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