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What is an Arabian Warmblood?
On the surface, the definition of an Arabian Warmblood is simple: it is the crossing of Arabian and warmblood horses. However, there is far more to this definition as a breed type. First and foremost, the Arabian Warmblood is bred to be a supreme performance animal: known to excel in eventing, hunter and similar disciplines. Functionality is their primary purpose, with the ability to compete on the international stage. In crossing the two breeds with specially selected studs and broods, the aim is to create a light, supple warmblood that combines the grace and presence of Arabians with the scope and athleticism of modern warmbloods.

The initial motivation in the cross was to refine the warmblood type without losing movement, as can often happen in Thoroughbred crosses. Special care is needed when selecting the sire and dam to ensure that the resulting foal is not disadvantaged in other aspects such as scope or height. The Arabian blood should add movement, intelligence and endurance while maintaining a recognisable genetic stamp that is simultaneously and undeniably Arabian.


Breed Type


Head - The head should reflect that of the ideal Arabian: small and refined with a dished to straight profile; convex is not acceptable. The eyes are large, intelligent and wide set. The face should taper to a point with a small muzzle and large nostrils. The jowls should be large, round and wide set to allow for maximum airflow. The ears should be alert; small, delicate and harp shaped, curving inwards to a fine point.

Neck - The neck should be set moderately high on the shoulders and elegantly arched on both mares and stallions, with a pronounced crest particularly on males. An important feature of the AWB is the refined throatlatch, called the mitbah on Arabians; this should still be pliant to allow for air flow during exercise.

Body - The shoulder should have good sloping angles with defined withers. The chest should be deep, with well sprung ribs but compact and not unnecessarily wide. The back is of medium to short length, but should not reach the shortness of most Arabians. The croup should be sloping with a strong hip, a flat croup is highly undesirable. The quarters should be powerful and developed, with the tail carried high in an animated fashion. The overall shape should be rounded and supple, not overly angular. The topline should be level or uphill; downhill is highly undesirable.

Legs - The legs are long and clean, with fine but strong bone. They have springy fetlocks with medium length pasterns, and medium to small hooves.

Height - The smallest minimum height for an Arabian Warmblood to be registered is 15hh, and individuals may be registered up to 18hh.

The gaits should be smooth, elastic and impulsive, with an unhindered, ground-covering stride. The walk should be animated, with an expressive floating trot, rounded eye-catching canter and ideally a clean and scopey jump. Collection should be natural, free flowing and easy to achieve, and the hind end well engaged. Horses should be light and agile on their feet.

An AWB should have a high trainability, with a keen intelligence and penchant for learning quickly. They should respond obediently and sensitively to a rider’s cues and a level-headed disposition is ideal.

The AWB should not contain more than 70% Arabian blood and no less than 12.5% Arabian blood, while adhering to the other breed standards.

Accepted Coat Colours
The AWB in true Arabian and warmblood spirit promotes the more basic colours as the ideal: with blacks, chestnuts, bays and greys  being the most prized competition horses. Horses with these colours and minimal white patterns are eligible for extra studbook merits within the group’s merit system.

Bay (including Seal and Wild)
Smoky Black
Smoky Cream

Dominant White
Splash White

The AWB is a high performance horse, capable of being very competitive on the world stage in dressage, show jumping and eventing. Their natural grace and athletic movement also makes them ideal as mounts in hunters, hacks, polo and stock work.
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© Copyright 2010 Journal Skin by Airamneleb

Scavenger Hunt


CONGRATS TO :iconnightglitch:!!!

1st place gets 200 Points and a fully colored and shaded drawing of your choice. :iconnightglitch:

2nd place gets 100 Points and a fully colored drawing of their choice. :iconyumyumbagel:

3rd place gets 50 Points and a line art of their choice. :icondingle765:

4th place gets an animation of their choice. would have been NightPixels... but something happened... so :iconmelodies-of-love:

5th place gets an extra pixel art of their choice. :iconairora360:

Every contestant gets 1 pixel art of their choice.



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We had a feature of drawing references yesterday, so let's take a look at textures now. I must admit that I'm a total freak when it comes to this topic. I love textures, I love making them and I love seeing them everywhere. In this feature I'll also include some tutorials, traditional and digital, so you could learn how to make some on your own.


Bloodstained Tutorial by Noss91Watercolour Textures V.2 by DragonsDustWatercolour Textures by DragonsDustDrawing Texture by ccRaskFur Tutorial by TatchitQuick Woodtexture Walkthrough by nathieRealistic Lace Tutorial by Negshin


Texture Rust 07 by GuardianofthenightLeaf paper 2 by struckdumbSo green by TinyWildMetallic Green Textures by Gypsy-Stock
Old Paper Texture Pack by nevermoregraphixold paper stock 03 by ftouriniWood Texture by TammySueSeamless desert sand texture by hhh316
yellow texture by raregirl86yellow cracks texture by ftourini-stockold map by Meltys-stockYellow fabrics by 10grams-stock
Merlin by dazzle-texturesBurnt Orange Patterns Part2 by WebTreatsETCOrange Grunge by R2krw9
Red Velvet Textures by RockStockRed Clouds Texture by JRMB-Stock:thumb97407126:
:thumb276819046:Pink Stripes Texture by emothic-stock
purple texture by raregirl86Paper Pack 6 by dierat
old victorian blue by ClarabellafaireStockMore Cement Floors by GreenEyezz-stockvintage blue texture by beckastexture 140 by Sirius-sdz
Holgatex : II. by ArtOfDecay-StockTextures - Dark blue by So-ghislaine
Concrete Basement Wall Texture by FantasyStockGrey textures by AmaranthusCaudatusgrey granite texture II by beckas
Black Vintage by Lady-Dementia-StockGrunge Texture by skeelar-stockTexture: Black Board by angelaacevedoDark City Walls by AFineWarBlack n Brown Satin Textures by Gypsy-Stock
For #ArtHistoryProject Stock&Resources month.
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Right, so on to the fun stuff!  Since we all want to start showing our horses as soon as possible only five images are required.  This is supposed to be fun, after all, and we don't want to ask for too much.

1. Groundwork.
2. Lunging.
3. Accepting a saddle/rider.
4. First ride.
5. Final: Discipline training.

While we only require five images, there is so much more that you can do to train your horse!  If you want to go that extra mile, here are five more images that we would love to see!

1. Worst fear discovered.
2. Good/Bad day.
3. Trailer work.
4. Visit from the farrier/vet.
5. Play time.

Note that you are more than welcome to draw your horse training/doing something that we haven't mentioned.

You can show your horse doing anything, as long as it fits into each category.  For instance, when doing your groundwork image you might show a young foal to accept a halter or, if you are working on the lunging image, you could work the horse at walk, trot, canter, or taking a break!  These all count as training images for those of you who have registered your horses in other groups.

The final image is the most important.  We ask that, for the final image, you dress your horse in its competitive gear as it learns about its future discipline for the first time!  For example, for horses destined to be jumpers you might show them trotting over poles, cavaletti, or taking its first jump (note it will probably be a small obstacle, since they will be beginners).

This final image counts as your horse's graduation image and counts as a show entry.  Upon completion of the five base images, they will receive a ribbon, a diploma, be inducted into our graduation hall of fame, and, most importantly, be well on their way to becoming stars!  For those who go above the five images, a secondary ribbon or trophy will be awarded based on how many extra training images you have completed.
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- horses must have a reference and must be registered.
- only pure Hollendarts can collect points.
- horse of all ages can collect points.
-all image must be at least flat color, not uncolored sketch.
-all the image must be submitted to the group to count as points.

How to collect points:
please read the hollendart champion level registry

-Photomanipulation doesn't give points.
-If you use free linear/greyscale give 1/2 points.
-Photo background doesn't give points.
-Animation give +2
-Art of you horse that you did not pay ( so like gif) give you 1/2 points.
-Collabs give you 1/2 points.
-Arrival image/vet inspection count like a recreatinal image.

-horse with sire and dam: 1 pt
-for each other horse in lineage 0.5 pt (for a maximum of 15 pt)

-Advanced shading: 2
-Simple shading: 1

-Realistic background: 1
-Simple background: 0.5

Import image:
-Import: 1

-Fullbody: 1
-Half body: 0.5
-Headshot: 0.25
-each old reference: 0.5

Show entries:
-Fullbody: 4pt
-Half body: 3pt
-Headshot: 2pt

-1st place: 3
-2nd place: 2
-3rd place: 1
-Champion/best in show: 2
-Judege's choice: 2
-Other show award: 1.5

Training Images
-Fullbody: 3pt
-Half body: 2pt
-Headshot: 1pt

Recreational Image:
-Fullbody: 2pt
-Half body: 1pt
-Headshot: 0.5pt

-Fullbody: 1pt
-Half body: 0.5pt
-Headshot: 0.25pt

-Each pure foal: 0.25
-Impure foal doesn't give points

Horse in lineage:
-Each Approved horse in lineage: 0.25
-Each Fine horse in lineage: 0.5
-Each Exellent horse in lineage: 0.75
-Each Elité horse in lineage: 1
-Each Grand horse in lineage: 1.5
-Each Royal horse in lineage: 2
-Each Extraordinary horse in lineage: 2.75
-Each Champion horse in lineage: 3
-Each Grand Champion horse in lineage: 3.5
-Each Premier horse in lineage: 4


-Approved- 1 Star (20pt)
-Fine - 2 Star (40pt)
-Exellent- 3 Star (60pt)
-Elite - 4 Stars (80pt)
-Grand - 5 Stars (100pt)
-Royal - 6 Stars (120pt)
-Extraordinary - 7 Star (140pt)
-Champion - 8 Stars (160pt)
-Grand Champion - 9 Stars (180pt)
-Premier - 10 Stars (200pt)
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Faime Points System

Sat May 18, 2013, 1:17 PM by emmy1320:iconemmy1320:


Import or Foal Design: +1


Wild: +0
Sire x Dam: +0.5

Pure (ancestor in lineage) : +1
Cross: +.5

Any Ancestornot Quality or higher: +.5
Quality Ancestor: +1
Excellent Ancestor: +1.5
Champion: +2
Champion I: + 2.5
Champion II: +3
Grand Champion: +3.5
Supreme Champion: +4
(Ancestor = parent/grands/greats)


Crossbred Offspring: +0
Purebred Offspring: +.5
Quality Offspring: +1
Excellent: +1.5
Champion: +2
Champion I: +2.5
Champion II: +3
Grand Champion: +3.5
Supreme Champion: +4


- Headshots
-Flat: 0.5
-Simple Shading: 1
-Detailed Shading (based on your own gallery): 1.5

- Fullbody:
-Flat: 1
-Simple Shading: 1.5
-Detailed Shading (based on your own gallery): 2

- Background:
 - Simple (color/texture) + .5
 - Detailed (landscape) +1

-Photo backgrounds: 0

- Training: +1
(per page) (must have a halter and/ or handler)

- Simple Animation (ear flick/ eye blink etc): + 2
(per Page)
 - Semi Detailed (tail swish/ breath/ nostril flare/ leg/ head/ neck movement etc) + 1
 - Detailed (Whole body movement) + 2

- Plushies/ Models +2
(note, anything not made by you will face a -.5 deduction)
 - Resins (must be made by yourself to count) + .5
 - Repaints +1
 - Complete model/ plushie (made by yourself) +2

- Text: +2
(Must be at least 300 words)
 - 300 + 0
 - 500 + .5
 - 700 + 1.5
 - 1,000 or more + 2


Please note, you must provide proof of the show/ placement somewhere on the entry, thank you. Also if the show is your own (ie RNG) then a screenshot must be added to prove proof of placement.
- Image: +1
- Placed (4-10): +.5
- 1st : +2
- 2nd: +1.5
- 3rd: +1
- Title: + 1


Only a max of 2 of the same horse in one pic is allowed (with the exception of comic strips etc) basically, no point rack up sheets.
With multiple horses in 1 image it will only be +2 animation/+1 Training per Full Picture not per Horse in image.

If the art is chibi art/ quick sketches that are clearly used to rack up points then the admins of the group will compare the artists gallery and the art will only count for up to half of what it should be worth.

if u have a training pic you can't have the show point as well, only one or the other.

Any art not by you, or any reused art by you will result in a deduction of - .5 There is an exception on commissioned work, if you've paid for a piece that was commissioned for u and only you then there is no deduction.

If any of the following is free to use then there will be a .5 deduction
reused lines

Note: If you purchase a horse with art from the previous owner art done by any previous owner(s) will not face the .5 deduction. However horses sold from art auctions sales will be eligible for the deduction as they never owned the horse.

To clarifyIf you own the horse, References, import images, foal designs, breeding pictures and art by others of that horse can be used for points.

Uncoloured/ Un-Related Art
All art must be coloured in order to receive points, if it fails to look remotely like the horse it will not count. Markings can be difficult, but they must somewhat resemble the horse you are drawing. Ie. don't draw a black appaloosa with pink spots, or a peacock without its feathers.
Any uncoloured/ Un-related Art will earn +0

Examples of Uncolored Art:
movement of the horse by Wylie

Examples of Colored Art:
Horse by Narya13sketch of a horse by DarkHorse918 Horse jumping by AiSolare

Examples on how to count points:

Full body Shaded +1.5  detailed background +1 training +1 = 3.5
Flat coloured headshot +.5  training +1 animation +2 = 3.5
Full body Shaded +1.5 detailed background +1  training +1 +animation +2 free use lineart -.5 = 4

Example Journal:


Quality: 15         :star:
Excellent: 30       :star::star:
Champion: 50        :star::star::star:
Champion I: 100       :star::star::star::star:  Breeding spot to a non mutation Kings horse.
Champion II: 200        :star::star::star::star::star:
Grand Champion: 300        :trophy: Extra 10 breeding spots for the qualifying horse & a custom non mutation import)
Supreme Champion: 400 :trophy::trophy: Unlimited breeding spots for the qualifying horse (non mutations only). Plus a custom import. To achieve this you must have drawn the horse and got 100 points of art that is your own, literature does not count towards the 100 points. & a breeding spot to a mutation Kings horse.

Once each level is reached please note the group titled "...... Registration" with the title you are hoping to achieve such as "Quality registration" please include a link to your horse and reference/ journal including their points. Please make sure all art is in the group. The group will then check you've counted your points correctly and we will either correct you or add you to the registry. Thank you.

:new: *50 is the maximum amount of points that can be earned via lineage towards grand Champion and Supreme Champion *

Some credit goes to H-E-W-A

Skin CSS & Art © Nesmaty

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:new: March 2012  Mini Shows - CP points reduced

Due to their usually lower quality and the masses of doodle-like headshots.  If they weren't mini show entries, they would only count 0.5 CP mostly and that is unfair to those who put time and effort into normal events and do training pictures. We therefore decided to change the CP that is given for Mini Show Entries and make it depending to the type of entry. High Quality Entries (Quality like a usual show entry) for Mini Shows can be accepted (see exeptional entries)

Mini Shows count for
headshot drawing for mini show: 0,5 CP + 0,5 CP for placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
full body drawing (sketchy, no background, lineart) 1 CP + 0,5 CP for placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
exeptional entries (full body, full shading, background): 1,5 CP + 0,5 CP

2011 May: Following Changes:

We want to encourage people to do training exchanges with other stables (stable interaction yay!) So there's a new chance for horses receiving CP:
Training pictures drawn by other peolpe count 0,5 CP each.
The following pictures count as a "training picture":
- full body (= at least 1/2 of the horse is visible) colored pictures of the horse with rider in show jumping, dressage or cross country movements
- full body (= at least 1/2 of the horse is visible) colored pictures of the horse with trainer/handler shown in training situations (trailer training, lunging, groundwork...)
The following pictures don't count:
Head shots
Gift art and competition prizes

Please be aware that we will watch closely if there are cases of "training commission abuse" - it's alright if you commission other people for a training picture, but if a horses' CP are mainly gained through training pics drawn by others, we'll put a stop to that.
Our intention is to encourage you to draw (and interact with other stables), not to "buy" a Finest Blood status by commissioning others for dA points.

2011 January: Following Changes:
- foal CP are limited and bound to competition success of the horse
- EX Racing Thoroughbreds need training and competition pictures to get a Finest Blood
- CP border was raised to 11 CP!!!
- Headshots count is cut to 0,5 CP

NOTE that it is NOT allowed to upload a Finest Blood Ref BEFORE your horse has the 11 CP. Not with 9, not with 10,5. THe border is 11 CP


ALL warmblood horses and thoroughbreds (suitable for refining the breed) that match the three main requirements of the HEWA can be registered as "Premium"-horses.

The three main requirements for a "Premium" Warmblood

1. Has to be a pure warmblood! All ancestors of your horse have to be warmbloods.
No ponies, drafts, gaited horses etc. in your horses pedigree. Link to list of registered HEWA-Breeds:…

2. NATURAL coat colours. Only coat colours have to be suitable for the REAL LIFE breed. Link to list of coat colors:…

3. Age: 3! Your horse cannot be in the registry before it reaches an age of 3 years.

to sum it up again:
Your horse will be registered by the HEWA as a Premium Warmblood or a TB (for refining the breeds) if it meets the following criteria:
Age at least 3 years, natural coat colours within the standards of its REAL LIFE breed, a pure warmblood pedigree.

The creme de la Creme of these horses make it into the  "Finest Blood" registry.

The requirements for a "Finest Blood" Warmblood are:

1. All requirements for a "Premium Warmblood" fulfilled

2. A refurbished H-E-W-A reference sheet. (We will provide examples and a template for it) !!! You need to draw an NEW picture of your horse. It is NOT allowed to use an existing picture!!

3. At least 11 credit points

to sum it up again:
Your horse will be registered by the HEWA as a "Finest Blood" Warmblood or a TB (for refining the breeds) if it meets the following criteria:
Age at least 3 years; natural coat colours within the standards of its REAL LIFE breed; a pure warmblood pedigree.
+ a HEWA reference sheet; at least 9 credit points

The credit Point System</b>

We thought a lot about the whole thing and we believe we established a very good credit point system for the horses, that is not influenced by the artists ability or popularity, but still ensures a high level of quality.

The credit Point System

Your horse gets credit points for certain aspects. To make it to the "Finest Blood Registry" it has to reach at least 11 credit points.

I. Credit Points for Pedigree:
(thought to promote breeding, but not overbreeding)

your horse gets 1 cp for every complete generation in its pedigree.
Only HArpg horses count for pedigree points!
Your horse can get maximum of 3 cp for its pedigree (FB Bonus not included)
A starter gets 0 cp! (A horse with a created pedigree of real horses is considered a starter!)

Finest Blood Bonus: Every Finest Blood horse in the foals Pedigree adds 0,5 CP to the foals CP Account. Your horse can get maximum of 2 CP for the Finest Blood Bonus

II. Credit Points for offspring

For every WARMBLOOD foal your horse gets 0,5 cp.

For example if your horse has 4 warmblood foals, it will get 2 cp ( 4 x 0.5 cp).
Foals with drafts, ponies, gaited horses etc won't count for the credit point system.

If your horse is a Finest Blood Horse and the foal is out of/ sired by another Finest Blood Horse both parents will get 0,5 CP extra for this foal.
Finest Blood Sire X Finest Blood Dam ==> Both FB horses will get 0,5 CP for the foal + 0,5 CP Finest Blood Foal Bonus = 1 CP for a Finest X Finest Foal

ATTENTION: We set up a maximum amount of CP that can be achieved through breeding.
You can get MAXIMUM of 3 CP for breeding foals (= 6 warmblood foals)
ATTENTON: Foal CP will only count for the sum score if your horse proved its quality in an event. THAT MEANS: your horse will only get the foal CP if it has entered and placed (1st,2nd,3rd) in at least one HArpg event (Dressage, Show Jumping or Eventing)!

Example: horse Mary Sue has 3 Warmblood foals (theoretically 1,5 CP) AND placed 3rd in a show jumping event ==> MAry Sue gets 1,5 CP
horse Peter Paul has 6 Warmblood foals (theoretically 3 CP) but has not yet entered in a show jumping event ==> Peter Paul gets NO CP for his foals (if he enters in an event like 2 Months later, his foal CP will be added to his sum score!)

III. Credit Points for Events :new: MINI EVENTS

For a Mini Event (headshot) your horse will get 0,5CP + additional 0,5 if it places 1st, 2nd or 3rd
For a Mini Event (full body, no background, lineart, sketchy) your horse will get 1 CP + additional 0,5 CP if it places 1st, 2nd or 3rd
For a mini Event (usual event quality full body, colored, shaded, background) your horse will get 1,5 CP + 0,5 CP if it places 1st, 2nd or 3rd

For every HArpg Event your horse enters it will get 1,5 cp.
(only counts in combination with an event picture)

For every 1st, 2nd or 3rd place your horse wins in a HArpg Event it will get additional 0,5 cp.
(only counts in combination with an event picture)
A TB can only be accepted as a Finest Blood if he is RETRAINED after his racing career (so you need ONE TRAINING PICTURE) AND he needs to compete in the disciple he is trained for (so you need a COMPETITION PICTURE) ==> YOU NEED BOTH!!! TRAINING AND NEW COMPETITION PICTURE

IV. Credit Points for Pictures

For every full body picture besides reference, breeding pictures and event entries your horse will get 1 cp.
:new: breeding pictures, reference picture 0 CP
:new: HEADSHOTS count for 0,5CP
:new: Training pictures drawn by others count 0,5 CP
The following pictures count as a "training picture":
- full body (= at least 1/2 of the horse is visible) colored pictures of the horse with rider in show jumping, dressage or cross country movements
- full body (= at least 1/2 of the horse is visible) colored pictures of the horse with trainer/handler shown in training situations (trailer training, lunging, groundwork...)
The following pictures don't count:
Head shots
Gift art and competition prizes

V. Credit Points for HEWA events.

For winning HEWA events and performance tests your horse will get credit points.
We will announce the amount of points given for an event, once the events start.

VI. Selling Horses: Transferability of Credit Points.

If you are selling your horse, these CP will be FULLY transferred: Pedigree, Foal Points
The following CP will be cut half ( CP/2 ) : pictures, events

ONCE AGAIN: the credit point system with an example


Horse: Eddie

Eddie's Pedigree
Sire: John . Dam: Sue ( Sue is Finest Blood)
= complete generation (parents) 1 cp

Sire's sire: Bob . Sire's Dam: Daisy  
Dam's sire: Tom (Tom is Finest Blood) . Dam's dam: Mary
= complete generation (grandparents) 1 cp

= PLUS 2 x 0,5 CP = 1 CP for Finest Blood horses in the pedigree!
== 3 cp

==>2 cp for Pedigree

Eddie's offspring
Linda (warmblood x warmblood) == warmblood foal 0,5 cp
Timothy (warmblood x pony breed) == 0 cp
Duncan (warmblood x thoroughbred) warmblood foal 0,5 cp
Lissy (Warmblood X gaited) == 0 cp
Tobey (Warmblood x draft) == 0 cp

==>1 cp for warmblood foals since he has placed in XYZ event ==> 1 CP count

Eddie's Show Events:
EDS event (12th place) == HArpg event picture 1,5 cp
DLS event (5th place) == HArpg event picture 1,5 cp
XYZ event (1st place) == HArpg event picture + placed == 2 cp
:new: SME Mini Show (1st place/ headshot) == 0,5 CP + placed == 1 CP
:new: SOE Mini Show (sketchy/unshaded, full body) == 1 CP + placed == 1,5 CP
:new: SAE Mini Show (full body, background, shaded) == 1,5 CP + placed == 2 CP

==>9,5 cp for event entries

Eddie's Pictures (besides event pictures, breeding pictures or reference):
grazing on the pasture == 1 cp
training in the riding hall == 1 cp

==>2 cp for additional pictures

3cp + 1cp + 9,5cp + 2cp == 15,5 cp
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Dane's Advent Calendar - FULL

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 24, 2013, 9:03 AM

Inspired by Haathwyn I also wanna do an advent calendar this year.
Sadly I do not know how my December will turn out, so I can not offer art.
I can however offer some imports from either Baliro or Sibrano

I also want to do things a bit different.
I tend to gift my friends stuff through out the year as I please *lol*
So instead ... I want to randomize this!

Want a spot in my calendar?
Just comment below.
Say if you are interested in a Baliro or a Sibrano or any of the breeds.

Then I will use a Random Number Generator to decide winners <3

If you win, I will list you here with your prize.
I shall do my best to create a design I think suits you and I hope you will enjoy :)

Angel-Creek-Ranch December 1st: Baliro mare or stallion
totalrandomusername December 2nd: Sibrano mare
TreckyQueen December 3rd: Sibrano mare
Hoof-Rotten December 4th: Baliro mare or stallion
Franset  December 5th: Baliro mare or stallion
Ikiuni December 6th: Sibrano mare
Iron-Ridge-Stables December 7th: Baliro mare or stallion
Weatherbroke-Stables December 8th: Baliro mare or stallion
PhantomHorse96 December 9th: Sibrano mare
Ememir  December 10th: Baliro mare or stallion
Khellouin December 11th: Sibrano STALLION
Eileenzelness December 12th: Baliro mare or stallion
Baskia December 13th: Baliro mare or stallion
Weidenhof December 14th: Baliro mare or stallion
LadyNyght  December 15th: Sibrano mare
GiocosoRhythm December 16th: Baliro mare or stallion
RowanWolves  December 17th: Sibrano mare
Araylen December 18th: Sibrano mare
Luseal320 December 19th: Baliro mare or stallion
n7vanguard December 20th: Baliro mare or stallion
lemon-fever December 21st: Sibrano mare
Eternityspool December 22nd: Sibrano mare
ratimo December 23rd: Sibrano mare
MiusEmpire December 24th: Sibrano STALLION

(In Denmark we hand out gifts on the 24th, so not adding the 25th on my calendar ;) )

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1. Draw an image, copy it three times and colour each differently/with different colours. Bonus!: use different media for each.
2. Draw something with a stereotypically feminine theme or style. (Flowers, pastel colours, beautiful subjects?)
3. Draw something with a stereotypically masculine theme or style. (Action, explosions, rough lines and angles?)
4. Draw something that is supposed to arouse positive emotion from the viewer (amusement, joy, sympathy). you can use both technique and the subject of the drawing to achieve this.
5. Draw something with no same colour used twice.
6. Draw a short comic of 3-7 panels.
7. Drawing using only two colours.
8. Do a drawing digitally, colouring it with three depths of shades and three depths of lighting.
9. Do a digital drawing in black and white.
10. Draw an imaginary object.
11. Digital. Sketch, lineart, colour. Use an hour or more for every step.
12. Traditional. Sketch, lineart, colour. Use an hour or more for every step.
13. Draw digitally using tools that mimic brushes and tools in traditional media.
14. Digital/traditional draw a face, male or female. Design a decorative makeup/tattoo to decorate the face.
15. Traditional inks. Colour with colour pencils.
16. Sketch a dynamic pose of a human. Feets can't touch ground and hands can't be on sides of the waist. No matter if you finish or not.
17. Draw something with not your usual style. Be it a mock or not.
18. A 10-frame animation. (Flash, Flash Player. Adobe Imageready, etc)
19. Do a pencil-drawing with pencil/charcoal and eraser only, and finish it with proper shading and such.
20. Draw something very detailed.
21. Work out a traditional work that has 3d elements added to it, like fabrics and plants and etc
22. Draw something very simple.
23. Draw something very small. (for example; A5/500 x 500)
24. Draw something very big. (for example; A3/2000 x 2000)
25. Draw something that is supposed to arouse negative emotion from the viewer (sadness, nausea, anger). you can use both technique and subject of the drawing to achieve this.
26. Draw anything with animals. If you usually draw these often, draw an animal you have never EVER drawn before.
27. A traditional painting using ONLY acrylic/watercolour/oil-colours, et cetera.
28. Draw something you've never drawn before, not even scetched.
29. Do several scetches of the object/organism you have the most trouble drawing.
30. Traditional draw something using colourpencils only
31. Draw a zoomed in image of a bodypart of a human, something from neck down.
32. A traditional inked lineart, coloured with one or two colours only.
33. Draw something from the bird-eye view.
34. Paint something with coffee, strong tea or any other food-substances. Go crazy!
35. Draw something surreal.
36. Draw a battle.
37. A traditional pencil-sketch coloured with watercolours.
38. Draw a nude human. No exaggerated tits or penises.
39. Take two photos of ordinary everylife objects. Try and combine the two by drawing them into a whole new object.
40. A pixel-drawing with pixels only. Atleast 100px x 100px big.
41. Draw a bird flying.
42. Draw digitally using lasso-tool and fill-tool only.
43. Draw a vehicle.
44. Do a collage. Of magazine-clippings, fabrics, buttons, pins, etc + you can use an ink-pen to create effects or details.
45. Draw digitally without a sketch or a lineart. Begin with the colours and continue with the colours only.
46. Draw a portrait of a live human of your choice. Caricature or realistic.
47. Design a decorative outfit of your liking.
48. Do a small sculpture, no more 20 cm or less than 10 cm in height. You can use clay or even play-doh.
49. Draw a drawing and colour it with three shades of one colour only.
50. Draw an animal with surrealism added to it.
51. Draw an imaginary/existing landscape.
52. Draw something with foreshortening.
53. Pick two characters (your own or someone elses), male and female. Genderbender them.
54. Take a photo, and draw on it digitally, like the character or the drawings belongs into the photograph.
55. Draw something using only one line aka not lifting your pencil off the paper. You can do this with tablet too but it might be harder seeing how the work-space is limited?
56. Draw someone chubby.
57. Draw an imaginary/existing building.
58. Draw a character doing two things at once. Standing/breathing et cetera not allowed, something dynamic and lively please.
59. Draw a character doing four things at once. Same notes as above.
60. Draw something traditionally and Photoshop it so it looks digital.
61. Draw an anthromorphic character.
62. Oekaki, 500 x 500
63. Draw someone thin.
64. Draw your least favourite thing, presentable, not a mockery.
65. Copy a famous painting and change things to your liking but not so much it's not recognisable anymore.
66. Draw a picture copying famous styles, art noveau, children's illustrations, church paintings, et cetera
67. Open a book near you and draw what's happening on the page.
68. Listen to a song, and illustrate what it reminds you of or what visuals it brings to your mind.
69. Close your eyes and draw five scribbles on a piece of paper. Then, try to make a drawing or character out of each scribble. You can add on to each as much as you like, but you can't erase any part of the scribble.
70. Do a drawing using your feet.
71. Do a drawing using your non-primary hand.
72. Do a fingerpainting.
73. Put tiny splotches of watercolour on paper and wait for them to dry. Add lines to the splotches with a pen and see if you can make them something else than just drops of colour.
74. Draw a person with one exaggerated bodypart
75. Draw a diarylike comic-illustration of your day.
76. Illustrate a person's change of expression through a comic (3-5 panels)
77. Draw a character (yours or someone elses) in a style of another series or person. (Not your own style.)
78. Create a wallpaper for your desktop. (Preferably from your own drawing)
79. Draw something beautiful and ugly. Use your imagination!
80. Draw an image, copy it three times and colour each with a different light-source and/or type of lighting
81. Choose a character or subject and draw it in a single or three different compositions three times, experimenting with a different line type/weight/dynamic in each one.
82. Choose three different media and three distinct textures and create a triptych composition in which you experiment with rendering each texture in some way: realistically, abstractly, etc.
83. Take a sheet of paper and fill it by drawing objects and people from life. Make it a pile of sketches rather than a controlled piece. Try and colour the finished result.
84. Draw a picture without erasing anything, including the sketches and mistakes
85. Draw a huge insect with all the details visible.
86. Design five different underwear in five different materials.
87. Draw something seasonal.
88. Draw something using shading only. (Black on white, etc)
89. Draw something using lighting only. (White on black, etc)
90. Have a friend you haven't gift-arted yet? Surprise them.
91. Take three or four pieces of traditional media and make an image using only those tools. (Like for example a piece of coal, a red colouring pencil and a normal pencil. ) Eraser doesn't count!
92. Draw something that deciphers an emotion with technique and colours. Avoid drawing the face, if you must add a person in it as well. Extremes are very good, like misery, anxiousness and joy.
93. Draw character-interaction, preferably something you don't usually do (like if you normally do "boylove" then hetero-pairings would be a nice change? same applies to people who always draw girls and boys together.) also if you usually do erotica, try friendship, and if you've never tried anything steamy, now's the chance.
94. Draw an image that supports something against your beliefs. A presentable one.
95. Draw an image that has a message you support.
96. Hit "random deviant" button until you find a deviant with an original character. Draw it, and no skipping! (Show it to the person too!)
97. Put your playlist on random, pick a song, find the lyrics for it and choose a random line or two which you will illustrate.
98. Draw one of your human-characters as an animal/one of your animal-characters as a human.
99. Pick one of your old, old drawings, and redraw it.
100. Congratulate yourself for a work well done and do an appropriate image of CELEBRATION. This is obviously the final task. I hope you had fun. :)
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Photography Weekly: Edition Forty One

Fri Sep 28, 2012, 12:09 PM

Photography Weekly Header created by TouchedD

"Have no fear of perfection - You'll never reach it! "
~Salvador Dali"

Have you studied Photography? I'm intrigued to know whether or not a qualification in Photography has made you a better, or indeed a worse photographer. Or has there been no change? This week, The Photography Blog asks whether or not a Photography Degree is worth the paper it's written on. Graduation in any field these days doesn't mean that you'll immediately get a job in your desired area. Not these days. So is it worth embarking on study related to photography when in the end, you could get to the same place without the paper stating what you are capable of? Photography is one of a small number of job areas where what you've done speaks higher volumes than whether or not you're qualified . But by that same token, what is qualified in the art world?

General Photography

Community Volunteers Kaz-D | 3wyl |

The troubleshooting article this week explored Money. Hopefully it's been useful for a few people in order to explore different ways that you may be able to promote yourself as a photographer and even earn some money whilst you do it. As always, the trouble shooting articles are open for anyone to comment on and anyone to ask a question. Feel free to note me if you don't want to do it on the articles! Another issue of To be seen has been put together by 3wyl. Check it out for some inspiration! Also would you like to be interviewed? Or do you know of somebody who deserves an interview? Note 3wyl!

As the end of the month draws nearer, lots is happening. Over at Abstract-and-Surreal we're getting ready to launch our October Contest and the same goes over at Still-Life-Stills too. You need to be a member to participate but there are lots of perks to clicking the join button! Lots of prizes to be won too. The 18th edition of Nom Nom is out. I can't believe it's been going this long! If you've got an idea of food stuffs to be featured do note me and I'll be sure to utilize it! On the topic of Still Life, there is still some time to submit to the Recipe Challenge and the Blue Challenge for the chance to win some deviantART points and subscriptions. Also don't forget to check out who our Photographer of the Week was this week!

In the People & Portraits Galleries, a few bits and pieces have been happening. People & Portraits Exposed is out again and features from across the whole People & Portrait Photography Galleries. It's well worth checking out especially if you struggle with what's emotive and what's expressive. Tricky times!

Community Relations News

The 2nd Edition of Celebrating Diversity is out! This is a fantastic series of articles started up by pica-ae who has infected us all with her diverse intentions! We're aiming to expose work from galleries we don't usually venture into. If you're in support of diversity - then check out the articles and show it! Did You Know? this week has brought up a search function that even I didn't know about. Want to know more? Check out the article! Also don't forget to check out the Digital Art Newsletter!

News & Events from Chats

This week there was a fantastic Literature chat with PinkyMcCoversong which you can find the transcript of here. Tomorrow night (midnight UK time) there is a trivia and games night hosted by bradleysays. Check out the communityrelations front page for a countdown! Don't forget to keep an eye on the Chat Events Calendar.We've made it easier to read by including all times in PST (Pacific Standard Time) and including a link on each event, to an event time announcer so you can check your local time. Don't forget if you need help with using the chatrooms or even running your own chat - check out the Chat Tutorials from dekorAdum


If you have a contest let me know and also let me know the end date! We can advertise it here.
:bulletblue: Unframed Nature's BIG Autumn Contest ends November 7th.
:bulletblue: Monthly Recipe Challenge ends October 4th.
:bulletblue: Still Life Blue Contest Ends October 1st.
:bulletblue: dA Related Autumn Contest ends October
:bulletblue: The Dark Side of Autumn Contest ends November 1st.

Spotlight Deviant

myraincheck in the words of StamatisGR who suggested this deviant this week..."She shoots "street". Unposed, Bold and Beautiful!"

Magnum Size by myraincheck

Spotlight Group

PrettyTones group aim is to collect well made shotsand promote photography! Head over to have a wander through some beautiful galleries and join the group!

Heart you by wihad

Project Educate

It's Community Week over at projecteducate and that means that members of the dA community have taken over the group to publish their articles. If that sounds like something you'd like to do then head over and note the group with your article proposals as there will be another community week soon! In the meantime, for inspiration on what to write about check out what our fantastic team have been sharing so far this week...
:bulletpink: Welcome to Community Week!
:bulletpink: An Interview with Agnes-Cecile
:bulletpink: Searching like a RockStar
:bulletpink: SoulOfDavid and Mashamaklaut!
:bulletpink: The art of featuring
:bulletpink: How to raise your exposure
:bulletpink: The Groups Directory!
:bulletpink: What's the Symbol?
We're also saying farewell to neurotype as one of our community week leads as they are now suitably hatted and gallivanting around the Literature Galleries! Thankfully though, the wonderful JamminJo is still continuing to head up the community weeks alongside a new addition - ValaSedai

Art History

Literature month is drawing to a close which means that Digital Art month is fast approaching. If you have historical expertise in an area of Digital Art and you'd like to write a blog as part of the month then do contact ArtHistoryProject to get involved.
:bulletblack: An interview with CrumpetsHarvey
:bulletblack: A glimpse into Futurism Art
:bulletblack: ProsePoetry a History and Feature
:bulletblack: Tricksters into Mythology and Folklore
:bulletblack: Tricksters in Folktales and Fables

Abstract and Surreal

Community Volunteer DpressedSoul

The first of a wonderful series from DropxLife has been published over at Abstract-and-Surreal. Check out Abstract World. KizukiTamura has this week launched a brand shiny new group! kaleidoscopism! It's for all those who love to create and view wonderful Kaleidoscope works.

(K)aleidoscope? 3,4,6,9 or more pictures in a square creating a kaleidoscopic effect or showing a different point of view.

XOX0 by freMDartet

Artistic Nude & Fetish Photography

Community Volunteer Nyx-Valentine

For all those redhead lovers - Nyx-Valentine has put together a beautiful feature of all things red! Check it out here! (Article contains nudity).

Feathers 9 by Who-Is-Chill

Darkroom Photography

Community Volunteer RockstarVanity

Another edition of Darkroom Exposed is out, highlighting some talent within the darkroom community.

Deviants to Check out this week

Street Photography

Community Volunteer StamatisGR

Check out some of the latest articles from the Street Photography Community - including the free E-Books which are really useful!

:bulletblack: Free Street e-books - I
:bulletblack: Free Street e-books - II
:bulletblack: Free Street e-books - III
Friday night Street Specials v9.3

This week I'd like to bring your attention to TheYardPlayground - Are you a Street Photographer and would like to know more about "street" and share (give and receive) feedback and constructive critique on your street photos? Are you a beginner and looking for resources and material on Street Photography? Are you an experienced street shooter who doesn't mind harsh critiques? Are you a Street Photographer and looking for inspiration, motivation, a spur to go out and shoot? Then, this is the group for for you!

Photography Resources

This video shares some fantastic tips to grab those 'screensaver' worthy Autumn shots!

News & Events From the Forums

Check out the Forum Events Calendar for all the info and goings on in the forum lately! So far we've critiqued or commented around 40 pieces of art dropped into the Critique Thread for September. (Photography only). Standby for October's launch for more chances to get feedback!

:bulletblack: What Lens Filter brands are out there and witch are the best to use?
:bulletblack: Noise -- shape difference between raw and jpeg
:bulletblack: Lens Advice
:bulletblack: Good photography books?
:bulletblack: Tips for shooting portraits at Sunset
:bulletblack: Canon 50mm 1.4 USM
:bulletblack: Flash advice for pentax k-x
:bulletblack: Film Photography VS. Digital Photography
:bulletblack: When the picture becomes a photo manipulation?
:bulletblack: Help?: Using a lensbaby composer with a Sony Alpha A230?
:bulletblack: What's the best Camera app on iPhone
:bulletblack: How do I take professional quality photos of my paintings?
:bulletblack: Studio Gear (Softboxes and Strip boxes)
:bulletblack: What do you think about DSLR without a mirror?
:bulletblack: How do you capture in black and white?
:bulletblack: Best website to professionally display photos? (Approaching magazines?)
:bulletblack: Stop Motion

Photography Books

This is one of the first books I'm promoting but haven't actually trialled myself. However I'm tempted to - it's available as a preview on itunes too - so you don't actually have to buy it if it looks rubbish! The Four Seasons: Autumn. Also Fall looks quite intriguing...



:bulletblack: 13th Sept - 13th Jan 2013 @ The Barbican - Everything was moving: Photography from the 60s and 70s
:bulletblack: Until 28th October @ Museum of London - At home with the Queen
:bulletblack: Until 30th September @ Gallery OXO - Sea
Change: Comparative Photos taken at low and high tide

East England

:bulletblack: Until 28th October @ Red House - Beyond the Image: Photographers Gallery
:bulletblack: 30th September - 14th October @ Forum - New Angles


:bulletblack:17th September - 24th October @ Museum of Modern Art - Brian Adams: Rhaedr Ddu

United States of America 

:bulletblack:BOSTON: Until 31st December @ Museum of Fine Arts - Edward Weston: Leaves of Grass
:bulletblack: CHICAGO: Until 27th October @ Catherine Edelman Gallery  - Terry Evans: Overview
:bulletblack: NEW YORK: Until 13th October @ Yossi Milo Gallery - Lisa Sarfati on Hollywood
:bulletblack: SANTA FE: Until 13th October @ Verve Gallery - Susan Burnstine, Michael Courser and Douglas Ethridge

Weekly Features to keep an eye on!

There's so much going on around the community especially for Volunteers that sometimes the awesome news can be missed out. I hope to share any weekly or monthly features that are ongoing here so that you can browse them at your leisure. If you know of something that needs to be listed let me know!

:bulletblue: Making a Difference from 3wyl
:bulletblue: dA Love for Everyone from lintu47
:bulletblue: Wonderful Wednesday from JamminJo
:bulletblue: Project Porkchop from Astralseed
:bulletblue: Under 1,000 Views from L0NE-W0lf
:bulletblue: Devious Love from Astrikos

The Community Volunteer Team - Photography

General Photography: Kaz-D | 3wyl |

Architecture: anmari

Abstract and Surreal: DpressedSoul

Animals, Plants and Nature: IsacGoulart

Darkroom: RockstarVanity

Artistic Nude and Fetish: Nyx-Valentine

Conceptual: DemonMathiel

Fashion: Pixel-Spotlight

Horror & Macabre & Cosplay: pullingcandy

Pinup and Glamour: DistortedSmile

Photo-journalism: xbastex

Street: StamatisGR

Groups to check out
:iconstill-life-stills::iconshopping-for-stock::iconphoto--assignment: :icongothictemple: :iconblackwhitephotos: :iconbeautiful-bokeh: :icondapn: :iconbestofcolor: :iconphotographersdream: :iconurban-and-rural: :iconabstract-and-surreal: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconprojecteducate: :iconthrough-a-lens::iconr72: :iconstreetsnapshots: :iconcritique-it: :iconbeyond-borders: :iconsweet-photography: :iconphotography-inc: :iconphotographyportraits: :iconcasualphotography: :iconphotographyworld: :iconbreathtaking-photos: :icongothictemple: :iconbeautiful-bokeh: :iconwater-dreams: :iconlovely-square-pics:

Get Involved...

You can get yourself into Photography Weekly just by sending me a note! Each week I look for:
:bulletblue: Spotlight Deviants
:bulletblue: Underappreciated Deviants
:bulletblue: Spotlight Groups
:bulletblue: Photography related news
:bulletblue: Themes & Topics
:bulletblue: Featured Tutorials

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