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For this design i tried to make something attractive, combining colors for women and men and the final result is pretty good! i hope you all like this modern design and remmeber, ART IS IN YOUR HANDS!

Please Vote if you like it!

Vote for my design please! [link]
Also leave me a comment about what do u think about it!
Would you wear it? :)

P.S. To vote you just have to click the "I'd Wear This" button!
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1. Genie
2. Dragon (Eastern)
3. Ogre
4. Nymph
5. Syokoy
6. Kyubi
7. Sphynx
8. Tik-tik
9. Leprechaun
10. Big Foot
11. Were Wolf
12. Pegasus
13. Cerberus
14. Griffin
15. Bakunawa
16. Kraken
17. Chimera
18. Medusa
19. Centaur
20. Vampire
21. Elf
22. Unicorn
23. Satyr
24. Buso
25. Dragon (Western)
26. Minotaur
27. Kapre
28. Dwende
29. Cyclops
30. Tikbalang
31. Collo Gruis
32. Manananggal
33. Tiyanak
34. Phoenix
35. Kappa
36. Hydra Septiceps
37. Dwendeng Itim
38. Blemmyae
39. Yeti
40. Dwende
41. Mermaid
42. Aswang
43. Harpy
44. Treefolk
45. Fairy
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