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:cake: PART TWO: [link] :cake:


...And he's crap at being subtle.

Joel: :iconarcanji:
Jessica: :iconaofie-fionn:

This is the result...of far too many sweets. :fear::lmao: We all just suddenly decided to make a flash...and THIS is what happened.

It was absolutely hilarious, and Joel's voice was friggin perfect for nearly every character! I swear to God, I nearly killed myself laughing at the outtakes this morning. I'm going to make a seperate flash out of the stuff we didn't's too funny for you not to hear. XD

Anyway, thanks very much to Mr Joel, my lil sis and Monica for doing the voices!

Hope you enjoy the...randomness.

I havent slept in 30 hours....IM DEADED! Bed time...:faint:

EDIT: Voldemort is secretly Tom Riddle's real name. YES IT IS. DO NOT QUESTION ME. HORS. :shakefist: :D
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EDIT: Wuhaaaay on the website already. :'D [link] and homepage: [link]

Hello all, this is a second BBC three intro made for the programme Snog, Marry Avoid: [link]

Made it cause my first one has been used on TV which is EXCELLENT.

Was watching family guy with some uni friendlies and it popped up during the break. I was like "that looks familiars!" and they were like "WOOO!" then they said..."so, you going to make another one?"

I said..."yes."

So I did. Unfortunately, as Joelybean mentions at the end, I made the flash at home but left my tablet I let him make the end page. REGRET! (only kidding i think he is a clever boy for doing so well -patpat-)

SO hopefully you UK peeps will see this on TV as well! Wish me lucks! :'D

Joels account: :iconarcanji:

PS: (Snog, Marry, Avoid is an addictive BBC 3 programme which shows how slagified women (and men) can look better with natural makeup and sensible clothes. Worth a watch if you enjoy laughing at people.)
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Oh my god, I dunno. I really dunno. I was in a weird impkillery mood. Don't ask. Just have a Merry Christmas and don't ask. :lol:

I originally wrote the rap at the end to be the main flash - but then I sort of got this imp idea out of nowhere(christmascoffeefrommarks'n'sparks NOTJUSTANYCOFFEE,M'N'SCOFFEE.) and that was it. Chucked the rap in at the end though cause Joel did epic good jobs at recording it and making the beets. :D

Anyway, Joel would like you to know that he seriously didn't want me to kill off the imp. It was all my idea. Joel is imp-friendly...

He also didn't want to have a Grinchified face in the end but I CLEARLY WON THERE. :'D)

:santa: Joel: :iconarcanji:

:santa: Impy Theme: Frosty Waltz by Kevin McLeod: [link]

:santa: Credits Theme by Meebs on Newgrounds: [link]


:santa:Xmas-Rap Lyrics:
(I'll make the song downloadable for you at some point.)

It’s that time of year again,
Where santa crawls out of his den,
He breaks ya chimney, eats your pies,
Then he selotapes yo’ eyes.

He does this so that you’ll not see,
He’ll leave shit underneath your tree,
And in the morning you will wake,
For breakfast you’ll have Christmas cake.

If you find some lumps of coal,
Be reflectin’ on your soul,
Cause this is santa’s way of sayin’,
Yo’ been BAD and I will kill you.

Lolol no, I’m only messin’
He wont kill you, don’t be stessin’,
Just have bitchin Christmas fun,
Eat your din dins, yum yum yum,
Go to bed and get some sleeps,
Next comes new year, check my beets.
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This is the first creation I have made on my new laptop. Hooraaaay! L toadily started the click here virus. :nod:

Thanks to Joel for the voices: :iconarcanji:

Thanks to DJ-Delinquient for the musics: [link]
Direct link to song download: [link]

lol don't panic, they are safe linkys! take my wurd :lol:

And thanks the hacker-folks who started the CLICK HERE virus. Cause although it was a pain in the arse, it actually got pretty funny towards the end. (INMYOPINION)

(omg dudes, dont worry I hasn't haxed the buttons at the end :'D)

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SHIT this took a long time. Oh's finally done! :faint:

VOICED BY JOEL: :lol: :iconarcanji: :lol:

Well, this was me and Joel, bored one afternoon. We decided HAY LETS MAKE A FLASH. Came up with this idea, which is basically about the whole goodies always win, baddies always looooose.

When we were recording it, Joel decided he wanted to take the piss out of the Death Note dub, and exaggerated lights voice :D.

Anyway, I hope you enjoys it! It's kinda long, but hopefully not TOOOO LONG. Mwahahaha. :love:

Cupcakes bleed yes.
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This was one of my many unfinished animations, recorded months ago and left in the dusty corners of my laptop. Based on the scene towards the end of The Dark Knight when them ferry people dont blow each other up and Batman calls the Joker ugly.

I thought I'd give you something new while I work on the new game cause I LOVE YOU THAT MUCH. <3

Luckily for the ferry peeps...ducky wasn't really in the film. D:

Batman = Joel :iconarcanji:

Ducky = My sista Kate :iconscampicub:
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If you’re freakedout/confused/wtfing about this flash…that’s okay…cause so am I! :'D

So here’s the story…here’s the story of this flash. Get ready for the story.

Okay so it was Mothers Day on sunday here in the UK. We got the new microphone a while ago, (It’s the BEST, so much better than the old one.) and decided to test it out by making a short flash. I wanted to make a Mothers Day flash for my mum :iconotterwen:, so started planning a short funny little thing for her…but then I randomly thought about Rorschach.

Those of you who don’t know, Rorschach actively hates his mother. Really hates her. I wondered what Mothers Day would be like for a kid who hates his mum.

So I wrote this script, recorded it with Joel and at that point it was still meant to be a funny…but as I animated it, it sort of…became creepy. I watched it for the first time and shocked the hell out of myself with how weird it was lololol.

SO YES, not like my other stuff but hopefully you’ll still enjoy it…sort of...:B

Lots of watchmen references for peeps who have read the novel, hope you can spot them all! Also some other references in there that most of you might get.

And o’course there are more flashes on the way, oh yes! >:}

Joels account: :iconarcanji:

Joels rant at end = [link] <--BEWARE STRONG LANGWIDGEZ. :'D
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EDIT2: I changed the codes cause some of you were GUESSING. How cheaty of you... :lol: (and yes, the extracode has a purpose.)

EDIT: LOL so many glitches, but they're mostly sorted now. Pair game was messed up, so sorry about that!

Also guys, I know it's hard but if it was easy it wouldn't be a game. It is possible to win, but in a coupla days I'll post a walkthrough in my journal. Till then, HAVE A GO! People have made it to the end already, so it's possible. :lol:


I've never worked so obsessively hard on something in my life. My family are going insane, I've been getting them to test this thing that many times.

This is the fist game I've ever made, so I really dunno what you'll make of it.

It's hard and frustrating but TRY TO STICK WITH IT! Think of how HAPPY you'll be if you get to the end :'D (lololol)

As far as I know, it's mostly glitch free, but you're bound to find a few more. If you do, could you send me a note pointing out there the glitch is? That'd make life much easier for me! :lol:

So about the game. Joel has been so busy with exams that flash animations have had to stop until he's done. As a result I got major bored, so decided to make a mini game in my spare times. At least it was a mini game for the first day or so, then this thing just grew and grew and grew into what you see here. :faint:

Object of the game is to play the 6 games to get the 6 codes. There are hints within the game.

It's inspired by some of the escape games I've played online in the past, but I've tried to make it my own,(random as hell, in other words.)

Let me know how you did and what you think! It's just meant to be a bit of fun. I'll try to fix glitches ASAP!

Time for coffee, my eyes are closing on me. :P
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MWAHAHAHA—ahem…uh…soooo…we have now got an opportunity…oh yes…an exciting opportunity. The opportunity is to be on BBC 3 introducing one of their programmes. It's basically a lil thing they play before a programme is put on air.

We were given some options, but chose Freaky Eaters for our first one. It they like it enough, though, we’ll make some more for their other on air shows – Family Guy, Being Human, The Real Hustle and etc…

We were told that it had to be 15 second long, which is why it’s such a shorty – but thought I’d post it on DA for the helluvit. :’D Hopefully they’ll actually put it on TV so you UK folks could see it there some time in the next month or soooo.

Random and short but FULL OF AUBERGINEY GOODNESS. Enjoyeth!

Joels Account: :iconarcanji:
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Lol A quickie spider flash for a bloke...a very manly bloke called Jason...who is scared SHITLESS of spiders. (His scream aint manly, take my word. :'D)

Just another one I thought I'd post for the helluvit, cause the voice makes me happy. :P Rough as hell cause I couldn't spend too much time on it. Stoopid uni work.

Once that's outta the way though, I'll finish the other flash I'm in the process of making. A bigger flash...a Harry Potter flash. Should be up soonish! In the meantime...beware the spiders. >:}

Joels account: :iconarcanji:

(Jason is a fan of motorcross. He is also a fan of dancing on ice. Dancing on ice is a UK tv programme about...people who dance on ice.)

(Jason is a conflicted guy.)

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