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((( This isnt the accual RPG, just a preview )))

EDIT: 1,000 views
alota faves = 1. Thanks to you and specially those
who faved it!! :)

2. My 1st deviation that passed 1,000 :D
thank you all again! ;3

btw glitches are really possible due to how crappy and left-overy i was on the Action script -_-


Screen shots from DS 2:

Tim sketch of the 2nd game [link]

Play KH dark secrets 2:

Double Edit:

Dark secrets part 2 isnt going to be created anymore and has been canceled, due to risk of being sued~

EDIT: Preview changed and file size decreased!,so now u guys wont wait long anymore :)

if its not working plz inform me

plz use the head phones when ever possible (Effects u have not herd will be herd) :D

any sound or song that isn't recognible is mostly recorded and mixed by myself....or found<--low probability ;3

The Characters a kh song remixed by me so dont expect to find anything new on limewire or so ;P

"This is a fan fiction of kingdom hearts"

The first isn't much of a game, There was ment to be a chapter one with out parts...but once i went really far i thought of cutting a small part of the chapter and anyway my drawing style chaged :]
Hope you'll enjoy/u enjoyed it cuz this is the crapiest grahics for the squel ;3 dispite the intro and after game featues i worked on them these few days ^-^

Facts: 12 FPS ( T_T i usually animate18 onwards)-I began a long time ago then later i picked it up and fixed it a little exept the story...i didnt touch the story...(too lazy :P)

i know Dave Cathaway doesnt luk liek himself in the story...
but my recent inlustration of him and Tim are better.

and yes....dave is an emo~... :S
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This project is sadly canceled, (expect glitches and aloot of mistakes, tho if the beginning music is over playing randomly immediately REFRESH!!)
i know alot of you wanted to see the sequel,
so here's what was left of it.

i actually stopped working on this back @ dec. 2008

and just now i came to my senses and even tho i know its incomplete...i still wanted to put a small grin on the faces of those who waited.

thank you...

i am no longer mydarksides for hes gone,
i have left this account due to personal reasons,
but i'll keep mydarksides as something to remember for myself and all you guys! :)

hope to see you someday somewhere,

good bye.
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IMPORTANT!!!: The game has been updated! Please go to:

Well, it's finally here! The (almost) final version of the Kingdom Hearts Fighting Game! Me and :iconyourassisgrass09: have been working hard on this to create this more complete version of the game.

He worked on the design aspects of the game, while I handled a lot of the coding. The result - a game which is more beautiful and better coded than before. Most problems have been handled, but there is still some more work to be done. Still, sit back, and enjoy!


1st Player
A,D - Left/Right Movement
W - Jump/Special
S - Normal Attack

2nd Player
Left/Right Arrow Keys - Left/Right Movement
Up Arrow Key - Jump/Special
Down Arrow Key - Normal Attack
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So, yeah, it's out. There aren't any levels, I'm just releasing it to see if people like it so I can continue it.

Dedicated to: ~diogoshx

Yeah, Controls:

Left: Left Arrow Key
Right: Right Arrow Key
Hold Space: Attack


Kingdom Hearts (C) Square Enix
Display Picture (C) Google


Simple & Clean by Utada Hikaru
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My last project in Digital Graphics.... XD I hope you all enjoy! And yes, you do shoot keyblades at people and in the first level their heartless, then theirs nobodies, than organisation XIII. Please enjoy my crappy flash game!
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Here it is!!!! finally done and i hope it is goint to do as i want it to ..*nervous*

this is my association of Kingdom Hearts Characters dancing the Ipod CM

pls be sure to comment rate and collect!thx!!

characters(Sora,Riku,Kairi,Roxas,Naminé and Axel:heart: ) by Square Enix/Kingdom Hearts II

for better version:
now on [link]
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Movement with the arrows keys
Attack a heartless by clicking on it

Now, continue playing =D

Here's the deal...If you like it, tell me...not the story, not the graphics, you can hate those as much as you want =D But if you like the it plays, please tell me (or if you don't, tell me)...If most peeps like it, then I'll go on ahead and finish it with my own characters and storyline.


Nemu(/Mike the Vampire/Shayde, dunno who did what, so I'll put em all =D)
Omega Heartless


The rest of em I can't find now...but they were from them =D
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A free-mode to play!
if your pc is slow, right click on mouse choose quality»low

* errors fixed! *


A - attack

ARROWS - move


A + A + A = basic 3 combo slash

A (wait) + A (wait) + A = rounded lightning

A down = uppercut

A + A (wait) + A + A = trinity limit (style)

jump + A = Jump attack

and others...

this was a test.
i will add this "engine" to the bs2 game, when the complete
version is out.

diogoshx 2010
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CURRENT STATUS: I know this has been on an unofficial hiatus for a LONG time, but I'm finally getting back to this. I'm going to try to patch up what I have here and get the story mode set up, but what's probably going to happen is that I'll re-do this.

The whole thing is written in AS 2.0, which was all I knew at the time, but now that I'm learning AS3 and C++, I can probably make this better. I'll polish this up, and do what I can.

Well, this is the near-final version. There are still a couple of bugs that I should attend to, but that won't happen until I stop neglecting this project. Anyway, enjoy!

UM....UPDATE: Fixed a minor (major) problem. Almost done, thank goodness.

NEWER UPDATE: I threw in some more stuff, and added in sound. Why? Because I can. Probably gonna fix that up later. Also, there's a crucial flaw in "Training Mode" Not that you guys needed it, anyway.

UPDATE: GOOD NEWS!! I've got the menu up and running, and the game is reaching it's "final" incarnation. If I had to call this anything, I'd say it's like version...0.6 now. That makes my goal getting it to version 1.0. (lolfail :P)

Anyway, the interface should be a bit easier to use, with better instructions.
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love Kingdom hearts

My first attempt at an RPG I have now improved my experience at coding this genre tenfold
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