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"Mój mały gotycki kucyk"
Więcej tutaj.
Tak, możesz umieścić ten obrazek na swoim blogu, stronie, forum (z wyjątkiem Facebook'a- nie zgadzam się z ich regulaminem), jeżeli umieścisz pod nim link do tej strony. :)

"My little gothic Pony"
More here.
Yes, you may put this picture on your blog, website, forum (but not on Facebook- I don't agree with their statute), if you'll write under it link to this site. :)
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Tha gothic my little pony.
You don't usually see my little ponies that are boys. ^^ He's such a cutie.
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June 2006

My pony Pentacle from PonyIsland [link] She's my starter (and first) pony I created there. (I'm known as 'PookaWitch' on PI.) At the moment she's actually still a baby, but she'll be grown up in a few weeks, and I would rather draw her as an adult.

That site is SO much fun.. especially for childish adults like myself who spend nearly every day playing with her 60+ ponies when she grew up. ;P

I have more pony pictures on the way as well. This is just my first in a batch.

(I wasn't quite sure what category to put this into. She's my own character from a rpg site heavily based on My Little Pony (but not a copyrighted site). I wasn't sure if she'd be in Misc. Fan Art.. or under Cartoons.. so I figured she's more my own creation then a fan art. ;P)

Character (c) myself
MLP (c) Hasbro

tablet drawing done in adobe 6.0
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CryFairy as a pony <3 She is my OC and also my ID :D = [link]
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Didn't feel like uploading the lineart, so went ahead with just plain color. Had lots of fun with this (and stayed up way too late), and tried multi-hue lineart instead of my traditional black. Since it was a bit of a gift/challenge from Frisket I tried something more along her coloring style. Anyway, she told me I should draw a pirate pony, so I succumbed in honor of Halloween. There's something about the pose that bothers me though, like I've seen it somewhere else and my mind decided to re-draw it. Oh well.

MLP Hasbro

edit: fixed the lines (I saw I'd missed the outline on a bit of the mane) and tweaked one or two other things that were bothering me. And decided his name should be Captain Crossbones. ('Bones' for short) Definately my favorite MLP I've ever made. So yay, finished! Oh, and I chucked his lineart up in the scraps section in case anyone wants to have a go at giving him a different color scheme. I considered candy corn colors at one point!
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One, two, three, four, GO! Pony Titans!

Lol, I found it pretty funny that Twilight Sparkle is Robin when the voice of Twilight is actually Raven from Teen Titans. But, hey! She has to be the leader.

Pinkie Pie - Starfire
Twilight Sparkle - Robin
Rarity - Raven
AppleJack - Terra
Fluttershy - Beastboy
Rainbow Dash - Cyborg

I also had to tweak Cyborgs outfit to fit Rainbow Dash. I think it came out pretty well!

I do not own My Little Pony Friendship is Magic it belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro. Teen Titans is owned by DC Comics.
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My 9 year old daughter actually helped me come up with the name for this one. Shroomie Swirl is what I call my "stoner pony". That's just fun to say =0)

8.5" x 11"

Prismacolor Markers & Colored Pencils on Arches HP watercolor paper
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Tried to take the best picture I could. I've been getting back into the MLP fandom and I've been wanting to draw my fan children. Unfortunately my tablet won't respond to the pen so here's a picture instead! I think it came out well (except Radiance's ear, bad thing about traditional is you can't erase EVERYTHING).

If you guys ever look at my art you probably spotted three of these guys before (just with slightly different looks). These kids are a mix between hetero pairing children and yuri children (I don't know how it happened, magic, something, but they're here).

The ponies are from left to right:

Adopted daughter of Scootaloo
Cute mark: A string of musical notes
Scootaloo never truly found anyone she found herself feeling any special sort of feelings with; at the same time though she did want someone to follow in her footsteps, some sort of child. So, eventually she found herself at an adoption agency and immediately clicked with Jubilee, despite most ponies preferring to adopt a foal/colt/filly. Jubilee's an extremely somber, shy sort who enjoys singing - not the sort one would except to be with Scootaloo of all ponies, but her adopted mother adores her to bits and pieces. Jubilee has a bit of a crush on Radiance. 

Phantasm (first in the back behind the young ones)
Daughter of Discord and Celestia
Cutie mark: A question mark
Phantasm is the sort who takes after her father at the worst of times, finding a great love in pranking those around her; though thankfully her pranks are on par with Rainbow Dash's and not how the younger Discord's would've been. She's constantly questioning what her purpose in life exactly is, and isn't too thrilled when she gets a cutie mark that signifies just that, hoping to get something that'll actually help her out. She is good friends with Star Charmer.

Emerald Blitz (second in back behind the young ones)
Son of Rarity and Applejack
Cute mark: Cluster of emeralds
Hoping that her kin would eventually come to love jewels as much as her, no matter their gender, Rarity convinced Applejack to give him a name after said sort of jewel. Unfortunately, Blitz turned out the opposite of what she hoped. A wholly lazy, apathetic stallion, he does not care for anything other than video games, his name instead linking to particular video games about a speedy blue pony. He grew up alongside Sparking Storm and Star Charmer, but didn't become friends with them until their older years where he broke out his uncaring manner for a few moments to stand up for Star against Storm.

Pixie Pixel 
Son of Button Mash and Sweetie Belle
Cutie mark: None yet
Pixel takes after Blitz in many ways, being uncaring and lazy and enjoying video games. He looks up to Blitz like an elder brother. The only thing Pixel puts his heart and soul out to is the fact that he hates his name, though Sweetie Belle had absolutely insisted on it, though it's rather feminine. When he gets out of his lazy mode he's rather brash and loud and out there like his father. He's part of the new age CMC, alongside Apple Crescent and Grace. 

Apple Crescent 
Daughter of Applebloom and Spike
Cutie mark: None (in this world, like many other fan ones, dragon hybrids don't get cutie marks)
A dragon hybrid born under a pony and a dragon. Like when Pixel gets out of his lazy mood, she's extremely loud and out going, though she's an honest type, a hard worker can't stand when others are bullied mostly for the fact that she was bullied herself through most of her childhood for being a hybrid. She deeply enjoys farming as is tradition in her family, though is unsure as of yet if that's her destiny. She's the second member of the new CMC.

Daughter of Twilight and Pinkie Pie
Cutie mark: None yet
If there's anything this little filly adores, it's dancing. She probably would've gotten her cutie mark by now if it weren't for her wanting to be absolutely sure she knew that this is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Grace is surprisingly mature for her age, deeply intelligent like both of her parents, thinking outside the box often, but also managing to think logically as well. She aids her older sister in her studies and is quite jealous that her elder sister is a unicorn while she an earth pony, but she doesn't let it get to her too often. She also quite enjoys reading, which she shares with her alicorn mother.

Star Charmer
Daughter of Twilight and Pinkie Pie
Cutie mark: Ursa major constellation 
The first born daughter of the princess and her wife, Star can't find any ground to relate to her parents as she hates parties, being quite anti social, and is honestly a rather slow pony, not too big on reading and not being too knowledgeable about many things, while also being quite bad at magic. For years information never really got to her too well without help; until she took a class on astronomy and find her mind absolutely opening up for it. She took a deep interest in the subject and with the help of Twilight is flourishing greatly in it, planning to work on the field later on. She's best friends with Space Crumb, Blitz and Storm. 

Space Crumb (one in the back)
Son of Derpy and Dr. Whooves
Cutie mark: A worm hole
Belongs to :iconkai-pie-frankie: (yep this one doesn't belong to me)
An extremely adventurous sort who loves science and is extremely attached to his mother; the first day of school it took much convincing and eventually a trick to make him let go of her. Like his mother he also adores muffins. He and Star became good friends during their first years of school and Crumb eventually developed a crush on Star, though it hasn't come out into the light just as of yet. 

Sparking Storm
Daughter of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy
Cutie mark: Tornado
Like the other first born children of the main six, Storm is nothing like her parents. In fact, most of her younger years she was a great bully, treating others as horribly as she could as certain two fillies had long before her. Some say she was the spitting image of them. She only manages to break out of this when Blitz (whom she has a bit of a crush on) talked down to her in their later years, giving her a 'reason why you suck' speech. Down trodden she stopped her ways and now often stands up for other ponies in need. She hates animals, and works on the Ponyville weather team.

Daughter of Cadence and Shining Armor
Cutie mark: A rose wrapped in thorns
Though she may seem rather sweet on the outside, Radiance can be quite the snotty brat, feeling entitled to act like so as she was the daughter of a princess and the captain of the royal guard; some way she's a bit like Prince Blueblood now and again. As with Twilight years before, she was went to Ponyville to live with Twilight and to make some friends. Unfortunately that's not going too well so far, as her attitude is making it increasingly difficult to anypony to make friends with her...though strangely enough, one mare in particular has seemed to take a liking to her...

And those are my fan babies! I want to make some more, like for BonbonxLyra but here are the main ones!

I might draw more of them and post. c: If people like them!
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Breyer = Bows
My Little Pony = Baby Blossom

My dialouge is so clever I had to resort to emoticons.
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the variant cover for My Little Pony - Friendship is magic #3! Always fun to go back to working on this brand, growing up playing with them myself, but I cant yet back their new design.
Oh well!

bronetastic lines by :iconj-scott-campbell:

colors by me
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