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"Mój mały gotycki kucyk"
Więcej tutaj.
Tak, możesz umieścić ten obrazek na swoim blogu, stronie, forum (z wyjątkiem Facebook'a- nie zgadzam się z ich regulaminem), jeżeli umieścisz pod nim link do tej strony. :)

"My little gothic Pony"
More here.
Yes, you may put this picture on your blog, website, forum (but not on Facebook- I don't agree with their statute), if you'll write under it link to this site. :)
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Tha gothic my little pony.
You don't usually see my little ponies that are boys. ^^ He's such a cutie.
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CryFairy as a pony <3 She is my OC and also my ID :D = [link]
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June 2006

My pony Pentacle from PonyIsland [link] She's my starter (and first) pony I created there. (I'm known as 'PookaWitch' on PI.) At the moment she's actually still a baby, but she'll be grown up in a few weeks, and I would rather draw her as an adult.

That site is SO much fun.. especially for childish adults like myself who spend nearly every day playing with her 60+ ponies when she grew up. ;P

I have more pony pictures on the way as well. This is just my first in a batch.

(I wasn't quite sure what category to put this into. She's my own character from a rpg site heavily based on My Little Pony (but not a copyrighted site). I wasn't sure if she'd be in Misc. Fan Art.. or under Cartoons.. so I figured she's more my own creation then a fan art. ;P)

Character (c) myself
MLP (c) Hasbro

tablet drawing done in adobe 6.0
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Didn't feel like uploading the lineart, so went ahead with just plain color. Had lots of fun with this (and stayed up way too late), and tried multi-hue lineart instead of my traditional black. Since it was a bit of a gift/challenge from Frisket I tried something more along her coloring style. Anyway, she told me I should draw a pirate pony, so I succumbed in honor of Halloween. There's something about the pose that bothers me though, like I've seen it somewhere else and my mind decided to re-draw it. Oh well.

MLP Hasbro

edit: fixed the lines (I saw I'd missed the outline on a bit of the mane) and tweaked one or two other things that were bothering me. And decided his name should be Captain Crossbones. ('Bones' for short) Definately my favorite MLP I've ever made. So yay, finished! Oh, and I chucked his lineart up in the scraps section in case anyone wants to have a go at giving him a different color scheme. I considered candy corn colors at one point!
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One, two, three, four, GO! Pony Titans!

Lol, I found it pretty funny that Twilight Sparkle is Robin when the voice of Twilight is actually Raven from Teen Titans. But, hey! She has to be the leader.

Pinkie Pie - Starfire
Twilight Sparkle - Robin
Rarity - Raven
AppleJack - Terra
Fluttershy - Beastboy
Rainbow Dash - Cyborg

I also had to tweak Cyborgs outfit to fit Rainbow Dash. I think it came out pretty well!

I do not own My Little Pony Friendship is Magic it belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro. Teen Titans is owned by DC Comics.
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Ep. 67 Earth Ponies 3This week we are looking at some earth ponies, some that truly show the beauty of this word and some that are nothing more than mud ponies
Part 1
Part 2

(Glad I could make the boys laugh a bit though, lol. But yeah, I'll totally be giving this OC an overhaul in the future.)

Hot Shot
Species: Earth Pony
Gender: Female
Theme Song: Nickelback's "Bottoms Up"…
Cutie Mark: Filled shotglass, lit on fire.
Talent: Bartending (But don't ask for one of those silly froo-froo drinks!)
OC Created By: Me!

History: Hot Shot was born to an Earth Pony couple. Even as a filly, she had a fairly rough temper. Constantly getting into arguments, rough-housing with the colts, ect. She never really fit in with the "filly" group, and when she was young she was constantly being mistaken as a colt. (Not very amusing to her parents, to say the least.) During one of her usual attempts to get into trouble, she ran off from her parents during an outing, and with a few alley ways out of the way she had made it to the rougher side of town. Finding herself intrigued, she snuck herself between some older stallions heading into one of the bars that lined the street. (Thankfully, most ponies were a little too drunk to care to notice.) Before she got caught, she had already snuck behind the bar while the current bartending pony was busy with customers. Hiding behind the bottles she watched as the bartender made drinks for the customers, and with sneaking a few glasses, she was playing with making some of her own. It was busy enough that she had time to sneak one of the tender's matches, and only got caught once she'd accidentally lit their entire alcohol stock on fire. When her parents came to pick her up from the station, they found their daughter marked with a shotglass cutie mark, on fire, of all things.

Hot Shot makes a living by bartending. She wont mix you a pansy drink, but she is very good at handling even the roughest ponies that may drag themselves into her work place. You don't even need a bouncer when she is around. She keeps her mane and tail cut short, since she isn't very keen on fancying herself up for anypony. Not many ponies can handle her easy to anger temper, but those who she does call friends, anypony better make sure they don't mess with them, or they will have to answer to her front hoof!

(With all the crap the CMC get into, a filly sneaking into a bar is child's play. lol)


I wanted to try my hand at a not-so-cute OC. =P

Bases Used:
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My 9 year old daughter actually helped me come up with the name for this one. Shroomie Swirl is what I call my "stoner pony". That's just fun to say =0)

8.5" x 11"

Prismacolor Markers & Colored Pencils on Arches HP watercolor paper
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I'm busy with a commission rn so I thought I'd at least post her . 3.

Name: Chalk Pastel
Nickname: Chalk
Age: Filly
Height: Short
Born in: Manehatten
Occupation: None

Cutiemark: Blue and Pink chalk
Meaning: Her talent in chalk drawings
(Fun Fact: those two coloured chalk are the ones that she used when she got her cutiemark.)

-Easy Going

Nurse Pastel/Prim Pastel (Mother)
Sweetheart (Uncle)
Sunday Pastel (Older Sister)

Read about Selective Mutism:…


Chalk Pastel is a bright young Filly, who's love of chalk and chalk art gained her, her cutiemark. She still attends school and has plenty of "friends"(The students in her class like to call her a friend.) despite being mute. Chalk has a disorder called selective mutism, which is caused by severe anxiety issues. Chalk only speaks to three people, her mother, Nurse Pastel,her Uncle, Sweetheart, and Sunday, her older sister. Because of her disorder, it's very hard for her to communicate with others and she often feels nervous around others, and she's prone to having panic attacks and the like at any given moment. She feels safest at home, and by her mother,sister, and uncle, is known to be a Loud, Happy, and Free-spirited child, often creating detailed chalk drawings on her chalk board. There is one thing that will help Chalk, and that's her chalk drawings. She is never aware of what's going on around her when she's doing one of her drawings. This has had some negative effects though, because if she finishes her drawing around other ponies and notices them, she'll immediately start to freak out, from crying to hyperventilating, you name it. That's why, while her mom works late at the Hospital, she draws on the sidewalks. That way no one can see her as she draws.

How she got her cutiemark:


She did a chalk drawing for the residents of the hospital her mother works at, and did so every night for a month without them knowing.

Chalk had a particularly stressful day at school, and with her mother at work, she needed a way to calm down. She tried many different things, trying to sleep, having a snack, playing with toys, but nothing seems to help. She at one point though of calling her Uncle, but choose against it for fear of disturbing him. Time went on, and it was now late at night. Chalk was on the verge of tears, and decided to go out and be with her mother. She made it to the hospital at which her mother worked and and just before she entered, saw a filly through one of the windows. She noticed just how miserable they were and quickly thought of some way she could help without drawing attention to her. That's when she thought of drawing a message for the kid and quickly sketched out a get well drawing, then ran inside. It was about a day later when her mom told her how someone had drawn a get well drawing on the sidewalk of the hospital, and how the filly that Chalk saw last night saw that message she left for her. Her mother feigned ignorance, pretending she didn't know it was chalk who did it. Chalk, with newfound courage, decided she would visit again the next night and leave another get well message for the other residents. She continued this for the better half of a month, and had earned her cutiemark on the last night of the month when she drew her biggest piece yet. The morning after, all of the residents at the Hospital looked out their window to see Chalks drawing.
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03/02/2015 - CLOSED - She's sold!
Design and Character now belong to: SapphireMercury

Thank you for the purchase!


200 Points and she is yours to do whatever you want with!

Give her a name, a cutie mark, a back story, whatever you like.

You may re-sell this adopt in the future as long as you do not re-sell it for more than you purchased it for. Same goes for whoever you sell it to.

Attempted a cute little easter-themed deer from my adopt base.

If you are interested in getting this adopt for yourself, I'll be putting up a commission widget for it. Purchase it there. First come, first served!
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