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Please play my dating sim game here  >> Illusions-DEMO 

You can choose any music you like by clicking on the button . And you can stop and play the song using the button. I am sure you guys know about the symbols ^^

Background belongs to :iconkaze-hime: Love the BG

Preloader belongs to :iconartbit:

List of Musics

Koufuku no Zouhei by Ali Project ( Avenger bgm)
Inuyasha OST ( dono what's the title ^^;)
It's only the Fairy Tale from Mai-Hime
Ghost Hunt Ending music
Sora from Escaflowne
In the Land of Twilight from Hack Sign
The Girl Who Stole the Star by Matsunori Yasuda

All the songs and musics are those fantasy musics ^_^ Hope you like it. Cheers~
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According to a dress up game I made. Nimini ( the blue one) is :iconniminiexe:'s OC. And Yuriko (the pink one) is MY OC. :blowkiss:

Not enough space to ut the real title which is "Nimini and Yuriko in GothicLolita" Love the costume :heart:___:heart:

You can try it here-->

Yuriko Dress Up Game [link]

Nimini Dress Up Game [link]

Nimini (c) ~NiminiEXE
Yuriko (c) ~sapphireyuriko

Other Versions

Nimini and Yuriko in Kimono [link]
Nimini and Yuriko in Bikini [link]
Nimini and Yuriko as waitress [link]
Nimini and Yuriko as Mermaids [link]
Nimini and Yuriko in School [link]
Nimini and Yuriko in Casuals [link]
Nimini and Yuriko in Fantasy [link]
Nimini and Yuriko in Battle Suits [link]
Nimini and Yuriko as Kunoichi [link]
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Please check out my Illusions Dating Sim Game here >> Illusions Dating Sim Game 

The bg song is Agony by KOTOKO from the anime Kannazuki no Miko I really like it. And here's another song from her you should listen to -->…

Yuriko is my OC

Notes: I'll post the pictures of her in the right outfit a week later.

Here's my other Flash game >>

Nimini Dress Up Game-->…
Dating sim Game --> kaleidoscope-crystal.deviantar…
Another Dress up game --> kaleidoscope-crystal.deviantar…
Make Up Game-->…
Devil or Angel Flash game-->…
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Please play my Illusions Dating SIm game here >Illusions Dating Sim Game

A very simple and rough Flash thing. A lot of frame skip... ^^;
I was hoping to draw him handsome... but in the end... he looks pretty instead...LOL

* He was smiling when he was looking at you :D *

More simple Flash thing at my Gallery :D
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Sooo, I've been uber obsessed with mermaids lately.

This game took forever, because I was using the hell out of gradients in Flash. It turned out alright I think, and I learned a lot doing this game.

All done in Adobe Flash CS5.

The programming/code all belong to ChixR.Us.
The music is from
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Seahorse Maker Dress Up game. Choose from many options to customise the seahorse. You can also recolor the seahorse using the color palette.

You can take a screen capture image of the seahorse you have created in this program using your PrintScreenSysRq key on the keyboard and pasting it into an image editor.

However some form of link is kindly requested if you post an image on a website, as this helps others find my programs.

My website: [Link]
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Please check out and play my Illusions Dating Sim game here >> Illusions Dating Sim Game

All the arts belongs to me, except the background. The background is from eLouai. Too lazy to draw background :shakefist:. And the song is being by KOTOKO.
If you have any questions or errors please tell me :worship:

EDITS At the HAIRs Section, the hair Style is in the first box, then the other 5 boxes are the color choices. They are 5 types of hair styles.

And at the Accessories section (ignore the wrong spelling ^^;) , the box at the left of the butterfly wings are angel wings

I LOVE making games ^^ Here's the list of my games I made so far:
Dress up game--> kaleidoscope-crystal.deviantar…
Dating Sim Game--> kaleidoscope-crystal.deviantar…
Dropping game-->…

A QUESTION: Which one do you prefer? Drag type of dressing game or click type? This is the click type and the drag type is like this >>kaleidoscope-crystal.deviantar…
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Just finished this game a day ago, added some cool things to it, but I'm planning on releasing a giant game with tons of clothing very soon.

Create your own little gothic, punk, emo doll with over 75+ hairstyles and tons of clothing and accessories. You can even give her some cat ears, bunny ears, vampire teeth even little devil horns.
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I had a lot of denim clothing items for this base.

Game Description: Select from a variety of denim styles to create a personalized look with lots of accessories to choose from.
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Dress up Alice
Alice (c) :iconkamon-san:
hope you like it my friend

From the outfits I took
-The defaults he asked (Pijamas, Normal and Uniform)
-Caprice's outfit
-Vicky's and Malice's outfits
-And other outfits I saw in his gallery

Oh yeah, I also added Misuri's outfit too

Other Dress up gifts

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