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this is my experiment with the color orange. I think I'm getting the hang of this.
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its a .fla file so you will need to click 'download to desktop' to view :)

ok, first off this is horrendously raw and I still need to do a lot of work on it, however some of the code is commented and what isnt should be fairly self explanitory.
I am only releasing the 0.1 version because I want anybody to find any bugs that are in at this point, and some people may just want to see how I code my platform games :)

- running, jumping and crouching (also skidding ;))
- simple system of using floors, walls and ceiling movieclips which the playable character interacts with appropriately
- easily modified character for various animations
- level appearance and complexity is as good as your flash artwork can be
- teleporting between levels so there is screen-by-screen progression similar to early prince of persia
- game loop code all commented

Still to come:
- a help file
- support for more than 10 floors, 10 walls and 10 ceilings
- a moddable main menu featuring the ability to change the controls
- improved (and hopefully simpler) teleporting
- built in preloader
- example game and tutorial on making it

stuff to note about v0.1:
-walls ceilings and floors need to be named uniquely (mcWALL1,mcWALL2,mcWALL3... mcCEILING1,mcCEILING2... mcPLATFORM1,mcPLATFORM2 etc)
-you can have a maximum of 10 walls, 10 ceilings and 10 platforms
-walls ceilings and platforms must not have the same name and number or they wont work
-PLEASE let me know if you need help or find bugs, I want to make this easy to use.
-also tips on coding would be much appreciated ;)

I havent had time to decide which licence to put on this code but I'll say this:
you are free to read, use and modify this code for the purposes of learning or making a game (even for profit) however you must credit me and give a link back to my page (and please dont be shy about it or hide the link somewhere, you should have a credits page in your menu, you want traffic too right ;p)
by using this you also realise that it is incomplete and I may change the file or improve it without informing you (i.e theres better stuff on the way)

ok, I think thats all the nonsence I need to waffle about, check it out. make something cool people :D

edit: oh yeah, its mx2004 file format ;p
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Wow, finally something I've done that's completely royalty free (I think =P)

Anyway, anyone see any of those creepy PS3 commercials? Particularly the one with the baby-doll?

I loved them so much i decided to make my own PS3 ad.

Everything but the static is vector, including the PlayStation 3 =D
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Umm...I'm just bored, so I made a game...though
it took me a long time ^^;
First action game I've ever made in flash, I think :excited:
You'll get the stories and instructions in the game...hope you enjoy it :D
It's kinda creepy and cute at the same time :mwahaha:

Oh, and special thanks to for finding some sound
effects for me, although in flash it sounds so crappy....I dunno the reason
but it sounds horrible :cries:

YAY~ Sound effectsm it's fun~ :boogie:

Ahem, anyway, hope you enjoy :D
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Just a reworked version of my Dress the Mermaid game. I added music and another character you can choose to dress up other than the mermaid.

FAQ #502: Can I submit 'Dolls', 'Characters' or other things which I made on certain websites in games or with 'generators'?

My Terms of Use:
You can post screenshots of the character you create in your SCRAPS gallery only as long as you also place a link to this game in your comments. If you place screenshots of this game in your main gallery it is considered a form of art theft since you did not create any elements of the character yourself and will be deleted by DA admins

You may not make adoptables out of the game and use them to make any type of profit (money, points,or subscriptions) even if proper credit is given. You can however make them and give them away for free but must always credit me as the original artist and link back to this game..

EDIT: Removed the music
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Wow. I bet this is Loish's first fanart of this kind ^_^
I had lots of fun with the costumes and stuff, as you can see.. There's no space for anything ^^;
Send me screenies of what you do, but don't forget to link back if you use ANYTHING from here!

Have fun, this is my first flash game. I hate action scrip, I even learnt how to do a pre-loader ^_^

[EDIT] sorry for adding more D's, I just made the pre-load work better (:
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Something I practice with this Flash 8 program... this light effect thingy really rocks, its almost like a radiance-scene from any anime shows. I guess it's much better than exporting into a jpeg. Jpegs usually blocky to preview the pic. but not in this swf format, it's smoother even zooming in.

I better practice knowing more of it lighting effects

2012 note... a new hint: Full View the girl in a new window, then drag the width of the window browser in a thin way... instant pantsu! xD lol
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Cuz..... uh.... I dunno.
I do not own Teen Titans.
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The Rock of Eternity, second only to the Rock of Ages made famous by the Ultimate 80's rock band Def Leppard. This one deserved special attention due to the fact that Mr.Mind is so teeny in comparison to the other characters. So, to remedy the situation, this line up is brought to you in "Flash-O-Vision!" Download this puppy, then set to zoom in and you can see all the characters including Mr.Mind up close and personal. I got some wicked crits on the previous line ups that really made sense, and if executed would make them all shine. So with this line up I've bumped it up a notch, incorporating the names of the characters on the bases, adding texture to the bases, and changing the shadows to match with the figure instead of that lazy blob I had ;). I'll be revin' the other Line Ups to these standards as well, so keep an eye out for those.


*As a special easter egg, click on the lightening bolt at the top right and watch Mr.Mind closely. :)

**File is LARGE, so it'll take a while to download if you have a slow connection. That's the way of Flash though
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"Can you handle with tension?"

I made this game since I worked for physic institute but it was the past.
This game is quite complicated and hard, so read instructions carefully.

You are the chef-worker to manage 3 lifters.
Your duty is setting speed controlers and hit the machine to lift cargoes.
It depends on weights.
For light cargo, you may lift it by fastest speed unless heavy cargo, you must lift it slower.
The cable will be ripped off if it pull the heavy cargo by over speed. (For physic students, you know that well)

To reach the next level, you have to empty all cargo in a warehouse.
But you have to be hurry, there are only 120 seconds to complete and the new cargo will always be transfered to your warehouse.
The game will be over if the time is over or your warehouse is over the limit (5000 kg.)

: Controllers :

The left machine
Z or 4 --- decrease speed
A or 7 --- increase speed
, or 1 --- lift the cargo

The center machine
X or 5 --- decrease speed
S or 8 --- increase speed
. or 2 --- lift the cargo

The right machine
C or 6 --- decrease speed
D or 9 --- increase speed
/ or 3 --- lift the cargo

Tips :
You can use the max speed for a cargo under 40 kg.
While the machine is liftting, you can set a new speed for the next cargo.

Warning :
This is non-stop game.
You cannot pause or break the game O[]O'''
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