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You walk up to me.

I look at you like a cat that is unknowingly trying to imitate an emote.

As your approach comes to an end you put your arms out. Both going past my body on either side.
You smile.
Then simply, "Hug?"

I do not comprehend this word, your intent nor punctuation.

Your arms tighten around me and your chin rests on my shoulder.

I stand there
what is this new emotion.
A simple hug can change so much.. some were never told of the Hug.
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Everything is better
with a bit
of bu
It seems so often that people tend to want more and MORE. Not of just butter but foods, clothes, shiny crap, and fame.
Is this just the way humans are or did society turn us this way like a school of fish?
Take smaller "bits", you'll enjoy it more next time.

I chopped up "butter" because well you don't need it all at once, right? ;)
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Warning: If you don’t like fat Dragons and vore, then do not read.

Chapter 4: Wish Fulfillment
I got up and looked at the small little dragon as it shook the remains of the shattered eggshell of itself. I backed up and stepped on an old dry leaf. The dragon instantly whipped around and faced me. Our eyes locked. I wanted to turn and run, but something in the way those eyes stared at me held me firmly in place. Without warning, the dragon leaped onto me with such force that I fell over backwards. To my amazement, it did not hurt me, but began licking my face all over. Once I was thoroughly covered in drool, it got off and let me up. Not knowing what to do, I just stood there looking at the dragon confused. It saw this, and its little head dropped, a look of sheer sadness upon its face.
“You don’t remember me, do you?”
I was confused. I liked dragons a lot, but never did I imagine seeing one up close, and this one was a little too real for comfort. I felt a weird feeling as I looked into the sad orange eyes, as if I was indeed forgetting something, or rather someone. I thought long and hard about what was going on. How did this dragon know me? It had just hatched from its egg, yet it was talking to me as if I was a long lost friend. Scared that the dragon’s sadness might turn to anger, I tried to get up and make a run for it. Like lightning, the dragon leapt onto me and pinned me securely to the ground. I struggled to get free, but the dragon was surprisingly strong for its small size.
“Please… its me.”
I stopped squirming when a silver tear hit my cheek. The dragon was crying. My head ached as I racked it for information. Its orange scales, blue wings and claws, the row of blue spikes along it’s back, even it’s tail, somehow gave me this feeling of happiness and safety, as if she were a protector. It finally hit me as the memory came rushing back to me, and I couldn’t be more happy or confused.
“Ember, is that really you?”
The dragon’s eyes lit up again and she smiled at me. She started licking my face again.
“I can’t believe you remembered!” the dragon (or Ember, as we must now call her) shouted happily.
I would have wiped the dragon saliva off my face, but I was too happy to see Ember, and my arms and legs were still bound to the deck. I remembered the first time I ever saw her. As a little kid, I was even sad and alone then, so I imagined Ember so I would have someone to talk to. She was my first friend, and even now all I had were pity friends who felt sorry for me.
“But, how?” Ember laughed as if it were the simplest question in the world.
“You wished for me silly, or did you forget that too?” Ember said as she released me and allowed me to sit up. “I missed seeing you as well, and I thought you’d be happy to see me, so here I am!” Ember’s tail wagged back and forth sweeping several vines off the deck, still smiling happily.
Before I could bet up and give my long lost friend a well-deserved pat, she again jumped on me and grabbed me, only to pull me close in a tight warm hug. I wrapped my arms around her and laughed happily as I hugged back my dear friend, who I only dreamed I’d ever see, never the less hug.
“Honestly though, I came here for a reason.” She nodded and let go, sitting down in my lap. “And I think you know why.” She smiled again.
“What’s that? I’m still surprised that you even exist.” I said returning the smile. It was true that I had been wishing to see her in flesh and blood all my life, but I never expected for it to actually be granted.
“Oh come on, you should know, well anyway here’s a hint.” She said showing me her sharp white teeth.
I gulped a little as I had vague idea of what she meant. “You’re not going to eat me are you?”
“What? No! I’m still much to little for that! And anyway even if I did I wouldn’t really hurt you. I know how you like it though. Maybe when I get bigger.”
I sighed greatly in relief. Of course when I was young, I imagined her much bigger than me, and I would often daydream that she would eat me to keep me safe or something. For some reason I liked it when I was eaten, or if she ate someone else I didn’t like. Those people never came back out, but while I was in her I was never hurt. She continued talking.
“My two real reasons for coming are, 1: I heard you wishing for me so often recently and suffering so badly without me that I decided we were separated long enough. And 2…” She trailed off as she seemed to think better of saying what she was about to say. “Well let’s just say that’s for you,” here she nodded towards Josie and Arkaliel, “and your friends to find out later, when I’ve reached a larger size.”
“But then I f you’re not going to eat me,” I said, still greatly confused, “then what did you mean when you bared your fangs?”
Ember looked down at her stomach as it suddenly rumbled. “Well…I was kind of thinking…of…well…living up to your expectations, if you know what I mean.” She smiled sheepishly and winked.
I slapped my forehead at how stupid I was acting. Ember was big in more ways than one in my imagination. After all, I had wished for that too.
“Of course! Of course you can Ember! You should know me better by now. There’s no reason to be shy about it!”
“I know you like it, but I doubt they will.” She nodded towards the animals again.
I understood her completely about being modest now. She was shy because she didn’t want to be considered a freak for wanting to be fat, and the fact that the news crews were broadcasting this across the planet only made it worse. I couldn’t blame her. Everyone that I had trusted well enough to tell that I liked fat dragons had thought that I was a freak too. I could tell all of this was making her very nervous and I turned and addressed Josie and Arkaliel.
“Ember and I need some private time to catch up. Make a perimeter a good distance around the house though.”
They and the other animals did as they were told. Once they were safely out of earshot, Ember resumed talking.
“Thanks for that, but won’t they disapprove if the next time they see me I’m fat?” she asked worriedly.
“Well the next time they see you you’ll probably be big as well as fat.” I reassured her, gently rubbing her behind the ears. “I doubt anyone would be so stupid as to tease you about it now, even when you’re small. You are a dragon after all, and not only are you special and unique in this modern age, but that also puts you on the endangered species list. No one will dare hurt you for fear of being punished, and even if they do hurt you, whether physically or emotionally, you have my express permission to hurt back. The same goes for me, as your legal guardian. I promise that as long as I’m here, I won’t let a single thing touch you.
Ember jumped up on my shoulder and nuzzled my cheek in appreciation. “So, shall we?” she said, smiling one more as I entered the house with her perched on my shoulder.
I am quite pleased with the way this chapter turned out. I decided to do it in first person, since, after all that is me and this is my life as I would like it. It also helped me think better if it was me talking. Keep leaving comments so I can know how I'm doing.
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Warning: Only for fat Draggies

Flare awoke the next morning on his living room floor to hear voices talking over him. They weren’t his parents, but someone else’s, and there were a lot of them. He cautiously opened one eye a crack, and instantly shut it. He was completely surrounded by animals, and not just his house pets, but wild ones as well. Flare wondered why his dogs hadn’t protected him what’s more the voices seemed to be coming from the animals. Josie, the most faithful of his dogs, was lying on the floor beside him. A stag was talking to her, and apparently the conversation was about him.
“How do we know he’s the chosen one for sure? He looks like any regular human to me.”
“He was lifted clear off the ground by a comet of pure light. If that’s not a sign, then I don’t know what is. Wait, shh. Listen, his breathing’s changed. I think he’s awake.”
Flare shuddered and closed his eyes tighter as a dark figure blocked the light coming in through his eyelids. He felt someone pawing on his chest. At that he got up and dashed into the nearest corner. All eyes suddenly turned on him. Although they were curious, especially the neighborhood stray cats, they gave him his space. They knew the signs of fear in a human, and they could be dangerous when provoked (rather ironic, don’t you think?) They just sat there and watched him, waiting for him to calm down. It took him about 15 minutes to do so, and even then he remained backed up against the wall. An old, battle scarred wolf stepped forward and approached him.
“Do not be afraid, Flare. We are your friends, not your enemies.”
“Who are you? And how do you know my name?”
“My name is Arkaliel, as for your name, that was Josie’s doing. It was at her request that we let you sleep.”
At this Josie stepped out from the crowd and joined him. She licked his hand comfortingly.
“How you feeling?”
“Well, except for a major headache, I feel fine. How do I know that this isn’t all a dream?”
Arkaliel again spoke.
“If this is a dream, then how is it that you find yourself in possession of a headache? I assure you, what happened to you last night was very real.”
“Ugh, what did happen last night? The last thing I remember was a blinding white light. I must’ve passed out after that because I can’t remember a single thing.”
Arkaliel and Josie nervously glanced at one another. They didn’t know what to tell him. Arkaliel tried his best.
“Um… no one knows for sure, but as soon as that comet hit you, every animal and plant on the planet knew it. Josie found you lying unconscious by what we think is the comet’s core, the only thing left of it. She tried to get the stone once she had tended to you, but there is come kind of invisible shield around it that prevents anyone from touching it. We think it was meant for you to have it. Do you know what it might be?”
Flare was shocked when he heard about the comet, and he had a pretty good idea of what it had left behind.
“Yes, I know what it is, and there’s a good reason why it won’t let anyone touch it, and no one should. The ‘core’ of the comet, what does it look like?”
“It certainly doesn’t look like something that should be floating around in space, that’s for sure. I wish I could tell you more, but as a wolf, my being colorblind prohibits me.”
Arkaliel hung his head in shame. Flare, who by now felt sure that none of the animals were going to hurt him, walked forward and put his hand on the old wolf’s shoulder. Arkaliel looked up in surprise. Flare slowly stroked his fur.
“Hey, don’t feel bad. I don’t blame you. It’s okay, besides, that’s all I need to know anyway.”
Flare walked over to the door and opened it. The scene that met his eyes was completely different than it was the other day. Vines and vegetation were completely covering the surrounding landscape, and trees had grown up everywhere, even straight through houses. Animals were also surrounding the house, and more were arriving by the minute. They all stopped what they were doing and turned and looked at him, all those that weren’t holding off the news crews that is. Except for them, not another person was in sight. Josie and Arkaliel appeared in the doorway behind him.
“Where is everybody?”
“They all left, what did you expect them to do when wild animals started showing up at their doorsteps and their homes began getting overtaken by greenery?”
But Flare wasn’t listening to her, for there, on the only patch of deck that didn’t have vines covering it, was a stone. No, not a stone, a jewel of some sort. It was the most beautiful thing his eyes had ever beheld. It was as smooth as something could be without actually getting polished, 10 times as brilliant as a diamond, and also bright orange with veins of blue. Perhaps the most dazzling thing about it was that it glowed, but not radioactively. The glow was unearthly, like nothing Flare had yet seen, yet he felt like he had seen it before, maybe in a dream he had. Even more mysterious, Flare felt like he was being drawn toward it. Arkaliel nudged him forwards.
“Go ahead, its yours anyway.”
“Don’t rush me! I’m going, I’m going.”
Flare walked over to it and bent down to pick it up. As soon as he touched it, it began to shiver and shake. Little cracks began appearing all over it, and it rolled about spasmodically. Then, all movement ceased, as the glow began to increase. There was a loud bang as the stone shattered, and there, in its place, was a little orange and blue Dragon.
The third chapter in my book, and in my opinion, the best thus far. Sorry it took so long, but I hit a bit of a writer's block half way through while I was writing it. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to leave as many comments as you want. I like to know how I'm doing as I go along.
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Warning: Don't read if you don't like big, fat, cuddly, draggies.

Chapter 2: Destined for Greatness

Fare was not your average 14 year old boy.  No matter what he did, no one would accept him for who he was.  Sure, you could blame it on the fact that he was a four-eyed brace-face looser who did nothing but watch T.V., surf the web, and play video games.  But the real problem lied deeper than that.  The real problem was his personality.  He was what most people would call "immature". Although he was 14 and in fact was mature, he had a deep, burning, passionate obsession, Dragons.  Of course everyone teased him about it, but he didn't mind. He was more of a loner himself and liked his space.  If he could he would much rather hang out with his pets and talk to them instead.  He always felt so awkward in large groups of people, but seeemed to feel right at home with animals.  Flare loved everything about Dragons.  Their scales, wings, power, everything!  Though there was one other thing he loved that none but his closest most trustworthy online friends (the few that he had) knew about, and that was fat.  There was nothing more beautiful to him than a fat Dragoness.  The several pictures and stories he had found about huge Dragons he had loved, and viewed frequently.  Just the thaought of one gave him a warm feeling inside.  Yet, he tried not to think about them to much, for the thought made him feel lonely.  There was an empty place in his heart that ached and only felt more empty whenever he got to involved in them or couldn't stop thinking about them.  He felt sure that that place would never be able to be filled by anything other than a fat Dragoness's gentle caress.  Many times his heart longed for one so badly that he was driven to the point of tears. But enough with the pity story.  You get the point.  He was a very sad and lonely and miserable kid without his fat Dragoness.  Our story officialy begins on September 16, 2007.  The day of Flare's 15th birthday, and also, the day his life, no, his world, shifted for the better.

Flare woke up bright and early that day.  Over the past week numerous good luck charms had found their way to him.  A five leaf clover, a lost penny, a dandelion wish, 3 fourtune cookies (with good fortunes), and a shooting star. Surely all good signs.  Today was guaranteed to be a good one.  Flare opened the blinds, and his heart sank.  Not only was it cloudy outside, but a full fledged thunderstorm was brewing, gale force winds, hail, and all.  There was no way anyone in their right mind would attend his party now, but it was probably for the better anyway.  He knew his parents probably got him cupcakes instead of a real one and most likely all he would get from them would be $5 bucks as a birthday present.  Anything was worth sparing him that embarrasment.  Sure enough, he was right all the way down to the last scent. His parents began singing the birthday song.
"happ.." they began. Flare was outraged.
"Mom! Dad! You know I hate that stupid baby song!"
"Well I think its cute," his mother said, "besides, you'll always be my baby." She reached out to pinch his cheek, but he pushed her hand away. His father, the jerk that he was, began yelling at him.
"Don't you raise your voice to me! If you're going to be like that then give my five bucks back!" Flare could have come up with a pretty good comeback, but knew better than to make his father angrier than he normally was, and submitted. "Yes, father."  He calmed down, though he did so reluctantly.  His mother went into the kitchen and came out with the birthday "cupcakes".  She set them down on the table in front of him.  "Now blow out the candles and make a wish."  Flare inhaled, closed his eyes, and made the biggest wish of his life.
"I wish I had a baby Dragoness.  One that I could make as fat as I want, and I'd always have enough food for her, dispite her insatiable appetite. I wish she and I could be alone together, without anyone to drag us down. I want her also as a friend that I can actually talk to, and she'd be able to understand and talk back. I wish she was real with all my heart. And i wish this world was a better place" A clap of thunder shook the house.  Far away, the Light had heard his request, and knew he was the one.  The one human out of all the others who was born out of Light, and not of Darkness.  Flare returned solomnly to his room. His mother callled after him. "But honey, don't you want a cupcake?" "No thanks. I'm not hungry." Flare glanced out the window.  It was quiet.  The thunderstorm had dissapered without a trace, and all it had left behind was the rain soaked leaves of the trees.  He decided instead to stay outside and play with the dogs.
Flare stayed outside until dark, he was a creature of both night and day.  He was just about to return inside when he glimpsed another shooting star.  For good measure, though he knew it would never happen, he repeated his wish again aloud.  But that wasn't just any shoting star, it was a glowing ball of pure light, the Light's phisical form, scanning the landscape looking for him.  It heard him loud and clear this time, and headed straight for him.  As you can pretty well imagine, when Flare saw it turn and head toward him, his first reaction was disbelief.  "It'll burn up way before it hits me."  But it didn't it kept on coming, and the closer it got, the brighter it grew. "Okay I guess there's a first time for everything." Flare turned and made a mad dash for his house, but the Light was too quick for him. It hit him just as he was reaching out for the doorknob, enveloping him in pure energy.  He struggled and kicked to get free, but to no avail.  All at once, he blacked out.
the second cahpter in my book, much more to do with the title than the last one. If you think it's getting interesting now, just wait until the third!
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Warning: If you are easily frightened, or pee your pants at the mere thought of a big, fat, cuddly, yet powerful draggie, this story is not for you.  Should you read this, the author and all supporters involved are in no way responsible for any nightmares (dreams should you happen to like Dragons like me), or any bed-wetting that might ensue.  Also, to those who like Dragons, I am also in no accounts responsible if you poop your pants form laughing so hard after reading this warning.

Chapter 1: The Powers That Be and Amazing Origins

Ever since the dawn of time, two great forces have governed our world.  Light and Darkness (Good and Evil) are forever locked in a titanic power struggle for dominance.  For centuries they balanced each other, then came the making of our galaxy, the Milky Way.  As with all the others before, Light and Darkness instantly began feuding over it.  Darkness added the cold void of space, and Light countered with the warmth of stars.  Darkness put in a black hole to swallow them up, and Light made them orbit it.  Darkness was to always go first, doing its very best to corrupt and destroy what Light had created.  Then Light would go, counterbalancing all the destructive forces that Darkness had unleashed, and harmonizing them to work as one.  This would go on until there was nothing else left to be done with it.  Our galaxy was the last to be created, and also the last space in which there was something to do.  Neither of them would allow a tie, so they went on making ours more and more complex.  Darkness added nebulas to obscure the stars light.  Light condensed some of the nebulas to make more stars, along with planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and meteors.  Then came the first mistake.  Darkness hit a small little planet with an asteroid while it was still forming.  It hit home, but just sprayed molten rock out into the tiny little planet’s orbit, and sank into its still molten crust.  As fate would have it, that asteroid consisted of more than 95% iron and nickel, and sank to the now not so little planet’s center, where it melted and became its core.  The planet (oh, what the heck, I’m just going to call it Earth because that’s what we’ll call it in the future) got quite a spin off that collision and moved into a closer, more circular orbit around its sun.  The rotation got the core spinning, and made a giant electromagnet, creating a magnetic field around the Earth.  It cooled and a crust formed around it.  It wasn’t very stable though, and volcanoes formed, releasing gasses to make an atmosphere.  Some ice had managed to fall onto the planets surface before it got vaporized, and now the volcanoes were releasing it as vapor.  Clouds condensed, and the Earth saw its first thunderstorm.  Pools began forming on its barren surface, and in those pools were the first forms of life, sparked into existence by the lightning.  Light saw the opportunity and made life multiply and grow more complex as its next move.  And so, when it was all done, there was a completely new force in the universe, Change.  Life was the pure form of Change, ever moving, ever growing, and ever continuing.  Darkness saw the danger in this, and instantly took a form of life under its control, man.  Light, not giving up hope yet, quickly took the natural world, but it was too late.  Man had been tainted by Darkness, and as he grew, so too did his mastery over the Natural world.  The tides had turned, and Darkness, was winning.  Light ran and hid, but would return when the time came that it was most called upon.
This is the first chapter of an book that I am boing to post entirely on DA. I know that the story so far seems like it has absolutely nothing to do with the title, but it'll all tie in later on in the series.
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Quest of the Mystic Knight Part I : Darkness Abounds

Dark demons conjured from their dank tomb
Spreading evil - at the Order of Satan’s wish for gloom
Across meadows flowering this wave of fire goes breathing
Scorching everything beautiful – everything living.

Lightlessness creeps over a land left barren
Obstructing even the brilliance of heaven
However a fair maiden wanders aimlessly
Over the desolate landscape vigilantly.

Amidst the ruin she finds a single lily flourishing
Glowing brilliant still amongst the decaying
A sign of life still untouched by the devastation
A sign of beauty purity hope and salvation.

From ashes of Lucifer also rises in beauty
A new Hero – A New Glory to battle this Evil Entity
The danger lies not within His also rising Wisps
It lies within ourselves, are we willing to help what He risks?

A collaboration by deviantART members *LaColombeDeDeuil and *wizillusions

Quest of the Mystic Knight Part I: Darkness Abounds

First part of a three or four part piece.

Preview background created using [link] from *FantasyStock
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taste the venom between the smacking
of twin lips as they break their joint spine
and revel in the sound of death drilling
behind your eyelids until alone is a sound
you think you might want to rest in.

close your heart and button up the shutters
and board up the doors until the wind howls
and the chain is beating against the wood
with a hollow sound like a fist knocking,
but you know better, because no one has
knocked on this door since thirteen hundred
days ago when time was starting and you
had fresh pain[t] and a bright smile.

music hurts in the way of your skin peeling
and love is too bright to even look at and
the voice you want to wrap up to swallow
your breath is strangely missing and no
matter how hard you try, this absence
is just the lack of anything and you can't
drown in nothing no matter how
damn much you want to.

your back is in knots and your head is in
pretzels and you're screaming without making
a sound and crying without dropping a tear
and your flesh is melting all over your skeleton
and down your jeans and no matter how fast
you clean up the mess, you're just making
more of one until you're gone and you're
here and you're hollow and you're swollen
and you're dead, but not really, because
you're just alive enough
to wish
{"the sun on the sand, on her knees and her hands
as she begs for her fish from the water
but turn them away, she's a whip and a slave
given time she may find something better
oh, how the rain sounds as loud as a lover's words
and now and again she's afraid when the sun returns"
--iron & wine

fair warning: i'm probably not going to reply to comments on this one.
i'm just too damn far behind. i will read them though.
tonight is, well, yeah. making me write scraps.
78% chance this will be deleted by morning.
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~The Moment of a Couple~

A group of children ran past you laughing at each other as they gave chase around the park. You couldn't help but give a little smile at their innocence and free will. They seemed so happy. By now, your legs had grown uncomfortable of trying to support yourself on one side of the seesaw. There wasn't anyone on the other side so if your legs gave way, your entire body would fall towards the ground.

"What are you doing out here by yourself?" a voice asked from behind. You immediately whipped your head around and found yourself staring at a familiar face. It wasn't hard to recognize your colleague from your Statics class. Aside having a loud voice, his wild blonde hair and smiling face was easily recognizable in a filled lecture hall.

"I-I-I…" you stammered.

"Hey, aren't you the girl in my Statics class?"  

You swallowed a lump in your throat and immediately brought your eyes to the floor. You didn't even talk in class! In fact, you sat all the way in the back so how could someone as loud as this person recognize you?!

"Y-Yeah, I'm in your class," you replied in a timid voice.

"I knew it!" your colleague laughed. "For a second I was afraid I might've been wrong. You don't talk very much, you know?"

"Th-There's nothing for me to say…" you replied feeling your face grow hot. At this point, you were afraid that if you looked into his eyes again, you wouldn't be able to keep yourself composed. At least you remembered his name.

Mathias Køhler. He was a troublesome type of student. He would go out with his upperclassmen friends and boast about getting drunk and wasted. He was the party type of person. You didn't even know what he was doing in a statics class. From the sound of things, it didn't even seem like he was smart.

...But he was handsome. He had the bluest set of eyes you had ever seen, and you found something intriguing about the way he would always put on a bright smile in front of his friends and laugh at the drop of a hat. Try as you might, you couldn't bring yourself to dislike the guy.

"So what're you doing on a seesaw all by yourself?" Mathias asked. Your eyes were still directed towards the ground, but you were sure he was looking straight at you. Mathias Køhler was looking at you.

"I'm just trying to give my head some room to think," you replied in a quiet voice. Perhaps he couldn't even hear you.

"Oh, I see what you mean," Mathias laughed. "I get those days, too. Sometimes you just want to get away from it all, huh?" You heard him make a noise that sounded like he was stretching. Curious, you stole a peek at his body. Even with his skin being covered with a light sweater, you could see his hard muscles that were perfectly formed on his tall body.

Unfortunately, Mathias caught you in the act.

"Like what you see?" he grinned.

"Huh? I—No! I—!" Feeling embarrassed, you immediately brought your head to the ground trying to hide your face that was flushing a bright crimson read.

"It's okay if you feel that way," Mathias chuckled. "I don't mind getting the attention."

He's so full of himself! you thought trying to straighten your face into a neutral expression.

"Mind if I join you?" your colleague suddenly asked.

You looked up. "Um, I…" Before you could finish, Mathias had already sat himself down on the opposite side of the seesaw. He must've had little shame in his acts if he could do something so openly. At least your legs didn't hurt anymore.

"It's not fun playing by yourself," he smiled from across the other side. "This thing only works with two people."

"Y-Yeah…" you stammered.

Mathias raised a bemused eyebrow and crossed his arms over the handles of the seesaw.

"You really don't like to talk, do you?"

Upon hearing his question, you pressed your lips together and looked down. "There's really nothing for me to say."

"Is that so…?" your colleague mumbled. "Then how about I give you something to say? What's your name?"

"_____________," you answered.

"_____________..." Mathias repeated. "Nice name. I'm Mathias."

"I know," you replied immediately regretting speaking out.

"Oh, so you do pay attention to me!" Mathias burst out laughing.

"I-I never said I didn't!" you protested in a wavering voice.

"You're blushing~" Mathias teased. That only made you blush even more. The jerk.

"I'm leaving," you frowned and proceeded to get off, but your body lurched upwards as Mathias put his full weight on his end of the seesaw leaving you suspended in the air.

"Like I'd let you get away that easily," Mathias laughed. "Come on. Let's talk to each other. I want to know about you."

At that moment, you felt something strange in your chest like your stomach was becoming tied in knots and your lungs were about to burst.

"Wh-Why would someone like you want to know about someone like me?" you asked.

"Because you seem interesting," Mathias simply replied. "Come on. Just for a little? I'm not going to let you down until you do."

This guy's so mean!

"Fine…" you sighed. "What do you want to know?"


"Hey, _____________," Mathias patted your shoulder when class was over. "Do you think you could do me a favor?"

You blinked. "Why would you ask me to do you a favor? Don't you have a lot of friends?"

"Yeah, but this is different," Mathias chuckled scratching the back of his head sheepishly. "You see my grades are slipping. I figured since you're smart, but not everyone knows you, it'd be okay to ask you for help so no one would know."

"Maybe if you didn't go out drinking all of the time, you wouldn't be in this situation," you pointed out.

"That's cold, ____________," your colleague whined.

"I didn't mean to be!" you insisted. "It just came out that way!"

"You're so funny, ______________," Mathias laughed. "That's what I like about you."

"Eh?" you blushed and bowed your head to the floor.

"How am I going to convince you to tutor me…?" Mathis was the type of person who preferred to think out loud. "I know! How about this, ___________? If you can help me get an A in the class, I'll take you on a date!"

You began to walk faster to the beat of your thumping heart. "What makes you think I'd want to go on a date with you?"

"Every girl does!" Mathias answered obnoxiously. "But they're just in it for my looks. I know you're different, _____________. You know me for who I am."

"I…" You hesitated. Mathias was partially wrong there. You were attracted to Mathias because of his appearance, too, but it was true that you knew what sort of person he was. And when one looked past the loud-mouthed heavy-drinker, Mathias could be a really sweet guy.

"Fine, I'll help you," you sighed.

"Awesome!" Mathias grinned. "Thanks, ___________!" You rolled your eyes and were about to go on your way when a hand grabbed onto your cheek and pulled you in for a kiss.

"Later, __________!" Mathias waved and parted ways to his next class.

"H-Huh…?" you stammered and felt your cheek where Mathias had kissed you. It wasn't a dream. It was real.

"Goodbye, Mathias…" you whispered. You were going to have to do something about the color on your face in case someone noticed you blushing like an idiot.


"Do we really have to study here?" you asked looking at the playground where you first spoke with Mathias.

"Well, the library's closed because of that one water pipe leak, and you said your landlady doesn't like visitors popping into your apartment," Mathias shrugged. "Unless…you want to go to my apartment…"

"N-No, this is fine!" you said quickly.

"Okay," Mathias chuckled.

Frowning, you got out your statics book and tapped the cover. "So what topics are you having trouble on?"

"Mostly moments," Mathias said. "The statics one—not the life kind of moments. You know? The one that're like torques, but they aren't?"

"I know what you mean," you giggled. "So what exactly do you want me to talk about?"

"Just the basics mechanics of how they work," Mathias answered casually.

"Okay…Let's see…" You began flipping through your textbook to the chapter discussing moments. Then, you thought of a good example.

"Mathias, I have a good way to start it off," you said pointing to the seesaw. "You see that system over there?"

"The seesaw?"

You nodded. "If we sit on it, we can make a good example of a moment of a couple."

"Oh, I see what you mean!" Mathias grinned and grabbed your hand.

"Wh-What are you—"

"You said it's a moment of a couple, right?" your colleague laughed. "Then let's hop on!"

"That's not what I meant, Mathias!" you squeaked when Mathias plopping you down on one end and sat himself down on the other side.

"Look, ____________! We're a couple!" Mathias laughed.

"W-We're not!" you blushed and covered your face with your textbook. "You're joking, right?"

"I don't want you to think I am…" Mathias mumbled in an unusually soft voice causing you to peak over your textbook.


"N-Nothing," Mathias smiled. "Let's just get to work on the moments."

"Actually, now that I think about it, you're right about this being a moment of a couple," you giggled as Mathias bobbed the seesaw up and down.

Mathias looked up. "Really?"

"Uh-huh. When there are two equal but opposing forces acting parallel to a center point, we get a cancellation of forces*."

"But we're still moving," Mathias pointed out.

"That's right," you smiled. "That's because the resulting moment isn't at zero. There's something going on."

"There definitely is," Mathias chuckled with an unreadable grin.

"Uh-huh," you chuckled.

"I wasn't talking about that…" your colleague frowned disappointedly.

"What?" You tilted your head to the side and stared into Mathias' bright blue eyes. He's talking about statics, right?

"I was talking about this, ____________," Mathias said pointing to you and the seesaw. "This? As in what's happening right now?"

"It's a moment of a couple," you replied not fully understanding what Mathias was talking about. "There are two equal but opposite forces occurring whenever you push upwards, right?"

"You're so cute, ____________," Mathias laughed and leapt off the seesaw sending you hurling towards the ground.

"Eek!" you cried out when your bottom smashed against the hard plastic of the seesaw and flew backwards onto the ground. "Mathias! That was—"

But you never got to finish. Before you realized it, Mathias was already over you with his hands digging through your hair and his eyes closed as he moved his lips over yours molding them into the perfect shape of a kiss.

"Mm…!" you squealed and shoved Mathias off of you so you could sit up straight. "Mathias what was that?!"

"It was a kiss," Mathias smirked looking bemused at how you actually pushed him away.

"Th-That's not what I meant!" you groaned and covered your lips. "Why would you kiss me?"

"Because you're cute and smart and fun~" Mathias answered with his smile still plastered on his face.

"You're so mean!" you shouted feeling your face flush with blood. "I didn't expect that! You caught me off guard!"

"Oh, so you didn't want me to kiss you…?" Mathias lowered his head in rejection.

"N-No, I didn't mean it like that, Mathias," you babbled like a flustered idiot. "I just didn't think you were going to do that with me or—"

"Ah-ha! So you did want me to kiss you!"

"Y-You!" you growled. "That's not fair! Do you want me to tutor you or not?!"

"Do you want to go on a date with me still?" Mathias countered with his own question.

You swallowed. You liked that kiss. You liked being with Mathias. He was different around you. In fact, you probably even liked him nearly to the point of…


"Huh?" You jerked your head up when Mathias called you back to your senses.

"Are you going to answer my question?"

"Uh…" You hesitated. If you said "yes," then that would fuel Mathias' ego, but if you said know, he might have become upset at you. You didn't want him to fee upset towards you.

"Answer my question first," you demanded.

This time, Mathias was the one who looked shocked. "You're not so much of a pushover like I thought you'd be," he chuckled. "But if you're wondering, then, yeah, I want to be tutored by you. I can't focus when it's just some old guy reading straight out of the book, you know? Being outdoors is nicer."

You nodded in agreement. "Should we continue, then?"

"Sure!" Mathias grinned. You sighed with relief. He had already forgotten the question he was going to ask you.


You were at your apartment when you heard your cellphone ring. It could have only been from three callers: your parents…or Mathias. When you picked up your phone, you immediately recognized the caller I.D. straight away. Even when you picked up the phone and answered it, you were wearing a goofy smile on your face.


"______________!" a loud and excited voice cried from the speaker. "Guess who gets to go on a date with me?!"


"You sure you didn't want to go anywhere else?" Mathias asked for what seemed like the twelfth time since meeting up with him at the entrance of the park.

"I'm sure," you said. "I don't like parties, and I don't like going to the movies. It's nice and quiet here, don't you think?"

"I guess you're right…" Mathias chuckled and wrapped his arm around your shoulder. Now the two of you were like a real couple though you never wanted to admit it to anyone. Knowing that Mathias knew was enough.

"Hey, ____________, thanks for everything," Mathias suddenly said.

"You're welcome," you smiled and leaned your head against his chest. "To tell you the truth, I was afraid you weren't going to be able to go on this date with me."

"Aw, you thought I was going to fail the final?!" Mathias pouted. "After the amazing tutoring you gave me? I don't think so!"

"No, not that," you laughed. "You're smart when you need to be. It's just that I was afraid you were lying to me about going on a date with me."

"Why would I do something like that?"

You shrugged. "I'm nothing special. I'm not very pretty and I'm not popular like you are. I'm not into a lot of things the normal girls are."


You stopped and looked into Mathias' eyes. You were used to doing that without blushing now, but they were still lovely to look at.


"So what if you're not like the others?" Mathias shrugged. "I like you that way."


You watched as your date shifted nervously in place. "Listen, ___________? There's something I've been meaning to tell you."

"Yes?" Is he going to…?

Mathias lowered his head to the point where you couldn't see his facial expression. Then, he took a deep breath and went back to your eyes.

"After the holidays, I'm going to be attending a different university."

Your heart stopped. That couldn't be true. That just couldn't. So many emotions were swimming around in your head. So many questions. Reality hit you like a train…and it couldn't have been a worse time. You had even gone towards that stage where you had started to…

"I'm sorry, __________," Mathias mumbled. "I didn't think I was going to be able to, but my parents said it's better for my future if I go to a different university. I should've told you sooner, but I didn't want you to be sad."

"Sad?" your voice wavered. You were shocked at how weak you sounded. "I'm not sad…"

Mathias furrowed his eyebrows. For once, he didn't look like he was going to be smiling anytime soon.

"You're not…?"

"No…" Your hands felt like weak noodles. They were shaking uncontrollably in place like the rest of your body.

"Mathias, you're stupid, you know that?"

"__-___________..." Mathias breathed.

Unable to control your emotions, you threw him a hard look and began to push him off of you.

"You're an idiot! Do you think telling me now would have made things better?!" You could hear the shrill cry in your voice, but you no longer cared. Your eyes began to grow hot and wet until you could barely make out Mathias' messy blonde hair and sad blue eyes through your tears.

"If I had known, I would have said so much more! I would have done so much more with you! You think you can honestly just drop this sort of bomb on me and not expect me to feel anything?!"

"__________, I didn't know what to do!" Mathias protested in a creaking voice. "This is the first time I've felt like this towards anyone! I didn't…Oh, __________, don't cry…"

"I'm not…" you sniffed. There was no point in lying anymore. You couldn't hide it. "Mathias, I love you…I don't want you to leave."

"_____________..." Suddenly, you felt a pair of warm hands wrap around your neck and pull you forward. You could feel Mathias' hot breath warming up your cheeks and growing subtly louder and closer until it vanished between your lips.

"I love you, too, ____________," Mathias whispered holding you close to his chest until you could hear the faint sound of his heart beating.

Then, you felt something wet and cold sting your cheek. It couldn't have been a tear…When you looked up, you saw a gentle drift of snow begin to fall from the overcast sky.

"It's snowing…" you breathed watching your breath come out in foggy wisps.

"Yeah," Mathias chuckled. "You want to go to my place? I don't want you to catch a cold before the holidays."

"Mmm…If that's alright with you," you answered, your cheeks flushing red—and not because of the cold.

"Let's go, then," your date smiled softly and kissed some of your remaining tears away before leading you out of the park.


The walk to Mathias' apartment was filled with the two of you talking about little things like what you had planned to do when you went on winter break. You noticed Mathias was careful to not bring up the point about transferring. He already felt that he had made you feel sad enough already.

For the most part, Mathias' apartment was a simple, cozy place—it was too small for parties or even large groups of visitors. Since it was already getting dark, Mathias offered to let you stay over for the night.

"You can make yourself comfortable on the couch," Mathias said while going into his kitchen. "I'll get us something to drink."

"As long as it isn't alcohol," you added with a slight laugh.

"Alright, ___________," Mathias chuckled. After something preparations, he came back with two cups of hot drinks and joined you on the edge of the sofa sipping your beverages in silence. When the two of you were done, you set your cup aside and placed your head on Mathias' shoulder.

"Mathias…do you think after this, we'll see each other again?" you asked softly.

Mathias didn't answer you at first like he was lost in deep thought. The entire apartment was silent save for the low hum of the refrigerator running in the background.

"I have a feeling we will," Mathias finally answered wrapping his hand around your shoulder. "After all, I love you, __________."

Hearing those words come from him made your chest flood with a warm glow. Disregarding your scarlet-red cheeks, you turned your head so Mathias could pull you in for a kiss, his lips warm, his touch indescribably tender.

"I love you, too, Mathias," you whispered as you gasped for breath as soon as you felt Mathias gain dominance over your meek body.

"I know," Mathias chuckled nuzzling your hair with his nose causing you to shudder.

"Can we just…stay like this a little longer?" you asked in a hushed voice. "Just for tonight…?"

Mathias kissed you on your forehead and let out a long exhale cooling your skin with his aromatic breath.

"Sure, ____________," he chuckled. "We can stay like this."

"Thank you," you smiled and closed your eyes with your body embraced in his warmth. It was definitely a moment you wanted to remember—even if it wouldn't last forever.


A group of children ran past you laughing at each other as they gave chase around the park. You couldn't help but give a little smile at their innocence and free will. They seemed so happy. By now, your legs had grown uncomfortable of trying to support yourself on one side of the seesaw. There wasn't anyone on the other side so if your legs gave way, your entire body would fall towards the ground.

"What are you doing out here by yourself?" a voice asked from behind. You immediately whipped your head around and found yourself staring at a familiar face. It wasn't hard to recognize your old colleague from your Statics class. Aside having a loud voice, his wild blonde hair and smiling face was easily recognizable in any given public place.  

A smile escaped your lips. "Maybe I just needed a moment to myself," you answered enigmatically.

The wild-haired Dane laughed and sat at the other end of the seesaw. Your legs didn't hurt anymore.

"So you've graduated, too, ______________?"

"Yeah," you chuckled. "I've missed you, Mathias."

"I've missed you, too, ___________," Mathias replied with a bright smile.

"So what are you doing over here without even calling me, huh?" you asked.

"Important things," Mathias tried to answer in a casual tone, but you could hear a wavering note in his voice.

You narrowed your eyes. "Mathias Køhler…? Is there something you're not telling me?"

"Maybe…" Mathias grinned. All of a sudden, he yelped in surprise when you sat all the way at the edge of the seesaw and smashed your end into the ground casing him to be suspended in the air.

"__-___________!" he whined. "Okay, okay! I'll tell you if you let me down!"

"I think you can tell me from there," you giggled. He still hadn't changed after all of this time. Mathias was still Mathias.

"Fine," Mathias sighed and carefully reached into his pocket without losing his balance. When you squinted your eyes, you saw that the object Mathias had taken out looked like a small velvet box—the kind only used for—

"Mathias!" you cried and released the seesaw and began to bolt to the other side.

"Crap!" Mathias yelled as he came hurling down to Earth and falling backwards off the seesaw and onto the ground.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, Mathias…" you groaned and bent down to examine the fallen Dane. "Mathias…? Mathias, are you alright?"

You breathed in relief when you saw Mathias let out a low groan and opened his eyes.

"That could've gone better…" he mumbled with a weak smile. Then, you watched with your eyes glued on his hands as he held out the velvet box and opened it. There, in the middle of a plush cushion, was a brilliant, lustrous ring that shone as brightly as Mathias' smile.

"____________," Mathias began, "this is the first place we've met. Sure we've had our rocky moments, and we haven't really seen each other much since I left, but it would make me the happiest man it the world if you will marry me. What do you say?"

"Yes…" you whispered behind your cupped hands. "Yes, I will. I love you…"

Mathias cracked a smile and got up to give you a kiss and put the ring around your finger. "I love you, too, __________," he replied. "So what do you think? Is this a good example of a moment of a couple?"

"Not in the statics sense, right?" you laughed.

"No," Mathias joined in with your laughter. "The relationship kind."

"Definitely," you smiled and threw yourself onto your fiancé. From a distance, you could see the children watching the two of you laughing and kissing each other with curious eyes. The moment couldn't have been more genuine—it was, without a doubt, the perfect moment of a couple.
Well, this was taken down because it used to be a lemon so I edited some of it so it wouldn't violate any policies.

At least my lemons had plots so all I had to do was cut out the XXX. It's not the same, though. Feels slightly cliché.

If you'd like to read the lemon version of this story, you can note me your email. 

*Terrible description of a moment. It might not make sense unless you take physics or statics, but if not, chances are, you'll never hear about the term in your life.

Axis Powers: Hetalia and its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekazu.

Any similarities to characters, settings, scripts, or stories from other pieces of literature or media are purely coincidental.

This story belongs to me, GydroZMaa.
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I. So it comes to this: pangea tearing itself raw
from our throats to pour into squares of newly open sky
where the stars grew aches and darkened lakewater
once bloomed into bruised winters. Somewhere
beyond the thick of snow, prayers are strung
on moon-rattled winds
and birds' teeth tear apart the poetry
of our hands. They will raise something beautiful
from these ruined words.

Continents shift slowly. They are
dirt-bound titans, these beasts;
rootless giants that mold themselves
to fit the vision we hold inside our heads. Oceans sigh
and their tides crawl ever upward.

II. Our shadows become umbilical
in certain light. Unknown children cast
dark shapes of water
to nourish the gardens springing forth
from the dirt's wrist like a eulogy for lost sky.
Morning doves sing because they see what we cannot:
the years between us laid out like miles and our feet
that never mark the reddened earth and
the passion-trees birthing flowers of such cold, untamed souls.

We are walking in the wombs of stars. Here our soft-spoken dreams
turn stillborn, unmoving as the winter sun's spokes, unholy
as moonless night. You will find their ashes
in the form of lovers, back touching naked back.

III. A rainstorm grows in violent blossom. Its water does not fall
but tumbles, an endless stream of fists
tearing away clusters of scabbing clouds and battering
tender-eyed dawn. The horizon is a fresh wound
which cleaves the world in two, fraying at the edges
and unhinged like bald-faced craniums. Swollen moons

slip through the cracks to bathe forests
with handfuls of pale and sickly light. We become divine
in this darkness, even without wing or garb
or golden flame to illuminate the road. I do not turn
to sky to pray
when our feet become black with walking-- your words
are the only god I need.
A very last-minute prompt fill for #transliterations. OTL This procrastination thing, it is taking over my life.

The prompt was this lovely triptych:

We were supposed to "translate" the effect of the painting into writing, so I kind of failed at that. Like. How did I even go off on this tangent? But hey, I'm kind of proud of this piece. All's well that ends well, I suppose. :3

Comment, please?


:bulletblue: Do the sections feel connected, or are they too disjointed?
:bulletblue: How effective are the descriptions?
:bulletblue: After you saw the triptych, did you see the poem differently? Or if you saw the triptych first, do you now see the painting differently?

EDIT: GUYS GUYS A DD, WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE. :excited: :faint: How did this happen. Holy crap, I love you all. :heart: Beccalicious and Halatia, you are freaking awesome. Thank you so, so much to everyone who faved this. I'm sorry I can't respond to all of you personally. <3
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