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You walk up to me.

I look at you like a cat that is unknowingly trying to imitate an emote.

As your approach comes to an end you put your arms out. Both going past my body on either side.
You smile.
Then simply, "Hug?"

I do not comprehend this word, your intent nor punctuation.

Your arms tighten around me and your chin rests on my shoulder.

I stand there
what is this new emotion.
A simple hug can change so much.. some were never told of the Hug.
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Everything is better
with a bit
of bu
It seems so often that people tend to want more and MORE. Not of just butter but foods, clothes, shiny crap, and fame.
Is this just the way humans are or did society turn us this way like a school of fish?
Take smaller "bits", you'll enjoy it more next time.

I chopped up "butter" because well you don't need it all at once, right? ;)
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Warning: If you don’t like fat Dragons and vore, then do not read.

Chapter 4: Wish Fulfillment
I got up and looked at the small little dragon as it shook the remains of the shattered eggshell of itself. I backed up and stepped on an old dry leaf. The dragon instantly whipped around and faced me. Our eyes locked. I wanted to turn and run, but something in the way those eyes stared at me held me firmly in place. Without warning, the dragon leaped onto me with such force that I fell over backwards. To my amazement, it did not hurt me, but began licking my face all over. Once I was thoroughly covered in drool, it got off and let me up. Not knowing what to do, I just stood there looking at the dragon confused. It saw this, and its little head dropped, a look of sheer sadness upon its face.
“You don’t remember me, do you?”
I was confused. I liked dragons a lot, but never did I imagine seeing one up close, and this one was a little too real for comfort. I felt a weird feeling as I looked into the sad orange eyes, as if I was indeed forgetting something, or rather someone. I thought long and hard about what was going on. How did this dragon know me? It had just hatched from its egg, yet it was talking to me as if I was a long lost friend. Scared that the dragon’s sadness might turn to anger, I tried to get up and make a run for it. Like lightning, the dragon leapt onto me and pinned me securely to the ground. I struggled to get free, but the dragon was surprisingly strong for its small size.
“Please… its me.”
I stopped squirming when a silver tear hit my cheek. The dragon was crying. My head ached as I racked it for information. Its orange scales, blue wings and claws, the row of blue spikes along it’s back, even it’s tail, somehow gave me this feeling of happiness and safety, as if she were a protector. It finally hit me as the memory came rushing back to me, and I couldn’t be more happy or confused.
“Ember, is that really you?”
The dragon’s eyes lit up again and she smiled at me. She started licking my face again.
“I can’t believe you remembered!” the dragon (or Ember, as we must now call her) shouted happily.
I would have wiped the dragon saliva off my face, but I was too happy to see Ember, and my arms and legs were still bound to the deck. I remembered the first time I ever saw her. As a little kid, I was even sad and alone then, so I imagined Ember so I would have someone to talk to. She was my first friend, and even now all I had were pity friends who felt sorry for me.
“But, how?” Ember laughed as if it were the simplest question in the world.
“You wished for me silly, or did you forget that too?” Ember said as she released me and allowed me to sit up. “I missed seeing you as well, and I thought you’d be happy to see me, so here I am!” Ember’s tail wagged back and forth sweeping several vines off the deck, still smiling happily.
Before I could bet up and give my long lost friend a well-deserved pat, she again jumped on me and grabbed me, only to pull me close in a tight warm hug. I wrapped my arms around her and laughed happily as I hugged back my dear friend, who I only dreamed I’d ever see, never the less hug.
“Honestly though, I came here for a reason.” She nodded and let go, sitting down in my lap. “And I think you know why.” She smiled again.
“What’s that? I’m still surprised that you even exist.” I said returning the smile. It was true that I had been wishing to see her in flesh and blood all my life, but I never expected for it to actually be granted.
“Oh come on, you should know, well anyway here’s a hint.” She said showing me her sharp white teeth.
I gulped a little as I had vague idea of what she meant. “You’re not going to eat me are you?”
“What? No! I’m still much to little for that! And anyway even if I did I wouldn’t really hurt you. I know how you like it though. Maybe when I get bigger.”
I sighed greatly in relief. Of course when I was young, I imagined her much bigger than me, and I would often daydream that she would eat me to keep me safe or something. For some reason I liked it when I was eaten, or if she ate someone else I didn’t like. Those people never came back out, but while I was in her I was never hurt. She continued talking.
“My two real reasons for coming are, 1: I heard you wishing for me so often recently and suffering so badly without me that I decided we were separated long enough. And 2…” She trailed off as she seemed to think better of saying what she was about to say. “Well let’s just say that’s for you,” here she nodded towards Josie and Arkaliel, “and your friends to find out later, when I’ve reached a larger size.”
“But then I f you’re not going to eat me,” I said, still greatly confused, “then what did you mean when you bared your fangs?”
Ember looked down at her stomach as it suddenly rumbled. “Well…I was kind of thinking…of…well…living up to your expectations, if you know what I mean.” She smiled sheepishly and winked.
I slapped my forehead at how stupid I was acting. Ember was big in more ways than one in my imagination. After all, I had wished for that too.
“Of course! Of course you can Ember! You should know me better by now. There’s no reason to be shy about it!”
“I know you like it, but I doubt they will.” She nodded towards the animals again.
I understood her completely about being modest now. She was shy because she didn’t want to be considered a freak for wanting to be fat, and the fact that the news crews were broadcasting this across the planet only made it worse. I couldn’t blame her. Everyone that I had trusted well enough to tell that I liked fat dragons had thought that I was a freak too. I could tell all of this was making her very nervous and I turned and addressed Josie and Arkaliel.
“Ember and I need some private time to catch up. Make a perimeter a good distance around the house though.”
They and the other animals did as they were told. Once they were safely out of earshot, Ember resumed talking.
“Thanks for that, but won’t they disapprove if the next time they see me I’m fat?” she asked worriedly.
“Well the next time they see you you’ll probably be big as well as fat.” I reassured her, gently rubbing her behind the ears. “I doubt anyone would be so stupid as to tease you about it now, even when you’re small. You are a dragon after all, and not only are you special and unique in this modern age, but that also puts you on the endangered species list. No one will dare hurt you for fear of being punished, and even if they do hurt you, whether physically or emotionally, you have my express permission to hurt back. The same goes for me, as your legal guardian. I promise that as long as I’m here, I won’t let a single thing touch you.
Ember jumped up on my shoulder and nuzzled my cheek in appreciation. “So, shall we?” she said, smiling one more as I entered the house with her perched on my shoulder.
I am quite pleased with the way this chapter turned out. I decided to do it in first person, since, after all that is me and this is my life as I would like it. It also helped me think better if it was me talking. Keep leaving comments so I can know how I'm doing.
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Warning: Only for fat Draggies

Flare awoke the next morning on his living room floor to hear voices talking over him. They weren’t his parents, but someone else’s, and there were a lot of them. He cautiously opened one eye a crack, and instantly shut it. He was completely surrounded by animals, and not just his house pets, but wild ones as well. Flare wondered why his dogs hadn’t protected him what’s more the voices seemed to be coming from the animals. Josie, the most faithful of his dogs, was lying on the floor beside him. A stag was talking to her, and apparently the conversation was about him.
“How do we know he’s the chosen one for sure? He looks like any regular human to me.”
“He was lifted clear off the ground by a comet of pure light. If that’s not a sign, then I don’t know what is. Wait, shh. Listen, his breathing’s changed. I think he’s awake.”
Flare shuddered and closed his eyes tighter as a dark figure blocked the light coming in through his eyelids. He felt someone pawing on his chest. At that he got up and dashed into the nearest corner. All eyes suddenly turned on him. Although they were curious, especially the neighborhood stray cats, they gave him his space. They knew the signs of fear in a human, and they could be dangerous when provoked (rather ironic, don’t you think?) They just sat there and watched him, waiting for him to calm down. It took him about 15 minutes to do so, and even then he remained backed up against the wall. An old, battle scarred wolf stepped forward and approached him.
“Do not be afraid, Flare. We are your friends, not your enemies.”
“Who are you? And how do you know my name?”
“My name is Arkaliel, as for your name, that was Josie’s doing. It was at her request that we let you sleep.”
At this Josie stepped out from the crowd and joined him. She licked his hand comfortingly.
“How you feeling?”
“Well, except for a major headache, I feel fine. How do I know that this isn’t all a dream?”
Arkaliel again spoke.
“If this is a dream, then how is it that you find yourself in possession of a headache? I assure you, what happened to you last night was very real.”
“Ugh, what did happen last night? The last thing I remember was a blinding white light. I must’ve passed out after that because I can’t remember a single thing.”
Arkaliel and Josie nervously glanced at one another. They didn’t know what to tell him. Arkaliel tried his best.
“Um… no one knows for sure, but as soon as that comet hit you, every animal and plant on the planet knew it. Josie found you lying unconscious by what we think is the comet’s core, the only thing left of it. She tried to get the stone once she had tended to you, but there is come kind of invisible shield around it that prevents anyone from touching it. We think it was meant for you to have it. Do you know what it might be?”
Flare was shocked when he heard about the comet, and he had a pretty good idea of what it had left behind.
“Yes, I know what it is, and there’s a good reason why it won’t let anyone touch it, and no one should. The ‘core’ of the comet, what does it look like?”
“It certainly doesn’t look like something that should be floating around in space, that’s for sure. I wish I could tell you more, but as a wolf, my being colorblind prohibits me.”
Arkaliel hung his head in shame. Flare, who by now felt sure that none of the animals were going to hurt him, walked forward and put his hand on the old wolf’s shoulder. Arkaliel looked up in surprise. Flare slowly stroked his fur.
“Hey, don’t feel bad. I don’t blame you. It’s okay, besides, that’s all I need to know anyway.”
Flare walked over to the door and opened it. The scene that met his eyes was completely different than it was the other day. Vines and vegetation were completely covering the surrounding landscape, and trees had grown up everywhere, even straight through houses. Animals were also surrounding the house, and more were arriving by the minute. They all stopped what they were doing and turned and looked at him, all those that weren’t holding off the news crews that is. Except for them, not another person was in sight. Josie and Arkaliel appeared in the doorway behind him.
“Where is everybody?”
“They all left, what did you expect them to do when wild animals started showing up at their doorsteps and their homes began getting overtaken by greenery?”
But Flare wasn’t listening to her, for there, on the only patch of deck that didn’t have vines covering it, was a stone. No, not a stone, a jewel of some sort. It was the most beautiful thing his eyes had ever beheld. It was as smooth as something could be without actually getting polished, 10 times as brilliant as a diamond, and also bright orange with veins of blue. Perhaps the most dazzling thing about it was that it glowed, but not radioactively. The glow was unearthly, like nothing Flare had yet seen, yet he felt like he had seen it before, maybe in a dream he had. Even more mysterious, Flare felt like he was being drawn toward it. Arkaliel nudged him forwards.
“Go ahead, its yours anyway.”
“Don’t rush me! I’m going, I’m going.”
Flare walked over to it and bent down to pick it up. As soon as he touched it, it began to shiver and shake. Little cracks began appearing all over it, and it rolled about spasmodically. Then, all movement ceased, as the glow began to increase. There was a loud bang as the stone shattered, and there, in its place, was a little orange and blue Dragon.
The third chapter in my book, and in my opinion, the best thus far. Sorry it took so long, but I hit a bit of a writer's block half way through while I was writing it. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to leave as many comments as you want. I like to know how I'm doing as I go along.
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Warning: If you are easily frightened, or pee your pants at the mere thought of a big, fat, cuddly, yet powerful draggie, this story is not for you.  Should you read this, the author and all supporters involved are in no way responsible for any nightmares (dreams should you happen to like Dragons like me), or any bed-wetting that might ensue.  Also, to those who like Dragons, I am also in no accounts responsible if you poop your pants form laughing so hard after reading this warning.

Chapter 1: The Powers That Be and Amazing Origins

Ever since the dawn of time, two great forces have governed our world.  Light and Darkness (Good and Evil) are forever locked in a titanic power struggle for dominance.  For centuries they balanced each other, then came the making of our galaxy, the Milky Way.  As with all the others before, Light and Darkness instantly began feuding over it.  Darkness added the cold void of space, and Light countered with the warmth of stars.  Darkness put in a black hole to swallow them up, and Light made them orbit it.  Darkness was to always go first, doing its very best to corrupt and destroy what Light had created.  Then Light would go, counterbalancing all the destructive forces that Darkness had unleashed, and harmonizing them to work as one.  This would go on until there was nothing else left to be done with it.  Our galaxy was the last to be created, and also the last space in which there was something to do.  Neither of them would allow a tie, so they went on making ours more and more complex.  Darkness added nebulas to obscure the stars light.  Light condensed some of the nebulas to make more stars, along with planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and meteors.  Then came the first mistake.  Darkness hit a small little planet with an asteroid while it was still forming.  It hit home, but just sprayed molten rock out into the tiny little planet’s orbit, and sank into its still molten crust.  As fate would have it, that asteroid consisted of more than 95% iron and nickel, and sank to the now not so little planet’s center, where it melted and became its core.  The planet (oh, what the heck, I’m just going to call it Earth because that’s what we’ll call it in the future) got quite a spin off that collision and moved into a closer, more circular orbit around its sun.  The rotation got the core spinning, and made a giant electromagnet, creating a magnetic field around the Earth.  It cooled and a crust formed around it.  It wasn’t very stable though, and volcanoes formed, releasing gasses to make an atmosphere.  Some ice had managed to fall onto the planets surface before it got vaporized, and now the volcanoes were releasing it as vapor.  Clouds condensed, and the Earth saw its first thunderstorm.  Pools began forming on its barren surface, and in those pools were the first forms of life, sparked into existence by the lightning.  Light saw the opportunity and made life multiply and grow more complex as its next move.  And so, when it was all done, there was a completely new force in the universe, Change.  Life was the pure form of Change, ever moving, ever growing, and ever continuing.  Darkness saw the danger in this, and instantly took a form of life under its control, man.  Light, not giving up hope yet, quickly took the natural world, but it was too late.  Man had been tainted by Darkness, and as he grew, so too did his mastery over the Natural world.  The tides had turned, and Darkness, was winning.  Light ran and hid, but would return when the time came that it was most called upon.
This is the first chapter of an book that I am boing to post entirely on DA. I know that the story so far seems like it has absolutely nothing to do with the title, but it'll all tie in later on in the series.
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This was the idea for my Deviant name. <3 Hoep you like it. =D
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The Book of

1  This is how you will know to mark the young among men,
    for this is the prayer they pray, again and again.
2  It is these who should be marked and minted into lives worth being spent.
3  These are the words they speak in vain,
"Our father who art in us, tradition be thy name.
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, in me as it is in him.
Give us this day our lovely sins1—those of youth and innocence.
And forgive us our deviance, as we forgive those who differ from us.
And lead us not into similarity, but deliver us from the collective.
For thine is the prison, and the scorn, aimed at abnormal men."2

1:3  1 7 Lovely Sins, Quintessence 1, New Testament
1:3  2 Hope’s Prayer, Quintessence 43, New Testament


The Book of

1  Behold, these are the sins
    for which you shall be told to repent
    and labeled youthful dissidents.
    Embrace these with passion,
    for they are your roots.

2  Words and beats thump and flow through my mind
    like sex; a primal pulse, an insatiable impulse to untether,
    unleash and loose myself to this primal pull—
    it's this bump then grind with a run and slide,
    I can't decide to which I should surrender:
    let run through my blood and bones, then tickle nerves
    ‘till I stop to serve the worthy verse
    with every pound, inch, thought and thrust,
    each the embodiment of audio lust.

3  Words—knowledge—stuffed
    into my ears and eyes
    so I may marinate in ideals:
    eyes and ears oozing
    sugary sweet knowledge of the world
    but not OF the world; all the while
    I’m secretly scorned or pitied by the pitiful masses
    who writhe in apathy and cynicism; spew venom
    at anyone not like them—me—envied and scorned
    as the embodiment of wide-eyed gluttony.

4  Stuffed with knowledge of consumer's prison
    might I wisely dodge the yoke
    and slip into the Soft Slippers of Sloth.
    Shuffling around as the embodiment
    of "decaying moral fabric" just
    to steer clear of the chains. Working to be
    but not a working being, all the while
    sucking satisfaction out of life under guise of sloth—
    not quite tied to the Circle of Lies
    (the ones about Consumption's Prize—20 to 65
    depending on what you buy).

5  I hear: Pride cometh before the fall of high standards.
    So I decide my standards and I are too young to die—
    too young and proud
    to join the crowds with shattered expectations.
    I think: If pride cometh before the fall—
    the fall should happen either way but finds in pride
    its one delay. I pray: for pride to dwell deep inside me.
    I try to swallow but find it lodged in my stomach,
    feeding off me; find it has grown past the point
    where I could shit it out—so full of pride I can't eat
    yet mysteriously nourished; my standards and I, somehow
    thriving off pride alone. All the while I’ll be vilified
    for having the gall not to let my dreams die, as if
    this mass of pride was mistaken for a second gall-bladder
    in a world where extra organs and too much gall
    both call for consequences.

6  I'll join in with the might of youth
    to fly the flag of feral dissidents; spewing
    satire and dissatisfaction while watching
    the Great Inundation: 40 years of
    days and nights under cardboard skies
    raining fluorescent light. Seethe anger
    and disgust for "the way things are"
    out of some sliver of hope that these ills
    might subside before I dive in
    under glowing lights (which, by the way,
    are only good for growing debt and death.)

7  Sweet and innocent—still inoculated
    against the ways of the world:
    chasing the dream-job of freedom
    with greed and hope, too naive to realize
    it's all a joke—a wolf in sheep's disguise.
    I'm free, of course, to take responsibility
    and forsake the right to flee
    ‘till after sixty-five, when most of life
    has passed me by. Despite the joke,
    still sweet and innocent, awash
    in too much greed to ‘lease wants for needs—
    hunting freedom with hungry eyes,
    hoping it hides not, under guise.

8  Green with inexperience and envy:
    Enough of one not to know
    life isn't like the movies
    and too much of the other not to covet the clean,
    happy endings that trail off to the sunset.
    Absolutely verdant with the youth and life
    implied in both the former:
    radiant with the crisp, rich green
    of all the easy money movies bring this way;
    pushing my publics to mirror this envy,
    jealous I've yet to go green
    with life—that specific shade we grow
    after the fire of youth has burned through
    all the passion, hope and love we care to lose,
    leaving the Bitter Ash of Ire loose to suck the sunshine
    out of life and dye its greenhorns blue.
This is a resubmission of sorts. It's changed a little, but not too horribly much, since I've had it here. I was going to send it off to some journals, despite the efforts of a few people to talk me out of it, until an unrelated suggestion sort of changed it all. Someone pointed out a metaphor they thought was cliche, I agreed and changed it and ever since I haven't been able to help but see the piece as good for what it is, but falling short of what it could be, as far as good metaphors go. Since I put a good bit of work in it and am now considering it axed, I thought I'd put it back up here.

I'm still proud of it, but I think I'd be selling the topics and situations here--which is where the real loyalty of the piece lies--short by getting this published before it's anything short of the best I can do with it, in language and the strength and structure of the ideas/metaphors/visual presentation. I'm going to be hacking it back apart and seeing where the idea really needs to end up over whatever amount of time it takes, so wish me luck. Feel free to comment as loosely or critically as you wish--but this preface is a bit of a warning that any critique will probably not be rolled into this version of the piece (so don't be disappointed, I'll still read it and if you're making good points consider those when I'm reworking things.)

*there are some formatting limitations that prevent the presentation as-intended. :p

***Big thanks to =JenniferStarling for suggesting this. She's wonderful. Go read some of her poems, or a few chapters from the BOOK she's working on!
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Soporific, sublunary lassitude
Peregrination--pusillanimous metempsychosis
Pilfering roe, abed
Pinions, sprockets, fabulous vise

(this is dedicated to *tearstone for more than one reason) (no, it's not two reasons; but that was a good pun, yes, have a cookie.)
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με τη ματια καρφωμενη στο πατωμα
και τις αναπνοες της να συμβαδιζεουν με τον ηχο απο τους δειχτες του ρολογιου
ετοιμαζε τις αποσκευες των μικρων στιγμων ...
αυτες οι μικρες στιγμες που την εκαναν να χαμογελα..
αυτες θα τη συντροφευσουν και παλι...

ισως η θαλασσα να ειναι ηρεμη τωρα, μαμα...

τεσσερα χρονια δαμαζει τα κυμματα των ενοχων
¨''γιατι αυτος και οχι εσυ....''
και το γιατι την λιωνει αργα και βασανιστικα...

να ανοιγαμε ισως να μπει λιγο φως μαμα..?

τεσσερα χρόνια στο σκουριασμενο σκοταδι του μυαλου της
για ενα παιδι που εχασε και ενα παιδι που δε προσπαθησε ποτε να κερδισει
μα σε λιγο και τα δυο της παιδια θα περπατουν χερι με χερι....

δε θελησε να αφησει γραμμα πισω
μονο δυο λεξεις υπογραμμισε , στην τελευταια σελιδα του αγαπημενου της βιβλιου...
διχρωμα ματια...

φοβαμαι μαμα.οχι για εμνα αλλα για σενα μαμα.......
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Kittens are evil I tell you, it’s true!
With fur made of Velcro and super glue.
Their big yellow eyes are poison no doubt
And they hack and they gag ‘til their insides are out.
They paw and they claw and they shred all your stuff,
They’ll reduce your couch to wood splinters and fluff.
They cough and they purr and they hiss and they mew,
And if you aren’t careful they’ll scratch you up too.
But one thing so bad it can top all of that:
When a kitten grows up it turns into a CAT.
I am a dog person, enough said.
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