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You walk up to me.

I look at you like a cat that is unknowingly trying to imitate an emote.

As your approach comes to an end you put your arms out. Both going past my body on either side.
You smile.
Then simply, "Hug?"

I do not comprehend this word, your intent nor punctuation.

Your arms tighten around me and your chin rests on my shoulder.

I stand there
what is this new emotion.
A simple hug can change so much.. some were never told of the Hug.
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Everything is better
with a bit
of bu
It seems so often that people tend to want more and MORE. Not of just butter but foods, clothes, shiny crap, and fame.
Is this just the way humans are or did society turn us this way like a school of fish?
Take smaller "bits", you'll enjoy it more next time.

I chopped up "butter" because well you don't need it all at once, right? ;)
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Credits -

Poetry is my own

Background (includes book, pen and ink bottle): :iconfreaks-stock:

Butterflies: :iconkayne-stock: :iconshoofly-stock:

Leaves: :iconsweetlilfly: :iconarchetype-stock:

Fan: :iconsidestreet-stock:

Necklace: :iconwild-stock:

I give :icondream-club: permission to display my work.
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When I stay up at night thinking
When I daydream in the middle of the day
When I sit and write my poetry
When I look into the digital sea that is the internet
When I smile or laugh at a joke with no meaning
When I zone out
When I lie down for the night
When I stare into the complete darkness before I depart to the land of dreams
I escape
I try to climb a wall to the rope that will allow me to escape
But the walls are to smooth
Patted down with the solid and smooth surface of pain
This thing I call life
Am I any good at it?
Am I going to fail as predetermined by the world?
Am I going to end and be represented as the nothingness that I see?
I try to escape these harsh questions…
But low and behold they follow me as if I packed them
Maybe I did
Between the socks and shirts…. No
With the toothbrush…. No
I think I packed it in the deep subconscious of the maze I call my mind
Unfortunately for me there is no escape
No solution
Just nothing…
My escape
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Warning: Don't read if you don't like big, fat, cuddly, draggies.

Chapter 2: Destined for Greatness

Fare was not your average 14 year old boy.  No matter what he did, no one would accept him for who he was.  Sure, you could blame it on the fact that he was a four-eyed brace-face looser who did nothing but watch T.V., surf the web, and play video games.  But the real problem lied deeper than that.  The real problem was his personality.  He was what most people would call "immature". Although he was 14 and in fact was mature, he had a deep, burning, passionate obsession, Dragons.  Of course everyone teased him about it, but he didn't mind. He was more of a loner himself and liked his space.  If he could he would much rather hang out with his pets and talk to them instead.  He always felt so awkward in large groups of people, but seeemed to feel right at home with animals.  Flare loved everything about Dragons.  Their scales, wings, power, everything!  Though there was one other thing he loved that none but his closest most trustworthy online friends (the few that he had) knew about, and that was fat.  There was nothing more beautiful to him than a fat Dragoness.  The several pictures and stories he had found about huge Dragons he had loved, and viewed frequently.  Just the thaought of one gave him a warm feeling inside.  Yet, he tried not to think about them to much, for the thought made him feel lonely.  There was an empty place in his heart that ached and only felt more empty whenever he got to involved in them or couldn't stop thinking about them.  He felt sure that that place would never be able to be filled by anything other than a fat Dragoness's gentle caress.  Many times his heart longed for one so badly that he was driven to the point of tears. But enough with the pity story.  You get the point.  He was a very sad and lonely and miserable kid without his fat Dragoness.  Our story officialy begins on September 16, 2007.  The day of Flare's 15th birthday, and also, the day his life, no, his world, shifted for the better.

Flare woke up bright and early that day.  Over the past week numerous good luck charms had found their way to him.  A five leaf clover, a lost penny, a dandelion wish, 3 fourtune cookies (with good fortunes), and a shooting star. Surely all good signs.  Today was guaranteed to be a good one.  Flare opened the blinds, and his heart sank.  Not only was it cloudy outside, but a full fledged thunderstorm was brewing, gale force winds, hail, and all.  There was no way anyone in their right mind would attend his party now, but it was probably for the better anyway.  He knew his parents probably got him cupcakes instead of a real one and most likely all he would get from them would be $5 bucks as a birthday present.  Anything was worth sparing him that embarrasment.  Sure enough, he was right all the way down to the last scent. His parents began singing the birthday song.
"happ.." they began. Flare was outraged.
"Mom! Dad! You know I hate that stupid baby song!"
"Well I think its cute," his mother said, "besides, you'll always be my baby." She reached out to pinch his cheek, but he pushed her hand away. His father, the jerk that he was, began yelling at him.
"Don't you raise your voice to me! If you're going to be like that then give my five bucks back!" Flare could have come up with a pretty good comeback, but knew better than to make his father angrier than he normally was, and submitted. "Yes, father."  He calmed down, though he did so reluctantly.  His mother went into the kitchen and came out with the birthday "cupcakes".  She set them down on the table in front of him.  "Now blow out the candles and make a wish."  Flare inhaled, closed his eyes, and made the biggest wish of his life.
"I wish I had a baby Dragoness.  One that I could make as fat as I want, and I'd always have enough food for her, dispite her insatiable appetite. I wish she and I could be alone together, without anyone to drag us down. I want her also as a friend that I can actually talk to, and she'd be able to understand and talk back. I wish she was real with all my heart. And i wish this world was a better place" A clap of thunder shook the house.  Far away, the Light had heard his request, and knew he was the one.  The one human out of all the others who was born out of Light, and not of Darkness.  Flare returned solomnly to his room. His mother callled after him. "But honey, don't you want a cupcake?" "No thanks. I'm not hungry." Flare glanced out the window.  It was quiet.  The thunderstorm had dissapered without a trace, and all it had left behind was the rain soaked leaves of the trees.  He decided instead to stay outside and play with the dogs.
Flare stayed outside until dark, he was a creature of both night and day.  He was just about to return inside when he glimpsed another shooting star.  For good measure, though he knew it would never happen, he repeated his wish again aloud.  But that wasn't just any shoting star, it was a glowing ball of pure light, the Light's phisical form, scanning the landscape looking for him.  It heard him loud and clear this time, and headed straight for him.  As you can pretty well imagine, when Flare saw it turn and head toward him, his first reaction was disbelief.  "It'll burn up way before it hits me."  But it didn't it kept on coming, and the closer it got, the brighter it grew. "Okay I guess there's a first time for everything." Flare turned and made a mad dash for his house, but the Light was too quick for him. It hit him just as he was reaching out for the doorknob, enveloping him in pure energy.  He struggled and kicked to get free, but to no avail.  All at once, he blacked out.
the second cahpter in my book, much more to do with the title than the last one. If you think it's getting interesting now, just wait until the third!
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Put your misery into stiches.
Engrave your wounds on the wall.
Walk away from pain
Eventhough you turn your shoulder to look back
Feel your freedom coming
Slowly running up that hill
Where purple flowers remind you
You should escape long ago
Finally you know
You knew it all this time
It was not worth the efford
You are not a God to ressurect
No more heroic deeds
Protect yourself
Slowly running up that hill
Where purple flowers remind you
You will find something else
Brighter than before
Inspired from :iconstarlit-sky: work [link]

the first 3 lines were written by starlit-sky.

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It seems that DA suffers from an over-representation of female nude photography compared to other types of Nude Arts, and that male nude, especially, lacks the representation it deserves.

This petition proposes :
_To enlarge the nude photography category to a NUDE ART category.
_To split this nude art category into a FEMALE NUDE ART and a MALE NUDE ART categories, which would both have their own gallery director.

This would ensure a better representation of male nude and other sorts than photographic nudes in the Daily Deviations and on DA.
After talkings with other deviants and some reflection. I've come to this petition.
To "sign" it, just add it to your favs.
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DISCLAIMER: If you're "emo" or have emo friends, or disagree with what i place up here take no offense. it's all in good fun.

The Pantheon
Ozzy Osbourne - First god of metal
Rob Halford - He is, THE METAL GOD!!! He resurected metal after it was betrayed by the four prophets.
Bruce Dickinson - God of light and arts and heir to the thrown of metal. His powers match that of the metal god himself
Eddie the Head - Minion of Bruce Dickinson
Vic Rattlehead - the god of war
Danzig - God of Hardcore, a distant cousin to metal. He is known as the bridge between metal and punk, for he is well known in both
Manowar - the gods of Black wind, Fire, and steel.
Charolette the Harlot - Goddess of love and beuaty...and prostitution.
Dio - Known as the Holy Diver. The messenger of the metal gods as well as the prince of the metal gods.
Melissa - goddess of witch craft. lover of King Diamond.
King Diamond - King of storytelling and the dark arts
Iommi - Created the metal gods.
Varg Vikernes - God of darkness and evil. Slaid Euronymous to claim his throne
Euronymous - God of deception and trickery. Slain by Varg in a battle to gain throne to God of Darkness
Tim Ripper Owen - The one who was trusted with Ozzfest in Halfords absence.
KISS - the four prophets, The Demon, The Star, The Cat, and the Extra Terrestrial. They betrayed metal but redeemed themselves later.
Dr. Feelgood - the god of ecstasy. Born from the Hair
The Motley Crue - Band of rebels born from the Hair
Chuck Schuldiner - God of death
Devin Townsend (aka the Strapping Young Lad) - God of insanity
Dee Snider - The wise god of rebellion.
The Big Four - The four cults of thrash that battled the Hair and returned it to the Sunset Strip. They are Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, and are led by the great Metallica.
Metallica - The leading cult of the Big Four.
Megadeth - The most aggressive and violent cult of the Big Four. Spawned from Metallica for revenge.
Slayer - The most evil cult of the Big Four.
Anthrax - The least aggressive cult of the Big Four, however, they were still very powerful. They are also the gods of insanity.
Dimebag - God of alcohol and parties. Died and was reincarnated for metal. Founder of the cult of Pantera
Anselmo - one of the head priests in the cult of Pantera.
Dave - One of the original priests of the cult of Metallica. He was expelled from the cult and created the cult of Megadeth.
Lars - One of the two head priests of the cult of Metallica.
James - The other head priest of the cult of Metallica.
Dethklok - Blacker then the blackest black times infinity..
Cliff - The fallen head priest of the cult of Metallica. He was killed and with his death began the fall of the cult.

Enemies of Metal
The Courts of Evil - The souless beings led by Tipper Gore.
Tipper Gore - The evil one who tried to overthow heavy metal.
Emo - A breed of depressing teenagers who thrive on depressing music
Scene - Mutant offspring of emo who thrive on poppy annoying music

Places of Signifigance
22 Acacia Avenue - The Palace of Charolette the Harlot.
Stage - The land of the Metal Gods. (There are different levels of hell)
- Hell - Land of the dead.
- Crystal Mountain - a mountain in hell where the god of death lives
- The Mosh - land where chaos and destruction is constant. Land where Vic Rattlehead lives along with the birthplace of the cults of thrash.
- The Sunset Strip - The land of Ecstasy. Home of Doctor Feelgood and birthplace of the Hair.
Birmingham - the void that was before time.

Mythological Beasts
The Electric Eye - The eye in the sky that observes the world below and reports to Halford.
The Hellion - The metallic bird that Halford rides to get where he wishes.
The Painkiller - The mighty beast that takes orders from the metal god.
The Ripper - Rob Halford's personal assassin
The Sentinal - One of the guards the entrance to Stage
The Metallion - Another one of the guards of Stage
The Jugulator - The great beast that was created in the metal god's absence.
The Master of Puppets - The creature born from Metallica.
The Prowler - Bruce Dickinson's personal assassin.
The Iron Man - Ozzy Osbourne's guard
The Beast - The mortal enemy of Eddie the head. It's number is 666. It constantly fights Eddie
The Hair - The wave of heavy metal that took over in the 80s.
Inspired by :iconinnervision13:. This is the mythology of the METAL GODS!:headbang: If you have any ideas to add please let me know.

I Revised it again in a new file. Link below.

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Hands, chest, fingers, back,
eyes with black hole tunnel heading
soulward, stoic, then sordid whispers,
distorted by shifting, lunging, lifting,
leaning forward, moving back,
supressing, depressing, undressing
expressing obsession, a predilection,
to erect a monument to a
lifetime of pent up good intent,
then spent and going slack, exhaling,
words failing, chest heaving, drinking the sound
of labored breathing, sweat dripping,
then slipping back into
the curtain of the dark of evening.
He said "This has potential."
I knew that.
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The music changes.
The dam before a river of thought breaks.
Emotions, desires and dreams escape down onto yet another page.
A brush stroke on a virgin canvas.
Raindrops in an ocean, they hardly matter.

The things I keep in my heart and in my head are both fluid and concrete, the stones as well as the river.  Some break down as boulders into sand, while others flow onward...

to where, I don't know...
Something I jotted down a while ago. Both the words and they way they're written are a kind of glimpse into my thought process. It's not really long, probably my shortest piece yet, but it was never meant to be anything big. Just another raindrop....

Bah, what do I know, I was drunk when I wrote this....
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