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Thrice ~ The Artist in the Ambulance






My world goes black before I feel an angel lift me up
and I open bloodshot eyes into fluorescent white
they flip the siren, hit the lights, close the doors and I am gone

Now I lay here owing my life to a stranger
and I realize that empty words are not enough
I'm left here with the question of just
what have I to show except the promises I never kept?
I lie here shaking on this bed, under the weight of my regrets

Look around and you'll see that at times it feels like no one really cares
it gets me down but I'm still gonna try to do what's right, I know that there's
a difference between sleight of hand, and giving everything you have
there's a line drawn in the sand, I'm working up the will to cross it and

I hope that I will never let you down
I know that this can be more than just flashing lights and sound

My world goes black before I feel an angel steal me from the
greedy jaws of death and chance, and pull me in with steady hands

They've given me a second chance, the artist in the ambulance
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Wraths of unholy screams play in my mind
The video plays no more as it starts to rewind
The darkness consuming the once bright light
Even though it feels good, I know it’s wrong
No more humming whatever was that song
There’s no more time to impatiently wait
Finally I can warmly feel the infinite hate
What ever is true, I’ve known not to be right
Feeling the ripping of what was my flesh
Dropping the steel and hearing the thundering pause
River like blood runs down my body with a cause
To end whatever’s left in this life’s mesh
Blood stains on the floor near a steel knife
And a body of one’s most painful life
This sonnet puts and end to my Trilogy.
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Happiness seems to be Loneliness
And loneliness kills my world..
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When I came by frozenfragrance's beautiful photomanipulations the other day, I fell in love. In particular, a few of them sparked words in my mind. She allowed me to use some of her artwork to create some visual poetry. So credit goes to her for the actual photomanipulation, whereas I wrote the poem. This is the second one.

the conclusion. by frozenfragrance
Art © frozenfragrance
Poem © Endorell-Taelos

Text Only Version:
A Thousand Paper CranesAs I lay down to rest,
my wishes of hope take flight on the
wings of a thousand paper cranes
I’ll live now forever more.

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We were born kings and queens
Grey castles and green gardens welcomed us
We had to live up to fulfill our dreams
We were people without the past
And we had no idea who had been pulling our strings

Gentlemen were flattering, ladies were delicate
We didn’t remember our first affairs
And just when jealous lovers wanted to have us suffocated
We weren’t normal people like all of you
Subjects were looking at future kings and queens
And we’ll rule above you too
But we couldn’t find any happiness though

They tore us apart from each other
Different politics, cultures, princes and princesses
We all were bounded to another
And our nights were dreamless
Because no one could find glee
We were asking ourselves, why me?
Father was never smiling, but he said one thing
Other things matter, now you will see

Many years later we wanted a meeting
Torn apart as pawns on a chequer
We didn’t care that the war was hitting
We wanted to see each other
To say goodbye, farewell, sisters and brothers
All our lives we were set on thrones like royal somebodies
We didn’t hear our father
He said clearly we were nobodies
And none of us had a mother

We were born kings and queens
And we couldn’t have our own dreams
I was in a mood for it so... here you are :)
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June 2009.

This concrete poem was created for my Writer's Craft summative assignment. I was working on a "square" concrete poem (which, well, was about being "square"), but I couldn't come up with what to write halfway through. So, the square went 3D, and this was born.

Collaborative effort between Notepad, Adobe InDesign and Acrobat Reader, and the GIMP.

[ EDIT | 15aug2009 ]: Wow, thank you everyone so much for reading this poem and adding it to your collections/favourites. I will try to get to every comment, because I appreciate them all, but it might take a while for me to get to them. I'm not sure if I'm able to get to thank you all individually for +fav-ing this, but please know that you have my deepest gratitude. <3

[ EDIT | 19aug2009 ]: O.O THANK YOU FOR THE DAILY DEVIATION! -faints- icantbelieveigotadailydeviationwhileiwasinactivehere(nowijustfeelbadforbeingawaysolong>.<) Thank you. I still can't believe this piece has touched so many people.
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When clouds begin to swallow up the storm
And dreams are slowly fading away
Chasing butterflies doesn't soothe my sorrow
Then I know it's the end of another day

Show me myself from the old days
Erase my memories
Take me to our old place

Time has passed in a wink of an eye
There is no laughter, no holding hands
I remember us running in April and sunny May
Fearless glee sealed with tears

Help me regain my stolen pieces
Show me exactly when I have fallen
Let's once again be fearless

My old friend
We're walking again together hand in hand
Let's make this last embrace slightly stronger
Final goodbyes are at least unforgettable
During the last few days I've got so much afflatus to write something that I started writing some poetry. And thereupon... This is one of my pieces.
I'm not sure if it's a poem or just future song's lyrics. I'll see if it turns out useful in the future :)

The meaning behind it can be variously interpreted. It tells a story of longing of two people, probably friends (or lovers) who somehow had been separated ( maybe involving even being forbidden to talk to each other). The taleteller is one of them.
He (or she) tells us shortly about the present, which is weary, sad and soon begins to mention the past - as opposed to present, those few memories are bright and carefree.
At the end we can presume that the two finally meet and getting prepared to the final goodbye, which is unavoidable.

Everybody can construes it differently. By dint of my huge inspiration you can expect some more in time :D But now I have to attend my two other stories! I'm hopin' you like it.
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This is for the person who said the poem in my journal wasn't artistic enough!

This poem expresses me as a person! It is my deepest, most profound piece of work that I believe I've ever some up with!

Oh and I drew the shitty pixel shit too.
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i'm not slow
i'm not dumb
i'm not broken.

each day i grow
i understand
i pray.

understanding is difficult
hearing is impossible
speaking is invisible.

I learn to speak
I learn to listen
I learn to hear.

no matter how many times
I repeat.

the tears in my eyes
the shake within my body
i cry.

to understand one
you have to know

i'm not slow
i'm not dumb
i'm not broken.

though i'm human
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“The Boy Who Would be King”
created in cs3 and updated in cs5
another possible cover art

it was, for me, like a modern "King David". :)

featuring [link]

haiku by me




recent work

The Soul Gatherer
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