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You can insert VIDEO(s) in your journal! :D

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 22, 2011, 8:54 AM

Hi guys,

I just thought of sharing this new feature of adding videos (e.g. from youtube) in your DA journals. Its not my code by-the-way. Its from one of our DA admins DEVlANT

So, I've got the power! Have you? (Scroll down to know how...)

Add this line...

<da:embed profile="video type" id="ID of the video" />

Original information from:…

  • Listening to: I feel good
  • Reading: Marketing stuffs
  • Watching: Harry potter - The deathly hallows
  • Playing: Crysis 2
  • Eating: Chicken-roll
  • Drinking: Coffee (my fav)
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Does contain some spoilerish pics/Vids.

As promised there is more I'll just keep adding to it.

Courtyard scene pics credit 3xcusemyfench…
Another scene/set pics including Alexander as Mordred Credit ShutupMerlin…
pic gallery…
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Just in from CNN HQ

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 3:48 PM

Just in from CNN HQ

In an effort to turn the U.S. Economy around, Congress is seriously considering the cost–savings of merging Valentines Day and Halloween on the calendar.

Show us what this unholy merger of all things creepy/kissy might look like!

CNN Special Announcement:

As our slow–growth economy continues to grind on at its slow pace, the U.S. Government has found it necessary to institute necessary cost–cutting measures that may seem unusual. Economists, however, say the savings will be in the billions, if not trillions, of dollars if these “asymmetrical outside the box” measures are taken.

First up: The Merger of Halloween and Valentine's Day

These two holidays, while representing no major Judeo–Christian events and not the occasion for business, banking or school closures, have become twin generators of middle–class cash outlay and credit card debt accrual, second only to Christmas.

The government needs your help.

Artists of online arts communities, like deviantART, are being asked to help Congress decide on the feasibility of a Valentine’s/Halloween holiday merger. Illustrated examples of Halloween–themed Valentine’s day cards and Valentine’s–themed Halloween artworks are being solicited, with the best ones to appear on the dR website all through the month of October until Halloween.

You have until October 20 to create your own Valentine's Day / Halloween mashup holiday. On October 25th we will showcase The Best of The Outrageous Best as a Stock Market feature on depthRADIUS!


(Somebody please draw Wolf Blitzer turning into the werewolf we know he secretly is!) Superior short–short stories (1–3 pages) relating Valentine’s–Halloween parties, darkly romantic dates, new traditions and revived demons will be published.

Poetry is sought—odes to the new holiday. Pictures of innovative Cosplay and other costuming reflecting the dual Valentine’s–Halloween celebration are encouraged—as is photography capturing mysteries of both romance and sorrow in singular images.

In an effort to turn the U.S. Economy around, Congress is seriously considering the cost–savings of merging Valentines Day and Halloween on the calendar.

Resources: Mask1985, wolverine041269, camelfobia, Thy-Darkest-Hour, Freaky-Stock, remidica-stock, Halo-Junky

For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS.
Want to submit any ideas, suggestions, collections, or an existing work for consideration for the Today page? We'd love to look at it. Email us at
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This weeks features - hope you like them!

Blue by IllegalHamsterThe     Necklace 1541 - Natural Baltic amber and Wood by AmberSculpture     Krakow by Esse-light

Wavelenght by Dorothy-of-Oz     No title by DoraVavrova     industrial creation by Andrea1981G

Stairway at night by RobinHedberg     Nocturnal Wedding by 8PoeraOpetry8     US505: Inside the Caldera by Eliasome

Toothless by GuardianOfShigeru     good evening Copenhagen---, by burcyna     Ships in icy Helsinki by valkeeja
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Feature II

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 15, 2013, 12:38 PM

This time I have gone with a Pixel orientated feature of some exceptionally talented pixel artists.

Princess of the moon by JEricaMCOMMISSION - Disneygurl by r0se-designs Gift: a-t-e-l-i-e-r by binoftrash
Cosmic Night by Web5teRNymphaea Again by Lulluria:: M E M E N T O :: by hitogata Sora by Chisari{ Homewrecker } by elecxraG : Zeki Kiss At Night by AngelicHellraiserWishing for Rain by kawaiihannah Luinloth by GuardianOfShigeruPixel Art Freebie by ChippyFish Princessa by Little-Miss-RiikoRed


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Teatime With Eitvys200 By Mondscheinsonate-d6h by Eitvys200
Volume 10 AlexanderPaupoff

Q: Hello. How are you doing today? And what kind of tea are you drinking? :eyes:
I'm alright, thank you :) I'm enjoying some green tea at this moment
20150301 213919 By Alexanderpaupoff-d8jzsi8 by Eitvys200
Alex's POV :D
06:09:55 PM <AlexanderPaupoff> Eitvys200: it has coffee written all over it
06:09:55 PM <AlexanderPaupoff> :|
06:10:06 PM <Eitvys200> AlexanderPaupoff: That's fineeeeeeee
06:10:09 PM <AlexanderPaupoff> please explain that's because people are biased against tea drinkers and think we only use small dainty cups
06:10:11 PM <AlexanderPaupoff> :angry: by CookiemagiK
06:12:33 PM <AlexanderPaupoff> :lmao: it says coffee times
06:12:40 PM <AlexanderPaupoff> Coffee times with Eitvys200
06:12:47 PM <Eitvys200> Noooo :lol:
Q: What's your name, who are you and what do you do?
My friends here call me Alex. I am currently in between things, so I'm not doing much or doing a whole lot, depending on how one approaches it :D

Q: What is your main art form? Do you do any others?
My main art form? Wow. Okay, does doodling count? Cause that would definitely be doodling :nods: by koffeeben - usually with a beautiful, old mechanical pencil with a 0.5mm nib I've had since the 9th grade. :lol: I doodle sketches of hair that vary in elaborateness. They used to be on dA before I took down everything D: Right now, however, I do everything that I need to submit for stuff (like commissions, gifts etc.) digitally. I spoke to Agaave the other day who got me really curious about watercolour painting, I'm really excited to try it out soon. :la:

Q: I know you have some commission options available. Could you tell me a bit about that?
I've offered some commissions over at moria-tea (editor's note: the commissions since were moved to her main account), mostly for fun and also to collect points for prizes/gifts and for Artistle. I might be offering some sketch commissions soon, but I haven't posted a journal about that yet :noes: I might be thinking of merging my commissions and main account soon. :)

Q: How long have you been on DA? And how did you decide to join?
Let's see... it's been at least 8 years. 2 years without an account... I would just be browsing stuff. Then a couple of accounts I did nothing with until AlexanderPaupoff in October 2011.

Q: Do you remember how you found out about DA?
Yes! A classmate of mine back in school told me about this amazing place where people create and share their artwork. I thought it was brilliant. :D It looked different back then, of course ... this is way back in 2006 but it was still pretty mindblowing.

Q: Do you run any projects on DA? Outside DA?
Right now, helping out with Artistle is my highest priority on dA. I compile a feature series inspired by literature for Artistle and I'm toying with the idea of starting another series at some point soon. I also help out with Men-In-Suits, because frankly that's just spectacular. Outside of dA, I'm working closely with a friend of mine to create an illustrated story book for children at this point C: by darkmoon3636

Q: Could we get some details about the book? A title? An idea? A character name? :giggle:
The characters don't have names, it's meant to be more allegorical in nature :) It's pretty much at a very nascent stage: it's an idea that's trying to be written and take shape, so I don't have very many details that I can share at this point, unfortunately :noes:

Q: Do you look up to any idols?
Alex is the sweetest person in the world, a simple example could be when I asked her this question:
05:16:38 PM    <Eitvys200> AlexanderPaupoff: Do you look up to any idols? (on our outside DA)
05:18:49 PM <AlexanderPaupoff> I don't think we'd have the time to mention all the brilliant artists, photographers and writers whose work I find inspirational, so is it okay if I just mention the people who I've interacted with closely and who've personally inspired me?
05:19:27 PM <Eitvys200> AlexanderPaupoff: :nod:
05:19:55 PM <AlexanderPaupoff> Okay, this will take a while anyway x) so if you want a break now's the perfect opportunity to go take one while I type this mountain wall of text for you :lmao:
05:20:31 PM <Eitvys200> AlexanderPaupoff: I will just listen to my beats while I wait :pleaseinserttitlehere: by shriz
05:43:48 PM <AlexanderPaupoff> I don't think I even made a dent on the tip of the iceberg with this
05:43:51 PM <AlexanderPaupoff> But here goes:

There is wise, kind and impossibly talented mondscheinsonate, one of my best friends.
itisme1109, a gem of a person, absolutely brilliant and someone I'm so very happy to know and call my friend.
The amazing Marionberry whom I've known for the longest here on dA. She can put anyone to ease and is always so much fun to talk to.
Blurple (PurpelBlur), who always surprises me with how wonderfully generous and sweet they are. AKawaiiBoutique is just about the most fabulous person ever. Akelamoonstone, the ever fancy. And of course, Eitvys200 (yes, you) ... such a warm and swell person to hang out with :hug: by Bad-Blood

Q: You are probably getting a bit tired from these questions so let's have some silly questions. What is your favorite day of the week? Why?
Okay, this one's easy. It would be Tuesday :la: It's a joke between mondscheinsonate and I. The day of the week that's a holiday for her usually gets dubbed my 'favourite day of the week from now on' because we get to hang out more xD And it changes every semester :lol:

Q: Do you have a favorite color?
:nods: by koffeeben charcoal gray.

Q: What is your favorite TV show?
Doctor Who :slide: by Solitude12

Q: If I would ever come to India where should I go? What is something awesome that I need to experience/see?
India has something for everybody, it's so diverse in every which way. If I had to pick, I'd say Leh, Ladakh. I've never been there, but it's a place I really wish to see some day... it's magnificent. But, what you actually want to experience in India is the food, it's glorious.

Q: Do you have a favorite dish?
I couldn't possibly pick :noes: There's far too many noes. by Fridiculously The sweets, traditional Indian sweets, especially the ones made of jaggery.

Q: We spent more than an hour talking, thank you for doing this. Any last words?
That's a very suspicious way to put it :suspicious by Gomotes But just, thank you for this, it was a nerve wracking experience, and thoroughly enjoyable :hug: by Bad-Blood I wish a lovely evening and a warm cup of tea to you and everybody who reads this :tea: revision by Mrichston

Alex shares some love with:

The Storm Queen by cobaltplasmaToothless by GuardianOfShigeru

remember good days by IsagrafieRenewal by ConradRuiz
R. Bjurstrom, Eagle Owl by MissjackdawKoinobori by Cloudburst-X95
The thumbnails aren't aligned :tehe: (inside joke)

Alex's gallery:

10+11 by AlexanderPaupoffSuper Breylon by AlexanderPaupoff
SecretSanta for Caramiriel by AlexanderPaupoff

Join me for a cup of tea with AlexanderPaupoff!
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Commissions on deviantART

Thu Dec 27, 2012, 5:09 PM
The deviantART community is full of talented artists and art appreciators willing to pay for custom artwork. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re launching Commissions on deviantART to all Beta Testers, a feature that connects artists with clients, creating custom artwork in exchange for real earnings. 

Commissions is a Profile Page widget that allows artists to market their talents by advertising what they are available to create. Potential clients can easily send artists a Commission request, which an artist can either accept or reject.

Profits made through the Commissions widget can be withdrawn as real earnings -- through check, PayPal, or converted to deviantART Points.

Generate Real Earnings Through Custom Creations

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 10.26.14 AM by wreckling

1. List Commission availability on your profile
The Commissions Widget showcases your offerings, showing potential clients that you are accepting requests. These commission prices are based on 
deviantART Points, are set in increments of 10, and can range from 10 to 4000 Points.

Screen Shot 2012 12 21 At 10 29 04 Am By Haldron-d by wreckling

2. Clients request Commissions
Commission requests are sent to the artist’s Message Center, allowing them accept or reject the request.

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 10.41.13 AM by wreckling

3. You receive payment, you deliver artwork
Artists can track their Commission transactions and generate real profit through My Earnings, garnering 80% royalty on each transaction. Earnings can then be withdrawn as a check, PayPal, or converted to deviantART Points.

Try it out!

All Beta Testers can now install the Commissions widget on their page, so give it a try by heading to your Profile! Installed Commissions widgets are visible to everyone on deviantART, so you can offer your own commissions, and you can request commissions from your fellow artists as well!

Please note: Currently, the Commissions widget can only be installed by Beta Testers, but everyone has the ability to request a Commission from Beta Testers during this testing period.  

If you encounter any bugs or issues, please file them in the #devBUG Issue Tracker under the Commissions project.

Beta Testers, we've just launched a new Commissions widget for Profile Pages that lets you offer commissions directly from your page!
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12-Month Premium Membership, and Point Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 28, 2012, 5:17 PM



The winners of the contest are:

:iconemmersdrawberry: is the winner of the 12-Month Premium Membership. I will be contacting you shortly. Please tell me if you want your prize delivered in points or not!

:iconryuuchan4: is the winner of the 250 points.

:iconyoruzena: is the winner of the  150 points.


And to those who did not win... no worries! I will be holding another contest within the next day or two so stay tuned for your chance to win points/premium membership!

Yes. You heard it right! I'm giving away a 12-month Premium Membership, and points to three lucky people.  

             Please read the rules below in order to be formally entered.

• This giveaway is only open to my watchers. If you would like the chance to participate in this contest or any others that I may have, please watch me.
• At the end of the giveaway the winners will be randomly chosen.
• Only your main account can be entered. No plz or mule accounts are allowed to enter.
• You must be a member of deviantArt for at least two weeks in order to be entered into this contest.
• Please favorite this journal. This is a requirement.

If you follow these rules you are qualified to enter the giveaway!


• 1st Place: 12-Month Premium Membership
• 2nd Place: 250 Points
• 3rd Place: 150 Points

Participants will be given a number and on May 28th the winner will be chosen by using a random number generator.

EDIT: The numbering system will work by me gathering all the names of those who favorites the journal on the day the contest ends! The numbers will then be randomly chosen using the number generator! Once the winners are picked I will announce it on the journal and send the winners a note plus their prize!

EDIT 2: If you are the winner of the 12- month premium membership then you may choose to have it delivered in points if you like... that'll be a lot of points though. O.O;

Good luck everyone!

Journal Skin Made By: miemie-chan3
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In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

What's New

Username Changes Now Available

DeviantART has been around for almost twelve years, and in that time, we've seen artists grow from hobbyists to students to professionals. As a member of any community, your identity can change and grow over time.

For years, we've been getting requests from the community asking for the ability to change usernames. We realize that as an artist, it's important to give you the ability to change your personal brand, just as you change your interests, skills, and art types.

This week, we added the ability to change your username in your Settings. To change your username, you must have an active Premium Membership.  (The reason there is a "fee" associated with the change is because switching usernames is a complex technical process that can create confusions for fellow deviants.) 

Improved Journal Widget

The Journal widget on your profile can now be customized to display one long entry, multiple short entries, or one long with the rest short.

New Journal Widget by danlev

There is now a pencil menu on the corner of each Journal you publish, making it a bit easier to edit your Journals without having to visit the Journal's page and then clicking the "edit" button.

Pencil Menu on Journals by danlev

Bug Fixes


  • Journal Skin installation is now a one-click process! Simply click "Install to Journal" and you'll be taken to a new Journal using that Skin. Added by $muteor
  • For a period of time, items that are removed from the cart page were still stuck in the cart at the end of checkout.  Fixed by ArtBIT
  • There was a short-lived outage of the deviation storage system. Fixed by shadowhand
  • Various issues with the display of literature and journal thumbnails were reported. Fixed by shadowhand
  • Browsing deviations in your Message Center using the "next" and "previous" buttons was limited to the current page of thumbs. Fixed by muteor

deviantART muro

  • Discovered an issue with playback when Brush strokes were too short. Fixed by mudimba
  • The "save as" operation was optimized. Fixed by mudimba
  • Fixed a bug allowing deviantART muro to still work if the drawing couldn't be loaded.  Fixed by Nodren
  • Some deviantART muro thumbnails went missing. Fixed by sgrahamUK
  • Improved error detection for network issues. Added by sgrahamUK and  mudimba
  • Some duration statistics were incorrect. Fixed by Nodren
  • Identified a rare edge case with when drawing could not be loaded and deviantART muro was not working.  Fixed by Nodren

  • It wasn't possible to delete descriptions on stacks for a period of time. Fixed by adahacker
  • Deleting all but one item from a stack and then going back to broke the page. Fixed by adahacker
  • Clicking "submit" without first closing category picker did not work. Fixed by adahacker
  • For a period of time, deviations with no descriptions displayed "click to add description" for other members. Fixed by adahacker
  • Journals could sometimes get removed from "my journal" when edited. Fixed by adahacker
  • The login page didn't always detect if cookies were disabled. Fixed by adahacker
  • Using cmd+click on items in stacks didn't select them. Fixed by samshull
  • The "friends" button on the "send note" popup was broken. Fixed by samshull
  • Deleting items sometimes resulted in a phantom "deleted content" thumbnail in Fixed by samshull
  • Muro recordings can now be embedded in Writer. Fixed by Alisey
  • Fixed some issues where Writer didn't save when the subject and metadata was changed. Fixed by kemayo
  • There was a case where clicking into Writer would empty its contents. Fixed by kemayo

Your Feedback

In last week's discussion, we received some great feedback on our discussion questions. Feedback included: 

  • Collaborative drawing features in deviantART muro were a very popular idea.
  • Many deviants would appreciate the ability to switch between a simple and advanced group management system.
  • Some deviants would like the ability to toggle whether or not journal skin changes were retroactively applied.
  • Some deviants would also like additional documentation on Journal Skins and related features. From ~Nironan12
Bugs, issues, and feedback from previous Site Updates

Discuss!  Lightbulb

Last week we received some great feedback on Group affiliates and member management. One of our discussion questions this week is groups-related, while the other is related to the visual display of signatures: 

Group Discussions: How do you feel about the admin discussion forums on Groups? We've seen a lot of members attempting to have conversations using the comments on a Group's profile, but would you like to see a discussion forum feature specifically for these types of discussions?

Group Discussions by danlev

Signature Visual Changes: Some members suggested that font color of comment signatures should be a bit lighter, making it clearer that it is not part of the actual comment. It's also a possibility that emoticons and avatars in signatures could be slightly faded out. What do you think?

 Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment on this article!
:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk(Be as detailed as possible!)

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Feature Time! :D

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 12, 2012, 12:56 AM
Watch Me l Note Me l My Gallery l My Tumblr

:jumpingonthebandwagon: by zacthetoad
So, jumping in the bandwagon.

I am going to feature 30 people in this journal.
After the first 30 deviants comment, I will choose 3 of their pictures I like the best and put them in my journal.
BUT if you want to get featured you have to do this in your journal as well, with the first feature being me.


:thumb282346041: Bonjour by DulcetFancy :thumb290372576:
1.Simple concept and execution but visually awesome.
2.Adore the smooth, illustrationy feel of this doll.
3.Adorable, children's bookish + lovely textures.


Walking In Shadows by GuardianOfShigeru P.C. XVIII by GuardianOfShigeru Sunrise after Midnight by GuardianOfShigeru
1.Amazingly realistic pixel, looks almost like a photo.
2.Gorgeous folds and use of color.
3.Love the contrast of warm vs. cool colors, both evoking the same mood.


Winter is Fleeting by Vayliya Lotus Princess by Vayliya Crystalia Tsunami by Vayliya
1.Gorgeous shading + amazing textures.
2.Love the simple elegance of this pixel.
3.This doll "flows" very nicely, most especially love the gold details!


More colorful than she seems. by guitarlove6437 A dawn of pageantry, for me. by guitarlove6437 She also wants your soul. by guitarlove6437
1.Love the contrast & concept of the monochrome girl + burst-of-color shadow
2.Colors go together well + lovely 'crispy' stylized shading
3.Flowing lines and stylization give this a calligraphic feel.


Blue with touch of pink by hildegarna Shop order for Meru by hildegarna Default color pallette entry by hildegarna
1.Perfect color combo is perfect.
2.Love the colors + how this looks so organic.
3.Amazing shading especially on the greens.


A Wild KitKat by Shixam Princess Jasmine by Shixam TSP Round 2 by Shixam
1.Because it's thunder cats + Lovely fur and earth colors.
2.Shading gives her volume, 3dness + teal & brown combo is awesome.
3.Again, love the browns + adorable!



1.Very detailed + love the hints of color in the brown fur
2.Who knew that a skittles wrapper could look so happy?
3.Adore the details + the stained-glass quality.


Ghana formal by phoenix1784 Baby Faun by phoenix1784 MDI 2011 Taiwan by phoenix1784
1.Ms. Ghana was my MDI 2010 favorite because of the amazing pixel textures/patterns.
2.Small + Adorable
3.Those folds + that hair = perfect.


Commented on her 30-Feature Journal
Phoenix by Karoiii Queen Elizabeth I by Karoiii Rapunzel by Karoiii
1.That fiery texture is amazing!
2.She looks so regal + those lovely subtle brows.
3.Super sweet + Gorgeous pink and yellow combo.


Dance, Baby, Dance by weasel420 Ingrid by weasel420 Who's Afraid? by weasel420
1.Always makes me smile. So original + lots of personality + saggy boobs!
2.Love the dress + soft curls of her hair.
3.Her pouty Virginia Woolf face + All those lovely details (the shoes!)


Any takers? :)

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
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